GAME: Real Or Fake Fashion? | Make Thrift Why #3

GAME: Real Or Fake Fashion? | Make Thrift Why #3

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This. Video is brought to you by Squarespace. Whether you need a domain website, or an online store make it with Squarespace hello. Internet. Happy, 2018. Got, it Giovani. With us again, for, another episode and, make your Hawaii accept, today we're, going to do something a little bit different, people send me in a lot of strange. And wonderful clothing. Form. A series made through five all right recreate, them and we, have a few episodes called, make, sure why, well, we just make fun look on the I click. On the eye. Let's. Point to all the corners just in case on me I click, on our hot so I thought that instead of just bragging. On the weed and wonderful clothes that people send. Us um instead, this, episode we're gonna play a game and this game is make, thrift why or, fake. Three first. Why it's a mouthful, so, here's how the game is gonna go in this game some, of the items that I am going to be describing are real, items, that actually, exist and that you can actually buy some of the items I've just made up with memory, so I'll read the description, of the clothes and you have to decide whether, it's real or fake okay what do I mean do I have to get a certain amount right to be good we know oh good. Question, let's say you have to get our 50%, and if you do I win, you have to hem these pants that I'm wearing and the blue pair nice, I'm sorry, okay I told which he thought he had to hem he's handsome, alright. Okay. Okay, item, number one wonder anyone. These. Are my laser focuses, the description, of this item is a sweater. That's made of a see-through, slightly, beige colored mesh on the bodice and thick, fuzzy knitted arms so, it has the effect of looking like a toy soulless, sweater it's sold last year for one thousand. Five. One thousand, five hundred fifty pounds which is about two thousand, US dollars. I, would. Say that. Is. Real. Final. Answer my final answer is that's that's real okay, it, is real messy, fiction friend, is Calvin, Klein I didn't expect it to be that like it really just looks like the arms of the sweater sold, out oh. Yeah. Because they make like three number, two a scarf that's made entirely, from transparent. Clear, plastic, material, evening Lee negating, the point of wearing a scarf but hey that's high fashion for you so it's a transparent scarf it, currently sells for 880, US, dollars nice man in a plastic yes, you can see right through it you can see right through mm-hmm. I'm kind of trying to second-guess you now like would you, because. You're trying to invent things that sound like they would be real. I'm. Gonna say my, gut says fake. I'm. Gonna go against, my gut. I'm. Gonna go against my gut and I'm gonna say real upset, stomach if you go against you good. Whoops. Your Honor I move the budget be stricken from the record. With. The god. 2017. What's the year of transparent, fashion that's why I should have that's why my gut was telling me fake I should.

