From Broke High School Kid To 7 Figure Business Owner With Sebastian Gomez | RBM E42

From Broke High School Kid To 7 Figure Business Owner With Sebastian Gomez | RBM E42

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Building, a brand takes time this is more a mindset, game that our strategy game on dropshipping. Is more sure if it's a more mechanical, process you launch six campaigns, a day you test X amount of assets you follow these steps and you can get sales on brandy, is more like than adapting a new mindset of look. I'm gonna start this today but I don't expect to get a return within the next six, months or even, a year man more, like an idea of I'm willing, to do this which, is which. Is when not a lot of people do it it's not very popular when I talk about this about it these days because the, truth is that people come to dropshipping not, because, they want to make more, money not not because they want to expand. But, because they want to make money for the first time right. Hello. And welcome to another episode of the robust marketer i am, eric dick CEO of isaac training, and, we have sebastian gomez here we're, gonna tell you a little bit about him in a second but the first thing you need to know about Sebastian is he is one of our headlining, speakers, at ecommerce mastery, live in Bangkok. Thailand, on, December, 7th, of this, year it's, going to be an amazing show it's gonna be our biggest and best show yet so if you do not have your tickets, for. Ecml, asia yet, ecommerce mastery, live asia make, sure you go to i stock training comm slash ECML - asia just, go to i stock training comm get your tickets there it's. Gonna be a heck of a show you're gonna get a little bit of a preview of what Sebastian's, gonna be talking about, Sebastian. Is someone who I met, at the Shopify. Mastermind. Event in Atlanta Georgia last year and I just found him super impressive I think he's doing you, know he started at a super young age which we'll get into it a little bit he's had a lot of success, with both dropshipping, and brand building and he's here to tell us a little bit about the way, this whole industry, is going what he's seen and, and. I'm excited for it so welcome to the robust market or Sebastian how you doing. What's. Up with something great my face a year very, cool so you are from you're. From Costa Rica which is where you are now is that was one of the things we talked about was that you were like why when you can build a business from anywhere why, would you want to move anywhere else but Costa Rica. Yeah. Like. I could, perfectly, go anywhere, but but, I want to stay here I don't know I just like it so much there's, like when you when you have a business online it's. Almost like a life hunt you know like. Like, clearly especially. In this country that everything, is nearby you have like mountains, you have like the beach volcanoes. I'm. A big fan of mountain, biking so you really, have the, best places like 40 meters away so I don't, know just in general like this, business it gives.

Me A lot of freedom that is what I want what I wanted when I was in high school right that was like my main goal and so. Yeah man I love it here, no. I said not a lot of people take take it up like a lot of people still stay you know where they are they don't they don't take which is what you're doing it's where you're from as well but, not a lot of people use the true advantage you have as a digital Nomad my um the, guy who I work with here in Victoria, who, runs. The conferences he runs all the the, the contour, the content for the conferences he just yesterday, moved to Mexico because, why not like he's fully remote at the time time zone is great too right because your your that basically the same as me, yeah. Yeah exactly and uh I actually went. To, Mexico. Like to you know like a year and. A half ago to, Cancun Riedel Academy and, I was amazed to see how many more actors go live there you know what like. I gotta carmine just because it's so nice is like the. Perfect place, for a marketer and all of people go to like. Thailand, and the Philippines really. Nice places just because, why not yeah, exactly. Okay well let's dive right into it so first of all tell, us your story you've got an interesting story you started, super early as a marketer tell us about how you started and. And you know in a nutshell how you got to where you are today. Yeah. For sure well, so basically, I, started, when I was on high school when I was around 16 years old you know like most people typing. Make money online at Google, unlike, business opportunities, like all the profitable. Keywords, that you could imagine I was typing those right, so. Like. I started hopping from one business model to the other I started with affiliate marketing and. You. Know I took, me one year to make my first sale I remember when I made my first sale it wasn't thinking like a $49, cereal I was on, my way to do. An exam math exam I was in the bus right and, I saw my email I was like I, remember, he was catching he is caught you've got, your first year I was like so, stoked but, but really it took me a year and a lot of people say like man you're so young like like. You it looks like it's overnight because I'm young but really I've been learning, everyday and doing things everyday for six years you know when I was 16. I'm 22 now so, it's, in six, years you can I mean you learn a lot of stuff and it's, not so, so you have to like also see the back.

