From ZERO To $30,000 Per Month In 3 Years - The TRUTH About Making Money Online Revealed...

From ZERO To $30,000 Per Month In 3 Years - The TRUTH About Making Money Online Revealed...

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Miles. Here miles Becker calm this, video marks the exact three-year, point in starting this YouTube channel now. In this video you're gonna learn how I built this brand from zero to over $30,000. Per month recurring, income and, more specifically, you're gonna get to see inside of all the analytics, dashboards. That will show you where all the traffic's, coming from where the leads come from so you can understand, tactically. How I've grown this business, you know when I started this YouTube channel I knew it was a three to five year experiment. And as I grew to ten thousand subscribers and twenty thousand subscribers and people were like wow miles you're doing great I kept saying in the comments just, wait until I hit that three year mark so I've been waiting three years to make this video because the whole premise of this channel and whole premise of my kind of coming, out from behind the curtain as a content, creator has, been to show you beyond, a shadow of a doubt transparently. That, you can create a successful business online, by. Just doing, the work there's, a lot of con artists, out there who are trying to sell you ninja. Tactics, and software, tools that you don't need because you're just one away or passive. Income, which is a complete, lie so I took it upon myself to, start at zero, I used the cell phone I already had as my camera, I used the laptop that we're gonna jump on that I'm still same laptop I'm using to this day it's, a lenovo right it's not even a fancy, laptop and i use the webcam that was pre built into that it's, more about my willingness, to share what i had learned with. My audience, and. Then to do a little bit of keyword research because, that's how search engines work YouTube's, a search engine my blogs a search engine you're gonna see how that kind of translated, into data on these so, that's the bigger framework, right that's the big idea now if you don't know my story real, quick I started earning income online, in, 2003. Started. This channel in 2016, before, I started, teaching how, to make money online before, I started teaching digital marketing, I had over thirteen, years of experience. And I had already made over a million dollars online, before I ever started teaching this in fact, I went full-time online, in 2010. So I had six years of full-time, experience. As a digital entrepreneur, before I ever started to teach anything, about, digital, marketing, the key takeaway at this point is I brought. Expertise. To, the table yes. We're looking at the data the numbers the analytics, the charts, from a three year window, that went from zero income to $30,000, per month in income, and honestly I've hit fifty plus thousand, dollars on a really good month but, that window.

Is Actually needs, to encompass all of those years back to 2003. Because. It doesn't, show the thirteen years of trial and error the, ten years of failure, that kind of led up to understanding. What it takes and how to grow, a business in this manner now in this video in my channel if you haven't subscribed, subscribe, to the channel click the bell so you get notifications when I put up new videos but, I've taught all the bits and pieces how, to build a funnel how to do keyword research how, to do SEO start it all for free how to do Facebook advertising, I teach it all for free again to save you from the con artists, who have no other business other than selling you hype selling, you shiny objects. Selling, you things that don't actually work. So you don't need that stuff you need to do the work and that's exactly what you're gonna see so let's jump on the computer over here and we're, gonna dig in first to the analytics, now if. You've seen these update videos in the past you, know that I go through the analytics, on both, my all three my YouTube my blog and then also the podcast, we're gonna do a few, more charts today than we have in the past because, I've, got really clean three years of data because again this is exactly the. Three-year point from when I published my first video so we're gonna look back we're gonna do a few more analyses, I've got them written down here so inside. Of YouTube at this point I have published. 567. Videos, is what I published, in three, years and that's resulted in a hundred and eight thousand, subscribers, first, big key here let's do a little bit of math, 567. Videos this is 568. Divided. By three years is an average of one video every one point nine to seven, days, okay. I let that sink in pause, for emphasis okay. I've been doing, for three years straight of video every, other day on average and actually, I've been a little faster than every other day did, a hundred and twenty videos in the first 120 days consecutively, then, I've done three videos per week each and every week since then for a total of something like 150. Weeks or something like that I'm. Going to be changing that process, I'm gonna be slowing down here on YouTube a little bit more about that coming up soon but for now let's, really go through these data points so you can see in this most recent 28-day. Period, 1.4, million minutes, watched. 214. Thousand. Different views, that's. About 10% up so on the, short-term, in the short-term window, I'm actually growing, still to this point in time but, I want to zoom out and do the last year. Of time with you so give me one second why I set this up. So. Right here you see that I've got the last 365. Days. In here eighteen point five million minutes viewed and you can see about two point seven, seven million different, views seventy-nine, thousand likes forty-four, thousand subscribers, gained in the last year so almost, half of my subscribers have, come in the last year, okay, thirty three percent of the, time you, know one out of three years brought almost, 50%, of, my subscriber, growth which is absolutely. Amazing now, let's do a comparison. Of year, over year. So. Now we're looking at the last 365. Days versus, the 365. Days before, now you can see there's some nice big spikes in here when I test it a little, bit of paid ads to boost my ads I got a tip from Neil Patel when I met him at a conference to, run paid advertising, it got me more views but it didn't get me more subscribers I, didn't, like doing it long term so it was a $500, experiment, that I let go of and I don't think it actually really helped my channel all that much but you can see the, number of views are down or actually it went up in the year-over-year numbers, the number of views went up by about 800,000, subscribers, excuse, me 800,000.

