FULL MATCH - Women's Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2021

FULL MATCH - Women's Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2021

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[MUSIC] And just like that the Women's Royal Rumble match is underway, and it's the role model, who draws the first entry position. >> A highly unenviable position, for the former SmackDown Women's Champion. [MUSIC] 380 days as the SmackDown Women's Champion the reigning SmackDown Women's Champion ever. >> [NOISE] >> Would it be the Royal Rumble match the Royal Rumble event, without WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry The King Lawler King? You've been in the Rumble you called countless moments of being hurt, just a few moments ago how special is it to be here? >> [NOISE] >> Bayley shaved Cole into the back of her head. >> It's a little weird. >> Yeah it's very weird but I think it's great he's got a challenge Cole when she wins.

>> Stop motivation that's for sure, maybe Cole finally beat the mania. Well tonight the Royal Rumble is brought to you in part by Tapout, available now at tapao.com. And as Byron was saying King this is not a great thing for Bayley to start off in the number one position. However, it has been done before winning from this position. >> If anybody can do it Bayley can do it and especially like you said with that extra incentive but who is number two gonna be? >> [NOISE] [MUSIC] >> Whoa, the Royal Rumble match it's always full of surprises and returns, and it is great to welcome back Naomi.

My gosh. >> We're gonna feel the glow I love it. >> [LAUGH] This is awesome. [MUSIC] >> The two time SmackDown Women's champ. >> Introducing, entrant number two, from Orlando, Florida, Naomi. >> Byron we haven't seen Naomi in action in quite some time.

>> It's been months and- >> Yeah. >> Naomi is actually thrived in this atmosphere before a couple years ago, winning the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royale. >> The first ever WrestleMania Women's Battle Royale on top of that King. Naomi's had a lot of acrobatics really eye popping moments in the Women's Royal Rumble Match. >> Without a doubt I remember it well, but you can see the look on Bayley's face, I don't think Bayley's too impressed, by Naomi right now. [MUSIC] >> Well look at the smile on Naomi she's gotta be thrilled to be back in the WWE ring.

[SOUND] >> Naomi understands very well what's at stake here. >> Last time I saw you you had- >> [NOISE] >> Uh-oh. >> I beat you, do you remember, do you remember? >> Well that didn't workout. >> Unsuccessfully tried to get ahead of Naomi who's having none of it. >> In fact I think it was in fact in August Naomi and Bayley squared off I believe Naomi won that match Byron.

>> [LAUGH] Naomi showing [CROSSTALK] right here. >> And there goes Bayley who, brought the match a little early here King not the greatest idea. >> No you're right many times, >> [LAUGH] >> Your words will come back to bite you, here in the WWE wow. >> And a kick right to the face by Naomi. >> And Louise have a little fun at Bayley's expense. >> [NOISE] >> The unenviable position of starting the Royal Rumble match however, it has been done before the likes of Shawn Michaels in 1995, Rey Mysterio in 2006.

It can be done, but it is, >> A very difficult task and a rear view to Bayley. >> This may be on the verge of a conclusion here. >> Well I'd say start- >> Woah. >> Pin point elimination early on. >> You know starting one or two, it's the same thing. >> [NOISE] >> You're absolutely right King.

>> Wire to wire. >> [LAUGH] >> And now dropping Naomi. >> [NOISE] >> I love the fact that Bayley has Cole, cut into her back of her head and her hair that's awesome.

>> Now King I'm sure you've been paying attention to SmackDown Cole has not made friends with Bayley. >> No, not at all. >> Well who could make friends with Michael Cole, come on. >> The person who'd love to see that match, so here we go who is number three, the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble? >> Here we go. [SOUND] >> [MUSIC] >> Uh-oh. >> Somebody who's highly familiar with Bayley, in fact defeated Bayley this past Friday night on Smackdown on Fox, Bianca Belair.

Who last year in this match well she matched the performance of Shayna Baszler and she has eight total eliminations. >> Look out. >> For most in Women's Royal Rumble history alongside Baszler.

>> Lasted over 30 minutes in last year's Royal Rumble, and now- >> My God, Bayley may be over in a few minutes here. >> Wait a minute. >> Bayley over the top rope remember, both feet have to touch the floor and the cagey Bayley, back into the ring. >> Hang in there, Bayley hang.

>> And Bianca Belair many have picked as a potential winner for this, entire Royal Rumble match. >> You see the athleticism of Belair is off the charts. >> [APPLAUSE] >> When talking about athletisicism many have said to Naomi one of the best pure athletes as well. And you might be looking at the two best athletes in all the WWE let's be honest. And now the power the power of Bianca Belair trying to- >> Naomi over the top rope.

>> Naomi saying not today, and Naomi, trying to use her own strength here against the EST of WWE that being, Bianca Belair. >> Man look out. >> Whoa. >> Look at this. >> My gosh.

>> [LAUGH] >> That is unbelievable. >> Never seen that before. >> That's how I roll. >> All I said Naomi- >> Look out.

>> Gas gotta be careful along the top rope Bayley trying to get involved. >> Naomi hanging on for dear life. >> Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

>> Over the top, over the top Naomi's gotta be careful now Bayley trying to eliminate Belair as number four is inbound. [SOUND] >> is she down, did her feet touch? >> Not quite. [MUSIC] >> From SmackDown it is Billie Kay who I I guess is part of the Riott Squad. She doesn't appear, because of her attire tonight.

[MUSIC] >> She has been trying so hard to fit in, with The Riott Squad. >> Wait, does she have eight by tens in her hand? >> I'll take one of those. >> Photograph King. >> Yeah, no kidding. >> This is a unique way to make an entrance.

>> [NOISE] >> She's not in the ring, Bayley has come on time. >> I'll just take a seat first, will take a seat first yes yes. >> I see how this is working out okay, put your headset on there Billie Kay. >> Hi Billie. [NOISE] >> King here, this is for you.

>> This is so awesome. >> Good to see you, darling. >> Thank you so much. >> This is- >> Naomi.

>> So Billie do you plan on entering the Royal Rumble Match since you were number four? >> Yeah, yeah, I'm thinking about it, stacked in the ring at the moment, stacked in the ring so I'm just going to wait. >> Whoa whoa whoa Belair, Belair nearly eliminated, nearly eliminated by Bayley. >> She's hanging on. >> And Belair does hang on first call. >> I'm just gonna wait maybe find a partner to enter the Royal Rumble Match, with.

