Futurocoin Business Presentation - Compensation Plan

Futurocoin Business Presentation - Compensation Plan

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Hey. Guys so I'm, gonna up just upload the. Presentation. For future, oh so, that. Is the blockchain. Crypto, coin that future, net is releasing, so. In this initial, presentation they're, going through the. Compensation, plan how it works the cloud mining, packages. So. Take a look I kind of fast forwarded right to the. Rates. Of the explanation, of the, actual, plan, itself, because there was a whole bunch of, talk on the Macao. Event so guys take a look I. Will. Be purchasing, some cloud mining packages. Definitely. It's. Going to be an interesting coin, because they do have some of the big. Exchangers. Like bit Bay behind it that's, important, because if you create your own coin you know you have to be able to sell it you, know exchange it for other, crypto. Coins or for, actual fiat, currency, if you want to use that to. You. Know pay your bills you know make a living so check, out the presentation, there. Should be some more coming out soon but this is the initial, one. Let's. Talk about the, futur coin and give you some more insight to, how that all works how. Technology. Works behind. Sakura. So, the. First thing that happened was of course we, don't have a coin on this we have an exchange there. Are too many companies, out there that are pretending. To have coins are talking, about having coins next. Year or another 18 months err manana manana, manana, manana ladies, and gentlemen you know this is a real company, and we, have a real blockchain, and a real coin and to. A fair to get that we need the exchange, platforms. To accept, our point without, that acceptance, there's no point out on the coin if you, can't spend it if you can't use it who needs it who wants it ladies, and gentlemen on stage, in front, of 5,000. People. Physically. And maybe, 20,000. People online we. Witnessed, one of the big, cryptocurrency, exchanges. On the planet certainly. One of the top 20 if not the top 10 exchange. Currencies, on the planet certainly in Europe maybe one of the biggest we're, the owner got. On stage and said we have audited. Future, net blockchain. We, have looked at their white papers, we have examined, their code and we, accept, this so long as a, bona fide a legitimate, cryptocurrency, gasps that, was fantastic five. Thousand, people got excited because, we've been accepted, now, since not let me tell you what else has happened we, now have another, big, exchange probably. In the top four in the world none. Other than bit tricks guys ladies and gentlemen we're currently negotiating. They. Have our white papers, they're looking at our code it's, all, indications, are telling us that number four matrix, will, also accept, this now, what's going to happen here ladies and gentlemen is we're, going to be on many exchanges because, as soon as the word gets out as, soon as people understand, that, a community, of two million people are, interested, in this coin then. Everybody, wants a piece of the action we're. Going to get more exchanges, coming to us and say hey can we can, we offer your coin in our exchange, can we have a look at your code can be able look at your white paper let's. Do business because these guys make money on volume, of transactions. On on, transaction. Fees they, want part of the business so that's great news guys we're almost ready to run with two or three exchanges from. Day, one fine fantastic, news in fact I believe Stefan has phone calls with big tricks direct as recent. As yesterday and, that's. All the progression, please, remember it does, take, a little bit of time. There's no point saying it doesn't because it's.