Views In the same time period and it went up by about 5 million, minutes, viewed, so the numbers did go up on the growth and you can see I went from 37, thousand subscribers, to 44, thousand, subscribers, which, is approximately, a, 20 25 % increase in subscribers in that time now, let's, go back another year before that and let's look at this most recent, year versus, the very first year because that first, year is so difficult. There's no compounding. Going on in your efforts you're building, momentum, and nothing, grows momentum, like momentum, and in the first year you ain't got no momentum, I got momentum right now that's why the numbers are more fun and exciting so it's really difficult to persevere, through that first year when you don't have the confidence that it's gonna work out successfully. Luckily, my wife and I had already built a successful business online so, I knew this was gonna work when I started, which is why this video, has been three years coming, so let me get that set up to where we can go for the previous. 365. Days before, that. And, here. We have it this is really the. The, main graph, that, is showing you the power of compounding, and the power of sticking, with it so this orange line is where I started and you can see back here I've got videos I was having 10 12. Minutes viewed 55. Minutes viewed right in these early days they were very very very small, numbers, I went from 54. Minutes viewed in a day to 54, thousand. Minutes, viewed in a day that's a pretty drastic, change and that's what happens when you continue publishing another. Thing to note in this orange, line I was publishing a video a day each and every day to about this point here and you'll notice the curve didn't, even start growing, until, almost, nine months into my first year when, I did a video every day for three months then I did three videos a week for six months it was literally after that whole process of about nine months of hard work probably. 200, to 250, videos in nine months before I really. Started to see a noteworthy climb, in my growth and you can see the views it wasn't, even a million, views in the first year, I did about 250. Videos in my first year not even a million views now I'm getting 2.7. Million views per year on average at this point in time so you this is the big takeaway is it takes longer, than we want to build momentum sure. We would love to have momentum grow, more quickly. Somebody, is willing I guarantee to sell you a hack to grow more quickly but what I've built today is a sustainable. Traffic, machine a sustainable. Audience, growth mechanism. Through the search engine of YouTube, that will continue, to connect me with I, don't know about 2 million viewers, each and every year, based on the work I already, did my videos, from 2016. 2017. 2018. Are, still, bringing me new visitors, to this very day and, the. New videos I'm putting out are also connecting, me with new, people the big key here for. Organic traffic is it takes a lot of energy takes a lot of time takes, hundreds, upon hundreds, upon hundreds, of individual, Publishing's. And if the thought of doing videos scares the bejesus, out of you you can podcast, it's going to be the same kind of growth we're gonna look at my podcast, numbers in a minute you can do blog post. You prefer riding you, can apply this exact, same philosophy. And expect, these exact same kinds, of results when, you, do keyword research you, write extremely. Valuable content, that is super, helpful it's the best you could possibly do when you really are actually. One of the most helpful people in the world with something right you can't negate that this. Channel would not have worked in this way teaching digital marketing if I didn't have 13, years of digital marketing experience first. Right, if the fact that I actually brought. Expertise. To the table which, makes my opinion, worthy, of watching because I appreciate, your time and the time from the millions of people who watch and they watch because they get value, from my content, you can't skip that value part but let's jump into the actual analytics, on my blog because I'm gonna be perfectly honest, with you here if. I was a more confident. And competent, writer, in the early days I would have 100%, solely, focused. On blogging. This is what my wife did and today, my wife's blog gets about, 850,000, visits per month and she's seen about 33, million visitors to her website on our website we can display pop-ups, those pop-ups, can get people onto our email list right, now my email lists are about 11,000.

Subscribers For, me my wife's lists is like 120,000. Subscribers, for her and that is the real asset. That runs the business that, is really, the cash flow machine, and there's a direct correlation to, how much income, I'm earning from this business and the emails, that I'm sending out to my audience I make a lot more from a direct call to action in an email than, I do from a direct call to action inside, of a video, it's, a very very key point to growing a successful business, so all roads need to go back to, your opt-in, list which is hosted. On my website and these are the analytics, for my website we're looking at right now we're gonna start with a month-over-month. Comparison. To give us an understanding of that short term same thing we did right I'm up eight nine percent on, month over month in YouTube, here, you can see I'm actually thirty, point nine seven percent up in sessions, 32 percent up in the number of people and 27. Percent up in the number, of pageviews so I've got some numbers going down right my session durations, down, seconds, on average my balance rates down a half a percent to me that's all whatever. That's insignificant. In this window, of opportunity so, how. Does my, youtube channel that I've been publishing, - that's my 100%. Focus for the last three years every. Other day I'm on average I'm publishing a new video how. Does that grow, my blog which is a brilliant question since, I'm a more effective communicator, in video, I just brain, dump my ideas, in these types of videos and the talking head videos I've been doing. 587. Or 568. Videos, at this point in time so I brain dumb the ideas and then, the content, goes into a tool called Timmy Tem. Icom it's an AI transcription. Service across 10 cents a minute now, I take that transcription, and I hand it off to a copy editor and then it goes through a few rounds of copy, editing, because a direct, transcription is difficult. To read it's not an enjoyable, read, to read through, in a big block of text the transcription, so I have a copy. Editor who's a professional, writer and copy editor go through and organize. It make it into a blog post and pull out the little sections, and put all those little headlines in and then they get published on my website at this, point we, have done about, 290. I have 291. Posts, on my website that's generating, this approximately. 49, thousand, visits per month my team and I together have, done 200 to 250, posts. With. This process, so I've written some myself I had some earlier, and you're gonna see what my traffic was before I started this process so, I built, a system.

