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Well. Welcome everyone, to the small business spotlight, we. Have Grady and lids here, they. Are both, voice actors, in LA and they're, going to share a little bit with, us about their, industry, and, so. Freedy enlists why don't you go ahead and tell us about how you got into this industry and, what interested, you in this line of work, sure. Yeah we can speak about being. Actors because we have, been. Inspired by. Other. Actors, and by films, and television, cartoons. And forms. Of media, and. Just knew from a long time ago we wanted to do something, in that. Business and it just took a while for us to get to the point where we said okay no. Matter what I'm committed to making, this a career making this my livelihood and, from. There then, we knew I. Had. Done acting, since, I was in sixth grade. When. I was in, a Shakespeare play and then junior, high and high school or even college to, perform. And. Experience. Live performing. And. Then, it came to a point where I just was I'm happy doing the. Other jobs that I was doing and so I knew that I needed to make a change was. Uncomfortable, and scary, and my, parents, were unhappy that I left full time. Benefit. Full job. I. Just wanted to be. Still. Acting. We. Sang inspired, me because. There's so many different, areas. Voice. Acting excuse. So. Yeah, yeah. There. Was a point in my life to my. Career I had. Been working. I. Said it. Really doesn't matter, how. Much money I'm making, or, how little not me I just, wanted to have what, I want to do and I, mean that kind of fulfilling. Jobs, really. Make. The difference so, I just, decided that I would rather be poor and happy than, making. A lot of money my. Name was never gonna compensate, for, Latinas. And, my. Life. But because, this kind of work is equated. That. There's. Not a lot of other jobs that can, reward. You creatively. There's some things that are close. But. I think, this. Be said in many, kinds. Of artists, and other artistic, kinds, of fields there's there's. Something that you. Just, feel like a calling, to do a drive to do. And. There's, with. With, the wide field out, there there's really you options. That can, bring you the most satisfaction. A, lot, of people you, know are able to make. Successful. Happy careers in the entertainment field, but. You knew, what. The. Actors. Like. You. Don't just show up. Outside. Of a Hollywood. Studio and. Get a job a job. In. Between there's a whole lot of money to. Make it and. Nobody's. And. So. We've been. And. It. Just it, came to a point where we said what. We want to do, and. We had to make a choice. To. Get there we, decided that we, were going to give up our jobs which. Meant we had to give up her house we. Had to give up. And. Be uncomfortable, downsize. From a big house and, a. Mortgage to. Apartment. And. Less. Space my stuff could. It was probably the best thing in the world we could have done. Some. Downsizing. Into an apartment and have. A. Place, where we could started in business and. So. For, me it. Was making. A short. That. I was able to take comic-con, and show in a. It. Was a voice. Actors and I, done. That I'm. Passionate about acting but I've always. Exactly. Not, realize, and. I thought oh my gosh that's, so speak. To do that and, I found very, quickly doing something that I could begin doing, right away because, of Technology, and, how. The Internet. Has made voiceover. Accessible. People where, they know but, I can, start making money right away they're, practicing, sales and start working. A. Business. Right, now I didn't, have to, move. To a major metropolitan area, and, great. Tables I couldn't, start with where I'm at and actually. Use. My acting skills, so. And, you you both excuse, me for interrupting people, went. To Westminster with, totally, we, went, to college together with, totally, different ideals. Of what you wanted out of life in the beginning right, I mean what were your what. Were your degrees, mine. Was education. So. I like. I said before in Westminster. I did you know I did theater. And dancing, and music. Ultimately. I ended up getting, a degree is an elementary ed teacher and I taught for five years in. Utah two and a half years and, as a, title. One school which was a homeless population, school and I thought I was going to save the world and, then Grady and I had moved to Japan and with. The military edge. Weighted through. Westminster. ROTC. Became, an officer's Japan. And Okinawa and. Really. Can illuminate on that if he wants to but then two years. Later we came back another. Shouldn't half years had a very ritzy high. End school. I. Was at I, enjoyed. The teaching but I did enjoy, something. A side of me was dying my school was dying. You had. A calling of. Performing. Of telling stories of acting, and creating, and so I. Slowly. It. Wasn't, just a jump. I had, smelling, new jobs throughout, the. Transition, of teaching English to modern, dance at the University, of Utah. Tutoring. Through, tutoring. Center like there's smell jobs to get to where I could, do voiceover full-time but. Brady. Mentioned. Where.