Have Known it's, not just gonna be transparent, stuff. What. Hang on you're getting points as well I thought I was just getting points, for every one I go right what I'm competing yes. Well, who wants to be a millionaire. Number. Three number three all right you've got one out of two so far okay, okay. Number three is a transparent. Plastic cake that looks exactly like a drycleaners bag except, that the name of the laundromat is replaced with the name of the brand who sells this piece for 650. British pounds which is about 750. US dollars so, it's so, you know when you get your dry-cleaning back, and it has the plastic yeah. Over the top this is like a cape you put on which is just it's nicer look like that I don't think I need to think very long about this one I think this is really it's so. Silly. Yeah, that, I don't think you I think, this is off the top of the dome. No. This is real it's real okay. Final. Answer real it. Is real I knew it it's. By the brand muskie nur and, unfortunately. It's sold out and this we're all sold out yeah. Sorry. Everybody, I guess, you'll have to get a regular dress back. Easy. Mate, yeah. This. Is the description from Brown's Yahoo, is a retailer. Of high fashion okay you sold the dress okay this clear Moschino dry-cleaning, cake overlay dress is the only kind of laundry that you'd be willing to do for your trusty Opare takes care of that kind of stuff cuz you're rich you. Don't have to do your laundry. This. Dress showcases. The brand, economical. Let's just highlight that word, economical. All 17, runway theme why is it economical, if it's 650, pounds. Hey, yo Pam might be doing your laundry but you can still wear the bag what, what. What. Okay. Number four. So. This is a key. Charm bracelet, that is a few pieces of chain with several old looking keys attached, to it with a large keyring clip to fasten the bracelet, so it basically just looks like a ring of keys for. Slipped. Over your wrist and retails. For 630. Great British pounds or about 850. US dollars I'm really torn on this because it could it sounds, like something that would be real but it. Could also be the case that I know when, you were writing these fake. Ones you were sitting on the couch and from, our couch you can see the wicker shelf. Where we keep our keys so was it that wasn't that you looks over there and you saw the keys sitting there and you, no. More I say this the more I'm like this is what happened, this, one is fake, its fake its fake and you're trying to trick me by having it being pounds. And then changing the past two dollars there makes it sound more like a real retail, item. And. As Fry's a brand I have no idea how to pronounce this Valencia. Valencia. I think it's Belen Co sorry, this is what it looks like. Okay. Great, looks. Great so. This is the description from, Browns fashion, again mm-hmm, so once. Again Browns, again this, metallic, Valencia. Ketone bracelet, is the key to success, because, as large Chesterfield, so rightly stated if, you, are not in fashion you are nobody, and God, forbid one of the no body the result of impeccable Italian, workmanship, this bracelet has been crafted, from gold-tone, and silvertone, metal, and, feel multiple. Key charm on the pro side is, made by Italians, on the con side whose, Lord Chesterfield. British. People know, Chesterfield. As. The, famous Lord, Chesterfield said, here's, a little Chesterfield, some kind of fashion Lord just Britain each year point one Lord. The. Only Lord I know of would be like lord. Vader, and this Darth Vader once said if you're not in fashion nobody, okay. Number five an. Orange. Floral work wear vest with high vis detailing, that retails for 1200. USD less and looks basically exactly like there's kind of cheap safety vests that construction, work is wet the, only difference is that it has the brand name written across it on the back of the best it so seems, as though it would be real. Because. It's such a bold faced just. Like. Way, to get money from people. Who, are, not. Mean. Wait oh, but. But, at the same time it also is so the, type, of thing that it would be the type of thing you make up I'm. Trying, to do the flip the flip the old flip reverse flip, brain, flip. Yes. I think, look. I'm just gonna go with my I'm not gonna try and do the flip reverse flip brain flip I'm gonna say. But. If it were really. Well with the ketone bracelet, from before it's so now, that you've put this out there this will be made someone. From Browns is watching, and they're like I have the description of mine. No they just described, the items the, brown description, riders big like Lord, Chesterfield think, about this.

W. W. W. W. LC, D. LCD. It. Just sounds like almost, the website where you buy LCD, TVs. Not. W. LC w LC you. Put. It on is a fashionista. Okay. I'm winning at the moment, why. Is me, losing you winning when I'm competing yes, we Hawk with everything, is a competition I'm gonna beat you anyway you're the quiz master and it's mean I just compete against myself. You. Mean business, yeah I mean business a black. Knee-length skirt, that's been made out of nylon puffer, jacket material, and scattered. Around the bottom of the skirt it just has a bunch of armhole, cuffs attached to it which. The brand calls a ruffle trim and it is sold originally, for. 1385. Dollars. I'm. Like you've done the quote marks like. Real. I think it's real yeah. I think it's real. I'm. Going with. It. Is real yes now, you've gotten 50 percent correct it's good the brand is. Home. The Gosselin. I, des. Garcons. Climb, a desk Aslan it's May um so there's only one one. Size small left in stock sir quick, guys, oh my, gosh if it sells out optimist do you like look at this yeah I mean it's really really, really, expensive yes. And it, will fall apart immediately, because that's raw edges yeah, so the thing is that in. The description it says raw edges throughout, all, right ASCII Mouse that's made out of a transparent, mesh like fabric sewn together with a thick colorful stitch in all different colors and sections. And it retails early. 480. US dollars it sounds like something I mean real it doesn't even sound that weird, well like it sounds like weed, but like, it. Sounds we have been in a way, that's not very creative. My. Temptation. And, like my, gut says real but. My temptation, is to do the reverse flip, grand flip and say fake. How. Much you saying it is 480. I. Feel like that's the number you'd come up with you'd make that up okay, that's. The sort of number you would make up. Yes. I knew 480 was a made up number. It's. Not your brownie ski mask, kind, of is it's.

