FULL MATCH - Eight-Woman Gauntlet Match: Raw, Dec. 17, 2018

FULL MATCH - Eight-Woman Gauntlet Match: Raw, Dec. 17, 2018

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[INAUDIBLE] [SOUND] >> Here we go yet again. A Gauntlet Match to determine Ronda Rousey's next opponent for the Raw Women's Championship. And Bayley now box rolled over and a kick out. >> You know all these women are certainly deserving of a championship opportunity. If we're fighting with heart here tonight, I mean Bayley's, definitely going to be in the front rank for that. >> Can't count Alicia Fox out.

She's been known to be the maybe the most unpredictable woman on the Monday Night Raw roster. >> And here we go, Bayley rolling Alicia Fox through and a kick-out. Alicia Fox had a great performance with her partner Jinder Mahal in the mix match challenge that wrapped up last night at TLC with Carmela and R-Truth. Earning the number 30 spots in the Royal Rumble Match in an all-expense-paid vacation to a destination of their choice, Stamford, Connecticut. >> Hey Cole, don't knock it, it's the city that works.

>> And Fox with a right hand. Now Alicia Fox taking over. >> Taking out some of that anger on Bayley it seems. >> And again Corey, the strategy in this is try to put your opponent away quickly to reserve energy as the gauntlet match goes along. A lot easier said than done. Everyone's gonna have that same strategy.

Gotta wait for the smallest opening, the opportunity to make your opponent make a mistake. >> Fox now just kicking away at Bayley. Alicia Fox is deceptively powerful.

[INAUDIBLE] cover here by Fox. Tonight, what does it mean to be the captain of the women's division? >> I think Alicia Fox is definitely in the cornerstone of the women's division. She's got that veteran status. >> Wait, wait, wait a minute. She's not the of the women's division. In her mind she is, nobody has appointed her that.

>> Listen, if you wanna deem yourself something, who am I to argue that from her? She wears the hat, she shows up every day, she shows up to work. I can't argue that. >> Wow, suplex, however, covers it. Enough to put Alicia Fox away in a kick out, the gauntlet match continues.

Who's getting a championship opportunity live on RAW? [SOUND] The winner of this match will be the next challenger for Ronda Rousey RAW Women's Championship. >> But what we found out that it's actually going down next week on Monday Night Raw, the winner of this matchup is gonna be facing Ronda Rousey. And it's on Christmas Eve, what a gift. >> Christmas Eve edition of Monday Night Raw next week. >> Bayley and Alicia Fox appointed number one and number two in this matchup.

An unenviable position, to be sure. >> And this matchup has been going on for a long time already. Bayley looking for the win, and a kickout. >> Definitely a tough spot. I mean, eight women all vying for that opportunity. >> It'll boil down to guts, intestinal fortitude, tenacity.

Alicia Fox now, just cutting the wind off for Bayley. It has to be careful not to be disqualified. In this hashtag, the gauntlet match will be addressed in to see who the next woman superstar is that's going to enter the fray. >> Fox plays dirty, pulling on Bayley's hair, knocking out her headbands, all mind games, dirty tactics. And Bayley fighting back, however, and Bayley very aggressive here >> Almost reminiscent of Dean Ambrose's techniques inside the ring tonight.

>> Dean is also one of those guys that makes up nicknames for himself too, like the moral compass of WWE. [CROSSTALK] Back to the captainship, Renee that she was so expertly describing- >> Here we go, Alicia into the covers and up to sent a kick out by Bayley. >> Here's what I've learned. If Alicia Fox says something, you've just got to go with, it's not worth arguing with her about it. >> Okay, that makes a lot more sense to me because anytime I'm within earshot of her, I'm extremely intimidated.

>> You should be. She slapped Tom Phillips once. >> And now look at Alicia Fox. Speaking of slap, slapping Bayley's.

Trying to fight out of the corner here. >> Fox driven face first into the top turnbuckle. Big time opportunity for Bayley to capitalize. >> Here's Bayley now, up over the top. >> Bayley twigging her knee on the landing. >> Fox with a boot.

Looking to advance in a gauntlet match, into the cover. Bayley, shoulders down. Bayley advances.

[NOISE] >> Alicia Fox has been eliminated. >> So who is next to face Bayley? It will be Dana Brooke. [MUSIC] Dana's got to like her chances here.

