Gap Trading Strategy 2018 (With Powerful Indicator)

Gap Trading Strategy 2018 (With Powerful Indicator)

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So. Friends you can click here to subscribe to my youtube channel that, is stock, market Liberia, so, once you click here don't, forget to click on this belly, button because, you receive notification, about, every new video, on my, youtube channel. It's, welcome. To this video on gap, trading strategy, so, in today's video I'm going to explain my, personal, trading setup, on how. To identify the, gap. Apart, on stocks and. How you can decide, on the profitable. Trades so, in this video. I will be sharing my personal trade for today so. What. Is a stock, that I took for the gap, based, on the gap trading system, and, how. Did I make the profit from, that, particular, stock so, before, I start expanding. You on gap trading strategy, I, wish, to share, with you my facebook pages on. Facebook. This is the stock market India, so. Here you can see that, this. Is a page. About, detailed. Strategies, techniques to make profit, in these stock market, so, here, I will be providing the post slated to the stock market and. This is my recent. Book which I published to share my personal trading, system on. Trading. With gap so, you have the link and other details that you can go ahead so. Yesterday. I updated. The. Technical. Chart for, nifty so. The chart that is available. Here is. Have. Chosen the weekly, basis. Candies. Here, so here we are able to see that how gifties, had, successfully. Crossed. The. Previous makes low, and this, was a one big time though that what, we saw here so. You will be having the many, updates on, my facebook page so, now I will just take you with the, day, trading. Strategy. That is the gap trading strategy, so. Before. I take you to, the website where we can find the daily. Cap of stocks so, I wish, stream from you that. Website. Called,, is. Providing, to you our free and. Life. Chart. Details, so, which you can, and utilize, for, your daily internet. Trades so, I just expand, this and. Once. I choose, this talk is also help. You set, the technical, chart so, next thing is where do I, get. The app apart on stocks so, this, is a website called in, a say India so, live market, then a content, so. This is the link that this. Is all this will be also available in, the description so. It can directly check the link, from the description and, open, it everyday to identify, get, for kept on stocks so. Once we land on this nsv, India website where. This, this. Particular information is, available, after. 9:15, a.m. so. You can identify the gap of warcraft own stocks so, by default it shows the Nifty, stocks here which is gapped. Up say. Today. Ongc has kept up with more, than one percent, to. Take. The more, potential of for trades in the gap up our captain stocks we. Can choose the future, adoption, stocks here so. You will be having the more, number of stocks. To screen to create with the, intraday, so, here we can see that initially. We had were in DC but, right, now we're able to see that Kerala has K and MDC are calm so, there are many stocks. Which come with the. Cap up for. The internet, here so this is the gap up stops which, has gapped up more than 1, percent for, today that is 26th. Of March. 2018. So. Here, we. Can see that the most gap, of stocks, here so, once I click on. This. Percentage. Of change here, we. Can see that the, other stocks which has captain, today so, IDPA which, is a stop-gap, down. By more than 3% for. The. Today. Daily, basis this is that is for the 26th, of March 2008. And. Bank of India this is captain, with more than two percent at, Andhra, Bank and yes, so. These are the many other stocks which has kept on with more than one percent, so before, you identify. The. Stocks. Portrayed for gaps. I suggest. That you take, more. Than one percent, or at. Least more than say. Eighty to ninety row point eight zero percent. So, you will be having a very potential. Very. Good potential to make profit, from the depth, of stocks so, here once we are when. I told that you need to identify the, stocks. That has gained more than one person there, is the second criteria, which I normally. Choose. But, with the price of a stock so, it should be ideally more than two hundred rupees of the, price, of this stocks so, here in this case when we screen this stock we, are able to see that Kerala healthkit was trading at the 3sat 6.95. In, MDC, at 122, so, our Comment DataPower so, in my personal trading, system I would avoid any stock, that is lesser, than 200. Rupees here so because this we just, not be having a very huge. Moment based on the. Price of this stock here that is available, here so I would try to identify. Stock. Which, is only beyond. The 200 rupees, for. The equity value, so. Today I chose oil that is why oil India Limited so, here we can see that the price is. Opposed, to 300, rupees and, this. Is gapped, up by 0.87. Percent. So I showed you how I, took. A profitable, trade with, the oil trade so, then. I take you with the technical. Chart, here so, this is a free technical chart which you don't have to sign it but, I suggest you create.

