Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Game Revealed (HBO)

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Game Revealed (HBO)

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Episode. Three was oh my, god. The, fairness, ought while as a DP a thought. If, you take hard, home and you take Bob and then take the lake and you add them together I defy by four you have episode. Three. We had 11 weeks of night shooting, so that was quite a feat for any crew to go through. We. Knew this up and so was going to be almost entirely battle, it's, all well over an hour and it's mostly action, and part, of what we cared about a lot here was getting, Miguel on board and, forcing, him to shoot 55, straight nights, okay, that's why I never haven't, want to do that again I don't, think anybody, who did that ever wants to do it again yeah that was that was tough and I don't think it was something that anybody really realized just, how hard it was gonna be the. Long night, when. I was doing it it was minus 14, just. Chillin minus, 14. In. A field. You. Know it's too cold to snow when it's too cold to snow you know you got trouble. Chris. And the rest of the team they were there day in and day out where, you would start your evening at six o'clock at night and then you'd go home and you know five o'clock in the morning, and it's just that's, brutal your body never, acclimates. To that a hundred percent by. Like week three, say. People. Looked slightly. Haunted cost. Stunts. Background. Crew. But, everybody, just looked, like. This. Is this. Is like gang into us this. Is like getting into our spirits, I'm not, gonna lie that I am horrible. We. Enjoyed. The work and I said to my guys you know you might not want, to do it again but, you won't regret doing the first time, because. The product what you've achieved is. Amazing, I think. The crew they, enjoyed the the, result is that you know you didn't do all this and think, that's, not really impressive, there's no doubt about it it's really impressive sequence, and I think the nights are just one of the things we're just gonna get through this it's just another notch in the belt as a crew on Game of Thrones that they've done things that feel quite, unique. I'm. Proud of everyone I'm proud of the work that was put in I think it was a, mammoth. Task that, we were faced with and, we. Did it and it just feels incredible, that first week after night shoot scene the crew like smiling. At the Sun what, they went through was she was pretty, stunning and look it's not you know there's no special, prize for being toughest, crew but there probably should be. Working. In the pitch dark in the rain in the mud it's a real testament, to the, entire Belfast. Prove who. Gave. Us something that no amount of money could ever buy. The. Task, that, we had which was the primary task on three is how to keep this interesting, because simply. Battle-fatigued. You know you just get bored you get exhausted. We. Really wanted to make sure we were telling a coherent. Story, with the whole thing and not just having. That'll. Be battle, beat battle beat there, needs to be a shape, to it and a propulsion, to it. It. Became clear when, we started planning it that the battle was going to be a series. Of concentric circles it. Would be walls. Defenses, failing. And the dead getting closer and closer to the center into the heart of Winterfell and taking over everything. The. Way that I concept. Episode, three visually, was to create a color scheme, that developed, saw the whole episode, so. It starts with a moon that night. Because. Larkin, brings the storm and the, clouds the, moon becomes dissipated.

And The moonlight, takes over, but in a very diffuse, kind of way. And then the next stage could be the trench going up. We. Wanted to change to be this overpowering. Light and in prep for a long time ago law was mentioning held, me it's, turning into hell for each character so. Did the blood-red fire, of, the trench takes over the image and completely. Drains out the blue of the moon until. The end because. The trench is throwing down the, moonlit Sun it gets introduced, again, so. That was kind of the way for me to to. Break it up into sections. So. You have something that's visually different so it's refreshing in that respect but. How do we take it one step further so what we decided was to, give, each act as Jana, so. Basically. Act one in suspense, and is build up and the, best way to do build up is in any sort kind of monster movie which is what this is is to not see the monster act who is actually from. The moment aria is on the back foot and enters, into the castle, that's, the horror movie. And, then. Act 3 is an actual movie. And. So, by, breaking into genres it allowed us to change rhythm, and go off on tangents will who followed specific, characters, for a longer period of time rather than worried about what was happening to everyone else. Core. Of it is the people you care about we. Want to care about the people fighting so every effort is made to make sure that you, Center that conflicts, around people you know and. So whether it's Arya's storyline. Or sons a carrying. Down the Crypt or Jon. Snow and Danny. Up in the Dragons kind. Of like all these separate little battles within the greater battle. Sorry. I'm very sorry. The. Living do you have some time to prepare for this battle I'm one of the things they know going into it is that they're gonna be outnumbered and, another, thing they know is that the whites don't, like fire so, they dig a massive, trench around the entire castle, and fill it with kindling, to. Read the word trench on the page doesn't, sound like anything but it took such a lot of work to try and resolve. It to a point that it was a convincing, method. Of defense. It. Was important, that this trench not be something that anybody could jump over so. We needed to construct these bridges that would then collapse and create, another barrier. The. Trench had real wooden spikes.

Real Wooden logs lining, throughout, the trench then. The real logs were replaced, by steel logs that could burn over a number of weeks without, burning away had. To accommodate a whole special, effects rig so. The considerations. Are enormous. In. The end the trench sort of compasses. Pretty. Much the whole of the castle. As. Trenches, go it was a good trench, and. I've done some trenches. And then the reality of how do you light. 900. Foot long thing. Full of bitumen, with hundreds, of people running our hands dumb people in it oh, I. Mean. The. Complicated, process of the trenches began, with the you know the concept of it being a first, line of defense. Therefore. It had to be impressive, had to be vey big so, we had to devise a way we, could produce a flame which is big enough for outside. Environment, so, we came up with with a system which is just a simple water trough it makes the most economical. Flame out of propane and of course you've got a thing about the consumable, part of it can't have real logs in there has to be a steel thing as, being sure that heat. In the fire I thinking we did is 900, steel logs and we did. 16. Steel troughs and, then you have to work, out how you get that amount of gas to each trough. We've got one four ton tanker. With a. Mobile. Unit which, is five ton so. If the combination of two we convert, liquid. Into the gas and, that's what gives us our gas supply, we've. Been running off the electronic, valve, system that's. Tied in with firing. Box and, each one is ignited, by an individual, gas bank in, a sequence. Uses. A lot of gas and a lot of gas. And. You, see the. Red priestess come out and light, that trench that that would be such an extraordinary moment as it just lights. Around went to film. In. Terms of imagery I always thought that was such a fantastic thing so you really were. Seeing for the first time the ice and fire meeting, so that. Was something that I thought was a really lovely. Image, to establish. I. Got. A call from Miguel. A year. Before we started shooting because. I can't tell you anything but get your endurance up now I want you to be training have. A lot to do it's gonna be night shoots we're gonna do three months of night shoots and I was just like okay. Like, I think I was like in Boston at the time like eating like cheese fries that. Our. Entire fight through the battlements, was just a real great moment, and everything that I have learned really did come down to that and I didn't use every sort of skill that I'd learned in, that fight, it's. One thing to be on the battlements but then over the top of Winterfell you've got these two staircases that, go up it's the middle section of caste elation so, we thought it would be really claustrophobic and. Dark and scary, to be in there with whites but that's when the full staff doesn't really work we all know these tunnels are very small and the last thing you want is a five. And a half or a six foot quarter, staff going, through small little alleyways so what I decided to do in this one be, able to cut it in half so be able to disassemble, within. The fight sequence, and, then have two of them so you can do this bulge in each hand which, is great and together to the understands something. Else to play with and to train with. When, the incredible things about Maisie is that she's a righty, because. Re in the books is left-handed she decided that she was gonna learn how to fight left-handed, so in season one when she's training with Syrio Forel, she's. Training with her left hand and she's incredibly, challenging but what it did mean was that she's learned how to fight left-handed, she's naturally right-handed so she's become an ambidextrous. Fighter, Maisie. Does almost all this stuff on her own, she. Had an excellent Stella woman for the for the dangerous stuff but most of it's actually amazing, her coordination, and she's. Really quick you know can make changes on the spot it actually she's really easy to work with.

It's. One. Thing. Practicing. A fight which is like a spa, a, sparring, fight you know but. Then when you're actually fighting for your life, with. Loads of stunt men who like do this day to day and are not scared of anything and they're covered, in this crazy, makeup, and they're coming, at you like it's. Just a completely, different ballgame, and. I. Think, I probably hold the record for the most apologies, on set. I'm. Sorry. We knew any, situation. Where lots, of people are fighting, already, needs to play a central role because, she's one of the best at it that's that's amazing, and it's a lot of fun to watch but it's also it's one note. And to. Try to play that note through the whole episode it wouldn't have worked so I mean are needed. And having her almost taken out of commission and almost almost rewinding. The clock on who Arya Stark is would, really be, interesting. It would also give us a chance to change up the nature of the, story we were telling. The. Library sequence was built around the idea of I need to have a market. Shift, where, the. Audience instead of coming back and going like handle battle they come back and they go oh, change. Style. Hopefully. What does this refreshes, the audience and they're like you, know we want to know what's going on outside but, we're okay to be inside from and in slow things down and. We're. Also okay to be with aya. Who's suddenly, from. Being this incredibly, confident, character, that she's being now for quite some time is, completely. Traumatized by, what's happened, to her, one. Of the things we did when we shot our sequences, we. Designed. The library, in a certain way and then, I took Maisie, in there and I. Got nine, whites or something in there and I gave them all a path and then, I told her she had to make her way through it without being seen. And. We. Figured. Out this whole choreographed. Piece. Where everything, was a near-miss, and everything. Was just about not seeing and everything had to be silent. And. It was really fun to do. Oh. So. Scary so. The. Hero whites in the library, a girl he was after somebody, who could get, themselves into quite an interesting position. But, have a physique, which, would be a little bit unworldly. Which would suggest their dead basically, I knew. This performer, Spanish performer, called, a Javier boater and he's. Double. Triple jointed. He can do the most ridiculous, things with his body and he's. Been covered in prosthetics pretty much all his career so, I knew he was the guy that could pretty, much sell it for us. If you're a process exploit view he's got a couple of little bits and pieces that's, got some little cheekbone appliances, we've, got a few little scrapes, and wounds and then, we just did this sort of airbrushed, body painting, on him as well and just really accentuated, always sort, of shadows, and all his muscles, and his bone structure, and his. Movement, just sold, it for us. We're. All in love with Lyanna Mormont I think the whole world is so we, wanted this to be her absolute, heroic moment, when. I found out I was dying it was like it was the best thing really is sounds it, sounds strange but I either decided I'd be happy if I ended up on the throne which I thought was very very, unlikely, here oh I had, a great death so I'm very happy and the, whole giant thing that's just really cool. All this the shots with Liana and, from, we're. All really, pretty complicated and they all have lots of pieces to them so, it started, out at, tomb, where we shot the Winterfell, set and we shot a lot of the backgrounds, for the shots and. Where. We wanted to frame, for, giant. We as this technology called in cam and this allowed us to play back sort of an animation, of, what the giants performance, would be that. Was synced, to the camera, and. So that when Shaun Savage is the a camera, operator is, operating on, the day he, can actually see the, giant at his proper scale in the set so. They were able to operate, it as if it was a real thing. The. Giant is real he could be 3d, but, we, prefer to shoot real organic, live photograph, people, wherever we can, our giant performer.

Ian White who's, seven foot five, I believe he, performed all the actions, of the giant in front of green screen but, we shot him in a way to double, his scale, for. The shots where he had to pick up Liana we put tracking, markers on a green, doll that he picked up and we, motion, captured that and would use it to drive, a. Robotic. Arm. Basically. To pick up our, actress. Bella and that would move her around as, if she's being held by from you. Know for some of those shots there's at least four, or five different elements that we've photographed at, different times that will all go into making that final shot really, it's just bringing the, lowest Tech's you know miniature, props, approach, and the very highest tech, no, digital scaling. And, and of. I. Think. It's very fitting fully honor to die like, doing something like that stabbing a giant in the eye so--but like I realized today it's a bit like David and Goliath the. Same sort of thing and they. Just stabbing. The eye kills him there was. This little Deana moment. Down. In the crypt becomes, just, a completely, horror. Movie it's, terrifying, down there we're, in a crypt nobody, thought of that he's, bringing all the dead people back to life and they, put the women and children in, a, crypt with all the dead people so. You're. In, smart. But it's not that smart. Yeah. The whole action was really fun so I never get to do any action, in. Between, setups people, I was joking around like just, like running between like. Podium podium trying, to catch away we felt like action. Stars even though we probably ran like 5 meters, with. The whites, and the Crips for us that was exciting because you guys who even do some really cool mummified, and dried Husky sort of firm white. We. Referenced. Ancient, mummies, we looked at corpses, and there are some tombs which, have got these figures which are exactly the inspiration, we were looking for and they're these dried. Wizened. Bodies. Which, still have dried, encrusted. Skin all over them they still have hair and the hundreds and hundreds of years old they have their teeth really, really dusty and completely. Different to what we've seen before. There. Was one point where I had to like run. Through a crowd of people and. Whites for coming out and one came up to me and I actually started, crying I was so scared like hey whenever. I get scared I just cry and it was so though those. Whites are horrible, just as scary in real life I hate, them. They're. Around dark corners, and like you don't fully. Know where they're all coming from I mean everything's saved and mapped, out but it's still if you get into it and, you just go on by candlelight, we don't have any other lighting. Sources down there really, it's. Creepy it.

Was Fun a week. Underground. With dead people. Maybe. We're such nice people but you know we it's, just such violence. That we're portraying, and and. I've, often said how did we end up here. I, think. The lesson that we learned on battle at the bastards was just how difficult, it is to work with dead, bodies to work with these prop bodies how expensive it is how difficult, they are to move around, so. Rob, Cameron and Gavin, Jones our prop. Maker came. Up with the idea of molding. These bodies into. These disks, the, brief was to try and create a. Lightweight, version of bodies as, a sort of relief we. Would get 8 or 9 dummies, dressed. In their armor and then we'd make a huge mold of that so. Our mold could capture all of this detail the limbs and the fabric, and the armor, and I think probably, about 300, body parts in which we would have painted up in different elements you know give them some skin tone give. Them a bit of a palette and individually. Pull out each, body. And, the good thing about these the weight of them we can actually mound, them up so. The prop always came up with this great idea of, wedges, and then building them up so it's, total, carnage and devastation, really, it's great I'm. Gonna say they work really really well to prop guys will, never want to see another one of these discs again because they spent a hell of a lot of their time walking. Them around moving. Them from the right flank okay now we've got address the left leg so all the bodies have to move across for the left leg. For. A close-up stuff interspersed. With that would be live people, dressed. As dead bodies. When. You walk on set sometimes and they've and they're about to shoot and suddenly one of them will twitch or sort of move or something and it's like oh my god because that's actually an, extra, who's being dressed as a dead body and we'll sort of be in there in amongst the ones that we've put in yeah. It's very disconcerting it's. A strange. Place to be. The. Last third. Of the movie where, we move into an action film John. Realizes. That the real task. Still, a hand, is to essentially. Protect breath. And. So he, heads into and fell and we, follow, him on a journey. We've. Used Artemis, Maxima it's a handheld device either. Camera operator or the grip can carry it and then, one of the camera operators will operate. It remotely you, know it's like it's. Like a remote-controlled. Steadicam, really hits it's very clever the. Camera flows through the castle and stays. With character, I think the audience are going to feel like they're traveling with them and you know right up front with them.

That. Was the real kind of heart. Of I think the, episode. Is that long sequence, with all those different characters. We. Needed John to make his way through the, courtyard, and bear, witness to all of the characters, that we, know and we care about that. He knows and he cares about being, overwhelmed. What. We essentially did is we took each group of people and we gave them all a fight they learn the fight that we shot the fight and then we use little pieces of it they were all losing battles. Yeah but see like a flippy, move, that's, a fling might spare, like a round one had a lighter, and that's the bet. Flare I. Loved. Loved, filming the sequence, where we are really up against, it and it, is overwhelming, for, Brianna Brianna's in battle, mode it was really. All-encompassing. That, night. Being, there was so, intimidating. And so, you. Know you knew but all really panicked, by her. Claustrophobic. It was I think, night it, really adds to the war. Highlights. From that episode, styling. On the pile, of bodies and, firing. For my life and the funny thing was that we we said to the stunt guys if you manage to get me down take, me down the song some takes I died. Our, torment, died I. Was. Really fighting for my, life. Christopher's. Life. One. Of the shots that I really loved there is John looks over at his best sees his best friend being attacked by all these whites and in any other circumstance, John would of course rush over to try to help San lo it was great because it was this idea of, Sam. Being one, person John, has always gone back for has always relied, on has, always been his true friend and that he had to sacrifice him, to go off the night King and then. It was finalized, with a moment. Where at, some point we just ran out stunt guys to throw it to him and. So. He sat there and he just started crying and. It was great, because. It truly was and crying amidst, all this violence of seeing John. Do that with Sam I thought was a really really great again it was he felt true to the character if, you're involved in a battle scene you, like to see yourself as a fighter and you like to make it look as good as you possibly can and Miguel, was the one who has to keep training me in and say remember you're playing Samwell Tarly and Samwell Tarly, is not a fighter, the. Reason that Sam is in there is because, he's not a fighter and it's because he can show how, normal, people, would. Cope. So, we had to really dull him down and we just make. It in such a way that we wouldn't allow it because we've. Just put him under so much pressure which, is not fair to him as a person because, we could prob we could do it to everybody else too we just don't know. We'd make it they're really cool we do we know this is like alright what, can we do to make it look cooler. One. Of the most, challenging shots, when, we travel, through the courtyard extensively, and then we head down to, what we used to call the old kennels and as, he's running down this very long dark corridor we. Had to coordinate about, 15, stuntmen, dropping out of the roof around him. They're. Also going to arrive in certain, zone certain, moments and second ad which. Between, the stunt guys and kit they had to coordinate perfectly. I. Wouldn't. Kill him I wouldn't. Kill him in Toulouse of next month. And. Everything was really based around the idea like how can we make it as messy as possible. But. Then we had to obviously put one, of our stabilized, handheld, rigs behind, him and.

