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Full Makeup Tutorial

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Hey. Everyone this is episode, 10 today I'm going to be doing a makeup tutorial so. That's, why my face look really pale and. Really. Bad I, do, have a little bit of mascara on because, I had makeup done for the day and I. Just kind of wiped it off real quick so that way I could do this tutorial. So. I'm gonna go ahead and get started make sure you wash, your face first. Make. Sure you wash your hands because, you don't want to get you know all that dirt on your face. And. What you're gonna do first is you're gonna prime I use. The, Maybelline, master prime. Works. Really well. I'm. Just gonna put it like a little bit on your finger. You. Know maybe out that much a. Little. Bit really does go a long way I'm. Gonna try to do this in about 10. To 15 minutes just. Rub. It in. If, you see me looking down it's because I'm looking at my mirror, I'm, gonna try to kind of look at the camera while I do it but the screen isn't that big so, you. Might see me looking at my mirror a little bit okay. You. Might want to do a little um under. Here too just because you are gonna put a tiny bit under your neck. And. It dries pretty quick so well. Mine does anyways um, some, can, be kind of sticky mine. Isn't so it dries pretty fast. The. First thing that I do is, I use, two foundations, the, first one I kind of use this a primer in a way it's. A little bit of a yellowish kind of color just. To kind of help keep up with the rest of the color of my skin I look, really white right now because of my light, my. Umbrella, to my light is in my car and I didn't feel like going out to get it so I, look. A little bit wider than I'd really actually am if you notice usually. I have the light turned around the opposite way but I turned it this way so that way you guys can actually see my face. Um. What. I do is well first I use the IVA face in bisque. This, is an all-natural. Makeup. The. Whole line is all-natural and. I, just put a little bit on. My. Hand like, this. Then. I take, I use, a lot of elf brushes, because they're really cheap and they work really well um, so. I just take an elf brush, put. A little on the brush and, just kind of you, know Pat it around so. I get it all off my hand. And. I'm really excited because, I went and got some airspun, today because a lot of the tutorials, that I've watched are. Using there's fun, you. Know I'm gonna try it out so. You're. Gonna put on your face rub, it in sometimes. You might need to get a little bit more it, just really depends, on, you. Know your face sometimes I don't put enough and then I have to just put a little bit more but I think today I have enough. Trying. To do this. And. Really like um. You. Don't have, to. Spend. A lot of money, to. Get. Nice. Um. Like. Looking. Makeup, I really. Don't spend a lot at, all. Um. Like. This Ava face I think it was like. $15, and I've had it for I, would. Say three, or four months already and I still have a good amount left. So. As you can see it's, a little bit kind, of yellowish, um, I, think. You might be able to tell it I know it may Stephen come closer. It's. Like a little bit yellowish um. Because. Of. You. Know to keep up with my skin color. And. I have two of the same brushes, if. You look they're. Both the same one, I use for the light colors and then the other one I use for when I contour.

And This. Is for like my foundation. And then I also have. One. Of the little sponges, I. Really, know what these are called Beauty blenders or something, this is what I use for when, I highlight. And. On. A lot of the tutorials, that I've seen. You. Want to wet it because. What happens is I. Don't know if you've ever used like. A regular sponge but it really absorbs a, lot of your makeup and then you're just wasting it so, when you wet it it doesn't, absorb all that makeup. Okay. So, I do, use that I do that and. I go in and I. Highlight. So. Oh this is from. ELF. It's. An underlying, under, I cannot. Talk today under. Eye concealer. It. Has white and like a light. Color I used, both um. I'm gonna look at my mirror for this I, go. And I do like, kind. Of a little triangle shape. I, guess. You did say. I'm, running out so I also have a little pencil, that I just bought today I'm gonna try out and see if I like it. And. Then I do a. Little, my. Forehead, if you have like a little bit of a longer face like I do you. Kind of want to do like a round shape. Instead. Of just like I know some people just kind of go one, two three I do, a little bit of a round shape. Down. My nose. Then. What. I do is I turn it around to the white side. And. Put a little bit of the white because. I, have really dark under eyes cuz I am a mom. And. That I just kind of like dot around I don't really do. Too much and then if I have like a pimple, or something I'll use the white on it. Just. Because, it. Works a little better. I've. Been doing my makeup a lot lately so I've been kind of breaking out not. Fun. Then. Beautyblender. You're. Gonna just kind of like Pat it you don't really want to rub it too much I. Kind. Of just Pat it all. The way so it, goes out a little bit. I'm. Really excited to use their spun after this by the way. Like. I said before um also I put foundation on my lips so that way when I use my lipstick, it really, shows the color right. Now I had lipstick, and it kind of stand, on there so I just. Do this. You, can rub a little bit but I don't rub too much, I kind of just blot it. And. Then, to, save a little makeup cuz some stuff does get expensive.