A Bit like, we. Need to build the car, before. We can add the fuel okay, so we built the car we built the blockchain we're ready to go future, NEX ready to go ready to roll up in Macau. But. The exchanges. Need the car before they can add their fuel they need our blockchain, to make their computer, systems see our system, they need to look at our wallets they need to integrate. I think, it's called API technology. That they integrate the systems and when the exchange is ready we. Offer you the ability to get, your packages, start, the mine we, said from day one we. Said when we go live you, will have it on the exchange you've been to spend it or exchange, it that's, what we're going to do we're, not going to do with these other companies say buy a package, and start mining, a fictitious coin no you're getting a real coin that you can spend or you can exchange this, is digital, money this is Bitcoin, 2.0. This is the next big one guys and, you better not miss the wave and let me tell you there's a lot of technologies. And a lot of technicals. Goes behind a cryptocurrency and, in fact one, of the confusing things, for people is the wallets, and how it all works we're, gonna make it that simple we're, gonna have an exterior wallet, we're gonna have an interior, wallet, the, coins will come to your interior wallet, and from your interior, wallet, you, will get these coins every, single minute, I have packaged get the coin when, you have the coin in your cunt, you then can say what you want to do it you want to keep it and hold it for a better price you, want to spend it on that on there on the exchange do you want to spend it in a, merchant, shop I'm going to top it with that in just a moment because we, have some exciting news we have some great stuff we're working on where you will be able to use this patrol, to, buy coffees, to buy in fact anything you want in the world it's very very, very, exciting. We're all going to do it through an application, on your phone on your Android, or your smartphone we're, a digital wallet you. Can move the money between members, and there's. Some great benefits with fukuro. You see you have to say what, is the difference between this coin in another coin let me tell you some, unique feature one. Of the best features is we, will not, change. The. Transaction. Fee, based. On the the, size of the transaction in other words if you were to send me $1 or. $10. Or $100. Or a thousand, or a million dollars doesn't matter there. Is a fixed. Fee regardless of, the size of the transaction now, this is exceptional. In the world of cryptocurrency, next. Thing we have the security of its, master, notes run from different locations all over, the world this, keeps the, technology, running at all times, if, one note is done it just doesn't affect the system we, have special. Places. In 8 different parts of the world in Asia and Europe even United, States where, we can run these master. Nodes to keep the network's, truth to keep the integrity of a network and to keep it strong and secure. Security. Is the, key and we will have the best security, in this, industry, let me tell you point number 3, imagine. We can do a transaction. In four, seconds, or less, I think, about that four, seconds, or less. It's. Nothing criminal my, understanding, from Bitcoin it may take up to 10 minutes to, even one hour before, a transaction, has been verified and, this is a little bit difficult for a coffee shop but you might have to wait 10 minutes or an hour for your coffee guys, for second, transactions, means we commit, this, coin, the currency. That people use the digital currency that's, accepted, in the most accepting.

Points This is, special. You'll learn more about this as we roll it up but it's absolutely. Fantastic no we're. Going to do some training, tonight, just. Before this webinar we get a quick overview you, probably get a recording, of that if you didn't see it live but, we're going to do a more detailed one next week we're, going to do some flip chart presentations. We're gonna do some tutorials, on how. To mine, a coin how to open your wallet how to transfer, a coin how, to use the exchange all of this is coming, ladies, and gentlemen the old expression, is rome, wasn't, built in a day I can, tell you a future net I've been working, on this project for, more than 12 months there's. Other companies work, on these projects for one month until I die. Stop that's not business you cannot start, it in one month we, have done, it better, with. What we believe we've got a good better than the rest, we ticks fantastic. Ideas, make, them simpler do them better that's all we do we take social, media we make it simpler we make you money on social media we, easy to do it's very simple, we improve, existing, systems, and we believe with our new technology with, our blockchain, this, is going to be exceptional. For ordinate people to change their, lives of. Course you already know there are seven packages, available you learn up from some of our earlier, presentations. You can get started from as little as a, hundred daughter lady, and gentleman we, have left the door open for, everyone. You, know to get a Bitcoin, today is gonna cost you ten thousand dollars plus one Bitcoin guys, we can get you into the market here for very little money to, mind your own cryptocurrency, and, if, you can exchange this to Bitcoin at your, wealth packages, from a hundred right up to twenty-five thousand, I also want to say on this presentation, we, have business, people already looking at multiple. Packages, to, hire red, guys's exceptional. The more packages, the more pressure on the cloud the, more pressure on the mining we can drive that price, up we. As a community dictate. The price of the coin it's, to do with supply and demand let me tell you this how, much supply, do you think is available of, material. And day one how much supplies available. How. Much supply is available not very, very, good how much demand is there for two that, demand, is high so. When the demand is high and the coin is not available, the, price can only go one way I'm here, as a. Financial, advisor I don't have a crystal ball but, I want you to work with me on this guys please, hold. Your coin as long as you can when, we keep the supply tight top, is the price it's gotta go one way so, very. Very exciting, times we put a create a lot of wealth with these packages please start saving up please, start reserving some of your income from, any of the other opportunities with, our company start putting away some money ready. To buy the package with we glue online with and that's, going to be very very. Soon. As I said the marketing plan training you're, gonna learn that from our tutorials, and from our videos we'd be recording, some this last two or three days we're. Doing some more tomorrow and, we roll them up a little bit at a time we will drip feed the network the information. You need it another, thing some people were asking was what about the prizes that were given for those, people that qualify to. Win the BMW. We, run a promotion running. Right up to the event it's, not over the promotions over and some. Lucky winner very, very soon is going to be the recipient, of another. BMW. We. Also are giving away some.

