FULL MATCH - WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Elimination Chamber 2019

FULL MATCH - WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Elimination Chamber 2019

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[NOISE] The Chamber match is about to get underway. [SOUND] Sasha, Bayley start against Sonya and Mandy. History is about to be made. One of these teams will be crowned the first ever, WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. >> I tell you, both of these teams right now ought to be looking for a quick elimination.

You don't wanna let the chamber fill up any faster than it has to. >> Remember because of the way the chamber is there are no count outs, no disqualifications. If you pin or submit one member of a team, that entire team goes back to the locker room. >> I bet you were talking about that earlier on the kickoff show talking about how much more dangerous it is having to look out for your partner keep your head on a swivel in there.

>> Look at this team. >> There's just so many layers to preparing for a match like this protecting yourself but also watching your partner. >> Sasha with a drop kick to Sonya Deville >> I'll tell you what surf, Bayley well did not pay any attention to her partner because you've been competing with her for the last few weeks serve Bayley very well. >> Bayley and Sasha no doubt about it. Here's the cover by Sasha and Bayley and kick out by Rose and Sonya Deville. >> I think it just goes to show just how important to Sasha and Bayley are to every other woman that's Inside the Elimination Chamber.

People keep trying to take out Sasha, takeout Bayley. They know that that at 100% is dangerous for the future of the Women's Tag Team Champions look like. >> Bayley and Sasha best friends for a long, long time. Now, they're their lifelong goal to become Tag Team Champions one day in WWE, they could realize that- >> Whoa. >> There's a double team and Sasha knocking down both members of Fire and Desire.

Sonya back into the ring cover by Bayley and a kick out at two. >> I also know how hard Sasha and Bayley been working doing their homework studying these beautiful tag team maneuvers Sasha with a beautiful splash on Rose and Deville. >> But again, let's talk about what is outside beyond those ropes.

That's steel area, just some slight protective padding here inside the chamber but still does a number on the body >> Absolutely unforgiving. The entire chamber structure was designed for agony. All six of these women, all six of these teams should I say will know that very, very well by the end of the night. >> And Sasha now. >> Goodnight. >> This could be it, Sonya looking to eliminate Banks.

>> One, two. >> And at two, Banks is able to kick out. >> And on Bayley for keeping an eye on her partner. >> And again, in this type of match-up, there are no tags per se in and out of the match.

And Bayley and Mandy with a shot to the spine, Mandy Rose. >> Look at the power of Mandy Rose. >> There's no doubt despite the way Corey talks about her, Mandy, here's the cover now, hook to the leg of Bayley and a kick out.

One of the most improved superstars Beth, in all of WWE. >> Absolutely, and I think the tandem, the synchronicity of being in a tag team, you got to be with the right person, you got to work together and her and Deville surely have found a groove with each other. >> What do you mean despite the way I talk about her? I tell the truth, it wasn't like I'm paid for it. >> It's a little uncomfortable for everybody, Graves. >> And now as they sent Bayley outside the ring, Sonya and Mandy Rose dominating the Boss and Hug Connection.

And Sasha suffering a knee to the midsection, as does Bayley. Again, at regularly scheduled intervals throughout this match-up, a pod will open and another team will enter the Elimination Chamber. >> [APPLAUSE] >> So you see Sasha and Bayley crashing into that steel on grates and soaking it in.

>> Remember this is only the second time in the history of WWE that we've had a tag team match in the Elimination Chamber. The first were tag team titles back in 2015. [NOISE] >> We've seen the groundwork laid for these tag team championships. >> Here's Mandy, cover, cover on Sasha, almost, had a near fall.

>> Former women's champions like the glamour girls, the jumping bomb angels, generations of women working to see this come to fruition. >> Beth, that must be pretty surreal for you to be out here right? >> Absolutely, like I said I got the best seat in the house for all of these incredible women's moments. >> And listen, I'm enjoying Mandy and Sonya, admire their handiwork. The key is the name of the game you have to get one member of the other team to submit or pin them, thus eliminating both members of that tag team.

>> And look at this- >> Mandy Rose is stuck. >> Yeah, Mandy Rose was stuck in the chamber, Sonya DeVille perhaps suffering a leg injury and you see Sonya favoring- >> God. >> Neck breaker by Bayley to Mandy Rose and Sonya down as well. >> I think that broken Mandy's ankle.

