FULL MATCH - Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte – Raw Women’s Title Hell in a Cell Match: Hell in a Cell 2016

FULL MATCH - Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte – Raw Women’s Title Hell in a Cell Match: Hell in a Cell 2016

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Tickets. On charlotte. Charlotte, blindsiding. Sasha banks. Charlotte. Blindsiding. Abortion, this match hasn't even started cells $92. The. Same I get crushed by the cell they got to sit I stopped the cell on its way down the officials, out there Charlotte, with a sneak attack on Sasha, the matches, that even under way. This, goes to show you guys how badly, the Queen wants. To reclaim, her throne. We've. Seen this before Corey we know that Charlotte will have no hesitation of trying to ensure sasha van sasha, has she says Charlotte, out of a WWE. Universe. And now Sasha aniket right in a spine, now how fitting the back top her. Hometown. Defending. The women's championship, in the crowd there. With Kim the boss handle, the pressure of being in her own time again getting her championship, in a historic, match even, though she's not defending, anything right now because the match hasn't even started yet this is just a bra the, bell never rang, Charlotte sneak attack Sasha now the battles, out the crowd. Never, expect, to the match to start well, this event to start this way and, Charlotte's, toss back into the, middle-aged. Side area it looks like the cell is a. Completely. Pulled down here with, both. These ladies would have to enter the goal of it that's, a last thing on their mind right now Sasha. She, got, a sense Charlotte a message you want to mess with me you don't mess with a boss. Get. Out from there. Also. Trying to prevent it. Charlotte. Still climbing it now sasha is too. Sasha. Solitary. Charlie able to break her own fall. Someone. But, what's the cut. Besides. To trying to make it down off the Sal oh my goodness Charlotte shushes in trouble Charlotte's, got stashed. Judge. The phone. Watch. This table explode. With. The boss's body what impact. Has. Powerbomb, saucer to the table yet this match really. Hasn't. Officially started. The. Officials, for, see Charlotte, often as he checks on Sasha banks the, champion, is in deep deep trouble into. Byron's 20 smash isn't even underway closet is a draw Sasha's. Body is absolutely mangled. And. It's a shame. Office. Start, going to just a stand. WWE. Fans. Pizza. Natasha. Packing, this. WME, university to the doctor. Because. She's doing a nice job keeping Charlotte away from the boss but Sasha. If, Charlotte saying to ring the bell. Lovely. Face and, Sasha's. Hometown crowd, Sasha can't even stand up straight. Charlotte. Just mocking, saucy. Sasha. Banks lower-back continues, to give out she can barely support her own bodyweight, there's. No way she can be able to compete in a match. The. Official asking for a doctor to come down now and check, out Charlotte he should turn the corner she just collapsed she. Saw some pressure, on her face says it all. You know billions aside it absolutely. Sucks to see this happen I mean both, of these women were so looking forward to this match in this history-making, match and now Sasha's not even be able to compete. Charlotte's. The only one to blame. Now, the audacity of Charlotte to get it right now. The. Doctors taking every precaution here, in neckbrace to, put. In place. I hate. To see this. Is certainly, not the night to Sasha banks and, the vision having for herself. Which, was supposed, to be the perfect homecoming, for Sasha. What, if Charlotte get out of this now I. Mean. If if, sasha banks can't comply if sasha can't defend her title I mean the you need a new Women's Champion well again. Corey let's keep in mind though the match never, officially. Started, wasn't, like the match started, and then this happened and the champion couldn't continue the match never started, it doesn't matter if you're not here to be the Women's Champion you're going to be replaced who, better than Charlotte, right, now we just need to be concerned about the health of Sasha banks. So, this is beyond the championship. Pathetic. You. Can't be surprised, and the emotions, between these two have been boiling. Over even you can't be surprised, that Charlotte lost, her cool but to this extent, it's unfortunate. Is watching, this.

