FULL MATCH - Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - NXT Women's Championship Match: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn

FULL MATCH - Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - NXT Women's Championship Match: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn

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[MUSIC] Her fans there they are. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] And everybody in the arena here tonight, nearly 16,000 mimicking. [MUSIC] Guys, did you see Bayley's headband? >> Yeah, I actually saw it earlier today.

She wanted to make sure we pointed out it is in memorium, tribute to Dusty Rhodes. >> Obviously, a man that was a big part of NXT, a big inspiration to, I think, every competitor here in NXT. And I think the three of us included as well, a guy that we know is watching tonight. And certainly a fitting tribute to the dream. >> Of course we found out earlier from General Manager William Regal that NXT will begin a tag team tournament in honor of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. We'll see that in the next few weeks on Wednesday night's upcoming WWE Network.

[MUSIC] On NXT, but not right now it is all about the NXT Women's Championship. >> And right now Bayley has to silence that voice of self-doubt. That voice that calls into question your confidence.

And Bayley has to truly believe that she is good enough to ascend to the next level. >> [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] This, ladies and gentlemen is how you do it like a boss. What a fitting way to enter Barclays Center. They're fired up and sold out. Sasha Banks doing it the only way she knows how. [MUSIC] If you ask me, this is Sasha Banks way of setting intimidation to Bayley.

The good thing is, Byron, nobody asked you, this is the boss' way of life. This is how she does it, she rolls deep. She's got personal security. She got out of an Escalade that costs more than your entire house. Okay, that's how she lives.

>> You know nothing about my house, but I'll tell you what, Sasha Banks has been a presence. She has had a stranglehold on the NXT Women's Championship for the last seven months. >> If you think there's a snowball's chance that she's gonna lose that thing in the biggest night ever in NXT, you're out of your mind. >> [CROSSTALK] >> There's a huge chance, there's a huge possibility that Bayley realizes her dream. Sasha Banks, she's held the NXT women's title for 192 days after getting a fatal four way back on February the 11th at TakeOver Rival.

Of course, Sasha a big part of the Divas revolution in WWE. [MUSIC] Has a huge matchup tomorrow at SummerSlam, but the title is on the line tonight. [NOISE] >> The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the NXT Women's Championship. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Introducing the challenger from San Jose, California, it's Bayley.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> And her opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, she is the NXT Women's Champion, Sasha Banks. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And Sasha truly believes she is the baddest diva around. Don't you? >> As Sasha told me earlier today, she's not going anywhere. Team battered, divas revolution or not.

It's all about what's being held up right now, the NXT Women's Championship. That title means so much to her. First of two main events here at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

>> Talk about a big fight feel right now. [NOISE] >> As we invite you to use the hashtag Sasha versus Bayley. Seen a number of number one trends on Twitter. >> [APPLAUSE] >> I have no doubt this will be the next. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Is Sasha Banks really [INAUDIBLE]. Sasha Banks doesn't respect Bayley.

Dusty had an influence on the boss' career, and he helped her realize she was the boss. That she didn't need anybody. She's tired of hearing that, she's tired of being disrespected. You want to disrespect me, Sasha, I'm gonna bring it to you. >> Shades of what we saw from Bayley after the contract signing. Bayley pulling out all the stops, wasting no time for the title.

And a kick out by The Boss. [NOISE] >> This place is incredible man. [NOISE] >> Sasha Banks telling Bayley you're just not good enough. Becky Lynch, Charlotte were threats, you are not a threat, Bayley. >> Yeah. >> Is a threat.

>> There's only so many times you can take being mislabeled and misjudged, not taken seriously. [NOISE] >> Believe me, Bayley's had enough. [NOISE] >> Bayley's gotta be mindful cuz you don't wanna get herself disqualified. >> Springboard elbow drop, for the title, Bayley trying to put away Sasha Banks, who kicks out at one. >> Innovation, that's what it's gonna take to beat Sasha Banks.

These two know each other well, let's take another look at this. Bayley springboarding off the ropes. [INAUDIBLE] elbow right across the boss.

Sasha Banks with a roll up. >> And a kick out by Bayley. For the title to change hands, Bayley. [NOISE] >> The NXT Universe in full force. Guys, Bayley needs to pin or submit Sasha Banks.

>> Look at Bayley. >> To capture the championship. But Sasha with a champion's advantage as usual.