>> But again to your point Corey, you've got to get them in here and make a tag and now the chamber will open, that pod is going to open, who will be the next team to enter the chamber match? >> We can see all the other teams getting riled up. [MUSIC] [SOUND] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Time to raise some hell, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan of the Riott Squad and Sasha and Bayley went right after the Riott Squad as they enter the ring, >> Time to let the chaos lose. >> I glanced up with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan when their pod is being opened, I don't think I've ever seen Logan smiled that big, pure elation on the face of the Riott Squad, they are ready to make history. >> The Riott Squad says time flies when you're wrecking havoc, we're wolves, were not sheep. >> Because they said some people are opposed violence, were not those people.

>> And look at now Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan looking at dominate Bayley and Sasha. They would love- >> Man, right into the pod. [NOISE] >> Great strategy by Logan. >> Yeah, realizing Sasha Banks has got an already injured- >> And hit to Bayley drives her down.

[NOISE] >> The Riott Squad is clearly pleased with themselves after that. >> Why wouldn't they be? They're the only women standing at the moment >> Now, you got a, [NOISE] some jaw jacking. >> Yeah, two of the bright young teams in WWE today, Sonya and Mandy, and Morgan and Logan of The Riott Squad. >> I've been technical about this one, this throwing hands. >> Riott Squad has called themselves different, strange, abnormal, yet ground breakers. >> I agree with all those points.

>> Yes to that, The Riott Squad has got that family vibe about them. There's not a single track in anything that the Riott Squad does. >> Sonya and Mandy best friends as well. >> And Liv caught Mandy right on the side of the face. >> Renee, imagine what would mean to bring- >> Running knee by Deville.

>> What if the riot squad was victorious in the Elimination Chamber tonight? >> That would be unbelievable, then we got to see Ruby Riot, she's got a match tonight against Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women's Championship could change the game heading into WrestleMania. >> I think Live is about the fight out short order you don't, wow, she just drop Sonya Deville, I almost ate my Words. >> And Liv was smiling about it.

>> [NOISE] >> Return the favor. >> Uh-oh, roll up Deville, shoulders, kick out at one. >> It happen that fast.

>> No eliminations yet in the Elimination Chamber. >> Liv is down. >> They have one there though, and Deville is down as well. >> It could have been the last bit of gas Sonya Deville had in the tank.

>> All six women involved in this match-up are now down Bayley into the ring, looking to- >> Smart move, smart move >> Cover on Liv Morgan, hooks the inside leg and a kick out, near fall for Bayley. >> Great ring awareness. >> That was so cool, as we said, Bayley is one of the only women inside here of having been an Elimination Chamber match before.

>> Bayley once again like a one woman army. >> And Bayley a former Women's Champion back suplex to Logan and Bayley is fired up. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Bayley not being- >> Yes. >> Bayley done nothing but defy odds for the past few weeks despite Sasha Banks- >> And now Mandy Rose not allowing Bayley to continue the momentum, And now Deville and Rose, Fire and Desire working together as a team.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Tandem offense on the horizon. >> Clearly everybody have been doing their tag team homework. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Riott Squad looking to play spoiler.

>> It's about to get ugly. >> My God. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Everybody down.

Meanwhile, Sasha Banks over by one of the pods has not moved since having her arm driven into the pot moments ago is the next team winner and what an advantage for the next team. >> eliminated team real quick here. Who can take advantage of the carnage and wreckage left in the ring? >> Choose Wisely. >> Get in and pick the bones.

It'll be The Iconics. Peyton Royce, Billie Kaye. Wisely out of the pod quickly.

Look at her try to win this match or at least eliminate one of these teams right here. >> They're pinning everybody. >> Smart move by the Iconics. [NOISE] And now to Bailey. Bailey able to kick out. This is the chaotic nature of the elimination chamber match.

>> Come on ladies, keep working. >> And now there's no time for frustration Quite a well-laid plan by The Iconics. >> Some wasted time.

>> But come on. Arguing's not gonna win you guys the tag team championships. >> Well, Billie and Peyton say their bond is unbreakable. That's the reason they'll be crowned tag champs tonight. Morgan, driven in the post shoulder first, >> pull.

I gonna believe that based on their performances what we saw Rumble, they do have a bond they're very very loyal to each other >> and Knoxville runs right into pavement again the double team continues Mandy Rose the next target for The Iconics >> nice double arm ringer. Gonna be impress with the tandem offence from Face of Bayley, face goes from Sonya now no time to enjoy you handy work ladies. >> The iconic is the only team standing in the ring >> We have heard in the elimination chamber its not just about winning its about surviving.