Unfortunately. Sasha banks is unable to compete. Therefore. Here. Is your winner due to forfeit. Wait. A minute these guys, the official just wake up the announcement, by Jojo oh and Sasha banks is up, the. Box is going the holistic. Salsa. Can barely stand you can't compete there, Sally wants the title but she's not going to get it without urnament money. As. Soon as Sasha heard that announcement she just just. Filled with emotion, she kept she couldn't let it go down, and. Sasha told the official. Sasha. Had black satellite, looking to attack the champion, Sasha go they started outside the ring it's. Sasha. ASSA. Can barely, stand and now tried. To defend the Women's Championship in the biggest. Match of her life and, the. Boss they're going to take out Charlotte early let, this attack by the block its fury ate it. Charlotte. Try to run away she, walks. Out she. Walks out of the cell no escape now Queen. Sorry, to that vision, is happening. Sasha. Banks fire it back. Believe. In Sasha's Mon she's thinking I've worked too hard too, long to lose it like this oh, good. Face first, off the post awesome, I just unlocked a few teeth. She, her eyes rolled back in her head there. She. Fell to the floor goes, back to my point it's brave by Sasha banks sure everybody's excited, but is it smart is Sasha, in any condition. To compete, on the highest level with Charlotte no Sasha. Trying. To use her emotion. Instead. Of the South. Charlotte. Weather that early emotional storm, by, Sasha, and. Now the official again. Checking on the champion. And. Now the Queen can reevaluate and. Pick, apart the, champion, at will. Sasha. Was going on flatout adrenaline, when there she was powerbomb, through the announce table, cover by Charlotte, of the lay here and a kick-out then she was just sent into the cell and how Charlotte, needs to the back the, Challenger. Watch. This a monkey, flip. Amazingly, powerful legs, to, launch the, boss right, on her head watch this first. The cell and, interact. It's. Not smart for Sasha to compete this matchbook, sauce, has been in this situation before wishing she lost that Women's Championship after only a couple weeks she, didn't want to experience, that taste of bitterness in her mouth again I guarantee. You right now Sasha banks feels like she's been in a car wreck take one more look. Sasha. Is launched, into the cell, bursts the cell then all, the bodyweight. Coming back on her neck and they get ready to lift down corner your screen, Charlotte, attacking, the back once again for the championship and, a kick-out. Take. Another look back when we were in a replay. The. Absolute. Raw power, by, Charlotte, launching, the pop the boss spine, first into the turnbuckle. Also. Seeing now is the confidence, the growing, tautness of Charlotte in this match, you know it's somewhat ironic that, most. Damage in this match so far happened. Outside. Of, Hell in a Cell even before the match began a. Powerbomb. Through the announce table. And now Charlotte, looks to take advantage. Sasha. Lands though on her feet look. Into the banks thanks. David banks take that I'm Charlotte, there's so much gonna tap. And. Show. It though just. Too powerful yeah. And. Now watching Sasha all the top rope again and her back caught the apron on the way to the floor, I. Think. The back here she said some cloth but could have hurt Sasha she tried to lock it the bank statement yeah absolutely there's, no way Sasha could get the power that she needed for that submission but watch this just. Because obviously, dumping. Sasha banks first. Onto the apron then, the floor. Charlotte. Knows that every, impact. Every. Blow is going to be excruciating. For Sasha to experience, she also understands, the heart and, the resilience, and the guts of Sasha banks, Charlotte knows that. Sasha, banks shouldn't let the medics take her to the ambulance maybe, in that Escalade take her to the hospitai. Sasha maybe on a way to a hospital if Charlotte, gets her way here steel. Chair in hand. And. Sasha staying in it at baseball, slide and. Sasha, banks the champion, stop. To another baseball slide Charlotte, bounces off the sour. Sasha. As, a bunch of punishment, as she just inflicted, on Charlotte, did Sasha what, did Sasha, do, to, that already damage lower back of hers they're absolutely right you could see Sasha banks feet fly up behind her back the, human body is not meant to bend that way couple. That with the impact, of the cell and Charlotte, in between what's go to hold. And. Now. It's Sasha on the attack I think, the boss is slowly, beginning to realize, that it's going to take every, risk. Every, bit of will, in her body to. Retain her championship and. That some. Rasha. Had something in mind setting up that chair. Sasha, blocks Charlotte with a knee right to the gut. Docile. Realizes she goes to that chair could be devastated. Charlotte. Able to block Oh. Oh. I. Heard. Charlotte tell the boss you will respect, me.

