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Hey. Everyone is servin here Tim, were urban, today. Is February, 23rd. 2020. Making. Today a, Sunday. Make, sure guys do, not do, not tray, on Sundays, okay always, try to tray, always. A month from Monday to Friday, if you can't, usually, Friday, usual Friday is to be your exudates, and. I want to apologize guys, I made that pre week video already and a lot of you guys are correcting, me there. Is one pair that I totally forgot, to include which, is the euro/usd, and I want to give a shout out to Andrew. And other, traders. That are always, watching, and, checking, the analysis, that we drop here and our team, will in, our channel so just to give you another thank. Eyes we are gonna go ahead and start, with your Forrest disclaimer, I know, you're financial, writer I'm just another better trader look, at two squares hundreds. And hundreds. And, hundreds. And hundreds. And hundreds, of pips, out of the market, if you can, get those hundreds of pip all you got to do is leave. The comment below and, we can see which area, you are struggling so we can make a private video for, you and so, we can help you out but, the rule is very simple stick. To your larger time frame and, enter. On any of your lower timeframe that will that, will equal, 200 or, what I didn't. Hear you 100, or what, you. Got it hundreds, of bits that's. And. Make sure you guys drop. The comment below if you wanted to leave, any comment, so I'm here so you go ahead and leave it leave, a comment so I'm not really and I'm gonna try to answer you okay so don't think come now I'm gonna walk away from this video I'm here to help you out okay remember, we can meet every, Wednesday at 6 p.m. Easter time and we analyze, the market together, so. Make sure you you, come in and if you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel please. Do so by clicking. That Bell notification. Below remember. All the videos that we create here or not Channel, are completely. Free we, are using, our triple, arrow system, if you are the first time using the triple arrow system, you. Are. Gonna. Love, this game this is the one of the best system, in the world if you have never, ever subscribed, to our. Super. Assistant, I will be leaving the link below where, we're gonna be giving you, $25. Back by. The end of February. 2020. Alright so, another. Great, update I think I have to mention I'm so sorry someone asked me early stop, mentioning for X hours why would I do that I'm here, to provide you some freebies, free information. If. You don't want to get a free information then, look somewhere else but, I need to help the newbies this, up here, you can go to your phone download it it will tell you when, they long don't open the, New York open, talk, your open, Sydney, even, prep for guys. Is this is an amazing. App you, will love it so, if, you have not got. Down one please you know make sure you download, another, great app that I think you have to do it is go, to my FX our book and here. All you got to do is go home and then, click where it says economic calendar and then you can see all the odd news they are going to be released, for, this coming week remember they've got analysis. That we're gonna be doing today is started, to change based, on the news they are gonna be releasing this, coming, week so don't think you know oh yeah the market is gonna do what I think is gonna do that it does not work that way, whatever, I'm gonna be teaching you today for the week of February.

24, To the 28th, is subject, to change based, on the news art and integrity so be, on the lookout, yes don't be interact, look. At the news. Okay I want to be straightforward, now. There's no filter, on me I just want to help you as much as possible but you need to help yourself, well as well okay alright, so let's get to work guys so, we're gonna start with arrow USD. This is the pair that I totally, forgot. To include it on, I pre. Week analysis. So I really, want to thank everyone for, bringing. That up, you know maybe, I got so excited sometimes, I get so excited talking, about Forex guy I really. Love coming, in here and you know providing you with value. Data. Remember. This is not an analogy I mean this is not a eh signal, this is just an analysis, on my own where, I plan, to do what I plan to do for the rest of the week which is the week of 24. To the 28th, February. 2012. All right so what are we looking here on euro USD. Can. You see this triple, arrow look, at how the triple arrow comes nice and clean look at this for hours guys it's really, four hours. Four. Hours it's ready to go mark. My what. I'm looking forward for this coming week and this one is yes. Maybe one more Kendall here or two more Kendall, oops. I grabbed the room - bear with me let me delete this I want to keep it nice and clean and help you out you, know house but maybe, one or two can go there it's kind of drop and then, the market is gonna take off it's gonna come back and read this hour today here, to our 50 Fibonacci line and then we're gonna come back on Wednesday most likely it's gonna retrace back but. We're gonna come back on Wednesday analyze, it together and see, what what, the market is gonna do but, what do you guys see in on the daily let me click on the daily look at it's beautiful. This is gorgeous, guy oh my, god oh my. Goodness. This is the one of the best