FULL MATCH - Bayley vs. Sasha Banks: Hell in a Cell 2020

FULL MATCH - Bayley vs. Sasha Banks: Hell in a Cell 2020

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Introducing the challenger from Boston, Massachusetts, Sasha Banks. And her opponent from San Jose, California, she is the SmackDown Women's Champion, Bayley. >> It's really important that we digest the rules that Greg Hamilton just told us about. This is our second Hell in a Cell match of the evening. The first one was I quit, this one you win via pinfall or submission.

My Hell in a Cell now lowering [INAUDIBLE], wait a minute, no. And Bayley's chair, her security blanket, just went flying outside Hell in a Cell. >> Bayley's not Linus from the Peanuts, Cole.

Bayley's a competitor, an elite level competitor, that was simply, >> Get up and fight [INAUDIBLE]. >> I don't need this stupid chair. >> It was simply a tool of the trade, Bayley needed an advantage. >> Yeah, she needed an advantage. You said that right, Cory, Bayley needs an advantage tonight against the very upset, irate, angry Sasha Banks. And look at the boss taking it out on Bayley.

Ever notice qualifications don't count out as pinfall or submission for the SmackDown Women's Championship in one of the most intense rivalries we've ever witnessed. >> You messed up, Bayley. You messed up. >> The early moments in this matchup, the boss going ballistic on the champion. >> And this is what I expected, Sasha looking for an early win over Bayley. Bayley has run for weeks now from Sasha Banks.

Sasha's called her a coward and there may be some truth to that. And now Banks. >> [CROSSTALK] >> Bank statement, center in the ring, could Bayley tap? If she does Sasha's the champion. >> Bayley instinctively trying to shift her hips, trying to get her weight out from underneath Sasha's body. >> Yeah, but she's got a break the hold here, Cory. Remember, [INAUDIBLE] which is legal.

The ropes don't break a hold inside Hell in a Cell, let's make that perfectly clear. And Bayley had to resort to actually biting the hand of Sasha Banks to force the break. >> Uh-oh, the boss looking to take a high risk and now Sasha, as Bayley ducks underneath, and now Bayley takes advantage. Se not only drove Sasha into the cell, Cory, but into the beams of the cell.

>> That unforgiving steel, and now again, Sasha driven by the SmackDown Women's Champion. And now a smile crossing the face of Bayley. She's got to be enjoying this. If we take another look at this tremendous impact, Bayley driving the challenger into the unforgiving steel of the cell.

And now a kendo stick in hand, all very, very legal. Misses wildly as Bayley, and Sasha Banks ducks out of the way. Not once, not twice, but now three times.

And this time Sasha able to block, and then Sasha with a kendo stick. >> Good Lord. God, boss doesn't like you any more than Bayley does, Cole. An elbow connects right to the throat of Sasha Banks. >> And Bayley with yet another weapon.

And now, Bayley caught again by. Sasha, did you hear that kick of the kidney. I'm not sure if it was the kick or the kneecap of the boss that connected with Bayley, but either way, it put the champion down fast.

Sasha has not forgotten what Bayley has done to her as you take another look at Sasha Banks intercepting Bayley. [INAUDIBLE] I think it was the knee, it caught Bayley right between the eyes. And now Sasha has dragged a table out inside Hell in a Cell, complete and utter disdain for one another. Cory, you've known both of these women for their entire careers and for their friendship to come to this point. Listen, they've been through a lot. They had a great iron man battle a number of years ago, battle at the NXT championship, and nothing like this.

But listen, that was competition. This is just hatred. It's evolved because Sasha Banks has never forgiven herself for coming up short to Bayley at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn several years back. A classic of a match, but the boss came up short and has never forgotten that.

And Bayley wants to establish complete dominance here tonight. You want to talk about a dominant champion? There's only one woman in history that's ever held a combined titles for over a thousand days. Bayley's done that. >> Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

>> She's closing in on that mark. And now Bayley driven in again by Sasha. Away to the table driven into the ribs of Bayley. >> What's Banks gonna do? My God, a [INAUDIBLE]. Scaling the table in a [INAUDIBLE] into the cell.

And now Banks goes to the top rope. Another [INAUDIBLE]. It's indeed boss time [INAUDIBLE] kick out by Bayley. >> Bayley just narrowly escaping as we look once more. Very, very unique offense, innovative Sasha Banks nearly making Bayley look like a playdough spaghetti factory through the cell. Now what is Sasha gonna look for, now a chair.