Stands Over the boss. Charlotte. Said on many occasions I. Was born for. Moments, like this. Trying. To make this her night her moment, that Sasha has got something left. And. A boss, with. The right hands. No. Keys ladies, are dispensed. I. Don't. Know Byron I think Charlotte still has plenty left on the face. First off the chair. These, are the risks I don't think these women thought of before they stepped into the ring but, to toll that it could take it's officially, and physically, this could ruin Charlotte, I. Disagree. With you Cory they, knew exactly what the risk was they knew how this could sort, their career but they wanted it so bad. Back first out of the chair. Thank. Your right fire and the only thing is, women are more driven by than the raw women's championship is the ability to write. History and we're witnessing it right now the, ability to write history and break through any glass, ceilings, cover for the championship by. Charlotte, Sargent space in it. Watch. This again. And, here's Sasha. Screaming. Writhing, around the ring in agony, I think. This is just a perfect, example of genetic, superiority on, behalf of Charlotte, she's bigger she's stronger, she's faster, it also has something to do with cheap shot in the Sasha, before, the match started then powerbomb, into our announce table. And. Again working on the entered package Sasha looking. The way that Charlotte's, got her twisted, around this ring, post. Not. To bend that way I think a referee should stop this this is just prolonging, the agony of Sasha banks. It's. The last I guarantee, you Sasha banks Frances, what's the pain and suffering as she is going to right I understand. That Santis, telenet someone has to look out for the well-being of these two superstars, it's. Not going to be them. Like spider-man, scare. Doubledays. The Charlotte, good grief, did. You see that so. And feel that I. Saw. It I have no earthly idea how, it happened what, but I definitely saw it what resourcefulness. From the boss. What. Just is incredible it's like you said it what spider-man, a Spider Woman. Catching. Charlotte. Critical. Moment now the matchup. Who. Can make it to their feet first who can shift, the momentum, look. At this one more time. Sasha, adjusting. In minute old left. Knee cuts cut, Charlotte, right in the jaw Oh as. Did that one that did too as you didn't miss the first one Charlotte, into the cell, guys, you feel the momentum shifting to soccer a little bit here. You. Feel the champion, starting to take over. Feel. Sausage, trying to do whatever she.

Pinched. Are lit in the cell where as you can to make sure to every ounce of day double, nice every. Ounce of pay that Charlotte, has, made Sasha feel. Hit. Fall or submission only. Way to win, or. The impact here a couple days, with. The shins of of. Sasha right, into the face, of. Charlotte. Sasha. Bringing, the attactive Charlotte. Suplex. We're. Going to pay homage chair here on the lake great Eddie Guerrero, lower back somehow holding, up I don't know how she's, cutting up left Hauser's. Pitbull verticals here. In. The add a chance. Thunder. Throughout the TD Garden a man. Who inspired her, at ten years old to pursue her dream, to. Compete inside the ring. And. I guarantee he's looking out with a smile at this matchup, Sasha. And Charlotte. For. The raw Women's, Championship. Sasha, banks. Yeah, an incredible. Match me. About the flood, of emotions. Watch. This again Sasha bass somehow. Again, Beirut. Sauces. Got the bank statement, rocked in French they locked it right there bank, statements in Charlotte, trying to make another roll but remember guys ropes don't make a fresh arm. Massage. You can barely hold on Dan, Charlotte, though, wisely, was. Riding out of the rank a power advantage, Charlotte Charlotte comes into play. Long. Legs as Charlotte, paid, dividends, there Sasha, though knees to the midsection. Not. Where Charlotte wants to be by. Charlotte. Oh. Sascha. To. Retain. Sarah. Kicks out, the. Chair was already mangled, from being used before and Sasha banks ended up underneath, the, spine of, Charlotte. Before driving, the, knees, down. Take. A look at this. That. Sarla can do but watch. Driving. Through her ribcage into. That steel chair. If. I'm more shocked that Sasha uses to a chair. My. God. Yes. Start to, see it the steps. They. Looked to me like. Charlotte. They. She, think. She drove Sasha face, first, let's this here viewpoint here. Step. Face first, off that top of the steps here that thud. Now, what's he looking for. I can only imagine the work about, to find out. That. How much more punishment can sighs to take. I think, we're about to find out. This. Oh.