That. Allows me, to do, what I'm great at which is the videos then I have teammates, and processes, to get these videos written, out and laid out on my blog so, Google, can pick them up because, there's more people searching on Google than there are on YouTube, so there's a bigger opportunity, for me there so, that's how I've built this around, me to honor my DNA, to not force myself to do something I don't like to do because that's a quick, recipe for not doing. It if you hate videos, if you get frozen, on camera, and you try to force yourself to do lots of videos you're just never gonna follow through for three years so you need to know yourself in that scenario and that's really what I've done here to this day and. Again now, I have. But, before we didn't so let's go and do I'm gonna do some year-over-year, numbers. I'm gonna do monthly year-over-year. So we're gonna look at this month, and then I'm gonna do a full year view, of this blog. Traffic so you can see what it looks like over the year so, just. The last month which means we have no seasonality, differences, my traffic's lower in generally, in the summer than it is in the winter because people are having fun, a hundred. And nineteen, percent more, sessions, from a hundred and fifty seven percent more users, so I went from on average 13,000. People per, month coming, to my website before, which is what, right around just under 500 per day to now over, 34,000. Individuals. On my website which is more than a thousand people per day let's, go deeper, into these numbers and again I want to go this is a deep dive so I appreciate, you if you like these deep dives give me a thumbs up here I do appreciate, the thumbs up that lets me know that you like these kinds of videos and in analytics, I'm clicking on acquisition. And then I'm going to all traffic, and then I'm going source and medium, specifically. I want to look at the actual, Google traffic, numbers, to, see what's coming in and you can see here from Google I'm up, a hundred and forty five percent more visitors, so my Google, traffic growth is more, than double from 9,000. People, 9,000. Sessions excuse, me up from, 5,000 people to 22,000. Sessions a hundred. And eighty five percent more, users, so I've almost tripled. The number of actual people coming, to my website here, which is quite powerful now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back to the default view here. So let me go back to audience, and overview. And. I'm gonna turn off this comparison, and I'm gonna set it up to one year so give me one quick second why turn this into a one year graph for us. Now. This, is showing the one year graph and you can see I've had about two hundred and thirty one thousand. Users so about a quarter million people to my website and a, total of 371.

Sessions. Now you can see in here this is one of the things I want to show you my. Blog team and I didn't. Start publishing actual. Written content, based on my videos for, one full year okay the first year of doing videos I was just trying to do the videos on average, maybe once, a week I was able to publish a video myself I was building, the system, myself I was doing the work myself, I was building the processes, myself, so I could then hire it out right it's really difficult to hire out and bring, someone on and teach them how to do create. A result you haven't actually created yourself so, then. For about a year and a half my. Team went crazy, on content, just volumes. Of content how much content can we publish how many words can I get onto my site and then, about six, months ago ride around here in March we, made a little shift we're, still adding lots of volumes of content but, we're doing some advanced search engine optimization, which means my, main, content, guy is now going through my old posts, and he's, looking, at my click-through. Rate which is Google search console data and. He's looking at my kind, of search. Rankings, themselves, my authority, from, the, window of parody, how many words do I have compared to what's ranking how many h2s, h3s do I have I've got an SEO tool that I built from my inner circle members, at content to conversion, and he's. Using that tool essentially, that I built over and over and over and since, then we've grown from I don't know between eight hundred nine hundred visits. A day now, we're seeing upwards, of, 1600. Visits per day so this growth, is not, exactly, from just more more more content, this is from looping, back through looking, at what worked looking, at what didn't work analyzing. My click-through rates analyzing. What is ranking and what isn't ranking, and making, search engine optimization, improvements, to my old content. So, step one is to get the publishing machine going step two is see how Google responded. To that and continue, to optimize for. The search engines, that which we've already published, generally, you want to get a hundred or so posts, up and then you can start looping, through and doing the advanced SEO content if, you want to know more about how to do the advanced SEO type content that we're doing that's growing this leave me a comment and hit the thumbs up so I know you want videos on that I can make them for you let's do a year-over-year.

Comparison. Of the last year now so. This is looking at essentially, August. 2019, to argost, 2018. With, 2018. Through 2017, and you notice a big difference one of those two lines has turned up drastically, and that drastic, upturn, has resulted in a 51%. Increase so. In both, of these years, we are publishing, as frequently, as possible my goal is two or three new blog posts, per week each and every week so they've done hundreds, of blog posts for me and you could see that by looping, back and, continuing. To optimize, my old posts. That they published, for me in 2017, and 2018 that's. What's actually getting, me the lift above, the norm now, I'm gonna do one more year-over-year. Review. Which is gonna go all the way back and I want to go back to the first year when I first started. This here and let's pull that up for a quick second these are easy to do. So. Now we're looking at when I the first year I started my content, and this. Past year and you can see when I first got, it going back here I actually, had zero sessions, on my site I had eight sessions in a day I had one session in a day I've, looked at these these numbers, and if, I do this, month versus the month before when I started I was literally getting on average 35 visits, per month so I was a virgin about one per day and now I'm averaging, I don't know a couple thousand, per day and you can see the sessions, number is insanely. Up, year-over-year, and, especially. In, the beginning part of the year the. Big takeaway here again is compounding. The compounding, compounding, compounding, each blog, post gets, the keywords research for each blog post is absolutely. The best content. My team and I can publish based, on my 15 years, plus 20 years of digital marketing experience, and then, we're looping back around to, improve, them even more and this, is the, kind of momentum you can build over the course of the three years and in the next three years I fully, expect this to grow to, wear this blue line which was which, was last year right about a year ago is gonna look like the orange line and I'm gonna continue I have every expectation to continue, on a 100. To 300, percent per, year growth, on this growth curve and the, traffic, potential is huge it just takes a lot of work and this is why I call. On the passive income idea so one more actual comparison I'm gonna do the last 30, days, compared. To and I'm gonna set this up compared. To the 30 days when I first got started so you can see that here and, this. Is it right so literally, when, I first, started the YouTube channel my whole goal with YouTube was to get the ideas, get the knowledge out of my head in a medium, that's easy for me to communicate as you notice I'm still talking in this video right I appreciate you and I've. Got a podcast, to go yet and we're gonna talk about the list and then the income at the end but, the goal was find, a mechanism, to get the ideas out of my brain and then create systems, to get them into the blog which I did, myself for the first year, until, my site was making five thousand, ten thousand dollars per month that's when I started to invest in the team I invested, profits, in the team I did everything myself and you can see a hundred, and seventy four visits, in that very first month which is an average of 3.3%. Zero. Zero zero, zero zero, zero oh I had 20 27, so. Compared. To two thousand in a day thirteen, hundred in a day seventeen, hundred in a day eighteen hundred a day, 2200. In a day versus, zero twenty one twenty nine twenty four this, is the potential right twenty eight thousand, percent increase in sessions twenty, thousand percent increase in users forty, seven point eight thousand, percent in the, pageviews anybody. Want to see the the Google numbers because who doesn't want to see what's coming from Google because again the whole reason that we do, blogging.