Still Stay really close to him to make the audience feel that jeopardy the danger of what was happening. After. We've choreographed, it and rehearsed it we'll have you and when we're shooting it you know my job is the safety of it and also making sure that it all works then I'm cueing because, honestly we, all need to be in sync that. Was, probably one of the greatest challenges, just to be in the right time in the right place and it had to be in you know fractions of seconds to do it and, the, camera did 180 round him at one point during all this chaos. And. We, run backwards, at that point until, the, great big steel doors on. Iron. Railings, had shut right in front of these guns near the last second and it feels like Jon Snow's just got through there as has. Just the, cameras just got through as well so yeah. It's very cool shot. Alton. Lee the, key thing there was to give KITT. The, fight of his life and. Then at the end of it present him with a, an. Insurmountable. Odd, which is, a, dead. Animal, or. An. Undead not. Dead. Zombi. Dragonlance. Having. His face, been, torn, off can't, exactly see. Smashes. Through the Raven reach just an insane, fight. Where. John. Is ducking, behind these, pieces of, set as this. Icy. Blue fire, is, blasting. Over the top of em but the fun thing is that vissarion is so damaged, by. This point he already has a hole, through his neck from being taken down by the night king now, he's missing half his face so he's leaking, and so, you, know this blue fire is kind of leaking and shooting around there's. Fire, blasting, all over the place which we shoot. Photographically. For real using. A 3d, motion, control, camera. Blasting. Fire in, a darkened, stage. We. Actually did laser cuts for the Syrians from, the digital model of those openings, and then. Bronze. Casts, were made and. Then fitted by Sam Conway, and his team with fire jets then. That was put on to this. Robot with the quick arm so that the fire would leak, out of openings, that were accurate to the dragon there.

Were So many moving, parts in this scene because you've got the, environment. He's living, in which is, partially. The courtyard, dressed and largely. Virtual. Because of the destruction, that's needed, to be created. There's shooting, kit, in the set, piece so that he's got something to really duck. Behind and, have interactive. Lighting wrap around him. We, did a lot of destruction in that courtyard we, liked building things but equally we like destroying, things, that's always quite fun, so. We go at it with flamethrowers, paint. Much. You, name it we just take. It in there and do whatever it takes and destroy the thing I, asked. For a load of wood to be removed we made a huge bonfire of it we burn it for about a day and so that's charcoaled. It's, almost destroyed then, actually you get something, rather beautiful, it's rather wonderful. Just. When you think that it's all over and just when you think that Jon Snow is gonna be the hero again. And. We realize that. Arya. Peers, through, the mist. I. Mean. You're like oh maybe I'll get him I'm gonna get him and then you really know like oh maybe John's gonna get him wait, he's not gonna I remember, actually being like oh. I. Kind of applauding, in my head oh yeah. And, then in the beat they went like quit Maisie was doing and we were all just like we've been a cheering. Yeah. It's amazing, I think, Maisie thought it was super cool like she's like yeah I got to kill him um. It. Was. Really fine with it I was pissed I was. Pissed that it wasn't making a night King I could've I would've given, you like a debate. Thousands. Before. We read the finals I was like yeah it's definitely me and then, they lead you on that you John was chasing. The night king. John, snow has always been the hero the one who's been, the savior but it. Just. Didn't seem right to us for this moment it's, probably three years now or something we've known that, it was gonna be Arya, who delivers, that fatal blow dan, and David let me break. All the game of thrones rules for that sequence. Majority. Of is shot in I six frames a second it's, all.

Super Slow-motion it's. All heightened, reality, which is not what they usually do it's. A surreal nightmare, finally, the night king and bran or finding, each other. The. Music, plays a big part in, creating, that sense of despair, that should exist in that moment and your intercutting, with John who is clearly, not. Going to make it a new intercutting, with, all our other characters were they're just they're so. Everybody's. I mean that was literally that was the phrase we kept using so let's do the it's, shot and then, everyone would shoot, a shot work just feels like there's no escape, everyone's, going to die right now you know they're not but we want you to feel that same, feeling of oh my god it's. G con what's the recovery how do we come back from this and we've all forgotten about you. Know that little innocent. Girl from what years ago has turned into a trained killer who's coming out of nowhere. Essentially. She does jump out of nowhere and, that's a wire rig this wiring we did on the location, but the location, wasn't ideal it was really hard to get a crane in there and, we've obviously got the weirwood tree. So. It was tricky to do it there and we did a version of it there but, then we had to redo, it because it had the ability to control it as much as we'd hoped and it, needs to be a real you have no air moment and a real you know a locking together of these two characters. Shooting. That was tedious but. So. Great, to be able to perform. All these different, beats within, maybe, like two seconds of footage. Knew. It had to be Valyrian, steel to. The exact spot where the child, of the forest at, the dragon glass plane to create the night King, and. That weapon has been the, Titanic, pieces for us and ultimately, we've known for a long long time that was gonna end then I came when. Sam was reading the book about dragonglass, there, is a picture of the, dagger, the, Targaryen is you talking about to decorate the weapons without.

Even I'm what the first men used it for it. Is very possible, that the same thing that created, the. Night King is the thing that was, necessary to destroy the night king or maybe it's Valyrian, steel, figure. It out for yourself not. Gonna say. I, think. That's such a a nice, little full circle, thing as well that that's the knife that was destined to kill gran and here it is saving him. Yes. Like, a an, iconic, moment. All. Of the dead it's, exactly what you need. It's. So good it's so good. Perfect. I think. It's a it's inspired, mood. You've always been waiting, there's to what, purpose. Is. Assassins. Skills, are gonna lead to and. It's, for the most important purpose reading. What. I get to achieve and, are. His whole purpose, in. This world and everything she's trained for comes down to this one, episode it's. Just amazing. And, it just it was beautiful it's, poetry and. I'm, grateful, that it was me and not yet. Think. About your from the very first time we met him he was with Danny you know and the first time I meet him was at Danny's wedding when he's giving, her the books of Westerosi, history and from that time he's been mostly. By her side. Juror. Could have chosen a way to die it would have been protecting, Danny. There. Was a lot of input from Ian and from, Familia about making, sure their characters stayed true to who they were not. Having Jorah, lose. Sight of his goal which, is protect. His, Queen at all costs. Amelia. Didn't want to be completely. Damsel, in distress. She. Didn't feel, that her character, would, be like that but then we didn't we'd never seen her do anything in that vein so we. Needed to make her not look like she was completely, ineffective, and disinterested. In, saving. Joe. So. This is Ian's big, moment. We. Realized that all he ever wanted, to do was to, serve her and all he ever wanted, to do was to was. To fight to protect her and there. Had never been a moment where she more, needed, someone. To fight to protect her than this moment and, Ian. Himself I think was I think he was happy, to go down fighting because he's very good at it. My. Favorite scene. To shoot was my demise yeah. Yeah, just just because it, required, most of me was the most demanding, and most fulfilling, scene, and I. Felt the right conclusion. For jurors or role and been. Given a very good setting, a very kind, of dramatic, and telling setting. Incredible. Performance from me and also from from, Amelia at the very end there she is holding him in her arms and just thought you. It's really hard to fake that kind of pure. Grief and Amelia just really brought it in those moments I think part of it was because she's such a good actress but part of it is because she. And he and I've been working together for so so long and, have become very very close and if, that still may scenes together and it's all coming to an end you know both their characters, relationship. On the show but also. Our. Time together working, on the show. Really. Hard. You. Know touch Luca ins. Face. And it was like. It's. All there it's all that's our relationships, like the whole. You. Know we've been with these characters, for. So many years, we've been like -. Helen back with them. It's. Been it's. Been. It's. Been quiet journey. Their final words no. It's. Just. Great. Fun and. Yeah. I'm, so really, very. Very. Chuffed, to be part of the whole, mad. Wonderful, thing of it all. You. You.

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This script writing was terrible. Almost 1/3 of my life I waited for game of thrones episodes and this is the episode I get ? TERRIBLE JOB , FUCK YOU. I respect the other people in the set though.

*Psyco dad destroys screen* IT'S DARK

Iain Glen struggling to keep his compusure at the end there. You, sir, are a legend. Probably one of the saddest deaths on the show, up there with Hodor's.


Did anyone observed the dress of Arya and Sansa in the interview?

30:07 Game of bananas :)

Why Dothrakis attacked those poor guys? I wasn't even sure they were there. They just stood there silently in the darkness. Maybe wightwalkers did not have intention to attack Winterfell after all... NK could not tolerate this impudent act of violence!

D&D: "kills ofF Jorah and Theon in an emotional way, and Lyanna brutally* Also D&D: * Wipes out 70% of Jon and Daenerys' army* Everyone: oMg EvErYoNe HaS sO mUcH pLoT aRmOuR lItErAlLy No OnE iMpOrTaNt At AlL dIeD tHiS Is TrAsH!!1!11!!! (G.r.R. mArtIn PlZ SaVe uS)

could you explain how did Arya get to where Bran and the night King are? Coz she takes like half an hour to get out of the library and there are only about 4 or 5 wights? that does not make sense to me, she can´t just appear like that, I mean it´s cool and I love it´s Arya who kills the NK, but it doesn¨T make sense

Shiiii those last 3 minutes had me in tears

"We've known for at least 3 years now that Arya would deliver the final blow." 32:30 Lazy writing my arse, they built up Arya as an assassin for the sole purpose of subverting our expectations when Jon can't make it. Why are you lot so butthurt over this? It's the end of an era and nobody likes endings.

Im happy that Arya killed the NK but they could have Jon having a duel with the NK and making the NK say his intentions or just not killing him in episode 3 but still could have Arya kill him but later. It was just to fast.

From seriousness to usuriousness, from good starting to bad ending lets gather here and analyzes the errors

Well, I love Game of Thrones... But you killed main characters of every TV show - the script, the color correction/brightness and the logic! Let's hope you not gonna made "unexpected plot twist" like it was in twilight 5 with just Bran's visions...

Winterfell is the place where winter fell

33:37 ...”you know they’re not.” I expected/wanted more than half of them to die.

The amount of inconsistencies and plot-holes in this episode just made it so hard to watch unfortunately (the darkness was the cherry on top of that though) :( It even sounds like they're making patronising excuses in this commentary to suit the story out of pure convenience, in fact a whole lot of the episode was just one convenience after another. I know the last episodes have been written, filmed, finished, but damn I really hope it doesn't continue with this kind of momentum, it has the potential to be so much better.

deus ex machina. Shitty episode.

Worst episode of Game of Thrones.


Ridiculous waste of the Dothraki soldiers, ridiculous defence and ridiculous ending where a supergirl killed the main enemy of the whole story with a knife without any effort with a lite punch...... Looks like HBO has decided to save its money.... that`s it

Bran and Night King were actually lovers from the past, Bran left him and NK became salty and wanted to destroy joking, but even that would be a better plot than episode 3

Why are we still here, just to suffer?

Its some of the effort gone to waste, when you hear that they even took care about how the whitewalkers would look like, but everything the audiences were concentrated on were the main characters and literally, the lighting of the episode was also so poor, that we could hardly have paid attention to how they looked like...

When out of syllabus questions come in exam!

R. I. P. The Mormonts, R. I. P. The Night's King

Like isn‘t it obvious how arya did it?^^ she took the face of the zombie she stabbed in the head so she could walk up behind the night king without getting recognized...

The episode could be renamed The Short Night

The NK was created near the arrow head shaped mountain right?

Babyblue eyes walker white?

All the dislikes are the army of the dead

Wtf at the end they used music from mass effect 3

I don't know why people are hating on the show now...Its the best show that ever there will be...Its not over yet...Lets see the last 3 and get an explanation

I love how excited Emilia Clarke got about Arya killing the Night King

This Game of Thrones episode was singularly awesome. Arya is the only character deserving of killing the Night King. She's been training with some of Westeros' most bad-ass warriors since Season 1. Syrio Forel. The Hound. The Waif. Jaqen H'Ghar. She's been beaten, blinded and brutally stabbed multiple times. She's gone through hell to get here. As for the Long Night lasting a night. It's metaphorical. That was the closest that the living have ever come to Eternal Night and Enslavement. The Night King was literally a step away from killing the Three-Eyed Raven. And if he did that was it. Too dark? Then stop watching it on your piece of shit laptop during the middle of the day. It's the Long Night ffs, the darkest moment in the history of Westeros. Watch it in a comfortably darkened room and it was easy to see everything. The Night King is an elemental force of death. A out of control weapon from a war long past. He doesn't need to be more explained than that. This is the Game of Thrones TV show. Not A Song of Ice and Fire. It's been pretty clear for a long time that the focus of the show was the Game of Houses. Wait for GRR Martin's book for the more fantastical aspects of the story.

So NO ONE else is gonna talk about that Mass Effect 3 "Leaving Earth" OST by the end? 38:10 Fucking Hell Sky Davis!

+Cloudwalker Saw only 2 after posting tho

I guess you missed a few thousand posts ;P

Watching this just reminds me. No matter how amazing your special effects, your sets, your actors, your action sequences are, story will always be king.

Jon was pretty much the first person to realize that the night king and the white walkers were coming. It’s what his character has been dedicated to the past couple seasons. He should’ve been the one to kill him. I don’t care if they didn’t want him to seem heroic. He deserved it and they let Arya do it lmaooo that is so random and makes no sense. The writers ruined the whole show with this episode

Can not wait for the finale to see all the haters go

36:15 facepalm.

Message got from S8 episode 3: "All men without lovers must die".. "Not All men must die"

The knife? The KNIFE??? they're like the knife meant to kill Bran saved him. 35:24 Like this show has reduced to giving importance to the relevance of a "knife" inanimate object than to actual characters. Jon spent the entire series to face off against the night King. And here are these guys admiring the genius of A KNIFE???

just saying 32:30 simply states that it isn't right for jon to win against the night king, even though there has been so much build up. 32:42 lets break the game of thrones rules x.x 33:25 if they are so f***ed why are they still alive 33:42 no one forgets anything in game of thrones

God stop whining people! the episode was great! we don't have to see step by step on how Arya avoided all these white walkers. She's a trained assassin and could have already hid somewhere near the tree!

they are going budget last season and all cash grab . bad quality and lack of good writing should have waited for the books tragic ending to the night king. all battle field commanders in one area and this is the strategy they come up for a defense of winterfell GOT to be a joke

I’m honestly surprised at the comments... I watched this episode 3 times already, yes it’s much different writing compared to where we started from but it’s not horrible. It was a great episode but yes it was very dark.


Fuck off show, you've wasted our last 9 years just to let your writing become shit as soon as you ran out of books. This was disgusting, the worst episode ever aired on a screen. You should all be ashamed of yourselves

Whites killed by dragon glass were raised by night king??? Come on!!!

lack of logic in this season is very disturbing...

and there bran sitting in wheelchair doing nothing = thuglife

George R R : "I don't like characters that are evil for the sake of evil, I don't like my main characters to survive situations they shouldn't" D&D: " yeah ok I hear what you're saying, but what if, we ignore all of that"

Best find out more about the Night king and not just be another war for the throne.

This was amazing. Thank you to all the cast and crew for giving us an incredible show.

Music from mass effect in the end is fucking awesome, thank you

Who the hell will tidy up Winterfell after this MESS?? Impossible to bury all the corpses! It would be easier rebuild Winterfell 2km away ;-)

This is the worst shit I've ever seen. in The Evil Dead 3 - Army of Darkness = the siege of the fortress looks cooler than in this shit

That was top notch work from everyone...except the writers.

ARYA FUCKING STARK - I love this whole show but this character in particular will always have a special place in my heart. Such a great character, great story, and a wonderful actress who plays her ❤️❤️❤️

Side note: if I ever have a daughter, I MAY name her Arya

So .... Jon was resurrected for nothing

OMG so good! Its great to see how much is involved.

Ловите спойлер, следующая массовая резня будет в 5 серии !!!! Не благодарите ))

I strained my eyes so hard in this episode I need new glasses now.

if anyone still has the audacity to come out with their bullshit 'the episode was crap, so anticlimatic, so poorly written' even after seeing this and how much effort was put into it, i swear to god

It was so not Game of thrones...

BUT ALL GOT FANS NEED THIS!™-pocket-projector

Amazing all the detail, shame you cant seem to see it ahah

How to ruin a tvshow --> GoT 8x03 You can have all the money you want but you also need capable scriptwriters AND THE SCRIOTWRITING OF THIS SHOW SUCKS Waste of money and time

That Dothraki Charge was the dumb strategy I ever saw. so as the Dothraki and Unsullied stand in front of those barricades rather than behind them. I understand the show needs to kill most of them. but this is not a good defense strategy or this is not how you try to protect the living from the dead.

Only dumb peoples would like this episode, but in general this season. Is write with the feets (like it was the 7 season), full of plot armor, full of fanservice, full of stupid dialogues, full of plot holes. You ruined and entire series to not making a season more and explain all everything.

next episode 10 seconds long arya slices cersin throt seris end done

One of the best episodes; yet, unfortunately also one of the most uncharacteristic of GoT... How did so many main characters survive? It was a little disappointing. I imagined Brienne of Tarth surviving only to live in anguish of Jamie's death. I imagined Grey Worm surviving, only to live with the guilt of leaving his soldiers to die. I imagined the Targaryens and Starks surviving, but everyone else I believed would die. I know, I know...grim...BUT, it's GoT, I was expecting them to keep it real.