That's what Bayley is trying to do here, is just survive. Its all about winning It is about survival. You have to survive to win. But why put yourself and your body through this torture, through this torment? Right into the side of the face of Bayley. Bayley down and out.

To eliminate the Boss, [INAUDIBLE] connection. And Sasha Banks breaking things up at two. Sasha stays alive.

As she said, she'll do whatever it takes to walk away victorious tonight. >> And for the third time in this match, Sasha and Bayley have been looking out for each other, stepping up and stepping in when they needed help. >> Just for the record, Mandy Rose still has not been eliminated.

Nor has Sonya Deville. >> Nobody asked, Graves. >> Now The Iconics back to look for a double team, this time on Sasha Banks and The Boss.

[INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] >> And The Iconics have been doing everything they can, but they still have not been able to eliminate anyone. >> They just need to stay the course. Peyton and Billie obviously did their homework. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> They're remaining pretty vocal [LAUGH] about being disappointed, as well. >> [INAUDIBLE] [NOISE] Extremely vocal as in drag Sasha Banks out [INAUDIBLE] >> For dangerous place to be >> [INAUDIBLE] For Bayley and Sasha >> Look the way Bayley's face is trusting against the steel around [INAUDIBLE] >> By The Iconics since the entered the elimination chamber match.

>> I am going to say that I would like to see more urgency from The Iconics. >> I would never really expected this to happen this much tolerance. Caution to the winds by Cate and Royce, >> And now drugging Bayley back into the ring. >> About sacrificing your body cover, >> Well The Iconics are going to cover both Sasha and Bayley, and a kick out by both members. Of the team. >> The Iconics are clearly starting to get frustrated here, They've ben waiting for this opportunity.

Take a look at this. >> Bang. Right on the side of the face of Bailey. >> The heels of Payton Royce. >> And Cory the question now is, will frustration begin to set in for The Iconic.

>> Looks like it's already beginning to set in, but that could be the biggest downfall of The Iconics. They need to stay in the court. >> My God. >> Looks like they're staying the course now, Graves. >> This has been an all-out, vicious assault by The Iconics.

>> This has been their goal all along ever since they both came to WWE, signed at the same time together. >> Their goal is to win this. >> Who is the next team to enter the Elimination Chamber? [NOISE] [MUSIC] The tension in this arena is palpable, everyone wondering who's next. >> Fabulous Glow, Naomi and Carmella, both former women's champions. From SmackDown live.

>> Naomi's Athleticism on display. I'm curious top see what she's capable of inside this chamber. >> They went right after The Iconic to try to dwell the momentum of Billy Kay and Payton Royce. >> Both Carmela and Naomi know what it takes to hold gold in the WWE.

>> Here we go, Mandy Rose is gonna get some of hers, >> What do you have against Mandy Renee? >> I'm just out here looking out for everybody world champion alive. >> And Naomi and Carmela. Now is no time for fancy footwork.

Moon walking is not going to win the tag team titles. >> l gonna agree with you Graves. l appreciate some pageantry, but come on. They've got an opportunity here and a huge one. Think about what these teams went through just to get to this point. >> And again, this is an historic night.

Texas >> Billion, Carmela going Carmela >> Carmel is not enough. She's already afraid of the chamber. >> And Naomi fighting back with Liv Morgan. And Carmella trying to hang on to the side of the chamber. >> That's a dangerous spot.

>> Billie trying to pry her off. >> Billie Kay with nasty thoughts in mind. And Carmella sends Billie Kay into the side of the chamber.

>> That could have been disastrous for Carmella, but it worked out in her favor. But here comes the power house of the Riot Squad. >> Carmella fighting back, with a kick right to the face of Sarah Logan. And now Carmella and Naomi working together as a team as Logan's taken down. Split leg moon sault.

By Naomi, is it enough to eliminate The Riot Squad and Lynn Morgan breaking thins up. >> And if people were concerned about the X factor of Naomi and Carmela, I think they're setting up a lot of haters right now. >> There are five teams, call that [INAUDIBLE] body. Five teams in this match. No one has been eliminated yet.