You. Can do this on your eyes. I, rub. On my eyes and it kind of works as a primer, after. You already primed I. Go. Over my eyebrows too just. Because I don't cut, my eyebrows because when I cut. My brows one, of them actually. Has. Like. It'll. Look like have, you seen those guys that do like um but. They like to like a cut in that RIE brow if I, trim, my eyebrows it actually, will look like that so I don't do that. I. Got. This. Pencil. By NYC, it's, like a um you, know like. A, for. Your under eyes. So. If I can get this open I'm, gonna use that. Just. What I want to try it out. Sometimes. I'll use a brush um also, but. I just wanted to try this so. My. Hands are slippery from my primer. And. Because oh. Does. This end scream oh no close-up. I. Can't. Get it off oh. Yeah. I just. Wanted to see this, isn't really that light. You. Have to kind of push down hard I guess. There. We go that's. Working it's probably because it was just brand new I, do. A little bit down the side of my nose to a. Little. Bit of my lip I. Always. Go back after, I. Contour. Also, and I do, a little bit extra. Because. Sometimes, new contour, it can kinda I, mean. I'm not the greatest at it because I just started, but sometimes it can kind of like. Take. Away from that highlight. This. Works really good I like it. The. Reason I'm putting it above my lip is. Cuz. I have like a little, bit boy there. All. Right so that's pretty much all you're gonna do for highlighting. Well. For me anyways. Then. This. Is what I use for contouring. It's Maybelline, fit, me and I use a color, that's like way darker, than. My skin as, you can see it's like really, dark then. I go oh there's, a little spot I. Go. And. Just. Do a line. Like. That. Like. That does. That be perfect, a little, dotting here. Little. Dotting, there. And. Then the tiny bit here. Okay. I know that looks really funny right look. Really, dumb. Okay. Then, I'm. Gonna take my remember. Have a light and a dark I'm. Gonna do is kind of rub in a, circle, in like an upward, motion you. Don't want to go down because, if you go down it's gonna go like under, your cheekbones, I. Just. Kind of rub it like this. And. As you can see already it's already starting, to you. Know kind of do the highlighting, and contouring. Effect. And. Do, this. For. Some reason I always feel like one side is higher than the other. That's. Just me personally probably. Cuz I'm not doing it correctly I guess. I'd kind, of be getting. All, right we're at 12 minutes we have like eight minutes. See. If we can do this oh. I. Forgot to use airspun dang it I'm. Gonna have to use it now I guess I don't know if it's gonna work the. Way it's supposed to know. I, rub. That there and then do, not forget down here because I've actually done that before and I almost left the house like that, and. It was really funny. Using. My other brush just cuz I just saw that it looks really light in there. Okay. Then. Let's. Try the airspun. Everybody. Been, really talking about this so, let's see the magic. Of. Course I don't want it to spill I, always. See everybody apply out with their Beauty Blender so I'm gonna try it like that see. How well it works. I have. I got the translation. Translucent. One I. Didn't. Get a colored one I was. Going to get the color one but I, translucent. I don't know I felt. Like I am already putting so much on my face. That. I'm gonna do the translucent, so that's what I did. You're. Gonna put that everywhere, that you did contouring. I. Mean. I'm sorry not, contouring, highlighting I. Guess. They call this like baking, or something like that. Maybe. I'm not putting enough I'm gonna try using my brush I think.