>> Smart move, you can't lose the championship by count out. Take your time, collect your thoughts. Get back in there and execute the game plan. >> Do you think Sasha's respecting Bayley now? >> She's just changing the plans, Byron.

The Boss knows exactly what she's in with. >> She better make those plans change quick. Bayley, connecting with The Boss. >> Look at that look on Bayley, that look has not changed since the moment this match started. Bayley is more dialed in and focused than we have ever seen her. [NOISE] >> Uh-oh, this could be it.

This is my favorite thing guys. [INAUDIBLE] no, alien is scattered, yeah [CROSSTALK]. That's the thing these two, she's so such tape on each other.

>> But in the ring together before him and he's got these two know each other as well as about anybody. >> I mean they history between these two goes back two or three years, I was an advisor. >> They both joined NXT around the same time gone down two completely different paths.

Man [CROSSTALK]. >> Gone right after the D. Bayley tably hard to the outside. >> [APPLAUSE] You talked about the champions advantage rich Sasha can just hang out. She can just chill out right now she doesn't have Bailey [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] >> Look at that Sasha Banks, [NOISE] but you have to think in the back of Bayley's mind these little odds the CFO had to face and he she said countless times. Sasha in front of Bayley, I was gonna say Bayley has said countless times she's tired of letting people down.

Yeah, you know what? Let yourself down. Tired of letting these opportunities slip through her fingers. And the boss was quick to reply with, I"m sorry, Bayley.

This isn't a fairy tale. Okay, this is real life. For the boss is on top. She does what she wants to do.

This isn't a feel-good story. >> Man. >> [LAUGH] Classic cross. Cover, both for the legs Sasha Banks to retain a kick out.

IP. I Bayley stated this [INAUDIBLE]. >> Talk about this not being a feel good story. I honestly think Sasha sees a little bit of herself and Bayley. >> What do you mean? >> Don't try this again. You're trying to project that note the boss has nothing in common with Bayley, she talks about [INAUDIBLE], she says, yeah, you're right.

She pities Bayley, she feels bad for her, she's annoyed with her. She wants her out of the picture. Sasha first came here as she was that baby. She was that innocent girl who just tried to fit in.

And it wasn't until she evolved into the boss is when she had serious success, but there's still a little bit of bitterness. I think that she could do it the way she listened and hoped to. >> You said the key word right there, Byron. Evolved. Sasha Banks is evolved. Bayley still thinks she's a 15 year old girl.

>> No no Bayley is staying true to herself. >> Wait a minute, Sasha Banks trying to get Bayley to that straight jacket hold. And hasn't applied the knee driven into the top the back for leverage. [APPLAUSE] Look at how Banks is enjoying this, just running her mouth smiling, looking beautiful loves to dismantles Bayley. >> She loves his love to her. She loves to get your head talk trash.

[APPLAUSE] Throw you off your game any way possible. >> Sasha does not believe that Bayley can get the job done tonight. Part of the reason for that Bayley had beaten Sasha Banks twice for number one contender spots. But lost both of her title matches against then champion Charlotte.

At this point, Sasha then targeted Bayley since she wasted opportunities. Sasha did not take kindly to that. >> The issue with Bayley's trying to fight here, getting so close to the finish line, but never being able to cross. >> Here it comes. [APPLAUSE]. Sasha's tried this before.

>> Scattered or not, Bayley. Woah. Caught her again. >> Scattered again. [APPLAUSE] Ooh.

>> The true inspirational story before by yet sometimes you don't wanna finish like [CROSSTALK] >> Look out. >> I know I'm excited. Just stop talking to me. I'm trying to watch Sasha Banks right now. >> I'd rather you stop talking.

>> No. No. No. >> No. She's going onto the top rope. >> Top shell? [LAUGH] Could this be, you have got to be, [CROSSTALK]. >> Double knees to the top row.

That's gonna be in. Sasha bass gonna retain the title right here. A kick out by Bayley. >> How did Bayley even kick out of that? >> Bayley has the biggest opportunity of her life in front of her. She knows, she's gonna fight until she absolutely can't fight anymore. I will give her all the credit in the world.

She is tough, but just not tough to beat Banks. >> Look at Sasha trying to stay under control. Trying to temper her anger right now and stay on track. >> [APPLAUSE] Bayley you'll never failing. >> Bayley responding to the verbal jabs by the Banks. >> Sometimes it's better to [INAUDIBLE] on the side of silence.

