FULL MATCH - Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair - SmackDown Women's Title Match: WrestleMania 37 Night 1

FULL MATCH - Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair - SmackDown Women's Title Match: WrestleMania 37 Night 1

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Introducing the challenger from Knoxville, Tennessee. She is the winner of the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble match, Bianca Belair. >> [NOISE] >> And her opponent from Boston, Massachusetts, she is the SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks. >> This is an historic moment. For the first time ever, two black women have a title match in the main event at WrestleMania.

Banks versus Belair for the title. And tonight's main event is brought to you by Snickers. Snickers Satisfies. >> [NOISE] >> Corey, for Bianca Belair, the superstar that Sasha Banks calls a rookie. What does she need to do tonight to knock off The Boss? >> Above all else, Bianca Belair needs to compartmentalize her nerves and her emotions. This is the biggest stage she has ever stepped foot on.

You could see the emotion in both women's faces. You have to put it in the past. You forget about it.

Bianca's on the verge of tears right now. You can't let the magnitude of the situation crumble you. >> [NOISE] >> To be perfectly honest, Cole, I don't know if Bianca is gonna make it tonight. >> For Sasha Banks, what does she need to do to keep the title? >> Banks needs to stick with what brought her to the dance.

Sasha Banks has earned every accolade she's had throughout her career. Tonight could be no different. >> And now the collar and elbow tie up on The Boss of the back, Bianca Belair into the corner. The one thing Sasha Banks does not want to do is try to outpower Bianca Belair. But Banks can play mind games. She can trash talk and pull Belair out of her game.

>> Banks has experience, that is invaluable, that is the X factor in this matchup. >> [NOISE] >> And again, collar and elbow tie up a feeling out process between these two women and the takedown by Banks. >> Not entirely sure that Banks may have just filled the long created ponytail of Belair but- >> [NOISE] >> The EST is back up. >> [NOISE] >> And Bianca Belair not going to be intimidated by Sasha. >> [NOISE] >> And Banks, Belair now, nice move across the ring.

Wait for the leap frog and Belair caught Banks. >> Banks reverses, looking for a- >> Yeah, but Belair said not now. And Bianca Belair standing moonsault, lands on her feet as Banks rolls out of harm's way. >> [NOISE] >> Bianca's feeling herself, no doubt about that. >> That's that attitude of Bianca Belair that's brought her so far, so far in her career. And meanwhile, take down to Banks.

>> But Belair has to keep her eyes on Sasha. One mistake from Bianca and The Boss will change the complexion of the matchup. >> No doubt about that, and Bianca telling Sasha, I was that close.

And we know when almost counts. >> [NOISE] >> And now Banks, uh-oh, caught again by Belair. Uh-oh, in the early going to this matchup, Bianca Belair has been out powering The Boss. And Sasha though sends Bianca out of the ring and buys herself a little bit of time. >> [NOISE] >> Banks with the baseball slide.

Wise strategy by the champion. Belair back up to the apron, will block the right by Banks, and Banks swings wildly a couple of times. Uh-oh, Bianca's got other plans. And Sasha hanging, Bianca up on the top rope. And now driving Belair.

>> [NOISE] >> And Banks tells the ref, count her. >> Bianca, come on, let's go. >> Wise decision by by Sasha Banks, presents as champions advantage. Bianca can only become SmackDown Women's Champion by pinfall or submission. >> Uh-oh, and Sasha Banks gonna fly a suicide dive. >> Banks got all of the- >> My god.

>> Belair rolled through. Are you kidding me? >> And now powered up with Banks in her arms. >> [NOISE] >> And Belair now pressing Banks. >> And walking up the stairs.

>> That is incredible. And dumping Banks into the ring. >> Bianca promised to show up and show out. >> And Sasha's gotta be intimidated. I can't believe it, Banks now rolls through, dropkick drops Bianca.

Cover now by Sasha to retain, hooks the leg, kick out by Belair at two. Let's look at this once again. Banks throwing caution to the wind, sacrificing her own well-being. But the power of Bianca Belair putting the EST in strongest for all of WrestleMania to witness. And the fact that she pressed Banks over her head and then walked her back up to the ring.

I ain't have the words for that. >> Now a shoulder tackle by Belair. >> [NOISE] >> Again another, this is lots for good measure.

And Bianca Belair may have Banks where she wants her. Boots all blocked by Sasha, grab the hair, very, very wise decision by Banks. And now Banks unloading with the kicks to Bianca Belair. The veteran Banks in a running knee.

>> Brutal. >> Is it enough to retain? Almost had a near fall. >> We mentioned all Sasha needed was the slightest of openings. Bianca provided that and The Boss turned this thing around in a hurry. >> And now Sasha Banks, is this frustration, Corey, or is this by design? >> This is malice, this is why Sasha, cover.

This is why Sasha has been able to have the career that she has in WWE. Banks cares only about one person, herself. >> And Banks has reverted back to her old form, the blueprint, the standard, The Boss, that attitude that's made her the best, the champion. >> Right now, Belair just looks overwhelmed.