Because This is wet it's not working that great. There. We go that feels better it looks a lot better now. Um airspun. Is. More. For when you're gonna be on camera. Um. Just. So you know so I don't know if you really want to use it everyday. Like. I know a lot of celebrities probably do because they you, know are, on camera all day long I don't. Mean they probably have a different product than airspun but. Just. Gonna put a little down there. Because. I got translucent, you can't really see it until. I, really put a lot. All right so, there's. The airspun makes. Me look really white. All. Right next we are going to go to I, shadow I don't, really know what I want to do today, but. I. Always. Keep like a tissue or a little towel to wipe my brushes off because. Sometimes I'll go back and forth between really light and dark colors and. You. Know if I need to fix something. It's. Just better to do it that way so I have the Tarte. You. Can see there I kind of dropped it and broke it a little bit Jace I don't want to move it too much so. Maybe we'll just do kind, of like a regular, nude, eye. This. Is from, Sally's. Beauty Supply it's, just like a really light color and that's what I always use for the base of my eyeshadow, like. Towards. My eyebrows and all that and. This. Is just like you, know a little brush that, you. Didn't really use any brush with it cuz. You're just gonna kind of go like this knew your eyebrows and, I will fill my eyebrows in in just a second just. Make. Sure you do it really soft you don't want to press super hard. By. The way I never wear falsies but I am gonna put falsies on for this. So. Might take me a little bit longer than 20 minutes. We're. At 16, now so, shouldn't, take me to them to do I also. Use, this in the corner of my eye I got. Because. It just kind of like gives it a little bit of a lighter effect. And. A little tiny bit under my. You. Just. Like that okay. No um. Let's, see I also have the, Naked. Basics I really like this one, from. Urban Decay. There's. Also a color here this, um I use, this. One. Focus. There we go a lot, for. The. Same thing just, kind of. Going. In, you. Know for a little bit more of a matte instead of a shiny. Because. You, know always want super, like sparkly, shiny. And. Then when I do my eyebrows um underneath, I line it with like a white just. Like right, under my eyebrows not my whole eye you don't want to do that, so. You want to start with a darker color, first. I wouldn't. Say like black well not you're gonna do a real smokey eye black, but I do like, I'm gonna do a dark, brown, so. If. You can see here, I have. A dark brown right, there. And. I do that one first so, I might have to look down for this so sorry about that. And. Give. Me okay you can see me you're. Just gonna kind of want to go back and forth you. Can do um. Like. A little bit above the crease and at the crease. This. Is a really pretty color I don't really know the colors called because I lost a little plastic thing. Don't. Worry about if it gets on the corner here because we're gonna wipe that off later okay. And. This. Fluffy, brush is, really good for. This just. Kind of going back and forth like that. You. Don't want to put too much eyeshadow, on. Your, brush at a time, because. If. You. Don't want it super dark, it's you. Know it's gonna be harder to get. The darkness off. And the. Reason that I do the light you, know color. Is because. If you really look you can see like the light color right, down there and that, will be there the. Whole time. Okay. We're at 19, minutes I'm, gonna try to hurry this up. A little. Bit lighter. Okay. So, would. You do that. I'm. Going to take a, flat. Brush like this this, is more like a creasing, brush.