We've had a kendo stick a table and now a couple of steel chairs. >> It's no secret the boss can be ruthless when she wants to be, and tonight I think Sasha needs to be. Swinging wildly, Bayley now scooping Sasha up, looking to try to win here, and a kick out at two. >> Bayley would have loved to have gottten the pinfall there and just got out of dodge. And Sasha hit hard. >> Sasha landed nasty, I think she might have tweaked her ankle when she landed on the table.

>> First she hit her jaw on the apron when she came down and then she, to your point, hit the table hard. Bayley now with the steel chair in her clutches and the worst of intentions in mind. The boss looking all but helpless at the moment. >> And Bayley just taking her time, savoring the moment. And Sasha just slides out of harm's way.

And now using the table to her advantage. >> And now Banks up on the apron driving Bayley into the cell. >> Banks herself landed precariously, might have damaged her tailbone. Sasha knows all about being inside hell in a cell.

How brutal this match is. Bayley experiencing it for the very first time. >> Get over here, Bayley, get over here. >> My god.

>> [INAUDIBLE] across the middle row, Bayley buying herself some valuable time to recover. >> Yeah, try to regain her breath. Take control of this match again. Now Bayley with a steel chair. What does Sasha have left now? Uh-oh, the climbing, Sasha able to scale the cell, back to the apron, lands on her feet. Bayley now driving Sasha.

And Sasha now got caught up in the apron, but still able. To deliver some offense to Bayley. >> What an exchange, back and forth. >> [NOISE] >> The Boss getting the upper hand at the moment. >> Sasha still has work to do if she wants to become champion. >> Bayley certainly still in this fight.

>> And Banks now- >> Trying, my God, Bayley hit the steps hard. >> [NOISE] >> Now Bayley certainly in jeopardy. Can Sasha roll the champion in the ring, apply a pinfall or a submission, or is- >> No, no, no, no, The Boss wants to hurt the champ. >> Yeah, she wants to punish Bayley, put Bayley through what Sasha had to go through. >> Double bar kendo sticks, The Boss getting creative once again.

>> [NOISE] >> Offense in a Hell in a Cell match limited only by the competitor's imagination. >> And Sasha's got a wild one. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> [NOISE] >> No, no- >> Jeez. >> This is gonna be bad. >> Well, Bayley realized, again, fighting for dear life. And now Bayley turning things around, trying to Suplex Sasha through the kendo stick.

Sasha lands up on the apron. >> Kendo sticks were suspended between the stairs in the cage. >> [NOISE] >> My God- >> Holy, >> [NOISE] >> You got Sasha maybe hurt. >> We know that several weeks back, Sasha Banks suffered a rather severe neck injury at- >> Yeah, thanks to Bayley, thanks to Bayley, >> And right now- >> Thanks to me! >> Bayley might be able to exploit it.

>> Thanks to me! >> Thanks to Bayley, she's reminding you, as we look once again at the tremendous impact, Banks striking not only the kendo stick, but the steel ring stairs. >> Good idea, Sasha. >> And you gotta wonder if Sasha's neck injury's healed.

>> [NOISE] >> [INAUDIBLE] Bayley now. >> Let's see here. >> A little one upsmanship from the champ. Sasha realizing she's in trouble, trying to desperately fight back here. And now Bayley looking to use the kendo stick- >> [LAUGH]! >> To her advantage.

>> Catapulted into a pair of kendo sticks. >> [NOISE] >> And Bayley believes the end may be near for The Boss. >> It very well may be.

The champion- >> And into the middle of your ring, cover now by Bayley to retain the SmackDown women's title, and a kick out by Sasha. >> Let's look at this once more, the champion with some creativity of her own, Clotheslining the challenger with two kendo sticks. >> Nasty.

>> Sasha [INAUDIBLE] >> [NOISE] >> And I assure you, at this point, Sasha's neck has been compromised once again, and Bayley wasting no time exploiting it. >> Sasha, Sasha, do you [INAUDIBLE], what do you say, Sasha? >> [INAUDIBLE] >> [NOISE] >> Now the entire focus of Bayley's offence is turned to the injured neck. >> It's a smart move when you got an elite level competitor like Banks.