This guy said he created a color scheme for the episode when in reality he only used the color black lmao

So you worked 12 hours a day for 55 days straight.. Woop de fuckin doo.. Factory workers work that for years straight without batting an eye.

The plot armour of all the main characters was thicker than my imaginary girlfriend's ass!

Arya went for the Golden snitch for Gryffindor

"Jon has always been the hero" like in BOB when Sansa and the KOV were the heroes? Or beyond the wall when Dany was the hero? Since when has Jon always been the hero?

Jorah class bit of acting by a class man, bravo...

Man, "out of nowhere" that really does sum it up doesn't it?

My god that ending was shit. thank you for ruining the whole story you dipshits. Great visuals though was on the egde of my seat throughout the whole thing. Ending made absolutely no sense, why didn’t the night king just throw arya 20 feet away as soon as he saw the knife drop? Hardhome had a white walker throw jon 10 feet like it was nothing. Oh yeah because fuck logic gender equality trumps all, Fuck you Dumb&Dumber.

The show killed The Dothraki in a very worst way. It's very dumb. What was their plan before melisandre helping them? They even don't have Dragon glass weapons or Valerian swords . Daenerys knows knows normal weapons and horses are no use against the Dead. but did She just using her best army as a suicide squad?


3 eyed raven waited 8000 years to find a ninja who knew how to use a dagger? The night was dark and full of errors. Night king kills everyone and gets all the way up to bran...then pauses cause you know, i thought someone would have killed me by now. maybe if a wait a minute.

I think this whole thing they do know with these 40 minute "behind the scenes" thing really sums it up. The fact that its this really modern tech music, and everyone just talking about all the "cool visual effects" really tells you what GOT has become as opposed to the behind the episode where they talk about the depth and meaning of the episodes which is like 7 minutes. It says it all.

Ok but how did Arya get to the NK passed allll those guys standing behind him?...

What a let down

so much respect for these people

'Varys dies due to Penile Cancer in next episode' D&D: "None of us were really thinking about Varys at that moment so it would be a huge surprise." Expections Subverted!

Theon- ''We have to hold the wier wood against an army of the dead, men!'' Ironborn soldiers - ''Roarrrrrrrrr!!!'' Theon - ''What is dead may never die!'' Ironborn soldiers - ''Fuck...''

If you don't like how the story goes you can just stop watching this show right now, don't watch this show only to say something bad about it, criticism is great but insulting is not necessary. Just be nice okay :)

You guys really subverted my expectations. I would've never thought to make the show suck. I was really surprised. Good job.

"it was -14" then there is the guy at 3:23 wearing a shirt

Episode 3 sucked so bad that it ruined the entire series.

Jorah ❤

This episode fucking sucked and the writers are hacks who should be fucking exiled.

Jon Snow the hero again? He has failed time upon time, meanwhile Arya is getting her revenge left and right.

Слитый впустую многомиллионный бюджет.

The worst Episode!

Inar Ord I tried to reply to your request on the thread but for some reason my tablet won't let me save it. I hope you can see this one. Here is what you asked: 1 day ago “Now please write an end for NK that no matter how bad you think it is still going to be better than the one written by D&D" Here is my reply: + Inar Ord I don’t know if this will work for you or not. I have only a half hour before I have to get working but here’s my shot. [I don’t know if kids still do this or not… but when I was a child we had a thing we did. If we really, really, really loved another kid we could exchange blood and become as one. We did this with friends or family members. We would simply prick our fingers and press our bloody fingers together. In our young minds we truly believed we had swapped blood and were now blood sisters, blood brothers or two halves of the same person in blood. I hope kids are not still doing this because as an adult I now know how dangerous that could have been. Still I believe this could have been used in GOT. By allowing Arya and Jon to have this blood swap set up several seasons ago, it would have actually made much better sense when Arya killed the Night King. I actually loved Arya delivering the final blow to the Night King. I just wanted there to be some backstory that would have allow it to actually make sense and WORK. There has already been sooooooooooo much made of king’s blood and so on in GOT. So, if this blood exchange was used, way back as part of the story, the audience would NOW understand that Arya has king’s blood AND if it was set up WAY before any of us knew Jon Snow had any king’s blood whatsoever, IMHO I think that would have been a pretty amazing reveal. It may have even been similar to the Hodor reveal. I do believe it would have closed some plot holes. As the show progressed we would have a better understanding as to why Arya is such a magical creature. We would have had a better understanding of her strength. And since we don’t learn about Jon’s real Mother and Father until season 6 episode 10 nothing much would have changed in the TV show. ] Here is how I think it could have been done without costing any more money... The Hound talks to Arya about his brother Gregor Clegane in Season 04 – Episode 07 Arya tries to help The Hound cauterize a bite wound on his neck/shoulder. The Hound: But the worse thing was it was my brother who did it. And my father who protected him told everyone my bedding caught fire. He turns to look at Arya and says, “You think you’re on your own?” Arya: I’m never on my own. When I was a child my brother Jon gave me his life force so I will never be alone again. The Hound looks at her inquisitively as Arya continues. Arya: Once when I was very scared of lightening, my brother helped me through it. He took a needle no bitter than the one you have in your hand there, and he pricked both our fingers… his and mine. We pressed our bloody fingers together to swap life force. From then on if I was ever afraid all I had to do was touch my finger where the prick had been and I would feel his life force and blood running through my veins. Other than my father, my brother Jon was always the bravest person I knew. He gave that to me. The Hound looks down at the ground for a second. He opens his mouth as if to speak with a criticizing look on his face, just as Arya stands... Arya: Let me wash it out and help you sew it up at least. [NOTE: This would also explain why Jon and Arya have always been so close. There were several times they could have set up this whole blood swap thing with Jon and Arya. I can think of ways they could have done it in the first season or even in the past few episodes if they just came up with the idea of Arya killing the Night King. I just wish there had been some depth to her actions. I even had a way to make Arya’s knife become Lightbringer. That could have been set up either in the past seasons or in this season. Also, instead of having Jon shouting down the dragon, which I never understood except to say maybe they wanted to use some of their CGI budget, I have a scene tweak in mind that would have allowed Jon and Arya to both be there with the Night king while Arya STILL delivers the same final blow hand switch combination WITHOUT having Arya dropping out of nowhere (a bounce from a trampoline) to do it. The scene I have in mind would not have cost more money but it would have made Arya look even more bad ass and the audience would have thought until the very last second that Jon was going to deliver the final blow. I think it would have been even more exciting, if that is at all possible. :-)]

If they acctually have done all this stuff they say they did, there would be no need to make episode so dark and unwatchable. They are bragging, but final scenes were not good, that why everything was so dark, to cover for bad visual.

Jorah was my favorite character! Miss him already...

I cry for Jorah.. watching Iain's wet eyes.. oh god.. :'( but why you guys didnt put Theon in it????

Episode 3 season 8 is trash in every regard. D&D can't write at all and don't understand tactics. "You know they will not die...but let's make it look like they would". This does not work. It's shit and hurting your series.

All should be dead.

Mass effect music was unexpected but it fits the whole episode

On a scale of Last Jedi to The Walking Dead... how disappointed are you with the Season 8 of Game of thrones ?

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So much work and no one really saw the results! I feel like a brighter version should be re-released :P

Please whoever chose this music just stop.

Whaat the fuck is this music? Especially the Jon Snow part

KROM is pissed ONLY at the writers & guy in charge of light switch. bloody kiniggits

Normally I didn't watch back ground scenes.. Because its ruined whole fun But in case of game of thrones!! It's freaking editors!!! OMG..U make the series remarkable Hats off.. Thank you for entertaining us all of GOT Team Thank you


Pls the making destroyed my imagination

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Dumb and Dumber you owe me 8 years of my time spent on this SHIT of a show you did. Fuck You!

Minus 14? Ey that cute I guess........

36:25 who said night king doesn’t talk?

Podrick just learned how to properly hold a sword, One handed warrior Jaime survived the seasons with the help of Bronn and Samwell Tarly who was rolling on the ground all night.. All survives the Army of the Dead !! Hats off D & D. Now you know the value of GRRM's material ! P.S : Many faced god can fly invisible

oh fu** Game of Thrones is not Real :( So sad #greatwork

Im dying to read the books

Its dissapoint

Wow...the time and hard work u guys have done ,its just awesome....loved this episode

It shit

So Sapochnik is the director of the 5th episode too... Umm epic battle is coming in that episode, then.

well after watching episode 3 its feel likes money cant buy everything (PLot) (Smirks)

Arya will kill the Mother of Dragons

Mass effect 3 - Leaving earth song in the background?

I wish the episode had the lighting from this video.

The episode had so much potential. They had the budget, the actors and the build up hype to make it amazing. If only the writing had been good or at least had some logic

Deze aflevering was gewoon klinklaar.

Does someone know what's the music during the first 25 seconds please !!!

Wow! What a great look at behind the scenes. This episode will forever be a classic!

waited for 8 seasons to see only arya jumping from nowhere nd killing one of the most important antagonist character of the show! what a shit logic, john playing hide nd seek, dothraki died in few seconds bt jamie survived the whole battle with his 1 hand

18:28 THANK. YOU. Holy shit that bothered me so much.

The amount of hard work and dedication that this group of people put into this episode to receive so much hate from viewers and fans. That really sucks. You think you're disappointed?

I've loved the series, and am so sad to say that the last series is turning into a joke. Trebuchets in front of the infantry? Sacrificing 100,000 Dothraki cavalry right at the start of the battle? Almost every main character miraculously survived despite being in the dill multiple times? Jon does very little, when his storyline is mostly about the white walkers? So many poor decisions, so many plot holes & glaringly obvious screw ups..... I feel like I'm watching Frozen II

Given how slow the Night King was moving, why didn't Bran just roll away from him on his wheelchair?

my favourite scene of this entire video definetely is arya giving the night king a high five

I hope the episode is brightened for the DVD release.

Am i the only one happy that arya killed the night king??

Only if they lit the set we could see what they shot.

D&D will always be remembered as Dumb & Dumber after episode 3, now I know why they filmed it in complete darkness... hoping nobody would see their pathetic lack of talent. Thank you Mellisandre who said about dark night & terrors to provide the only source of light during this circus. Maybe GRR knew this an he wanted everybody to see how they will ruin it without his books

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Wake up Guys!!!!!! The last 10 minutes of this episode was the end of game of thrones ! was the end of its glory, open your eyes guys ! wake up!! my bro told me to watch this series 8 years ago when the last ep of season 1 aired, so i did and the only reason kept me continue the first episode was obvious, was what started it ! was the first scene! was the white walkers! so i kept watching and along the way i loved the political side of it too as a side (that wasn't priority but give us a break to keep us hyped about the white walkers) season after season untill we've seen the night king ! a mysterious villain that doesn't talk, that has his own prestige reminding us of a unique villains like the joker and etc.. a villain that creeps us and makes really afraid of what he will do once he breach the wall!, we've waited 8 years to witness it,and before season 8 started, me and all of my friends and family were thinking its obvious ! the 6 episodes gonna be about the white walkers (hoping that 6 episodes gonna be enough for their story) ! and at the end what did we get ? wasting a life time! 15 minutes of the 8000 years old night king doing nothing in the darkness and get killed by a teenager (in a mysterious way) wake up guys ! wake up.

"What do we say to good storytelling" D&D: "Not today"

Leaving Earth from ME3 for Jorah and Dany's scene! :D

If this is really the end of the nightking and there is no other plot they ruined the show as much as disney ruined star wars...

Olympic long jumper takes down the Olympic javelin thrower. Love it!

let's hope next episode will be better. I got older 9 years since start to watch GOT, don't waste my decade of life for nothing, make the last episode to be epic.Don"t make another stupid ending like they did on LOST.So far Breaking bad , SOA and Sopranos had the best ending.My son was 9 yrs old when he start watching GOT now is 19 and he don't want to watch the badass night king to die like Sam would

That skinny wight. Not gonna lie. That was scary af

Thank you Game of Thrones for the best episode in television history. Period.

9k Dislikes from "Whitewalkers"!

We couldn't see much in this episode but it makes sense that Arya killed the night king since in season 6 she was blind when she trained with the waif

anyone can tell me what track starts playing when bran wargs into the crows?

What a waste of all the efforts of everyone involved in the show when the writing was this bad.

Man this episode sucked so bad its unreal

More Starks died in Avengers: Endgame than in Game of Thrones S08E03.

"Everyone's going to die right now. You know they're not, but we want you to feel that same feeling." Wot.

The Night King has been thousand years taking people for her army, The Night King win all battles until it time, The Night King was strong to throw Jon at 10 meters, The Night King has killed a dragon with one skill, The Walkers to make the first scene in the serie, The wall was to maked for defense of walkers. The chracter was over power, the producers to break him for cause of money probably. They abandoned the character and the episode explained nothing. I think that serie will be like Lost. Sorry, I don't know english.

Create a colour scheme. He is the reason I couldn’t see.

*_I think the Night King has an ascendant like the three eyed raven who passed down to Bran_*

Eleven weeks of grueling working conditions, who knows how much money and hours spent on special effects, and enough pretentious showboating to choke a dragon and this episode was quite literally the worst episode in the entire show's run. Of all the battles to take place at Winterfell, this one might have been the most expensive and time consuming to produce, but that's all it had going for it. They could have saved millions if they'd just piled up random trash bags and dropped a couple of helmets, shields and weapons at random intervals. When you can't see a single thing for 90% of the episode, you really don't need to be spending the time studying corpses for the aesthetic.

Mass Effect 3 music. Well played.

After Season 8, Episode 3, I was not that excited for the remaining episodes. Thank you D&D for ruining the show. I liked Arya, one of my faves actually, but just seeing her face now pisses me off.

Man, this episode ruined the show. Imagine rewarching the show again, knowing what will happen to the nk. Damn this sucks

WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER is the perfect soundtrack for GAMES OF THRONES The Long Night episode. The moment the piano starts playing when Sansa is with Tyrion holding the knives, QUEEN song is the one. I just listened to the song while watching that moment and it is sad, really, really sad.

Summation of this comment thread: People love to complain and are really hard to please.

Look, I’m sorry but this episode was badass! Would I have preferred a few more deaths? Sure, but we still have 3 80min episodes to go with Cersei’s crazy ass still on the throne. We can’t exactly lose the whole cast 3 episodes in

Neojin Dude, if we all just watched a 40 minute video on the making of the episode, I think we can agree we’re not “Casual Viewers”

Exactly what a casual viewer would say, its not about the deaths its a bad ep because of how stupid the writers are, trying to subvert expectations by having arya be the one to defeat the night king, even though it makes no sense, they literally kept cutting to jon running to bran, making us think he was going to have a final battle with the NK just to get some BS ass pull, oh my god Ayra oh my gawd so unexpected your a fucking genius fuck no they fucked up,

It was very dark, re-release it with some light.

What a disappointment, in the end the night king was a nothing character, all that build up no underlying mystery to him or his motives nothing, all we know is he wants to erase all memory of the past by killing Bran, fucking really? you could have done something amazing between them but no he gets one shotted by Arya, hes the fucking king of the whites the first of his kind he has abilities no other whites have, but he has the same weakness i honestly thought the blade wouldnt kill him, he may as well be a fucking grunt, Arya really, its just stupid writing, yes it was unexpected well done, unexpectedly fucking dumb, not even a final battle between jon and the night king, jon is the prince that was promised why was he even revived then he literally did nothing, you could had bran arya and jon fufill the prophecy together or something, so angry how they handled it, it doesnt make any sense for arya alone to defeat the walkers fuuuuuuuuuuck! Jon was revived to kill Cersei confirmed lol what a load of bs

I wonder if the White Walkers will make a return since there is still technically one left. Gilly's son little Sam was supposed to be converted into a White Walker right?

All of the WW died with the NK, so I doubt it.

Dumb and dumber ruined this show with their radical leftist agenda. RIP night king the one true king.

Hi zoe

NASA: Black hole is the darkest thing in the universe HBO: Hold my beer

this is the most OVERHYPED PIECE OF SHIT I ever encountered

the amount of bitching here is just annoying, yes, the script had problems, big ones, blatant ones, but guess what fuckbois? 1.writing a screenplay is actually REALLY fucking hard. it's not like writing a book where you can just say "and Winterfell was massive with towers so large they could have been constructed by giants" you can't do that on a screenplay because you also have to consider what's feasible on screen. you also have to be aware of timing, in a book you can deliver 2 or 3 pages of exposition without much in the way of time passage, meaning you can constantly clarify points, express exactly why certain things are happening, etc. for instance, in a book you could excerpt, you could have Arya reveal her self just as close to the last moment as she does in the episode, but then you can have a quick excerpt, e.g. from Bran or Arya about how she got there. you can't do that in a screen format. 2. you wouldn't notice the issues half as much if you didn't have a direct line of comparison to GRRM's books, he's a superior writer, no doubt, but D&D never signed on to finish the work, they were supposed to have more books to adapt at this point, blame GRRM for taking 8 fucking years to NOT finish one book. and by all accounts the writing isn't THAT bad, it pales in comparison to GRRM but it's been setup to fail in that regard, it's still head and shoulders above most other action-focused TV shows. e.g. Walking Dead (which would have put a fucking season break in the middle of Arya's fucking jump) Sons of Anarchy or Spartacus.

The lighting was amazing, so submersive and realistic. Anyone criticising it, have you paid your HD HBO subscription to fully enjoy it yet? How entitled are you to bitch about something you downloaded and didn't paid for?! You ruined your own experience.

despite all the haters and critics, I loved the episode.

The way the writers decided the fate of this episode made it really easy to not get emotional about the series coming to a close. Thanks for that.

