From The Trap To A Global Brand With Wallstreet Trapper | Nicky And Moose The Podcast Ep. 66

From The Trap To A Global Brand With Wallstreet Trapper | Nicky And Moose The Podcast Ep. 66

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Nicky Saunders: whats poppin whats poppin whats poppin welcome to Nicky and moose. I’m Nicky That's moose What's up moose? Mostafa Ghonim: What up y'all Nicky Saunders: and welcome to episode 66 I got excited I press the air horns a little too early, but it is the first episode of 2022. And let me let me tell you this is this is going to be special. Okay, we spoke about this individual on

episode 13 which I felt like we spoke this into existence big time. Big time my man just finished dealing with Ellen. Yes. Ellen saying anything else but you know, he's been on multiple podcast multiple shows. He almost at a million followers. Okay, the most authentic person on social media right now. We got Wall Street Trapper coming on to this

podcast right now. Mostafa Ghonim: What a way to kick off the new year I just got to say that I had to tell a brother all you know straight like man, I'm one of the more skeptical people and for me to be that open to like wanting to connect with someone and we have never talked before. That lets you know like this person is is an honest person, a man of integrity. And that's what matters more. So I'm super excited to bring this person on

the show. Nicky Saunders: I know long intro, but let's get into the next intro. Alright Jaymie Jordan: two kids from Queens. Cut from a different cloth. Now joining forces helping you to elevate your personal brand new I'm talking about Nicky and moose, bringing you a never before seen perspective into the mindset, the mentality, the behaviors, the driving force, more importantly, the stories behind the people and brands that you know and love the most. Nicky Saunders: So I know we normally do a review of the week. I know I owe you two next week. Okay? I'm getting straight

into this. Listen. Listen. The fact that we said on episode 13 Like yo watch out for my man like please watch out he's been doing crazy things and two now by accident, because we had a conversation he's like, Yo, you're not you're not you're not fooling with me? Am I not good enough for Nicky and moose? I was like are you serious? Are you like I don't understand but look from the trap to Wall Street. Like I I'm not I'm not saying much. You see you see who on the screen you see for my audio people, the person who is on the screen right now is Wall Street trapper. Yeah,

Wallstreet Trapper: yeah, whats good what’s good. I'm happy to be it. I'm excited you right I thought you ain’t Rock with me. I knew it was fishy because the minute I said that you chastised me and was like, Nope, we're doing it say the world. Oh, okay. She's serious. So definitely, definitely, definitely correct and the right click, and I appreciate both y'all for having me on here. The whole team. I'm excited to be here for real foreal.

Nicky Saunders: Listen, moose I said this got to be the first one of the year. Yeah. The first one Mostafa Ghonim: Way to kick off a new year. Yeah, this is gonna be fire man. I'm excited for this. But yeah, trap, man. I mean, phenomenal year, a great 2021 I think stretching back through the pandemic, you've really served as a staple for the community. But for as Nicky was, say, the one or two people

out there who might not know you. Give him a quick intro man who is who was the Wall Street trapper? Wallstreet Trapper: Dang. So Wall Street trapper man just grew up in New Orleans, right? Saw my mother get shot early, and that kind of set a tone for my life. Um 16 I went to prison for attempted murder and robbery product of the same violence that I saw. Right because I just felt like it was a necessary evil. It was what was necessary was needed around me. Um kind of like a lion Hunting Right. It's gruesome to people who don't

understand what it takes to survive in that environment. went to prison, and it was in prison. Where , I got introduced to financial literacy went to the hole solitary confinement where a guy white guy told me he was like yo y’all playing the wrong game man. And just immediate I had like I was so

aggressive in that age and in that state of my life where I met that with more aggression, like what do you mean? Because all I knew was the game. So I kind of felt like he was insulting what I knew, and the life that I knew and understood and that I live. And he immediately he was just like, No, no, no, like, I'm not being disrespectful. Like, you're playing the wrong game. And so I'm like, what you mean by that?

Like, you in here with me. So what? What game you playing that I ain’t playing Right? And it was his conversation is so amazing. And he was just like, Yeah, I'm doing 18 months, but Im in here for embezzling $2.8 million. He was like Have you

ever seen 2.8 million dollars? and only thing about prison is like you can say whatever you want to say. But the paperwork always tells you the truth. So like, let me see your paperwork. So he showed it to me. He paid 800,000 restitution, he kept 2 million to himself . So he's doing 18 months. He was like now

what are you in here for? Like damn? Im in here for attempt murder armed robbery. He was like, how much time you face and at the time? I didn't have my time yet. I was like, shit 10 to 99. Like, that was a that was a reality check. right there. Mostafa Ghonim: was a teenager at that time, right? Wallstreet Trapper: 16 I ain’t even made 17 yet And I'm just like, dang. Okay, so how do I play that game? Like, how do I do what you do? And so we just started having a conversation. I'm in New Orleans. So at the time, I got a red band. So in