pair I think, it's ready, to roll so. We're. Gonna come back on watch that we're gonna analyze it together and, hopefully it does make sense to you if. You still confused you know make. Sure you guys start using the comment, below guys I'll, usually read the questions, and if I have to answer answer, it back that, is the only way I can really help you but. You, need to help yourself too, because I'm here providing, you all this info and no cost to you alright, all you gotta do is use, it so we already dropped the gbp/usd, worried we were already did this analysis, so I don't have to repeat myself can, we, also already did, the aud/usd, on, the pre week, video, so, I'm gonna leave the link, on the description below, so if you want to watch the video, alright, let's start with God look at here what I'm when I'm seeing on this particular, pair look at the time frame that I'm using guys, see. That time. Frame is what four hours. Now. That is on four hours, what. Do you guys see in some to be honest I'm looking for more data maybe I'm looking for one or two more candle. Here and I'm looking for a drop-down, hopefully. To retest, our Turin Italy Fibonacci, line and then we're gonna come back on Wednesday hopefully. We will retrace back but I don't want to say that yet and then the market is gonna drop so.

That's What we're looking for for this coming, week of our, February 24. To the 28th. 2020. All, right hopefully that makes sense all. Right let's go to the next page I want to keep this video short guys, let, me know if you guys struggling in anything I really I'm here oh I want to help you everywhere. Is possible, when I help you and. Remember, keep. Keep, this game clean guys look, at how my charger is nice and clean I don't use a whole rack of indicator, look. At how clean it is can you imagine I will start adding a whole bunch of you you, know know where which is we're actually gonna go to it and. You know why I want to give a shout out there's one particular. Person that has to account in. Our I. Guess on YouTube and, that person is disliking. Our our. Video which is fine you know I love it I love it when they do it with, Venice, they don't know that we know so. Shout. Out to those haters but. Triple, arrow is our friend. Look. At what I have here guys look. How, beautiful, this trade is so, most likely what, do you think is gonna happen in this area. Come. On, write. It down, put. The comment below. Right. So. Now what. I'm looking for here for this week we are looking for a triple, arrow formation and. Then. After the formation, happens we, are looking at retrace and put a small pullback we tested our 23, Fibonacci, line then it's gonna retrace, back almost come, back to our super arrow for mentioned then, the market is going to drop. What. Do you think is gonna do. I'm. Using the real data this is this is this is great let's. See what did they are Bailey's, has let's check if the big errors on the daily what do you think you think is in there. Let's. Check look. At that look, it was waiting for you already telling, you hey we need to go down, love. It so, most likely we see in a. While, direction, of the pullback remember, it's a pullback. It. Was a heavy, news last week that it broke up it will not win against us is fine but now there is time for the triple arrow to fully forming here we're. Gonna come back on Wednesday you're gonna be here, to, be the judge. And. Hopefully all this makes sense. Alright. Alright, so let's go to GBP. JPY. This. Is done on four hours, this is Connie tena koe or what we see on our. Usd/jpy. So. I'm still I still need more data for. This pair to drop so, I maybe I need one, or two more Kendal and then the market is gonna drop retested. Our 23, to our Tony a Fibonacci line, then. Most likely is gonna come back and retest this high here and then, the market, is gonna drop, down back but we're gonna come back on Wednesday at, 6 p.m. Easter time and we're gonna analyze the, market, on life, so, if you had not subscribe to this channel and you want to participate on, our light. Training on Wednesday you better subscribe other than that I feel, bad for you you do your own thing but here is the triple arrow guys this, is what we're looking for in this particular area, all. Right, look. At how simple this is it and, you guys keep sending me probably message my telegram, is below guys I had, to telegram, one where I usually drop, some time I dropped signals, in there. Some. Time I draw you, know all their analysis, for the week, but. It's free you can subscribe there's, no charge to not pay, my private link is in there as well my telegram, you can send me a private, message and said Irving can, you help me out with this whatever but, it's just there you know it's just extra tool that. We have here or not super arrow system, and if. You're this is if you planning to get a trip on our system we are gonna give you $25. Cash back and this this is only for the month of February, okay so, I don't know what the month of March is gonna be maybe we're gonna reduce it to 20 or maybe we're gonna still give me $30. Cash back I don't know why, was it anyway. Let's, move forward so, that is for gbp/jpy. The, next, pair that I have here, is on. On. Nzd/usd. Look. At how beautiful. Distressed I always. Pay attention to, the time, frame that I'm using this. Is boring poor guys really, really important, to know what.