My. God out on top this will destroy Sascha is the reward even worth the risk at this point, these. Two women are going to destroy one another, Charlie looking for a suplex, from the top. Sascha. Able to block. We. Sharlinda, read on the apron there and trying. To keep her balance. Charlotte. To a table, after being kicked by Sasha. Sasha, was able to dodge a bullet there. Charlotte, wasn't, an. Outfit Sasha take advantage. Retain. The law Women's Championship. I. Can't. Even make it to her feet. It's. Good news for sauce if she could just roll. Her back. In the ring. Cover. By Sasha told. There's doubted Charlotte, at 2:00. And. Charlotte is trying to crawl away. And. These women they. Have gone through a tremendous. Amount, here inside, Hell in a Cell, how Sasha's even walking is beyond me. Looking Sasha's, eyes she's not going to stop until Charlotte, builds the exact same pain. Make some fashion, a mix, of prides at Sasha's, feeling right now that is driving, her in this match his Sasha has, another table. We're. About to find out what. Sasha banks is made-up she's in her hometown they're. Making, history, when they. Catch. Sasha and to throw dearth at least, the upper collar bones. Either. Way extremely. Effective, counter by Charlotte. Charlotte. Driving the table into Sasha pinning, her against the cell. This. Is giving Charlotte plenty of time to set up whatever she's thinking about. Tasha. Slowly. Making her way back into the ring I play sure she knows where she's at now she. Does, locked, Charlotte, face, first off the table, Sasha. Get off the table man oh, ho. Into the back again, Oh fake, coat. And, now looking for the figure eight. Figure-four. Got. A prince here. Casa. Toronto rugged yourself trying to grab ahold of that table we're gonna find out what Sasha's made of Charlotte. Looking to make the Women's Champions submit in her own town here, we go here she goes into the figure eight figure, eight said. Show. Each, successive, shot, with that chair was part, of, that's, one way to break the figure-eight. Balt ladies back to their feet, Charlotte. With a short. Arm, forearm. Right there. I'm. Sashing with one of our own. The. Same idea, both connecting. How bad, do you want it. How. Bad his, Charlotte, and Sasha banks want, to be Women's Champion. Sampson. Open a bank statement saw. It fighting tried, fighting look at a block. She. Dies with a backbreaker again to the bad back of Sasha a. Second. Time or relentless attack oh. And. A third. To. Win the women's championship. Sasha. Kicks out. Clearly. Sasha. Barely, able to kick out. Barely. Able to save her championship. Something's. Got to give at some point. It's, an exhausting. Emotion. Downright. Agony. From, both women, who can. Stay. In, this. Charlatan. Control, right now Sasha. Hasn't. Moved. Oh. Little wake-up call between. From. And. Now Charlotte, may be looking to put an, exclamation point, on. This. Attack and, Sasha. Charlotte, was going for a vintage moonsault. Sasha off the table now blows up her back to her own. Sasha. Banks repositioning. The table is it for our own purposes, are just getting out of the way I think she's got some little minor chord. Sascha's. Back hold up no way oh my god. And it didn't see, I knew it I knew it the lower back is too damaged, yet just didn't have enough in it, and. Now Charlotte looking to take advantage, oh man on the table, ragdoll of, the banks into the table. With. Charlotte, when I ran let lesser salt. Back, first to the cable, again. That's. A collection. Cover. Hooks. The leg. In. Charlotte. You.

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But Sasha is fit

It’s all fake

This match sucked.

I just want them to be friends

Sasha is really amazing..... unbelievable

A great match with a fail ending

Nepotism wins again maybe untalented children of stars should run everything then.


*WOOOOOOOOOOOOOH* Congrats my Queen!

I honestly could not see Sasha banks winning this... It was everything but fair that beat her...

here is your winner and Raw T ( she was gonna say Tag team) champion charlotte.

This match is so interesting

I love Ronda, but this match was so much better than a quick flip and submission arm bar. Man both Sasha and Charlotte are the best shapes of their lives,, great job. I could have looked to see who one this match but I preferred to watch it all the way thru.

