Future additions to The Hurt Business on WWE Raw? Naomi, Byron Saxton, Jey Uso to join MVP's group?

Future additions to The Hurt Business on WWE Raw? Naomi, Byron Saxton, Jey Uso to join MVP's group?

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The hurt business, the latest. Stable, on monday night raw, at the moment, it currently, involves. Uh the real united, states champion, mvp, he's not of course the real united states champion at the moment he's just. Uh worcester for a self-proclaimed. United states champion at the moment. Um. Also includes bobby lashley, and as we saw monday night on raw, the 24, 7 champion. Shelton, benjamin, i must say i'm, a massive. Massive fan. Of them using shout and benjamin. Just at all because they haven't been using him recently, that's, really nice to see and uh the booking of bobby lashley recently, i've been a big fan of i think he's been, booked over the last, three or four months the best he's been booked since he returned, to wwe, in 2018, he's not bending over flexing his glutes. He's not doing double bicep pose he's not have leah rush out and lashley lashley hasn't got lana. In his corner screaming, and going crazy, and having weddings, and having people jump out of cakes and, anything like that it's just been bobby lashley you look at the look at the man, bobby lashley, should be booked as a monster. And that's exactly how he's been booked, since he's aligned himself with mvp, so, i really also like the name. Of the stable i think the name. Um the hurt business, is just a great name, and i've seen some people say well it's just. It's just a it's just a replica, of. Of the beatdown, clown from, impact wrestling, back in the day and yeah, maybe, but, look it's a staple, it's furniture. I'm i'm a big fan of having staples on the show anyway i think having groups in, uh professional, wrestling is, you go back to the peak of the 90s. The groups, really, were, driving the needle yes you had steve austin and yes you had the rock but you had, the nwa, you had dx you had the corporation, you had the ministry. Um all of that stuff you had the wolf pack. All of that stuff for me was really enjoyable, stuff the nation of domination, which some people have drawn parallels, between the hurt business. And the nation of domination, but i think a faction. And. Multiple, factions in wwe. Is a good thing we all like factions, everyone, historically, has always liked factions, so. Another faction, to me is a good thing. Now there was a rumor. Uh a report by dave meltzer in the wrestling observer newsletter this week that. I don't know if the hurt business was meant to be. A 2020. Version, of the nation of domination, i i can't confirm, or deny that he said that, um. There were plans for that and we saw that, um this past, week on monday night rob because we had, um, ron simmons wwe, hall of famer. The first ever african-american. Wcw, world heavyweight, champion. Uh, in the company's history. Um, backstage, at the show and he appeared in a couple of segments one of the segments he appeared in, uh he was seen discussing. With mvp, and bobby lashley and saying, i like what you're doing but, there's a the right way and the wrong way to do it sort of thing and a lot and, people speculate, oh. What's going on here is uh is ron simmons. Going to be involved in the hurt business are we going to have a nation of domination. Obviously, at the moment it's a very sensitive.