Some Patchwork it's, like if, everyone has super cool ski masks, for the school trip and you're like Nana made. Next. So. These this, item, if sleeves, that have been chopped off a shirt and then repurposed. As like, warmers, and they still have the cuffs buttons, around the ankles and they're sold for six hundred and seventy US dollars. That's. The thinking suck. Okay. So the next one's up Green, clogger style pants that have had the entire crotch cut out down to the thighs safe, for the waistband and all, the edges are left raw so I'll. Do a little kind of that's kind of hard, to describe if there's like a hole cut, out just like heel oh good place for him Oh big old hole and, around, the holes edges, so the edges are left wrong and around the edges there's just little studs. Like, sparkly, stones real. Real. Well yeah bill feeling. Stop feeling going was real they. Are real. And. They. Look like this they. Have by ASOS exclusive. Because. Everyone's really fighting, with thanks us for this great idea. And I, guess. Thanks. 11 okay so this is a hooded sweater hoody. That, has two, head holes instead, of one but. Instead of being one the right way up you. Flip it upside down and you stick your legs through each head hole and then. Oh. My. God. -, that Instagram story, a few, days ago. Because. Of the ties. Wwl-tv. So. This is a sweater talk with 17, different sleeves, protruding. From various places along the bodice and along. Other arms, feel, like you made this up because it's so just, silly. It's just a sweater. For 17. Armed monstrosity. My. Gut says fake and my, double flip reverse brain flip also, it says fake. But. My. Deepest. Gut says. Real. Where. Are you test ins your intestines, thing real yeah, trust. My intestines. Trustin nah I'll go with the gut and I'll go with the double flip reverse brain, flip and I'll say. I'll. Say hey. You made this up so you could Photoshop 15. More sweeps onto it as well what do you think.

This. One is fake yes, but, it is not without precedent okay, see this photo of a real sweat off with two additional sleeves, attached to the. Shoulder I suppose. It has to be fake because there's just not enough real estate on a sweater. Yeah. Well that's not a concern of theirs it's still gonna make a profit because they sell it. Sorry. And so, you got a great sight out, of, 14. Correct, which is just, over 50. Music. I. Think, I did a pretty good job at tricking you you, did I have to use everything I had to use the gun I had to use the deep gun I had to use the double flip reverse brain fluid surprise again I'm gonna except. Now I feel like people will see this and they'll be like the, prize is that she's gonna do some sewing for him that's so incredibly, retrograde. Roles. In. The coins now Laura tell the chief he's just the worst I know look. Everyone. Let. Me come clean I'll have my own pants. I. Will. Show you how to hem a pair of pants and then you will have knowledge, -. All. Right you, know what that's, good because by a person, a fish late, for a day teach them to fish etc. Etc teach. A man to hem his pants, and. You. Feel free to use that one space. So. Did you know I have, website not, I made with slipspace Squarespace. This video is brought to you by Squarespace, is. Cold. Wet. Space. Square. Feel. Free space. Just. Make it, so. My website Annika Victoria calm. The. Place on the internet where you can go if you you. Know you just being like who's this Annika Victoria, chick yeah it takes you to my website that I made with Squarespace and made it within like a couple, of hours so don't go so easily, yeah, it's so easy to make and it looks really nice I really like my website do you like me what's that you love, that dumb website, no it looks really good too acha do i know how to code need to know how to code you talk to me sooner how to cards use this resource. Excellent. Because I legitimately don't, happen to that no you don't need to do any complex coding you don't need to you, know have the whole business of hosting.

