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hohooo Today I feel very energetic, very nice day to do the cleaning. Welcome to our channel guys! I'm Hatice hahaha Did you start? - Yes I started. Hahahaha I'm very energetic today I feel so great By the way, Myung is doing puzzles here As you can see - I'm not ready. We have things to do at home, guys. I have one kid at home hahaha but he's not ready at all 5 minute Okay be quick I burst out with a sudden energy As you can see, I wore a comfortable thing to do cleaning. I want to do the cleaning. I'll do the cleaning , yes you know it right.

You heard it right. Anyway, today is our video.. Vlog video so guys I wanted to spend time with you Actually I don't want to shoot videos, you know why? Because we always do the same things Every time.. Everyone's doing the same things so everybody's bored I'm very bored too We didn't want to vlog just because you would get bored while watching, but We also get so many comments from Instagram and YouTube that you want vlogs more Because of this We decided to shoot some more videos I gather the house yesterday and I organized But at sahur time A few There are dirty dishes as you can see This is Myung's masterpiece guys now we are looking Anyway don't show here, show here As you see He put the beans on the stove and left it like this Now who will clean this of course, I will clean it up, let's see together , how I will clean it ? I'll wash those too Look at me Let me clean up here, okay? Oh how will do I remove it ? (food stain in the pot) Then we do something He always makes me scared like that ... Hi guys! Welcome to our channel My energy is high today and the weather is very nice Who will remove it? What happened? - this stain is not removed So it hasn't even softened Today's topic, how is this house .. How do we clean our stuff? I did this as an example , like this Hahaha yes as an example, wait stop - For example I polluted like this. Guys as an example, he polluted it, as you can see. Look, it hasn't even softened

How will we do that? - Look guys I was sitting inside yesterday, okay? He was making videos on Myung , we put this on the stove to heat it Look, this is the topic today, cleaning items, how to clean ... Anyway, after that we put this. He went to relax a little bit tired to when make this video he came inside and lay beside me. He said get me up in half an hour Smells coming. I didn't even think about it, I didn't even feel it After that As you can see, he did it as an example, let's wet it again in hot water Think how to remove this stain I have baking soda - Do you think it will work? I have baking soda I put this in the pot Like this one - guys, let me tell this baking soda story too. I went to my mothers and stayed there , because I had to stay there that day because of the lockdown. Before I went to my mothers, I said I will not wear this shoe, it smells so bad.

I will put the vinegar. What is this? I put vinegar The smell is very bad... Show here , show here As you can see, this Wow Do you like it ? - yes Now , this Need fire Wait stop Wait stop stop , not now Fire Oh, fire that pot like this We will heat it on the stove Let's Near - quickly To whom do you say do it quickly??? I'm kidding of course Became a new product haha Haha yes I'm opening the stove Uh the fire just rose Close the lid on the pot.. We'll make the pot stand for a while Boiling. Me That I folded Let's put in the laundry and then vacuum this place.

But before I sweep I wonder if he can do it , let's look Let me , I will look Beautifully.. - yeah, you did it well, baby. We will eat this evening - uhh you're disgusting I'm looking now, take a look at this layer ! Come here, why are you doing it there? In tiny narrow place. Why to yourself .. You torment yourself..

My dear pot is ruined You owe me the pots It didn't go, look, it became very clean.. Okay then I'll vacuum the house, okay? - okay One minute By the way, when will we post this video? On Friday? - Yes. So on eid May your feast be blessed guys! :) Have a nice holiday Aa yes Money. - uh you? give me gimme hahahah No no , I didn't accept this May your feast be blessed guys , I hope you see more beautiful holidays With your loved ones, in a healthy way, health is most important To your family, friends, everyone .. God give health Let's see beautiful days, let's see many holidays together May your feast be blessed already now. Because we're gonna post this video on Friday, right?

So of course we want to go to our family and spend the Feast with them. But of course we can't go to my family because of the lockdown, anyway - what happens during Ramadan feast? Desserts being made for guests in Ramadan feast - for example, sacrifice an animal for god in Eid al-adha We celebrate Ramadan because Ramadan is over We celebrate these auspicious days of Ramadan - Will children come to us then? I don't know. I bought candy and chocolate for children, but I guess they won't come. - We have a lot of chocolate, come on. Hahaha so...

Or we'll eat if you don't come Do not come. It happend like that... Yeah Line occurred in the pot .. - Let me see Aaa it's not a problem It is not a problem because it is steel. Well done, my love, you have done it very well! This place is also finished and cleared But I forgot that..

Got better now By the way, do you remember that? my flowers.. The flowers myung brought to me, I dried them. They still smell good My lovely husband I'm gonna tidy this place up, clean it up I'll sweep more precisely I will wipe the floors Can you tidy up your table? Wait a minute, I need to take care of here first My lovely husband ... uh haha I'm imitating you , my lovely wife - what ! You are very hardworking, yes. Here too. Good job !

I didn't forget your feast allowance Yes yes yes gone. Okay enough. Okay enough. Is that all? Kiss me kiss me I look like lazy. I will do I will do.