Topic But a very current topic about, the black lives matter movement, and, uh the protests. And obviously the death of george floyd and all of that stuff, that's been going on and it it's part of. Not just the the conversation, in america but globally, it's, it's part of the conversation, worldwide, thankfully. Uh and. Old wwe. If this was wwe, in the in the 2000s, or in the 90s, they would absolutely. Absolutely. Do a storyline, on this they would touch on it because. It's what people are talking about, uh it can be compelling, it can be interesting, and it will capture people's attention. Would wwe. Do that kind of storyline, in 2020. I don't know the answer to that one um. Sometimes. In the modern day, 2020, wwe. Are just so. I don't even know the right word but they just will steer away from any kind of. Any kind of topic that can be seen as touchy. Well, i say that but at the moment they're doing, a. Uh a storyline, on smackdown with jeff hardy where they call him a junkie and an, addict. Um. But i think they do that because they think they can get away with that. They don't they don't think that comes off as offensive, and it absolutely, is that's in bad taste. To me that's not compelling. Because they're making light, of, of someone's, personal, issues and addiction and to me addiction, is a disease it isn't something to make money off of which is what wwe, are doing with the jeff hardy storyline. I think this storyline, and having, uh this potential storyline, and having. A. 2020, version of the nation of domination, i think is a play on what is actually happening in the world right now that's current events, i think that's different to saying, jeff hardy has had multiple duis, he's still in court over duis. Let's call him a junkie on tv because he's not going to sign a new contract. That's. That's different to go and look this is going on there a protest, in america, it's a movement, we want to shine a better light on this we want to. Have this, police brutality. End and all of that stuff. Why not, incorporate, this into the television, program why not shed a light and get people talking and be part of that conversation, for the better. I think, that, that's different to saying that jeff hardy, uh is a drug addict and is a junkie. Um so i i would be i would like to see them do it whether they will do it or not, i don't know i i really don't know i'm not sure if wwe, would, want to touch something that. Sensitive. Let's be honest wwe's, history when it comes to this kind of thing isn't great anyway, do we have to go back to the book of t v as a triple h storyline, in, uh 2003. In that wrestlemania, 19. Um, someone like you can't be. The world champion in wwe. And you think that whole storyline, would be about. Booker t overcoming, adversity, and. And eventually becoming the world champion he didn't. He just lost at wrestlemania. Instead, of. Being mocked for going to jail and having a troubled youth and, his issues in the past. And even though wwe, and bruce pritchard will vehemently, deny. That this was anything to do with race this was just about storyline, this when he meant you he just meant wcw. He didn't mean the color of his skin. Or his ethnicity. Uh. Go back and watch it and you'll see, exactly what it was meant to be. So, ron simmons as i mentioned was there on monday night raw on monday. Well you'd have to be on monday night or on monday wouldn't you. Um. And he was backstage, talking to bobby lashley an mvp. And people were saying about the nation of domination, now if you're not familiar, the nation of domination, were a, group that was in wwe. That actually started off in kind of the mid 90s, it wasn't as. Uh, racially focused, as it initially was it was just a group and a name that. Ron simmons has actually done outside of wwe, and it consisted, of, uh, people like. Crush, and uh, you know delay brown and all that but it kind of moved over. To sort of the more militant, side of things and had delay, brown, mark henry ahmed johnson prowler karma mustafa, and. Um. Probably most well known for, the real beginning of the rise of the rock prior to the nation of domination, or the rock being in the nation of domination. He was the plucky. Third generation, superstar. Intercontinental. Champion rocky my via coming out with tassels, on and, the good to goody two-shoe smiling babyface, that wasn't working when he became. A member of the nation of domination, eventually the leader, this was really. You know next level stuff and the group ran rough shot for over wwe, for a long period of time.