Is To essentially, get traffic from Google, and to be able to have landing, pages so, we can show our opt-in reports, and. We're. Up twenty two thousand percent on Google traffic fifteen. Thousand, percent more users, from there so pretty, amazing metrics, there and then finally we're inside, of the podcast, the podcast, simply takes the the threes, that, are my, talking head videos and it publishes, them onto a, podcast feed at. This point you see last month I had a record month of 12,000. Plus downloads. Which, were getting up to what would that be 400, a day on average is my total average this, month I'm three. Of four weeks in so I'm 3/4 of the way there so if I do a little bit of rough math nine thousand three two I'll be at about 1200 I might break the I might set a new record so my podcast, is growing as well because some people don't have time to sit and watch YouTube, videos but they plug in their ear buds or they play it in their car when they're commuting, when they're walking when they're at the gym they're walking the dog they're cleaning washing, the car do it mowing the lawns whatever it is that's the value of a podcast, and that's really the power behind running, your content, into multiple. Different places and this, all told, is what I call my three pillar content, marketing strategy, which. Is getting, your one, piece of content the best you, can do to help your audience without one topic, onto all three platforms it goes out on the YouTube it goes out on the blog it goes out on the podcast and if you're a writer and if you're scared to death of the, video you can hire someone on, Fiverr upwork anywhere you can find them on local Craigslist to actually talk it out and be the, voice and the talent for you you, could do voice overs with slideshows. If you do, podcasting. To get it onto YouTube there's, a million, in one ways to do this I didn't start the podcast side, until. About a year and three, months in so, I did a year of, just videos then, I added on the blogging, system, with my team we did that for about three months until we had some momentum we got the kinks out of that system then, I added on the podcast machine, and I've now been running all of these successfully. Together for a total of three years in. My growth curve on YouTube, itself I didn't, even make my first opt-in, page for, six months because, the process, of simply, putting out a video was, so much work I've got a full-time business with my wife right I still run that business that's still my main focus, this is my side gig right so I didn't even start, a an. Opt-in, for my first free free, thing which didn't work very well it took me three separate opt-ins to find one that really absolutely crushed it took me six months so I hundreds. Of videos and I waited until I actually had, momentum, on YouTube, before, I went and added that next thing on and one thing I see so many new entrepreneurs, do that that essentially, crushes them is they try to do everything, from, the start they look at a Gary Vaynerchuk and gary vaynerchuk's telling you you have to be everywhere, you have to be on Instagram and LinkedIn and YouTube and Facebook and you have to be everywhere, I disagree. You have to get really good at one thing before, you add on a second thing and then you need to be able to make sure you can keep the number one thing going effectively. While, you learn to implement the second thing and how this works is making, a video consumed, all my energy for the first six months but, then I had a point where I had a few extra hours left over each and every day the process, of making video got easier, I got faster, at it just like everything you get through the learning curve you get better at it after you get through the learning curve so then I took that additional, time I freed up I didn't, go bender on Netflix, I didn't sit around in a hammock and drink my eyes I reinvested. That time I freed up back into my business into, the next logical step part, one is grow your audience, on a platform part.

Two Is grow, your email list and then, I started, monetizing. And at about 18. Months in is when I had my first ten, thousand, dollar month about, two years in I had my first thirty, thousand, dollar month and now at this point I've had a month over fifty thousand dollars and over, the last six months in this brand, I've generated, on average, in excess, of thirty thousand, dollars per month now am I putting this money in my bank account am. I sitting, on hammocks am i buying Italian, sports cars, absolutely. Not, those are all liabilities, I'm reinvesting. This money aggressively. Into teammates. My team has grown by about seven new people in this last year I now have copywriters, I have more assistance, than I did before I have higher, end, developers. Helping, me develop software, tools for my inner circle members, I have high paid, SEO, s who are digging, in and optimizing, my content, I'm reinvesting. Back, in as aggressively. As I possibly can because I want this asset, to grow and continue to grow I'm also taking some of this money out and that's where I'm doing my case study the case study where I'm showing from. Start, from zero how to build an affiliate website I'm essentially, repeating. This process again, in a, niche that I'm not an expert in because when I started these YouTube videos, I brought 15 years of experience to the table with me right takes 15 years to build 15 years of experience so a lot of people might not have that that they're bringing to the table although a lot of professionals, already do so. I wanted to start in a, niche something. That I'm not an expert in I know enough about these things to be dangerous but I'm definitely not an expert so we're starting a brand new site and I'm funneling thousands. Of dollars each and every month to, build that website to do a case study should. Generate some good cash flow for me should be cashflow, positive for, me but it's also just yet another way of me diversifying. This income, into. Yet another cash, flow stream, nothing. About this is passive you, can't cheat the grind I keep showing up every day Monday. I grind, Tuesday. I grind, Wednesday. I grind, Thursday. I grind Friday, a grind, Saturdays. A grind, Sundays. I'm still, here grinding an average. Of a video every, one point nine to, seven, days for. The last three years this, is what it's created for me and I know that you can do it and the most important, spot the most important, step and the most difficult, step is, the first one and I personally got challenged, at a Kile cease personal. Development seminar to do something, that scared the bejesus out of me every day for 90 days mix. That with frustration, from the con artists. Who are continuing. To sell you things you don't need they're continuing, to sell you things that don't work and buddy get buggy software's, and false, dreams, of passive, income and you're just one away they, selling you these lies so, they can make millions but, you're the one who's putting in our credit card and gaining debt and I wanted to show you that it, actually takes hard work it's.