New Orleans, a red band means attempt murder armed robbery, you know, violent offense, and he has a red and white band. So that automatically lets us know, let me know that he gone to the feds. So it's crazy. We're like in prison, like a federal charge kind of like has a hierarchy to estate shows you kind of look at that different. So we just started talking man. And he just started telling me like, you know, wealthy people do these things like well do people stop trading time for money? Wealthy people start making money work from wealthy people learn how to give value to people. The first two I had never heard in my life ever. I made him explain that to me. The third one, I didn't

understand it until I started my own business. And so I was like, that doesn't make sense. So as he got me into that, and he started walking me through that, he was like, This is how you make your money work for you. This is what wealthy people do. They buy stocks, they get into real estate and they start a business. They understand what financial literacy is not remembering the streets the same. This is a whole conversation. This sounds like Chinese to me. I had never heard

like this everything up until this point, my life was survival. One plus two mean, you know one plus one equals two is how we get money if you can come money because attract money, you can make it I don't understand nothing about wealth and making your money that is like what so I’m in awh at this time, so I really just spent the rest of my teen years man just learning about financial literacy learning about like, how do I play a different game than the people that I knew. And so when I got upstate when I got to prison when I got you know, to the penitentiary I got introduced to like CNBC and I started like, look like damn , like, these white people really making a whole lot of money. And they not risking their Life for it . Like that was a moment that had me like, damn, because in my

mind, I thought the only way I thought at that point that the only way that you could be successful in life was you had to do some illegal and really and truly if he wasn't in the streets, like what you're doing, because everybody that I knew that was working two jobs that was worth it was struggling. Right and only people that had like some type of power were football players, the rappers or to do books. Like that was it everybody else was struggling there was no in between. So I'm just like, man, like they know something. Oh, no. So I just thought like really learning it educating myself about it started looking at the Warren Buffett's crazy because in prison I always say this that the grown men love the Washington Young and the Restless like Victor Newman is the man in prison. So to get up before that came on, you know,

watch CNBC and just like dang, like, it's just like the streets. And like, once I made that comparison, it was like boom, like everything started clicking the books and everything. It started making sense to me because I was able to like, okay, like, this is like the streets this is like going in somebody's neighborhood. This what a tariff is this like payin draft. Okay, this is like having a trap really jumping. Okay, this product is marketing and branding. I knew those things already. But from a different

component. I knew how to run a successful business. But just from a different components. I'm like, oh, okay, I get it. You know, got home and all that went out the window. I just got back the hustle back, honestly, because I'm back in survival mode. Right? Right. Like, it's hard for you to think about. And that's what that's one of the things that make me so authentic with my brand, is because I understand that most people are in survival mode. The next meal is more important how you want me to think about the future, when I don't know what the next six hours look like, you know, I don't know what that's gonna be.

So I was back in survival mode and caught another charge. This one almost took me out, um, my door got kicked in, whole lot of drugs, whole lots of guns whole a lot of money. That just is crazy. Because even at that point in my life, I would be in

my trap house or in my crib. Even if I was bagging up, I will still watch CNBC. And one of the most profound moments of my life during that part was I remember when the police kicked in my door, I remember me sitting in the living room, handcuff. And

CNBC was on and the man said, You got to be a to be doing this and watching this. It Let me know that you got some sense, but you ain't using it. Hmm. Man told me that. Wow. Like that was like, damn, you know? Mostafa Ghonim: Wake up call Yeah, yeah.

Wallstreet Trapper: Like that was like it still send chills on my body thinking about that, because I'm sitting on my sofa I’m handcuffed and I'm like, and I'm not even thinking about it. But for the police to see that. And like for him to look at the to in light you out of your mind. So I was blessed to be

able to beat those charges. Thank God for that. Um, and then I just started Robin, though, Bill is there? Because I felt like, well, I can't be on a blog hustling because this is gonna take away to this too much time. And so in my mind at that point, I was like, Well, you know, the streets always teach you that.

The only thing that you have is your life to leverage your brain and your intellect and your smarts. Everything that you do, every move you make is about events and on a chessboard. Not the chessboard of life. But the chessboard of the streets. How do I make another advancement everybody has a part to play, whether you're a pawn a bishop a knight, whatever it is, so I was like, I Well hustled on a block really not my thing and will because I'm fighting charges, so I’m about to just Rob Doughboys. And at that point, all he could do is see me in the street. They

can't call the police. Nobody can rat on me. I'm good at this point. Um, guys got it. That lasted for a minute, you know, do my thing with it. Um, but then I got in a situation that was real bad. Almost got killed. My homie saved my life. And at that point, I was like, Man, I'm gonna just give it up and I got found not guilty. I got another charge over turned. I did 10

years. I came too close to death at this point. Like the dude got the 12 gauge in the back of my head. And I'm like, bruh damn this how I’m about to go out, man. And, you know, again, God blessed me again so I was like,alright I just told my partner the money we took from that. I was like, bro, you have it. I'm good. I'm out. And I just focused like, all in this.

And a day came to me, I was at work. I was building stadiums and power plants. Um, and I remember the man was trying to get me to cut my beard. And I was like, Man, I ain't cutting

my beard off. And I walked off the job. And I started the brand. I never looked back. And I believe that, I believe that everybody should go all in on something in the life, something you should just go all in on, don't worry about the risk. And when I went all in my biggest fear was that I was gonna go back to the streets. It wasn't that I wasn't gonna be

successful as an entrepreneur. It was if this didn't work. I was gonna go back to the streets because I already told myself, once I walk away from this job, I'm never going back. By I'm never going back. Because as I work, I was working 10 hours a

day, 12 hours a day, seven days a week, you know, eight full hours a week, nine full hours a week, you know, making not build a Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Like I build stadiums and power plants across the world. That's brutal work. But for me, like, I feel like if I walk away from this, I never come back. So is he to be a successful entrepreneur. I'm going back to the streets. And that was my biggest fear wasn't feeling as entrepreneur. So God bless me and here I am right

now. So I'm thankful for everything. I'm there right now. Nicky Saunders: All right. Oh, wait, here we go. Here we go. Something's happened. But, um, so trap on this show. We break down personal brand And from a branding side and a business side. However, before we really get into that, I got some pictures that I want you what's the first thing that pops in your head? And some of them are what are some of the lessons that you learned from these pictures? Okay, okay. All right. Okay, so the first one, right? What comes in first thing? Wallstreet Trapper: Committed. That was my first ever.