Um, So could the hurt business be, a 2020, version of that, personally, i would really enjoy to see. Ron simmons be involved, in this group now. I have to be careful of what i say here because. Um i don't want to come across as too hypocritical. Look ron simmons. Um, to me it's the same situation, as ric flair when it comes to. Monday night raw at the moment and when it comes to. Uh. The performance, center and all this sort of stuff, ron simmons he's not as old as ric flair ric flair is 71, years old but ron simmons is 62, years old, um. Should he. Should he be. At the performance center right now no, because. That performance, center. They might have may become more safe over the last couple of weeks when it comes to the more thorough testing, and the. The social distancing, and the mask wearing. Uh but it's still a place where, i'm probably, now over. 40 people have tested positive for covert 19, over the last month or so, should a person in his 60s be there that could be seen as high risk absolutely, not so, in that case, do i want to see ron simmons regularly on wwe, tv, no, obviously not because. I'd rather anyone that isn't high risk isn't there and i'd rather than be safe and no one gets ill. From a creative, point of view i think it would be really interesting. I think that having someone that was. The original leader of the nation of domination, and the. Original. Creator, of the nation of domination, in this 2020. Version i think would be really interesting. Sometimes, when, we see these, uh groups that there are play on. Old groups or anything like that they forget about the past and i'm a big fan of embracing, it embrace the past. So, why not have ron simmons. In there as sort of, he isn't the leader but he's more the. I don't know the spiritual, leader shall we say. Of, of the hurt business, and the guy that he's not going to get involved in matches but he's going to be there to speak wisdom. Um, help the superstars. Learn and even, outside, of the ring you know. Someone with, uh, the. Know-how, and knowledge and history of ron simmons you're never too old to learn and like but there is so much wisdom that he could give. To the likes of, even experienced, veterans like mvp, and chat and benjamin and bobby lashley these aren't spring chickens. Right. But they they're still guys that can learn and i'm sure there'll be more guys that are added to the her business, that, um. Could learn from someone like a ron simmons. Uh now who else could potentially join the hurt business i think that's a really interesting topic now obviously we know about this. This faction, this stable that's come to monday night raw. And a faction that certainly has got people talking and it's got people interested, so who could be. An addition to that group. Uh what about byron, saxton. Now, i can already hear you, people going whoa what is going on what is what he's a commentator, and all this sort of stuff, and that is true byron sexton, he largely cuts a happy-go-lucky, figure when he's on commentary. Uh every single week on monday night raw. He's a perennial, good guy. Um, but a heel turn by baron saxton would certainly get a lot of people talking, in the wwe, universe. Because what people often forget. Is that byron saxton wasn't always a comment, commentator, he was previously an in-ring performer with wwe. Now he appeared on nxt, season three and nxt season four, he was mentored by the likes of chris masters and yoshitatsu. During that time he was actually a heel. Now. Whilst, byron saxon has since, transitioned. Into a color commentator. In wwe's. It doesn't mean, that byron sexton, can't be a useful addition to the hurt business.

Throughout Professional, wrestling history, we've seen, members of a dominant faction, have a, quote, mouthpiece. In the broadcast, booth, eric bischoff, was a member of the mwo, he wasn't always on commentary but he did some commentary, duties in wcw. Whilst he was even the leader of the nwo. We also saw this with taz as a spokesperson, for the aces and eights whilst providing color commentary on impact wrestling. And taz at the moment even though he's a commentator on aw dark he's still the manager. Of uh brian cage i know that's not a faction, but the similar sort of principle can go there. Therefore. Could byron saxton do the same with the hurt business on monday night raw in wwe. I think it's possible, i think an evil version of byron saxton, would provide, entertainment, on commentary whilst, also ensuring that the hurt business gets their message across to the masses every single week in the commentary booth, if you're really gonna double down on this whole. 2020. Version of the nation of domination. The whole point, and the whole, thing at the moment with the black lives matter movement is to get the message out there you know tired of. Um, having these things happen and people have to be silent i'm tired of seeing this, police brutality, and no one do anything about it or it'd be. Not necessarily, covered up or sometimes covered up by the by the police stations police officers and all that sort of stuff, if you've got someone who for the entire, show every single week has a live mic. That he can talk into. Then, i think that really helps the group at that point so i'd be really interested, in having byron sax in there, people will say well isn't samoa joe the heel. He supports, the bad guys but he also supports the good guys i think you could have a much. More. Clean cut heel in byron saxon whereas samoa joe can just be samoa, joe. So i think it's something that wwe, could consider, when they come to that, now this is an interesting, one what about jay uso. Now i i hear what people are saying already well just, part of you says. Now he along with his brother jimmy they're six time wwe, tag team champions. One of the best tag teams in wwe, right now, you could also say one of the best tag teams in wwe. History.