Not That bad these videos are fun I now love what I do I love, this connection, that we've been able to have and I'm now reassessing, my business because now that I'm three years in I've got momentum going on every, single audience, growth mechanism, I've built my email, list is growing, and I've got a better connection with my email list got, this membership program, and it's, time for me to really, go all-in on making, these people can, grow real businesses, because I've had a member go in the last eight, months from. 6000. Subscribers to. A hundred, thousand subscribers the number of members I have who have literally, doubled. And tripled their, income, is astounding. And that, is where my focus needs to be in this next phase of my business, in this next season of my business, and that membership is closed right now so this isn't a pitch you can't sign up for it if you tried because, I'm building 2.0. Of that system because, now I feel like I have the, time the, energy the. Momentum, to, really, go all in and refine, my system, how do you make money online how, can someone, go from nothing to earning income within their first 90, days within. Their first 30 days is it possible, that's the new challenge, that I'm focusing, on and my inner circle members, are those who get that level, of attention so my publishing schedule here on YouTube is going to change at this point my publishing, schedule on my blog may very well change at this point and it's all because I'm, Rhiannon. What's. Working what, needs more of my attention and ultimately, who, deserves, more of my attention because as you grow on the YouTube as you grow your blog the, number of trolls that you seem to attract continues, to grow and the number of negative comments you get seems, to grow and most people will watch a video they won't click the thumbs up button they won't leave you a positive, comment and say thanks but the trolls are always out there and when, you've got a group of paying members, over here who are doing the work there they're embracing the grind they're building real businesses, and I got a bunch of trolls and some people who do like the videos and I appreciate, you you've made it to the end so hashtag badass, to you. It's. Pretty easy to, observe where, my attention needs to go now, it's kind of one of these ideas how do you know when it's time to shift in your business how do you know when you go from audience. Growth to, to email list growth and how do you know when you shift your energy over, to to, building the products, and to going all-in on your members well, it's like asking how, do you know when it's fall right, you just look around and all sudden the leaves are changing the, sun's in a different position and you could just feel it how do you know when it's summer well you're looking around you haven't seen snow for a while you just you just can, feel it and maybe I could have done this six, ago I probably could have to be honest with you but the truth is this, was a giant experiment, this was a three-year, experiment, that I knew from video number one although I was challenged for a 90-day challenge I knew it was gonna take three, to five years to grow a massively.

Successful Brand. Massively. Successful business, through YouTube and I knew I was in it for that long haul and were there I've arrived I've generated, now more, every month than I used to make in a year when I was a call customer, service representative, I managed, a department of 30 customer, service representatives, and I made 15 bucks an hour doing so that was right around $30,000. Per, year and as, an employee you get the worst tax, situation. As a business owner I pay less in taxes, and I'm. Making more per month than I did per year how, did I do it well, you just heard the whole path it's a lot of work, and all, of that work is focused on one thing and that's giving value to you to, creating as many valuable videos as I can for you, and for, the hundred, and eight thousand. Subscribers, just like you you, have subscribed right you made it to the very end if you haven't subscribed hit the bill give, me a thumbs up I do appreciate, you and know that I am absolutely gonna, continue, to make videos for you because the, systems are changing the world of marketing is changing and I am committed, to your success online, so. I'm gonna keep showing up and I'm gonna keep reminding you that you need to unsubscribe, from, the fake gurus, who do nothing but try to pitch you webinars from those hypee ninjas, who are flashing, you their supercars, all they're, trying to do is get in your pockets, because they have a $4,000, oil change to pay for you. Need, to create content you need, to commit to doing the hard work you, need to realize, that there is no shortcut beyond, doing, the work for three years and if you want to model my approach I encourage. You did, an average of two published. Pieces, of content myself. One. Every other day right so I did an average of three three and half published pieces of content myself for, three years it's, that frequency, of publishing, the absolute, best deepest. Researched most intelligent, most helpful, content, I could you can look back through my videos there aren't a ton of pitches in them I'm just teaching you and that is why this work. Is because I took my time my, expertise, my knowledge, and I've wrapped. It all up into videos and blog, posts, and podcast. Episodes, so you and millions. Of other people like you can, go get the information they want on demand, because I know that, people are searching on Google I can see the keyword research data I know people are searching on YouTube for, how to improve. Their business grow their business get more traffic get more conversions get more leads build a real business online, and I am taking my time to create and deliver, the best content I can for these people surprise. Surprise three, years of doing that a video every other day five, hundred and sixty eight videos, in three years has, grown me quite the little business, I encourage, you to take that first step if you haven't if you have I encourage, you just to keep going it might take you five years it might take you ten years so, what if you're able to take your annual income you're earning right now and make that your monthly income if that takes you ten years is it, not worth it for some people it might not be for some people benders, on Netflix and binge watching shows and drink in six packs of beer a night that's more, valuable that's, a better feeling, than, doing, the hard work of building a real business but, I think you're different because you made it to the end I think you're committed and if you are say, that you're committed in the comments let me know I appreciate, you I'm gonna call it on this video I'm, gonna keep doing videos I got some new stuff coming out for you for sure but, everything is in a state of change in evolution, and know. That you can evolve your way to the, lifestyle, business of your dreams still. Takes work this is an active business model, I appreciate, you thanks for your time and I'll catch you on the next video Cheers.

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Miles, I've been a long time lurker on your channel. I've learned much and more from you. I just want to say thank you for the constant inspiration and information. I'm just beginning on my internet business journey. Wish me luck! P.S. I absolutely would appreciate the advanced seo video

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I agree with u 100%. For Long term we should focus on Quality content and dedication. Results will automatically comes.

I am committed! Thank you for selling us the truth instead of a quick shiny think.