>> Okay so it doesn't mean you're actually fearful of entering the Royal Rumble Match, right? >> I mean, what do you what is- >> Capturing the actual moment. >> It's what I mean. >> So Billie can you walk King through your head and resume here? >> I love this short. >> But I just wanna see the- >> Sure sure. >> Three two one. >> We'll take good care of it for you.

[SOUND] >> Number five is. >> Okay. >> All right. >> I like I want to take, yeah, yeah, yeah, we'll be back, we'll be back. >> Look at this, from [CROSSTALK] Shotzi Blackheart who entered at her second Royal Rumble Match. >> Talk about a wildcard entry into the Royal Rumble Match, that indeed is Shotzi Blackheart.

>> My favorite entrance so far this awesome look out, I think- >> Whoa, [CROSSTALK] gotta be careful. >> My God. >> I don't think Shotzi wants an eight by ten. >> Did that hit you Byron? >> Almost did. >> I don't know if Billie Kay's gonna find a teammate or friend or ally or whatever. And Shotzi Blackheart, and now Blackheart trying to get into the ring to officially enter the Royal Rumble Match.

>> Doing it from the top- >> Here she comes. >> Doing it in style, and remember Billie Kay has to physically enter the ring in order to officially enter the Royal Rumble Match. >> This is going to be- >> Position here.

>> Shotzi Blackheart, who's currently competing in the first ever women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament on NXT. >> Look out here. >> Wow. >> Shotzi Blackheart unique offense there from Shotzi Blackheart and Billie Kay- >> Very unique offense there she didn't accept the headshot resume so I'm still on the lookout for that. >> [LAUGH] >> Billie Kay you seemed pretty shocked there when Shotzi came down her tank. >> She shot something at [CROSSTALK] >> A warning shot if you will.

>> I think there was a warning shot, but the warning loud and clear, >> She was actually shooting at Byron, but she missed. >> Bianca Bella is in a difficult situation here over the top rope Belair trying to navigate things, as we wait for number six. >> One. [SOUND] >> Who is it? >> Boy. >> Uh-oh, uh-oh.

>> Now Billie Kay- >> [NOISE] >> Here comes one after the new women's Tag Team Champion, Shayna Baszler. >> Billie better turn right back around and sit next to us, I guarantee you Baszler's not looking for a partnership here, with Billie Kay. >> She barely gets along with Nai Jax.

[MUSIC] >> Uh-oh, uh-oh. >> Baszler not interested in teaming with Kay. >> He told you.

>> Baszler and Nia Jax on the Royal Rumble kickoff show knocked off Charlotte Flair and the Raw Women's Champion Asuka, to capture the Women's Tag Team Titles. >> What a knee. >> Remember Shayna Baszler was in the final two of last's year Royal Rumble alongside eventual winner, Charlotte Flair. >> There's a lot of leftover angst from last year's performance Shayna Baszler now unleashing her fury on everyone possible. >> Well I mentioned earlier both the two women tied up right now, Belair and Baszler share the overall eliminations record, in a single Royal Rumble Match with eight.

>> Bianca Belair was in trouble there but managed to get well, momentarily out of trouble. >> And now there's Shotzi Blackheart trying to eliminate the roll model, Bianca Belair, look at the power. >> Yes. >> Bayley's had a rough go of things since the Rumble started and uh-oh, here is the countdown again, gentlemen. >> Six, five, four, three, two- >> Who's it gonna be? [SOUND] >> [NOISE] >> Yes >> [NOISE] >> From NXT, it is indeed Toni time here at the Royal Rumble, Toni Storm. >> Look out, wait a minute, that's Billie Kay again.

[MUSIC] >> Is Toni gonna buy in? >> No. >> No >> NXT resident rock star who's got himself an NXT Women's title opportunity at NXT TakeOver, two weeks from tonight. >> Right after Shotzi Blackheart now, Bayley German suplexes from the former NXT United Kingdom Women's Champion. >> Watch out. >> Toni Storm really clearing house, again Toni Storm the Rockstar of NXT. >> You're right about that.

>> She's rocking the the women's division right now in this Royal Rumble. >> And another rear view by Naomi as I believe her again going commentary Billie Kae these offers of yours aren't really being well, treated very well. >> [NOISE] >> You're lucky that Shayna Baszler punched your- >> Instead of your head awhile ago, lookout. >> It might be a wise strategy, whoa whoa whoa.

>> And Shotzi Blackheart's been eliminated by Baszler. >> [NOISE] >> Well it was good effort from Shotzi Blackheart for her, Royal Rumble dreams are now over. >> [APPLAUSE] >> So with that we await number eight, I guess Billie Kay's smart let's see when it's thin to a degree.

>> Two one. >> Billy might wanna consider just going at it alone. [SOUND] [MUSIC] >> My God, no way.

>> What, what? [MUSIC] >> My goodness. [MUSIC] Are my ears are bleeding yet? >> Yes, I haven't heard this in a decade. >> Jillian Hall. [MUSIC] >> You wanna team up with me? You want Billie and Jillie, yeah? >> Billie and Jillie? >> Billie and Jillie. >> I love it.

>> What? >> My God. >> This is actually happening? >> [CROSSTALK] I hope. >> I hope so. >> Wait a minute is JBL silly or [CROSSTALK] consultants here. >> Growth is gone too.

>> And Jillian Hall, dropping Naomi and I guess, we got Jillie and Billie King. >> There's the first alliance that we see here in the women's- >> I cannot believe Billie Kay has coaxed Jillian Hall to being her tag team partner in the Royal Rumble Match. >> Jillian Hall a former champion in her own right, teaming up with a former Women's Tag Team Champion in Billie Kay. >> I remember Jillian Hall used to serenade she'd tell me King don't I sing like a bird? I said yeah a vulture, she said well that's a bird. >> [LAUGH] >> And now Billi and Jillie teaming to try to get Naomi out of the match, Billie focusing again on Shayna Baszler. >> Six, five, four, three, two one.

>> I can get a prediction out of you guys. [SOUND] >> Whom do you got your money on tonight? >> Uh-oh. >> Representing the Riot Squad is Ruby Riott who enters her third, Royal Rumble Match. >> She does not look like she's in a good mood right now. >> Ruby Riott has been through a lot over the last year or so, suffering a serious injury this would be a great comeback story for Riott. Double shoulder surgery in 2020, been tryna pursue the women's tag team titles for quite some time.