Time Friends you're gonna be working with, look. At what I'm seeing that for this coming week I'm seeing a triple, arrow formation but, we don't have food data yet but what, I'm seeing here we're looking for maybe one or two more candles, one, or two more candle going, up and then market, is gonna take off retest, in our mid. 23, to our zero Fibonacci, band and then it's gonna do a small pullback and then it's gonna take off. Did. That make sense to you right. Well. Shut out to you, so. Thank. You Andrew and thank you for the rest of the crew who brought, it up on, the euro/usd, I, don't, know why I missed, it I just got too excited, and I. Mean, I get excited talking about this stuff guys some. Time ago like oh my god gotta go and do that video for these guys is dying, motion, you know it's like super. Super excited, I do this with passion I know I'm not getting reward, out of it out of you but. I know one, way another I'm leaving the herb better that I'm funded if. I can help you remember I'm not gonna be selfish, guy if, you can squeeze hundreds, and hundreds, and what what, I'm out of here. 800. So peep out of the market, do it, do. I want, you to be a bad a better person, all. I help someone, you, know mr. hat, one day say it was a couple of weeks back when he said it that, if you if you are if guy is giving you too much and you go to a restaurant pay for a family, that you don't even know and. Say you know I take it that family just don't let them know who pay for it it's. A beautiful, feeling in your heart eyes, when you know you could do that but. You have to master your skill you, know and, I am Forex the skill is very unique. No. One can ever ever, take, that away from you you, know what you know you know how to make your own ATM, on your packet, and your eyes and your brain and that's it it's, only you, but. Always remember, less. Persian families, they are somewhere, in the world we. Are in my family we are docked here. Some families, and we build it one has cancer, we helping, them out other, ones we are building, a house, so it's just a beautiful, feeling you cannot, touch those, feel it all you do is you can feel it at your heart and that is the most precious gift, all.

Right Let's move forward because I get very emotional on this guy's I really, do, all. Right look at what we're seeing here, all see it ah you. Know what guys this is one thing that I always want to let you know let me bring this up here so, cuz. You, don't need to see this right do. You wanna see it alright let me bring it up to you so, you can see. I. Look. At here on sweet. Friends where our Japanese, Jen, what. Do you think is gonna happen in this area guys look, at what the trooper arrows telling us triple. Arrow was telling us yes the market was bullish right. Market. Is bullish here now, what do you think is gonna happen here, now, we're looking for a triple, arrow formation and, then the market is gonna take off it's gonna go down and it's, gonna read this our 61, to our 50 fibonacci line. And. Then we're gonna come back on once the most likely it's gonna come back and read this our, 78, then, it's gonna drop down. And. That make sense to you right. Right. Okay. Cool. Let's move on then I want. To keep this video short guys, under, 30 minutes if it's possible remember I'm giving you the full set up for, the week of February, 28th, 24. To the 28th. 2020. All. Right all, this is brought to you by whom, triple, arrow system. Alright. Let's move forward. Let's. Go to GBP. And. CB. Know, what I'm seeing here it's a lot of great setup that it's gonna be for me this week guys it's, a lot of great one so pay attention alright, so don't never, ever ever Trey, you, know just, think oh I'm gonna Trey what urban is doing his analysis, I mean you could do whatever you want with your with. Your chart, and you. The only responsible, to do, that by itself, my, job is to come up with an idea to. Know what the market is he may do it may not so another market, the market can do whatever he wants because it's, the market I'm just another feather trader here to, collect. I'm. Sorry what I'm here to collect, write, hundreds. And hundreds of pips alright. Let's go here. What. I'm expecting to see is, a triple, arrow formation in this particular area the market is gonna come back and retest our mid 0 to our 2350. Notch in mind then, it's gonna do a tiny very small, pullback, retest, in this area here, which, is gonna come here and then from that area that market, is kind, of dropped down so yes the market is gonna be a bearish, market on GBP, and CB if, I had to analysis, be analyzed. The market based on what I'm seeing okay but. If you have a different, opinion please drop. It in the comment below so. I will know what is your goal, on this one and I don't know if there's a lot of newbies here that are using are completely, a different program. If you, want to go back to your