Ii Was he, could do immediately right now, so. I observed. Him training. Here obviously all, this research you, just did to, be a voice actor it's like you don't wake up one day and say i'm going to be a violin player like. So. Much research, found, an incredible, coach she was living in utah. Agent. In los angeles a voiceover agent Los Angeles, since, moved to Utah and, started her own agency in Utah so. Brady's are treating her and. Built. Up all, the skills he needed to learn. About an. Online marketplace, that we, are able to subscribe, to subscribe. To and start getting those opportunities to audition. I. Just. Wanted underscore, that. It. Takes time to really. Find. What it is -. I'm sure you understand, -. So. I know I met. A lot of people who felt. There. Was something more. They were supposed to do with their lives or their career that, they hadn't quite defined, what that was I know that's a that's a process of research. And self exploration and. Self-reflection. I mean it's worth taking the time to do it this. Is technology should skip but, through. That process, you. Can. Really come yourself, and really understand. What. Is it what. Is important, to me will delight value, life. And my work so. Being aware of that was helpful and it, was a little bit and. It. Was very very. Receptive. I discovered, sac yes, this is the answer I've been looking for and. From. There it was just that, drivers, very driven to learn, all I could about business. The industry, not. Just the. So. We got research which I was able to become, acquainted, with people who had. A lot. Of experience, in the business who are in a place to mentor me. So. We. Found good coaches, who are able to help us develop. Our, performing. Skills able. To mentor. Us. In. A business aspect, and it. Also took time for us to. Find. Where. And. How to optimize. Those, opportunities, and start making, money men it. Was it was quite a victory being able to book first, paid oh, my. Gosh I did, this. Little. Recording. Video for it was just our getting video for. Culinary. Arts school in New York, it. Was very simple, I was.

Excited. That somebody wanted. To pay me to, voice the script. So. Part. Of that initial, research, I did was finding. That as. Much as a roman student animation, animated. Voice actor. That's. That, was pretty much reserved. For those, who lived in Los Angeles area and that, that was down the road for me nuts in the immediate, but, their majority. Of work is in commercials. And narration, and in training videos I was. Working. In right now though. It. Took me some time but, I was finally able to start working. In. It and, then, just over time developing. Enough clients I was able to jobs. Just that's, the whole time, and. About that time. Was. Good watched, and. So she was able to put her marketing really, quickly. And she left her job all. Of the jobs we've had and she started making more money that, first month and. In. Voice acting is pretty amazing, to see how quickly and just after what. I didn't do second, because Brady was doing for a second I had. To do quite a bit of soul-searching myself, and there's a book called the artistry, I don't. Know. Process. A lot, of writing a lot of soul-searching. Within. You and so that's something that I really really. Needed that doing. That full step process, brought, me to understanding. That I can, be an actor, an, artist, we're, living and there had to be a starving artist. That. I can make money doing this and so, after. Watching gravy train I decided, you know I'm gonna I'm gonna do this to myself. In. Voiceover you have a demo a commercial, demo showcases. You. Know what your voice sounds different, spots, then. You have a narration demo, which showcases your voice in different types. Of companies or different types. And. There's there's. I've. Put together a commercial demo, I joined. This plays. Voice. Actors, connecting, clients, and. Within. A month, I. Used. My artistry, my, creative, you. Know being. An actor from. My home studio and, being. Able to make money just. Was. Most. Rewarding, thing but. You. Didn't stop there. We. Had made connections, with a talent. Agent in Salt Lake also. Represented. Actors who did. On commercials. And industrials. That. Were she, was able to do. More work through. This agency. Because, they had established relationships. In the Salt Lake in Utah market, and. So I was able to. Camera. Work that way, me. Start. Building a residence so yeah we have that commercial that, was. Still running on. TV it's been four years now. But. It's I think my spots running there's, this wrapped up, I. I. Don't know if you guys know but my, husband, and I actually were in the commercial, and we had no experience. At, all no. Kidding, yeah, we were we were in a Perry homes commercial. Yeah. Yeah, like eight years ago and it ran spots on radio. On, the. You. Know in the movie. Screen. And the movie theater and it was just because his, dad. Worked. For Perry homes and they needed someone that was, genuine, so we got to the who. Do, you. Know the it, was a channel. 