Wait so if Jon is actually a Targaryen wouldn’t he be able to stand the dragon’s fire and not have to hide behind the wall

Worst episode possibly ever

when are we going to discuss that little bit when dany throw jorah into the path of a sword coming at her????? pretty shit move there queen of westros..... would you really be any better than cersei? after that i doubt it.

Thank you for teaching us the Arya Stark move.

In hindsight... this episode could have been better

Lighting was poorr....

if i was king of a night - my applause 2 creators

User alexandru mortimor has s08e03 loaded up without the stupid filter on it used by hbo to make it look dark and grainy Such a better version

c'mon all ur team no matters - u'll loose.... as u spent ur cavalry..... god damn spits

sending cavalry, leaving siege, stupid leavy

COM'On stupid bitches - on EVERY STRATEGY I WILL GET UR souls. dumb creators

The cast and the crew behind the scenes must be disappointed that their hard work of 55 straight nights ended up with one of the lowest rated episodes of the whole series and the most anti-climactic ending in cinematic history. Themes are for eighth graders, right D&D? Dragon tales feat. Jon and Dany


More starks died in the endgame xdd also walder frey was more evil than nk

GRRM : let me kill this character while everyone think that he/she is safe D&D : you know this character will not die...but lets make it look like they would

Don't peek behind the curtain... It ruins the magic.

How dare they use Mass Effect Leaving earth on this shit show

Come on, guys! Watch the new trailer of The Big Bang Theory!

S8E03 was the worst episode of GoT ever. It look like producers decided to steal budget instead of using it.

2 words: deeply disappointed

All this hard work and no-one could see a damn thing...


Really sad that all the great work these people did (Special Effects, set design,...) Is overshadowed by the subpar writing. I mean, the visuals are crazy. Imagine if the story was still awesome as well

At least I can actually see what's going on in this

yeter lan her videoda sizin reklamınızı görmekten sıkıldım

The Night King Is still alive. Jan 3 and April 13 tease proof that 100%.

끝나는 게 아쉽다ㅜㅜ

38:12 music from Mass Effect 3 lol


The show was dark and full of feminism. 1 star.


I have not seen the night king fight

Honestly, my favourite part of this episode is that Arya killed the Night King. I am with D&D on that one. That "What do we say to God of death? Not today!" line and her whole story led perfectly to this moment. That is the best part of GOT and that is what makes Arya the best character. So glad that fan site who linked countries to GOT characters put my country Serbia as Arya :) Everything else, specially irealisticly easy dothraki death was, lets just say not that good.

They should learn how to defend a base xD and formations the cavalry charge if stupidity imo you can’t charge on something you cant see and they are outnumbered and should be defending instead no general in the battlefield xD

Is the song at the end from Mass Effect?

Why no interview with Theon and the Lord commander?

D&D completely destroyed the series, i couldnt shake the feeling that the last episode (s08e3) was completely anticlimactic...

These actor's are under contract and now getting paid very big money per episode. Do you think they will turn to the camera and go ''Well, it doesn't make a lot of sense, this scene'' etc etc. They will look at the most bullshit episodes and say its great. You watch them give interviews and they behave like animated toddlers. Very well paid animated toddlers. Even Kit Harrington said that any criticism makes him want to say 'Go FK yourself, i'v worked hard'. No doubt bro, but the writer's let you down man. Maisy William's is loving the hype as she is the one that kill's the Night King. As if she deserved it. C'mon people. Get critical. HBO and D&D give you a shit sandwich and are you really going to say it taste's like strawberry? This is what we have been waiting for , for year's. This is what they actually fucking deliver?

game of thornes very special scenes

"It... just didn't seem right" yeah but arya going out of her arc to fuck over the main villain mid-season did, sure

Fuck your Game of Thrones, fuck HBO! Fuck your stupid writers! I'm done with your series, you destroyed all.

1:57 Yes... yes it was.

“yeah kit was fine with it” -cut to kit- “i was PISSED. i was PISSED it wasnt me who killed the night king.”

Life looked death in the eyes and said "Not today".

Arya was the night breeze that blew through the Whitewalkers to stab the night king.

I questioned ALOT of the battle strategies in this episode and worry that now the biggest scariest threat to everyone has been taking off the table what the hell is going to happen now? I feel a bit cheated.

Every knight and tactician in got: Only a stupid man will charge against a dothraki horde on a field. Nigh king:hold my beer.

Because of the dark screen I almost got killed by my Night King , My wife thought i only found some fake copy .

what a shitty episode

Unless you are going to bring the Night King back in a huge plot twist this episode just pretty much murdered the show. You can't go back from fighting a war for survival of the human race to waging petty wars and politics for a shit throne that is gonna be gone anyway when the characters die of old age, it just doesn't work. It's like beating Thanos in the first 5 minutes of Endgame and then going back to fighting to see who gets the oil in Iraq.


Anyone else notice the ME3 music at the end?

Jon is the reason why Danaerys loses everything. I really hope he does not end up on the throne, because he always gets rewarded for screwing up. The expedition north was a total failure, Cersei's allegiance was not won due to Jon's failure to utter a feelgood lie. In the north, Danaerys lost her priceless dragon, that enabled the Night King to take down the wall in the first place. Otherwise, the Night King's expedition south would not have been possible. In Winterfell, she lost her Dothraki army, her Unsullied, her friend and even her claim to the throne. Jon Snow knows nothing and is a complete disaster. He betrayed the night watch, the wildlings, the North men and yet he advanced to Lord Commander, King of the North and now has a claim to the throne. Danaerys should have taken her dragons and her army to King's Landing to deal with Cersei and see later if there was a threat in the North or not.

Can't wait for season 8 episode4 tonight❤

The most stupid battle tactics in TV history.

Also the most stupid level of scenography writing i've ever seen, they have to explain me why Arya don't freezed at the NK touch, where was well stated in 2nd season that the white walkers are so cold to be able to freezing you at touch and broke your sword in 1000 pieces (season 2 scene). They ruined 6 wonderfull seasons with just one shitty episode.

We'll have Arya kill the Night King because it subvert expactations. It worked great for the Las Jedi.

Iain and Emilia :((((((, i just cryinggg. This is soo sad. Very sad. R.I.P. Jorah :(

18:53 jay z 99 problems sound a like song lol

Why extremely dark that it got hard to watch.....

38:10 This is Mass Effect 3 soundtrack. Remember the endings of this game?

How did Game of Thrones get the rights to Leaving Earth from Mass Effect 3??

19:50 what a pussy

The best of the best GOT

Leaving Earth!?

All gone to waste because of that abysmal writing.

How to create piece of shit.

People complaining about this episode should rewatch it again because there were a lot of details hidden in plain sight. It's not really what it seems.

+Legio XXI Rapax Godswood, Bran, Melisandre. Go figure.

Oh, really? They have to explain me why Arya don't freezed at the NK touch, where was well stated in 2nd season that the white walkers are so cold to be able to freezing you at touch and broke your sword in 1000 pieces (season 2 scene). They have to explain to me why Jon Snow was revived by R'hllor to do nothing in this battle. They have to explain me why Viserion was able to dstroy the wall with his breath but wasn't able to destroy the stone where Jon was hiding. They have to explain to me how retarded was Jon Snow to exit from that stone and begin to scream in the face of Viserion and why Viserion instead to use his cold breath screamed at Jon too. (pathetic). They have to explain me why there was no battle between dragons at all (cause if that is a battle vs dragons i'm Jon Snow). And other 100 things... Peoples NOT complaining at this shit with the level of writing not even comparable to an hentai manga, basically don't have a brain to thinking in a logic way, where the logic (cause-effect) was the fundamental detail of GoT.

Ehh, Kit...Arya’s assassin status already paid off a million times. She’s had so many kills and “awesome” moments. I could’ve done with it being someone else. I’ve been a D&D defender all along; this is the first time I’ve felt let down at the end of an episode. Wished it had been the fourth or fifth. Praying the remainder of the series can turn it around somehow. Mega kudos to the actors, Sapochnik, Djawadi, and eeeeverybody else who deserves proper credit for their outstanding work.

Am I the only one that would´ve enjoyed even more this great behind the scenes if they have used actual Game of Thrones music?

Everything was amazing, the actors, the crew, the post-production and not to mention that piece of art that Ramin Djawadi composed. Too bad it made no sense from beginning to end. The dothrakies charging to the darkness made no sense. The trenches should've been in front of the armies not on the back. The catapults should have been inside Winterfell not outside... the list is unbelievable... just like the plot.

When they said they were hiding in the crypt, I was like "Won't they be surrounded by the dead"? and when it happened it was a "I KNEW IT" moment.

To all GoT fans: I promise you all our spin off movies will be 10x better--- _Game of Bones._ Beware, the long bang is coming. And the Meat King shows no mercy.

The Mass Effect 3 soundtrack in the end doh!


I LOVE these little documentaries. It shows that to make a series like GOT you need more than actors and a script. It's a whole team working in perfect unison. Best fucking show in all of TV history.


I find it funny that everyone is hating on this new season and saying it's rushed and poorly written and I must admit the writing is not as good as the seasons based on the books, but when you really think about George RR Martin hasn't written a new book since 2011 and probably doesn't even know how the books are going to end, because if he did he wouldn't have spent so much time writing a prequel novel. It has been reported that Martin hasn't been involved with the 8th season whatsoever and while it is being depicted as him being pushed to the side, I'm sure the writers would love to have him guide the script. Everyone lost their mind when it was announced that season 8 was being delayed another year and the writers have incredible pressure to finish the series since it is one of the most successful television shows of all time. So how about everyone just steps back and appreciates the effort that went into filming and creating this awesome episode (even if you didn't like how it ended)

Martin have his books already wrote, he's waithing the end of the season as agreement to not deflect the fanbase from the series to books.

Arya used a mask to look like a wight waker then......!!!!!!!!

GOT ruined with woke garbage He stands around doing nothing but she mounts the dragon and springs into action J Snow looked like a buffoon cuck Men killed by the giant and don’t stand a chance Little girl kills it Then Night king killed by a little girl who comes flying outta nowhere like Spider-Man and kills him after a 4 year buildup AYFKM? That was the biggest load of BS I ever seen

Shout out to the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack at the end.

Season 1 : Why are you kill the main character? Season 8 : How are all the main characters still alive?

Imagine doing all that to fuck it up .

The episode was so dark that even the Night King's generals didn't see Arya coming.

wait a minute were they playing Leaving Earth in the background 38:10???

I like the mass effect music at the end of this.

damn, all those 8 years build up, just like that. Joffrey's looks badass now compared to Night King.

続きが楽しみ! 素晴らしい作品をありがとう。

33:51 Lol. I just want to know where she came from. Honestly, ruined the show for me. Probably, won't bother with last 3 episodes. Quality has gone don't since they ran out of book material.

dommage je suis en cure pour cette émisisson que je regarde à ma maison c'est loupé toute la séries du 8 ème

He will direct the episode 5. Will everything be this dark again?


Taaaaaaanto trabajo para no poder apreciarlo bien... Es muy triste

I love that everyone who thought they knew what was going to happen is pissed. Welcome to GOT! LOL

When they are talking about Jorah's death, are they playing the song Leaving Earth from Mass Effect 3?


38:10 Mass Effect 3 ending song

Jamie, Brienne, Sam Tormund, Gray worm, Jon, Dany, & Jorah all surrounded/covered by Wights... almost all of them... several times...but we cut they're fine and live. Viserion takes out a m/f'g castle wall with Dragonfire but can't light up a m/f'g piece of rock Jon ducks behind? Wights bust out of crypts with bony hand bones but can't bust through a wooden door? Melisandre lights up the entire Dothraki Calvary's blades by holding just one, but can't remotely light some stick/branch...anything wood, to start the m/f'g trench fire. BTW - how did you actually think sending your Calvary charging blindly into the dark not knowing where the enemy is without any Dragon glass and/or (without knowing Milisandre was coming?) Who was the retard that devised this strategy? Better yet who was the retard that wrote this episode? **ck sakes!

You can afford to be this arrogant (for the shot/s) when you actually use logic and follow a story/character arc. When you don' might as well throw yourself on a trench fire.

NK - get stabed once by a not so stealthy assassin who jumped 10 ft in the air, died. Barry - get stabbed twice by a feral mongoose girl who jumped 10 ft in the air, proceed to rub super glue to the wound. The crazy thing is, Barry makes more sense.

no interview with the sound designer? seriously?

Hmm reminds me of Darth Maul, oh look a badass bad guy, opps nvm he dead, maybe he will come back like maul LOL The guy gets built up for 8 years and dies in first battle? A 5th grader could have came up with a better way to kill him, guess the writers aren't as smart as a 5th grader. And I didn't mind that arya killed him, but she ran past the walkers like a jedi and jumped up on the NK like one.

Basically Game of Thrones: WWE

Lyanna Mormont, our one true queen.

You guys are butt hurt this episode was really good it was a cinematic marvel! PS do they film game of thrones behind the scenes while they are filming game of thrones? Mystery of the ages

I think they just assign somebody with an action cam to do the behind the scenes during the shoot and do the interviews later.

Jon killing the NK is not cliche. It would have been the most logical thing to do than having an assasin girl whose storyline had nothing to do with NK/WW threat jump on trampoline stabbing the biggest baddie in the stomach using any valyrian dagger after showing that he's immune to dragonfire.

12:30 they are using dunkirk's score. Makes me wonder if they wanted hans zimmer to compose for the show

Honestly 11 hour night work for so long is ridiculous, if this type of shooting is standard in the film industry they should be ashamed

A shame we couldn't see any of this

If this wasn't the last, most awaited season and episode that has been brewing from the start, it could've been great. If we haven't been soaked in Martin's writing and plot direction for 7 seasons, this episode would've been great. But it's not. Lol.

Any chance we could get some spanish subtitles? It's a great behind the scenes, too bad some people can't really understand what's going on tho

I know its a picky point....but I dislike how GRRM calls his knight chars “Ser”. I mean IRL we know a knight’s title is Sir..right? So why change the spelling just for the sake of saying ‘its not our world...because hey..we write Ser instead of Sir...clever huh?’ Stanley Kubrik did a similarly cheesy language change for impact in A Clockwork Orange...calling eggs, ‘eggy wegs’. Minor language variations only to show you can is ridiculous imo. GRRM would have done better with a total change of word to title what we know as Knights. There...said it. And...cos haters...yes I do have better things to worry about and no I am not an entitled millennial snowflake....I just don’t like “Ser” ok. And...I am gonna now call GRRM...GRR Maritime to see how he likes having a buggered up word bandied about. Will GRR Maritime now have to write his books to fit the HBO version or will he go all retcon rebel and do it his own way....creating canon after the fact.....almost as bad as Harry Potter’s mum.

Embarrassing and worthless. Game of Thrones had a good run up to this point, save for a few moments, or seasons, but now it has been completely steamrolled. Thank you D&D for ruining a show that was meant to be everything that you have made it not.

hollywood always manages to f*** it up. a great battle scene the budget was smaller but epic yeah cavalry is used to flank the enemy rear and deliver the killer blow . the basics but the new generation of hollywood hacks never read a history book or played aoe.

Even the actors are pissed. This is so sad

I was looking forward to this episode, but now I feel sadness for all people who puts so much effort to make this becouse its so bad as a whole. Terrible dark scenes, trembly camera, fast cuts, so stupid behavior of defeners ( strategy), lazy writting, etc..

There's something really cool about hearing the Reapers over the scene where Jorah dies against the wights.

32:10 Dave: Kit was really fine with not killing the NK Kit: I was pissed

140k likes? are people lobotomized retards? the plot holes, writing, horrific battlefield tactics, jump cut, pitch black can´t see fuck all lighting and especially the plot itself are an insult to any 80+ iq person. what kind of special idiot enjoyed this horseshit? the doth and unsullied only "lost half" of their manpower?! really?!? the doth literally lost every single man and horse in that ridiculous, comical charge and the unsullied had maybe 50-100 soldiers left d&d, you are fucking retarded

انا لا يهمني نايت كينق ولا برجر كينج حتى

Phenomenal. Thank you, every single one of you. Will never forgive you for Little Bear, but she went down like the fierce Bear she was.

When you realise that Lyanna Mormont is actually Ramsey, Bella Ramsey to be precise.

Game of thrones is amazing and I plan to rewatch it all from series 1 episode 1 once it's over . I love that Arya was the one to kill the Night King! I had goosebumps all over my body watching that scene! I have been Arya's biggest fan since the first series, I just felt a motherly instinct towards her part, mainly because my own daughter has a look of Maisie and is very tomboyish and wreckless herself, (shes only 8) lol...but also because of her being and looking so young, everything that's she been through and seen, I always wanted to put my arms through the screen and hug her! Now shes a bloody good fighter, a mean machine, I feel immensely proud of her and where she is now, like a mother proud of her daughter, Arya deserved to kill the night king. Go Arya!

Explain why Bran ward on the scene

emilia clarke is amazing!

This is even disappointing, where the hell was theon's breakdown. C'mon D&D!

Best hour of cinematic footage I've ever watched. Hats off to the GOT crew.

Best Episode!! I rewatched this episode over 10 times!


Arya departed for Kings Landing to kill Cersei!

Guess Rian Jhonson got competition for worst writer/director now. Damn this was so retarded

anyone else notice the Mass Effect theme used when they were talking about Jorah? really fit the tone they were setting and made me nostalgic, even if about another franchise

Fuck you D& D for ruin the series like Rian Johnson did

Arya killing the nk makes sense because she is an assassin and been training for 7 seasons But jon getting back to life and killing the nk doesn't make sense! Imo George made the show great and they ruined it

Kit was cool with it Kit: I was PISSED

Not yet watched episode 4, but watched episode 3 again last night - a truly amazing work of art!! The darkness on screen didn't bother me, on the contrary, it made it feel all the more realistic. HOWEVER, I'm not watching it on an HD channel and the quality was terrible - it was like watching a bad video on Youtube!!! That's an awful lack of respect for the people who made GOT as well as for the viewers. Please HBO, less compressed!!!!