>> Look at those moves by Riott. >> Title for Toni Storm from NXT. >> Went for the big one but missed. >> [NOISE] >> My. >> Back elbow by Riott. >> That didn't miss.

>> I'm still standing, Toni Storm with another German suplex and Toni Storm has been all over this Rumble. >> Yeah Storm is making a huge statement right now. >> If she continues this momentum, she may find herself. >> Whoa whoa whoa. >> And Billie Kay, she just helped out Ruby Riott? >> I think she did and then to Jillian Hall. >> [NOISE] >> Even alliances King you know better than anybody, quicken.

>> Billie Kay still has a one place in her heart for Ruby Riott but- >> She asked. >> [NOISE] >> Are Billie and Jillie trying to team up with Ruby? >> And Ruby Riott doesn't appear to be interested in help. Look I respect Billie Kay for at least trying to create some semblance of- >> Five, four, three, two one. [SOUND] >> Next time, look out now. >> Whoa. >> Whoa.

This has got dangerous inside the Women's Royal Rumble match for Black Widow Victoria. >> My gosh, this is awesome. Victoria is back. >> Victoria is making a little bit nervous.

>> Yeah, but it's a good kinda nervous. >> [LAUGH] Two time Women's Champion, a malicious and nasty competitor and she wants to be this and evidence right there. >> No kidding. You talk about experience, experience could be the key for Victoria. >> [NOISE] >> Shot the world here.

>> And Dave, one of the trailblazers in the women's division in WWE and look at Victoria scanning the field as the ring continues to fill up with superstars. >> Victoria almost just daring any one of these superstar. Steph Bock, come get yours.

>> [NOISE] >> Man, and there goes right. And now Victoria has got a hold on Bayley. >> [NOISE] >> She's asking for more competition. >> And a drop kick by Naomi brings down Victoria.

>> Took right over Bailey. >> Whoa, look out. >> Went through the ropes, Victoria went through the ropes. You have to go over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. >> Again back inside, out.

>> And Victoria trying to fight her way. Calling for it. Wait for the leg drop off of the apron. Dangerous situation in the far right corner. Toni Storm, Bianca Belair and Billie Kay tied up is number 11, about to make their way down the aisle. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Here comes Peyton Royce from Raw.

>> Just keeps getting better and better. >> Peyton Royce who as of late has been teaming up with Lacey Evans because, well, the former team of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce dissolved a number of months ago. >> And now, think about this. Had Billie Kay waited for a few more entrance? Maybe you could have seen an IIconics reunions here. >> Billie Kay slides into the ring, has been trying go in on her own lately. >> Look out.

>> Got a critical wind, thanks to help from Lacey Evans and Ric Flair against Charlotte Flair recently on Raw. Ruby Riott's over the top, has got to be careful. Now Peyton Royce going for Victoria.

>> [NOISE] >> Center of the ring, my god. >> [LAUGH] We're gonna see it. Well, we are seeing it.

The IIconics back together. >> An iconic reunion in the Royal Rumble match. >> Hold on. >> [NOISE] >> And there's Bayley. >> An awkward moment there.

Can you partner me my new partner? >> [LAUGH] Right. >> No partner. >> Hold on a second, and Victoria has got to be a little bit ticked off her version of a widow's peak.

>> Yeah, Victoria to get her revenge. >> [NOISE] >> And now Victorian center of the ring, and trying to show Peyton Royce how it's done. >> And there's the winner's peak. [MUSIC] >> This is an interesting entrance.

It's Santana Garrett from NXT. Byron, you got to know Santana quite well, when you're working at the WWE Performance Center. >> Yeah, Santana Garrett second generation athletes so much untapped potential. All it takes is one big night. Can you imagine if Santana Garrett we're able to shock the world? >> Without a doubt, the biggest opportunity of Santana Garrett's career happening right now.

Going up against another NXT superstar Toni Storm and, King, you know what it's like to enter the Royal Rumble match. How chaotic is this type of situation? >> Well, I want to tell you just watching this women's Royal Rumble match, it's sort of my idea what I hope heaven is gonna be like. >> [LAUGH] >> But this is just awesome.

And, Byron, you know how you can enjoy this match more? >> How's that? >> Just pretend that these women are all fighting over you. >> Of course, that's not gonna happen but, [LAUGH] my God it's- >> Look out. >> Santana Garrett maybe eliminated Ruby Riott who's over the top rope. >> Ruby has found herself in this predicament a number of times now just barely hanging on. >> So far, one elimination, that being Shotzi Blackheart. And look at Bianca Belair in a dangerous spot- >> Very dangerous.

Look out. >> Bayley and Royce all trying to get rid of EST. >> Look at this, Bianca continuing to fight everybody off, and you know what? King, you asked for a prediction so I'm gonna put my money on Bianca Belair. >> Well, I'll tell you, the world is talking about Bianca Belair right now. >> Barely half through the match to make your bet. >> It took me a while.

[LAUGH] [SOUND] >> And it appears the other half of the Riott Squad, Liv Morgan. And Ruby Riott's gonna have some backup. [MUSIC] >> Whoa. >> Liv Morgan entering her fourth Royal Rumble.

>> She didn't even wait till she got in the ring to start kicking people. >> Wasted no time- >> And apparently sent her to oblivion. >> Liv wasted no time saving Ruby Riott. And right now, >> Double knees leaving her imprint on this match.

>> Watch it. >> [NOISE] >> And now up against Shayna Baszler. What a super kick and great teamwork from the Riott Squad. >> A comforting sight, and there's Jillian Hall who ruined the celebration.

>> Byron [INAUDIBLE] on your way out. >> Bianca Belair trying to pull Victoria. Center the ring, Bayley and Jillian has imploded. >> [LAUGH] You're right about that. >> It was fun while it lasted.

>> Alliances are short lasted, King, in the Royal Rumble match. >> Without a doubt. >> Now Jillian Hall over the top rope, the Riott Squad trying eliminate, another superstar from this Rumble. >> It's Billie Kay who does it. >> Trying give us an epic performance. >> Whoa, whoa, whoa.

>> And there goes Billie Kay. >> [NOISE] >> The strategy did not pan out too well there for Billie Kay. >> Well, then the lions went by the wayside pretty quick.

>> We're stuck at about 58 by tens there, King. Hold on, Peyton Royce could be joining her forever IIconics partner and Billie Kay nearly was. Here comes the number 14. [SOUND] [MUSIC] My god, yes. >> Rhea Ripley? >> Yes.