5 studio, here, in Utah, yeah, I was, like super nervous I mean I big. Props to you guys because I don't think I would I would ever be able to do something like that again it it's, so and. To watch like the process that you have to go through and then you. Know when people see, it you get nervous, all over again like, every single time, yeah. I feel. Like and. Then you're, walking around and people see you and hopefully they recognize, you you know from from that I I don't know but people in our neighborhood, were like hey you did that commercial and I was like yeah, I'm sorry.

I. Guess I don't have that, that. Skill, that you guys both talk but they thought it was a really interesting, process, and, I love. What, you are speaking to I, think, a lot of business, owners can, really relate to you. Know taking, that still. A lot of times small business owners they quit, jobs where, they are making a good amount of money because they feel that, they are driven in another area to use their skills and a. And. Wendy. Like you said me take that leap and make, that change it's not over, right, then that's when the work begins, and when they have to continue. To believe in themselves so I'm, I'm, just wondering, for you guys this, is a really interesting. Parallel. For me, with, small business owners and and what, you guys are disgusting. What's. One, way that you can. Inspire. Help, small. Business owners to continue. To you, know Drive that fear away as, they are following. Their dreams. That's. A really good question and, I think. That it speaks to the fact that there. Are always. Doubts. And fears that come up for everybody. No. Matter what business no matter what industry it's a fact of life that we. Always, have, doubts. And fears. It's just. It. Comes down to what, how willing are you to work. Past those, if. You're a creative person and, you, have and you you know that you're you've. Got a good head on your shoulders and then you're going to make. It happen. It. First. Of all it takes a willingness to fail willing. Just stay, if, I fail, I, might. Fail and just, accept that failure, is. Quite. Likely. You. Don't want to fail. Nobody wants to but. Everybody. Knows that failure is part of the process, failure is the best teacher we learned the, best, lessons. And from our mistakes. Hopefully. Ones that we can avoid but. I you. Know standing. Up to, risk-taking. Turned. Out you, believe in yourself, you believe in your product really boy you're offering that. It's, just about, moving. Forward in the best way you can but strategically. Working. Smarter not harder but. It's an ongoing process, it. Doesn't it. Doesn't it's, great it's. It. We've gotten to the point where I don't remember what it was like to. Work at another job. But. I've been working for myself. Again. With. Many people. But. Not as an employee in someone else's company, uh. From. I like mr., Rogers advice, on. Four-letter. Words though. Fears, of war there so. Is hope I was, loved so. Was Fame. So. I like the idea of using, fear, as. A motivator. Yeah. And I know we all have whether, word no matter what industry you're in we all have a fear, of failure. Fear. Of losing, stuff, that we think, are, important, to ourselves are, important. To our our. Standard of whooping fear. Of disappointment. And. I. He. Goes back to what, are you really. The, best person, that you. Though. Is it's. Another. Word yeah. One. Thing that I see a lot, of is. The. Way they manage their money. Really. And. There I mean. Your finances. The. Way prioritize. Your finances, can either help. Or hinder you um. You. Know moving into a bigger house can be a great thing but if it requires you to take on additional jobs, and work I was, that gonna lead you in. The right direction with. Downsizing, actually. Be a better move for you and then maybe, down. The road you can have sighs once. You