And look at Bayley go. >> Sasha put on the brakes uh-oh. [APPLAUSE]. >> Come on Bayley. >> Bayley got over zealous and a veteran, the KG boss, took control. And almost tore Bayley's arm out of the socket.

>> Now look, now look. Bayley still with that. >> God, come on. The hand brace on she broke her hand and

was out of action for close to two months. >> Yeah this just reeks of desperation. You're kidding me if Bayley is brave enough to try to compete with an injury she's brave enough to have it exploited. There's nothing illegal about what the Banks is doing. >> What it shows me is the boss decided my strategy isn't working.

I gotta take a shortcut, I gotta do something different. >> And again, she's dumping Bayley to the outside. >> How can you call this a shortcut, Byron? There's nothing illegal about that. Bayley came willingly with her hand taped up. Maybe she has, >> No, no, no, no. >> She has nobody to blame but herself.

>> Sasha in the ring, come on. >> You do what you do. To win the match to retain your champions.

>> You're right Sasha was doing exactly what she's got to do. >> So Sasha is not croc she's not really good. [INAUDIBLE] She may have a broken hand [APPLAUSE] Sasha face being just broken the head of Bayley. >> [APPLAUSE] She may have broken the hand of Bayley's like a boss.

Check this out [INAUDIBLE] in between the ring steps and that LED board on the side. You're right guys she might've broken her hand. >> The referee is gonna make sure that Bayley is still able to continue.

The official keeps keeping Sasha Banks. Wait a minute! >> [APPLAUSE] >> What a over the top rope. >> My gosh. [SOUND] Watch this again, Sasha Banks uses, over the official.

Funny, >> Bayley tried to take that time in recovering the boss took it away >> Shimer touch on the line to kick out by the challenger Bayley. [APPLAUSE] >> Sasha looks a little upset, a little frustrated maybe. >> Bayley has not given up as we expected her not. But Sasha's got Bayley in a bad way. >> [NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] Get a hold of that [APPLAUSE] Goodness Sasha Banks risking your own well being who got the worst of that do some damage to Bailey, but it looked like banks might want to tweak something on the way down.

But if anything, it gives Bailey a little bit of time. Bayley! Bayley! Bayley. >> Perhaps shake off the cobwebs. But again, Sasha can get counted out and she keeps the title. >> That's right, she can lay right there and still leave Brooklyn as NXT Women's Champion.

>> Six. >> Referee up to six. >> Seven. Eight. >> Sasha Banks she could have stayed out there. >> The sauce is so out of it right now she just instinct wrote back and got a feel for the family.

>> What do you feel bad for Byron she came into a fight injured part of it she's yet Sasha Banks is our percent Bailey's not. >> How do you feel bad Las Vegas show well she's a fighting champion, but Bayley shows she's a fighting challenger. >> [NOISE] >> Double Axe Handle. >> [NOISE] >> That hand has gotta be killing Bayley right now. >> And you could see her favoring the right hand. >> [NOISE] >> [APPLAUSE] The NXT Women's Title is on the line.

Bayley says she's not gonna let this opportunity slip by. >> They're together, watch this. >> Big quarter suplex. >> And Bayley capitalized that she needs to capitalize now. This is the best situation she's been in since the match started.

>> Bayley tapping into something we've never seen before. Here comes BayleyTrying to go from the Bayley to Bayley. >> Locked by Sasha. >> Just rolled off Bayley to the channel straight the Bayley one on now, the number of bank statement central bank's daily tap a fairy tale hands right here does it daily desperately crawling, desperately reaching out to the bottom row? >> A couple inches away. >> My goodness.

>> [INAUDIBLE] Stomping on the head. >> [NOISE] >> Bayley reaching out still. Can she get there? She touched it, she touched the rope. >> No. >> [INAUDIBLE] She touched the rope. >> Wait. >> [NOISE] >> Reversal.

>> How did she do that? >> Bayley reversed it. She reversed Sasha's [INAUDIBLE] The big statement. But this time it is Bayley with the submission [INAUDIBLE] >> Bayley's hanging on for dear life. Sasha might be on the verge of tapping right here. >> [NOISE] >> Sasha.

>> My goodness. >> Wow. >> Sasha Banks, getting the bottom rope with her foot, able to break the hold of, my God. >> But Sasha Banks knew she was just seconds away from relinquishing her NXT Women's Championship. >> I still don't know how Bayley reversed from eight. Statement.