Yeah, you got to like Dana hustling down the range and try to take advantage of Bayley who just went through that long matchup with Alicia Fox and [INAUDIBLE]. >> Dana with an opportunity to pick the bones right now. >> That injury to Bayley- >> [CROSSTALK] >> I'm curious to see how Bayley's knee plays into this, cover here again.

>> Cover by Dana, and a kick-out by Bayley. >> Man, Dana Brooke came out here like a bat out of hell. >> And look at Dana, just hammering away on Bayley. >> My opportunity. >> Yeah, you heard her say it, big opportunity, an opportunity at the Raw Women's Championship next week, on the Christmas Eve edition of Monday Night Raw. >> Playtime is over, Bayley.

>> This is a great strategy by Dana Brooke. With the body applied, you can make it incredibly hard >> Cover here by Bayley. >> Shoulders down kick out by Dana.

>> I like this side of Dana Brooke, she's fired up. >> [INAUDIBLE] behind, shock block to the back of the knee. [INAUDIBLE] >> You're okay? We can stop the match >> [NOISE] There's certainly no quit in Bayley, the referee checking to make sure she's still able to compete in this one. Yeah, but this is the most aggressive, Corey, I have ever seen Dana Brooke. >> I think I would agree with you 100%.

Maybe this goes back to the, look, Bayley's knees just sustained too much damage, and the cover, and Bayley again kicks out. >> You asked about the potential of a new attitude permeating the locker room here on Monday night with the new change in regime, new opportunities at stake. Dana Brooke is a shining example of it right now. >> Yeah, with any superstar that feel like they've ever been overlooked. Dana Brooke's a prime example of that. >> Yeah Renee, as we take another look as Dana goes right after the knee of Bayley to take control of this match.

You made a really good point. Dana Brooke has complained for a long time that she hasn't been given opportunities here in WWE. That it's her chance to step up, and she feels like to your point she's being overlooked. What a great chance.

>> To actually have the opportunity to do something with it and she's doing that tonight, no doubt >> [INAUDIBLE] And Bayley continues to stay in this. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Every time Dana Brooke covers Bayley, it forces Bayley to kick out to exert extra energy. And as we mentioned early in this match, a gauntlet match is all about conserving your energy.

Very, very wise. I'm very impressed with Dana Brooke tonight. >> Gotta imagine the McMahons, they've got a heavy hand in tonight's programming. They've got to have a keen eye for Dana Brooke after this. >> [INAUDIBLE] covered by Bayley for the [INAUDIBLE] again. >> Dana Brooke has been eliminated.

>> But what does Bayley have next in Who's your next opponent in the gauntlet match? >> [APPLAUSE] >> And I'm looking forward to seeing how Bayley is gonna survive in this gauntlet match already. She's defeated Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke. She's now in there with a veteran Mickie James.

Well over 15 minutes in this match so far for Bayley, remember Renee, what the winner of the gauntlet match gets. >> And next week they'll be facing Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women's Championship. It's all going down next week on Monday Night RAW Christmas Eve edition. >> Neckbreaker by Mickie, what an efforts so far for Bayley.

And here's the cover by Mickie James Timberlake, and I get a kick out with the Corey, but gauntlet match, when you start one and two. >> Well, it all comes down to exhaustion, to your cardiovascular conditioning. You're gonna endure punishment from fresher opponents. >> And there's Ronda Rousey throughout the course of the match up.

The RAW Women's Champion looking on. >> Ever the student, sussing out her competition. >> And remember she came out here and she issued an open challenge.

The women in the raw locker room all stood up one of the opportunity so Stephanie McMahon gave it to him when this gauntlet match, and Baiely moves out of the way. And this could be the opening Bailey's trying to crawl, under the cover on James. Here's Bailey in the leg and I get a kick out this time by Mickey >> Bailey's just gonna keep running through the entire raw women's locker room. She gets his victory over Mickie James, she's rolling with it.

>> Yeah, but Mickie James has taken a great deal out of Bayley, as did Dana Brooke, and Alicia Fox before her. Bayley's a lot worse for wear right now. And impressed with everyone involved in this match up so far. Mickie James now, Bayley ducks underneath it. Rolls up Mickey, is it enough to Mickey away? And a kick out by James.

>> You can feel that sense of change in the air here tonight, every single person back there in the locker room >> Watching Monday Night Raw- >> Keep up. >> They know how big tonight is this is a huge opportunity, the McMahons are here shaking things up it's all a fresh start. >> To be able to challenge for the Raw Women's Championship on Christmas Eve. What an opportunity.