Fantastic video! Light bulbs going off all over the place! More of these for sure!....Also I'm committed!!!

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When you create videos - do you have a process. Like script, main key points, outline etc

Not really... Just a title and first line... Then just flow with it from there

You're helping change my life one video, one post at a time. Thank you Miles.

Work and perseverance! You model it so well. Congrats on your success!!

I love the consistency and patience. 3 years is a very realistic mindset to assume. Thanks for the motivation and affirmation!

Do you mind sharing your monthly YouTube earnings?

I don't run ads. Control the monetization on my own

Committed!! Getting more and more confident everyday with making videos and editing and learning NOT to give a crap what the "expert" trolls have to say, as far as I am concerned theyre fueling my FIRE!! Love your content!! So i am still in the beginning phases of my youtube channel, but have yet to setup an optin for some free content that I have (baseball training programs, workouts, etc), but paying for an optin service isnt in the budget at the moment. Do you have any suggestions (im sure youve made videos/blogs on this just havent found them yet) for free or cheaper optin services for just getting started? I have a wordpress website/blog/store etc. Any advice suggestions or simply links to one of your relevant videos would be great!! thanks so much! VIc

Hey Miles I think a few of us would like to see an over-the-shoulder loop back on a decent performing piece of content see how you do it

How do you mean, like analyzing a vid that did well and trying to figure out why? Not sure I know why... Beyond with 500+ vids some will do really well and some will do really poorly

Congrats Miles! Much respect.


thanks for this valuable content miles. your such a great inspiration to everyone.

Advanced SEO article content


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Super inspiring video, as always!!! It would be awesome if you could do some day a video or podcast with André Chaperon on Email Marketing :)

He is a beast. I would like to meet him in person for that... Good idea

You talk fast enough that a 35-minute video is probably 4 2000 word articles?

Too many words! Lol.

As you said, you got where you are thanks to your experience between 2003 and 2010. You did not say if it was a "successful experience", or a "trial an error experience", but it was experience. I do not say this to "troll" you as you said, but to find hopes and answers for my own case: What would you say to people like me that don´t have the experience you had when you got started? In my case, I have years of piled up and unsuccessful knowledge in internet marketing. From online courses, to eBooks, to hard cover books in internet marketing, but ultra low results (I have a good amount of knowledge in a whole verity of things inside internet marketing, but I do not have success behind all of that). I know I am to be blamed, and I am not trying to run away from my responsibility, but here am I asking: Can "unsuccessful people" or "lack of results people" start putting out videos on YouTube with the little they know and eventually build up similar momentum? That could be an obvious question, but there is a difference between someone that has been successful and then starts teaching (on video, on a blog or on a podcast) and somebody that has solid knowledge but has done nothing with the knowledge or has not turned the knowledge into success. Do you understand?

trial and error for sure. Read my about page linked to in the description of this video

I am committed, off season coming up will be rocking on all the above soon


Thank you for speaking to the con artists and "gurus" - its insane out there. Courses that cost more than a semester of some college credits, ridic. They are popular and well liked using sw services like stealth webinar for false social proof. Love your content and just a couple others so I can have someone to listen to on this lonely journey. Rock on Miles! Becca

Gotta call a spade a spade. Glad you see through the BS. Keep up the great work

It seems like that if you watch 5 videos from 1 creator YouTube will consider you a subscriber to their channel and show you every new video they put out forever. I eventually have to watch them just to get something new to show up on the feed. What's your take Miles?

Just the algorithm trying to get you to binge watch.

Keep crushing Miles, appreciate the video! Wouldn't be the best without a few trolls. Respect to you Miles

@Miles Beckler Well said Miles!

Cheers man. I wear the trolls like a badge of honor... Still tiring, bit no trolls is a bad sign! I appreciate you man

Compounding. Yes. Excellent

That is the magic

Great video as always. I learn something. Do it. Then teach it xx

@Miles Beckler Thank you for taking the time to reply. It means a lot. Xx would you do me the honour of allowing me to interview you for my YouTube channel please. I'm finding top people. And branding myself as a top interviewer. I learn 3 top tips from all leaders. Eventually I could write a book :) long term vision here :)

That's it!

I have about 350 YouTube subscribers.... organic traffic only :)

Committed. Following you for a couple of years. Witnessed some of this growth. Thanks again for the great content. Aloha!



Great video man! I feel like your heart is in the right place - I found massive value

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MIles, could you give us a bit more information about the monetization strategy you put in place to reach these revenues. Thanks again

Affiliate marketing is about 50% and my membership is about 50%

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Once 2.0 is launched and debugged, for sure!

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Congratulations and once again “Keeping it REAL”. Miles you are the first person that I feel has connected with me in this field. I’m right at the beginning and will start vloging on YouTube from next week. I hope to get up to a reasonable standard by the time you open the doors hopefully for the next batch of budding entrepreneurs. I’m 53 yrs old and definitely think the best is yet to come. You have so much experience I can’t wait to learn more from you. Thank You

Right on! Have fun and enjoy the process

That shirt is

Confidence... "We had it because we had already created a successful business on line." You have hit on the key. Most people don't know what they want (because they have never had it and their imagination is broken) and/or most people don't trust the process. It is not that they are not willing to grind (they do it in their day jobs all the time), but the Devil whispers (are you sure this is going to work) and we all too often listen. Thanks for telling the truth - you ARE changing lives!

So true... That tiny doubt can become a HUGE nemesis.

"Advanced SEO" video will be very much appreciated!

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Ok, cool!

That's the goal for me! 5 months in and i'm at 175 subs! can't wait for my 3 year review!!

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if i ever meet you.. im giving you a big hug.

You are huge inspiration for me Miles! Consistency is the key here! Love from a small youtuber :)

keep with it buddy, you will be amazed at what you create

Work + contents that you are great at + analytics = consistent growth.