unless, your business is grown so. I think. That's. A challenge too, this, is the right, yeah. That's, really unique perspective, and something that I've often watched. People. In Europe, and other countries they, often. Live with way less than we do in America and, they're, happy with that and they I. Mean we with, our families, you don't often take, international. Trips to visit other countries we, kind, of stayed close and go camping and, we always say we would but we don't have that kind of money or you know I would. Make that job that I, would create, that product that I don't have that kind of money so I really, like what what you've mentioned greedy and Liz, what you've you. Know kind of tied in there also about how um you. Know doing. Well, with less can help your business. Help, your family, can help your outcome. For, the future and, like that yeah. Yeah. We. Want to just, kind. Of wrap up a little bit is there anything, that you, would be, able to show, us or tell us about what you do, yeah. Yeah so right now I. Want. To say that you, know we're constantly, you. Know seeking. To get. To. Different levels of work better other, types of opportunities, and, it's a progressive. Type. Of career. Path for, us both so. We. Obviously knew, that that, process was moving to Los Angeles where. It's. A hub of the industry. Working. In animation video, games it's important tonight, looking.

At National commercials, was important to both of us working in television was important to us so. Moving. Here took big, time at, sacrifice. And. Other. We're here we paid to, work. Become. Acquainted. Businesses. Sell and start. Making those connections and, we've been able to do. Books. Of work. And. Like. I just. Series. On Ashland xerographic yet I got to narrate the, show. Narrator did all of the episodes very, proud of that so. I can show you. A clip. I'm. Really. Proud of. This. Airing, right. Now that, we can show you. And. It's not voiceover, it's on camera commercial, but I do, have, several. National. Commercials, that have been playing on but, the most current one is this on-camera commercial. Where I don't. Have a speaking line but. Part of diversifying, for voice-over is also doing, work as well. My. Commercial. Work. It's. Definitely. Am. I trying to say I'm, doing the on-camera work is just, opening up other. Opportunities as, well you. Just have to keep diversifying, and keep. Finding, finding. Ways to get your self out there and. Network. Yeah. I. Feel. Like. What. You're seeing and then I think I need to turn it back to Brady, again Liz. Like a lot of times business, owners they, start for instance social, media and they say oh I'm, not getting any traction from, that I've done it for like a day or a week or a month or six months or a year and I'm, not getting, anything, from it and I always tell them you know the best thing is consistency. You don't realize, that as people hear about you and your company and your business they're thinking, about it so building on engagement and having, a continuous, story. Going. About, what you're doing and how you're you. Know changing, is really, important, no matter what industry you're and people, are interested, they just need to see that you're continuing. To do that, work so that when they're ready they'll, know. Where to go and part, of that for a voiceover, for accurate, voice actors is, the day-in day-out, in, the trenches, auditioning. Editing. From your home studio and sending, getting, that audition off whether. It beats your agent or to an online marketplace which. Is where we started off we no longer use online. Marketplaces, but we we, do have multiple agents, throughout the, United States and, then we, have a great business that keeps coming back, but that day-to-day, work is auditioning, and, sending auditioning, sending and sometimes, it can be you. Know one to two auditions or, 15, additions, those. Are rare days but, usually usually you know five to eight hours a day or they're really good quality auditions, just. Process. So. Thank. You yeah. Happy. To share you with you this clip. I've, got pulled up so I can do another screen, now. Okay. Yes. Desktop, sorry, so. This. Is. From NAT, Gio's. Twitter. Page. This. Veterinary. Practice, and the UK is. The highlight of this this. Series on Nat Geo and, the. Doctor. Behind. It has come up with a lot of really. Creative. Ways of doing surgeries, and firstly, fees for. Domestic. Animals that had, not been done before