>> Way to close out the year, that's for sure. >> Best Christmas gift you, could ever receive. And here's Mickie James, top rope. And takes down Bayley.

Is it enough to put her away? And Bayley reverses things, shoulders down. Mickie kicks out at two, now stacks Bayley up. Bayley's still in this. And a kick to the face, and that could be it. Mickie James, looking to advance in the gauntlet, and Bayley again. How in the world is Bayley doing this? >> She's got that heart, she's got that fighting champion heart, she wants to be out here.

She loves sports entertainment, more than just about anybody I know. >> She wants to be champion again. [NOISE] Mickey been to the top of the mountain on numerous occasions She would love another trip. Mickey no doubt will one day be a Hall of Famer, would love to win the championship again, Bailey >> [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] Suplex, to make a change in barely looking at rally [NOISE] And the WWE fans chanting for Bayley.

>> Kicked right in the eyebrow, and Bayley driven out of the ring. And you gotta wonder at this juncture, how much Baylet is left? >> That'd be a smart move, try to take a breath. >> Mickey James, baseball slide caught by Bayley, spins her around. Bailey connects with a knee. This deep end of the match Bailey's gonna feel like she's running through mud. Her muscles are gonna be burning her knee as we've seen, causing her a great deal of discomfort.

>> Sucking down oxygen right now. >> Yeah, but bad leg and all Bailey Slipped out, and again, you saw her reach for the knee. The knee gave out as she came up over the top, and, but she's still fighting. Bayley's still fighting on one leg, cross body. >> Yeah, but even on the landing- >> And even landed on the knee. >> Jammed her knee on the landing of the cross body.

>> She makes it through this, you're gonna have to worry about that knee against Ronda Rousey. >> And look at Bayley still going on adrenaline. Very impressive effort from Bayley tonight. >> Again, this is the best I've seen a Bayley looked at she's been in this matchup over 20 minutes.

>> All the way from the top row, Bayley with Mickie James. Here's the cover. Hook to the leg. >> And Mickie James grabbed the bottom rope. Great ring presence by the veteran. >> Yup, veteran instincts kicked in for Mickie James.

Maybe wouldn't have been able to kick out of the pinfall, but knew where the rope was to stop the referee's count. That sort of experience is invaluable. Wow Bayley hangs Mickey out to dry in middle rope. >> [NOISE] >> Where is Bayley getting this from? >> [INAUDIBLE] her ponytail that means business.

>> Bayley-to-Belly coming, and Mickey though reversing it. >> [NOISE] >> Mickie grabbed a fistful of Bayley's hair out of desperation, >> And wow, caught her with an elbow. >> There's a factor either way, and Mickie James, and Bayley dumps her over the top rope.

>> A straight right from James on Tammy Bayley. Face first off the turnbuckle. >> Very wisely, Mickie James attacking the knee of Bayley.

Aah! >> And Mickie DDT. Is it enough- >> Mickie DDT. >> To put her away? And it is, Mickie James James knocks off Bailey. >> Bailey has been eliminated. >> What an effort by Bailey here tonight.

>> You gotta respect Bailey and what she brought to the fight tonight. But Mickie James had better be ready, here comes a very hungry Ember Moon. >> Yeah, the War Goddess, and Mickie James caught her right with a dropkick. And Mickie James Ames realize what coming and she stopped Ember Moon in her tracks. >> And James wants to take that momentum that victory over Bailey, and just apply it immediately to Ember Moon. >> How much do all of these women want this championship opportunity? You work your entire career, your whole life, to get an opportunity to challenge for a championship.

Nevertheless. Against Rhonda Rousey, one of the biggest names in all of entertainment on Christmas Eve on Monday night, raw, I mean, it doesn't get much bigger than that. >> It's one thing for a superstar like Ember moon, we can sit here and say, she's got future champions written all over, but now it's knocking on her door could be next week. [NOISE].

>> Mickie James, Amber Moon lands on her feet. Nice deep arm drag by Amber. >> [NOISE] >> Amber is gonna need a fresher of the two, leg sweep, takes down James. >> [NOISE] >> Fresh Amber Moon. >> Cover here by Mickie.

>> And a kick out by Amber. And Mickey again kicked in the midsection. [NOISE] Ember out of the way just in time. To the cover to the kick out of two. Ember moons been on something of a meteoric rise in the women's division, she's got her eyes. On the Raw women's championship.