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if you are actively publishing content already, great job! If no one's finding your content… You need to watch this video next:

Hey miles, I am a 21 year old guy.. completed my graduation 2 months ago, I know that I want to do something in the digital world , but I don't know where to start with , I would be really grateful if you help me with this !

I did a month of publishing and saw very little results. Now I understand that it is normal

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I salute your hard work. Let us know when you open up your membership program.

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Maybe I should start a podcast and interview you, I promise I'll give you a backlink ;) In all serious now, I was just doing a bunch of keyword research and frankly losing my shit! I searched "web design in my city" and I found out that my local competitors suck at SEO! Even on some clients work, the H1 tag is missing, no meta description, and less than 100 words on the home page. Seriously? These are some large clients too! Time to triple down on our keyword research strategy. I am seriously unsure if I would be this far without you sharing your knowledge. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

They took the most important step, they started! But you can outwork and outoptimize them

Great content. Thank you!

You are welcome

You make a great case! I have some work to do. Thanks for leading the way

My pleasure

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Time to commit

THANK YOU ! i've a question , what do you think about articles spinnning , does this hurt SEO ?

It does not add value to the end users therefore it is a complete waste of time

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"It takes 15 years to gain 15 years of experience." -Miles Beckler

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Hello Miles, many thanks for this video. There was so much motivation in it. Thank you for sharing your experience so unadorned. It is refreshing that you speak so clearly that it is and remains a lot of work. Thank you for the motivation. That was exactly what I needed today. All the love for you and your wife Melanie. You're doing a really great job! Keep it up!

Cheers Thomas… Thank you for your kind words

Thanks for the video and the encouragement, Miles. Appreciate your dedication and straight forward talk.

Lets also celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Miles Beckler helping other businesses generate lots of revenue. Thank you Miles.

you are very welcome

This is inspiring! Thanks for putting in the work and showing us the results.

my pleasure Matthew

Miles, a bit off topic but you have incredible energy. Is there a health routine you recommend? Coffee?? What are your thoughts on energy?

Beck - so happy for you and proud to be one of your first followers.

I appreciate you Jack… You are also one of the funniest commenters I've ever had! #OldSchoolCool

Fantastic Miles. Very encouraging and helpful. I started an Youtube channel less than a year ago and it is really difficult to see growth the beggining.

@Miles Beckler Thanks for answering ;-) I will dive in your content. It is fantastic. Just wondering how long it will take me to see that 500 videos of yours.....

keep focused on keyword research and publishing great content… The algorithm will figure you out soon enough! Way to go taking action

I have committed myself

Awesome video! I like your approach to "passive income", there really is no such thing. Yes, you can plant a bunch of seeds, but you still must tend to the garden!

I appreciate the kind words… I will make that advanced SEO video for you when I have a chance to really dial in that process

that is great to hear… I look forward to seeing what you create

yes! As long as you are conscious of keyword research and the basics of SEO… Great content will get found by people searching

I'm happy to share the truth

Cheers Frank

I appreciate the kind words

Cheers Daniel

Miles Beckler Right on!! Yep, that makes total sense! Thank you so much, much appreciated!

Hey Side Hustle Artist thanks a lot, much appreciated! Support right back at ya

go all in on audience growth until you've got the $20 per month to invest in a letter. Don't cheap out on the email list because that is the number one asset. It's like buying gold and storing it in a cardboard box on your porch… Don't do that. Wait till you can buy a safe. your email list should be generating income… It is an investment and it should have a return on said investment as long as you have a large enough audience of people who know you, like you and trust you! I did nothing but videos for over six months to the tune of 5000 subscribers and 250 videos before ever starting an email autoresponder

Hey Ferrante (Vic), I subscribed to yours. Don't know much about baseball (from down under) but merely to support your mission mate.

@Miles Beckler cool. What's the best way to contact you.? And what's the name of the person I need to contact please

reach out to my team in November… I am insanely crazy with a travel schedule, speaking schedule and wrapping some things up for the next couple months… But around the holidays I will get back into a groove and will be happy to pop on then

that is awesome… Every video you publish, the results will compound! The trick is to keep publishing and embrace keyword research

I will get on that… Probably create a new SEO series here in the future

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You can't overthink this or you'll never get started.  Thanks so much for showing us your journey!

Yes, more videos on looping back to old content and ramping up its SEO.

Hi from your old friend Tom Johnston (aka Mighty Investor). Huge congrats on how far you've come. P.S. Don't even give the trolls a second thought. Seriously.

Tom! What's up buddy! Good to hear from you and I hope you are loving life!!!

@Miles Beckler thankyou

@millionaire mom click the podcast link on top nav of my site. Info is there

I've followed your material for while now Miles, dipping in and out when a particular topic has been of interest to me. But I've been watching a lot more of your stuff recently, and really appreciate your honesty, transparency, and encouragement. I'm someone who's invested in a lot of courses over the past 2 years, which I'm still very to have parted with my money for, but what you're offering here is just as valuable. I'm in a transitionary phase, getting my content running on multiple platforms at the moment and this exactly what I need to hear. Thanks for sharing all your insights, mate.

Hello sir..... I want to invest less on my website. So which platform is best? Blogger vs Wix? Kindly recommend.

I am new to this whole scene. I’ve been looking into this marketing for about a month or little more and the gurus were all I was finding. I love all the valuable content you keep putting out. I watch or listen to as much as I can that you put out. I appreciate it all and have been telling anyone I know to watch you to learn as well. Thanks Miles Beckler. Keep them coming.

Thank you Miles. I am committed. We are in our third year of building a business but sales online have been painfully slow.This is my third video I have watched of yours. I love the no bs approach. I have much to learn. I appreciate all of your hard work and integrity! Cheers.

Inspirational Man. following you only a short while and enjoying every video . Someone telling the truth at last !!