And. I'm. Gonna do just a tiny, little. Bit of black. It's. Called crave it's in The Naked, palette and. You're, gonna do, just like, the corner. Right here. And. Do just kind of like a trite I guess the, triangle, in the way, it's. The best way to really describe it. You. Guys see yes okay good. You. Don't want to do, too much black at a time. Cuz. Like. See I put a little too much on this side it's enough to make the other side darker, of. Course as I'm saying that I do it. It's. Really gonna just be like if. You can kind of see it's like a block, right. There. Cuz, you're gonna blend it in a second. Now. Using, the same brush, that you did, the. First color with you're. Going, to blend, with okay. This, brush I'm. Gonna go back and what kind. Of just blend the two colors together. It's. Gonna give you that like smoky, look. It. Really doesn't take me that long to do my makeup, um. I know some, girls that take like or. An hour to do their makeup really doesn't take me that long. So. Now you can see they're both pretty much blended, to the same color. I think. Yep. Okay. So, then. I'm. Gonna take a little Curt like it's like a curved, brush. Kind of. And. I'm, gonna do a lighter, brown. Actually. I'm gonna do a gold feel, like doing the gold I've been kind of in a gold mood lately. And. I'm gonna take that I'm gonna do that down here in. The. Corner of my eye. You. Can see gold. Sorry. I know I look weird do you know that my eye. I've. Just been really liking the gold lately, it's, in the Tarte. Palette I hope. I'm saying that right and it's not like some fancy. Like. Word. Okay. So now you can see I have the three colors on there I try to stick to like three colors because, you know if you start, doing too many then it's like all. Over the place I'm weird, so. I'm gonna use that brush, I'm gonna put a little bit of gold on it just to blend. You're. Gonna kind of go, you can do like little circular motions, can. Do, back. And forth I, do kind of circular, when I'm blending. And that light color is still down there a little bit which is good too. Tiny. Bit more gold on this side. You. Can also just kind of Pat it down I'm. Not putting a ton on right now because I'm not going anywhere if you, are like gonna be going out or something, put. Like pack it on I, also, don't use, like any of those sprays to hold it on because it. Actually stays pretty well for me. Once. You do all that I, use. That, one I told you it's kind of like a matte color and. I. Kind of use a lot of it and it go here. Just. So, that it's not and. Then I kind of wipe my brush off, do it again. Because. If you can see it's kind of up near my eyebrow, that's, okay um. I have a really big eyes, so. For me I like, that. And. You, can see it's getting a little lighter. Once. I do my eyebrows it'll I'd. Be able to talk about more -. And. As you can see it is blending. Right. Now. I know that it's going past my eyebrow here so I'm gonna show you how to fix that in just one second, I. Get. This fixed, cuz it's anoint me I. Know. We're at 25 minutes I'm trying to hurt you guys. Probably. Really annoyed I probably should have paused it while I was. Doing. My shadow, but. Then you wouldn't have learned. See.

How It's a little bit lighter under my eyebrows. Now once I do my eyebrows, it's gonna really. Make my eyebrows pop. Then. Take that brush again and, just kind of fix it a little bit just. A tiny bit because you, don't want too much of that light color. Make. Sure the black isn't too dark you sure, it's all blended nicely. I don't. Know why but I've just been really liking golden, Li. All, right so now I'm gonna show you how I do my eyebrows a lot. Different than the way most people do them and. Actually, really quick before. I do that I'm going to do my. I, use. My. Maybelline Dream, velvet, I'm, gonna do my other. Foundation. Real quick before I do my eyebrows because sometimes I don't get on your eyebrows and then it's like hard to fix that you. Know. Once they're already done and, again just put a little bit on your hand. Take. Your lighter brush I. Don't. Think I put enough but, I'm. Gonna go here. Your. Imagine I love, this because it really gives, such a smooth, finish as you can see while I'm putting it on. Maybe, you know I'm not doing this correctly but this is the way that I do it and I think, comes I'm pretty good, I'm. Gonna um. Contour. My nose in a second, chill. And, so, once I have it like patted on then, I'm going to use the darker brush so that it doesn't get my brush dirty and just. Kind of go in circles. Okay. While it was paused as you can see I just put a little bit underneath. On. Each side and then, put a little bit of mascara I use this. Revlon. Dramatics. Definition. And then. This Estee, Lauder um the. Sumptuous. Extreme. Works, really well I already. Had a little bit of one so I don't really have to do much, so. Before. I do my eyebrows I'm going, to just take a