Gaya Trading Yang Bisa Anda Gunakan || Trading Style Which Can Be Used By You

Gaya Trading Yang Bisa Anda Gunakan || Trading Style Which Can Be Used By You

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Trading technique, emotion control, Not over profit, and be discipline in using trading system Well, those are mindsets that must be embedded Then, we start the material *Opening Music* There are 3 main materials. First, Trading system Second, Money management including Risk management Third, Psychology management The main materials are Trading system and Money management Now, we discuss about Trading system first Trading system is like the SOP If we have a business, we must have SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) For trading, we must have SOP too. Or we must have plan Usually, people use trading plan All of them are prepared in 1 trading system Before we enter trading system, make sure that we know about trading type that we will use We may use short-term trading Short trading can be daily trading. So, we must clear our transaction in 1 day or 2 days for maximum There is middle-term trading. The time is longer It can be more than 3 days, 1 week, or even 1 month So, if we get floating in 1 day, we let it as long as there is still potential. However, we must remember that the higher the term is, we need more budget Because the budget must be able to hold floating or maybe you like doing long-term trading/investment Long-term trading could be monthly or yearly So, if we do analysis today, it's for next month, next 3 months or even next 2 years.

That's long-term trading or investment Before we learn trading system, we must determine what's trading type that we will use Do you want to do short-term trading? Do you want to do middle-term trading? Or do you want to do long-term trading? So, it goes back to yours. How much budget that you have Then, we must also have plan how much target that we want to get Most of members like doing short-term trading The transaction is clear in 1 day or the maximum is 2 days If you like doing short-term trading it's ok. Or if you like doing middle-term trading is also ok. That's your choice It's related to the time, psychology, durability (budget) We can't follow another friends' term It depends on our free time. How long we can monitor the market? Then, how's our psychology condition? Are we able if we get much floating? Because if the market moves 3.000 Pips in a day and the Lot is 0.5, the minus is $1.500 So, we must prepare our budget When we get floating like this, are we able to hold it? The available time is related to our time to monitor the market If we can monitor it, that's no problem. We can monitor it in 1 day For them who have another business and can't monitor the market every minute, They can do middle or long-term trading But, if we want to do trading quickly, we can use short-term trading When we use short-term trading, it affects psychology Even though the budget is enough when there is minus floating, there will be mind burden There is mental burden that becomes our responsibility Our psychology will be affected When we sleep at night and suddenly we wake up, we see the chart directly When we wake up in the morning, we see the chart again although we've put Stop Loss there It still affect the psychology. Because we still don't find the best technique

We don't find the right trading type We feel confused how many days that we want to take? If it's unclear, it will be hard to find it Including our budget durability That's why we must take 1 trading type that we'll master it Adjust it with our free time, our skill in holding the anxiety feeling if we get floating then, adjust it with our budget durability Next, I'll try to give you an overview related to trading type that we can take We choose trading type that matches with our character, style, and budget First, we can use Day trading type or daily trading daily trader finish their transaction in 1 day Before we leave chart to take a rest, make sure everything is clear Can we be like that? Yes, we can. It depends on how we train ourselves later The advantage of using day trading type, when we finish the transaction, our sleep will be comfy We don't have mind burden Maybe you can start the trading at 19.00 or whatever. It depends on your free time The point is, before we close our chart, make sure everything is clear. No left transaction. Every trading type that we take, it will affect our budget, durability, time frame we use and our analysis When we use day trading type, the time frame that is used is very different The time frame that is used is at least at M30 We can also do it at H1 time frame. We can use M30 and H1 Time Frame. We may use M15 time Frame but it's seldom

Generally, we use H1 time frame as the standard M30 and M15 are just for comparison. To see the volatility Then, the profit target is different. In XAU, it's around 100 - 200 Pips I'll explain the usage of Pips so that there will be no miss understanding I'll try to explain the usage of Pips here Pips "You may take a break, sir" Please wait, sir. Maybe there is trouble, but it's ok. Can you see the screen? "Yes, I can" Go back to the meaning of Pips What I mean by Pips is the smallest unit of a pair movement The basic that we use is 5 digits after the comma Why do we use 5 digits? Because the newest is 5 digits It used to be 4 digits For example, EU (EUR/USD) = 1.1483 These are 4 digits Now, they use 5 digits. Because many transactions enter the market everyday so the 4 digits can't accommodate them So, it increases to 5 digits This is the example It's also same like we count the number that we push. I mean mini member counter tool

It has digit too. For example, it's 4 digits So, for 4 digits, the most is 9999 If the member is more than 10.000, the counter tool can't count it 4 digits can't count it anymore So, it must increase to 5 digits Then, it can be 99999 It's also same like forex market This is the example. I use EUR/USD as the basic At the right side, there is price of EUR/USD 1 EUR = 1.18685 Or if we see the line at this top, 1 EUR = 1.18748 There are 5 digits after the comma

Then, if it goes down up to here How many Pips does it go down? We saw the top, now, we see the bottom I color it as yellow From the first number, which is at the top, 1.18748. It goes down to 1.18691 If we measure it, we drag the crosshair In the middle, there is 57 What I mean by Pips is the distance from this top to this bottom I use Pips term, it's 57 Pips Because I use 5 digits after comma as the basic The standard is EUR/USD Because every broker is different. There are some brokers which use 4 digits after comma See the numbers after the comma If the basic is 5 numbers, it's same. If we measure it.. It's 58 Pips. It uses 5 digits If you use 4 digits, just divide it with 10 So, it's not 58 but it's 5.8 Pips

Because for 4 digits, the behind cent isn't included. The more valid is broker which use 5 digits When the transaction is getting increase, 4 digits are unable to accommodate much transactions So, we must increase the budget becomes 5 digits. One day, it will increase again Now, it's 5 digits. Later, it will increase to 6 digits if the daily transactions are getting much Forex has the biggest daily transactions Even, it reached $4 trillion in a day, yesterday. Now, it increases $4 trillion in a day cycle It's much bigger than New York Stock Exchange cycle When I mention Pips, I use 5 digits after the comma If I mention it 100 Pips, it becomes 10 Pips in the 4 digits If I mention it 200 Pips, it becomes 20 Pips in the 4 digits Don't you feel dizzy with that. The point is you understand it

I still use 5 digits. In XAU, the profit target can be from 100 - 200 Pips In the Euro, it will be different If you still don't understand about Pips, you may ask me Now, go back to our target If we use XAU/USD, our average target is 100 - 200 Pips per transaction Then, in EUR/USD, it's around 50 - 80 Pips In GBP/USD or GBP/JPY, it could be 70 - 100 Pips If we use XAU, this is the average For every transaction, we close it at 100 - 200 Pips Do we must close it at that Pips? No. We see the market condition later If it's impossible, we can close the profit under it or even above it The point is you know the average target for every transaction Then, pay attention when we use another trading type For day trading, we use M15, M30, and H1 time frame H1 becomes the standard The first is Day trading to be continued...

2021-08-08 22:38

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