>> Rhea Ripley. >> Yes, King. >> The nightmare returns to the Royal Rumble with a vengeance. [MUSIC] The look on the face of Ripley.

>> Remember, last year's World Rumble match winner Charlotte Flair. She used her guaranteed title opportunity to go to WrestleMania. She took the NXT women's title from Rhea Ripley at this past WrestleMania.

>> I'll never forget that fact as long as I live. >> Rhea Ripley this is personal this year in the Rumble. And look at Rhea Ripley sends her longtime rival Toni Storm out of the ring. >> [NOISE] >> Wait, you better not celebrate too long. >> Just got a long ways to go, plenty of eliminations thus far.

But has gotta worry about Ruby Riott now is Rhea Ripley. And now look at this. >> Uh-oh.

>> Victoria, my God, Bayley's all tied up here. [NOISE] >> Rhea Ripley, the former NXT Women's Champion trying to get back to the grandest stage of them all. >> Boy. >> And now look at Shayna Baszler with the [CROSSTALK] and there goes Victoria. >> Her head hit the floor before her feet.

>> Two eliminations thus far for Baszler. >> Baszler loves every second of it. The more torture the happier Shayna Baszler is. >> She finds humor in the misfortunes of others. >> Over the top.

>> Look out. >> Missed, and Rhea Ripley. >> Ow, geez. >> Was trying to survive but eliminated. >> The effort was there, was not able to finish off. >> And Rhea Ripley once again have another elimination under her belt.

>> Two eliminations for Ripley as Naomi just dropped Bayley. >> [NOISE] >> Who do we got? [SOUND] [MUSIC]. Here comes the Creed Talk about the timing of Royal Rumble entrance. Number 14 Real Rea Rhipley number 15 Charlotte Flair who's got to be in the mood after losing the women's tag team Championship on the kickoff show earlier tonight. >> And this is going to be the ultimate test for the psychological state of Charlotte Flair, can she translate the frustration of losing the women's tag team titles to an impressive performance in the Royal Rumble match. And Ken, this is not rushing out into the scene.

Guys I don't know, I just I'm almost at a loss for words. I'm just so disappointed I'm so disappointed lately in Charlotte flair. >> How is that? >> Well, just the way she was treating, her father. How Charlotte's treating Ric? Yes. You know, Ric crossed his daughter Charlotte. The women's tag team titles earlier tonight.

Helping out Lacy Evans >> Guys come on. We're talking about one of the greatest of all time, Ric Flair. The Nature Boy. But Ken, right now center of the ring, Charlotte Flair she went right out to Rhea Ripley, former WrestleMania opponents and now zeroes in on Naomi.

We were wondering how Charlotte Flair was going to respond to the frustration we're seeing it. Hold on a second, Bailey went over the bottom rope, Bailey's not eliminated but Ruby Riott is. >> A creative way to make sure Ruby Riott got eliminated. [INAUDIBLE] Who is our next entrance? Number 16. [MUSIC] Dana Brooke is in now, entering her fourth Women's Royal Rumble match. [MUSIC] There's been a long standing rivalry with Shana Basil and Nia Jax on RAW who are now the new women's tag team champions.

>> Dana Brooke looking good as she comes into the rumble match here. Whoa, what a shot >> Right to the face of Rhea Ripley >> And right to the top. >> Now bold Dana Brooke has become as of late. Drop kick off the top >> This new added to the Dana Brooke has adopted has served her well more Moxie, more confidence, more drive >> Hold on a second >> More risks apparently >> Dana Brooke again to the top turn buckle. Taking down a host of superstars but look in the mirror left corner, Charlotte Flair and Shana Basil tied up.

>> Dana Brookes got something in mind here. All Dana Brooke, nobody home in the corner. This time home Brooke finds a target and Bianca Bel Air catches barely center of the ring. Could this be Dana Brookes. Here's a guarantee yourself a title opportunity at WrestleMania. Brookes is going after everybody.

Going after Rhea Ripley in the corner. Lynn Morgan in adangerous spot here King, went over the top rope and is now out on the apron. Gotta get back in the regular hit- >> Look at this. >> No hang on Bailey. >> Morgan eliminated by Payton Royce. Payton just saved Bailey >> I don't know if I told you this Byron, but Bailey is my pick to win this women's Royal Rumble match.

>> Now it comes out, alright. One and two. >> I want her to win and challenge >> Yes.

One of your favorites King, Tori Wilson. >> Without a doubt one of my all time favorites Tori Wilson. And this is a great entry point for Tori Wilson.

Last year's winner Charlotte Flair came in at number 17 as well. >> Guys its Torrie Wilson. >> Torrie Wilson >> Torrie Wilson who we got to see as a part of Raw Legends Night not too long ago.

>> Torrie Wilson always in supurb physical condition. One of the legends in the women's division here in WWE. >> Man.

Watch out. >> And tossing Dana Brooke around the ring. And now meets Bailey.

>> Cory ease up on Bailey. Come on take it easy. >> Don't think she heard you, King.

She didn't look at this >> Payton Royce was talking trash and now she's gonna pay for it. >> Look at Torrie Wilson >> A suplex for Torrie >> Telling ya. Down goes the Queen >> I may change my pick here in a minute. >> You can't do that, King. And there goes Rhea Ripley across the ring, Dana Brooke holding her own. Rhea Ripley on the top row, on the top rope >> hang in there >> Look at Dana Brooke, this will be a big elimination Byron, if Rhea Ripley was gone.

>> She did technically go over the top rope right? >> Did go over the top rope, yes. Yes King and needs have both feet touch the floor for it to be an elimination. >> Look at the Power by Ripley Man. >> Whoa.

>> This is scary. >> Is that gonna work or not? >> I mean look at Ripley holding onto the rope with- >> My goodness. >> Into the apron. Dana Brooke is gone. >> My goodness. >> Three eliminations for the nightmare.

>> Wow, just wow. That was incredible for Rhea Ripley >> Number 17. [MUSIC] Ric Flair? Ric Flair can't enter the women's Royal Rumble [MUSIC] He's certainly on his way out here >> You know this guy, this is, okay, I get it now. [MUSIC] Ric Flair is out here for the grand entrance of Lacy Evans >> Once again, donning the robe of the nature boy.

Wait a minute. That's not just any robe. That's the same robe that Charlotte wore out here.