The Boss and The Queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Charlotte is very amiable

Best Rivals 2016

I like how this event was sponsored by 2k17 and now these two along with Becky and Bayley are the main focus of 2k20

Sasha, you can brag about having a little advantage in Hell in a cell but you got injured before the match and still lost

I mean Sasha

1 like -1 win for sawshaw

The ending is both pathetic and laughable

All I remember from this match is the botches

After years this match still makes me cry. I mean I'm not crying, there's just a Ninja in my room cutting onions.

Sasha Banks tus reinados son una mrda, así quieres ser campeona de nuevo, espero q si esta vez llegas ser campeona, porque lo vas hacer eso esta mas q claro, tengas un reinado más decente y no sea una mrda como las anteriores.

Can’t wait when mother are the baddest chick wins back her women’s championship

A classic match

footholes conveniently cut into the side of the cell right where they were needed


I mean this is the most amazing match ever. Imagine a 30 min. Match who could have done that. Except the queen and the boss. But I am hoping that sasha won this match. Well I am so excited With THE MAN VS THE LEGIT BOSS PLEASE WWE DONT MAKE FUN OF SASHA.

Love you Sasha banks I always wanted to be like you when I come to WWE I hope you’re still there

That was a good fight

23:37, I AM THE TABLE!!!!!

You got this sash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All good sasha

Charlotte you are ugly

I think the women's matches should have women reffees





rambut unggu arepe bongko...di tulung wasiit sek ngotot ,,,hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Charlotte winning made no sense. She wasn't evil enough, and she was notin Hell. You know: Hell in a Cell this was supposed to be? Where was her Hell? Rly sad, 'cause the introwas genious, the moves were epic, the acting was perfect, to the point I could compare this to the HHH vs Undertaker HiaC matchwith Shawn the referee. Ye, they were that good. But the ending made no sense.

This was a great match





Go sasha banks it's ok for and all of your fans love and supportive with you

I really hate you charlotte

Sasha noooooooooooooooooo

Good chorlette very good

Charlotte is very bad woman I head

That is cheating you have to wait

Hope you feel better

U make Sasha lose in her home town, that sucks!

Asuka vs Charlotte flair.


Anybody remember when they upload this last year?

Sasha i hate you

Thanks charllette

Sasha you are very special to me! One day I want to meet I live in Brazil I am from Rondônia Espigão From the west My dream to know one day I'll give you the opportunity to give you a hug I love you

Estuvo re chotoo buuuuuu

how the f*** could Charlotte almost win by forfeit when the match didnt even start?

By all rights, Sasha Banks & Charlotte Flair made history that night as the first women to compete inside a Hell in a Cell match.

4:35 you have to watch poor sasha

Damn Sasha is hot

Sasha will walk out victorious -Sasha challenged •Heel Charlotte won -Becky challenged •Heel Sasha wins

Most dramatic match ever

I hate Charlotte

Ms Banks is a badmamajamer


Chocolate para mi eres una gran p___

Love the match hated the result. Back when this was recent I hated Charlotte with a passion now I love them both and want them both as champ

buena actriz sasha banks

ich kann die einfach nicht ab

Love your looks Sasha .taste u

What a botch fest

Bem feito sasha Banks idiota kkkkkk

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Woww Sasha never know how to give up


wow very nice

у меня складывается такое мнение, что она употребляет допинг эта белобрысая ее надо проверить судя по всему она неоднократная на ринге она готова убить человека.



How is that Charlotte girl gonna continue

Why Charlotte keep winning the belt. She is trash!!! This why AEW gonna take over!!!

charlotee is a great fighter but sometimes she can go too far

never was interested in wwe until I saw a video of this match on snapchat. i was like "this looks awesome." searched it on youtube..WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS!!!

Best femel vokal

This is a fake fight

Sasha will win

La fermeté du pas décidé de ce jeune homme avec son poulet sous le bras et probablement son sac d'école en bandoulière m'émeut toujours profondément. C'est une très belle image de l'énergie décidée avec laquelle chaque humain devrait pouvoir s'engager dans la vie. L'Humanité a déjà trop perdu avec l'inégalité des chances, l'accaparement des richesses planétaires par une poignée de familles rapaces, la dynamique des pays riches qui gaspillent et des pays moins bien nantis où les gens meurent. L'Humanité est à un tournant où si tous les peuples ne travaillent pas ensemble, il n'y aura peut-être bientôt plus d'humains sur la terre. C'est toute la dignité humaine dans ce qu'elle a de plus grand et dans tous les possibles qu'elle crée, que ce jeune homme en marche nous invite à soutenir et à ne pas tuer. Paix amour sagesse paix amour travail Republique DHAITI solidaire SORIN EMMANUEL Jules

IT is just the best match ever....