Mickie trying to- >> She's thinking big. >> Yeah, Mickie trying to buy herself a few extra seconds, great move. >> You can really see that veteran mentality of Mickie James here tonight.

>> Yeah, the experience factor really been a game changer for Mickie to this point in this matchup. Ember Moon still fighting though. No, no. >> Mickie- Uh-oh. Trying to power bomb from the apron. Ember hanging on.

>> Fantastic grip strength from Moon, but Nikki makes her pay. >> Nikki and Ember continue, the Gauntlet Match continues, who's gonna face Ronda? The match continues live. Ember Moon planting Mickie James, the Gauntlet Match to determine, the next challenge for Ronda Rousey women championship continues >> The action continued during the break, and removed on all fours and Mickie James with a big time kick. Her beloved Dallas Cowboys could have used that yesterday. >> Yeah indeed shoutout and it's Mickie James, than in this matchup well over 15 minutes so far. Very, very impressive effort for Mickie.

As we mentioned earlier, Bayley put up a great showing tonight but was unable to come up short. Such is life when it comes to these gauntlet matches. They are grueling. >> And a kick right to the midsection by Ember. Ember Moon now taking it. Down goes Mickie.

>> One, two. >> And a kick out again. Again, Renee, Christmas Eve, as you see Ronda Rousey. She's gonna be defending her championship here on Raw Christmas Eve next week. >> Yeah, it could be an incredible way to close out the year, to face off against Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women's Championship.

Next week's gonna be unbelievable. >> Yeah, and the winner of this gauntlet match gets that opportunity. Bailey look right. However, right in front of the official not sure what she was expecting to get away with there >> [INAUDIBLE] For a long time >> The veteran maneuver I mean It's one of the most effective techniques in pinfall history. >> Yeah, usually when the ref's not looking though.

And now Mickie James with the Yet again. >> And now Mickie, if she can put Ember Moon away will move on to the next superstar in this gauntlet. Bayley very impressive, but was knocked off In the gauntlet match, Dana Brooklyn ,up here at night too,he should look great as well and they can change, connected with, I think it was a need in the face. Peggy James has no clue where she is, but does top row for Amber Moon? [INAUDIBLE] >> [APPLAUSE] >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Mickie James has been eliminated. >> Go to see face. >> [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> The Queen of Heart.

>> Yeah, Natalya, who has momentum after defeating Ruby Riott in a table's Match last night,- >> Who, >> To put her away early, Natalya able to kick out. >> Amber employed the same strategy that Mickey James did when Amber joined the fight. >> Try to stop your opponent before she even gets going. >> Natalya went for the sharpshotter then she went for the >> Disc is closed line Amber Moon, however, looking into advance and the gauntlet that kick out by Natalia [NOISE] >> Remember, Natalia went through a very physical and grueling match last night. >> Emotional match.

>> Table match up against Ruby Riott. The Riott squad of course, was involved as usual. They were put through tables by Natalia. You can look at that. Two different types of effects on Natalia.

Yes, she was physically in a grueling matchup but she also has the momentum on her side her confidence could be at an all time high. After knocking off the riot squad. >> I think that's exactly what Natalia needed. See what she can bring here against Amber moon, but nation air flight,great deal of pressure on the Italian shoulder. Chin lock. Your bike can tell you certainly went through it last night with the ride squad and the last couple of weeks.

But like you said, that momentum on her side. If she's able to get on the other side of Ember moon. [NOISE] >> And the Riott squad thought it had Natalya's number but Natalya rallying out of it. Now looking to put Ember Moon away.

>> Unbreakable Monday. >> What does that even mean, Renee? >> Don't you follow Natty on Twitter? >> No. >> Into the corner goes Moon and catches Italia in the face with a booth. >> You follow to pause. >> Nope.

Coupon and here we go. Nice suplex by moon. He pauses a cat. >> He has no business on social media >> And here's the cover isn't about to put Natalia away and advance to the gauntlet match in Natalia.

Survives. >> And again, so is Dorado. >> What, on social media? >> And a cat. >> Stupid. >> Amber Moon now with a big time chop. Amber gonna go up top again, looking to fly.

And Amber Moon if she can knock off Micky James and now Natalia what a couple of victories that would be for Amber. >> Absolutely right. The momentum we were. >> Right, but what a discuss clothesline. That's gotta be it for move.