Workshop. Hmm. 20 people showed up. Hmm. 20 people showed up from the tribe, the Wall Street. And that was that was me saying I'm committed. Then I didn't know about speaking. honestly I used to listen to Eric Thomas and inky Tom Inky Johnson all the time. And I was like, I'm committed. I'm committed. That

was it. My first workshop, right there Nicky Saunders: That was 20 people. 20 people. How many? Last one.

Wallstreet Trapper: Last workshop I did by myself. I did 700. Mostafa Ghonim: Oh, what year was that Wallstreet Trapper: when you started first here? Uh, this was 2018 is actually two months after I walked off the job. Wow. Wow. All right. That was me throwing myself in the water.

Like, if you're gonna do it, do it. Nicky Saunders: Next picture. Wallstreet Trapper: So with this picture is our exposure, okay? And the reason why is because this is the dude's name, Phil town. And he was one of the tools I used to study so much

took my first mentor ship to him. He exposed me to language. And he even talked over my head because he didn't understand how to talk to me. Okay, right. I wasn't his ideal client. But the reason why this was so important to me is because I remember him telling me I want you to come teach for me, once you finish the mentorship, because I know you're powerful. He told me, he told me that day he told me that. And it was the exposure of

me listening to him reading his books. Seeing him and his daughter. I was like, Yo, this is different the conversation you having are different Okay, cool. And I remember him exactly telling me and he's like when you finish this mentorship, I want you to come teach for me because you powerful. You real powerful. I remember that. Wow. Yep. Nicky Saunders: Another one let me do better for the for the audio people. I'm out here like not even paying attention to the

audio people. So on this picture right now is, uh, we've talked about this man a few times for several times. Rick Ross, okay. He, I'm a let trap, speak the rest.

Wallstreet Trapper: We made we made it. Um, in the sense of when I came home, in prison Ross and Jeezyeoutside of Wayne. Were people who molded me mentally. Okay. Because they spoke a language that you had to be in that to understand. Right, some of the intricate details. So and I remember like hearing Jeezy and hearing ross and being like, Yo, I'm my boss up. I'm by the

trap it out, you know, just being so I remember pulling up to the mansion. like, Yo, Ross, this is crazy. Thinking about everything I've been through in my life. And the reason why we made it made sense because I understood. Like when I'm

talking to Ross, the way he looked at me when I talked to him, he be like, trapped you talking that tall ball. And that's the same way I used to feel listening to his music, right? You know, I'm saying so and I knew what this picture meant to the people that came from where I come from. The people that come from the hood, the people that's in the trenches, who look at roles, look at and be like yo, like wanting to have some dope boy dreams. Right want to be that man wanting to be the you know, because Rob taught roles talk a different type. So yeah, so for people that come from I come

from the seamy, the representation of that was Dan trapped it with a hustler. But we made it hmm. You know, like, that's what I do at rap and I didn't do a hustle, I did it off understanding finances and financial literacy and understanding how to invest so that imagery represented something different to the people who saw me and who can't come from so we made it is like, Yeah, I know now that what I represent is way bigger than what anybody else knew. But it represents what my vision from the beginning and my vision was always to be the voice of the streets. But for finances not rap not sports. Entertainment.

Nicky Saunders: That's good. Right I got another one. Let's see Master P Come on now. Wallstreet Trapper: That was I don't even know if that's a word for me in a moment because when I met Pete It was kind of like meeting Mr. New Orleans in a way because for so long, you know,

between pee in between baby they carry the torch for New Orleans. Right like they that flag on the back and for him to talk to me in that shelter my people from a while who brung me to and he had a conversation with me in that moment he said this was the most this powerful for me right quick. I walked in the room they have an interview they talk and so I'm in I'm just listening. And in the middle of the interview, they said well, that's Wall Street Trapper where we fall you say that and I was like, and and the guy from rap snacks James he said, Yeah, man, that's heat. Oh, man. Like he'll one and wise intelligent they all on that rap snacks teen it was like, Nah, trap one trap.

And he was like pee. That's the one I'll be telling you about. And he was like, oh, yeah, I've been watching him. That was different for me. So that's like when I when I say don't worry for now. Like I was like, stuck for a minute. Like, what? PC is great. So yeah, like, astounded. I guess you know, Nicky Saunders: right. Breakfast Club.

Wallstreet Trapper: Breakfast Club interview. Shout to Charlemagne envy. Breakfast Club interview. It was excitement. It was excitement. And the reason why is because I knew now my voice was about to be heard by everybody that needed to hear it.

Nicky Saunders: Mm hmm. Wallstreet Trapper: You know, it's different. You know, your own podcast every podcast has is the thing the audience a pod attract. But I knew me being on Breakfast Club was gone. And the

crazy part, the dope part about that. I'm gonna just keep it 100 And that came to me. I'm like, No, PR No, nothing that came to me. And I remember like, leaving that show, walking up the street for walking up the next block, kneeling down and shedding a tear. Mm hmm. I remember that. Like vivid. I remember like

leaving out leaving out the studio by looking back, walking down shedding a tear. Because that was me. That was me. That was the moment I realized like, your voice just went bigger than you can even think at that. You know, you got to think The Breakfast Club is you know Hip Hop Oprah Winfrey. Yeah, you know? Right so and then for me to make those relationships enough for Charlemagne to tell me yo bruh you needed King you know I'm saying and for me to understand mental health the way I did because of me listening to Charlemagne I remember walking in that studio tell the first thing before the interview cameras on like shoulder man I just want to tell you I appreciate you because you made me realize how important therapy was you know I'm saying so yeah, that that one tears of joy.