Your Login that, will help you to screen made. Of of stocks. On a daily basis so by default it is showing us UST and AH so now lbs. Or typing, oil. India. So. Here we got that oil India Limited which, is a live, child. Available, here so and, I'll. Be selecting, the 15 minutes kinda stick to braid for intraday, basis, so, here we are able to see that this. Is 9:15. To 9:30 candle. Which, made a high of 352, point, 89. Around say nineteen fifty, two point ninety, paisa, this along this single candle, made a high of three, fifty three, fifty two, point ninety, and, the. If we consider, the body the, low of the body was, at three forty eight point then assign. The suppose if we consider the peak of this, first. 15 minutes candle, this, was at three forty six point two, nine so, now before. You take the trades, for any. Of this drop so, the first important, thing you need, to identify is. The. Technical. Chart, here so. When. I say technical, to chart you, have to click on the indicators. Column. Here so type, volume. So, this is my personal, trading. Setup. With a technical, chart I do whether, it is for the intraday, basis, with the non-gaap. Up stops or the, gap, effect on. Stocks here so, now, we have, we are getting the clear idea, so, first thing is when. We consider this first. Bearish. Candle, you, are also able to see that the, there, was the volume, volume. Chart is showing us, there. Are a more. Number of sellers for the stock within. The first 15 minutes of. The. Market, opening today. That is 9:15, 9:30, so. This is the first candle, and in, this stochastic RSI. We. Can, see that the, stock, was trading at the whole point soon and the. Blue light, crossed, the red line immediately. At the, 9:15. A.m., 9:52. 9:30, a.m. so, I suggest, that whenever, you used to take a trade with the cap of stocks you, need to wait for first, 15 minutes and you need to have a strictly have this kind of technical. Chart setup to identify, whether, you can take the profitable. Trade so as I told you earlier this was the first 15 minutes Canton, and we. Saw that volume was also. Showing. The signal of the Parrish movement in this stock at 9:15, a.m. so, let me try to hide, the. Stocks. The. Further candles, so if at the very first candle, we are able to see that, first, carrier.

Was Of bearish and the, volume, was also. Perished and here we are able to see that blue line is trying. To cross the red line so, which is a confirmation, that the. Bearish. Trend is going to begin so once we. Consider. This as a short. Selling position short, selling opportunity, for the internal basis then, we are able to see that the second candle was also bearish here so, and, followed, with the confirmation, with this stochastic RSI, indicator. This. Is a leading indicator because, this, gives us signal much before the. Movement. Happens indeed, you. Know with. The particular equity. So this will give us and. More. Profitable, trades. Before. We, try to analyze the. Stock or before you maintain to, take any, trades it will shows the, trend. So that it will be easy for us to decide, the trades, whether we should go short or long with any particular, stock, so, as of today and identify, the, Limited for embedded, trades which, was a gap of stroke, for 26th of March 2018. For, say, zero point eight. Zero percentage. For, intraday, basis, so. This is the trading, setup that, I'll be, having. For my, trades whether it is for the intraday, or for the kpop one we have no stocks so, I'll be taking. The example of the another the above stock so, once we complete, once, I complete explaining, this to you so now I will take you with my. Trading. Platform. So I'm using the op stocks trading platform, so, which, is also a competitor, to this zero da so, here. We. Can see that this. Is the position book that da so, here I already. Traded. With made, a profit, of rupees, 800 I thirty seven point thirty with. 540. Quantities. That I take a shot at that table so the selling price was three forty seven point five zero and, the buying price was three forty five point nine five, so, once, again I just take you with the, technical. Chart, here so. So. This is the All India Corporation. So when, post, Cantrell made, dole, of three forty seven point five zero somewhere, at say. These levels, three forty seven point five zero I'd, taken this short portion in between this, position. That, is the first candle, first fifteen minutes after the first 15 minutes cattle because, this was a second, candle which was also giving. Us a very bearish, signal, so, here we can see that this stochastic RSI was, also it, gave me a bearish. Trend confirm. When the blue lines cause, the red light here so friends once we see the confirmation. In our technical technical. Chart based, on this powerful. Indicator.

This Is leading indicator which is which. Was giving us the signal. At, 9:30. A.m. today I will also wish. To inform you that before. I take trades I will, try to analyze the. Buyers and sellers, the, strength between the buyers and sellers quantity, this, data, is also. Available in the industry India, website so, right now the. Time is around, 43. P.m. on 26th. Of March 2018, so, here we can see that the, sellers strength, is very low whereas. The piyo strength is. Good. Between the buyers and sellers so the possibility. Of change. In the trend and, the. Price. Of equity going up is the, tendency that what I am able to analyze. Here so, when we see. In the technical, chart the. Stochastic. RSI indicator. Once, again the. Stochastic. RSI indicator, which. Made the over. Short. Zone at between, the. Minus. 8 points, or between, the 20 points here which, is you, are able to see within, the white background, so when, the, blue line crossed the red line and it started moving up so likewise. The price of oil india limited it. It. Made it go till 341. Point to. 41 point 30 and the very next candle, so which. Made. A high of 342, point, 99. 342. Point. Or. 12 so the, stock price is presently. Going up so this is a powerful. Indicator. Which, will, signal. Me that that train, changing the trend is going to happen where, I we. Can identify very, easily based, on the technical. Chart we think they say, the, green candles of the red candles, which I'll show us that, whether, this is a positive trend. Or the negative x so, likewise as I explained, you with a very easy. Technical. Chart setup today, I made the profit of. Rupees. 830. 7.30. And. As. I told you earlier whenever. I test, any new strategy. Or technique I personally. Take trades, based on my, own setup for my own trading system, so when I see that the, setup. Is giving me profits. On my. Most. Of the trades or say, at least a trades out of 10 trades then, I will create a video, content, or publish. A book to help you identify. The, profitable, trades in the technical, chart so, now let us go for the second. Stock which was kept up here so, that this, information is, very. Much available here jublia input. So, this. Was kept up by more than one percent for, 26th. Of March 2018. So, the stock price is. 2299. So, this is the second, important. Criteria. That as I told you earlier the, stock price should be at least minimum. Of rupees. 200 or, more than 200, so which will give us a very good movement, because if a stock has a volatility. Of even of. 1.5%. For. Intraday, then, if you are choosing rupees, 200, stock, then, the tendency, of at least. Say. 2, rupees to buy, rupees, is, more. On the. Possibility. So, which I give you very about the profit, when you are trading with the quantity. Of at least, minimum. Of finite quantity or, say at least of. Quantities. On one. In single, trade so. When. I before. I'm explaining. The second. Stop. Explaining. The second stop, which was capped up so, I would like to explain, you that when I take when I took this short position, trade here at, three forty seven point five zero my, stock was was at the first. 15, minutes candle, high at ten fifty two point, seventy. Here this was this is a place that I had, my stop-loss so, once it made no of a, further, three 45 or, say, 346.