Part And then from affiliate marketing I bought. I bought a high-ticket mastermind, online, mastermind, 5k. It, was affiliate marketing for the most part and in that mastermind. I got. The opportunity to go to an event, in Orlando they, they told me like hey there's, gonna be this awesome event it's going to be great you can be there first like why not so I went to Miami and in that event someone, spoke about e-commerce I was like man this is this. Is so smart because like, I was. I was thinking about affiliate, marketing and list building but, back then but I said like you know you know what with e-commerce that you can build your list and then, there's I was limited an affiliate market because they're not so many offers in the e-commerce it's like man you can sell anything that's just anything. Right so I was like okay you can build your list you can sell Facebook products you can it's scalable. And. It's just really, really cool so I started doing it I, started. Drop shipping that. Was December. 2016. And, I. Saw success fairly, fast like I got it pretty fast honestly, 2016. Most, people got in like, 2017. Right so, I I think, I got in pretty early and I saw. My first month I made 10,000, and say also I didn't, do that in the field in marketing so fast I was like holy this works right so. And. Then 2017. Kind of like was my breakthrough, year because I just didn't stop I said I'm living up to eight marking on the stuff on the side and I have to focus 100% on, this business model if I want to make it work and I. Made seven figures a year dr. chipping I would. Say I think multiple. But. Seven figures for sure and, and. Now, well, it's, been in commerce for, the most part right now it's just I'm focusing, more on my model and probably we're going to talk a little bit about this in a bit it's more what's. The long-term plan right because, I made a lot of money drop shipping but but then you. Know like the. Internet fluctuates, a lot Facebook, ads you, know Manik, poor mark there hit him so hard. So. Yeah my don't feel guilty I don't feel too bad for him, he's. A robot after all right. So. You started to see so when you started in 2016. With dropship me jumped in early was it literally your first store did your your, first store that you tried and, how many products like how many products did you have to test before you were like okay I've got some winners here when you say pretty early how good, was it it. Was good like I had a. Right and I was just in his events. His name is Horatio right I mean in Orlando, he made an event and I. Said you know what I learned about this business model in that event I went to Miami, but, they I know nothing, about it you know like I don't. I haven't, received any sort of training so I just sent him a message on Facebook and I knew he was making like to clear e-commerce, so, he's like you know what I'm going to see how much he charges I was his first person, that reached out to him for coaching is like give, me a hundred bucks man let's have a call one hour right so I was like sure okay, so I said I send him the money and then, Hillary and, one hour he showed me what he was doing I was like doesn't. Look so hard so I nearly I tested I think. I know it's like three or five campaigns or so and one of those was a bottle opener and he. Just started selling like I get anyway when I was doing we just started suck so I was like okay from five dollars ten dollars per day 15, 20 that, wasn't like doing I was doing was increasing the budget and it. Was so so freaking cool but obviously. Now it's not an easy right I. Got. Like I told you pretty lucky of getting in at, that time but. Nowadays, it's. Not I I think it was a lot easier for me just because I got in that precise moment, it's, like affiliate marketing you know you started in late in affiliate marketing, if you had you know you started early for dropshipping but if you had started you know I started in affiliate marketing in 2008. I'm sorry, 2007. And back, then you you know you're running like pin submits, and email submits people are paying you $3. For. Four zip code you're paying $2 for zip people zip codes and things like that and earlier, in the in you, know and it's just it's just the evolution of the space but everything, happens faster, now so whereas affiliate, marketing took five, or six years to really can constrict, you. See drop shipping this is happening, at a much faster rate, so people starting today in drop shipping are gonna run into more and more problems and this sort of leads us to the. News of the day which I wanted to cover which was a couple days ago and when Trump made, his announcement that, he was going to be ending that, two hundred and fifty year old shipping. Subsidy, from China so, what are what. Are some ways that that like obviously people, running a packets, shipping. From China we don't know exactly what what's going to impact it yet like how much it the cost is going to be but it's going to make certain business, models very difficult, to run when this comes into play would you agree I.

Do. Agree well first of all I think it's gonna get number, one more expensive, to ship to, ship from China and I. Think. The delivery times will probably be around the same I just believe that the price will go higher, in general and, it's. It's, honestly, like it's just getting started I feel like this is probably, one of the first news that we will see over time so it's not like it's you. Know like it. So it's an already developed topic I think it's just getting started like limitations. With China and everything. But, apart from that that I don't think that's the biggest problem and honestly I think I think, that's like, like. If you pay two dollars more per shipping, I mean you, know in the end of the day is paid right, but. It's, more about the, fact, that you are shipping from China the delivery times are. Know. Are pretty high there 15, 20 days realistic, we get back in write, the. Last product that was killed with drop shipping my supplier what. They did is that they have like I, don't know what, they what it is exactly but they call it like a club like. Fulfillment. Club you pay X amount of money per year and you you're. Able to join the club and have faster shipping for your customers right and, so I was using that it was not as slow. As he packet but, generally speaking with. Companies, selling the hot the bar so high you, know every time there's faster shipping with Amazon, there's, like next day shipping 3 day shipping so. Even if you get on one of these clubs like my supplier was part, of even, if you get the product in 12. Days it's, just not, it's, like okay, but it's not outstanding right and I, think that only, outstanding. Brands, will quote-unquote. Survive, in the next year's like. Like. Not good or not great like outstanding. On and it's, very hard hard to have an outstanding business, when, there's so much for us where you have no control so. For instance how I see it in my head is. That lets say a drop shipping business are several parts the, first part is the marketing, side which, is Facebook, and in, this part you have full control whoa. Quote, unquote full control because you run the ads you make the decisions, you know, how many campaigns you wanna lights and you spend as much money as you want on it right now, you don't have as much control because, of the updates right so you, know the changes on Facebook so that's that's part another, part is the fulfillment in, the fulfillment with. Dropship me definitely have very little control right, because. Of, what. First of all the quality I've. Been working with Chinese people for quite, a quite, a bit and I can tell you that even if they tell you like, good quality for. Them is, bad quality for you and great, quality for them is like okay quality for you so, in. My opinion it's just like even. If they say it's good or great you can you cannot really trust it unless you have the product in your hand right so, quality is something that unless you get the sample you won't have your have control because you can't really trust the suppliers now Express that's something. I've learned and then the delivery times when it says that the. Order. Will be fulfilled in three days it. Doesn't even mean it's going to be fulfilled in three days right because that processing. Time there's, there's, processing, time and then it's there's shipping, time right processing. Time can takes three to five days shipping time and they can, take three another three days so generally. Speaking you as a business owner well, we as business owners we want to take full control of our lives or our businesses right but, when there's so many parts where you simply have no control, of you.