Yeah, Nicky Saunders: and like that has like about 3 million views. I just Mostafa Ghonim: Just wanna throw that out there. Wallstreet Trapper: We did two million in a month man. And the

reason why that was amazing because that let me know. The culture was ready to hear it. Yeah. Like this artists that going up big artists don't go get a million We did 2 million in a month on that. So that was yeah, that was epic. Yeah. Nicky Saunders: and last and last one. The Ellen Show, game changer, the Ellen show people, that's what's on right now Wallstreet Trapper: game changer and the reason why that's a game changer tool is because, again, that came to me. Twitch is such a great boon that's to do who does the king who hosted me I did not remember, I got that. He's it. I told him. He said,

Man, I was telling them about you. And I was like, that's how I came. That's how I came. And for me, it was important because in this nothing against Ellen giving me that interview, I was so happy that he gave me the interview. Because you got to see two black men talk about financial literacy on a national scale. It's good. And it was accepted. That was amazing.

Really, monumental is what we call that. Mostafa Ghonim: Wow, wow. It's uh, it's cool to just listen to you kind of reflect on those and, you know, present through each of them, because it really just shows you the path of growth from the very beginning to as late as last week, you know, which is incredible. But trap, let's talk, let's talk a little bit about it from a business standpoint now. Because, you know, as you think about your journey, especially introducing financial literacy, to the urban community, to people who typically aren't interested in it, because like, like you said, you know, there is very specific outlets that they have seen, or we have seen as the best way to get out of, you know, our situation. And from a business standpoint, you

had to make that product that service attractive enough, you know, to get people to say, Okay, let me let me listen to it. Let me see what he has to say, let me buy into it. Let me invest into it. So talk about it, when you finally just said, Okay, I'm committed, I'm ready to make this adjustment. What were some of the business decisions that you had to make, to really talk yourself through setting up the product or the service so that our community can be receptive of it? Hmm.

Wallstreet Trapper: So I remember being on Instagram. And this has no shot to nobody. Not seeing nobody that looked like me talk about investing. And I'm not saying it in exists, but I didn't see him. Right. So I was like, Okay, so, so nobody is talking about this stuff. And like, everybody that I knew that had a page, you know, didn't look like me. And furthermore,

even further, like, none of them were going live. So it was just a bunch of pictures, you know, images, do this, this stock this this stock that and I was like that. So I started DMing a lot of them. And I can tell within the conversation, that you weren't black, just keeping it real. I was like, Okay, this is a young dude, this he 2526 He's 1718 He don't even understand us. Right? Okay, cool. So I understood it, again, because I just did so much work in prison. And so my mind said one thing.

If I didn't understand it, the way they talked about it. I know my people, and I understand the way they talk about it. So what I need to do is, I need to be a voice, and I need to speak in the language for the people who understand me. Now, I'm gonna keep it 100. In the beginning, I only focused on talking to

people who was hustlers. Mm hmm. I only wanted to talk to dope dealers. Robbers, jackers, dancers, people who knew about the streets because in my mind in the beginning, I just wanted to save street people. Like I had saw too many of my homies, females getting lost in a game. And it's because it's all we

thought about. So my mind I was like, I let me talk to them. Like one of the early things I did was, I used to get flyers printing. I used to go get 2000 flyers printed roto and I will go in the hood in New Orleans and pass them out and check them out on Instagram, bro, check me out on Instagram Queen check my Instagram fam, like in the hood in New Orleans Right because that's what I wanted to talk to. And I remember me saying like,

alright, what happened if you go to jail bruh Will you tell me about if you go to jail, you come home you'll have no money. What have you take your hustling money and you have put it in a stock market and you came home not knowing how to get no front from nobody usually put someone on stock market. Nobody got a front you're nothing, you know, nobody none you in front of a board if that have like, it was like, Dan, because we understand that with with hustling comes prison and death. We already

understand that. Yeah, like for somebody in the streets. That's a plight I cool. Like, tell me something. I don't know. If you and I'm sad. So for me, it was like, let me tell him that I

Cooper, you go to prison? Are you fighting a lawyer? You ain't got no bond money. What if you go sell your stocks and the bond money? Now you gotta go take another chance. Because now what happens is, because you've got no bond money, now you got to double down in the streets to try to pay the lawyer, which leaves you catching another charge. Now you're gonna borrow money under the law, you money you fight to charge you out of here. Hmm. So what if you took the hustle money and put some of it in the stock market? Let it grow for you. Let it do this for

you. And when the charge do come, you tell people to do this now for the people don't understand you talking money, Lord, listen, I was in the streets. And I was You told the street Do you feel me? Laying that we understood, right? You know. So, you know, even like females who I knew was dance,

and I was like, Yo, like you spending all your money, because you don't know what to do with it. Let's put the money in the stock market. It could do this for you. So that was my first. So in business, I had to find my audience. Like I had to find people who understood who I related to. I won't teach to everybody. Because I knew everybody wasn't going to stand trap a talk, everybody want to stand triple beams and bagging up and everybody want to stand. So I just want to talk to people

who I related to. And I just double down on it. And I remember getting criticism, like why you think all black people are dumb. And I was like I never said that. But I know who I'm talking to. Right? Like Jenny Craig only talked to people who want to lose weight. Want to be healthy. That's what she talked to. That's what a brand is for. So for me, it was, this is who I want to talk to.