Back suplex from Bayley. And there Billy K with a boot to the face. Sasha Banks with a boot of her own. >> And this is the kind of chaos we were talking about. Beautiful glory special. >> Morgan. [NOISE] And

now Mandy Rose getting involved [INAUDIBLE] Elimination chamber, still no elimination. All this women with one goal in mind Is becoming the first ever WWE Women's Tag team champions >> And one key team that still hasn't even entered inside the Elimination Chamber and Nai Jax and Tamina. Nai and Tamina are looming over the entire match up right now. See them pounding on their pods.

>> It Might well finish this now. As soon as they get out here, these bodies are done for. >> Gonna be a feast for Nai and Tamina. >> Nia and Tamina realizing the opportunity they have.

And whenever they get into this match up, look at this. Carmella though rolls through, looks for the [INAUDIBLE] submission. Hi, I'm Mandy Rose >> Breaking it off by Mandy Rose. >> And it's such a fantastic teammates. Remember, Naomi and Mandy and they always husband, and Mandy, Rose >> Snatch here. >> Grab some little payback by Naomi, and there goes Naomi.

>> This is uncalled for. >> This is necessary Mandy Rose stepped into Naomi's personal life. >> She deserves every beating she gets from Naomi. >> Naomi off to the second rope.

>> Rear view Billie Kay from behind, rolling up Naomi. [CROSSTALK] As well. Shoulders down. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And Naomi have been eliminated.

>> What an incredible In combination for Painting and Billy, that was a thing of beauty that was stunning. It's time for me to make a bold prediction. The Iconics are gonna win this entire thing. >> So Naomi and Carmela have to go back to the locker room first team eliminated here tonight in the Elimination Chamber match upon the Women's Tag Team Champion Park Henry was correct. He knew what was about to come.

>> Uh-oh. >> Meanwhile- >> Things looking bad here for The Iconics. I spoke too soon, Graves.

>> Each team back to their feet, and they have The Iconics in their sights. >> There's blood in the water now. >> I'm going to make a bold prediction. There is no way The Iconics escape this situation.

>> [LAUGH] Meanwhile the final team Nia and Tamina. >> A welcome distraction at this point. >> Are about to enter the Elimination Chamber Match. Final team is coming in, and here comes The Irresistible force.

>> Welcome to the Samoan slaughterhouse. >> And Tamina as well. Tamina and Nia trying to take everybody out. >> Nia and Tamina are like two wrecking balls. >> The heavy favorites in this Elimination Chamber Match, and there's a reason why. Nia Jax said it best.

This isn't just about dreams coming true. This is about physics. Look at these two specimens. >> She just tossed Mandy Rose into the ring with one hand, Graves. Did you see that part? >> Mandy has nowhere to hide.

And Nia and Tamina, already making their presence felt. And look at The Iconics. Smart strategy >> Yeah hiding in a pot like a T-rex like her business. They they they're, they know this is not gonna work out well. >> They basically trapped themselves in the worst possible place this is like a actual [INAUDIBLE] don't run upstairs they ran into the pod same theory [NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] Nai and Tamina [INAUDIBLE] >> Now they've opened the pod.

Boy. >> This is not gonna be good >> Ladies, The Iconics have been separated My God, Nia just slinging Peyton Royce around. Tamina slinging Billie Kay into the chamber. >> Human pendulum.

How much damage did they take getting slung against that steel? >> Look at the smile on Nia's face. >> Nia Jax is in her happy place right now. >> Savouring every second. >> And Tamina as well. >> She's been complete and out of control.

>> Bayley just saying I'm sorry to So sad. >> And look at this double Samoan drop to The Iconics. Covers by Naomi and Tamina.

>> The Iconics have been eliminated. >> And meanwhile Lynn Morgan and Sarah Logan go right after Nia Jax and Tamina. Two teams now eliminated from the elimination chamber.

Fabulous glow and The Iconics. >> The herd is beginning to thin for the moment. Smart move by the riot squad wasting no time trying to take down the irresistible force >> [INAUDIBLE] Attacking Nai Jax from behind >> And I gonna get the riot squad credit here. Trying to separate Nia to me and this is the smartest thing that they can do right now. Working together. >> Wow! >> Beautiful. >> This is the diamond of my Liv and Sara.

>> Both legs hooked. Nai Jax the running right through Logan and breaking up the possible pin fall and now DeVille back into this. >> Laying in those kicks. >> Smart Mandy Rose as well, with a running knee. Down goes Jax. >> Nai is off her feet.