system, compare, with our triple arrow system, if you feel like the triple arrow system, is one of the best system in the world let. Us know as well because. We, are here to help you all so. What I'm expecting, to see here. On the Australian, dollar purse, are Canadian, dollar look, at the time frame was a what time frame I'm inspected, to see here we, are looking, for a, four. Hours time frame now. Herbie, what do you think it's gonna do this week that's. A really, good question what. I'm expected, to see in this coming, week is I know the gray said ah I'm looking, to see a three four arrow for mention in this particular, area where. The market, is gonna, take off and. Come in here and retest, in our 23. Fibonacci, line and, then. From that point and now we're gonna come back on Wednesday most likely it's gonna do a small pullback and back, is gonna take off. All. Right did. That make sense to you right. Right. Okay. All right. All. Right. Let's go to the next one. Very. Excited, can you guys feel that excitement when I talk about this guy this is this, is on this is like having another wife on the internet, guys, great.

Whoo. All. Right let's move let's move forward, let's. Go to GBP. Verts are Canadian. Dollar. Look. At this oh my. Goodness. Thanks. God we had the triple, arrow but. What do you think the triple arrows going guys what do you think is going what, do you think the market is doing anyway. What. Do you think it's doing, it's. Right on your face, I'm. Gonna give you five seconds. Right. Look. At me let me highlight the two four arrows okay you can better understand, this, looky. Here what two when the triple arrow comes and what do you think the market is gonna do I mean it's doing what the chip are standing is doing market. Here to be honest it's doing exactly. Well. The my to, fire is doing it's doing a bullish market. Now. What I'm aspected to see for this week here I'm spectin to see a small pullback, right. So one or three more candles here and then the market is gonna take off retested. R50, fibonacci line. Then. The market from this 50, fibonacci line the market is gonna drop down my. Remember, he this is a triple arrow pull, back. The. Hello. And you guys send me message urban what are you talking about pooh-bah carving, well. This is triple arrow pullback, suppose. That it's. No magic there. But. When, you try to pull pull back guys don't stay on it for so long please please, please please try to grab 2240, bit and, get out because the Train is not your friend okay. Hopefully. That clear set up if you still confused come back on Wednesday when we are on a live session maybe. We can do a video. Where we can do a different pairs, something. Different, we just. Put a list together as long as not the same list that we have here maybe I can go back and analyze those pair for you so, we can have a better opinion of what the market is gonna be, doing this coming week, alright. So that makes sense. Alright, so look at here guys why don't we see me here. Triple. Arrow is doing a bearish market right do you see the triple arrow look at how look at how Packer this I was, gonna say this but. But. I control. My mouth and then I said it again but, let's. Go off the line I'm being too too. Too, cool, look at this look at when this drop man look at that a market, do what. Alright. Guys did, I tell, you I get very excited when, you this with, me stuff, come in look at here mark is dropping, right so. Now what, do you think why do you think the market, all silently. Market. Goes, it. Takes all look at how is, dropping. Beautifully. Down right I'm, talking about triple, arrow system, I'm not talking about you. Know supporting, resistant. At nine Ida I'm talking, you about straight. Up triple. Arrow but, my question that I want you to know is I mean, that I want you to answer me is why the market, took off all suddenly because look Marcus, Barrett what. Do you think it happens, why. Is the reason that they acted our. Same. Because. The. Master trend, is bullish. When. The master trend is bullish that's, what I keep saying if, you're gonna be trading triple arrow pullback, try, to learn to get 20 to max for TPP out, otherwise, I feel, sorry for you the market is kind of retraced back it's, gonna take all your profit. That you make. Whatever. Days you were on the tray and they're gonna take it back away, from you learn, this. Secret, guy it's, not hard it's, not hard but, you need to know, and. Please don't use this word again okay I know, that I know someone just said it and there, was not me. But. Anyway look, at what the market is doing this week guy. Mark. Is gonna drop right and then it's gonna take off. All. Right look I'm coughing because I get so excited all. Right, let's, go to the next one let's. Go to AUD spa, suite. France oh my, goodness, this is great look. At what the triple error is doing why the direction is super arrow bond guys.