so. This. Will give you a sense of when the show was like we don't necessarily need to watch all that two minutes of, a. While. It's like it was. In. The, operating, room, all this local, truncation with. Java. When. Those present. This. Is mine. He's. Got two finest region. There. I, try. Different, I'm. Gonna try and do it. So. What I've done. I'm. So, glad that he does that and I don't have to. Yeah. It, was close so. They real language. Save. The counts Josh wow. That's. Amazing, it. Looks pretty sweet. Huh. Yeah. That's. That episode. Wow. Yeah, great. Yeah. They were a wonderful, group of people to work with and a wonderful show and. Part. Of the joy. Of it for me was not to this. Perform. As the narrator but to learn about all, the, people involved. Cases. Right. So the whole story so it's. A journey and it's a beautiful. Process. To. Learn about everything that we get to do narrations, for but. This one in particular was one. Of the most rewarding. And. Lets you have a pull up commercial. Issues he's. Done right. Yeah. I'm. Joined. Now. Watch. Different. Kind of. Yeah. Where. And. What's interesting about that yeah, it's just me not speaking. So. You. Know. We started out in voiceover, doing. None. For. Seven. Years, now we. Doing. And. Union, work brings. A whole level of professionalism. With. Doing. So. That's, the goal. Is. To be able to do. So. Just that simple commercial, I, receive. Residuals, for. Plays. All, the different, media. And. Because, that commercial I've been able to enter. Your voice. Secure. That's. Wonderful. And I'm sure that it takes a lot longer than, the, three minutes, that we get to watch it to create, something like that I mean. How. Long does, it. I. Have. Over there, and. That's, twice. And.

Then. I was. Here. And then I spent. The. Entire. Day. I. Was. There. Voiceover. Commercials, that are car, related, or retail. Related, like they're pretty fast because, they have a specific holiday. Or, week or. Writing, time to auditioning, to. Fittings. To. There's. Also, you. Had you an audition or, other time before you got this and, then. You've got this one but, there was also your. Commercial, classes. Really. Understand, what. She needed to do in this, type of audition. And there. Was also. To. Get that opportunity, so it. Took a couple, of years you. Crept to get to be in a position where you could have. These kinds of opportunities, and. All. The time. Being. Consistently, diligent, before. It, happened. Yeah. Didn't. Work. Yeah. We're. Interested. In voice acting, you. Guys have mentioned previously, that. There's a site. That they can go to if. They're interested, in getting into, that field, would, you bring, that up yeah. Definitely, we have people frequently. Asking about. Bradley. Baker is. Is. A well-known voice actor, very. Successful, very. Lovely, put. Together a very comprehensive. By. Guides. Anybody, from the very beginning what, to do to. Get into the business and, things they need to be thinking about and, preparing, for. So. That's where. There's. Another resource called. Voice. And. The. Voice of a resource guide is, always, updated, with, current information about. Demo. Producers, about current. Coaches or. Agencies. And. Then even this, information, about the Union but, that's. More centrally located, Los. Angeles market well. What are these. Coaches. Will do. So. That you can have an LA coach. State. Compared. To on-camera. Works like the commercials, where. You, just need to have a headshot. Voiceover. Requires, you to have a lot of training there's. A lot of. Skills. That go. There's. A whole. There. Are a lot of people. And. Then. On top of. The. Business. But. You've got I. Love. Thank you so much for taking. The time with us today I, have. Learned a lot and I feel like small, business owners business owners regular, people can learn a lot from the. You. Know the stories on the examples, that you've set here today, I, love, the consistency in. Hard, work and, maybe. Streamlining, your finances. If you wanna go, ahead and take that not, be afraid to take that big leap and, I feel like those are really good lessons, and takeaways that we can all learn from there, I really, appreciate the time you've taken today and wish you good luck on, voiceover. And acting and and your, careers. And look, forward to seeing you guys on more. Commercials. And films in, the future so thanks thank, you today, absolutely.

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