Here's the cover. Is it enough: Hooks the leg and Nia powers out. >> Both teams targeting Nia Jax and Tamina. >> You know what the biggest threat in this matchup right now? Sasha and Bayley, who both take down Mandy and Sonya Deville. >> [NOISE] >> Now Bayley, measuring Tamina in the corner with a high running knee. Sasha Banks as well, the double knees.

>> [NOISE] >> And now Liv Morgan, in trouble. And Bayley and Sasha working well as a team. Knocked the lungs right out of Liv Morgan. >> Logan caught. Faceplanted.

Cover by Banks and Bayley, and a kick out by Logan. >> Viking training won't save you from that. >> Tell you what. You have got to give the Riot Squad credit.

>> Thought they were eliminated there. >> Both the Riot Squad thrives in these situations of chaos. They buy their time. They wait for their opportunities. I feel like the Riot Squad is one of the absolute favorites walking into Elimination Chamber >> And Deville and Rose are beginning to dominate Banks and Bailey. >> That family mentality definitely keeps a Riot Squad looking strong Foster reversal, Mandy sent to the corner, hung on top rope.

By Bailey, here's the double-team now on Deville. And Bailey gonna- >> [NOISE] >> No, no, no, no. >> Watch Deville, into Mandy! Did Mandy slip out of the way? >> Mandy just got out of the way. >> Just in time. >> [NOISE] >> Look at Sasha Banks, bossing Bayley around.

>> [SOUND] >> Or directing traffic, depending on how you look at it. >> As Deville's hung up on the second rope. Sasha Banks. >> No. This, no. >> Bayley and Sasha see an opportunity. >> This isn't gonna be pretty.

>> Double stack, double knees. >> Cover, Banks. And a kick out by Deville at two.

>> Bayley going after Mandy Rose here. >> But here comes Nia. >> And don't forget about Nia and Tamina. Might need a spatula to scrape them off the mat. >> Nia Jax turning her attention to Bayley.

And she would love to eliminate Banks and Bayley after the history these have had. >> Where do the Riot Squad think they're going? >> Going to higher ground. Morgan and Logan now on top of a pod, trying to- >> It's smart. Catch a breath, evaluate the scene. I think it's a brilliant move by the Riot Squad.

>> Surveying the damage and the scenery. My God. Nia Jax just slamming Mandy into the chamber. And Liv Morgan from the top of the High risk.

>> Will it be high reward. [CROSSTALK] This could be it. >> Squad. >> The cover and a kick out. >> Aah! >> A pretty incredible match here tonight.

To crown the first ever Women's Tag Team Champions. >> Look at this, you mentioned high risk. It doesn't get much higher than this, sacrificing their own safety and well being to topple their opponents.

>> I think that shows you exactly what the Riott Squad means when they said that we are not the sheep, we are the wolves. >> Goes to show you what- >> Look at Nia, Nia trying to climb up now. She's on the second rope trying to prevent Morgan from getting back to the top. >> This is the way Nia Jax won the women's championship. From the second rope- >> A massive Samoan drop.

>> Liv's done. >> Thanks for coming, Liv. >> And now Tamina. >> [NOISE] >> From the top- >> The splash to both members of the Riott Squad. >> One, two, three.

[NOISE] >> Nia and Tamina eliminate the Riott Squad. >> The Riott Squad has been eliminated. >> Nia and Tamina out here doing work tonight in Houson, Texas. >> And now it's Sasha and Bayley right to work on Nia Jax.

Three teams remain, Nia, Tamina, Sasha, Bayley, and Mandy and Sonia. >> Very smart move by Sasha and Bailey not giving anyone an opportunity to breathe. >> Drop, and Sasha caught Tamina. Is it enough to eliminate Tamina here? And Nia Jax breaking it up before the three count. >> Nia just almost effortlessly picking up Banks, god. And just dropping Sasha on Sonya.

>> Sasha landed hard on that hip. >> Lord Nia Jax, the irresistible force. >> The odds-on favorite to win this matchup. Nia and Tamina displaying exactly why. >> You've got that size, power, the confidence of a woman like Nia Jax. Every single other woman here in the back in the locker room better watch any time you cross her path.

>> Everything Nia Jax does is deliberate. Every step she takes, every move she makes, egging them on. >> This is definitely, this is gonna be deliberate right here.

Nia Jax just waiting for Bayley to make it to her feet. Nia Jax is stalking Bayley and now, into the pod goes Nia. >> She's out. >> [NOISE] >> Bayley sidestepped and Nia went right through the side of the pod. >> Listen to this impact.