Because if I can help people in the street, I can keep some of us out that penitentiary. I can keep some of us from dying early. I can help some of us out because nobody don't want to talk to us. Everybody's just throw us away and leave us. You know, oh, you hustle you you're gonna die anyway, my son, my fan was like, are you gonna do it anyway? It's cool. I'm not mad at them. Because that's the life I was living. Right. So business. I wanted to talk just to him. And I think I stuck to

that. To answer the question. Like, I stuck to just, this is who I'm talking to? I don't care about nothing knows. I'm just talking to the streets does it? Nicky Saunders: Alright, so we heard earlier, your story now? How did you get comfortable speaking your story online? And what was the very first content that you did that? And what did you learn from that? Wallstreet Trapper: So I had a partner, his name is greedy. So I used to always talk to all my homies about stocks all the time all the time. Like, it consumed me. Right? And I remember again,

watching the other, the other stock pages. And I remember going to them accident like DMing people like your height. How did you create that? And out, nobody will answer me. Yo, how did you create that graphic? How did you create that graphic? Nobody has to me, I could I had a friend of mine. Her name was Danielle. I'm Danielle had a clothing line. And so she

Danielle is a preacher. And so Danielle is she just create content all the time. And at this time, I understand constantly, you always like how you be doing that stuff on Instagram, like putting them pieces together like how you do that. So she entered the Canva she was like you get on unlike camera. I don't know how to work that. So for about two weeks, she walked me through how to like, take images from Canva you know, put them on type of mom, she's always taught me don't pay for like get the free stuff. And I was like I but I saw the free

stuff was limited. And so for me as a hustler, your mind paying for stuff. So I ain't care about so I bought the Canva Pro. And it just unlocked a whole bunch of stuff in my eye. Cool. Let me just follow what the other pages doing. But let me talk it in my language. So my first contact used to be horrible, but I was consistent with it. Like I was with it. And so I said don't

ever talk to us. Don't ever talk. Nobody's going live I remember looking at Super. So super in jutti were the big social media brands from New Orleans and RC and I said to him I, you know, again I bring my PATA greeting because greeted told me bro like you a nerd in the street do body like you smart, you just grew up in the streets bro like it ain't nothing you can't figure out and I remember him telling me you're going to change the world. But for your first six months to a year, don't sell nobody nothing, just give them sample packs. He

talked to me the language that I understood, I cool. So when I saw what everybody else was doing, I was like I and I looked at Judy, and super. And I said, Judy live on Instagram Live, I might just start going live. So me, you know, I never been scared. And so I just started going live. And I just started

talking to people. And one of the things I used to do too, was I used to go live when I was at work. So it was easy for me to talk to people while I was at work, because I actually tell them how I'm using my work money to invest. I'm using my work minutes in advance, you got to use your work money to invest, I could show my check my check this week $2,500 I'd go to the bank, I do this every Thursday, I will go to the bank, cash my check in the bank, let them see the $2,500 and then let them see me transfer $1,500 to my investing account, I will go live and do that. So it was it was a lot of those things

happening in the beginning. So they could see my authenticity. Again, I'm giving sample packs. I'm letting people see like getting other stock page, but not I'm gonna go live, they got paid, how do you gonna tell you about money then using the money using using the money? Right. And so that was some of the early things that were a staple for me now. Like, I still do not go live two, three times a day, sometimes five times a week, I'm going live, I want you to see me I want to talk to you. Right, I want you to see that we still invest in money. So you don't

just say you make money off me? No, I'm investing 60% of my money 50 Because I'm still doing the same things. So those were our early things that still on a bigger scale, I still do now. And what I learned from it was, in order to build a brand, people need to know you. People need to see you. And people need to talk to you. And they need to see who you are in your

authentic form. So in the beginning, I used to curse a lot. Like I done narrowed that down. But in the beginning I use to curse a lot, But I didnt care because it was who I was, and I use to. So people to see me like Damn a trap, you know, that he a real dude. And I'll show my account. I'm putting $1,000 in

here. So that authenticity was like, Okay, people like that. Okay, let me keep doing that. So just being authentic in the beginning and you know, being let people understand I am them. And that relatability is what I keep to me to this day. Mostafa Ghonim: A lot of game a lot of game. I hope they catching it nicks. Nice and slow. Very linear. It's coming.

It's coming, man. This is good. This is good. Now, let's talk about when you start to see that this is working. Now hold on a second. Because I find it interesting that some people think that the person that is big, has been maybe had this whole platform, the minute you found out about because I know you understand that at one point they had zero followers, you didn't have 100,000 followers, like they built and you kind of talked about the steps to building. Let's talk about the

next step now where you're like, Okay, people are listening. People are engaging, people are maybe asking questions, and maybe they're buying they're interested. What was the next move to take it to a new level where it's like, okay, maybe I'm not like you said you had to figure it out a little bit. But what's the next move to take it to a whole new level and kind of scale this up? Wallstreet Trapper: So again, going back to my friend Danielle, and she helped me write these my eBooks. So when I

wrote the ebooks I was like I cool. And then again, I quit a job. So now I don't have no no income come in like I thought I have. So I'm like I cool. So I created ebooks and then I was selling the service called a kilo pack. I was selling two

ebooks in a one hour phone call for 197. At the time, I probably had like maybe 3000 followers, but I was doing eight calls a da no lie. I was doing eight call eight 910 calls a day bare minimum five calls a day. And I used to go to it like, that was

hard work. But in my mind, I was like, Yo, I was doing 12 hours a day. So this ain't nothing right. But it was draining me. And so it's crazy. I think about how this stuff happens to me in my life. It's been some work. And I remember I met my my bro

from Hood estates. And he was somebody I admired. So it was right when Nipsey passed away. He asked me to come out by him to he was in Miami. And I was like, Man, I ain't going to see I don't even know that dude. I'm not going to see that I do my trip. That he like two days past lady asked me again to come see him. I'm like, Man, I'm not gonna see that do man. I

remember I went to California to go see, like nip the shop and everything. And I was like, damn, because my goal was to meet Nip. I felt like my voice was gonna connect with him. I was like, what I stood for and what he represented. In my mind. I was like, I mean, it's do me I'm gonna connect. And you knew I was heartbroken the way like, I was so angry at the way he got, he passed away. I was like, damn. And then I remember, my