It's purple. The same robe. It looks just like it, look at that. How low will Lacy Evans stoop to get to the head of Charlotte Flair.

[INAUDIBLE] wanted to use a distraction with Naomi. And the distraction of Evans and Ric Flair has already cost Charlotte the women's Tag Team Titles tonight. >> I mean, you gotta agree King, something is wrong with this situation, the amount of effort that Lacey Evans and the nature boy are putting in to trying to throw Charlotte Flair off her game. >> Well listen, you got to think back a couple of weeks ago when I sat home and I watched Charlotte Flair confront her father, her dad, the greatest wrestler of all time. Ric Flair and say he's become an old man.

Come on. >> Sorry [INAUDIBLE] apologize for that King, it was water under the bridge >> And attacking Lacey Evans, Lacey Evans deserves this. Charlotte Flair is all over the southern bell >> You do not ignite the fury of the Queen. That's exactly what Lacey Evans has done here. >> And Lacey Evans under the bottom rope, same with Flair.

Both are still in this Royal Rumble match. >> Charlotte Flair is just seeing red right now. And red is Lacey Evans.

>> And that's the thing Byron, is that Charlotte Flair for weeks, she's maintained her composure since she deals with obstacles well but this is too much. It is too much. >> Yeah, your dealing with Charlotte, you're messing with Charlotte Flair's personal life >> You guys are really off your rockers >> If you can, if that's the way you look at this thing, I mean, she shows nothing but disrespect to her father. >> Look out look out >> And there goes Peyton Royce eliminated by an angry queen >> Maybe Lacey Evans at fault for some of this stuff their King.

>> And if you asked me I thought that Lacey looked much better in that robe than Charlotte Flair did. >> Whoa, stop. >> And a quick shot to the hamstring.

Charlotte Flair is favoring it now. Shanna Basil got Torrie Wilson over the top rope. And Torrie Wilson is gone thanks to. >> What are we up to now, Tom? >> Number 18, or rather 19, excuse me. [MUSIC] Another legend, six-time Women's Champion [MUSIC] Mickie James.

Yes. [MUSIC] >> The luck of the draw always coming into play, I'm sure Mickie James has no complaints about entering this Roayl Rumble match at 19. >> Guys, what happened to Bailey >> Take it back and show you what happened here [CROSSTALK] >> Eliminated by Bianca Belair as Mickie James was making her entrance.

>> No >> There goes your pick King. Bailey had lasted over 30 minutes in this Royal Rumble match, same can be said for Naomi who's still in it. That is a huge elimination by Belair. >> How furious you think Bailey is being eliminated at the hands of Bianca Belair of all people. >> Michael Cole has got a smile it's gonna have to be surgically removed. Shoving match between James and Flair.

>> A meeting of the generations, two of the all-time greats, Flair and James. On the move that Charlotte Flair said thanks to Lacey Evans, this might not be a wise strategy. >> Not at all. >> This is just a down and outright fight. >> I like it. >> Mickie James along the top turnbuckle, gotta be careful against the queen.

There we go. >> Down goes Charlotte. Mickie James might use Charlotte's fury against her here. >> I don't even understand what you're talking about Charlotte's fury.

I mean if anybody should be furious it's Charlotte's father Ric Flair. I mean Charlotte's just, what does she expect, her dad to just walk off into the sunset and get in the Lazy Boy recliner and watch her? >> She certainly doesn't expect her father to try to ruin her career King. >> We're waiting on number 20 thus far Bel Air has been in for over 28 minutes, Naomi over 30 minutes in this Royal Rumble match. [MUSIC] Here comes the under dog >> Nikki Cross who only found out earlier today from WWE official Adam Pierce, that she was in the Rumble.

[LAUGH] >> I love this. >> I do too. >> Nikki Cross who has dealt with so much emotionally over the last year here at WWE. >> And Nikki cross charges right into the ring. I'm trying to prove a lot of doubters wrong all those people who say the women's tag team championships that Nikki Cross captured alongside Alexa Bliss that Cross didn't have anything to do with that.

Cross is motivated >> How can you not get fired up when Nikki cross is out here? Speaking of fired up, when you were a kid did you ever light a whole string of firecrackers? That's what Nikki Cross reminds me of, she just go in every different direction. Wow >> Competitor and a bulldog center of the ring. And now Shanna Basil hit by a crossbody from Mickey. It's all about what your personal motivation is. And for Mickey, like you said Tom, it's proving people wrong, proving the critics wrong.

Double Shot right to the throat down to the midsection look at Nikki Cross go. >> That tornado DDT. >> Right on her head- >> Finds it against the nightmare. And Rhea Ripley can be in a bad way here same for Naomi, as Mickie James trying to hoist Naomi over the top rope now, Cross tied up with Flair.

>> Nikki trying to keep her hands and get a grip there to stop the progression >> And my pick over here with Shana Baisil, Lacey Evans. >> So Lacey Evans is your new pick? >> Yes, of course. >> Thanks for confirming. Number 21, It's another legend. >> I may have another pick right here. It's Alicia Fox [MUSIC] [LAUGH] >> Talk about volatility.

>> This is crazy. >> The most erratic superstars you've ever seen in the women's division? That's very true, entering at number 21 this year. >> I though she had a crush on you, Tom. [MUSIC] Wait a minute. [MUSIC] >> Truth >> The 24/7 champion someone must [CROSS_TALK]. >> King you're right >> He is he being chased, I knew it >> Was being by [INAUDIBLE].

>> Just don't let him come over here. >> Trying to find. Ooh, cool. We got to Berto Korea.

[INAUDIBLE] Alicia Fox is helping- >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Reluctantly fight for his life here in the women's Royal Rumble match [INAUDIBLE] 24/7 >> 24/7 champion, Alicia Fox >> No are you serious >> Did that just happen? >> The hits keep on coming so in the Royal Rumble match we have a new champion >> Now here's Mandy Rose 22. >> So much on that right now. So we got Alicia Fox celebrating her new 24/7 Championship win and yet the women's royal rumble continues.

>> And our truth a man just lost his title in the women's Royal Rumble match. >> Thinks he was in the Rumble, woah and look at Rose. And now the new 24/7 Champion Alicia Fox is going to have to focus on the task at hand. >> Her championship is still the ring. Mandy Rose, tag team partner with Dana Brooke. Alicia Fox trying to balance [INAUDIBLE] down goes the 24/7 champion >> And Alicia Fox has been eliminated.