Let. Me make a box here okay that triple. Arrow is doing. A what what. Do you think is doing right. Triple. Door is. Doing, a bullish market look. It's doing exactly. Exact. Same thing. What. A true for every student is gonna do look at that. And. Then yes it's doing a small pullback. Then. What do you think is gonna happen from the area, mark. Is still gonna give us a pool, a bullish, market for, this area I'm looking for, a bullish market. The. Mark is gonna take off. Who. Do. You think is in charge here guys is. The bullish or bearish. And. My opinion is the bullish I don't know what you're thinking I mean. I love it that's what it is if. You disagree, with me let me know in the comment below I. Mean. We can we can disagree in many tents but. We need to agree and one. We. Need to agree whether. To for errors doing what the market is doing this. Is the one thing where we all are one family one. Mind, one. Heart. All. Right. All. Right let's. Go to the last pair of the day. If. You guys enjoyed, this video please comment, below make. Sure you subscribe share, with all the social media if you want you, got my endorsement. On that one share it with anyone I really want to help the world one way another so. We all help each other as well but. I want the world to help yourself alright so and oh, god I want I forgot I just, opened. An. Account with Robin Hood and it's pretty awesome dude it's, just an amazing, thing guys I live I'm gonna leave the link below god. Amy I opened, the account it. Was like a hundred bucks and it's like 136. Dollars and I don't even do anything I don't actually I just buy some stock and, that was it and the, account is growing with doing no effort, so the link is below check it out man I mean it's, just an amazing try, to find many source of income if it's possible no, mass source of income are six different source of income now, I got the Robin Hood which is this time it's not making me tons of money because I was just curious but, I'm I'm, in shock how it grows so. Some of you they might be struggling with the Forex, not getting any pip maybe you can open up, $400,000. On your Robin who let it grow all. Right so it's interest free so I mean. You, pay taxes at the end of the year but it's fine all. Right let's go to the next one guys let's go to our USD. Eat birds are sweet, France let. Me take this off this, is from last week alright look at how beautiful. This thing here is this guy okay. Here know, who is in charge here guys. Look. At your triple, arrow guys, one secret, that I wanna mention yes, I don't know if you know it but if you don't if you didn't know let, me give it this stuff is amazing. Mouthing. When, the triple arrow let. Me make a circle. Click, that when. The triple arrow come here tie like that you see it so close it, it. Has a very strong potential, that market, is gonna drop heavily, and look, at what happened bomb. It. Dropped very heavy. So. Yes. What I'm seeing in this particular, pair here I'm looking for one or two more candle. Here and then, the market is gonna continue that but. Remember the market here is bearish guys I mean I'm bearish going with the troupe of arrow but this is just a, pullback. Triple. Arrow I don't stay on it for so long then, the market is gonna take off we're gonna come back on Wednesday at 6 p.m. we're gonna analyze this pair together I really, want you to learn guys I really. Really want you to learn this is the best thing let, me know let me know if, you, want me to make a different, video or how, I use my settings, whatever whatever you need so if I if I can do it then, I would do it I made a video couple weeks back where I show you in. Two different parties, my. My. Info plus here, and I was. Explaining, about the timeframe the, spread the timing, in the high and low and so on and there, was another part, where I created, where I was explaining, if you want to see your weenie you lose your, whatever, you lose him on the market, it's, two different parts, you can go back to that video if you want I mean.

I'm Telling you I will provide some very valuable, information, on, our channel and all you gotta do is just, you know open, your, PC. Your phone your tablet whatever. Way. You're gonna be looking this and, learning this market, is it's gonna help you alright, so. So. Let me delete this so guys make sure you do not forget to come on on, Wednesday at 6 p.m. is the time come. With Sharpie, questions, I'm gonna help you here, and we're looking, forward to see everyone's. Back, in business, and making hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds, of pips, alright so once, again thank you for coming in and I will see you back on Wednesday, take care.

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