Shall we show you the items we were satisfied in our house? You are already asking a lot me There are many who already know this But they ask a lot about the sofa bed. Where did you get the bed? - Yeah Is that that bed? Yeah this bed We bought it from IKEA. The bed of the cedar bearing sponge I don't know Trendyol is a .. I don't know the brand but we can find it, okay then we add it too There What are you asking..

You asking about the spice set The set of spice .. Spice stand I bought from Ikea The jar of my spice , I bought many kinds I bought it from home stores , like this For example, I bought 3 of them from one place and 8 of them from one place. So mixed like that I don't have a website I bought but if I see it on the internet I think there are in trendyol I will leave a link This to you I highly recommend the steaming apparatus And this flour sieve I highly recommend it also My , garlic Garlic crusher So wonderful, a complete savior And because it makes it a lot of fun, I definitely recommend it. There There's a puzzle that Myung continues piece piece See I have seedlings here I will look I bought green onions I'll plant a lot of green onions I bought parsley, I'll plant parsley like this, small Actually not small much There are hot peppers hanging down like this Mothers, sisters, aunts know well, pepper hot and so thin I forgot your name, that pepper Was it the pepper looking down? I guess it was something like that, then there is basil here. I love it! There is also one basil here, even 2 , 2 2 4 We got curly lettuce here like this Usually this curly lettuce in Korean food ..

Eating.. Korean people is love it much They consume it with meat or something instead of bread. After that where.. balcony table set So small.. this to me One of my sister gave it as a gift, I love it, my sister bought it for us. I put this link on Trendyol. I also think about it, it is on top of this because these have a growing number to grow.

Even if I do something like this up to here at the level of this I think I can make something like this here, that is, to put a flowerpot. How do you think? I think it will be great My lovely husband It smells very nice Garlic I've never done anything. - Garlic garlic What are you going to do for dinner? The food is from Myung today. What are you going to cook today? Myung will do something, it was a Thai style meal Not so. Hold the phone to me There is oil, red peppers, green peppers and garlic, stop here for a minute.

Wow it smells good. - It smells very nice. I fry them in oil. What will you do next? - Then Ooo very good fragrance! I'm hungry, I wish I could send you the scent I wish I could send the scent We also have ground beef, which we bought in advance. uh will you use it? Like this , okay? So hot. Now I'm doing it on the big fire. - Big fire is important, so?

So , small small Wowww what are you doing my lovely husband ? Don't spend even one Myung is very careful about this Myung doesn't like waste at all I'm mixing We prepare eggs like this. The rice is over. What are you doing? Let's bon appetit, try it, let's see how? Let's try it how? hahhaha is it delicious? Okay let's eat I'm so hungry. Guys, I definitely recommend this juice brand, it's not really an advertisement - Ancora The name of the juice is ancora And it really tastes like pure Not much sugar It is completely natural, yes, the fruit has its own sugar or something. Really beautiful.

My favorite cherry My favorite aroma of fruit juice is cherry Cherry I couldn't tell So. For juice lovers, I suggest you try this brand. Hahahahaha For some reason you think Myung is calling me guys haha He saw me calling me, right? Let's see anyway Myung is calling me, I'm coming hahhahaha I knew He wants dessert right after dinner Officially a Turkish man - But I don't eat much while I eat For example, after eating, he immediately wants a dessert like baklava - I reserve a place for dessert. In my stomach - Okay, close the curtain behind you There is space for dessert here.

Okay close the curtain behind you You know that Myung never closes the curtains Usually I close the curtains And I get annoyed at this too, look Look, it's supposed to be here but there's no curtain here Look I'm closing now It shouldn't be that hard Here too It's over Let's watch a movie, horror movie Yes Time for the movie. Happy feast to all of you, my favorite feast chocolate Ece ( brand name ) This is for you May your feast be blessed Are you scared? - No Liar Nope. No, I don't want to watch movies with you anymore, my God ... Please wake up Open your eyes I will turn on the light He always does this ... Doing so.

My Baby You dressed like a baby. You dressed like a baby. There is one game Myung was always playing , so I wanted to play with him Now Myung brought his computer to the hall for me And me too We will add me and play together, anyway, how am I going to play now? Now we're off the plane so like PUBG You are following me, okay? next to me Okay now I can't go anywhere, already hahaha very funny Wait, how's the run? aaa I died! what are you doing!! Kill it kill it ahahahahah Why don't you wait for me from behind? why are you going now? Take the eggs out of the fridge 2 - Yes With sausage or bacon? Make bacon too - Okay make that too. Don't you want tomato? Should I chop one? Okay, if there is a cucumber, chop the cucumber too I'll make the corn snack from the previous video We don't do much but that , because we haven't done it for a long time But this Don't put too much butter in corn Okay Sahur is ready. Guys, we prepared our Sahur. Good sahur, good iftar to all of you or Whenever you watch, good morning or good evening, take care of yourself haha See you in our next videos! bye :)

2021-05-19 04:04

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