[SOUND] Hey wait look at this >> Truth got his baby back >> Here's your winner and the new 24/7 champion R Truth. [INAUDIBLE] And R Truth is still being chased, look out. [SOUND] Go go go. [CROSS_TALK] >> [INAUDIBLE] Alicia Fox is chasing him as well.

Meanwhile, focusing back on the action here, the Royal Rumble match Mandy rose and Nikki Cross enter the ring. Rhea Ripley still in this as well >> And another superstar is on the way. >> Number 23. >> Who is this gonna be >> Another superstar from NXT Dakota Kai who I believe, >> Entering her second Royal Rumble Match. >> Dakota Kai one of several NXT superstars who could certainly change the landscape of WWE with a win here in the Royal Rumble Match. >> Kai has got quite the history with Rhea Ripley, especially as these two go at it.

Dakota Kai middle of the ring. >> Uh-oh, Rhea Ripley was trying to wrangle Kai. Mickie James trying to avoid the contact. And a kick by Kai.

>> [LAUGH] There's so much action going on here. It's hard to focus. >> Captain of Team Kick going to work here on Ripley. By the way, for those of you playing the Home Game, Alicia Fox's 24/7 title reign >> It was two minutes and five seconds roll back the statistics of the Royal Rumble.

>> Two minutes and five seconds. >> Meanwhile, near side, the left side of your screen of Dakota Kai trying to get rid of Rhea Ripley, Shanna Basil in trouble with Nikki Cross and Bianca Bel Air is over the top rope, courtesy of Mandy Rose far side. Nikki on the apron >> No. >> A shot to Lacey Evans >> In a woman's right and down goes Mickey James, she's gone.

>> Has benefited Lacey Evans a couple of times here tonight >> Earlier tonight it was loaded thanks to Ric Flair that helped Shanna Basil take the women's tag titles >> Quit living in the past, come on, let's talk about the Women's Rumble Match here. >> And Naomi over the top. >> [NOISE] >> Bianca has been in for over 35 minutes and meanwhile Naomi been in for over 37 minutes. >> You can see the exhaustion starting to set in for both Naomi and Bianca Belair, understandably so. >> Naomi entered at two, Belair at Who's number 24 if Dakota Kai's in bad shape? >> Looking down to the nitty gritty. [SOUND] You're gonna be another surprise.

[MUSIC] It's another opportunity for Carmelo tonight where earlier on did not count for the SmackDown Women's title from Sasha Banks and there's Reginald. >> Reginald. >> Making sure Carmella's hydrated before she enters the Royal Rumble match. >> This time not with water, around with a champagne or wine. This time, she makes you out. >> That's probably better. >> That's right, is that a mirror, King?

>> I don't know but- >> [NOISE] >> And Dakota Kai out hard, thanks to Ripley. >> Gotta be hurt. >> Ripley's got four eliminations. Mandy Rose trying to get rid of Ripley. >> Speaking of eliminated, wasn't Reginald thrown out of ringside tonight? Does he get to come back now? >> For that one match, I believe.

>> No. >> And Mandy Rose is gone, thanks to The Nightmare. >> Meantime, we're still waiting for Carmella to actually enter the Royal Rumble Match. >> That is five elimination for Ripley as Carmella's was. >> You're ready? You're okay, Carmella. >> I'm interested with getting into quickly and frankly.

>> She want to make a mess up on that makeup she put on earlier. Look at this, nice. >> Little assistance, the quad sprinklers bringing stairs when you have Reginald. >> And now Nikki Cross enemy Carmella, Carmella over the top, my gosh.

>> [NOISE] >> And Regi. >> Geez. >> Reginald trying to save Carmella. >> [NOISE] >> Make good as Reginald? >> Mark in so it's okay.

>> Carmella, the former SmackDown Women's Champion. >> Watch it, watch it. >> Sending that deep crossover the top, Nikki Cross is gone. >> Man, Reginald didn't bother to try to catch Nikki Cross, did he? [SOUND] >> And number 25. >> No, look out. >> Tamina who last night battled Natalya on WWE for the number 30 position, but honestly, this worked out pretty well number 25.

>> Hey, watch it, Reginald. >> And Reginald is out cold. >> And Carmella's eliminated as well, her feet touched the ground.

>> Reginald was trying to help Carmella, Carmella's gone. >> [INAUDIBLE] for Carmella. >> [NOISE] >> I tried to make the worst for Reginald.

>> Whereas Tamina couldn't care less, she has got her eyes on Rhea Ripley. Now this is interesting, >> You're right about that. >> Two absolute powerhouses. >> [NOISE] >> Here we go.

>> Tamina and Ripley in the middle of the Rumble. >> These are the kinds of moments I love about the Royal Rumble Match. Here is a slaught fest between Tamina and Rhea Ripley. >> Man. >> They don't the tops right by Tamina.

Asuka on the first ever women's Royal Rumble match in the 25 spot. Could that be the lucky number for Tamina? And Naomi over the top, entered at number two, the number three entrant Bianca Belair trying to get rid of Naomi. >> Trying the same strategies she tried earlier on.

>> And Naomi's got to be careful. >> And she avoided it. >> And now look at the left side of your screen. Shayna Baszler and Charlotte Flair, Shayna Baszler trying to get rid of The Queen. >> Go ahead, go ahead.

>> And Naomi, hold on a sec, guys. >> No, the feet didn't touch. >> Feet are up, feet never touched.

Feet never touched. >> Naomi is still legally in the Royal Rumble match. >> Evan's trying to eliminate Belair.

>> I don't know how she gets back in but, wait a minute. >> Naomi's got ahold of Belair's hair. Belair slowly hanging off by her boots on the bottom rope. >> I can't believe what I'm seeing here. >> Would be both, and look at Belair see the Naomi was trying to use her to get back in. >> Their feet haven't touched the ground because their feet is only the thing holding them up.

>> [NOISE] >> They're gonna help each other. >> [NOISE] >> Some odd teamwork. Are you kidding me? [CROSSTALK] all right, and it worked. >> That was impressive. >> Naomi continue on.

[MUSIC] No way. >> I love Lana. >> Lana's back.

[MUSIC] >> Byron, we haven't seen Lana on Raw since before the TLC pay-per-view last month. >> Lana has returned and what a con to do so. >> Lana was supposed to compete at TLC alongside Asuka to challenge Jax and Baszler for their then women's tag titles but was injured brutally like Jax and Baszler before TLC. >> Honestly, she's a bit of a trance, sir. You got to believe she's high and down Shayna Baszler, but immediately going after. >> Wait a minute, wait a minute, Lana's trying to eliminate Rhea Ripley who's been a starless far in the Rumble.