The Wedgies Sasha Got in this match is what makes this great

Completely dispise the flairs. That's all I got to say.

Sasha bank always the boss....


I don't know why some people hate this match, this is one of the best especially they didn't go all out and destroy the story of the match. I know that is the essence of HIAC match but too brutality can ruin a match. At least they focused on doing a lot of things inside and make things look brutal (look how sasha sells the moves and charlotte taking the blows)

You’re trying to hurt her back more

You got this Sasha

toma charlotte q ficava zonbando da sasha c fudeu

I will always HATE Charlotte

2016 hell in a cell-sasha loses to Charlotte. . 2019-hell in a cell sasha loses to Becky lynch Damn. They keep messing with her. Wow

I found the match

12:05 charlotte is asome 16:46


Sasha has to be out for an extended period of time before she has to forfit her title .

Anyone else here from the scavenger hunt?

This was actually really good, and I enjoyed it so much. I just feel like WWE should have gotten special tables that break easier for this match. Because with their body sizes they weren't going to break the tables

I found the video for the HIAC Scavenger Hunt

Ahora Sasha is Jobbers

great memories ; let's make history once more time ! greetings from France ;-)

This is the match for wwe scavenger hunt. Sasha will go on her secong HIAC match today with Becky Lynch

Found it.

Any idea what the next clue is?

Sasha Banks the season veteran of HIAC and Becky is the rookie of HIAC and the legit boss Sasha Banks plans to be a five time champion

It was all staged. What a fake bs show nowadays

अच्छा लगा

Wwe scavenger hunt bad so far

Who else is here for the scavenger hunt.

Who is here after that Scavenger Hunt Post by wwe??

@C&C Robloxians but that was in 2015 the scavenger hunt said 2016

@SPRWdesign Yeah either that or its Bray Wyatt cos he had a HIAC match with Roman before

They botched lol

Charlotte is kinda...ya know... bad at singing

Scavenger hunt anyone??

7:02 JAJAJA mientras se va la banks ella le canta xd

Is anyone else on the scavenger hunt?

@MiztarBriteCide I'm not sure, I can't figure it out

What's next?

Sheaba 3PT me


Sasha vs Becky Lynch hell in cell is gonna be awesome

The Queen BOO The BOSS come on U can do it

Where is the next clue

Connor Taney no problem


Connor Taney wrong video, this was uploaded 3 weeks ago, go to the other one that was uploaded 3 years ago and it will be there


Found it

@JoshDoesGaming! Np

@Midnight Reality thanks!

@JoshDoesGaming! It's the one WWE uploaded 3 years ago. Find the Hell in the Cell 2016 playlist to find the second clue. Which is Randy Orton screwdriver Jeff Hardy Ear Hell in the Cell 2018.

@Midnight Reality How?

Wrong one.


@Midnight Reality I know. I got to the end of the scavenger hunt

@Megan 2 Belts This one the wrong one.

Where? I can't find it

Wheres the 2nd clue

This is the newer video, but they uploaded the same video 3 years ago. So go to that one instead and you’ll find it in the video description

@Cameron Byrne oki

@Dylan the bi guy probably

@Cameron Byrne what he took the Clue

Damn the fiend at it again

@Megan 2 Belts damn

I can't find it either

I dunno

found it

@Brandon Johnson Oh, my bad. When you said "found it", I thought you meant the 2nd clue.

@RCStreamz don't know. the first clue was "This Superstar will enter Hell in a Cell for the second time on Sunday - their first HIAC match was in 2016."

What's the 2nd clue?

I assume the scavanger hunt is within the captions but i aint got time to watch this whole thing rn

I'm here from the scavenging hunt and can't find the second clue


same bro

I'm here for the scavenger hunt

@David Johnson This is the wrong video. The real clue is in the Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Hell in the Cell 2016 ppv playlist. The second clue is Randy Orton screwdriver Jeff Hardys ear Hell in the Cell.