Cheers Michael. I'm glad our paths have crossed

Hi Miles, first time in your channel, I started in march of this year with my youtube channel and thinks have been exactly as you describe in here. Don’t mind trolls, there are plenty out there and most importantly. GREAT CONTENT HERE!!!! Awsome

I am grateful to hear you've been taking action and you like the content

Thanks Miles for this, and for your time that, as ever, you give so freely. With just 100 days left before 2020 I am committing to quit consuming and start creating. Your videos on Keyword research and affiliate marketing are both practical and inspirational. Here's to the next 100 days!

crush the next 100 days!

okay cool, I will do some more SEO videos. Thank you

so true… So true

hi Myles really quick question so please reply I have a youtube account and channel that has been used for all sorts of non sensible postings, reg I run a comedy site and a nostalgic web site etc I'm now seriously building a web design seo business and following your great tutorials, should I setup a new youtube account and use it and the channel go focus

Hey Miles, I'm committed. I am starting my content creation journey today

I remember when you first started...

I must add though, passive income does exist! I have a few passive income streams online and offline..

I've been on and off into the subject of affiliate marketing for the past years, but I always end up overwhelmed by scammers and fake gurus with their shit. Can you please point me where to go to begin with and grasp a more in depth idea of this subject so I can actually begin testing the waters and go from reading and focusing on understanding to actually acting on it. The only thing I have is two products I use daily that have made my life easier. I guess it's a start.

write out your plan and then execute on that plan every single day… Blinders on and full speed ahead! You can do it Sam. Thanks for the comment

Cheers glad our paths have crossed

for our first business it took Melanie and I about five years to really find what worked for our audience

Miles Beckler And it looks like I’ll still have 27 days to learn some basic maths!

You are amazing Miles Thank You

Hi Miles, thanks agaim for the inspiring video. I would like to have your taught on whats the best way (technically speaking) to sell digital products (speaking mainly about video or audio product). Would you suggest streaming or downloading? Would you suggest doing it from within your blog website or using a third party service (gumroad...). What are the key point to consider.... Thanks a lot. Keep posting awsome content we love it!!!

My Biggest weakness has been the keyword optimization aspect of my content creation, horrible at SEO, would love some videos on that Miles.

Fast Start Marketer just take action, we learn by doing - you got this

​@Miles Beckler​, Just starting a youtube push, I'm good in video and live, not as disciplined in sitting and writing. I actually have about 2 years of video already on YT, Unpublished because I have no clue how to do the SEO side of things, good stuff though LOL

Ok, cool. Are you focused on blogging or YouTube

Tamara Tee Amazing stuff

@Awaken The Greatness Within Thanks man

Rahul jain try YouTube, blogging, amazon or shopify. I think those are the best ways.

C&C member here... congrats on the 3 years! Looking forward to the next steps (and this video gave me the power to not give up and to work on my own steps as well)

Miles & Team, this is amazing. My brother put me onto your work - I was lost in the land of fake gurus & con artists, so I am super relieved to find your teaching. I'm a tough critic & my praise is not given lightly. So a big thank you for your no BS presence here in internetland.

Solid Advise - Very rare to have the TOTAL truth told about Internet Marketing.

Fantastic real insight on how to make it with digital marketing. Thank you for making this video!

I'm so happy and grateful that you're not a 20-something year old with a Lambo using expressions like, "crush or dominate your competition". Another awesome vid Sir Miles :)

thank you Miles for your generosity and for being authentic

Great video as always, but yes, more SEO content is always appreciated! :) I totally agree, spend your time with people that value your input... anything else is a waste of your time!

Love your videos keep up the good work Miles.

Great first video for me to see and keen to learn more.

@Miles Beckler thanks from Scotland! On to my third video now and totally inspired and refreshed to hear I'm not the only one who has fallen for the fauxguru's!!! Thanks again

Welcome to the party!

Miles can you please help me out with facebook pixels and promoting an affiliate product? how do we track sales on the affiliate sales page? help would be much appreciated

BOUNCE RATE is so high

Would be interesting to see how many emails you get per day haha.

My inbox is a mess.... LOL

all my content is solely designed to filter out the wrong people so I'm speaking to the right people

Great video! I sent this to my husband because we justtttt had the EXACT Gary V argument that you mentioned @24:30. I love Gary V but you said it spot on- to focus on one main platform and then move onto others instead of going haphazard on 8 (or more) large platforms and not learning what works.

So many people spread themselves too thin at the beginning and it causes burnout which is the ultimate enemy

I subscribed to this channel because of the honest presentation and the uplifting nature of your content. Thanks for your contribution to this space.

I really love your channel! I actually heard about you from another favorite YouTuber. I thought well if he’s a fan, so am so I :) ..and I am. Thanks for putting out valuable info.

Awesome! Tell them I said "Thanks for the shout out!". And welcome to the party

Thank you Miles, once again !

Thanks so much Miles you are the best. In my opinion you should have 100k more likes and comments. You truly are amazing taking your time and effort to make these videos.

Sure thing!

thank you for your kind words Carlos


Sure thing

This is so good! I'm committed! I have an author business I'm growing and planning to start another business Q1 of 2020!

I'm on the path at least. 12 months in, 150 videos. Really good to see these charts

So glad I found your channel...

Cheers Justin!

Thank you!

With pleasure!

Thanks for this video. Great knowledge

Right on! Keep up the great work!!!

Deep dives! And advanced SEO would be great. Do you follow a system for your articles in terms of H1, H2, P, Articles amounts etc? Meaning are you focusing on specific layouts for the write up or is it more solely based on correctly using the HTML elements?

I do follow a system for h tags etc. I base it off of what ranks on the top of Google. Mimicking what works

Thank you very much

you're my new hero, thanks

Thank You Miles for Everything. I absolutely would appreciate the advanced SEO video.

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