Kind Of like feel like oh I have this business but I don't really control it like I run it right, but, I don't control it so, kind, of like that's been like something, that's been spinning, through my head throughout the past twelve. Months. And. That's the reason why I like. A year, ago probably I just decided to like regardless. If I have this drop shipping store on the side I cannot think that's gonna be my ten, year plan because. It's not gonna be met in your plan it's just a reality right so. I think it's changing, a lot and I think it's, people either adapt really quickly or be. Wiped out because like. You said about affiliate marketing, cpa. Offers Clickbank, offers you could sell those at Bing and Google like hotcakes like a diabetes offering man make. A lot of money right but now it's not that easy so, I, think that's that's what happened that's that's, what's happening sorry so, talk a little bit your current portfolio then, about, about what you run as an e-commerce entreprenuer, op. Shipping stuff that runs on the side but your focus has shifted more, to one or two brands that you're. Actively building, yes. Correct so so, for instance and I'm actually going to show you I have several samples. Over here which I'm going to show you in a bit so. I. Realize. This like a year ago right no. Not like yeah, like a year ago I realized, this and they said you know what building, a brand takes time this is more a mindset, game that our strategy game on drop, shipping is more strategy some more, mechanical, process you launch six campaigns, a day you test X amount of assets you follow these steps and you can get sales on branding. Is more like that adapting, a new mindset, of look. I'm going to start this today but I don't expect to get a return within the next six, months or even, a, year man because. It takes, it takes a lot more. It's. More like it's, less strategy, I. Think when you learn how to run Facebook Ads you can it's, not a big difference in, terms of branding, or drop shipping you just pick campaign. Structure is a bit different but that's not a big difference the big difference is saying you know what I'm willing to wait to, get the samples, and then I'm willing to organize let's say a photo shoot go to a nice place and nice videos that use those videos to be target and it's more like an idea of I'm willing, to do this which, is which. Is when not a lot of people do it it's not very popular when I talk about this about, it these days because the, truth is that people come to dropshipping not, because, they want to make more, money no not because they want to expand. But. Because they want to make money for the first time right usually I would, leave it to a business opportunity drop shipping it's more of a business opportunity if you think about it so, the. Branding, business model it's definitely, not a business opportunity like, a get-rich-quick, thing. So it's not very attractive, that's why not a lot of people do it so, to. Answer your question basically, I said like - oh master you know it's. Probably gonna be a slow process so, I'm just gonna keep my dropshipping store running that and. But. Knowing. In my head that my main focus is gonna be my, branded store which is women's. Fashion store right because the, drop shipping knowledge that I got I just said you know what I'm, this niche and, know how to target I know the designs I'm just gonna do, my own stuff with the same dish with the knowledge so. I that's. Basically what we, did like I mean like three, months ago would, you scale the product. To 750. K like in, 40 days and we scale that dropshipping right we actually, have. The pros over here it's like a pair of sandals right, it's really fun the, pair of sandals and, we. Saw about like 18,000. But. But then I told my team like we could, keep doing this up but I think we, should just narrow. Down our focus and, put, all our energy resources, and focus on this brand because it's gonna be worth 8 figures for sure there's, no way it's, like that's I know it's gonna happen so why don't we just hope is hard percent on this and go, that way rather not, that we cannot find something else but. Scaling one of these products in terms of cash flow and everything man it's like hundreds of thousands of dollars that maybe, we just put our focus on the brand it's gonna be worth even more right so. That's. That stuff and, so. That's kind of like the logistics, I think people can start drop shipping get.

Their Feet in the water and start. Learning getting, that experience, like. What niche works for me was try to use what designs but always having in your head like I know where it's going right yeah. You know where you're gonna want to invest long-term and, you should be thinking have that sort of light build that life raft as you're, building and learning the skills this is kind of what we advocate as well, so. I wanted to when, you're so you've got these two these two enterprises, that are sort of going and. It's cool that it makes sense that you're doing you're working in the same audience space essentially, so that you're having you know you have you're learning about the audience and learning about the products. But. Yeah, so like at what point does does do things like influencer, marketing instagram. Marketing are you still able obviously. When you're building a brand and you are, you know you want to run your social, media you want to run Instagram, as well you potentially want to work with influencers are you still working with influencers, on the, dropshipping side as well when you're not building a brand just just for like the the. Transaction. You know just for the the fact that they can drive sales still or do you only reserve that for your brand, I only. Reserve that for my brand and here here's the reason why right so with, drop shipping most. People, will never get a sample right because let's say if you're in the u.s. you can get a sample for China. Quote-unquote. Quickly, right because it's like maybe 710. Days right but if you're in a country like Costa Rica, and trust. Me like 50, percent of people sixty percent of people are international, you're never gonna get a sample in ten days it's probably gonna take a month. Right so. When. You don't order order samples it's, not realistic to tell an influencer, hey can you use my product can you use my product even like video and wear it because, like if you're under a shirt first. Of all you never know if the sizing is gonna be good or bad, high quality the.