bro he called me he was like, man, come see me. So like, now you know what, what the hell, you know. And I went, saw him. And for two days, we talked. And he said, man you special. And I remember me, his wife talking. Me her his wife talk. And it was like you got you got something that you hold in. That's, it's holding you back. And I remember us having a conversation that

brought me to tears. And I released it turn. I released it, yo. And we all just had a big crime moment. And then he taught me about business. He told me about business. He said, What you're doing is not scalable. You won't burn yourself out. What you need to do is create something there, all you have to do is create it one time. And then once you create it one

time, every piece of content that you put out from this point on, makes people go down. And I was like, huh, he's like, in every call that you've done, what is the data of like that what you're talking about? She's like, I would they ask you? I was like, what he asked me this, this, this this? He's like, cool. What did you learn? Like, what did you have already? Because you got to be able to answer those questions. I would like to know what I learned. He's like, now take that, format it and create a course with it. Like, what, like take that

format it step by step from easiest to hardest from A to Z, create a course with it. Now you create the chorus one time, in everything you do, every post that you make from here on out, is make you make people now say I need to get his course because you become the authority you already done. You're already going live. You're already putting the content out, create that course. And do it I was like, Damn, it makes sense. So

God bless my great aunt who just passed. I had, I forgot to say that though. I went, I quit my job. I went live and slept on my Korean sofa. I slept on her sofa. And I remember going in

the back room, buy me a camera, by me two lights. And for three days, I stopped taking calls, I wrote the notes out, and I recorded that course. And I recorded everything that I was doing. And then send it to

my graphic designer. He put some one of the dude that was creating slides on Instagram, I mean graphics on Instagram at the time, I paid him $200 I say I need you already in this space, I need you to create slides for this what I'm saying. And so he created slides for them. I paid him $200 Got my graphic designer, we put my stamp on all of them created the course. And that took me to another level because I stopped burning out doing those calls in the course was now answering all the questions and not let you create a content to that. But

then I took it up another notch and I said well I remember when I was learning. I had nobody to ask questions to Hmm. I'm gonna create a course that teaches it and then I'm gonna create a support group. And if I can create a support group now, once you take the course, I'm now in the group which because I still love talking about this So you've taken my course, now we in the group, you get to talk to me everyday all day. And so the two together, took me to another level, because I was given information in the course. And then I was given as more because once you got the course, now your mind starts to thinking about all kinds of stuff. So now you get to come in a group, and I'm with you right there in a group. And so that helped me get

from doing one on one phone calls to skill in my business in me impacting more people, you know, more effectively. Nicky Saunders: You're not gonna get this information anywhere else. I'm just Mostafa Ghonim: different, different conversations. Nicky Saunders: Before I'm gonna say, but let me bring it back.

When people are growing their brands, they have two options. They go with their name, their real life name, government name, or they go with a tag a stage name, however you want to call it. Why Wall Street trapper? And did you have any other names? Besides that? Wallstreet Trapper: Hmm. First, let me ask a second question first. No, this was my first shot at it. Hmm. While she traveled came out the gate. Um, if you look in that first picture that you show, people don't even know that my brand name is from the trap the Wall Street that is the brand name.

It's from the tribe, the Wall Street. Um, and my whole idea behind that brand name was I wanted to show people that Wall Street was a different trap. It was a legal trap. But they did the same things that we did in the street. So we can convert from the trap to Wall Street. We could change our life. We as black men could think about being grandfathers right, like longevity. And then I said well, if we go from the trap of the Wall Street I mean we trappin on Wall Street. And if you trap on

on Wall Street that make you a Wall Street trapper and so I remember shooting it to my graphic guy who I've been with now for 11 years he created he's created all of my content. And so I remember saying Yep, that's it Wall Street travel that's it and so we created that but then it got a little deep because he was like yo we need a logo. So the first logo was the the trap house the house is a it's a trap it's a house trap house slash like bank, if you look at the logo from from the chair of the Wall Street and I said well I can't just go by that and I'm not going by free cuz those people call them the streets we do a lot to traverse I need a logo for that. So he was like what you got in mind and I was like we balance in the streets of Wall Street so let's use the lever scale as a tea and then we will just use the W from the Wall Street trap. And so we came

with that one shot he hit it I said that's it. And then like a couple months passed and I was like you know I got a little like I'm the OG it is man like nobody ain't touching me when it comes to stock nobody. I was like I'm the OG but it can't be OG Wall Street trap. And I was like, huh and one of my partners in New Orleans he has a brand call American American Trap American something I forgot what Nino brand is. But every time he

salutes you he always say trap a certified every time he talked to like a real person like a real one like somebody that been through because he'd been through it he will always comment and he'll be like us trap certify right that boy you know that's my homie he beat to murder charges you're not saying so like he'll be Oh, he said oh gee certify a trap a certified like that. It sounds like you know what? I can't be the OG trapper. But I could be a certified wash the trapper anybody that method of stock market, you will OG but you can't you assert, certify washi trapper. And so we put that around a logo. And like that was it. It came it was a one like nothing. Ever was this it That ain't it? This is I mean, it was always that's it. You know I'm saying that's it. And believe it

or not. I don't know how impactful it is now. But in the beginning. My name alone attracted so many people to me. Yep. So many people like, well, she traveled with them. I get

that all the time. So yeah, that's only one name. Only one name, one shot, one kill. I see. Mostafa Ghonim: I love it. Man, I want to get to a lot of the

incredible things that you're doing now. But for some of the people who are listening to this, and maybe they're just not convinced I want to just talk to I really don't me. For real, for real, but but I want to talk to like some of the growing pains or just the challenges that might have come on the journey, right. So one of my favorite things that I've heard you say is, and you've talked about it in the essence of stock, I want to talk about it in the essence of life real quick, because even as you've grown, you've been growing this business and seeing the success and all that stuff. There might have been some

challenges. And I just want to show people who are listening like, Yo, you can still be successful, but that doesn't excuse you from challenges, right? So I love when you say how do you when people ask you how do you know when to sell a stock? Your responses when the story changes? When the story from why you bought it changes, that's when you know to sell. So on this path, you know, maybe you you invested in something you you took a path into a program or something. And the story change life story, no mental health story. Any story.