Trouble Huh just to the value off three thousand dollars each so we're going to fire up your winners there we're giving away three Rolex, watches yes those those, people that rolled up their sleeve, qualified. For this we're, going to have a lottery, for this coming, up very very soon, no let, me tell you why did it not happen at my car probably, heard of, how is the capital, gaming, center of Asia, it's, the Las Vegas of the, East and we. Do not have a lotteries, license, or a gambling, license actually. Could. Use a lot of it so we didn't know that at the time so we, took the best advisors, okay we, run the promotion, and then immediately after, the event we can do it in a country where we are allowed to do this so very very soon you get details, it's going to be a live video stream with, you I can. Watch the results like maybe, you are the winner of a BMW, or maybe, you are a winner of a Rolex or a Harley but we have ten other prizes and, anybody think with the other ten prices were, if. You don't know the answer to that question, you. Don't know future net oh, you're. Not taking future that serious no I'm going to set it again we. Give away home of these we give away a car we give it roulette but we give away ten more prizes for this promotion can, you tell me what it is. You. Don't know what it is you're, not paying attention to future net because these prizes could. Be even better than the BMW, ladies and gentlemen we're giving away ten, people, get a Bitcoin age now. When we run this promotion, art that Bitcoin was worth about four or five thousand dollars today it's ten thousand dollars plus by, the time they get it it might be $12,000. Ladies and gentlemen what. Is a Bitcoin hits forty thousand dollars for a hundred thousand dollars that. Was the prize was. That not enough to get you to take action for you to qualify for that, because. These other awards, at this company we are changing, life in fact, we don't change life do you know who changes lives you. Change, your life you, change your life by the decision, you make and by the action, you take your. Success, is based on one decision are. You doing it are you not yep. How do people on the webinar have. You your team on the webinar will, you on the last webinar will, it be on the next webinar where, you at the conference yeah. Everything. Is small repeated, action, little tiny actions, I want to tell you this on top. Earners are. On this call are top earners we're in Mikado the people, that are making money are taking, these small simple. Decisions, guys. Success, leaves, clues look. What the successful people are doing and cope with it that's it look, what successful, people do I'm copying it in fact you can copy them better you can do it faster, you can do it better and you could be anybody. I think. This lady's different I think future. Names biggest earner has. Never heard the word future net before I think the top earners in our company haven't even find out about a chef and that person, could be in your team roll, their sleeves up, get busy, take action guys because, we have a new year starting very very soon not, as at time as we come to the end of the year to be start preparing our goals establishing. Our New Year's activity, but, don't. Start new here start today not, too long today, today write a list today get on the phone today get, the recording, start, learning, the presentation. You need to, listen you, need to be in future. Net you. Need to get into future net for future net to get out of you you know you've got to absorb, yourself. In. Future, net to become part of it and then, it becomes effortless if you, do a little bit this week and nothing. For an our next. Week and another are the next week guys that's fine that's some people up that you, want to change your life absorb. Yourself in. The material absorb, yourself in the network and then it becomes effortless effortless. Every day it's, not like work you don't have to think about it it flows, from you, naturally, and that's, what it was effortless living. Effortless. Unlimited, life that is our low. Now I want to tell you again we, have a small, window of opportunity to change your life again, and that's, with 54. Chiral. Every. Royal, the. Joints between now and the 7th of January still has that opportunity for. 50 futur, I want, you to think about this. Imagine. Imagine. That. In the next three to five years. We. Get a fatir, o to the same vertical to, 10%, of the value of a Bitcoin now. Bitcoin started with just a few miners, a few, online technology. Came just a handful and it, took them from 2009.