Sizes, Are gonna be off maybe that Chinese, supplier will tell you it's your sizing but it was really agent sizing so you, cannot realistically tell, an influencer, to go on a live video to use your product if you've never seen it before it's not, if. They don't like it during the cannot show it to the audience right so. Since, this is the case what most people do an influencer, marketing the drop shipping is, going to kind of like these viral, Instagram, profiles like, the. Gadget profile, or whatever the name is of the profile where there's not a celebrity, there's not like a person, that represents the profile it's just like cool, stuff cool, memes cool, gadgets they, make a post of your product and they and you drive traffic to your store that's, how you do it will drop shipping because unless you actually get the sample, and unless, you actually know. That it's a good product you cannot send it to an influencer, right so. That's, kind of like the influencer, marketing model, for dropshipping where. You just tell, a viral. Viral, page to promote your product but when it comes to branding, you. Know the value of your product and you know it's so good because you put time into the development of the product know it's so good that you, can perfectly, go ahead to in, my in my case women's fashion we do like tropical. Designs because of Costa Rica Costa Rica is kind of like me the. What, what inspires the brand so we could perfectly go to a girl, and, does. Were hey we have these products we think they're a perfect fit for your brand you're gonna love them or gonna sell em for free and, would. You be willing to shoot a live video using, our product, and we. Just asked for for, a fee you have a fee etc. We negotiate, but in this case it's a different story because now, when. The influence, was life wearing, a product, that, that connection, between the audience is a lot different right when. Once when the celebrity, is using, the protein live video remember this person already has a relationship with your audience with their audience they. Like their audience likes. Them so if they were a product. They want to buy the product not because the product is good like.

It's Gonna be good but because, the person is wearing it right so. The, by that conversion rate is gonna be 10. Times higher, because, there's a person, there's a relationship, that happens before that, is there to back up that transaction. And. That's. So freaking powerful, and you cannot have that dropship. You don't know what you're selling so, I think it's just two different types of influencer. Marketing bottoms, right and you, just that's. Why like even for branding man like, you. Can do influencer marketing to a whole other level like the deal with the influencer, can be I'm, gonna pay you so you make the life video not, just a post deal I feed you right and I'm gonna pay you more to do that because I'm gonna make more money here's. A niche so yeah I I totally, see what you're saying it makes sense so if you're just slamming, it's if you're if you have the mindset where you're if you're slamming dropshipping products and you send it out to influencers and the, packaging, is crappy, maybe, that influencer, will and the product isn't great and you haven't seen it like maybe the influencer or the or the viral site will still throw it up there but, the connection, won't be there all that invisible, stuff of of like, wow I had a good customer experience when I received, this you, know it won't be there and so it won't be as authentic whereas, when you're building the brand you take care of the packaging, you take care of the whole customer, experience, and that is the same thing that the influencer, experiences, as well and then that will come through in their post you did like to think yeah. Exactly like trust, me. Nowadays. Influencers. Value, their audience, they. Guard them they, guard their audience with their life right like. Durty they, are they think about their audience all day like sleeping, in, the shower they're like how can I add value how can I let hype how can I get my audience, to like me so, they're never gonna be, willing to promote a shitty product on their story or on their profile, because, they don't want to ruin that relationship, with your audience like I don't, like almost anything, man I get probably. Affiliate. Offers to. Promote software's, and stuff like that every, single week and I I turned everything down because if I don't use the problem myself how. Can, I promote it to my audience it's not ethical right so, I gotta be sure that it's actually something, viable if it's valuable you, see me like talking about apps sometimes, like like. Shop message, or some apps actually maybe money but because I've used them and I'm, not gonna sell something that might, not benefit my audience and that's how influencers, think and when. You have full control over everything, you, can guarantee that I mean they're gonna like your stuff, yeah. One. Of the I had a really interesting conversation with a friend of mine Colin McGuire who, we're gonna be doing some really cool stuff with and he's, doing, influencer, marketing where. He'll he'll basically come up he'll find an influencer irreal he'll find his ideal influencer, and he'll pitch them on actually. Creating, a collection, around, that influencer, so instead of just having them use a product he basically. Gets them to do a photo shoot or a video shoot or whatever pays them whatever he has to and but, gets them to license, their image for, him to use actually, on his site not just on his ads so, then he actually gets the influencers. Promoting. The brand externally. But then when people come they see that there is a collection by this particular person, and I think I don't know I feel like for apparel there could be an interesting opportunity potentially there as well is that something you've tested or would consider testing, yeah.