baby, wipe and if. You can see if it goes past where, your eyebrows just do, a little tiny. White. So. If you're gonna do eyeliner. Which. I am going to do to show you, it. Can, give you like I guess kind. Of. Like. Um I. Don't. Know, it'll. Show you where, to put your eyeliner and. There's just a little dark spot there so I'm just just. For me wiping it then. Really. Quick I'm gonna take, this, brush, or. You can even actually just use this and, the, part right here where, are you just white just, put a little bit of that there so that it's not like a different, color than. The rest of your skin and. You can wipe it it's not that good. Okay. So, for my eyebrows I have this stuff that I got from, where I get my eyebrows done where, I get them. Threaded. It's just like this little brow stuff, the. Way that I do mine, is I have a little brush like this I. Don't. Use, a pencil I just go in with this and, just fill them in, it's. Pretty easy. You'll. See the difference in a second, in the two eyebrows. You, can already see the difference in the darkness for. Me, like. I said I can't. Trim. My eyebrows and do that cool eyebrow thing that everybody does. Really. Sucks I wish I could because everybody I browse oh he looks so good I. Mean. My don't look terrible but still. Alright. I don't, really like make my eyebrows thicker than they already are I just kind of you. Know make sure that they're the. Same that. They should be like you. Know your eyebrows both. Eyebrows are gonna be different it's just everybody, has that I learned, that actually in b-school if you can see the difference between both. And. Then I'm gonna go do the other one. One, is actually thicker, than the other so, I, think it's my left, one is thicker, can't. Remember. Guess. We'll see in a second right. I'm, actually not going to shorten this video at all because, I really want you to see every. Step, that I, do and in. Detail. This. Eyebrow doesn't want to cooperate today. I don't, know why so. You can see the difference, cooperating. With me. Ah. I do. It's, like somebody. Has that eyebrows you just can't, talk to them. They. Have to have nice eyebrows Oh a. Nice teeth it's, another thing. Like. I don't know if you girls are like you. Know if you have to have a guy with nice teeth or whatever but. I'm totally like that I, love. Like really, nice teeth. And. Nice eyebrows even nice eyebrows on guys. Like. A little brush that sometimes, I'll go and like it like today I think, it's because I wiped my makeup off and I'll just kind of brush it a little bit. Cuz. I'd already done my makeup earlier, and I think they're, just not cooperating as well as they normally would. Do. In, the camera. Yep, okay. So then, I. Have. A I'm. Gonna use the same brush and. I have an Estee Lauder little palette and, out, of white in it. See. The white so. I'm just gonna take a tiny bit of that white, and. I'm just gonna go right. Exactly. Underneath. My eyebrow just. So like give, like, really, show off the shape. It's. Really not much.

You, Won't even really be able to see it because. Of all the other stuff I had on, but. It's really just gonna show it off. If. You can see it and that means you put too much. And. You can just use your blender, brush to fix that. Or, your finger you. See. Now you can kind of it defines, us a little bit. Now. Um. Eyeliner. I. Use. An, Estee Lauder eyeliner. One side is, pointy. So. It'll focus. And. Then the other side is. Like. A flat, and also point. All. Right so. We're. Gonna do a regular wing. Of. Course it's probably gonna come up terrible. Because I'm doing it on camera. Now. Remember, when I said that when. You do this it's. Gonna kind of give you a guide for, your eyeliner. That's. Exactly, what it does you're gonna kind of do like a little triangle, shape. That's. How I do it anyways it's, gonna look a little funny until you fill it in. Drop. Do using other side cuz that's like it's kind of running out I. Use. This a lot it's. A really, good eyeliner. It's. Really cool because the other side even though it has that flat part you can still use it as a thin, liner. I don't, know if he isn't seems big. I'm, just filling in now. And then what you want to do, is. Make, sure that that point is. Sharp. It's, not perfect, right now, there's. A little tiny. Yeah. It's, a little better. Maybe. You want to make sure that it's really sharp, like that. We're. Gonna do the other side I'm gonna posit it while I do the other side because it's taking a long time. Okay. So now I have both of my eyes my eyeliner done, I. Forgot, to put blush earlier, so I'm going to use the blush that's in my Tarte. Palette. I'm. Gonna, go here. I. Don't. Rub, it in. I just blot it. Sometimes. If you rub it in it kind, of like rub off your. The. Rest of your makeup so you don't want that but a little bit up here. I'm. Gonna show you how to fix. Where you wiped off here, I shout. Out to. My. Eyeliner will point out