Until Now to, get a Bitcoin. From $0.10, right up to wherever, it is today over $10,000. Imagine. The community of two million people what we could do with secure imagine. With a marketing, arm and marching with the education. We give you imagine. How, we make this easy do, you know the guys have started in Bitcoin, they, have to be intelligent, they, needed to understand, software, they need to understand, code they needed to answer algorithms. They needed computer. Stuff, guys, wait a minute for outreach people easy you need to know nothing buy, a package, the coins come but, imagine Austin community if we can drive the price of this coin to, one tenth, of the price of a Bitcoin today you. Know much it for two rupee worth then hypothetically, night, I don't have a crystal ball on hypothetically. If, we drive this to the 10%. Off the, price of a Bitcoin today, Victoria. Would be a thousand dollars and if. You got 50, material. For becoming royal that's. A $50,000. Gift guys you're not mining, these coins these coins are, reserved. For you these are a gift, from the company for, being an early pioneer, for, helping, us create this community, this is a reward from the company know most. Of you I'm sure are royal if you're not go, see a doctor right but, if you, are royal, think, about who else can you help who. Do you know with your, parents like this gift of 50 footer with your best friend with people work you need to start introducing runs, between now and the seventh because you're going to get another five, coins, for, introduction. You do and, if you roll that out through your team the final bonus will be for, every, member in your team that's royal let's say you have 10 Royals, on your team that's another 10 point let's say you have 100 to, your team that's another 100 point so you have the chance not to roll, up your sleeves to build this fences to get the best job done for you and your, family, I can't, stress this enough guys this is probably the most important, slide okay so go do that go enjoy, yourselves with future net absorb, yourself between now and the. New year I wish, you all a very very, successful, future, with us here at the chiral now what I'd like to do just say goodnight, from myself but also say goodnight from our CEO and owner our visionary founder mr. skeptic morgenson maybe, you could wrap up the call for a staff yes yes yes thank, you thank you thank you very much support we are so happy to help you anymore because no power this is exactly. Because. The. Most people are doing the business at home. And. I. Know in the old style network we get this, power of the, team every. Week. Every. Month. And. All, the time we are traveling, to go to meetings because 27. Years ago 20 years ago that was the only way, now. The. Way is you sitting at home somebody said in the condition somebody sit into or somebody, said maybe the. Car whatever you joined, this this very much but, this power for mister you I, hope, you feel my passionate, my power to it.

Anywhere. In my car then anyway. But. This is you. Paul bring down one example when we have 10% of the Bitcoin that. 54. To request would be $15,000, imagine. When we have one. Just. One. Do. You have a calculator, so. They did the Bitcoin is 11,000. Let's. Let's make it around we make 10,000, and 1%, is $100. And when you have 50 coins it is a very very very simple for the calculation, yeah you. Wanna is like. Up with is a royal by yourself when you are not and then. Really, think about who. Else can, you help. When. We speak in MLM, when we speak in multi-level. Marketing, in network month we always speak about helping. Other people, and. Even, when they don't want to sponsor somebody they, should be loyal before, seventh, power general, ladies. And gentlemen it's always a pleasure to speak with you today. We had a short training we will we, will upload all the webinars tomorrow, on the platform and next, week I'll invite, you to the next training, where we go deeper. In the. Details. Of the marketing plan and of, course we we, our by ourselves can't wait, to to. Start with the photo or network because we are so excited about everything but you will, we. Will inform you when it when the time is right one, time one set, for my site to the big mix core we had yesterday the core and for, sure we, will be on the bitwixe platform to they're, only checking the white paper the code and we know that everything is fantastic. So, they will accept us they want to work together with us and not only in the, currency. Industry, we have spoken. Yesterday, about other. Projects. Which we want to handle together, so imagine, one. Of the biggest. And. Most successful. Cryptocurrency. Exchanger. Speaks. Together with this future that this, is the Champions. League where we are playing now can. You imagine where we go in the next year it's just in case you don't understand, let's. Say these exchanges. Are already. Operating. Aetherium litecoin. Bitcoin, and, all of a sudden all of a, sudden, Sakura. Pops up on their website they. Have a community, outside, our network that. Says hey what's going on what's this and all. Of a sudden pressure, comes on more demands for the coin comes on the system what do you think that goes to our price guys, I wouldn't be think of a bow and arrow we. Held the bone out for one year like this yeah we've. Been developing it then. We were talking about mikado makka makka Tomoko, you thought it was coming to Macao yeah. We now have four weeks to bring the power and. This. Is what's going to happen you have a chance to pull back your corner, and put, a wrapper through your finances, with future, net this is the big one don't, miss, it. Was. The best. Guys. See, all of you thank. You Miss Newport and all, the best for you guys bye-bye thank, you.

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