This was an epic episode, and of course you may not like some parts, but seriously stop the bullshit!! What the fuck is wrong with the "fans", I mean the amount of hate us horrible,go fuck yourself, try to watch the episode without being and obsessed of the theories, and if you don't like something, explain it, and stop with the "so SoRrY GrrM, WhAt HaVe they've DonE To yoUR NoveL" stupid nerds :)

What was all about John and night king

lmfao imagine going through all of this just to produce an hour of tv that no one can see. congrats D&D

Yeah, crafting a story over years and year that until now (or season 5, depending on how you look at it) had logical and worthwhile story beats. Now it’s like the only way a story can be told is with constant and unending expectation subversion.

32:34 look at these fucking idiots. It didn't seem right for the main character of the show to kill the main antagonist. Fuck these guys.

24:48 Kristofer (Tormund's actor) is just a gem. And he cared more for realism than D&D.

18:35 Tyrion speaking for all of us!

all this years waiting for this episode and you didn't give us a fight between Jon Snow and the Night King? Why Jon Snow was resurrected? just to yell to a dragon? what was bran doing, just flying around with some birds? 7 seasons talking about the long night, the promised prince or princess, all that mystic of the show just ruined, where is the coherence of the plot you built for SEVEN SEASONS?

GoT is a Rom Com to me now -_-

An amazing job, I really loved this episode!

They go to parley with a bunch of arrows and scorpions can easily take them out. Why wouldn't Cersei just rain death on them? Thats just dumbass/

They used the legendary music from Mass Effect 3... Now that would be an epic series for the right producers! Oh, how I miss that sci-fi world...

I'm disgusted how Snow treated Ghost. And then just the casual way they killed the Dragon. I think we should call Peta on GOT - :|

Live Wendyyy CHCL 2 mai 2019 abonné channel la pour plus de video

Mass Effect 3 Score makes everything better

Mass Effect 3 soundtrack towards the end!

writing this episode is shiiiiiiiittttttttttt

Used Leaving Earth from Mass Effect 3 for the behind the scenes with Jora, very cool!

All I can say is...I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE BOOKS. I started tasting disappointmemt last season but this one is just....

Miguel is amazing, the effects are amazing but this show has been going downhill since season 7. BECAUSE ITS THE STORY THAT COUNTS.

Miguel is the best!!!

R.I.P Rhaegal

Whether you thought this episode was amazing or total BS, you have to give the actors and crew props for working so many long nights (haha) in a row, especially in such tough conditions.

Arya is my girl.

D&D: hey i have an idea, wonder woman and capt marvel worked so well, so lets just make Arya super wonder capt marvel woman and kill all the significant villains. While the male characters GRRM built up and had separate story arcs are sidelined.

This much work only to shoot the long night as night

If only they had the money to hire a consultant/advisor to help them make the battle tactics not infuriate anyone paying attention.

Final episode: Jon and the gang march on King's Landing. They meet Cersei on the battlefield. We pan over to Cersei and see her looking so scared, but why Jon and Deany's combined forces have been rekt. Why?? Pan up and we see from Cersei POV The Night King and his undead army, Jon Snow and all. They did not live they were killed by the Night King. Then the Night King and his massive army swarm and decimate Cersei and her drunken land pirate. Night King sits on the Throne and we end with his twisted smile. Game Over, winter has come. Good Long Night and Good Bye.

Mr. Burns What a twist xD

what a disappointing season...

Ya'll are fukin stupid saying the episode was dark as fuck and not upto the mark, it was mesmerising and very emotional Use good screens and pixels guys and less weed it makes your eyes hazy

+LittleSkyful fu qyburn

Nitin Kumar okay xD... your're the only one which is so smart and all the others are dumb. Thank you so much for your advice!

Is the music at the end from Mass Effect 3? The reapers coming!

38:15 7 years later and Mass effect 3's soundtrack is still kickass.

You made Cersei stronger than the Night King. Bravo! What kind of a fuck is this?

13:19 "Quiet place" - A library that is somewhere in the middle of Winterfell where dragons, thousands of men and wights die and fight right at that moment. But no sound of the battle can get through that windows with the metal lattice. That is simply genius.

I’m watching it again and it is absolutely the best hour and a half on TV ever!

''it would be a very fitting death'' is the least game of thrones quote you can find.

Mass Effect score at the end there...?

This has more light than the actual episode.

Congrats Devil&Demon you kill Game of Thrones!

Melisandre giving Arya the pep talk was one of the best scenes in this tragic episode. Definitely feel like Melisandre was so judged and misunderstood. I feel like she was a really lonely person who always had good intentions but was always judged and shunned. She was a kind person albeit burning the princess.

40 min about "nothing"

The likes to dislikes here don't make sense.. I thought everyone hated this episode like me. Did people seriously like it?

I am disappointed, it would have been even more heroic to have John Snow kill the undead dragoon before Alya killed the Night King.

I am thinking the best tactic would have been dragon glass fragmentation bombs dropped from dragons

poor babies stop whining... the military does that quit regularly under worse conditions... so you can film that without getting permission of the mullahs

this is the funniest fucking shit

Am I the only person not to like the mormod kidqueen? (in the movie obv)

All the props to the team for the visual effects and shooting. Ep 3 was a glorious visual spectacle. But it all fell flat on its head via really bad writing. In terms of narrative and story, this episode killed GoT. It was ridiculously bad. I can't even begin to imagine what George must feel about it now. Prime proof that story is the main aspect of any entertainment structure, and if you don't have it, its gonna die a vicious death no matter the budget and quality shooting.

What were the deads doing in the libary? Searching a good Script?

Stop that severe criticism to GoT, all of you will be fucking crying when the shows over

that random mass effect 3 song in the end was quite unexpected

3:55 the real "Night" king of episode 3 :)

Valar Morghulis!

They put Arya's actor in a wire harness and had her jump 15 ft in the air... and no one thought the audience would think that was stupid? I didn't know GoT was a Hong Kong Kung Fu show. Too bad Arya didn't do a Lu Kang flying bicycle kick while she was at it.

Better be a major twist with the night king or i've just wasted my time watching this series.

The Mass Effect music is killing me.

Mass Effect 3: Leaving Earth. An interesting choice for a song to conclude on with Jora and Daenerys..

They stolled that from here

Why is it so dark?! What was the hellish work of make-up artists, costumers and designers, if the result of their work is not visible. Literally, not visible! Lack of tactics and common sense! If the most intelligent men of the seven kingdoms are at war with the king of the night, I pity the future of the seven kingdoms. Why do the dead fight like the living?! Why do they need swords if they can tear apart?! Etc. Disappointment

18:36 nobody thought of that *thousands of theories about the crypt went just like this

do not make home with light the only bad thing is the script

Cavalry, trebuchets, infantry, moat with peaks .... Army of the north was defending from Winterfell castle? It could be such an epic battle....but you fucked it up! Oooohh shit! That was such a stupid battle that everyone who watched it became dummber >_

the undead dragon can break the ice wall but jon can hide behind a rock and ice fire can't do shit..., most stupid battle strategy........ shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit episode!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf wtf . D&D you spoiled the game of thrones legacy, who gives a fuck about a queen who fucks a brother and a pirate!!!!!!! game of thrones is dead RIP RIP

Seems like the Vale was the safest place for the women and children to be.... and even Bran could have said so...

Right, it is really annoying that not many important characters died, but to go as far as to say that the show is now pointless/ruined is nonsense. Yes, it sucked that some characters had plot armor, but they're obviously saving them for later. People talk about how the whitewalkers were built up to be this unstoppable force and that it's disappointing that they died so easily; but who else has been built up too, even more so than the nightking - Cersei. She's been clever, ruthless, incredibly well developed and just a down right bitch since day one. She is the final boss and deserves to be. People will die to her and it will be soul-crushing, knowing the awful things she has done, knowing the existing history she has with the characters we love - you didn't have that with NightKing at all. Because at the end of the day, it has always been about the game of thrones and the people who struggle for the throne.

Such a shitty episode! Damn! Did U smoke smth illegal before writing the battle scenario? Wtf is going on all the time? My three years old son plays strategy games with better ideas than that holly shit is going on around Winterfel. That was the most stupid battle ever and ever from the beginning of the whole universe. Damn, that's shitty shit!

no one* kicks ass, cmon guys its your own show get it right.

I have a feeling they will destroy the 'Throne' at the end of this season.

So I was convinced the whole night king and his army hell bent on destroying civilisation reminded me of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but the makers having ME3's "Leaving Earth" soundtrack playing over Jorah's bit in this video kinda confirms they had the same idea...

So sad. Most of these people did incredible work. But these two idiot writers managed to waste it all on a shit script.

Funny to see Peter Dinklage on set & his accent being 50% British & 50% American

Where theons segment at


All cast speaking from Kings Landing is spoiler that they all alive after episode 6..

Anyone else catch the Mass Effect 3 music used during the Jorah part of this lmao Leaving Earth ME3 OST! That song slaps my heart!

I see John cena

I hope Arya kills the Night King with the Kamehameha, seen as she's already mastered the instant transmission technique so easily.

12:22 From Dunkirk soundtrack

The white-walkers and the long night story arc honestly needed their own season to resolve many questions remain unanswered...

the stupidest episode in history

You suuuuuck HBO. please hand this series over to someone who knows what they are doing. You are just the worst.

My question is, when the night king does his “arm raise-dead raise” move, does it raise the dead in the whole world? I mean are there random dead people walking around aimlessly into walls and shit throughout the seven kingdoms or does he have a proximity meter on that thing? Curious..

Emilia is so polar opposite to Dany's character, it's great. ^_^

Oh Jorah's death was the worst part of this episode.

IMHO the plot for this episode was the worst in the series... I don't mind Arya killing the NK but the execution was itself was dumb. Where did she come from? Why were the other white walkers just standing there? Why were they not used? Nothing made sense starting from the tactics and poor military decisions, continuing with the plot armor being more useful than plate armor and finishing with the ending, which felt underwhelming and undeserved. The entire buildup for this episode, done in 7 seasons was just thrown away for 'cool cinematic effects'. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!

@35:28 some one added snapchat filter to Isaac's eyes.

How about this change, when Jon comes out from behind the ruins and faces the undead dragon they stare at each other, Jon expecting to die but raising his sword to fight, and Ghost suddenly jumps out from behind Jon and starts to rip apart the dragon's face and throat, the dragon knocks off Ghost as Jon runs up closer to finish it off and the dragon turns and breathes fire all over Jon. Daenerys, Arya, and other characters see this and react thinking he has been burned alive, but he hasn't been, Jon stands there unharmed by dragon fire, realization passes over Daenerys' face and she says fire cannot kill a dragon, and Jon gloriously beheads and kills the undead dragon with Longclaw, standing there with blue fire surrounding him and Ghost by his side, Rhaegal comes flying back in the background and Bran uses his powers to show everyone what happened with Lyana and Rhaegar, and the living all rally around him, finally knowing exactly who he is, the true king, Aegon Targaryen, and then he faces off against the night king

Wait... so were the wights in the crypt actually the people who have been buried there? Also wouldn’t the wights have been past starks? I was thinking they were wights outside from the battle that made their way in.

No love for Theon/Alfie Allen? Jorah and Lyanna Mormont got a spotlight on their death but nothing on Theon?!

The Lyanna actress is adorable

Fuck yall

Ser Jorah

"Those ridiculous things with his body" hahahahaha

Words no 1 web seares game's of thrones

I like charekter denaryes targerion and his dragons or dhotraki armies

no offence but how does this video have so many like while the top comments are all about (correct) negative things.

i have mass effect flashbacks

Anyone else notice the blackbear playin in the background during zombie dragon? or was the just me?

Early GoT: anyone can die Current GoT: noone can die

Its just insane how much work goes into this episodes! Crazy. Kinda sad to see GOT coming to an end

I bet most of you installed warcraft 3 to play with human or undead after this episode ! :D

This "aftermovie" is actually much better then the episode... how can you waste such agreat material

I like everything that happened in the episode, just sad that the Humans had no real military tactics nor any sort of behaviour that would have made it more comprehensibly to watch.

20:27 wight dab

33:30 naah no body thought everyone was gonna die. We might have thought that if some of the characters kept dying each minute, but here no one as dying so it was very obvious. I expected better in this episode

In short... The King of the Nnight took a "shot of Arya": he died of cold!

Why did they put mass effect 3 music near the end?

Did they really put the Soundtrack from ME3 in the video at the end? :D

*think that a lot of People do feel like me.. Angry that the END is not as we're awaiting/hoping .. but thats ISOIAF/GOT sense..hopefully I do can live further with*

@HBO and SKY WW the 8.season is there (actually part4!)

omg all that hard work going into what ended to be a complete shitshow writing wise :(

*one of the best ever seen*

in term and sense of RR.Martins "A Song of ICE and FIRE" here we are and seen the result! Phenonomial!

Ser Jorah

What about the Theon?

Nobody noticed that Mass Effect soundtrack at the end in the part about Jorah death?)

Ironic that they used the mass effect 3 music here.

And then editing, lighting and writing results came together... And everyone is like... *HO SHIT*

George R.R. Martin is still crying...

a shame all the hard work and hardship of the actors was wasted this episode by a shit script

Holy fuck they fucked this episode as well as the whole show up but still think they did a good job. How delusional, how stupid, how mentally handicaped, how trashy human beings they are.

Did anyone notice the Starbucks cup on the table when Tormund is talking about Jon? :D

anyone else who noticed that Monty Python reference? "Bring out your dead"

Game of thrones should have ended with everyone realizing that the Iron Throne is not the ultimate goal and that survival is far more important, the Semi-God the Night King should have brought the winter that was promised that lasts for months, conquering 80% of Westeros. Instead he died in his first battle fighting for about half a night the hyping from season 1 died in just 1 episode, dont tell me Arya Is Azor Ahai wielding the Lightbringer "Dagger"! i am not even kidding i could come up with a better ending for Game of Thrones

What a dumb episode, scriptwriters take show fans for idiots.

Dragons and the Night king. Said the most powerful. Dies randomly.

Night king was only a click bait .

The worst episode ever, you destroyed this series! Why did you complete break with the storyline?

Gone to sh*t! These episodes make no sense and the writing it terrible!

before watching this, i had so many qualms with how it ended... i mean its really cool and all but still feels anti-climatic for the Night King..... then after watching this, i am just SO THANKFUL for GOT... i mean, all these efforts and details for one episode... that's passion, man....

ep3 was terrible, u came up with all this fancy smacy stuff about lighting and mood, well hate to break it to yall but it was rubbish if the story and logic dont compliment it !

From hero to zero in one episode

Ho trovatoilverosito del film, con unabuonaqualità: voglio solo condividere con tuttivoiamanti del cinema

Stark always win

Make this video most disliked video pleaseeee

All this work and some jerks complain the episode was too dark? Go adjust your TV brightness settings or buy a new one. This was the most epic shooting for a TV series ever.

They look so proud of what they've done. Wish we were that happy too.

Half these comments are people mad because their theories were wrong. The episode was great. Story and visuals

Imagine if a bunch of fighter planes came in and there was a massive air strike that wiped out the white walker army in a matter of seconds. Then the rest of the episode was just them eating and going to sleep. Actually probably would have been just as satisfying as how it was.

so fucking stupid what a waste of an amazing opportunity to make a great series, they fucked it so hard its depressing

People stay calm. The night king is still alive. There is a reason Jon is STILL alive... and the prophecy. Someone needs to die by a lovers blade. And the corpse queen too ???

Why is Alfie Allen not in this video? Isn't Theon also one of the great characters who died in Episode 3?

Lol at 18:34

38:30 isn't this music from Mass Effect 3? Hell, it's time to play it again.

I cried for Theon!!!


John should of killed the Night King. Shit writing and decision.



Out of everyone, John deserved the kill

So they didn't enjoy making it and no one enjoyed watching it

Even all the actors. I now hate seeing their faces after episode 3 those fake piece of shits. making money off of shitting all over the work of art that was game of thrones. Stupid mother fuckers... "ITS GOING TO BE SO UNEXPECTED!!!!" Fuck you HBO!!!!! you know what would of also been unexpected is if lyanna mormont fucking killed the night king then kills jon and danny and then goes down and kills cersei!!! now THAT would be unexpected wouldn't it u stupid fucks!!!?

Fuck you HBO. ruined 8 years of a legacy being built. all went to shit with retarded writing. DO YOU EVEN LIKE GAME OF THRONES HAVE YOUR WRITERS EVEN WATCHED THE PREVIOUS SEASONS OR READ THE BOOKS!?!?!?!? episode 3 was not game of thrones it was retarded bullshit.

you ruined completly this beaitiful serie in that episode by your bad writers and you know it very well!!

This video is actually more enjoyable than the Episode.

Clint Mansell’s “Leaving Earth” is a piece I could pick out anywhere, at any time. Mass Effect 3 has crossed over into GoT and I’m here for it.

The Mass Effect 3 soundtrack at the end, yeah.