>> Amber's out cover. And Amber unable too to stay alive. >> Amber knows that opportunity's right here next week she could have that women's championship opportunity. [FOREIGN] Middle now have an opening now I'm fighting back.

>> Open hand strikes inside cradle by Moon. Natalia kicks it too. And from behind Oconnor roll, roll up by Natalia. Got her.

>> Amber Moon >> Have been eliminated. [MUSIC] >> Do you want to be rained on? >> [INAUDIBLE] Just got it? >> It's always in a bad mood. >> Well, the question is I'm assuming it's gonna be Ruby live right? >> The bass Italia and the gauntlet back which continues live and on.

>> gauntlet match continues on Monday Night Raw. The winner receives an opportunity at Ronda Rousey raw Women's Championship on Christmas Eve raw. Michael, before the break you were asking which member of Riott squad we would see in action.

>> Well, it was Ruby Riott and the riott squad with a cheap shot to Natalya. Something now Natalya is gonna have to deal with in this matchup. But we weren't sure who was gonna start.

Neither was Natalya. The Riott squad screwed around with Natalya a little bit before Ruby Riott took advantage and hence has been in control since the get go. >> That was a brat, did you see the look on her face? Just so smug and happy smacked Natalya right in the face? >> What's wrong with that? >> She's just a brat, that's it.

Just an observation. >> [NOISE] >> And now Ruby in control, you look over Liv Morgan. Sara Logan, the other member of the riots squad on the side of the ring looking on. You have to imagine that the event transpired last night at TLC, all three members of the riot squad will like to have a piece of Natalya.

A little bit of payback. >> [NOISE] >> Payback? Nadie went out there and did exactly what she had to do. She was goaded on by the riott squad for weeks.

Just taking the worst low blows I've seen in a long time. >> It was great the fact that Natalya put Morgan and Logan [CROSSTALK] Real barrel of fun- >> Yeah, I would I hope that Natalya takes that thing home as a Trophy and hangs- >> And look at the power of Natalya planting Ruby Riott. >> Takes what thing as a trophy? >> The table with Ruby Riott's face on it. >> Wow and.

>> She's got like a million cats now she's collecting broken tables, [INAUDIBLE] >> Did Morgan now trash-talking Ruby riot? Now Ruby trying to take advantage majan rubies in quite a bit of pain going through that table last night. Would you still the freshest competitor in this Gauntlet match right now? Kick right to the midsection of Natalya. >> We know that Ruby Riott definitely has that fight in her. She takes any opportunity that's in front of her and makes it her own. >> Well, we talked a lot about this last night during the TLC event, the fact that Ruby Riott believes that Natalya's spoiled.

And she's privileged because she's a member of the hart family, because of her relationship, Jim the Anvil Neidhart, her father, has had with the family. And Ruby says she scratched and clawed for everything in her career. And she doesn't like the fact that Natalia her words were was handed everything. >> l just don't think that's true. l mean l get where Ruby's coming from.

She wants to play that woe is me. I'm the only one. >> Roll up by Natalia. Almost had Ruby. Ryan flattens the Natalia with a clothesline looking for a cover here >> Ruby again look into advance of the gauntlet match in Natalia stays in it.

>> I really think she's the only person in the world that's had a tough childhood. >> I disagree with that statement Ruby ride has gone on the record is saying >> That's what bonds, the riott squad. Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, they've all scratched and clawed their way through life, through this business.

>> That's fine. >> And they all wanna make it to the top. >> But don't take away the hard work that Natalya has put in.

>> A great point, Renee. I mean, Natalya has probably worked harder than anybody in WWE to get to where she is today, especially the fact that she was the daughter of Jim The Anvil Neidhart, a legend in WWE history. >> Not only that, but >> And more pressure because of that on Natalya. >> Certainly pressure on Natalya, but then you hear Natty's journey trying to get into WWE, she wasn't always like the other girls either. >> Buying the Natalya and Ruby caught her right in the face. Cover here by Riott and Ruby capitalize and Natalya stays in it.

So there's no I'm not taking anything away from Ruby Riott Cory. I really believe that she is a future Women's Champion. I have no doubt about that. >> It's just the way she goes about her business.

>> Especially with the help of the Riott Squad. I mean, those three are thick as thieves, the Three Musketeers. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Natalya's hurt.