Absolutely, So, there's. This brand that I follow, it's very very successful not sure though you, might know about it so putting up bracelets right oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah yeah. These. Guys they have an influencer, that's, the. Profile of the influencer, is called, dreaming out loud right, this, girl her name is Hayley and she's, been one of the top ambassadors. For. Nevada bracelets, for a long time right very, successful I would say probably the most recognized. Influencer. Because she appears everywhere, in the photos and everything the, other day I just went to her profile, and they, made a and, she has for, her personal brand she has specific, colors that she uses a color palette orange. Blue light blue that those, are the colors are define her so it makes basically, she made a deal with bracelets, where they made her, own collection with, her brand, and, she. Repo stories collection. We have we we just got stock of my own collection, of a dreaming out loud collection, Buddha bracelets, and then, like like, one day later sold out and they open, and close open and close and it's. Not because of our colors who cares about the colors is because of the relationship, that he has with horizons, so, so powerful man that's that's, so. Nice. So. One, of the things you talk a lot about it, that, you know we've in pre discussions, as well and I think you've alluded, to this early but I just wanted to make sure we put it in this way because I think it's a really good way for people to think about it is you, want people to move from being a marketer, in their business which is what happened, with the drop shipping crates because you could control the marketing, and and, you could drive sales with the marketing and then the rest of it just kind of sorted itself out you throw up a Shopify shop you plugged in over low or all these other sort of maybe aliexpress, drop shipping, sites and then, you were able to just you were able to drive the business by being a marketer but in today's day and age you say that you can't be a much you can't just be a marketer you have to think about your business like a CEO I, talk about that a little bit. So. I, say. This because when I first started I was the graphic designer the, marketer the everything. Right and. When. You're drop shipping you focus a lot on the marketing because, like 95. Percent of your traffic a drop shipping comes from Facebook and Instagram so if you're not a good marketer the traffic, that you send is not gonna be profitable, which I know, you either make money or lose money so when you have marketing, skills when you just focus on being the marketer, that's. Good because like 95, percent of the traffic comes from Facebook, or Instagram but, when it comes to branding marketing. Is, literally like, for instance I'm drop shipping let's say that you got a look at a cake, right. And. A, huge slice ninety percent of that cake will be like marketing. Right on drop shipping because. The traffic comes from Facebook or Instagram on branding, when. You bring your ecommerce, story let's say you divided cake in five. Parts 20, percent content. 20 percent for creation, 20 percent marking it divides more equally so, that's, something I realized that I was like drop, shipping I was, making a lot of money by myself, because, I was just, launched campaigns and I scale them and then I told my pas and to, help me with fulfilment etc but, when it comes to branding like there's, you.

Gotta Pay a ton of attention to the other things like you can't imagine how big, of a deal its graphic design it's. So much it's a huge deal that's why I'm telling people like fiber don't. Use fiber man because it's like you. Need someone that takes care of the whole graphic, design department, congruence. Between the store the products, post, an Instagram everything, has to be like one single organism, so what. I tell people is like you, will start realizing, that you have to become the CEO and see build a brand not, so much the marketer because the marketing is just 20%. Of that cake and not like, 90%. Of the cake I can drop seed in congruence. That's, a word I think of again and again where you know customers, are so skeptical. Maybe, they've been burned by bad you, know drop shipping businesses before or, they're like customers, they're, buying a lot still but they're getting severe, and severe and if you do not have a congruent. Brand if something, looks off their, people's spidey senses will be tingling and they'll leave your store immediate, right, where. Did you find your designer ease where you so it's design is such a powerful, resource you don't advocate Fiverr where, how did you go about finding, the. Prime, design resources for your brand, yeah. So the, thing with fiber the reason I said that is because in fiber you. Are using. Mostly, freelancers, right like. Like freelancers, like a can make a logo then can you make a post they're, gonna make a cover photo, it's not like it's, like individual, work when you treat when you treat the graphic design as individual. Stuff or, individual, tasks, you don't. Create a congruent, brand right and this is something I've learned like the difference between. Freelancer. And what, we call now a graphic, director, it's, a completely, different thing right a graphic, director, takes, care of all, the, graphic, design, vision and not so much in a specific task so, how, does this collection fit, with, the concept, of our story the story of the story how, does how. Does the Instagram, post look. Compared. To the design of the store and the collection, then. Like. Everything man like the colors the do the are the colors icon or store we're more like a tropical, vibe so, my designer was like hey, we need to remove all the black colors we need to completely, redesign that, the. Colors of the store and everything which, is what what they just finished doing and, they you, cannot have the color black on your store I was like what's, wrong it like I always used black like you know black form on this like it, just doesn't, look good for a tropical brand, it, just doesn't look good I'm like okay, like you're the boss so it's. Like this is, more like, consultant. Graphic design consultant. That takes care of the, whole big picture of the design and also, manages, the sub, graphic designers, that do that kind of like the tedious work and the time-consuming work and when. You do fiber for instance you don't have control over them like you, cannot usually, cannot get on a call with a guy in fiber so, with that that congruent, is what generates high conversion, rates like people are taking the. Newest software you. Know the u.s. scanner. Siri timer was, the latest conversions, hack honestly. Man you. Don't need any of that all you need is when, you build a truck when you build trust with your audience you have congruence, and people like your brand they're, gonna buy it not because of the scarcity timer or, the little secure. Checkout badges they were gonna buy because they like your stuff like in Sarab comm for instance they, don't have like fake scarcity stuff they just like shirt. Buy you like it you get it you, know what I mean this, is the conversion rate topic is not so much because it's. Not so much related these days on what's, the latest conversions. Hack it's more about do you have that trust with your audience and. That. Congruence. Right and when, you do have that trust it opens up a whole other world of tactics. And, of, things that you can use you mean on how to use them as well but but when you have that connection if you approach it honestly, I feel like like, I I think of a greta. Van real you, know i and, her her, v watches, brand, basically, inmate they use scarcity, but it's very real scarcity and it, works you know like and pure vida as well like they you, know what these collections, like they they make these collections they make them limited and then, scarcity, in that context, when you have a brand and when you have a connection using influencers, it just, becomes so insanely, powerful she did six, figures in a minute the first time she launched her watches, there so, yeah. Once you can level up and get a congruent.