Just talk about, you know, anything that comes to mind when when you think of challenges on the journey that changed the narrative a little bit for you. And you had to kind of navigate that to stay the course. Wallstreet Trapper: Who What do I start with that man? So I remember in the beginning, I had a Chrysler 300. And I drove to

Houston. May we on my way back? The transmission goes out. I'm like, hey. So I remember calling my homie. And one of my favorite things that nipp ever said was on the process, you're going to face every emotion. I just didn't quit. And that always stuck with me. Like that's one of my favorite things that he ever said. And so I remember when my call hit, I remember

calling my partner in Vegas. I said Burr. And I kind of said it some, like defeated. I was like, bro, like, I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come to Vegas for a minute. We're going to ram stadium for like six months, I can stack up like $50,000 and my partner was like, oh, no, the hell you not. Oh, like what?

He's like, I'm not getting you on here. You gotta stick with it, bro. Like, you trippin like, we can't know you. I man. So I remember sitting in the car. Like I saw I call my little cousin. My little cousin came school. And so I spent the night by her house. And in my mind, I'm just like, I think free

thing thing, thing thing thing. Like how are you gonna get back home? So I'm like, man, we got to get a rental car. So I had just got an emacs gold card I was like im bout to use this thing you feel me?. But I went back to the car for something in a car cranked. I was like, Yo, I might make it home. It makes it home. Wow. It dies in front of my great aunts house. No lie. It

dies in front of my great auntie house. And I say Alright cool. I looked in the mirror. And I said Bro, that's a sign. I got up the next day and got this tattoo on my throat. And the reason why I got a tattoo on my throat is my logo. And I got Wall Street chap

on my collarbone is because I told myself there if I wake up any day of my life and I'm not doing this its nobody fault but my own. If I wake up doing anything other than this its nobody fault to my own. Now what does that have to do with the question you asked is simple. On your journey it sound good.

Success. Sounds amazing. Making a million dollars sounds amazing. making six figures sounds amazing. But the road to that is the most challenging. You don't want to quit you don't want to give up. That was one thing navigate that. That made me say I cool. The next thing is I'm not really tech savvy. Like

I'm Tech literate, buying tech savvy. And I remember creepy My cores. And I have to go to people like, bro like, how do I find this link? How do I do this, like I'm getting lost in emails, again, this is totally against anything that I've ever been taught the most at this point that I knew how to do was get on the iPhone, or send a text, you know, get on a computer and search something on Google, or I used to sell calls in an auction. But getting links chasing down a authentification codes, web design, I got to know how to do that. So I remember one of my partner said, Boy, life changed. Or I said, What

are you talking about? He said, bro, you got me up at seven o'clock in the morning, chasing down a link that’s a long way from being on the corners bruh. You know, I'm saying, Damn. And I was like, Man, my life is changing. So this whole information age, this whole technology thing. This was brand new to me. Like I come from hand to hand. You know, I come from Oh, hit me on the hip. So now I got to be

in front of keyboard, I got to be in front of a computer, I got to go put an email address, I got to go set up a bank account that's gonna attach this link to that link. That was Brand. I was confused. Like I get I get, I gotta get up cybersecurity like I would get headaches. And be like, I'm not doing that, man. I'm not doing it. I'm about to go do this. And I will just tell

myself, like what Nip said, like, You gone face every emotion. The thing is, I just stuck with it. And so those are just two emphasis, where me not having knowledge in certain areas could have discouraged me from doing but my will to say, You know what, like, Man is bigger than me. Like, the streets need to hear Wall Street trap. Somebody hustling needs you to find that link bruh somebody in a trap. Somebody

that's about to go to prison, somebody, they need you to keep going. They need you to get on a live and talk about it. I had women in the beginning. Who boyfriends I remember two cases specific. They boyfriend door just got kicked in. And it was

like, trap. I just need you to talk to him on the phone and let him know. He's gonna be all right. And I'm on the phone. Like, what's up? You're on a threeway like, What's up, bro? Man? Look, why are you in a man read his book, read his book, go do this. It was moments like that. That made me say, alright, we got to keep learning business. I don't care what you don't know. That's the stuff you got to learn. Like, what you

don't know can't be excuse for you not to succeed. You know, I'm saying so those were good. Yeah, just like certain stuff like that. You know, what was challenging for me in the beginning. And I had to just learn it and even now stuff be

challenging for me. Because you know, building a successful brand you always learn it. Right? You just get familiar with the pain. Be like an angle stop me. So just learning different things. You know, just like I say, I wasn't tech savvy at all. So even with graphics, what is a JPEG? Like? It may sound simple to me number. I didn't know what that was. Send

me a PNG file was that? I don't know what that is. You know, I'm saying so is it sound so simple now, but in the beginning, that was learning curve stuff. I had to get over with you know Nicky Saunders: I don't want this interview to end. So I got like, I'm being selfish. Okay. And I'm trying, everybody who

knows me is knows that I am struggling not asking a nip question. So bear with me tell me later. Everybody's like, Yo, she hasn't reacted to the nip references. Don't worry, it's coming. Um, so you have a disgusting community. For those people who don't know what that means. It's a very amazing community. Okay. Like, they will like shoot for you. It's the

craziest thing, right? Because I want no smoke. He's like the barbs and the beehive. That's how trap has his community. Let's let's get into a mini masterclass real quick. If

somebody is starting out, trying to build a community, what are some of the first steps that you did because we heard the course part, but the community is that like I said, he has bee hive vibes. It's crazy. What is like three steps which You give people on how to build a community. Wallstreet Trapper: One, I said this on a live before the book, give people the human experience. Like that's so important, because everybody want to belong to something.