>spends maybe a week or two with a waterdancer learning how to fence with a wooden sword >gets beaten by a stick and chases a few cats >washes some bodies >catches a pigeon >fails EVERY. SINGLE. TEST she is given by the faceless men >somehow survives multiple stabbings to the stomach when it took one to immobilize Jon who took an anvil to the face and kept fighting >is able to do olympic level athletics after drinking some soup and having a snooze >had to use deception to beat an amateur assassin in a fight >jumps on a boat back to westeros >comes back with magic face changing powers despite never being initiated into the faceless men >is suddenly and inexplicably able to fight so well that she beats Brienne (the best swordsman in Westeros who's been training her entire life) despite not being able to beat AN AMATEUR ASSASSIN ONE SEASON AGO WITH NO EXTRA TRAINING SINCE >gets to execute Littlefinger and the entire Frey family stealing the ending to Sansa and Robb's respective arcs because... assassin training that she failed miserably? >is happily tearing apart the entire army of the dead with a magic weapon her fuckboy forged >suddenly forgets how to fight... because she knocked her head? idk >somehow sneaks past 12 white walker lieutenants and an IMPENETRABLE ring of wights surrounding the Night King >directors literally have her teleport out of nowhere to save the day... almost like it's divine intervention "aRyA hAd fAcELesS aSsAsiN trAiniNG sHEs nOt mArY sUe u dOnT eVeN knOW whAt dEUs eX mAchInA mEAns!!! dAn aNd dAvE ArE gOoD wRiTeRs!"

all that details that the viewers cant even see :))

Poor poor writing.. all this build up over the years just for this...

D&D the battle strategy was terrible, plot have so many holes, you can't write a good story without a book! Not at all! Shame!

It's a shame that all this effort and all the resources spent accumulated in an episode that, while visually extremely impressive (at least in the parts that weren't too dark to make anything out), was poorly written as regards content. None of the defense strategies made any sense at all. None of the characters with actual stakes in this story died. The main villain that was teased for 7 seasons straight turned out to be a fraught. Everything set up by GRRM got thrown out the window for the purpose of visual effects and cheap sensation mongering. From a technological point of view I have nothing but respect for everyone involved. As in regards to storytelling and writing: You guys should not be doing this job.

I was looking forward to this episode, but now I feel sadness for all people who puts so much effort to make this becouse its so bad as a whole. Terrible dark scenes, trembly camera, fast cuts, so stupid behavior of defenders (strategy), lazy writting, etc..

Shelley Dwyer-Murphy Lol she should’ve died WITHOUT taking out the giant in the first place

The technical team is fantastic on this episode. The writing team... well...

So much production effort, but they threw it all away because they barely used proper lighting and heavy camerashake. 90% of the time I couldn't see what the fuck was happening

32:30 I nearly punched my screen I hate this fucking cuck boy disgrace of a writer so much just shitting out his mouth some bullshit reason to have SLAAAAY queen Deus ex Arya completely SuBvErT Jon's ENTIRE CHARACTER ARC FUCK YOU BENIOFF AND BUTTHEAD FOR DISGRACING WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN THE BEST SHOW EVER. FUCK YOU

All that money they spent could be better used to make a fire for homeless people!

That's brutal makeing them film in that stuff.

the long night reiview

You stupid morons you destroyed the bloody show. I was pumped up for years now and you give me this shit?? FUCK YOU

Emilia is soooo fake... to me But she DID pull off Jorahs death scene very well so kudos.. but maby cuz she was actually crying and not acting

Arya killing the Night King was the most anti climactic ending everrrr.. you trying to portray women as these almighty invincible beings is killing ur fanbase.. we get it.. you want women to be powerful and independent.. but you also want good ratings.. you can't have ur cake and eat it too cuz it's not believable.. and am i the only one that thought Arya sex scene was awkward asf? We've all seen her as this little girl so it's kinda fucked up to see her in a sex scene.. nobody wanted that.. not me atleast.. fuckin pedophiles makes me sick

By itself this episode is amazing. In the context of the night king being built up as the threat to all existence for 10 years and then virtually doing nothing to harm the human race... well this kind of falls short.

Culmination of all my hopes and expectations crushed under obvious plot armor, pandering, and unlearned battle tactics.

With the amount of work everybody put in this, i feel bad shitting on it.. but it's not their faults.. it's whoever was in charge of editing and story structure.. it seemed like they were pressed for time.. in the end, when you rush things, they aren't gonna turn out as great as it would be if you spent a little more time on.. I wouldve rather waited a few more months for quality instead of being on time.. i dont' know who's call it was to make this season only 6 episodes??? and the last one only 8?


Yo, that's the mass effect 3 score! at 38:00

HBO ruined GOT

BRING OUT YER DEAD *ding* You know. Just shoot a fake ending where everyone gets stopped by cops. Preferably John Cleese, Eric Idle, Mikey Palin and Gilliam as your coppers. You know. Holy Grail style.

they're so fucket, its so fucket

For the money they are being paid for acting...It's not that big deal?

Editors: how dark do you want the scenes to be? Producers: Yes.

I like Arya but I was laughing so hard when I saw how the Night King was killed. So random and silly.

All this hard work, all those long nights, and weeks of shooting in the freezing cold at night. The exhaustion and pain everyone went through to make this happen. It's astounding, and it's amazing. And it was all undercut by some dude in the editing room that made it too dark to see anything.

Whatever Dany is having, I want the same.

it's awesome. i just loved it.

I mean it is not bad at all , but I feel like there is missing something before the night king was killed. My idea was something like this, after Theon got stabbed: The night king is coming slowly his way to Bran. You can hear Theon screaming in the background'Bran! WAKE UP!!' But he is still unconscious not hearing anything. The night king is slowly putting his hands on Bran and you can see how the life is fading out of his face. *Switching to Brans vision* The 3 eyed Raven is flying higher than usual and beneath the clouds you can slowly see a castle,Winterfell. He is landing before the gate of the catle and is transforming into a human, into a young boy. It is Bran,when he was a kid. Bran is coming slowy coming closer to the gate. He is hearing a painful,dimly shout:BRAN!WAKE UP!! Bran turns around , but he is not seeing anything. He is going closer to the gate and sees through it Rob Stark discussing with his wife Lydia, his mom Catelyn sitting on a chair knitting a pullover. Suddenly a horse with a man on it are coming from behind Bran. It is Ned Stark.He is looking suprisingly down to Bran and asks him: Ned: Bran? Are you coming?It is time to go home.We had a long journey. Bran smiles and says:Yes! Sure. They both are walking over the bridge to the gate,but suddenly Bran stops. Bran:Wait,I think I cant... I mean... I really want to...But I feel I cant just go right now. Ned stops his horse and turns around surprised. Ned:What is the matter? Bran: I think , I just have to go back because I have still something to do. But it is Ok, I just want to go home . Ned is wheezing and sitting down from his horse.He knees down to Bran and looks him in the eyes Ned:Bran.What did I told you a long time ago? You cant always make the decisions you 'd like to make.Sometimes you have to do the things which are right to do. Bran looks helpless into Neds eyes and whisltes Bran: I just want to be with you and mom, and all the others!But... I think I cant come with you through the gates of our castle. Ned is looking proud to his son. Ned: That is okay Bran. We will wait for you here.And you know why? Bran:Because the north remembers! Ned is slowly staring to smile. Everything is slowly fading away to a white light. *Switching back to reality* The night king almost transformed Bran into a white walker. He is looking already pretty lifless. But suddenly the eyes of Bran are starting to glow white. And also the eyes of the mysterious tree behind Bran. The earth is shaking, everyone is standing still and looking confused,even the white walkers. Out of nowhere are coming roots from the ground impaling the oldest of the white walker and the rest of them. The night king was lucky enough to dodge them. Meanwhile in the court, where John snow is fighting the dragon, a root is coming and John uses the chanes to walk on it and jumps with a loud scream on the dragon with his sword out and hit through his head. Now it was clear to see that these big roots were coming from the mysterious tree where the eyes started to light. Bran stands up from his wheel chair , starting his hands to slowly rising ,like the night king did before when he summoned white walkers. But Bran is controlling the mysterious giant roots of the tree. The night king suddenly speaks for the first time in an ancient language: NK: So you suddenly show yourself....Keeper of the North... Brans ignores him and keeps attacking him with the roots. The night king hardly dodges the attacks with his spear and hisses: NK: Why..are you gonna protect those fools...The only thing they care about is themselves... I see them 1000 years know and all they can do is being selfish,dumb and ignorant. They all want to win the ~Game of Thrones~ , but in the end they will fade away like everything in this world.Good,bad , it doesnt matter. Every lifeform is useless and should be eliminated. The only answer of life is death. Brans answers in the ancient language Bran : No! You are wrong! The human are making mistakes , but they are also learning from it to improve ! It will maybe take a long time but in the end , it will turn out to a peaceful world! Bran catches with one root the leg of the night king. The NK starts trying to cut it off with his spear, but Bran gets another leg and then also the arms and his chest. The night king was about get sealed to the roots , suddenly he roars and cold mist is freezing the roots. He frees himself and his spear is starting to glow in black. The NK thorws it right in the glowing magic tree and the roots suddenly stop to move. The Nk creates a frost sword with his hand and is attacking Bran who barely can dodge the attacks cause of his future vision. The Nk:You choose the wrong path....Now you let me no other choice than to end your destiny here.. Bran stumbles and falls down.The Night king is standing in front of Bran lifting his arm for the final strike. But then out of nowhere a women jumps out of the tree. It is Arya The night king catches her with one hand. Starts to coldly laugh and says: The NK: You think after 1000 of years , a little insect like you could kill me? Arya let her dagger drop , catches it with the other hand and before she impales him, the night king is looking confused to her and then screams a loud'IMPOSSIBLE!!'Before he crumbles to dust like the rest of his army. Yeah something like that.

What is dead may never die NK: hold my beer

32:14 "I was pissed. I was pissed that it wasn't me killing the Night King." - Kit Harrington Even the actors hate D & D's writing lol.

Whenever Sophie Turner opens her mouth I feel my brain cells dying

Thanks for the effort making this episode but this was a complete let down - I blame RR Martin for not finishing the books on time. Since Season 5 GOT has become too TVishh and complete garbage - what's the chance on any battle RR wouldn't kill main characters?

1:56 Writing

Kristofer Hivju is awesome! He needs to be in many more movies!


Iain Glen / Jorah has the best scene in this video, just like in the episode!

Unpopular opinion but I loved that arya got the kill with that dagger

Season 1: Winter is Coming Season 2: Winter is Coming Season 3: Winter is Coming Season 4: Winter is Coming Season 5: Winter is Coming Season 6: Winter is Coming Season 7: Winter is Coming Season 8E1:Winter is here Season 8E3:Winter is gone

New Player

The acting was good. The filming was good. But the writing was just dumb and disapointing.... What a great idea to kill the main charecter (The one you've been building up 7 seasons without giving much information about) of the fucking series without giving away any information about, like what they wanted and yeah... just some backstory, not just having Bran in s8e2 saying yeah they want us dead.... its fucking bullshit. You shouldn't have rushed it that much. I know you wanted to end the series but you should have ended it properly! And also... could you please explain to me from when did Arya started teleporting and jumping 3m. Is she The Flash or what... The idea of Arya killing the Night King was fine but you should have done it right, not giving her supernatural abilities.... Me personally as a big fan of the series that was fucking disapointing and unacceptable, and I am also pretty sure that its not only for me but for almost every person who have watched the series!

Our hero, the night king dies 3.

35:19 i dont know why but the way he said it kinda irritating....

i didnt care much who should kill the Night King and all.... Hell, even if its not the main characters... i think what most of people have issue is the fact that it feels anti-climatic... i mean, he was a thousand year old supernatural being who's from the very start is the real threat regardless who the fuck sits on the Iron Throne.... and at the end, all we saw was him waving his hands or touching things... WTF is his sword for?!...

Couldn’t the night king hung back and just had his zombies drag bran back

32:16 Kit: I was pissed.... .............. and so are we, Kit... the feeling is so mutual...

31:46 Emilia is such a sunshine.... she's always so good with raw reaction...

Maisie: Just when you thought that Jon would be the hero AGAIN!!!... hahahaha

I loved this episode, best battle scenes in GoT. Fuck all the haters, Arya killing the Night King was a lot better then having a basic ass final battle between Jon and the NK. The music was beyond amazing, the final piece playing while NK walked up to Bran was beyond anything GoT has ever had before. Might even have beaten the main theme. The whole battle plan was not good, yes, but all the defenders wanted to do was kill the NK. They knew they couldn't beat the dead, so they did not try. Instead they tried to lure the NK out. But still, not everything could be accounted for. Especially the dothraki charge in the beginning didn't really seem like it was part of any battle plan. The dothraki are wild horsemen, they are not made to fight in a disciplined army.

i wish we had see more of those whitewalkers in action or even the nightking fighting skills. idk. imo it lacked.

Wow this was really painfull to watch.. It looks like they really believe they made the right choice for for how they ended the white walkers... (except for John, atleast he isnt stupid)

What is this music in this video in 9:40?

What a bunch of hack frauds.

I love every single one of you!

It's really sad to see all the hard work everyone put into this. I really wish D&D had spent more time to get the story right. All that hardwork to hell the show out of utter bad writing. Kudos to the cast....Really sad...

-Kit was really fine with it Kit: I was pissed XD 32:10

I mean I didn't think they d be proud of their choice for the scenario. The shooting and technical stuff i get it calls for pride. But the writers should be ashamed.

These writers sound so basic

"the childhood of forest" bruh at least get the name right ffs you're the writer after all ep4 "Gendry Rivers" ...nvm.

38:22 Was that the Mass Effect Theme there at the end?

we don't have any lighting sources down there..haha no shit


You know what could save this show?! If the Night King would dodge Arya's strike and chop down her head afterwards. This would be GoT. If you can't make good battles anymore and can't think at all, you could do at least that.

Comments in a nutshell: Complaints, Complaints, Com...plaints.

I didnt think I could be so disappointed with a GoT episode. Worst writing, and worst episode of the whole of GoT. It was pretty, but that cannot save the episode.

Emelia Clarke is such a happy person.

This is why braking bad is still the best of all series of tv show. You fucked got D&D. I hope you never write another script again and subscribe

300 still had better fight scenes than season 8

One episode to destroy the Night King by Ayra jumping out of nowhere at the last minute - this is the kind of crap we expect from dumb formulaic tv shows, shame on you D&D, this last season is going downhill fast :(

A blindfolded baby would be a better tactician than these battle hardened generals.... 1. Why wasn't everyone inside the safety of the walls of winterfell which could withstand years of siege as stated by Ed stark 2. why were catapults in front of the infantry line? 3. why was the trench behind the unsullied and not in front? 4.why weren't the main characters with magic swords not sent out to flank and kill white walkers? heaven forbid you get scenes with our favorite characters fighting one v one with white walkers 5. Jon Snow the prince that was promised, brought back to life and has a personal arc with the night king somehow does not do what was hinted at for decades... 6. Ghost who was Jon's best friend in so many dark thrown into the stupidest suicide charge in the history of TV and an embarrassing use of Calvary that would have any khal scoff and march his army back to essos...just for the sake of having the moment with flickering lights...brilliant. Instead of maybe having him in the crypts as a last defense of the women and children 7. Arya magically teleports past a wall of dead and walkers to sneak up on the night king..instead of maybe dropping from the tree D&D are hack writers and this is the end of GOT, George Martin is likely fuming mad, and the only positive here is that maybe having watched this abomination, he'll kick it into high gear and complete the books in 2040 instead of the original date of 2070, so that maybe this story can find a real conclusion...ill be watching season 1 again and marvel at how desperately in need the show is of George's superior writing.. they butchered wolverine, they butchered GOT and apparently hey'll be further butchering star wars...oh boy

38:30 little bit of a mass effect theme?

Ian Glens part was just perfect

I honestly didn't mind that it wasn't Jon that killed the Night King. I felt like the situation was so desperate, so completely hopeless, that the only thing that would work was killing the Night King and they couldn't afford to wait around and let Jon have his moment. It was basically free-for-all, if you had the opportunity to take him out, go for it, we can't wait around. So I have no issues with it at all, I was quite happy. That's me personally. All the work put into this, absolutely amazing. You can tell everyone is so dedicated to their jobs and it really shows. :)

Those complaining about bad screenwriting-- can you do better? (the answer is no)

+rev erie // Well, considering it's the most watched television show airing at the moment, I'd say they're doing their job-- we can both agree on that.

Shouldn't they know how to do their job tho?

The Nightking is a moron lol Knowing if I died Everything else in my army did also my ass wouldn't be on the front lines that's for sure!!! My ass be way in the back dug in under some snow chilling..

I regard this season as well as the last two as bad fanfiction. The story ends in season 5, which is where the show matches the books. Hopefully someone with a lot of money will work with HBO to give this show the ending it deserves.

D&D writing is ass. You guys ruined the show. Fuckers!

Guys guys the reason the long night ended so quickly was because they had captain marvel this time!!...wait... lolol and was the girl killing the giant kind of foreshadowing arya and the night king? Or just coincidence its vaguely the same idea? Hmmm seems those little girls subverted the undeads expectations.... just like ours!!!

Please HBO, take the rights from Netflix on Witcher series or it would be shame.

Dany And Jorah

The staff did a great job putting a lot into this episode. They put way more than needed and so much detail that most of us will ever notice.

Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame,

So... Fuck Theon, right? :D Jorah death was like: Oh, nooooo... :( :( :( and Theon: Nah?

38:10 start mass effect 3 soundtrack leaving earth

I assume the episode will look good on bluray so I'm not too upset by how choppy the blacks in the stream looked. But even then I would have changed two things about this episode: First, the Arya "horror" scene as he puts it. It was slow and sort of silly, and an odd attempt to bring back suspense into a moment when the action should have been at one of it's highest peaks (with the wights swarming the entire castle). Then the neverending Night King/Bran stare and slow walk. Some of that is necessary and good suspension for a big moment--but it drug on to the point where my viewing party first showed anticipation, disbelief at the length of the scene, amazement that it still hadn't concluded yet, and finally actually started laughing because it was STILL going on!