Brand It opens up a whole world of incredibly, powerful tactics as well, yeah. Nobody is buying the fake scarce any man no yeah thank, like. Real scarcity is, when, you have real scarcity it's like come to different people, no it's crazy like giving it money you say, you're in your house and you're in your little room, and people. Will notice throughout their phone if they're getting real scarcity or thanks Carson and also, a new-build reputation, of is this, real is this brand, act does, this brand actually have real scholarship, or faith right so, for instance with, v watches. Everyone. Knows it's real right, they. Close it close when, when I wear. The bracelets, they they close they close when. You build up a reputation of real scarcity it turns out in the long run you end up making, a lot more money because, when you when you build are up maybe in the first month people are gonna be like maybe, it's fake maybe it's real let's test it out but when they get a, they realize that it's real then. Just. One because, you could literally just say. Like hey, team let's make a new shirt this is the design we're launching October let's make the anticipation. Scarcity. It's, gonna be sold out. So. When you when you reach the point man it's. Not about finding a winning product you can make any cool. Design and, he's gonna sell right. So. You. Start switching. The minds from winning products to everything. Works out of us on it right, very. Cool ok so let's let's do an example here so let's. Say that I've started a print-on-demand company. I have. A I, have different vendors plugged in and a I've got some jewelry I've got some some other things I'm going I am trying to go after a niche market a, specific, market let's say moms or, you. Know proud. Parents, essentially proud parents, of kids. What. One of the first steps in your playbook, to start creating a brand aside from having, a strong designer having a strong visual flow like what. Are the actual like tactical, steps you need to take in, order to start a brand. Right. So, the, first thing is. So. I kind, of like divide it in in ten steps and that's what I'm going to be speaking in, the events because, I said like you know what I can be talking about this brand new stuff all day but but, we really like there needs to be a way to implement all this information, and everything. Start, that the first step that I had, there. Is the brainstorm, right literally that, that's in, my opinion a tactical, step like getting a document, out on Google Drive and, literally saying so. What's, the concept of my brand what's, the targeting, the exact age range gender, water, the and then what I do a tactical, step is list of 100 keywords right, keywords, that describe your, brand so for instance if what I'm doing is a tropical brand, I'm gonna put stuff like.

Coconuts. Sam rocking, chair hammock, then, the, food that the avatar is maybe salads. Or fruits it's, just a hundred lists, of keywords that describe your, brand and then, your designs, like. Actual product designs your graphic. Design on, your store everything, even. The content on your Instagram, profile for instance everything, is gonna be according. To the those 100, keywords though. Those, 100. Keywords are basically the, it's. The what, shapes everything it's just what describes from. Graphic design to product creation to everything right so you need to have a document where. You literally say this is the document, describes, everything we will be doing from now on if you don't have the document, there's. Like I told you it's gonna be incongruent. So, that's, that's gonna be the first step. Second. Step definitely, once you have that you can have the business name and the business name needs to be definitely related to the list of keywords a list of keywords is everything even like to choose, the name I feel, he needs to be congruent, for instance this brand called sand cloud right, I know, you know I think they were in Shark Tank did they make seven, figures in this the word sand cloud, calm, so, if you take a look at the brand they support marine conservation like. You. Know like nature and all this stuff and the. Word that the, title describes. The. Concept right sand, cloud. Mean, we take care of it it's like the symbolism, behind the name and, then. Getting, the. Creative. Director, the. Creative director are is going to be creating. Proposals. For, designs and collections, not. So much like. Well design. Some designs. And maybe patters or prints like I'm talking about women's fashion for the most part but. These. Designs and this proposals, you you, will start seeing if they look good on phone cases towels. On. All. These kind of things and actually you know what, is it okay if I show you some samples just to share an idea yeah I, have some of them actually have. A. Ton of samples.