Knee caught her right in the face. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And Natalya >> Honey would say Ruby deserved that. Roll up again, Natalya at two. A kick. >> Natty's struggling through this one.

[APPLAUSE] >> Trying to do what she can do. >> [NOISE] >> The power of Natalya and Ruby Riott though, stacks her up. Able to kick out as Natalya drop kick drives Ruby into the corner.

It's been a grueling match for all the competitors involved here. Gauntlet style. >> [NOISE] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Natalya trying to pick up a little speed here. >> And a little fight Natalya not high.

>> Natalya has an opportunity to win the match and face Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women's Championship next week on Christmas Eve edition of Monday night Raw. Numbers suplexes now buy Natalya. >> Speed and the power. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Ruby caught Natalya, plants her.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> One more superstar will enter this Gauntlet match to face whoever wins this matchup between Ruby and Natalya. >> [APPLAUSE] >> With your eye, looking for something big, gonna reach deep into her arsenal when she realizes it gonna have to go beg and take Natalya. Nobody home, Ruby was looking for the reverse scent on.

Natalya out of the way at time into a cover. >> One, two, three. >> Natalya got her. >> Ruby Riott has been eliminated.

>> One step away from a championship opportunity. But guess what Natalya? It's boss time. How apropos. Seven other women do all the work and Sasha Banks comes in steal the spotlight. >> l don't think Sasha Banks was sitting back there just waiting it out. Everybody was allocated their matches and this is her spot.

>> Well she was waiting it out nonetheless, but I get your point. >> I bet you Banks is back there politicking with Stephanie. >> No way, Sasha Banks wants to be out here. >> Sasha Banks wants the Raw Women's Championship.

One of these women will face Ronda Rousey. Knees to the midsection. Next week cover hook to the leg would be Banks in Natalya stays in it. >> Sasha Banks lives and breathes for these moments vert have another championship opportunity.

Here we can see a new Raw women's champion and Miss Banks. >> I think about it Rene, Championship opportunity on Christmas Eve, on Monday Night Raw against Ronda Rousey. >> Hey! >> Such an incredible way to wrap up 2018. >> I bet you, the boss would love nothing more than to ruin Ronda Rousey's Christmas. >> Yeah, why wouldn't she? >> All the way from the top row. Nobody home, Natalya looking to take advantage.

Rolling up Banks, here. Will Natalya take on her? One of her best friends Ronda Rousey. >> [NOISE] >> Wow what athletism, by Banks DDT finds the mark. >> Cover, by The Boss.

>> And a kickout at two and a half by Natalya who's gonna face Rousey, we'll find out the match continues live. And we are back live on Monday Night Raw. This is the Gauntlet match to determine who's gonna face Ronda Rousey. Next week Christmas Eve on Monday Night Raw. It will either be Sasha Banks or Natalya. >> I know Ronda Rousey's been pretty vocal in interviews saying she'd love to face Sasha Banks.

She might get her opportunity next week, Christmas Eve. >> Face first Natalya takes it to Sasha Banks. And Natalia now with that low basement drop kick. Is it enough for Natalya to advance? Hooked with a leg and a kick out. I'll tell you l love either one of these women to face Ronda Rousey for the Raw women's championship. Natalya and Ronda good friends of course.

Sasha Banks- >> Has no friends. >> No, but she's a four time champion, looking to step through with Natalya, went for the Sharpshooter. >> Uh-oh. >> Sasha looking to put her away. Kickout at two.

>> Natalya once again looking for the Double A back slide by Banks. >> And a two count, and Sasha, with a Knee right to the face. And there it is again by Natalya turning Banks inside out. Will Natalya fight Raw next week on Christmas Eve to face Rousey and kick out at two. >> Look at disbelief on the face of Natalya. And frustrations got to be setting in.

Natalya has been through several grueling battles to get to this point, but can't put Banks away. >> I know that Natty wants this so bad but she's gonna have to dig deep find another version of herself. She's gonna overcome Sasha Banks to face Rousey next week. She's been through a ton tonight, and last night at TLC. >> Natalya looking to finish things off with the Sharpshooter. >> Sharpshooter in the center of the ring.

Natalya, great move, pulling Sasha even further away from the ropes. Sasha Banks realizing she's in In all kinds of trouble, gonna have to try to scratch and claw her way. Because if she taps Natalya's got a championship opportunity. >> Sasha trying to power her way to the corner.