Yeah They are up there. And uh the twin brothers they were on a roll when they returned to wwe, earlier this year in january. They were off for six months due to both of them having issues with duis. Um, we don't need to talk about that it's well documented. Uh but unfortunately, all the momentum, the usos, had, stopped around wrestlemania, time jimmy uso. Uh recently, suffered a develop, debilitating. Knee injury. When competing, in a triple. Ladder match at wrestlemania, for the smackdown tag team championships, back in april. It's been speculated. That this injury will leave jimmy uso on the show for. Anytime around six to nine months which is a long time, and. It really does leave his brother jaiyu so in the wilderness, because. We've seen. Because the usos, have had injuries before traditionally, if one uso twin is injured, the other brother remains, off tv for a long long time also. And in my opinion, i i think that's a waste. For someone with the talent levels of juicer, and i know this is, just the thing with tag team wrestling that if your partner's, out you're usually out too that's why some people don't like being in a tag team it's a lot of responsibility. Because if one injured if one's injured and isn't gonna get paid you're not gonna get paid either even though you're healthy. Which some people like oh that's not fair that's tag team wrestling, sometimes. But i think there's more they can do here with jay you say. Whilst his brother is out with injury he's not doing anything apart from, hosting, karaoke, showdowns, on smackdown, so, anything. Is better than doing that, so why not have jay uso move to monday night raw why not have him join the ranks of the hurt business for the next six to nine months while his brother is injured, then when his brother comes back he can join him or he might not join them. Not only would this give jay oso something to do, whilst his brother is on the shelf. But it could also provide jose, with an opportunity to show you know what i'm not just a tag team wrestler, yeah it's my bread and butter me being with my with my brother as my tag team partner but. If you need me if you want me. Um i'm a singles talent too i can do it all i'm not pigeonholed, into one thing, i think it'd be a really interesting. Position, for his career. To be like look for whilst my brother is out i'm not going to be out as well, i'm going to wrestle i'm going to be a singles guy i'm going to prove that i can be in addition. To the programming, still and i think the hurt business could be an excellent, place. Um. For jay uso to do this he's not doing anything on smackdown, at the moment. So why not. Why not move him to monday night raw. Now. What about the street profits as well of course the street profits. Um, they're, probably one of the most over acts in wwe. Right since they made their raw debut in 2019, and certainly with certain elements of the audience kids love them, you know you've got the red cups and you've got the dancing, and. Sometimes their comedy just isn't for me it's too silly it's too scripted.

Some Of the jokes are just bad i don't blame that on them i blame that on the writing staff some. Some of those, people on the creative, team don't have a. An inkling of humor in their body, not to say that i do but if something's funny it'll make you laugh and a lot of the time it doesn't make me laugh it more makes me cringe. So that's my opinion on it, um. They've regularly, looked whilst they are the longest rating raw tag team champions now, in the company's history, since the raw tag team championships, were introduced not the wwe. Or, world tag team champions like that the the raw tag team championships. Um. They've regularly been in you know backstage, skits, and segments. Was it the was it the monday after the weekend update god that was awful. And they had their whole thing with the viking, raiders. And as i mentioned they've still had good matches. They're the longest reigning world tag team champions in wwe, history since the titles were introduced in 2016.. So that success. Of the street profits, in storyline, caught the eye of mvp. Um, he referred to angelo dawkins and montez ford as clowns. For their humorous, antics, and promos. And he previously. Offered to be like look when you want to, act seriously. When you want to take yourself seriously. Why don't you talk to me. And mvp has offered his services. To the raw tag team champions, now, of course. We know that the street profits have turned down mvp, in the past but. Perhaps, if the street profits do indeed, lose, the raw tag team championships. Or. Look they're just not happy with the way that they're treated, or it'd be a nice show closing, angle it would add something to the group, i don't know if if the street profits want to. Be elevated, to just more than they're a comedy. You know their attack team they're good in the ring but they're comedic. Um. Maybe an addition to the hurt business works. And, as the hert business grows, and becomes successful, or maybe starts having main events. Maybe that's the time where the street profits go look we want to change our characters a little bit. I wouldn't say that their characters at the moment are stale. But i don't think they can do. The promos, and the skits and that forever. They're. In my opinion time's running out when it comes to that point um. Some of their. Skits are, for me a little bit old or, old or old already so. Um. I. I think a, change and an evolution, in their character, at some point will be needed.