just a tiny bit more. Now. Even though you. Contoured. You still want to use like some blush or, if, you like bronzer, or whatever. Your. Thing. Is, you. Want to do that. All, right so then you see, how like it doesn't match with my eyeliner. All. You're gonna do is take. That blending, brush. Brush. It. If. I can find it it. Is I'm, just gonna take that blending brush and just. Kind of blend a little bit towards your. Eyeliner. But. You don't want to do too much to work coverage, your eyeliner okay just kind of. Trust. Me you have plenty of um I, shadow. On there to, make, it. Go. If, you need to use just a tiny bit you can just. A. Little. But. You don't want to do too much because. You're gonna like, have, different colored eyes and, you don't want to do that I. Know. It probably looks like I'm going over my eyeliner. But I'm really not. And. Not matches. Perfectly. And. Then no. Remember. That white color that I showed you that I put on the insides of my eyes. That. I'm going to do this with a tiny. Bit here on your nose. It's. A little a little. Bit here. Find, it here. Cuz, it's just gonna like help bring, out a little all shine. Then. A.

Little. Underneath, I put, a little bit of black and gold underneath, my eyes but, I'm also gonna put a little bit of this and. Just kind of like pull it down a little towards. My cheeks. You, can see. It's. Harder to see on the side because the light is more on the other side. But. You don't want to put like too much because you don't want it to like. Right. And. Then to, contour, your nose. This. One the. One that was like kind, of curved and. I just use a little bit of like this. Darker. Like kind, of dark brown right there it's not super dark but it's a little bit and, I just use a little tiny bit and, just go straight, down my, nose. And. Really just rub it in I. Broke. My nose not that long ago well. It's. Been like four or five years now so. I don't do too much to my nose because. You. Can tell that it's been broken. And. I, don't want. You. Know you'd have really be able to tell that it's been broken I. Know. My face looks really shiny a bit because I have a really, bright light. Shining. On my face for you guys once I turn around you'll be able to see, and. I'm, just fixing, this little yeah, yeah. This. Is kind of like the end we're just gonna fine-tune, a little bit. And. Then, I'm, going to take that little tiny brush that I did my eyebrows with. And. I'm. Gonna just use black I'm gonna put it on like my inner eyelid. Kind, of burned a little. Brush. Okay, now, we're gonna do our falsies. Try. To do this fast. The. Way that I do falsies. Um, I got these salon perfect, cuz that's all they had today when I went to the store I basically. Just got them for this. I. Don't. Normally have to cut them they. Normally are a pretty good size for me. You're, gonna just get a little bit of your. Lash. Stuff, and you can put it like even on this or, whatever you want I do. It that way instead of putting it straight on the lashes. And. If, you can see it's like on that, little black spot then. I'm gonna take a q-tip, to, put it on the actual lashes. I haven't, done falsies, in a while so let's, hope that it turns out good. Then. We're gonna use a q-tip is because I don't want it to glob up and then. Like ruin my makeup. I'd. Rather it you know be. A thin, layer. Cause. You really don't want too much. I know, it's really weird right now. My, regular eyelashes, are really long already, so. This just kind of adds thickness. It's. Really hard because I have mascara, on all right I should. Have pulled, it off I know. You can't really see. And, it's really good to use black. Glue. Because. The. Black glue. Is. A lot better so, that you can't, really I give. You up eyeliner on you can't really see it. Again. Just, the q-tip onto, them. Guys, kind of fast you, gotta kind of do your lashes click. Sorry, I haven't done fall season so long so, this. Looks, weird I'm sorry. By, the way my eyelash, I never curled my lashes so, that's another problem, is. That they're really curly. And you never want your falsies, like. You don't want to be able to see them in the corner, of your eye like, on the, inside if. You don't want to be able to see that you have them on you. Know what I mean. So, once, you get your falsies, on then. You're. Gonna want to put some mascara. Because. You want them to blend with your regular lashes. The, reason I'm going down like this and so that the top of them gets mascara, and, you can kind of hold them up for a second. I'm, going to use two different mascaras. I'm going to use the two that I told you about so. You can really see them. And honestly. The falsies that I got I should, have got longer ones but they really they had like two different kinds and the other ones were shorter than my own lashes I really. Do have very very, long lashes so this is really like the, same size as, my regular lashes, I'm.