[SOUND] >> [NOISE] >> Jax has not moved. >> [NOISE] >> This has totally changed the complexion of the matchup. >> And Tamina- >> Tamina's left all on her own if these teams know what's good for them. >> Unfamiliar sight on the face of Tamina, a look of concern. >> Look at that. [SOUND]

>> My god! >> Bayley just saved the opportunity for her and her partner. >> She had enough wherewithal just to get out of the way at the last second. >> Vicious Muay Thai knees from Deville.

Everyone focusing on Tamina, smart strategy. >> Meteora by Banks off the top rope, and now Bayley going up top. >> If they could pin Tamina, Jax is eliminated too. >> The elbow for Bayley, here's the cover. Everybody's stacking on her, Tamina eliminated.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Tamina and Nia Jax have been eliminated. >> That is huge. >> I still don't know that I believe it.

>> And we are down to two teams, Mandy and Sonia, and Sasha and Bailey. One of these two teams will become the first ever Women's Tag Team Champions. >> [NOISE] >> The Toyota Center is on its feet. Everyone at home watching, I know my daughters are glued to the TV, knowing we're gonna witness history any second now. >> And as Nia and Tamina leave the chamber, everyone is beginning to show the wounds and the scars of what can happen inside the chamber. Mandy Rose's back is completely cut up by what she's gone through here tonight.

And now we're down to these two teams. >> The two teams that started the Elimination Chamber. The two teams that had all odds stacked against them.

As soon as the bell rang for this match. >> And the deja vu from last Elimination Chamber the same four women. >> And here we go. >> With different stakes, like a hockey fight.

>> And now Mandy Rose with knees to the midsection of Bayley. Sonia Deville trying to dominate Sasha Banks here. Bayley now, Mandy with a knee.

>> Great counter by Mandy. >> And you have to wonder how much Sasha has left, suffering from this shoulder injury over the past number of weeks. Bayley has been punished a lot on her own. Now Mandy Rose outside the ring.

Bayley able to block. [NOISE] >> And Mandy runs right into a knee from the Boss. >> When the stakes are this high, I can't- >> From behind, to win the championship, to win the titles. >> Bayley with the knee. >> A glancing blow, but- >> Banks- >> Sasha got all of that.

>> My God. >> Here's the cover by Bayley. And breaking it up is Mandy Rose at two. >> Like a divine intervention. >> Sasha and

Bayley thought they won the titles. >> Divine intervention from God's greatest creation. >> Sasha with a look of disbelief. She hit the backstabber, Bayley hit the belly to belly, and nonetheless- >> What do they have left after that? >> Deville and Mandy are able to survive. >> Look at this great teamwork by both Banks and Bailey. They thought they could feel the titles around their waist.

But at the last possible second Mandy Rose saves the situation. >> [NOISE] >> And now Mandy Rose, climbing the chamber. Sasha Banks trying to play defense, but what is Mandy Rose have in mind here? >> Bayley's going up the other side to stop her. >> Mandy possibly trying to get some leverage >> And now trying to keep Bayley from getting up on top of the pod as well. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks up to the other side.

>> Trying to knot up the thigh of Mandy Rose. >> I wanna remind people what happened when Sasha and Bayley were up on top of the pod in last year's chamber. >> I'd love to remind people. Sasha Banks kicked Bailey in this same situation. It's exactly, we're gonna do it again.

She's gonna do it again. >> And look at now, Sasha, Bailey face to face. Is it gonna be deja vu from last year? Or is the Boss 'n' Hug Connection going to work as a team? >> This could destroy Mandy. >> Mandy's done. >> No. >> Mandy bounced off the pod.

>> They're gonna toss Mandy from the top? >> There's bigger things at stake, guys. >> [NOISE] >> What do Sasha and Bailey have in mind? >> Come on. >> Meanwhile, here comes Sonia Deville climbing the chamber. Sonia trying to help out her her partner Mandy. >> Sonia better come up with a plan quick.

>> [NOISE] >> And Bailey, kick right to the fingers as Deville falls off the side of the chamber. >> Heavy right hand from Mandy. >> Deville knocked down as well. And now it's Mandy and Banks left on top of the pod.

And Bailey driven right into the support beam on the pod. Spine first into the support beam of that pod. Bayley's hurt and Sasha Banks coming down to check on her friend and her partner.