So Perhaps, going to the hurt business is a way of doing that a way of facilitating, this change in the street profits. Uh character. And maybe they do join the ranks of mvp bobby lashley shout and benjamin. As future members because as i mentioned earlier as well, you do have to consider, that. Whilst this group is interesting, and it's, um. Useful, because actually using mvp bobby lashley and shannon benjamin three people that weren't being used, amazingly. Those guys. Aren't exactly spring checkings i'm pretty sure all of them are in their 40s. So you have to question. Who is really getting over in that group for the long term that's the important thing with these groups, you look at the nation of domination. The great thing about it is that it did set up the rock who was like 25, years old at the time for his greater success. I think that's the sign of a great group. Is okay who does it set up, who does it set up for post because groups won't last forever who does it set up for a big, career once this group is finished. So if it's evolution, it's batista, and randy orton. Uh the nwo. Maybe. That was the problem there is that there was no real setup to it and it was too many people and it was bad booking and all that sort of stuff, dx, it set up triple h, that's exactly what it did it said triple h for success and even the likes of um the new age outlaws they were over coming into it but once they came to dx they were on another level. So i think that's the sign of a great group and maybe. The street profits, being involved. With the hurt business being involved with mvp, bobby lashley and shout and benjamin perhaps. They can be the ones to really. Uh flourish, because of this and they can get over for the future. So i think in addition. Of having the street profits in the hurt business. Um, could be a real useful addition there, and then finally. Th this is one that i would really. If i was on the creative team right now this is the one i'll be pitching the most for, what about naomi. Right what about naomi, naomi, deserves, better. Social media recently have been very very very vocal. That the former smackdown women's champion naomi. Should be more involved in story lines more prominently featured on wwe, television. She's been with the wwe, forever. Well over 10 years. And, she's still in karaoke, contest on smackdown, and getting attacked by lacie evans in a dress and then this past week on smackdown, she loses because she gets her hair tied on the ropes i mean it's just it's just it's just crap. It's just crap booking, it's crap writing. Naomi, has a. Plethora, of talent she can work. Um i don't want to jump on the bandwagon, of oh the women's division's only built around the four horse women blah blah because that isn't true. Because you've got oscar you've got alexa bliss, and, ronda rousey when she was there. There are other people that they've, attempted here it is largely dominated, by the four horse women sure but, i don't think i think it's unfair to go oh wow they shouldn't be doing it but they are very talented, all four members of the four horse women. But when you've got people like naomi, on the roster, you have to use them and you have to put them in the right positions, and she hasn't been she just hasn't been. So social media have been very vocal, in saying what the hell is going on why isn't she being used properly. Basically, what are you playing at you know you've got talent here and you're wasting, it. And i do find irony, in that and i put this out on twitter, the irony that i find, with that is that. There's five years of the women's, evolution, revolution, whatever you want to call it uh they were talking about that and hyping that up last week five years. And that all really started. By the, give divas a chance hashtag, on twitter right it trended on twitter for days gave divas a chance, people weren't happy by the way that females were used in wwe. Their storylines. Didn't matter, they only had one segment in the show their matches lasted like two minutes. Even though people there was a growing desire to see, females, compete at the highest level, uh have great matches have long story lines and have meaningful, storylines, and main event the show, so fans took to social media and said give divas, a chance and in the end vince mann tweets out uh we're listening, give.