So. Basically. We. We order samples of everything right so. We. Have this if you have these designs you, take a look at this. One case for you so this is a proposal right just, like kind. Of like the leaves in a palm tree yeah, I know those things yeah so. Then, we just said that was the original proposal, for the design, but, then we, started saying okay maybe it looks cool in a tower. Yeah. The. Same thing right so. That's how you get started with, product. Develop and this stuff by the way we sprint on the Magma's printful yeah. Super, high quality and I have, on my phone I use, one of these on my phone it's really good so everything. Starts with list, of keywords business, name creative. Director, proposals. Of designs, and. And. Then, you start doing we have so much stuff we even have that like. Sweaters, and this oral Quinton Amman this is my comm these. Are like this is like a graph of the, wave patterns. Oh. That's. Like. The tide and the wave pattern stuff like that so. Yeah. Man and then with product you can do a lot of stuff like. Videos content, ambassadors, influencers. Once. You have your theme like and that's that's something that's one of the things that's super important is the angle, and I think a lot of people. It's. You have to think very carefully about like what your angle actually, is and and how you can address that angle specifically, like even, in my example, of like okay gifts. That mothers are going to buy their, daughters, is sort of is the theme of this, imaginary store, that. And, and but I don't even know if that's enough of an angle you know you have you, know you you you have this tropical, angle, like it really that seems to be like the theme of the stories like people that want to you. Know experience the tropical, vibes or, the peace of mind that you get when you're in a tropical location. How what are some steps you actually took to, like. Because not like, that's, not an interest necessarily. That you can throw on Facebook like, how did you go out and find the, people, out there who are really into, this tropical culture. Yeah. Actually I started realizing, this, when, I because. I first, I did a lot of testing, on dropshipping. Right side I saw many. Of my dishes were like mermaid dragonfly. And hippie. Bohemian never. Mind to say this stuff honestly, at this point because like this is my main focus but, when I when I started going to the Bohemian, ditch I. Started, selling a lot of products, that were like, Beach permits you know person you would word the beach and I realized that this niche is very they. Relate this. Bohemian, style to the beach and the tropics for, whatever reason I'm not an expert on Bohemians I just like sown stuff over there but, then I said like you know what I start. Selling like these shirts. And beach. Bags and sandals, that they could were on the beach and my images had like like. Those environments like tropical, so, I said I started, targeting like bohemian interest and. Keep interest and I said like these people like the beach just, gonna find which audience, likes the beach for instance, in. Our case but, from there it doesn't mean that for it for this man we have to talk about him Ian's right we could perfectly. Target how, I serve. Things snorkelling Sun tanning. So. So. Yeah man it's like it's like, that's what actually dropshipping. Got me. Apart, from money cut knowledge. Yeah. We make, better decisions, so. I think it's very valuable then knowledge that you get with drop shipping you. May not be a bohemian expert but I bet being a Costa Rican you are a Beach expert, I am. Yeah. Yeah. For sure and apart from that like even you have to do something that gets you excited right because since this is a long term strategy you. Have to find something against you pump so just the fact that for, instance we were planning a photo. Shoot to go to the beach right now it's like Rainey's horrible but they say probably next weekend or so and just. The fact that you can go on the, trip to the beach with the photographs, and the models all that stuff is like it's, cool right and, it's. Just something I like so that's where that way that's, why I started, doing this like.

Tropical Style thing like more. More, specific, than tropical, you have to be extremely specific our. Brand, is not like put our bracelets, their tropical right but. My opinion for instance they. Put our bracelets, it's, more like a Cali vibe right, California. Valley not, so much like a real Costa, Rican vibe because I live, here on my life I know what the roots and traditions, and haha of, the country so, let's say the roots and traditions of the country are reflected on our products is we're not having the Taliban which is totally different so, that's. Kind of like our inner. Inner. Concept. And it's. Very easy to create products when you have that clear, very, cool here's that here's a question you don't have to answer this if it's too specific, but the, beach is such an interesting thing because it's like a state it's a physical, location but, it's also a state of mind I think for a lot of people as they they're happy when they're thinking about the beach or when they want to go to the beach with, your targeting, and where your sales generally, come from are they from places, like California. And Costa. Rica and places that have amazing beaches or do you find that the sales come from all over the place like people like in the middle of America for instance that don't have any coast near them but they just were there sort of maybe they have a vacation coming up or they just feel good about buying beach stuff for the summer, yeah. So it's, mostly people that have, been to the beach before regardless. Of where. They are honestly, so. In. Cali there's a lot of like there's. It's kind of like split, equally in my opinion because people, in Cali for instance or in Florida, like since they're already used, to the beach they don't they're not so passionate about wearing, stuff because they're already used to it so, they're, kind of like spread through different, you know places, people that travel, have, been to the beach and they want, to be there because they present someone that lives on the city they want to maybe wear. Something of the beach just, so they can feel that, desire. To be there like many many people. I see they're working, offices, and they have this huge. This. Huge, wall art of the, beach and it doesn't, mean they live on the beach but maybe they just want to desire to be there so, it's. Also that it's also an angle right you can even use that as an angle like hey like we, desire, to be in the beach this is the perfect thing for you yeah right or or do. You wanna or, maybe like an angle for people that live over there so, more. Like equal. That's. Interesting so both yeah both people who live the that's an interesting idea that the people in Florida like they don't need to wear the. Beach on their shirt because they live the beach they're from the beach but. Uh but yeah it so it has a broad appeal regardless. Of where people are from that makes sense. Oh. Yeah. Sorry and, then the same thing for the sandals right yeah each. Product because there are open open shoes. We. Got sales really from everywhere, like New York like, everywhere, that was I was pretty amazed because I was like like. Even some cold places man I don't, know so. Yeah, I think it's like desire. Mostly, yeah, it's a state of mind very. Cool okay so you gave you gave us two items. I don't think you should give us any more if you want more of the two items you need to build to. Build a brand the brand building, boot camp as by Sebastien, Gomez you've got to come to Bangkok it's it's a beach place as well you've, got to come out to Bangkok are you gonna be doing anything so, you're coming for our event it'll be the first time in Thailand, yeah. Man you're. Gonna love it it's, gonna I'm, actually staying that.