>> It's an overwhelming moment, Corey. It's the main event of WrestleMania. >> Come on, Bianca, what do you say? >> Bianca certainly earned this opportunity. And we're gonna find out, will she crack under pressure? Or does the EST have what it takes to knock off The Boss? >> Come on, Bianca, do you give up, no. >> There's no bigger pressure than a championship match in the main event at WrestleMania.

And a reminder that tonight's main event is presented by Snickers, Snickers satisfies. >> You mentioned at the outset, Cole, that Sasha does not want to try to match power with Belair. But when it comes to technique, experience, using your momentum and your opponents advantageously, Sasha is light years ahead a bit Bianca. >> And what Sasha has done, Corey, she weathered that early storm by Bianca Belair,.

All that adrenaline that was pumping out of Bianca to her advantage, but now Banks has taken over. And Bianca into the corner, Sasha. Bianca now gonna send her out for the apron, Banks with a knee right to the jaw. >> [NOISE] >> And once again, the EST is down in the corner. >> And now Banks went for the double knees and this time, Belair intercepted.

Whoa, my goodness. >> Wow, Banks right on the back of her neck. >> Some serious whiplash, we're talking car crash impact.

But now Banks once again, with a long break to Bianca Belair. >> And this is The Boss we know. This is the Sasha Banks! [LAUGH] >> My God. >> Shoulder first into the steel ring post >> And a strategy backfired by Sasha. And now Banks- >> Nobody home.

>> Sasha- >> [INAUDIBLE] in the count of six >> Belair cannot win the championship. >> That means Bianca needs to get herself and Banks back in the ring. >> And both women break the count. >> Inside cradle. >> And Belair now powering Sasha up into a vertical suplex.

Using the ropes to her advantage. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Still has Sasha up there. The blood rushing to the skull of banks. >> Banks no doubt disoriented >> And look at the power of the E S T.

And does she have another one left? And she does. Banks trying to fight back. The suplex pinex. >> Knockin he's the mega cover. But that took a lot out of Bianca Belair. Continuously powering Banks up.

And might have been a case of- >> A little too confident in the moment. Yes. Bianca was showing off but as we look back at the tremendous impact of the steel ring post. Bianca narrowly avoiding disaster there. And then we saw over and over again the power of Bianca Belair.

But did she spend too much power? Too much energy? >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks face to face. With a SmackDown Women's Champion hanging in the balance. And the main event at WrestleMania. Banks with the right hand drops Belair to her knee.

>> Sasha once again trying to utilize the brain of Bianca Belair. And Banks now gonna head up to the top rope. Went to try for the arm drag. Belair to the hang on.

And now Belair uses it to her advantage. And Belair with a couple of shoulder tackles to Banks. Nice drop kick.

>> Bianca build- >> Pick up. >> Momentum. >> [NOISE] >> And Belair. >> Standing shooting star.

>> [NOISE] >> Bianca's got to be careful not to get herself disqualified. She could squander the biggest opportunity to her career. >> And and a kick by Banks and Sasha trying to fight back into this.

Bianca Belair able to grab Sasha Banks. Now Sasha dropping face first. >> Bianca Belair has been punishing Banks. This is incredible, Corey. >> We know about the athleticism possessed by Belair.

This just a beautiful example. But Bianca now, all the way up top. >> Belair for the top rope. Banks is in trouble. Bianca Belair.

>> Banks got her knees up. >> Full impact of Belair's own bodyweight across both knees of Banks. [APPLAUSE] >> Belair might have suffered a cracked rib. This is a critical moment in this matchup. Will this be the turning point, right here? Belair went high risk.

She went for it all. And the veteran Sasha Banks, the boss, able to counter. >> [INAUDIBLE] The splash allowing the person delivering the move to build extra momentum with each rotation. But it backfired in a big way.

>> Both women down center of the ring. Banks trying to make it back to her feet first. Belair up to her feet as well. Bianca Belair.

Look at this now. Shoulders down for Banks. Kick out at two. And now Sasha Banks with a backslide. [CROSSTALK] Will it be enough to put Belair away? Another near fall.

What a kick by Sasha. And Banks caught. Bianca just too strong. >> My goodness.

And again, power of Bianca Belair. And another sit down power bomb. >> Stacks up Sasha >> Sasha is barely able to kick out and beat the officials count.

And Bianca Belair. >> It has been a recurring theme in this matchup. Every time Bianca gets a little too big for our britches, the boss makes her pay.

When we look back once again at this game changing power. >> But you can also say the same thing, Corey, about Bianca Belair. Every time Sasha Banks starts to build a little bit of momentum. Bianca Belair stops her in her tracks. >> No doubt about that. Bianca came into this matchup prepared.

But there is still fighting to be done. >> You never know if you'll ever get an opportunity, Corey. To Main Event Wrestlemania. Let alone have another championship match ever. And now Banks up to the second rope.

And Sasha hanging on. DDT. Banks for the for the win to retain the championship. Kick out by Belair at two.

>> Let's take another look at this. The boot. >> Right.