Divas A chance stay watching or something like that, the irony. That five years later. On the very same week that they're celebrating, the five year anniversary, of the women's evolution. It still takes. Social media to have a hashtag, trend, to actually get a female competitor. Over. What does that say about what's happened in the last five years. And i'm not going to say that, nothing's happened when it comes to female wrestling in the last five years because that's not true. Females, are main event in shows females main event at wrestlemania. And, uh they're more valuable, and more. And. Better used by the company than ever before. But. You still have this case and. For me. For me it kind of feels like wwe, they just. This is this this is there's a. Repeating, pattern here what i'm trying to say if i can get my words out, but there is a repeating, pattern here and that pattern is. That you you wwe, just, so badly, books someone so badly booked someone that eventually, the fans just have enough. Whether it is daniel bryan whether it is kofi kingston whether it is rusev. Where is naomi. Um and eventually the fans have to say look this is this is bs, enough is enough. Can you actually. You know book these guys properly, and eventually, they get a shot that's what kofi mania was all about. But. All that stems from bad booking in the first place, and surely wwe. Should look at that and say. The thing is you know their perception of that they'll look at that and they say look this person finally got over they finally got it, and it's sort of like well no, they didn't finally get over they didn't finally get it they were always there they always had talent, you just buried them into the ground or pushed them into the ground so hard, that the fans had enough. And that's all that wwe, knows how to do now that's how they make their baby faces. They just hope that eventually the fans will say look there's enough. Enough. And that's the case with naomi it's exactly the case of naomi. Now given the state, of women's wrestling right now in wwe, in terms of the championship, pictures. The smackdown, and raw women's championship, picture. Along with the wwe, women's tag team picture is currently occupied by bailey and sasha banks. Why not have naomi, go to the hurt business to offer the platform that she deserves they can really tie into this. You know they can make chicken salad out of chicken you know what. Uh they can say to naomi, name it can snap. Maybe, go to raw go to the hurt business, with her brother-in-law, jay uso. And say look fans know i deserve better so why aren't i getting better. Maybe the hurt business maybe mvp, says look i'm going to give you the platform. To show everyone. That you deserve better and show everyone what you're capable, of and the system isn't going to hold you down anymore like it has done for 10 years. And i really like the idea. Of having a female competitor. In the group i think it adds an element of diversity. To the group led by mvp. And it allows, the hurt business to reach all aspects, of the monday night raw broadcast. Mvp, is the current. Self-appointed. Real united states champion, shout out benjamin, is the new 24-7. Champion. Having naomi, as a member of the hurt business would allow the faction to go further. Uh after the, and go after the champions. Uh and championships, that are currently in the women's division in wwe, so you've got all aspects of the broadcast, they're being touched. By the hurt business if it's byron saxon on commentary, he's the constant. If you've got jay uso there. He can do a single thing if you've got the street profits they're in the tag division. Uh mvps. In the united states championship, division. Um bobby lashley can try again for the wwe, championship, naomi, can win the women's championship. Then you've got the fingerprints. And the reach. Of the hut, business. All over the show there, and i really like watching shows and i really like watching wrestling shows this is what was great about wwe. In the attitude, era and in the mid 2000s. Was that. On most shows on a raw or on a smackdown. The top guys didn't just appear in the opening and final segment, there was a narrative, thread that they had throughout the show they told a story, each show told a story. About where they were going in the storyline, and by having.

The Hurt business, in. Involved, or touching, most segments. You can tell that story you can have that narrative, fred. And. With the likes of mvp, and others in her corner naomi could finally get the opportunities. That the wwe, universe are desperate to see her receive so there's so much potential, there and there's so much potential. With this faction with this storyline. Look is wwe, going to do any of those things that i've just suggested. Probably, not. Um, are they even going to do a touch on the nation of domination, storyline. Or faction, who knows. I just know that i think the hurt business is a great name i think there's a lot of potential, there as a faction. And we'll just have to wait and see, what wwe. Does, going forward with it but as always, this is just one man's opinion what are your thoughts on the hurt business, uh what are your thoughts on the faction of mvp. Shout and benjamin and bobby lashley. Who else would you like to see added to the hurt business would you like to see byron saxton j you so the street prophets, naomi, or even ron simmons, added to the group, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below i'll be sure to respond to all of your comments i really enjoy. Interacting, with all of you guys down there be sure to also give us a like for this video if you have enjoyed it, uh likes really do help us out on the channel it's going to people's recommendation. Feeds. Also if you have, enjoyed the video please do share it with your friends, and most importantly, please do subscribe to wrestle news 365, if you haven't already we're over 500, subscribers, now the next goal is 600. On that big road to 1 000 subscribers, once we get to 1 000 subscribers, we'll be doing a lot more, watch alongs and live streams it's just a lot easier. Once we get to 1 000 subscribers, to do that, uh also give us a follow on social media. You can see the, handles on the screen right now. The links are in the description, box below it's at 365, rental on twitter, and at wrestle news 365. On facebook, and instagram, thank you very much for watching listening streaming, or however you come across this video today, and i'll speak to you again very very. Soon. Hey guys thank you for watching listening streaming, or have you come across this video today, be sure to click on the video on the right there to watch our next video, or click the bottom there to subscribe. Or the bottom right hand corner thank you very much and i'll speak to you again very soon.

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