A Website west fish takes care of all of that for you they take care of your domain, name basically. You just set it up you can leave it and there's, nothing to update install, patch ever really. Hmm it's. Just that you just know it's just that and when, I'm designing it do I get to choose between different templates. Different. Really, beautiful. Templates. That you get to choose between you, pick one and then you customize, it to make it your own what if I'm making my website and I'm like whoa, well. If you get really confused. There is 24/7. Customer. Support that is award-winning. Just call them up and be like wow. I'm, like talking on the phone I think that might be a friend number for them but I just emailed them I've had a, problem with it before that was entirely my fault because, I tried to do some carding, and it did not work so, I, do it all for you they. Emailed. Them they, emailed me back straight away I fixed my problem, straight away though like you put in this dodgy bit of card if you remove that your website will walk again. What. Yeah okay what what what what, about this huh miss Squarespace. What, if I want to sell stuff on my website um you can and they have, yeah they have any store feature so you can you. Can sell stuff directly from your Squarespace. Website so I can sell my double flip reverse brain flip t-shirts yes, sold. Them on that. So. If you are an artist if you are designing. If, you are a musician if you earn business, if you own a restaurant all. These different anything if you are doing anything you want a pig that you particularly love and you think maybe, web. Yeah just a cool person and you think you need to get your brand out there you. Squarespace, and yo girl has, a pro. Record for you you can go to For. A free trial and when you're ready to launch good Squarespace comport, slashed Anika and you will get 10% off, your first purchase of, a website or a domain noise, stop, sitting around watching. This I'm gonna make your I've done website, let's try to get a bit of a Shia LaBeouf like angry, vibe. Like. Add on website, take. One and, don't. Just do it on your own. You. Don't, squid face thank. You all for supporting the friends that support this, channel, thank you everybody um thank you all for watching and I'll, be back for another video soon, this guy might be back sometime in the future we'll. See you all next time. Outro. Just. Say bye not so. You line up biscuit heads. Thank. You to all of my supporters on patreon who along, with the sponsor of this episode, make these videos possible and a big warm welcome to my new patreon, business sponsor stitch upon a time who, make fashionable, affordable, and easy-to-use pdf, clothing patterns check, them out at stich upon a time calm, and if, you'd like to become a patreon sponsor, go to.

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in the crop top one the easy one you should have made the spare bits you could have made skirts

2017 wins and fails????

You should make diy platform sneakers!!!

That double hoodie would work very well for those conjoined twins Brittany and Abigail, no joke. They could both be happy and warm. (They're awesome af)

Philip Stanhope (a.k.a Lord Chesterfield, which 'Chesterfield' is also another word for 'Couch' in Canada) was the 4th earl of Chesterfield and was a British Statesmen, living from September 22, 1694-March 24, 1773. moschino did a florescent work ware dress....

Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield British statesman

Giovanni is so funny!

I got 6/11 right lmao

ahh your videos make me happy

Annika, ur hair is so cute Make, thrift, buy idea id love to be able to thrift some oversized shirts and do this myself

Please try and make the Sequin changing shorts (or as they are known "Mermaid Shorts") I'm currently trying to tackle this project and I'm too nervous to try without some semblance for reference.

Heterozygoats. Ha hilarious

yall are funny

I'm a fashion genius I did 11/13 I took out the hoodie pants because it was on the miniature

So happy i found your channel. Its SO GOOD.

I found this on Amazon and it's *gorgeous* and also $90.

DID YOU MAKE AN AUNTY DONNA REFERENCE?! Now I love you guys even more.

lol "The Thinking Suck" TM

I’m from Britain and I’ve never heard of that guy lol


The 'fake' sleeves legwarmers do excist, cause I have done this a couple of times in the past for my post apocalyptic outfits ;) lol

Hilarious! And the guy is really cute

You should have an unedited version somewhere

Luciano totally reminds me of Officer Doug Penhall from the original 21 Jump Street! (yall are so cute btw)

Loved it! But I'm left wondering about that dry cleaners "cape". Is it dry clean only? Would the laundromat give you a dry cleaners bag over your already "high end" dry cleaner fashion? DRY CLEANER CAPE SQUARED?!? you should make a fabric fold over clutch!

i feel shitty i know all the companies lol

Can you actually do a tutorial on the hoodie pants? :)




Ba-len-see-ah-gah or in Spain ba-len-thee-ah-gah (hes a Spanish designer)

Giovani dies a little inside every time he hears the insane prices.


lord chesterfield is the king of the couch

see you later biscuit heads

My new motto: #WWLCD

You look remarkably like Drew Barrymore.

Yeah born and raised in england and have no clue who tf lord chesterfield is

The "ruffle trim" skirt looks like it has barnacles at the bottom.

WWLCD? "Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today"

You pronounced the name of that brand good , what are you talking about?But...the brand had a Ga at the end

lord chesterfield i belive is from a book

There is a play where they make fun of a woman who made a jacket with an extra sleeve on the back... it's real fashion now so I guess she was ahead of time...

The pronunciation for balenciaga is. Baa-len-see-ah-ga

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