Actually Thinking about getting eyelash extensions. So. I have super, long ones I think. That'd be cool and. I already did the bottom earlier about a little bit more. And, you're just gonna go to the other side do, the same thing. I know, this video is like probably. 40, minutes by now. But. I don't normally do. Falsies. And stuff, so. It's. Taking me a little extra time I. Guess. With the air sponge was like leave it on while, you are doing. Your eyeshadow and stuff I actually. Don't know how much I like there's fun you, like it kind of made my face a little cakey me being used a little too much. Or. Maybe, I shouldn't have got the translucent, and I should have got the other one. It. Was like honey beige. Now. If you can see I'm kind of like spinning. It, out, on. My, lashes, um don't pull too hard because, if you pull too hard it's. Obviously, gonna pull your lashes a boss you don't want that either. You, see, me good, I. Like. A lot of mascara, I don't, know if, you guys do but I think a lot I. Wish. I should have shown, you the before-and-after, of my eyelashes. Really. This just made them thicker. And. Then if you, want them to look really long I do have. The. Fiber. Lash so. Just for fun I'm gonna use, that. So. That they're extra. Long if, you can see them right there really. The. Fiber lash they have like this gel, one that you use first. I'm. Gonna put that on so. Real light layer you'll. Need a lot because it'll stick really easy. Then. The next one is the little fibers. Alright. We hit battery's about to die so last but not least. I'm. Going to do my lips and I. Have this like. Random. Little makeup. Thing what I do is there's like this little thing, here I just put a little bit of this around my face just kind. Of like a setting, powder I guess you could say. I'm. Doing it really quick because my battery's gonna die I don't, want to make sure you guys see the finished look. Okay, now, for lips I. Got. Some lip liners today, let's. Do, a red. Lip. Should. We do red. Yeah. Let's do it. Let. Me show you a cool trick to. Sew, some, red liner I. Do. Kind of a thick line. This, is Rimmel London London it's. Not going to be perfect and don't, worry about that. On. The top yes. Because, you want to kind of. Help. In the little. Okay. See how it like really looks crappy that's. Okay because. You're gonna take. Your lipstick, these, are 93 cents by the way when. Wow. I want, to show you a cool trick to make it look a little bit lighter. I. Usually just take a q-tip and kind of clean up around. Here. If, it's like a little too much. Alright. Then. You're. Going to take. Like. A lighter color, or. You.

Can Even use, foundation. I'm. Going to use. This. Like, nude color that I got, and. I'm gonna take this. Foundation, brush and I'm. Going to just, kind, of get a little bit of it on there. Put. It in. The middle. Mm-hmm. It's. Not that light so it's not working that good so actually, instead. Normally. I would do that but it's really not that light as I thought it was gonna be so. What, I usually will do is, I will take. My. Mac, Studio Fix. Trying. To do this quick because my batteries go out today and, I'll take just a little bit of that. And, if, you can tell a little. Bit lighter in the middle, then. Just, clean up around the edges again with a q-tip. Because. I'm. Going to do that little thing it, like. Sometimes. Messes it up. Okay. All, right there, we go. I'll, be like it, my. Battery seriously about to die on any at. Any moment but, I'm having fun looking at myself so. Thank. You very much for watching I hope you guys like it I. Know. I'm crazy. Okay. Seriously bye.

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