You take any opportunity you can. Bayley knows her championship's in jeopardy. >> And a Neck Breaker.

>> Bayley quickly to the cover, is it enough to retain? Two and a half, kick out by Banks. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And for the first time in this matchup, that I can recall, a look of frustration washing over the face of the champion. >> Now Bayley knows Sasha better than anybody. She understands that Sasha's got a tremendous heart. It's gonna take a lot to put her away here tonight. >> Boss in a cell? Boss my ass, Boss with a stupid broken neck.

>> [NOISE] >> No, no, no, no, no, no. >> My God, and Sasha able to block. >> Banks fighting her way out of Bayley's grasp. >> And now- >> No- >> Delivering a Sunset! >> Hell in a Cell. >> [NOISE] >> Bayley may be the one with whiplash now.

>> You can say that again. Let's look once more. A Sunset Flip into the Powerbomb against the cell, from the challenger.

Bayley is down. This is The Boss's moment. This is Sasha's opportunity. >> Sasha with a chance to win the SmackDown women's title for the first- >> One- >> Time- >> Two! >> In her career.

And Bayley kicks out at two, barely staying in this. >> Adrenaline can make the human body do amazing things, as I'm sure Sasha will attest right now. >> Hey, look at now Bayley making Sasha Banks suffer, much like we saw on SmackDown, when Banks used the same move to get Bayley to sign the contract, trying to get Bayley to tap out to it tonight. >> Uh-oh, but- >> Bayley- >> My God! >> Escapes. >> Sasha [INAUDIBLE] >> Face first goes Banks. >> [NOISE] >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Sasha? >> [NOISE] >> The champion now just looking incensed, almost insulted that Sasha Banks dare continue to fight.

>> And Bayley may have just snuffed out the rally with this, boom! >> A desperation move, but it completely turned the tide for this Hell in a Cell match. >> And Bayley wants to continue to punish. >> Even though she's held the SmackDown women's title, Corey, for 380 days, she's always felt like she's been in the shadow of Sasha Banks. And tonight's the opportunity for her to erase all that.

>> To go back to the statement Sasha made, Sasha Banks' name is bigger than Bayley's championship. That's why Bayley feels this way. >> And Banks, she averted disaster there, sliding underneath the steps.

And now a Knee caught Bayley in the face. And now Banks driving Bayley- >> [LAUGH]! >> Face first into the chair. And now it's Sasha Banks back up on top. >> Into the corner, nobody home.

Luckily, Sasha didn't hit the chair. >> Bayley, or I'm sorry, Sasha shifting her weight backward to deliver that maneuver as usual. Avoided contact with a steel chair, but didn't avoid disaster altogether.

>> And now look at this! >> My God, Sasha may be out cold. >> [NOISE] >> Bayley dragging a lifeless Banks to the center of the ring. Cover now to retain, and somehow, perhaps just on instinct, Banks gets her shoulder up. >> Look at this once more. Bayley with a Sunset Flip- >> God, frightening. >> Propelling her challenger, the back of Sasha's neck, clean into the steel chair.

>> And now Bayley with Sasha now. >> [NOISE] >> And Bayley gonna climb up to the top rope and look to put Sasha Banks away. >> Bayley's mastered a Flying Elbow, here it comes.

>> And it connects to Banks. Now to retain the SmackDown women's title, and get rid of Sasha, out of her life for good, and it won't happen. >> One more look at this maneuver from the champion. That is frightening.

>> [NOISE] >> And then soaring through the cell, Elbow Drop right to the heart of her former best friend, but The Boss fights on. >> [NOISE] >> And now Sasha, look at this Back Stabber. Went for the Back Stab- >> Uh-oh- >> And submission hold, middle of the ring. >> My God. >> Bank Statement for Banks, will Bayley tap? >> This hold has put so many individuals away.

>> Bayley instinctively reaching for the bottom rope, but that won't force a break in the cell match. >> So Bayley's gonna instead slide out of the ring, and that will get the break going. >> Smart, whoa, uh-oh.

>> Now tying Banks up in the apron. And again, very innovative offense by Bayley here tonight, inside Hell in a Cell. >> My goodness! >> No, that was the steel ring beam, that was the frame of the ring. >> [NOISE] >> I mean seriously Corey, how much more of this can Sasha take? >> I don't know if Banks is even conscious.