Right? But we want to belong to something that we can feel something that we feel like, right? Like when we listen to rap as we listen to music, we listen to the person we feel resonates with us. Like, you can listen to them, I'm like, trash, yo, me, like, boy, yo know about this, because whatever that person is saying, He's resonate, or she's resonated with a part of your life. So for me, it was, again, I'm niche. I'm talking to the street people. This one I'm talking to, because I don't gotta sugarcoat nothing for them. They know when I say, Man, when when, when over here, that's going to trigger something that in, right, so I tell them, yo, put it on a triple beam, you got to recalibrate the scale with the nickel. You got to be a trapper to know that, you know, I'm

saying like, that's gonna hit you like, Oh, I get what he's saying. You know what I’m saying like yo the block hot. You know, it's Tuesday. You know, when people want to sleep, you got to put them things in the attic. Yo, like, put them onto the house, put them on the steps. Like don't put the procane on

that you will want that right there, like certain a certain niche of people gonna be like, Hmm, I know what he talking about. Now what happens is, as I grew, I started understanding that it was bigger than just a trap us to street people. This was everyday people that just didn't have the information. So

then I had to start doubling down on where was the neglect at and the pain points of my life? Okay, you know what it's like to steal water from your neighbor come holla at me, you know, they're like stealing electricity or come holla at me, you know, you know, I'm saying you notice like to still on the periscope. Come Harlin, like so then it was less broad than language to talk to everybody who American neglected. Huh. All right, cool. This will be talking today. So now for me it was let me not just trying to tell people about investing. But let me tell them about the blueprint that's been given to them. That was a defective blueprint. You know, the work 40 years to go to school to do this to go. Let me start pinpointing

this in a way to make people start looking at their selves like Damn. They think the way I have been lied to I do need another. What? I don't have time. What is time freedom travel? How much 24 hours do you own? Damn my own? None of mine. I cool. Like, what do you do with your money when you get it

you a consumer, your producer? But damn, I do spend my money be? I cool. So it was let me build a community based off pain points. Because trauma bonding is a thing. Right? So let me build a community built off pain points. But then let me show

them there's relief on the other side, and the relief come from learning something that you didn't know already learning something from someone who has information, but who's also living it. Because there's different behavior between somebody just having the information. Cool. The teacher in the school got the information. Right? The business teacher in school got the information on how to run a business. But does the teacher in school have a successful business? That's the key. So for me, it was alright, let me show

you that I'm investing. Let me show you. I'm making the same sacrifice that you made. Let me show you this. So when it was building the authenticity with my community, like speaking that in the language to till this day, I still answer my DMs personally. Hmm. Till this day, that was major for me. Because I even told my team that I was like, Yo, like, emails. Like I

need people to answer I can’t do that. All the time. Text messages. That's cool. DMS I will never pay nobody to ask them. I don't care how big I get. Because that's the equivalent to me keeping my ear to the streets. So me, like I take two hours out of my day every day. I'm answering DMS I'm

talking to people I'm giving again, it still doubles down on giving people the human experience. Right so I'm in the DM Yeah, what’s up what you're doing I'm cool. Say trap. I got this question. Yeah. So she got going on. And what I should do with this $100 Man, look Try to invest that man you need to invest in yourself. Go buy a

couple of books man go damn, Thank you trap, man. So I'm three years in. I'm not zero I'm 880 some 1000 followers. I'm still answering my DMs person some people don't do and one of the things that I do still was I will go in the beginning I will go on any page I could find that was talking about finances investing and I will answer all the questions they didn't answer hmm hold wait first of all you're not gonna speed past and like you didn't just say Yeah, so I was I was search hashtags, anything stocks, financial literacy, wealth, dividends, black wealth, anything I would get on a hashtag. And I will get on these pages that had all these followers. And I was just skimming through the comments I will do this while I was at work, Especially when I quit the job. I was spending hours doing

it like 234 o'clock in the morning i Everybody asleep. I'm searching through pages I used to do it all the time going in pages, go through the comments. I'm answering comments about stocks, invest in taxes, saving budgeting every page I will do at least two 300 of them to our hold the conversation in people comments. Boom so that’s why I take my comment series? You not by the comment my comment section and answer questions that I didn't answer. So I still go and I make a post my first hour that post is dedicated to answer every question replying to every person, all of that and I even went a step further. You see people doing it now. But I can I'm a I'm going to say this

I was the first person that made so if you go on my the my logo was the my emoji was the scale and abandoned house Mm hmm. I was the first part I will go in everybody thinks scale abandon house scale abandoned house scale abandoned house. I would do because I got it from Nicki Minaj I say Damn like these little unicorn Barbie things are everywhere. Like you know her tribe come through. All right, cool. How do I do that? So I will go everybody come on everybody go live. I would do a

scale traphouse scale trap house this before anybody was doing it. And it was me stamping when I enter a room stamping. You know, if you are trapper stamping it it’s like a stamp. It's like when you get a brick that got an eagle on it. So now when you do something trap, it got that scale and that traphouse on it. And that was part of me building my brand

authenticity and my tribe in the beginning all those things. And things I still do now. Mostafa Ghonim: He said, answering my DMs is the equivalent of keeping my ears to the street. He talked about

protecting your community. Aint no better way. Nicky Saunders: And let's not front , like this man doe

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