And Tamina rushing in on Lana. >> Redemptive story this would be for Lana. >> And Lana, Byron, motivated who's ever coming in and going after one of the biggest superstars in this entire fleet. >> You have to you got to shoot your shot, Tom. You're gonna hold that.

>> Now Rhea Ripley has gotten herself back up. Middle of the ring, Naomi and Bianca Belair continue to do battle. And Belair over the top. Is Belair gonna be eliminated? No, scrambles. >> [NOISE] >> Scrambles back inside the ring and Tamina just floored Ripley.

>> Naomi and Bianca Belair doing an extremely good job of just frustrating each other. Byron, so kick it over Lana's back or even heard from Lana in months. >> I mean, you wonder how long has Lana been planning this? When was it actually official that Lana knew she was gonna enter the Royal Rumble match? >> I was wondering how many times or how long Lana was gonna get put to a table every week.

>> Right, you guys just stood there and watch that every week. >> I tried to help. >> And Lana trying to send Lacey Evans over the top rope.

>> No, no, no, don't do that. Lacey Evans, that's my pick. >> [NOISE] [SOUND] [MUSIC] >> No.

[MUSIC] Number 27. >> [LAUGH] >> The twisted, the demented Alexa Bliss. Byron, some of the things that Alexa Bliss has done lately on Raw has been deeply disturbing. >> Yeah, and it's putting it mildly, Tom. It's never quiet know what is circling the mind of Alexa Bliss. >> Right,

you never know. >> For a woman who burn the face of Randy Orton, pride the torment, the Raw Women's Champion, Asuka as of late. And look at Alexa Bliss go. >> And everything that she does, she does it with that slight little smile on her face.

Look at her. >> Well, sometimes, I mean, quite frankly, King, sometimes we don't what the version Alexa Bliss we're even gonna see. >> [NOISE] >> Are we seeing the doctor side of Alexa Bliss and look at Rhea Ripley. >> Look out, everybody's on Alexa Bliss.

>> Yeah, this is a wise strategy, the bulk of the field, they've seen how Alexa Bliss can transform. [LAUGH] Look at Lacey Evans and Alexa Bliss hang around for that said transformation. >> This is very wide.

>> [NOISE] >> My God. >> [NOISE] >> Here's that transformation. >> [NOISE] >> Whoa, whoa, whoa.

>> Wait a minute, Nikki not gonna give Alexa Bliss the time for a metamorphosis. >> Kudos to Rhea Ripley for not getting shell-shocked by whatever was going on here. >> She may have saved us all here tonight. >> A tremendous threat and Alexa Bliss has been eliminated from the Rumble. >> Everyone in that ring is breathing a huge sigh of a relief right now. >> Ripley's got six eliminations, here comes number 28.

[SOUND] >> Destination destruction, Ember Moon. [MUSIC] >> The former NXT Women's Champion, Ember Moon. We saw her tag team partner competing here in the Royal Rumble match earlier on, Shotzi Blackheart. The two are part of the NXT Women's Dusty Rhodes tag team classic tournament currently.

>> Yeah, but good having the distinction of competing on nearly every brand here in WWE. >> Watch out. Eight. >> Incoming. >> Eclipse, the eclipse to Baszler. >> A while since we've seen that here. >> What a history between those two and now middle of the ring, Ripley and Moon no strangers to each other.

>> Watch out, Lacey. >> And this is what Moon believes. >> Watch out, King. >> No, no, no, no, hang on, hang on. >> Trying to enact Amber's law and now sends Evans over the top rope.

Tamina now trying to slow down Moon. And that one right to the face of Naomi. >> Goodness gracious. >> Watch out, if Tamina gets her hands on you, you're in trouble. >> And Naomi or rather, Tamina trying to put out the fire that is Ember Moon and now look at this, Charlotte Flair. >> What? >> Whoa, both got caught by Moon.

>> Way to make an entrance Ember Moon. >> That could be short lived, look at Lana, look at Lana. >> [NOISE] >> That's to say wait to make an exit, Ember Moon, but, no, she saved herself. [SOUND] >> Lana.

>> Boy. >> Here comes the irresistible force one after the new women's Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax. >> I had forgotten about her.

>> Yeah, I said Bianca Belair was my pig but this might be a pig that's too hard to overcome. >> In 2019, as Shayna Baszler everyone outside the ring as you can see, Baszler was not eliminated. Baszler not eliminated, went through the ropes. The Tag Team Championship partner of Jax. >> This is a frightening proposition for every superstar in this match because of women's Tag Team Champion. >> Lacey, Lacey, Lacey.

>> Are working together. >> How long without allegiance live? Evans taken out by Baszler. >> King, you're all for two. >> Now Ember Moon sent over the top rope.

Trying to fight back and Nia Jax gets with the moon. >> [NOISE] >> Nia Jax was down on last year's Royal Rumble match. >> Look at the power, look at the strength. >> Look at this, Naomi, who entered at number two taken out. >> [NOISE] >> Here's the worst case scenario if you're not Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. >> Naomi entered and number two, lasted 47 minutes 43 seconds.

What a performance. >> [NOISE] >> Look at the family bond between Tamina and Nia Jax coming into play here. >> Nia Jax, she's family but, well, so much for family apparently. >> That was short-lived. >> That is what that Royal Rumble match will do to people. A guaranteed title opportunity at WrestleMania at stake.

And now Baszler tracks back on the same page. >> Look out! >> Tamina's gone. >> [NOISE] >> This late in the Royal Rumble match in the half, Baszler and Jax working together. >> [NOISE] >> For only a limited amount of time. >> Did you say working together? >> What are you even bothered? The Women's tag team champions will beat the hell out of each other in the middle of the ring. And now Rhea Ripley getting involved.

>> That is in front of you to Rhea Ripley about Jax has a hold of the Queen. >> We still have one other entrant left and, King, we already know who that's gonna be. >> Of course, but in the meantime, it's Jax and Baszler. Wait a minute.

>> Jax eliminates Baszler. Well, you knew it had to happen. >> No, I didn't know that would happen. >> Sorry, I had to do it. >> [NOISE] >> Every woman for herself. >> And it's Lana.