>> [NOISE] >> This is exactly why this kind of match is why our divas, our women, are co-main eventing tonight. >> Bayley trying to overcome the lack of self-confidence she's had. Trying to overcome an injured hand.

>> Bayley-To-Belly. >> Bayley-To-Belly. Scaling and kick out. >> Man we started out with my heart just skipped a beat there. [NOISE] 15,000 people thought Bailey just won herself a championship. >> Go to Bailey.

[NOISE] [APPLAUSE] Sashes is out, >> Like a rag doll [INAUDIBLE] big shut up on the top row Bailey. The Challenger has something big in mind. The boss has a hooker bro was the boss playing possum running for our bi daily >> [NOISE] >> Again studying the the boss with the title on the line. >> Now Sasha's out, Bayley going to the top row. >> My goodness.

>> Sasha Banks able to shove Bayley away. >> Yeah, that looked bad. Bailey spiked herself.

The boss been able to counter the last second because that looked bad. >> She's seriously hurt. Think about it. She's already got the injured hands.

She crashed hard. >> My goodness hook of the legs Sasha set to retain. Kick out by Bayley.

>> That's why she's the champ. She never hesitates to capitalize on an opportunity. >> How about the fact that Bayley has once again found a way to kick out. Once again found a way to survive after this watch. >> One, two.

>> [NOISE] >> There is something. There is something on Bayley's heart. [APPLAUSE] As different from anything that you see [APPLAUSE] Sometimes when you push them and then too far they push back and they push back very hard. Bailey looks like she's out. >> Know how much Bailey possibly have left back there is Bailey pushing back yet again. [SOUND] The women's championship is on the line in this match up.

The boss, Sasha Banks, looking to retain Bailey. >> This is a scary spot for both these ladies. >> What does Bailey have in mind? >> My God! [APPLAUSE] He would go [INAUDIBLE] Belly to [SOUND] Belly for the next team. >> Women's Champion [APPLAUSE] Bayley.

>> The culmination of years of verbal abuse and being told you are just not good enough, Bayley says no way. She stuck to her guns. She's been shaken, but got right back up to fight again.

She has showed us that it can be done, she is NXT Women's Champion. >> This dream of an 11 year old girl from San Jose, California has now established himself as [INAUDIBLE] your new champion. What a match. >> Am back >> Some of the trash talking we saw from Sasha Banks all throughout this match up, tried to demoralize them trying to attack Bayley's injured hand which may or may not be broken, guys.

>> The Boss showing absolutely no remorse, using the ring stairs as a weapon. >> She almost crushed Bayley's right here. >> Yeah, she may still have a broken hand, broken fingers. We saw a must note the sequel side of the now former NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks. And that is dealing with loss in the Bank's statement you see Sasha's stepping away on that potentially grow.

Broken hand. But somehow, we still don't know how. >> Yeah, this what we call it OMG moment. There were lots of OMG moments in this match.

How did Bayley reverse that? >> Here is another OMG moment. [APPLAUSE] Bailey thought she had Sasha Banks but no. So many close moments in this match up.

>> You see the boss again capitalizing on the [NOISE] I have no rules these people can go. What else you have left? We found out, we found out what legs Bayley was willing to go to, to achieve her dream to dethrone the boss [MUSIC] to become the NXT Women's Champion, belly to belly. [INAUDIBLE] guys. She's not my favorite, but

she withstood everything the boss had in vensim to become the NXT Women's Champion. >> Because you accept the criticism, except those who say that you're not good enough, but they do answer those criticisms. You answer those assessments by proving those critics wrong becoming a Champion. [INAUDIBLE] joy [CROSSTALK]. >> Sometimes I don't mind being wrong, congratulations Bayley. >> There are Charlotte Deki lives congratulating Bayley, and an emotional moments.

The tears of joy, beacon of hope to little girls all around the world. Anyways, your new NXT Women's Champion. I'm happy about the fact that the stretches of Bailey they know how important this night is for her. Just the moment is for her. [MUSIC] >> Take one more look at the very end of this match. [NOISE] The belly to belly.

[APPLAUSE] [SOUND] >> The exacerbation on the face of Bayley. [MUSIC] She has achieved her goal. 50,000 pot, wait wait a minute. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] Right there is the Divas revolution. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] There it is, they call themselves the four horesewomen of NXT and it's hard to argue, they've changed the game.

Those four women have completely changed the game and this Divas revolution is real and it is on fire. And I could, can't be more proud of these girls. Women's wrestling is bad [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE.]

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