>> Not, everything from the cheekbone to the collarbone being stomped by Sasha Banks in beautiful double Springboard tornado DDT. Sasha getting a bit frustrated perhaps. >> [NOISE] >> She had that look in her eye moments ago. Banks now up to the top rope.

What's Sasha gonna do here? Banks with the- >> Wait for the meteora and she got into a splash. >> She got the flash. >> Hook to the leg now at Belair to kick out. It looked like Sasha was gonna deliver the meteora.

She changed it into a splash in midair. If you asked a minute ago if Sasha was frustrated I was gonna say no. But the look on the bosses face right now tells the tale. Sasha is having trouble solving her challenger tonight. >> Bianca Belair dragging her herself out to the apron.

Banks goes out after her. Bianca Belair now trying to fight away. Trying to get away from- >> Woah. >> Just drags the left arm over the bottom row. And now it's the nastiness of the boss coming out.

And this is what Sasha needed to bring out that next gear. That other level. Yeah, the main street. The malice from Banks. This is, it's boss' time.

Sasha Banks. Back into the ring. >> [NOISE] >> Now, looking for the bank statement perhaps. >> She's utilizing Bianca's braid once again.

>> Trying to wrestle her down, now the middle of the ring. Sasha trying to lock in and put this one away. >> Wow. This is unique. This is innovative. This is creative.

And this might be end of Bianca's dream. >> Yes, she turns it into a bank statement. >> Great move by banks. Sasha Banks using everything that she can to try to put Belair away. >> There is panic in the eyes of Bianca Bel Air. Trying to drag herself to the bottom rope.

Banks trying to hang on. Belair's dream, beginning to trickle through her fingers. And now Sasha, back out to the center of the ranks. Trying to lock back in. Belair rolls through. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Counter by Bianca.

>> Beautiful where-with-all. >> Look at Sasha, she knows she has five. >> That's it, move.

One, two, three. >> They're gonna take full advantage of it. >> Come on, get on the ropes Sasha. >> But again you got to ask the question.

Is frustration building for the champion? >> Sasha Banks right now knows exactly what she is doing. Banks is no stranger to this scenario. Sasha has found the gear that she needs.

The gear where she operates at the highest level. Sasha now becoming a little more methodical. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> That just angered Bianca. >> Bulldozed Banks into the corner. >> And Belair continuing to kick away at the champion. Banks up on the top rope, Bianca gonna go up after her.

And look at Sasha fighting back. Critical moment here. Belair right back, my goodness.

>> Look for a kick, but Sasha step ahead of stomping viciously on the knee. >> And Bianca is in trouble, Bianca has caught up. Sasha Banks has Belair. >> [NOISE] >> Banks from the top rope rolls through.

>> Looks like Sasha might have tweaked a knee or an ankle when she landed. >> My goodness. >> That won't do her knees any favors. >> Banks hit hard. >> Belair now perched on the top rope, the champion is down.

>> And Bianca gonna go for it all from the top rope. This time she could have as the championship kicks out at Belair can't believe it. Bianca Belair can't believe it. But now she's got to regain her emotions. She's got to grab her emotions.

>> It can't be done. Bianca's dreams were just shattered before our very eyes. >> [NOISE] >> Be beyond the nails for 50 great precision tremendous impact. But Banks not going down that easy.

Not at WrestleMania. >> But if you're Bianca Belair, Corey, you've got to get get back on the horse. She got to go right after base. You got to go back on the attack. >> I don't know if that's possible. I think Bianca may have just been emotionally destroyed.

>> You saw the expression change in the Challenger. Does she realize he's got the champion on the run? >> But if Bianca's frustrated, she's much more likely to make a mistake. >> And Belair now with Banks up. Banks lands on her feet.

Bianca, and now again grabs the hair. >> Come on. >> Not my hair. [SOUND] >> My god. How is banks even functioning? >> Bianca one of the KOD.

>> And now Banks gotcha one of the backstabber, but beyond the too strong. >> And Bianca ran around, they go now. Belair power in bandstop KOD. >> No way.

>> Kiss of death. >> No way. >> Sasha Banks in a kick out, a kick out by Sasha. >> Here is your winner and the new SmackDown Women's Champion, Bianca Belair. >> Bianca Belair shut the wall.

Was kicked out well pitcher south pole because the dream has become reality. >> The ESP stepped onto the grandest stage of them all, and fulfilled her promise to her fans, to her family, and most importantly, to herself. Congratulations, Bianca Belair. >> [APPLAUSE] >> I want my reputation, I just listen to this. >> [NOISE] >> Like a whip echoing throughout the Tampa Bay area, and the KOD, Bianca, doing what many said was impossible. The brand new SmackDown Women's Champion in the emotion from the WWE fans.

In that race, there is Bianca's family, her father, her mother and her brothers. Her dad almost fell over the barricade in celebration. Bianca Belair said, I want my reputation to be I deliver in big moments, and did she ever. Bianca Belair wrote her story tonight. >> Look at the wealth on the side of Sasha Banks imposed by the brain of the champion the ESP of WWE.

Is now the VESP of Friday Night SmackDown. Bianca Belair's time is now.

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