>> Her meal ticket. >> [NOISE] >> Bayley hasn't moved a muscle. >> And now Sasha Banks trying to take out Sonia here to buy her team some time. Mandy Rose from behind and what could quickly- >> And Banks into the pod on the other side. Mandy quickly with Banks in the ring. >> Here is comes.

>> They're gonna put Sasha away to win the women's tag team titles. >> Ooh, >> She nailed it. Mandy's gonna do it. Here's the cover, hook of the leg. Banks kicks out at two, a near fall.

Mandy can't believe it. >> [NOISE] >> Mandy again into the cover, hooks the leg again and Sasha fights back. >> A less than 100% Sasha Banks proves in a situation like this why she's considered one of the best. >> This is all about heart.

This is all about desire. This is all about survival. This is all about winning the Women's Championship. Mandy Rose had the titles won at Sasha Banks, meanwhile, driven shoulder first to the post on the top part of your screen as we returned a live action. >> You can see the disappointment on the face of everyone at the Toyota Center.

They thought Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were about to become the champions. >> And remember the injured shoulder, [INAUDIBLE] spears her partner Mandy. >> A miscommunication may have created an opening for Sasha, Sasha capitalized on this.

>> Yeah, but what does Sasha have left? She went shoulder first into the post, the injured shoulder of Banks as she wrestles Deville down, now, trying to lock in the Bank Statement. >> Middle of the ring, Sasha Barks. >> Sonya trying to fight it. >> She's struggling >> Yeah, but she can't use the shoulder, Banks can't use the shoulder to lock in the Bank Statement >> Sasha better figure out a way to call out of a quit. >> And that what she did, Deville now, [CROSSTALK] Sasha Banks Banks.

The Boss, tapped out, Bank Statement Banks and Bayley make history. Banks and Bayley with the Tag Team titles. >> Here are your winners by submission and the first ever WWE Women's Tag Team champion Bayley and Sasha Banks. >> Corey I know you said a lot about Sasha Banks in the past, but we learned a lot about The Boss tonight.

That guts, the heart to desire of Banks to fight to injury, to fight through pain that helped her and Bayley win the Tag Team title. >> I never want to admit my mistakes, cuz I rarely make them, but I will give credit where it's due tonight. Sasha Banks was an unbelievable, audible different way to apply her submission hold and did the work to capture the first ever Women's Tag Team championship. >> What a way to reinvent yourself on the fly.

>> A culmination of a lifelong dream. Bayley driven into the support beam on the pod would allow Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to really take over this match. And here's where the mistake would cost. Mandy and Sonya are miscommunication, Banks out of the way just time. Sonya flattens Mandy and look at this application of the Bank Statement.

This is a thing of beauty for everyone not named Sonya Deville. >> I know I'm not alone, all of these people here feeling in their hearts what I'm feeling right now. These two women earned it.

[MUSIC] >> Sasha, Bayley, congratulations, what an incredible victory tonight you make history. >> Boo! >> I don't even know what to say. [INAUDIBLE] >> [NOISE] >> You deserve it [APPLAUSE], you deserve it [APPLAUSE], you deserve it [APPLAUSE], you deserve it [APPLAUSE]. >> So lost words, nobody knows how hard you fought to get these. >> [NOISE] >> If you guys legit only know we don't just do this for us, we don't just do this for you, we do this for everybody in the back, this Women's Division.

>> [NOISE] >> And this is the only, just the beginning of more change to come. Because we're here for a purpose and we are going to continue to do what we love and do what we do best. And that's why we are The Boss and Hug Connection, your new WWE Tag Team Women's Champions >> [NOISE] [MUSIC] >> I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm being in locked with my own throat. [MUSIC] >> Those tears, man? >> I'm not crying, you're crying. >> I am crying, I knew you were human, such a beautiful moment.

These women have worked so hard at being able to see them over the years what they've accomplished, it's amazing. >> So, Beth, for someone like you who have been through everything here in WWE, you're a Hall of Famer, you're a trailblazer, what is this moment, mean to you? >> This means so much to me, because this is what we demanded for so many years, we wanted, and we knew the WWE Universe felt the same way. And so this is such a victory in all of our hearts and it just means the world to me, like I know it does to those two women in the ring.

I'm so proud of them, I'm proud of everybody in this moment. And they just, they did it. [MUSIC] >> Congratulations to Bayley and Sasha Banks. Your first ever WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.


2021-02-21 03:14

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