Cool. So you'll head down to the beach and everything after the fact, yeah. Nice. Well after our Event I'm gonna be at Tim Byrd's retreat. Timbered does a retreat, in Phuket, so, if you come too okay yeah. Yeah I'll send you a link if you're interested, it's gonna it's, not really a mastermind, it's more just a social gathering he'll love that I'm plugging it on here but I went last year and it was ridiculous. Amounts of fun and, so you should either consider coming to that or. And. I bet Tim can cut you a speaker's discount because you're both speaking of that at ecommerce mess alive but. It'll be a lot of fun. Yeah. I think that's pretty much what I wanted to cover today I'm I'm super, excited for e-commerce mastery, live what's, what would what would be your plug for e-commerce mastery, lab for anyone, listening. Yeah. I think it's gonna be a great opportunity I saw that I actually. Speaking. Some. Of them I don't personally but I can tell you that the information they I've, learned a lot from them, right actually and. He's. Gonna be really really crazy so regardless, like if you're drop shipping or if you're looking to build brand or if just, want to get an extra, help. On Facebook outside, like. There's gonna be a little bit of, everything from what I've seen on the speakers and. Their. Absolute, beast and I told you I've learned a lot from them so I'm, totally a total, great. Opportunity, for anyone and I'm very. Cool wait to see someone some of you guys there okay for, sure okay there was one other thing I wanted to talk about you made a post a little while ago and I thought it was really cool I think it speaks to your mindset, as a as a solid, entrepreneur, someone who's trying to build for the long term, you made a post about an investment, that you made. Regarding. You know you've made some money in dropship and I think a lot of people who, make money in those early days if, so, many of them you won't see them again they won't be able to build a sustainable long term business, and you made a post about some what some of the things that you've done with. Your earnings, from from dropshipping, investing. Specifically, in real estate and I think that's such as a good message for people in the audience who found some success to, really make sure that they're investing, in things that have long-term potential, even outside of their business can you talk a little bit about that, yeah. So, one, of the biggest things is that I see people forget. Why. They started in the first place most, people get started online. As, a, way, or as a vehicle to gain, freedom, time, freedom location. Freedom and financial freedom, but as you start making some money you start forgetting that you started for that in the first place and you start trading the freedom that you earned for. You. Know for other stuff like most people start. Online they make money and they buy they, start spending the money in things, that in my opinion are. Like. Are not congruent with. The reason you start in the first place right so, if, you start for freedom and then you're spending, your money and starting from scratch every time then. It's. Not congruent like with the reason you started so what I'm doing is I've, always had that vision like regardless if I start, making or, no I knew, that my. My long-term goal was the freedom, right so, my, game plan is very simple my, game plan is make, money with the internet regardless if it's ecommerce, or affiliate I do some affiliate marketing, I only, promote click files but I make, somebody.

With That and regardless. Of any income, that I produce online just, goes to real estate to real estate to real estate, in. The, past twelve months I bought. Apartments which, got, me super excited because it. Was a freaking, dream of mine to get one, of those by the time I was like 20 so, and then, I just said like man. Like if I can get 3 then, by the time I'm 30 if I can get 30 and, I can just have them rent and I have them fully rented, that's real then it's like man, like real. Estate is in, my opinion the long-term plan and and my message is not like you have to go to real estate my, message is like like. Remember, the reason you start in the first place if it was for freedom if. You made 250 K don't spend that on a Lambo it's 250, K right unless. You want to be in the rat race forever and be a slave of your own business, I just think like people have to remember that stuff and. You. Know one, day you make a lot of money it's, very easy to spend the money it's a lot easier to spend the money not to make it right yes, white thank, you it and to, keep it is the hardest part and and especially if you can keep it and grow it dear, apartments, cash flow positively. Yes. What. I did is, this. Was kind of like my my, idea because. Since I'm very young I don't get his. Heart good to get credit right if. You if you've never bought anything before if you don't have any depth item or anyone money or anything the bank so you said the. First two I bought the cash right and the reason I did that was because I, wanted to have positive cash flow I do so, if one was not rented one was still producing and. By, buying. Those, cash. I was able to set. Kind of like a foundation, so, that I could, go ahead and tell the man like look I have to if for. Some reason I don't pay my credit like you can can. Just take one of them think the other ones right so. When. The third one I I, got it with credit because I want to build up my credit very very important when you're in a young age credit. So I just went ahead it was pretty, easy for me because I just said you know I already, have to and, like. This third one I just put like I think was twenty percent of minimum and then. It's rented, and is paying it's Spain, by itself. You know like it's. Just so, I'm not so, much about your, making money right now, like, I have to making positive cash flow but even if I had the three of them breaking even I'm happy because of my own free, yeah, I'm using the bank's money to be the owner of three. So, my. Game plan from now on know that I have I paid two upfront and one whose credit like, more like all of them but I'm gonna get right now are gonna be credit right, because why would I use my own money to purchase them all I needed work were the first two to set down the base and that's not that I'm just got to create credit pretty quick. Amazing. Man well good luck on your quest for 30 are these are these in Costa Rica or around the world uh. So. I want to have all my eggs in one basket like here here, I don't, know I don't trust too much the situation here for love them and make anything that happens to small country. Third-world countries are a bit more unstable so, I wanna invest in the u.s. I. Am, also on an island you. Know Prime in Victoria, British Columbia which is on an island and so I'm always hearing things about global warming and, so. I want to make sure that my investments, are diversified off, of Islands always as well, yeah. Well. Thank, you so much for coming on the podcast today I think there's a ton of really good information here I think our internet connection is breaking up a little bit so. Let's call it a day and I look forward to meeting you in Bangkok it's going to be a lot of fun for. Sure thanks, for having me here.

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