I loved the part when the infantry had to fall back but there was a big fking barricade-trench between them and the castle instead of between them and the attacker. Oh ya, and always make sure to put your seige weapons in front of you so that enemy can cripple those first. Just brilliant. Who TF thought that made sense?

Everywhere they go for the rest of their lives The writers of this season will hear: Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame

They rushed everything after season 6. You invested so much time into these characters but ultimately they go for shock value rather than going with the numerous stories and character arcs you so tediously build. It is equivalent to Endgame if it ended with Captain Marvel killing Thanos. The stories and the characters drew people to Game of Thrones, not the spectacle and the action. Treat your characters with respect!


"It would be walls and defences failing and the dead getting closer and closer" Yeah, no shit. What a surprise if the defences were conceived by imbeciles.

Can a video game graphics look this good? 30:01

38:25 wtf, that's the Mass Effect music

Too bad about the bad writing this season, I feel sorry for the people making such an effort.

35:42 that second so good she says.....damn I'm in love

They should have focused on telling a good story rather than filming an "epic" scene. The writers dropped the ball. Very disappointing.

You guys know what would have been great Arya jumping into action NK catching her mid air Dagger falls from her hand She Catches the dagger in other hand NK CATCHES HER HAND AND SHOVES THAT VALARIYAN DAGGER INTO HER. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME

Battle of Blackwater only some guy from the Kingsguard I cant remember died in terms of characters that mattered. George wrote it. Book and Show edit Davos' son whose name I cant remember. But Tyrion, Stannis, Joffery, Cersi. The Hound, Sansa, Davos, Lancel, Verys, Tywin, Loras, Bronn, Shae, Tommon none of them died

D&D: You can't make the battle look bad, if you can't even see it in the first place.



All that effort and they made it too dark to fully enjoy

it is pretty interesting how the operateur, the producers and the director gives each other blowjob while they totally fucked up this episode and most probably the whole story... whose idiotic fucking idea was shooting this whole episode in the arse of a brown bear? and don't, please don't come with this pathetic explanation about "it is because HBO's compression" and "you should watch it in a dark room" and all those ridiculous jive... you wanted this episode epic but it turned out to be the worst episode of GoT in terms of story quality, everything. SHAME!

I'm confused about the crypt scene. I thought you had to die by the hand of the night King or his Whites to become a part of the army of the dead...It just seems a lot of rushed, lazy, bad writing in this whole season but eh...entertaining none the less.

Biggest respect to the whole crew! You did a fantastic job and we all appreciate it! Don’t mind the hate, it is directed at the story, not your work.

I couldn't disagree more. they did an extremely shitty job and this is fact

Some Mass Effect 3 music there? - Please join us here - the real Game of Thrones :)

All this for shitty story writing in a terrible battle full of holes... Lets watch someone play hide and seek well 100 men don't get over run in 20 mins yet 5000 Charging warriors die in mins! really nice..goid job..

This last season has done what I thought Game of Thrones could never do. Make me not give a fuck.

what a fucking disappointment

You should have watched helms deep to understand how epic battles are filmed

Is that some mass effect i hear near the end? Reapers were the real threat all along not the white walkers.

MASS EFFECT music at the end ~ 38:25 My 2 fav fictions that are totally différents have met in one particular way !

This is fascinating - the creativity and the ability to coordinate all of this into something that feels real. Thanks to the whole team for sharing this, and for the episode. I was on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole time:)

is this joke series wtf

HBO, you just lost a lot of money with this terrible season 8. You just invalidated the previous seasons so no one is going to by your 8 Season Box Set now. Sad

These two retards single handedly ruined what could possibly be the best Serial ever created. Gz two fuckups, your mothers must be so proud to have given birth to you two motherfuckers

3 series, 10 out of 10 feeble-minded feminists

Tbh, this is amazing but i knew this was coming in this episode because of this hahaha

Fucking shit

The Mild Inconvenience

hoping that episode 5 will bring more drama and suspense! Cheers!

I cry so hard when lyanna died

I laughed.

If not for Ramin Djawadi's exceptional music, this season would be absolute crap to watch given the bad writing. I mean the actors and special effects were good but every other generic show and movies have that.

That's all people know how to do these days

+Anthropology Club - 2016 ofc it is famous :) because it followed the books until season 4 :) after season 4 it's bad writting but the show was already famous :) and true fans like me still watch this fckng crap :)

I hope GoT ends in a horrible fashion, then Bran goes to the past back 2/3 seasons so we get an alternative timeline that is more in line of George RR Martin Writing. Game of Thrones brotherhood.

Yeah yeah, but you make it to dark, cant see all

Thousands of years ago, there came a night that lasted an episode.

arya killing the night king was so dumb, no way she'd be able to get past that many white walkers and survive

32:35 It didn't "seem right" to you? What are you on about, you loon? Has this not been Jon's narrative arc, this whole time? What was his story otherwise? You make it sound like you only came around to thinking about it when it was time to write the first and last draft of this episode.

Did anybody else notice the Mass Effect song there in the end?

"Jon has always been the hero but it doesn't feel right at this moment" uhm..yes it would have?!

Dannas Is so fucking annoying in real life

I'd love to fuck Sansa the way ramsay nailed her in the show

Actor's are more important than the producers. You can always replace producer's you can't replace Jamie lanister

Mass effect music?

It is really sad, when the making of is better than the actual episode.

Emilia Clarke reminds me so much of Daisy Ridley. Almost the same personality LOL.

after action pack episode 3 ... comes shitty stupid moronic episode 4 ....were the director script writer turns idiot wasting an episode...


melchizedekful Not the crew. Set, Mask, Costume, Lighting, Sound, Camera, Editing. They do outstanding work. You won‘t find another series with this level of effort and movie-like outcome.

وين العرب

Episode 3 was OMG!!! I can't see anything As a fan, I thought "Fuck"

Biggest disappointment in the history of TV Shows.

Let's take a break from all of these serious problems! Check this ted talk of Maisie Williams also known as Sansa Stark:

I feel like going american psycho after watching this


I got one just ONE problem you couldent see a shit in the entire episode what were the thinking

Shit writing. Everything doesnt make sense after season 3 (or 4).. and those two dumbfucks thinks their geniuses?


1: why did the dothraki charge for no reason (instead of flanking once the infantry Began to fight) 2: why was the artillery INFRONT of the infantry 3: why would you leave the walls of your castle when you know the enemy have no artillery 4: why didn’t they defend the walls more compactly 5: why didn’t Sansa use her dragon glass dagger to save the women and children in the crypt instead of being a coward (so was Tyrion he was itching for a fight and then when the time case didn’t do ANYTHING) 6: no Jon snow v night king duel 7: does armor Just not work in this universe, mormont was stabbed right in the centre of his breastpiece yet it pierced his armour like butter 8: Arya Just Arya

OMG, I never thought GoT would ever mess up at all, and what a disappointment episode 3 was!! I guess this is how you ruin 9 years of hard work in an 1 hour episode. I think the only thing which i liked was Ramins legendary score.

RIP Lyanna Mormont the true queen of the North.

Weiss and Beniof are stupid pigs. It was so onewaytelling story, no deep in in it. Nothing. Just battle. Martin, why you do this? You never should go away from it and fired these two assholes.

The only expectations these hacks were able to subvert were ours for a good season finale

What do we say to good writing D&D : not today!

3:24 "Coherent Story" Y'e sure buddy. You fucked up, admit it, no need to shove into our throat this kind of bullshit.

Bran: ... Theon: ... Bran: ... Theon: ... Bran: (is he going to say something omg?) Theon: ... Bran: I'm going to go now. Theon: ... Bran: ... Theon: ... Bran: Theon, you are a good man. kthxbye

Thank you for all the people who worked for this project to give us entertainment that is one in a lifetime. Thank u thank u.

The distributist was right

Leaving earth getting some respect

We didn't know any small peace of shit about the night king, even a little chit chat with actor, you didn't do it,

Maybe jon snow should just kill the mountain. Screw all the brother vs brother hype, this show is about poorly written plot twists.

"Theon, you are a good man. Thank you."

Who new that the type of tv you had would alter your viewing when a watched episode 3 it was perfect I could see everything but others couldn’t

Anyone else noticed you can hear the piece "Leaving Earth" from Mass Effect 3 at the end of the clip? And how perfectly it suits Iain Glen's talk about Jorah's death?

OMFG!!! EPIC FAIL!! what dumbasses needed 2 years to destroy the effort that went into 7 seasons?

You gave him a dragon but even that wasnt enough, he loses his first battle behind the wall... 8k years..

All that sacrifice for very little, should've spent 55 nights writing the script instead of filming it

This waa so good to see! Thank u for posting this! THE most epic battle scene I've ever seen, and I thought Battle of the Bastards was good, nothing compared to this! I'll miss this show!

Uh they aren't even going to talk about theon??!

31:45 Emilia seems so nice and funny

special thanks to dumb and dip shit for ruining the show

The lighting in the thumbnail was better than the actual episode. Battle of the Bastards is still best. The fact that it’s so good compared to this, makes me believe it was the last part of the show George held your hands through.

LOL love the mass effect music

I didn't like the writing of this and the precedent season, but for sure i hate more all of this shitty comments from nerds and bots.

32:31 stupidity personification here.

Mass effect 3 soundtrack they used was the best part

I just watched it. That was one of the best hours of television that I have ever seen and I know good TV as a Twin Peaks and Fringe fan. Thank you HBO. Every scene was perfect.

stab him? thats it? nice work. You get payed for this?

18:28 tyrion tries to tell us!

Outrageously bad filming, lightning, montage and abysmal writing. Thanks for 8yrs of Night King tease.

Thought you could slip the most iconic of all Mass Effect music in there and I wouldn't notice? Give credit. Shame shame.

Arya Stark is solid snake confirmed

The production is amazing, but storytelling .... I am disappointed. All those years we were prepared for a battle with the big boss and he dies so fast like it was a Satan's car crash in the end of the Bible...

Poor Martin that he'll have to fix all the mess D&D have done with these last two seasons.

memes from GoT season 8 are more enjoyable than the actual season.

18:38 lol

Stop hating this episode ! It was quite good in comparison to the 5th

12:21 - 12:44 aie they were demonetizated for "supermarine"-Hans Zimmer

16:45 this piece of shit seriously wears fur. pls die...

You can see Emilia was really trying to save her character. She knows what's out of character and what's not, she suggests ideas that would be good for her character. But sadly that's not enough when the writing is so bad. I bet she was so disappointed in how her character is being torn.

Grey Worm, u gained weight in this Episode!!

Watch out!!! lots of Oscar worthy directors commenting

Am i the only one here recognizing the Soundtrack of Mass Effect 3 at the end? :D

"It didn't seem right giving deadpool an actual mouth in wolverine origins so we sewed his mouth shut. It didn't seem right giving Jon Snow the kill he's earned all these seasons on..." Good job Benioff...

Why tf don’t they even mention Theons death?

U know HBO don't give a shit about monetization when Grey Worm is heard yelling "aw fuck" as a blooper outta nowhere

Loved the writing, loved the craft that went into the making - but I'm missing all the dozens of VFX artists that delivered stunningly painterly images being credited. Not a word on the dragon spitting fire beneath the clouds, lighting the storm from below? Most gorgeous shot.

Seriously!? Terrible ending to the Night King!

this „little liana moment“iz one of the coolest moments ever!!

many of us dl the thing for free, it was very nice, thanks for the hard work - Petition to remake season 8

Season 7 is the biggest disappointment ever. How do you go from A+ to F. A 5th grader should have written this and it would have been better.

32:36 ohh fuck off

Fuck you Dumb and Dumber! What the fuck did you do to this show, you talent-less hacks? We waited two years for this horseshit? Go on, help Disney continue to ruin Star Wars next. You two are pathetic cunts.

That's like when the History Channel used Suicide Mission in their series "The World Wars"

why didnt Arya die or turn when the NK touched her ?

Is amazing, but is all so dark is hard to see

When they’re discussing Jorah’s death around 38:39... that music is from Mass Effect 3’s soundtrack. Is it not? Am I going insane?

Lol they're using music from Mass Effect right at the end

I don't blame the show for the writing and the character getting worse, that's George RR Martin's fault. But the least they can do is give us some great battle scene, there's no book to adapt so there's no limits to their creativity and imagination, and THIS is the best they can offer?

RUINED THE SHOW!!! what happened to the prince who was promised???? What was the night kings attentionssss with brann!

"It was -14". lol 2018/2019 winter we got -45 here in Canada Manitoba with a windchill of -50, i work construction i insulate houses before they have electricity and we only stop working when it reaches -25 no windchill. and winter here is long, longer than the shows ' winter is coming' anyways i understand many have not experience winter like really cold winter countries amazing actors terrible writing

The library sequence bothers me so much. The change of pace was ofcourse needed and welcome but what i find offputting is how the wights act. Because, presumably, they're under the control of the Night king/his lieutenants and therefore only obey what he/they command(s) so why in the heck were the wights wandering around mindlessly like zombies? Surely the command they were given was to kill anything living and that order doesn't really coincide with that behaviour in any way. They wouldn't be wandering in a seemingly empty library but running at people (literally). All my opinion ofcourse and the episode was awesome.

damn reapers

that whole fucking bullshit “green eyes blue eyes brown eyes” or whatever it fucking was, is utter piss, those are the three eye colours there is no way it was foreshadowing for her killing the night king, shit writing, shit writers, give them jail time so they can come to their senses

After episode 5 I realized, that more main characters got killed by bricks than by the Night King...

Everything else is perfect but the writing was incredibly bad..

Até o pessoal ai entrega o tempo inteiro o favoritismo q tem com o Jon

Nothing about Theon's death.

38:10 Mass effect 3 leaving earth soundtrack. love this

The crew most feel so shitty when they read dumbasses online shit on the episodes they worked so hard on.

Such great memories were made during the production I bet

38:10 Why are they using Mass Effect music?

All this work so we can barely see anything. Great work!

Okay, that use of Mass Effect 3's 'Leaving Earth' music at 38:08 was just plain CHEEKY! :(

Is that Mass Effect music?

I wish we had a between the scenes with Maisie and Rory

Ser Davos Seaworth survives everything,

The conflict and war against the white walkers deserve at least a half season. Dick and Duck can't even writing well, imagine now with no time to develop a fate that make sense to everything that each character were going through! We already saw the consequece of it, a fantastic show totally destroyed by a horrendous writing.

we need more Kristopher aka Torrmund pls! Ugh gawd why do I find that ginger so damn sexy skdjfgkzxhgjk.hgjk.hzxcg

That was such trash episode..

Dany 35:38 , damn that's so cute

Aitana Elices Yes it's from ME3

+kation no ik I dont blame them in fact I think they did a good job. But really all that hard work from the crew, just to be ruined by the writing. Must feel pretty shitty

Enigma I’m from MB too but you gotta admit, standing around in the middle of the night w that wet cold that we don’t get here when it’s -14 and you have cameras and leather and metal to deal with is pretty shitty. It may get cold as balls here but I prefer a dry cold to that -8 to -18 range where it’s windy and wet

All Peter Dinklage says for this episode and episode 5 is questioning and not understanding the retard writers decisions. He obviously is an incredible actor who sees all the flaws the writers have been wrecking this finale with when as an actor of the show he is flat out honestly questioning issues with the writing like why the fuck would they be in the crypt and why would Tyrion who’s supposed to be a genius keeps fucking up and even goes as far as to betray Varys for no reason getting him killed for treason when he ends up committing an even bigger treason in ep 5 by releasing Jaime

Shouts to whoever threw in the Mass Effect music at the end. You're the real hero of Winterfell.


32:30 No one cares if it seemed right to you. Stop trusting your gut. Your gut is a fucking idiot.


How did Littlefinger get the Dragon Glass & Valyrian Steel dagger??

+Brianna Johnson He bought it maybe?

+Dab Vitor Yes, but how did Littlefinger get it?

Valyrian steel has Dragon Glass

AMAZING drawing Night king check it out

18:35 - Yep totally agree, a frustrating part of the episode.

Wasn’t there a dragon fight in this episode too?

Not Oscar-worthy but not as bad as the writers

Stefan Czerwiński damn shut the fuck up

"Those whites are horrible and I hate them"....I couln't agree with her more (since i know what she really meant)

" must see action", too bad i couldn't see shit -_-

Helms Deep this was not.

Would have been great if i could have seen the episode

yeah we appreciate crew work but we couldnt see shit during the episode so we cant admire your efforts

fucking idiots... millions for your budget but you couldn't get the lighting right.. studied the battle of helm's deep my least in the two towers i still could see what the fuck was going on

It's nice to see some of the episode in colour

Love how you ended this with the death of Jorah Mormont.. how can a man die better .. than facing fearful odds??? Of all the connections on GOT, this one is by far my favorite. A loyal knight for a noble queen... thx, HBO, it's been a bittersweet lullaby..

34:55 What the fuck do you even watch your own show? You literally show the audience how the Night King was created. What the fuck is this.

Honestly, this episode could've done with some military reconsideration. The living deserved to for their terrible defense. There's a lot more than this but oh gosh was the plan & execution horrible.

This was the true finale

“Our jobs are so rough. We had to run around and play make believe like 5 year olds.” If only they had real jobs. Some random guy on YouTube rewrote this entire episode, and arguably did so for the better.