>> [INAUDIBLE] >> My God! And Bayley unloading with the kendo sticks to Banks who's caught up in the apron, she can't defend herself. >> [NOISE] >> Bayley just battering the Boss once again with a kendo stick. >> Look at the look on her face. >> [NOISE] >> Absolute disgust on the face of the champion. >> How far is Bayley willing to go? As far as absolutely necessary. >> Now rope and duct tape, what the hell's she doing? >> I'm so sweaty, can you do this for me? >> No, I can't do that for you.

>> Casually chatting with the official. >> Listen. >> [NOISE] >> Meanwhile, Bayley just used her teeth. >> Whatever it takes, Cole.

>> Let's be perfectly honest, duct tape wasn't created for use in a wrestling match. >> Well, no kidding. Inside Hell in a Cell. What is Bayley doing here? >> Whatever it takes.

>> This is the first. >> Bayley just doubling up some kendo sticks. >> Almost turned into a bow staff of sorts. >> Who knew not only a role model but a weapons expert. This should be celebrated.

This sort of creativity should be celebrated by the SmackDown Women's Champion. Well done, Bayley. >> Still don't quite know what she was trying to do. I think- Bayley on, maybe abandoning her plans. That's her prerogative, she's the champion.

>> Whatever she built is a mess. But nonetheless, Bayley is still in control in this matchup. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Listen all Bayley has to do is not lose. >> My god. >> What the hell?

>> Sasha with a fire extinguisher blinding Bayley. Can Sasha now take advantage? >> [NOISE] >> And Bayley, she can't see. So she's trying to get out of the cell, but the cell door is locked. >> What was that about? Bayley can't see Cole. >> Well, she grabbed. She's trying to grab her trusty chair.

And now it's Sasha Banks that's got it. >> [SOUND] >> And now the wrath of the Boss. >> [SOUND] >> Fury unleashed. >> [NOISE] >> And now it's Sasha's turn.

>> [NOISE] >> My goodness. >> You're nothing Bayley, you're nothing without me, nothing! >> The champ is down and the Boss is all fired up. >> And again, Sasha. >> Meteora now just destroying the champion in the corner of the cell. >> And now it's Bayley that's trying to play defense.

>> [NOISE] >> Sasha Banks has recovered for the most part, at least. At least to become an effective challenger once again and what does the Boss have in mind? What is Banks looking for? >> Whatever she can do to put Bayley away? >> And Sasha Banks has probably dreamed of this moment. >> You made a big mistake, Bayley. You're nobody, you're not a role model. I am the champion.

You are not better than me. >> Sasha relentless. Enraged. All the emotion pouring out of Sasha in that one moment.

>> But Sasha needs to remain focused. The champion is down. This could be the Boss's moment. >> Everything these two women have been through, Corey.

Finally, it's dawned on Sasha. What she's going through tonight. What she just did to a woman who was once her best friend. >> This is no time to reminisce. This is combat.

This is about the SmackDown Women's Championship. >> The question can Banks pull the trigger as Bayley moves her way back toward the middle of the ring? Does Sasha have it in her to put Bayley away? >> Sasha allowing Bayley to crawl toward the chair. >> Almost giving the champion false hope. The Boss now from the top rope. >> And Sasha and Bayley protecting herself.

The splash to the steel chair. >> Bayley able to get the chair up just in time. >> You gotta wonder who got the worst of that exchange? Obviously, it affected Sasha Banks delivering this splash but Bayley was still underneath the steel chair. Let's look at this once more. >> [NOISE] >> Like a car crash in the middle of Hell in a Cell at the WWE Thunderdome. Whoever makes it back to their feet first gets on offense will have the upper hand, with a title hanging in the balance.

>> This point do either of these women have the ability to make it back to their feet? >> Bayley just trying to crawl away. Remember, you only win via pinfall or submission, no count outs, no disqualifications. >> [NOISE] >> Good night, Banks. >> Now Bayley looking to retain, put Sasha away, get her out of her life for good.

Sasha stays in it. >> Look at this once more. We've seen Bayley utilize this maneuver many times, took great success this time on the outside. >> Banks kicked out. But I think Sasha is just prolonging the inevitable.