>> Natalya dragging her back to the middle of the ring. Hey, you sat down this time. Banks in trouble. Can Banks hang on? Whose gonna to be all Natalya? >> [APPLAUSE] >> Banks again. [CROSSTALK] >> Sasha Banks as Natalya goes net. First off the term buckle but the damage been done to Banks has the damage, but done to Natalya.

>> Sasha's spent a significant amount of time in the Sharpshooter submission. >> But I think Natalya might have been knocked a little loopy into the bottom turnbuckle, the playing field essentially even at this moment. >> [APPLAUSE] >> It's anybody's match, anybody's game in this Eight-woman Gauntlet Match. And man, the McMahons certainly were shaking things up here, keeping things fresh on Monday Night Raw. Next week, one of these women will be facing Ronda Rousey. >> Natalya comes to, but wait, Banks with a counter.

>> Look at Banks. >> Half crab submission. Great move by Banks, now it's Natalya's turn, is she gonna tap out? How much does Natalya have left? Natalya had to beat Amber Moon and Ruby Riott to get to this point. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Natalya trying to power her way out of this submission from Sasha Banks, Banks looking to sit down, >> [APPLAUSE] >> Can Natalya make it to the rope to force a break? Banks looking for the backstab. Look at, Sasha Banks great move.

Shoulders down, is it enough to win? Natalya- >> Here it comes. >> Looking for the Banks Statement now. Is Natalya gonna tap to the Banks Statement locked in by Sasha? >> [NOISE] >> Natalya, how much does she have left? Can she dig down deep just one more time? >> [APPLAUSE] >> And Banks has got it in good. Natalya, though, looking to counter.

Rolls through, Banks once again. >> Yeah, but look at the power, the power of Natalya! Into a German suplex, released. >> Almost broke Banks in half. >> Sasha landing hard on the back of her neck. [NOISE] >> Man, what an effort by Natalya the past 24 hours, the Tables match last night, and now in the Gauntlet match here tonight. >> Just when you think Natalya might be done, she pulls something out.

>> [NOISE] >> Both these women >> It could come down to which one of these two women, if either woman, has anything left. Who can tap into the energy reserves, find that last little bit, late in this matchup. [NOISE] Banks, you heard that.

>> Got her right in the shoulder. Now an elbow from Sasha. [NOISE] >> Meteor, cover by Banks. >> Two.

>> Almost had her, two and a half. >> I cannot believe Natalya is still in this. >> [NOISE] >> Banks can't believe it either. How in the world did Natalya kick out? >> It's sheer will at this point.

Natalia has been through all types of brutality to this point. Sasha Banks came in with the advantage on paper, the fresher of the two competitors. But these two women have taken each other's best shots, and then some.

>> It's a good effort by Banks there, but not pulling one over on Natty. >> [NOISE] Banks looking to apply a bank statement once more. Natty with a fist full of hair. Banks looking for this DDT one more time. Face first, great counter by Natalya.

[NOISE] Sasha is ripe for the picking. >> Straight from the part time job. [NOISE] >> Center of the ring. What's Banks gonna do? And she taps. Natalya's got a date with Ronda Rousey. [MUSIC] >> Here is your winner by submission, Natalya.

>> Natalya and Rousey, the best of friends, are gonna meet next week on the Christmas Eve edition of Monday Night Raw for the Raw Women's Championship. Got pretty upset. >> Natalia could be closing out 2018 at the very pinnacle, of the women division. >> You have to forget about Fred ships. It's all about the championship,you have to be willing to go the extra mile, and ruin your friend's holiday, for the right to be called champion.

>> Natalya, with a great show of respect for Sasha Banks. You're looking at two of the real trailblazers in this women's evolution, in WWE. Natalya celebrating tonight. And here comes the champ, Ronda Rousey. Rousey realizes, recognizes, what? >> I don't think Natalya realizes that Rousey's right behind her.

[NOISE]. >> And great show of respect and sportsmanship, for Ronda Rousey. >> Rousey is just sizing Natalia up since she knows hot to break her arm best. >> I've been in the ring with each other on numerous occasions training together the deep friendship. >> [NOISE] >> You can either be friends or you can be champion. There can only be one.

>> [NOISE] >> The best woman win. [APPLAUSE] >> The mutual respect between these two runs deep. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Yeah, but you can toss that respect out the window next week when it's about the Championship. >> Sure do.

[MUSIC] >> Great performance by Natalya tonight. [MUSIC]

2020-12-29 06:36

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