This is the episode we all waited for! At least myself and my friends / fans and fans of the show Even after this series and the final I'm not so interesting. Bravo for the job, the series is unique, certainly entered my list of "best episodes of all the seasons", I have a few favorites, this certainly

To the horde of unhappy self-righteous ungrateful criticising smart-mouth narcissistic C*NTbags.. .. most every one of you trying to leave the most 'badass', most up-voted, most sarcastic negative comment.. dissing a Tv show that's taken TV to somewhere waaayyyy over and beyond the horizon of what used t'be 'T.V', made possible with awesome collaboration, and crammed with talent, blood, ingenuity, tears, sweat, aching limbs and super-human vision by those behind the camera as well as in front. All these people are absolute legends and I bow my head in Respect and Thanks at what they've endeavoured to accomplish, just to entertain pointless little me; a stranger. .. and what thanks do they get?? .. Negative 'critiquing', from untalented individuals I've never heard of (?!) beseeching attention and validation from other untalented individuals I've never heard of, (!!) in an attention-seeking ungrateful comment, written in binary code. Listen to yourselves ?!! IT"S A TV SHOW.. go get your panties in a bunch over the REAL alarming issues going on in this jeopardised world, during your short precious lives. F*ck this generation. !! (sincere Thank you GRRM, D.B / D.B.W, cast, crew and HBO for the most amazing 10 year adventure) * won't be back.. smart-mouth trolls don't bother replying.  Don't like what you see in the mirror I held up to your ungrateful faces?? >> go f*ck yourselves

Who thought the actor of Daenerys was super energetic

And all this beautiful stunt work, for example, Jon moving through the corridor with the wights jumping down through the wood. It appears a lot of extra digital CGI wood and dust falling in front of the camera was added and it totally takes away from watching real stunt guys fall through with real wood in this great long shot. Another poor directorial decision in an episode that's rife with them. Unless I'm incorrect and there's no digital additions, but I'm betting theres no way all of that is practical wood and dust.

uh oh starting 38:10 is the soundtrack from the Mass Effect game, of the BIOWARE company, did GoT pay for rights to put that soundtrack in this video?

This episode is still worst than the end, this was the real killer of the show

It's insane to think 11 weeks of night shoots and it was almost truly for nothing. There wasn't anything "impressive" about this battle sequence. You couldn't see half of it, it had way way too many quick cuts editing-wise to tell (let alone savor) what was going on. The amount of work everyone here put in and the money HBO put in, 15M, only to have it squandered on piss poor direction and much too dark cinematography. And funnily enough I think Sapochnik did a stellar job on The Battle of King's Landing, it was everything this episode should have been. But instead, here he went with just extreme dark, ultra-quick, chaos for the sake of it being ultra-chaotic, which actually distatracts and removes the viewer from what they're watching when they can't tell what's going on, and I feel truly bad for everyone who worked their fucking asses off for it.

38:30 mass effect 3 soundtrack leaving earth


I love these actor people talking about how the hours are soooo brutal. "We had to work at night for 2 months omg..." I've worked 3rd shift for 10 years, you don't hear me bitching about it.

They fucked up the last episode of the season and ruined the whole series for fans. What a waste of time .


The ending Mass Effect music gave me such chills man

Damn, you can see Kit's disappointment. His whole character was built around the White Walkers and Night King arc, only for Dumb & Dumber to give it's conclusion to Arya, who till the last episode was asking Gendry how they were. Smh.

Best battle in movies the last 30 years so far for me , wish got never ended at all

Yes brother

wasted fucking potential

what a fucking asshole

Seasons 1-7: Winter is coming! Season 8: It's actually just a light drizzle. That's weather forecasting for you.

Kristofer Hivju (Tormund) is so fucking likable as a person


Why is the mass effect 3 theme playing towards the end?

Iain Glenn segment at the end was more emotional than entire season

12:30 Why am I hearing Dunkirk soundtrack ???

Using mass effects 3 music at the end there that's a copyright strike right? Lool

This episode was a historical achievement for TV and film-making. Too bad D&D did the entire cast and crew such a huge disservice by being unprofessional, uncaring, and rushed writers after 8 years of build-up. They should never work in Hollywood again for their lack of passion and care.

They should have kept Greyworms F bomb in.

35:00 ....... are u kidding ? :) Im watched this show to figure out but u just ended this story line in this episode xD

The series is more than wonderful but its end made it The worst series and the worst end and evaluate zero From the fatigue of the kingdom he became the last of the spectators and became the king

QUIT BITCHING ABOUT THE WRITING!! The viewers have been so spoiled by how great this show is; that many of you have unrealistic expectations of the final season. The viewers have an emotional connection with the show and it's characters, which is a testament to the great writing, and nothing that the GOT writers did could satisfy everyone. (Much like The Sopranos or Seinfeld, when you have an emotional connection to the show, the ending can never live up to the expectations most people have) It's not like these writers, producers, and directors forgot how to do their jobs. The storyline and character history is so complex, that there is no way to wrap up the story in a tidy manner and have the show still be believable and consistent with tone throughout the previous seasons. Now if we are being honest, admittedly there are a few minor issues/ questions with the plot/writing of season 8, but none of us could have done better. Instead of knit picking every minor "flaw", maybe you should appreciate the artistic masterpiece of what is probably the best show in tv history. You see all the hard work and time that went into these episodes. It's understandable you have an emotional investment in this show; but this constant complaining, on what you admit is probably the best show ever, just comes off like you are a bunch of whiny spoiled brats!!!! Maybe we should be more grateful to the writers and producers for giving us such a wonderful show that brought us joy and enriched our lives!!!

Jorah's death still hurts me

I'll be honest the Arya scenes is what made it an interesting battle for me and unlike any other battles ever done

What is that at 38:12? Is that fucking Mass Effect I hear?

"She coming out no where" :)))) very logical huh...

GOT fans: battle of winterfell would be greater than battle of helm's deep LoTR watching GOT : what a stupid tactical war. You can't fcking place your army outside the wall while you're under siege. The dothraki shouldn't charge first dammit! Use them as a backup. You can't fcking place the archer BEHIND your troops, place the archer on the wall and the troops behind it so when the gate is broken, you could protect the castle.

Im glad they show all the effects and makeup and the whole episode in detail cause when I watched it I didnt see any of it.

Truly incredible. Where are we on solving world hunger?

I don't even know why I bother to watch really

Emilia Clarke is actually so adorable oh my gosh

Night king: I'm the villian Cersei: Hold my elephants Dany:Hold my coffee, would ya.. Meanwhile...... Bran: hold my wheel chair a king!

hi this awesome trailer game of thrones this linke how has some good ideas for girls

Episode 8/3 was good enough for me to end the entire story line. The last three episodes don't matter to me now. This was a great ride... really enjoyed the show. A great story always has great villains and heroes. The best ones have an evil adversary that is impossible to overcome. That is what made this so special to me. I'll watch the rest of it...

This episode is great , rest of episodes of 8 season is sad story We Want more info about Night king and White Walkers , their hierarchy. WTF you didnt make more series , we can had more battles vs undead and white walkers , the material is there retards die pls

Emilia is annoying asf irl

35:18 the whole of season 8. descarga la temporada final por mega en hd

Kit was really fine with it! Kit: I was pissed

Jump out of nowhere fuck the writers fuck arya for fcking my logic curse you all

This episode was great, up there with the best of got. however because the NK was killed and thats it, no more lore, backstory, why, bran doing something,....the episodes is recieved bad

Director's Tip #15: If the script is crap, shoot the entire episode in near total darkness so nobody can see shite.

38:30 Mass Effect 3 says hello! Great music, and great documentary.

Actually dany's reaction to jorah's death was for me one of the worst emilia's performances (not that there was many but if I had to choose one I would say this one)

Viserion's 'fire' could destroy the Wall in a minute but can't go through a brick wall or a pile of dead bodies? I don't understand, even if he's wounded. And 2 episodes later Drogon is shown destroying the Red Keep and castle walls like nothing...

they did all this but they cant have a Dead stark come back from the dead? what?

Awsome movies i cant wait im hungry and might you too if you want to cook spaghetti pls check on this link on how to prepare in the kichen. i do it everyday It was yam

Even cast of Dany getting mad lmao

Miguel sapochnik

It's amazing the work they put into each episode! what is more amazing is the shitty thanks they got from the fans because they didn't get EXACTLY what they wanted! We can all probably agree that they rushed this season too much but they should not be getting boycott bullshit from assholes who know nothing about the labor and man hours that goes into making all of this for us! Ungrateful shits is what you are.

I think season 8 was not scripted in the normal game of thrones awesome standards but for the number of episodes they had I think what they did with this episode was really good in terms of battle. My only criticism is that Samwell should have died and Bran should have done something or tried even if he failed so that he would at least try to use his powers in a useful way.

I know i'm late to this party, but I've only just caught up. Shame my TV is so old and rubbish that i couldn't see anything that was happening. It really took the edge off things for me and was in no way tense or exciting. Guess that just what i get for not moving with the times and choosing to watch something filmed with cutting edge technology that couldn't be correctly displayed on a great many devices. Oh well, lesson learned. Earn more money, buy better stuff. Kind of strange though, huh. Surly you'd want as many people as possible to view your art, so would make it accessible to as many people as humanly possible, right? Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa in a medium that couldn't be viewed by many people and then blamed them. Or am i over thinking it?

Arschfick Arschfick Arschfick

Wie wäre es wenn ich dein enges Arschloch durchvögel und dir anschließend in dein Gesicht spritze?

Really BAD decision to film it so dark.

Near death video caught on tape. Video link:

Why dont u show where they were all naked

Killed the night king just so they could make Dany the villain

s8.his shit

Jorah really was the most loyal character!

It's interesting how many fans claimed that Jon was distracting Viserion so Arya could get into the Godswood, but there is no mention of it here. If that was the intention of the writers, surely they would say so. RIP fan theories.

Where is Jamie

It's Melisandre NOT Mee-san-day. Jeez he doesn't even know the character name he's working on. What can we expect from such a Dumbass no wonder he f&cked up the whole season so hard.

Maisie is awesome. :D

HBO kinda forgot about the lighting department.

36:25 when Arya and Night King High-Five

I hoped these behind the scenes videos would fill the void smh

I'll take a mass effect HBO series now. We won't even have to deal with this shit storm of 'off books' ---- it's all there on a gold plate practically begging for a tv adaption. Do it HBO --- you'll make a zillion dollars if you do it right.

Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack when the reapers invaded Earth, I love it! Only the Mass Effect veterans will know.

@Brianna Johnson He bought it maybe?

@Dab Vitor Yes, but how did Littlefinger get it?

I don't know why you guys are commenting your critiques here. This is focused on the production of the episode, not the writing.

watched 2 times already .sitting for hours while watching will make us feel tired so do a lot of exercise like this

this video is them sucking their own dicks

circa 38:05 "My name is Commander Mormont, and this is my favorite scene in the entire show." Time for a discount, anyone?

Imagine You do all this work and people just start hating it

When you feel dumb and dumber than the writers for investing your youth in college years when we discussed what will happen next and how it will end...but now I feel cheated. I hope the writers choke to death like Cersei's boy!


I starred as Daenerys on P ornHub. Find me YannyYummy. I will be glad


38:09 Mass Effect 3 feat GOT

38:10 Mass Effect 3 soundtrack.

33:35 Everyone is going to die right now,YOU KNOW THEYRE NOT! Oh fuck off

When your main characters arc are complete but they havent 7km thick plot armor

The dead wants to become smarter so they calmly walking around searching encyclopedias in the library to study human languages


I know the writers want to make the plot that is different from what people expect. I understand that. I just would love to see Jon have a solo fight with Night King. If Jon wins, everybody is happy. If Jon loses (beat up but not dead), the Night King can just smile evilly, reanimate the dead and have them finish him (as in the episode). I think this is the best for both world (audience and writers). My point is Jon gets to fight The Night King, that would be a scene to remember.

Arya gave the dagar to Sansa in the beginning but she killed the night king with same !??

I know a bunch of crying cunts

They look so proud of what they've done. Wish we were that happy too.


My favorite ep in season 8

38:26 mass effect 3 theme aye

the dislikes on this video are so stupid, if you dont like the writing, everything else is a 10/10 and you only see those things here.

Is it me or are these BTS videos better than the documentary they made.. I found that real boring tbh

Well they supposedly got inspiration from Helm's Deep for this battle, and they certainly got to experience a similar thing with several weeks of night shoots.

37:08 ummmmm episode 5?

Justification for the terrible delivery of NK's death: "Just didnt feel right" Bruh, atleast have Jon in there, that's the whole point of the entire series.

These people, cast and crew alike, filmed like heroes. I just wish that we could have seen some of it, instead of having to settle for their shadows.

bella ramsey is really cute!

Incroyable !

best loser game ts

Anybody else notice the supermarine theme from Dunkirk between 12:20 and 12:45?

Game of thrones season 8 review

one thing i fellow in love with was the fucked scene and shoots, the suspense created was remarkable learning that your protagonist are battling for their last. Guy you the masters of suspense WOW.

Tbh this is an episode I, in itself, actually like. I found it very exciting and the battle was beautifully constructed. I think if we look aside the expectations from the rest of the series and the build-up itself, I really like watching it.

And Jorah said: "I should go."

Season 1-7 , Game of thrones Season 8 , Game of Trash

I thought this episode was great. Most epic and spectacular episode in the show. Love it or hate it but you gotta admit that. Especially the music and cinematography is amazing.

everyone all butt hurt about season 8... yes season 8 was different....but they told our asses 2 years ahead of time...... and everyone wated to think " 2 hour long episodes" but it was more like 3 episodes per movie, and 2 movies...... was the season...... and when I saw season 8 and I still see it later, its STILL good.... by season 8 I am too invested to pretend I didn't like it lol.....

nice one cant wait for this, but now i want to hear good music just click this link guys..... for the top 10 100 songs..

3:32 that wasn’t acting, Kit really killed that guy

Fuck off

Jort Manshanden You do realize there is no "story" without the writing, right? Or do you just watch movies and TV for the pretty lights? Yes, everyone BUT the writers were great, entire season is still shit though.

what the...


Leaving Earth - Mass Effect 3

and after that episode they gave up with the good story telling and decided to randomly make the heroe turn into the villain without a reason and kill the villain of immediately since they dont have time left

I love these "behind the scene" shots. I am always impressed with the ingenuity, dedication, and skill of the crews involved as well as the number of people required to make everything look real. No wonder this series was so costly to produce. I'll wager that all of these folks will have their participation on Game of Thrones as the first item on their resume'.

We want all season of game of thrones in hindi

came just for mass effect 3 song

how about we build a massive trench and put it behind all the troops. That makes a lot of sense because it is doing a lot more work behind than in front

complete waste of money and effort, no one could see much of anything even after changing the TV settings. I feel sorry for the wasted effort people put in. Worst show ever.

The show lives through the music... and not a single mention of Ramin Djawadi throughout the entire making-of series?

In LOVE with her now ❤️ 39:12

Hearing Mass Effect 3 Leaving Earth soundtrack give me chills. :)

The product unfortunately was poor and almost unwatchable. Simply impossible to tell what was going on. There was no shape, continuity or structure. It was also simply just too dark. It was honestly put a balls up.

Episode 3 was like OMG........ The writers fucked up 7 years of buildup just for the sake of subverting expectations

Too bad we couldn’t see jack shit

38:10 It's,it's... SHEPARD

Man I felt that mass effect 3 soundtrack jeez rip JORAH what is dead may never die !

Everything about this was amazing EXCEPT FOR D&D and the WRITING

I think Tyrion or Jaime was should azhorAhai because tyrion killed his love and everytime Jaime save All people...... Arya chapter connects with not with night king

Weiss says that the people working on this episode gave them something that “no amount of money could ever buy.” Did the showrunners have some kind of frontal lobotomy at some point in the last few seasons but didn’t tell anyone? The things they say are stupid as what they write. Everyone who worked on this, _worked_ on this episode, was paid specific amounts of money in exchange for products and services. I get what he _means_ to say, but it’s such a stupid way to put it.

You know what would have been epic is Arya and Jon fighting against the night king together and the night king would almost overpower them both in strength and with Jon's and Arya's skills they both kill him with their Valyrian steel weapon at the same time !!! That would truly have been epic


"We'll bang, ok"

Dk if it’s just me? but I loved the last season

Arya and the nightking... ugh. This is Game of Thrones not the Starwars prequels with over-the-top one-liner style tryhard 'slick' combat of characters leaping through the air then do some stupid drop and catch with her weapon. The last poncey fighter rightfully got his eyes pushed in and his head exploded. GOT was visceral and brutal, fights are about survival not trying to look 'cool' to 12 year olds so you can sell action figures. Further, Arya killing the nightking was a horrible choice. I love her, but her path was the Names, getting revenge on the PEOPLE who wronged her and assassinating them as retribution, not being some uber-ninja mary sue girl power idol.

38:10 that's the theme from Mass Effect 3

Everything is perfect , the sound , the costume , the acting , the music , the visual effect , I respect all these people who worked hard for this greet show , but , im sorry , the script is a shit !

What if they teamed up with the deads and take the iron throne

After the Game of Thrones ending those two men should never get a job writing TV shows ever again.

All that time and money D&D still couldn’t finish the storyline worth

How did the red woman light the dotraki swords?

Girls never kicked ass in battle; now get in the kitchen and make me my dinner!

It was a great ending to a very weak season. At least the Starks got all the power. I hated Dany so I'm glad she didn't win shit lol

18:36 Peter Dinklage should have wrote this episode


@Dawningx she's a priest she can do magic. Its GOT

I honestly wanted to know...

Is Daenerys ok in the last Game of Thrones show.

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