>> Both these women trying to figure out what they need to do to put each other away. >> This deep into a matchup particularly one this brutal, of this magnitude. >> No. >> You start to doubt yourself. Sasha Banks has gotta be asking, was I ready? Am I as good as I thought I was? >> Bayley could be asking the same questions, Corey.

Bayley, racking her brain, searching the entire cell for potential weapons. >> Kendo sticks and tables and chairs and a fire extinguisher. Now a ladder in the ring. >> [NOISE] >> What wicked deed does Bayley have in mind? >> No doubt it will be destructive but Bayley needs to keep in mind Banks is recovering all the time and Sasha, I'm sorry, that Bayley's spending setting up this devastating contraption is allowing Banks to get back in the ring. >> Yeah, but Bayley just like that, almost like she heard you Corey right back on the offense.

>> Maybe she did. But that's a sign of a champion realizing what the situation is at all times. How much does Sasha have left? Still trying to fight back. >> And now my god, that may be it. That may have been the last gasp for Sasha Banks. >> Look at the way Banks' body is contorted in the center of the ring, look at it again, driven face.

First, to the unforgiving steel of a ladder. Sasha Banks, who has been laid out on the ladder by the SmackDown Women's Champion, Bayley. >> Does she have a can of spray paint? >> You're done for. >> Wow.

>> You're outta here. This is it. >> Complete disrespect. >> X marks the spot, the scene of the crime.

The disintegration of the friendship and Bayley looking to cement herself as one of the greatest champion, if not the greatest champion in history. And Sasha rolls out of the way, Bayley now driving the chair into herself and she bounced off the ladder. And now Sasha with a Meteora from the ladder to the corner, Bayley's in trouble. And now Banks with a Bayley to Belly onto the ladder. Using Bayley's move, cover for the leg, kick out by the champion. >> It could have been poetic justice, but it simply wasn't meant to be.

>> And now if you're Sasha, Corey, and you're doubting yourself now, you wonder what you got to do to put the champ away. >> I guarantee it. That's what I was talking about earlier. Sasha Banks on the outside, but let's look once again. Banks, no doubt about that one, launching herself into Bayley and then utilizing Bayley's own maneuver, a Bayley to belly. We nearly had a new champ, but almost doesn't count inside Hell in a Cell.

>> And Sasha is irate over the fact that she couldn't put Bayley away. >> [NOISE] >> Sasha again cannot let frustration take control of our emotions. She's come too far in this. >> Once upon a time the Boss was the most ruthless competitor in WWE, male or female. She needs to find that again.

And Bayley now with a running knee, it looked like Sasha was going for the backbreaker. Bayley able to counter now and now Bayley with a Bayley to belly. Cover now to retain the title after a proper match and Sasha kicks out.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Look at this done by the champ herself the signature Bayley to belly. But the Boss survived somehow. >> Corey, I believe the two best in the women's division in the world today, Bayley and Sasha Banks putting out an unbelievable match inside Hell in a Cell. >> Well, if the champ has her way, she will be the only one you're talking about in moments. >> With a chair again to the spine of Banks and how much now does Banks have left? It's gonna be gut check time for Sasha now.

>> [NOISE] >> The evil look in the eyes of Bayley, the metamorphosis complete tonight. >> Is it evil Cole, or is it just reality smacking Banks in the face? >> And now with a chair to the spine, went for the Bayley to belly, meanwhile Bayley goes face first off the chair and now Sasha. >> No, no, no, no, no, no.

>> My God, look at this, Bank Statement with a chair around Bayley's neck. The champ's in trouble. >> Sasha is stomping on the chair. Bayley taps out.

Sasha's the champion. [SOUND] [MUSIC] >> Here is your winner and the new SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks. >> Corey, how appropriate that Sasha used the chair around the face of Bayley much like Bayley tried to injure Sasha a number of weeks ago to win the championship? >> It was apropos.

It was effective. But the story here is that the Boss finally did it. The one championship that has eluded Sasha Banks throughout her illustrious career eludes her no more.

>> Sasha Banks wins her first SmackDown Women's Championship and she ends a historic 380 day reign of Bayley. [MUSIC] >> Sasha hasn't even taken her eyes off her former best friend not even to look at the championship. There it is.

There's reality. >> Sasha said she was gonna take from Bayley the one thing that meant more than anything to the champion. And that is the gold.

>> [NOISE]

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