Lana from behind on Nia Jax. >> Looking for some revenge against Nia Jax for all the tormenting and, poor Lana. Don't come over here around the announce table. >> And Nia Jax and Lana went through the ropes. They're not eliminated yet. >> That is a wise strategy from Lana, just run.

You do not want to get caught in the grasp of Nai Jax. >> Don't run this way. Don't run this way.

And a slap to the face of Jax. >> I wouldn't have done that, no. >> No, and now Jax eliminated by Lana. >> Unbelievable. >> I would have done that, great strategy, Lana.

>> Unbelievable. >> [NOISE] >> It's a tremendous elimination. Lana just got one over Nia Jax. [SOUND] >> Lana get's to revenge as here comes number 30 as determined last night on FS1 on WWE backstage by virtue of Natalya to bring in Tamina but that's moments ago. >> Lana used Nia Jax to tamper against her elimination. >> We'll look into surprise and the smile.

>> Come on, and now look at the frustration of the women's Tag Team Champions both eliminated taking it out on Natalya. >> How many times have we seen this? Nia Jax to Shayna Baszler suffer a loss and they don't know how to handle it. >> And now they roll back into the ring and there's no disqualifications in the Royal Rumble match. This is all legal. >> And what do you mean it's all legal? Come on.

>> And there goes Bianca Belair who's been in an absolute battle tonight. >> And we learned a long time ago, Baszler and Jax don't care about what's legal or not. >> Jax and Baszler might be eliminated but Lana could be in a world of trouble right now. >> And these officials are telling these two they gotta get out of here. >> Seems finally they will hear that suggestion.

>> Maybe not. >> [NOISE] >> It's gonna be Natalya. I don't know now.

>> Natalya officially enters the Royal Rumble by force. >> Okay, I'm picking Natalya. >> This out quite, it's anybody's game right now. Everyone got beat up by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, so. And look at some of the faces inside the ring, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Natalya, Lana, and Charlotte Flair. >> Well, they're just gotta be spent right now.

>> There are no fresh faces in this match right now. >> [NOISE] >> One of these women that we're looking at right now is going to WrestleMania. >> Former partners in crime there Natalya and Lana, perhaps reuniting.

>> That's right [INAUDIBLE] >> Alliances don't last long in the Rumble. >> Natalya there longest reigning active superstar in the women's division. >> When WrestleMania is at stake.

>> Down goes Lana, King, you're absolutely right. It's all about main event in WrestleMania and we are down to four. >> All are faired up. >> [INAUDIBLE] clothesline. >> [NOISE] >> Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, one of these ladies is headed to WrestleMania.

>> And now look at Natalya who's very emotional earlier today on social media. Believes she's earned this opportunity after years and now Bianca Belair over the top rope who's been in this match ever since position number three. And Ripley goes down. >> Maybe she may be hurts. >> Natalya, the savvy veteran gets the number 30, the highly coveted number 30 entrance.

>> Did not ask for a better scenario if you are Natalya. The field has stemmed down to four, Ripley, Natalya, Belair and Flair. >> Well, the only thing that would have been better for Natalya is if she hadn't gotten beat up by Nia Jax. >> I think she's rebounded pretty well there, King. >> And guys, Rhea Riley's over the top, Rhea Riley could be out cold on the apron. Bianca Belair eliminates Natalya.

>> My pick is still alive. >> We are down to three. >> I tell you, you let me down. >> Belair, Ripley, and Charlotte Flair, who wants it the most? >> [NOISE] >> A smile that said the face of the Queen, a smile of confidence. [NOISE] >> And all three of these women, understanding the gravity of the moment. >> Look at Flair, Flair here inside WWE Thunderdome, we're about to find out, who is going to challenge the champion of their choosing at WrestleMania.

>> Just welcomed up Ripley and Belair. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Here we go. >> For over 32 minutes and now here comes Charlotte Flair, credited 15, Ripley at 14.

>> Now it's not about how long you've been in here how tired you feel it's all about getting to WrestleMania. >> Look at this beat down. >> [NOISE] >> Uh-oh. >> Charlotte Flair's been on this match for 32 minutes and right now, Ripley and Belair. Ripley has been in for 34 minutes, Ripley and Belair trying to eliminate last year's winner Charlotte, from the Rumble. >> [NOISE] >> Belair undaunted, fighting with passion and The Queen tossing Belair.

>> Byron your pick is in trouble I pick Rhea Ripley she's looking okay over there. >> And that's what it's all about headlining WrestleMania. >> [NOISE] >> Charlotte Flair one of the three women to have ever main evented WrestleMania.

>> You've gotta love this, you've gotta love this competitive fire, that we're seeing from Charlotte Flair, from Bianca Belair. >> And now last year's WrestleMania follows Ripley and Flair. >> Come on, come on who wants it the most? >> Can The Queen make it back-to-back? >> [NOISE] >> With a crazed look in her eyes. >> Yeah that's a look whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

>> Over the top rope Charlotte teetering. >> No [CROSSTALK] one foot touch. >> Flair's still in, right over the top and a boot to the face.

>> [NOISE] >> Watch out. >> Wait a minute, Charlotte Flair hit by Belair. >> [NOISE] >> You might take one more good shot, to eliminate The Queen. >> Two shots. >> And The Queen is gone. >> [APPLAUSE] >> You had me last year, I got you this year. >> [APPLAUSE] >> 33 minutes 35 seconds for Charlotte Flair and this Rumble, Belair, in the revenge for last year's Rumble.

>> Valiant effort by Charlotte Flair. >> And look out, look out, look out. >> Wait a minute we're down to the final two, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair.

>> Man. >> They're both out they're both out, no. >> Look at the feet look at the feet, both feet have to touch both feet have to touch. >> They're back in no they're not back in.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Not quite totally in. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Don't do anything stupid. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Let's get back in, let's get back in. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Let's get back in.

>> So that was the voice of reason. >> [NOISE] >> Ripley ceasefire both are way of each other. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Showing sportsmanship and respect, they wanna fight out inside the ring. >> As it should be >> But can Belair get Ripley over the top rope and eliminate Ripley? >> No no. >> Now Ripley Ripley on the top rope

Ripley could be done for. >> Bianca's halfway there, Bianca's got to stay on top of Ripley. >> Rhea Ripley out on the apron.

>> Bianca Belair looking for a punch but instead Rhea Ripley slides in through the legs. >> And Belair over the top. >> Man. >> Now it's Belair in peril,

right to the midsection by Belair. >

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