@Karifa Produções Randy Orton screwdriver Jeff Hardys ear Hell in the Cell.

Where in HELL is the 2nd clue??

@iThoric It is.

@David Johnson that's what I'm thinking, unless this is wrong.

Is the next clue in this video or do they just post random nonsense to increase views

Charlotte The Queen

I love Sasha more then Charlotte

thank you for your insightful commentary

Why charlotte flair is so mad and so bad if im sasha i will kill you charlotte such a cheater and you know what you are comptable in riott squad like if your idol is sasha banks get well soon sasha i love u so much support to u everytime


Sasha and Becky HELL IN A CELL. Sasha and Charlotte HELL IN A CELL. Charlotte and Bayley.They have set the bar so high! They are true high caliber performers . I know there are other great performers, but when you have gone beyond great what else is there? The women Superstars are holding their own and carrying the Raw and SmackDown Brands. I love what they are doing. Cringe every time the chairs are used . As entertaining as it is I wish they didn't use the chairs . They perform so well they don't need chairs. Even so they seem to be up to par with the men if not better. Asuka needs to be upfront also. Carmel and Alexa are great entertainers also. I hope Paul Hayman can utilize the roster and keep up the good work.

In my opinion Sasha banks is the true champion .. because of she's not indahin her lower back..she's the real boss

17:32 Spider Sasha

Channels Entertainment ???


Midnight Reality well it’s not


Wtf wow

I love you Sasha Banks! I love you babe!

One announcer works for Flair



lets go sasha!

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puta que parril porra

Watching this on Eddie birthday

Sasha Banks is so SEXY!!

No pley tuis telefon an redy pagado .

I love how that referee cares so much

This was horrible. BREAK. THE. TABLE

Am proud of you sasha

This is so unfair sasha tried her best with her weak back and WWE let her lose 2 times in Hell in a Cell? C’mon we want sasha

Me do u know what's next

chrlotte is the winner

sasha slept well that night.

nice you win not me


Very good fight is Ronda Rousey

Lynch my Heroine

I love charlotte

Jan war me cudai

Good job Sasha i love you

this > vs becky


Congrats charlotte




Sasha is my best friend

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks Hell In A Cell Match ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Awesome Fight

Like Sasha Comment Charlotte



That Wasn't A Fair Fight Sasha WINS THAT IDC SHE NOT QUEEN SASHA IS . ‼

I want shasha to win go shasha go


Sharlotte is the best!!!

@Callum Goodenough but that was in 2015 the scavenger hunt said 2016

can't believe I'm not going anywhere near the border between

sacha bank es calva?

Very nice good Charlotte and cool and hot

I love you sasha

Like: sasha banks Comment: Charlotte

good fight

Sasha va a perder

Funk you charlote



Bagni hear chitar

Sasha Banks you really fought

Love you charllotte

I hope shasha is ok

Like shasha bank comment Charlotte

Goodness would someone beat daddies girl an knock her off the damn pedestal already he was great not her

Gud charlote

أحسن لحظات لشبكتنا من قبل شهور اضاع اشتراكات


Charlotte I hate you

Why her

Sasha I feel bad for ya


Im so sad to your defeated

Charlotte always losser.........

Bruh I already knew Charlotte was gonna win, like.. no one stands a chance



I want Sasha to win but the man did

We love shasha bangs

Who else hate Charlotte...cause I do

i love u sasha

7:09 you should watch this first



Sasha you my pint beer!



This would be good if it weren’t scripted.

She can not even stand up and she git a nake brass omg

Sasha worked really hard she got back up and attacked Charlotte

Very Very Nice

I'd love to see a Last Woman Standing between this two. Who would win?

Vary vary Nice

كرما خفيه بؤبري

Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey Survival Series Full Match please

More like hell outside a cell

On the butt

Fool, fool, fool, fool

Luminous fool

I loveyou

You cando

I'm crying

I feel sorry for Sasha

to be honest charllote is better


she gets paid too beat people wtf

Charlotte stupid

When sasha banks is on the ring expect a real hell fight


Like sasha



With the Becky lynch and Sasha banks match I hope Sasha climbs to the very top and comes flying down onto Becky

Very dangerous! :o

Sasha is so beautiful I'm so in love with her❤️❤️❤️

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