Weight I exerted. My position, and I also clear. This top class here so. Which. Is on my. Trading. Platform, obstruct. So, this. Is the trading. System that is quickly followed here so, now I will exit try to explain, the jubilant which. Was gapped up and here. We can see that this, is the first 15 minutes candle, for two. Plain footworks limited, so this. Was making. A high of, say. 2304. So you, can observe my, when. I mean I place, the cursor here, in this point you, can on the right hand the right hand corner, you can observe the price of jubilant. Foot box included. 2304. Which, was the first 15, minutes standard, so, if, I was. Taking. The position with, this second candlestick act 2003. And and for or between. 2308, then, I would have placed my stop-loss, for. Two thousand two hundred eighty, four point, 70. As you are able to see you so this is a no based, on different not on the north as per the body of the cattle so this is the as per the pic of this particular. Candle, here. Then. Once. We took the BAI position, here the a long portion. With this stock. 2310. 2307. So the stock made, a of. 2344. So, which. Was almost. More, than 20, points for. Single. Strong so, suppose, if you are traded with, at least say, 400. 250. A quantity, say, c'mon 1114, quantity, then, I will calculate it with, minimum. Modify. Rupees, profit so. You have made a minimum. Of five thousand profit even, if you have if you would have traded with. 214. Quantity, as, we saw in this calculator, so, now I will explain with. The, gap. Down stocks so, whether. You need to take me you have, some stocks let, me take an example of. Our. Cricket the ITC, is. Having. When. We set your criteria, that the stock price should be more than 200. Rupees the, first stock that I am able to see is say. ITC, for, today which is a stock price at two fifty two point nine zero so. Which was gapped down by one point two, one percent for 26th, of March. 2018. The second stock is mcx India, Limited the, stock price is at 698, and it. Made a go of one. Point two zero one, minus rupees. Eight point five zero point so. First, I take you the. ITC. India. Limited so. Here we can choose the lecture, top PTC, a limited, so, so. There this, is the first scandal, between the 9:15, a.m. and, 9:30 a.m., so, this was a Capstone's talk but, when we observe this is a bullish. Candle so which is green. Here and also, the volume indicator, is, showing that this, is a, bullish. Trend in the market for today, that, is between 9:15, a.m. to 9:30 a.m.. So, here, when. The stock, price crosses, the first 15 minutes I of. 255. Point 20 or, if you consider the 250. 4.90. Levels here then, we would have a can be a long, position from, this stock, so. The. Stock further, for. Within the intraday, the right know that time. Is 1251. P.m.. And the. Stock made high of almost 250. 7.22. Levels, so. We. Were suppose if we had taken position, at say. 250. 5.30. Levels, and the. Stock made high all for, 257. Almost. Profit, of 2, rupees for, intraday. Trade so, this would have given a profit. Of say. Around. Thousand. Eight hundred one. Thousand, eight hundred rupees, before, quantity. That we clear it was nine. Hundred for, this particular, strong so, when I say if, I had to take ma position, first thing that I will try to observe, is the chart, here so, whether it is the cream. It. Is the whether, there are a pie or assault with antenna sellers, so, after, the second, important.

Indicator, The, leading indicator, and the powerful indicator, that I will try to observe is this stochastic RSI if. The first 15 minutes candle, that, we can see that it. Was in the oversold, zone and. Blue. Line. Crossed. The red. Line successfully. After the 959. 15. A.m. candle so like these we saw that the prices started going up till. 257. Point to zero levels and right, now the price. Of ITC. Once, again it is coming. Down here you can see that this is, 3. Outside, on bearish. Which. Is a bearish, reversal so. The reliability is very high for this particular. Candlesticks. So this, is a kind. Of parade type, or take, whether it is a cap up or the up/down stops so, going, forward I will be coming up with different, techniques. That you. It. Will help you to identify the. Profitable. Trades and, you can, also test, this particular strategy. Or technique with, a paper plate before you take the real trade and even though you take the real trick I suggest, you take. You start with the very minimum quantity, so, that you will, not be losing a very usual. In the stock, trades, so. Thanks, for watching this video and please leave your comments, in the, comment, section.

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