from an idea to a finished illustration

from an idea to a finished illustration

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Hi. Guys, good, afternoon today's Thursday I realize, I haven't filmed, one. Single, thing for, this week's video and I'm getting really nervous because. I. Usually have kind, of like a bunch of stuff film. But. Not this time no. So. Yeah welcome my. Hair it's, looking. Color wise okay. But. It's so dull I haven't, done anything to it in, the past week. We. Can all understand, why it's been really crazy anyway. See, you tomorrow don't do anything crazy until, tomorrow I mean you're going to see this in a couple of seconds but. Yeah. See, you tomorrow guys. Hi. Guys oh my god this is yeah. That's just my it's it's ok hi guys welcome to in. My own focus ma'am. Okay. Hmm. Hi guys, today's. Fighting I. Hope. You didn't do anything crazy in between. Thursday and Friday anyway so, today I, decided, that I'm going, to draw something because, it's penalizes, last time we. Drew something together you and I mm-hmm. So I. Asked you guys on Instagram if you could give me any suggestions for things to draw today and a. Couple. Of you guys said like it will be great if you could draw something on New York today the thing is guys I don't know if you can see now you can't, today's, been raining like crazy there's, like a thunderstorm going on right now so. No. Landscapes, today. Mmmm. I can't. Go to a coffee shop. Can. You hear that I. Don't. Think I'll be able to go home today I mean I am overreacting obviously. I, just had lunch it. Looks gross but it was actually really nice and I. Needed some sweet tangerines, for my, immune system. So, yeah today today, today I'm. All by myself you, guys look, at this amazing. Let's, see if I can do this sketch today, hopefully. We can start painting the, situation, and, finish. The final sketch artist on Monday, so. Yeah. I'm going to read your comments now and. See. What, crazy, ideas, you escaping. So. I read, all of your comments guys, and. There. Are a bunch of them so thank you so much for taking the time and writing, down a few suggestions, for me there's. A bit of everything, there. Were ideas there. There, are amazing ideas, interesting, ideas so I, think I'm, going to pick one and. This. Is I have no idea how I'm going to draw it away guys it's very dark in here I mean you can't tell because I bumped. The light up, on. My camera. Can. You hear that anyway. Give. Me a couple, of minutes so I can work on this sketch and I. Will see you very. Soon. Okay. Nice let's. See if I can share what, I've done so far I have. Three ideas that I really like and. I. Think they're really interesting, first.

Of Them is this one which is a cat, a pirate, cat with. A, goldfish. In a. Bowl. Having. Adventures I. Change. The. Ball part only because it will be more interesting for the fish to be walking, as well and I, think this can be really interesting the second idea is a bear, a bunch, of bears in a band. Playing. And doing. Stuff like that. Playing. And doing stuff like that very nice one flat. God what is wrong with me anyway. All. Of them being in a band and of. Course the, name of the band is bear trap and. There. Are other, ideas that I think they're really interesting but the other one that I liked is this one is. What. Is the name got, sailor drinking tea and, I don't know why I thought this one. Could, be really interesting so I kept, these. Three, and I started doing more sketches, for those ideas so these. Are very quick quick, sketches guys but this is the bear band. These. Are some sketches, for the goldfish. Should. I be enjoying this challenge. Hey. Anyway. I thought, this could be really interesting and, I, don't know why I think they. Could, be like a very good. Adventure. Couple like. Partners and. Yeah. Anyway. And. This, one I don't know why I thought, it could be such, a nice. This. Could be a really nice juxtaposition. It's. Not even a word in English I know it is in Spanish but like. A nice contrast, between a, monster. About killing, all human, beings and. Being. Like such a quiet morning before work I thought, it, could be nice, and, I, thought to, put like, a very Scandinavian. Kitchen, on the background I also, like, to put this detail, and okay guys know it is but, a bunch of humans. As. Next. Anyway. I, honestly. Can decide between, these, three ideas because I think they're really cool. Kudos. To everybody who. Gave. Me suggestions specially. These three people I have. An idea which one to do guys because, I feel. Very. Attracted. To all, of this so. Let's. Let's, ask add what, he thinks. She. Gave. Me nothing look. Like. In the recent old buddy, hideous. And. Traces, esta. Yeah. Indo circa a it was a lot ridicule moved on Godzilla also, il, Matto ya. Que empezar mahkumaat. But, the western side Kruger, Leonard here is the histo, como my, classical, el. Esta. Muy classically. The. Music Oh. Gracias. Alright, guys. That. Was weird anyway. I. Am. At the office right now and I just, finally. Finish filming, patron. Q&A which is about an hour long and, now, it's. Almost, twelve, o'clock, I think. Before. Lunching. Before. Leaving lunch I'm, going to work on the sketch for. Today's. Illustration, while, the video is exporting, and everything I have. No idea how long is that going, to take and, I'm really bad at sketching, while, filming, because, I get too soft conscious about it so, please, allow. Myself give. Me a couple of hours so I can work on the sketch and later. On we're, going we are going to bring together. Ok, guys I'm making, some progress the. Page as you can see is still blank. But. This. Is what I came. Up with I, am. Very bad at drawing. From. Memory guys, I don't, know if we can show you this but, on the. Way to the studio on the subway, I made. A sketch, let me see if I can find it so I don't know if you can see you. Probably can't see but, this, was my initial. Sketch, for this thing for. Demonstration, and I, don't know if you can see but the. The. Perspective, is as boring as hell because, guess. What I've never had a band before and, I have no idea why, how. Rehearsal. Studios, look like and band. Practices, look like so. This, is the moment when, you as an illustrator, have to, get. In touch with your witnesses, thinks, that there's. No way I can, draw. That what I did was, I looked for, pictures, of how. Band. Practices, looked like and they realized that it will be way, more interesting. To. Base, the illustration, on our already existing picture, than. Recreating. Every, saying from scratch on my mind because that would walk so, what I did is I based the studies I did last. Week on the, Bears, and. This is what I came up with so. This is basically the, illustration, I don't know if you can see but the. The. Base is somehow. Similar but. I love that in, this case you can see the, drums and the, whole drumming, section. Here. As a first. Layer. And then you can see all the. Ingredients. All. The band members display. There I changed, this, person. Here because I want her to, be a, keyboard. Musician. To say keyboard, a keyboard. Person, anyway and, but I remained. I changed, slightly, where. The drummer is but. I kept, the, details of the rehearsal, studio because, I love how these details, look like on the ceiling and I think it gives more, realism. Reality. We all effect to, this illustration, and it actually, looks like a band like. A rehearsal studio, I, am. Very happy that I did this guys because. It's. Very hard to. Admit. That. You have no idea how to draw a space, but.

It's Actually, the best thing you can do from the get-go because then you can look. For. References. And, inspiration. On google, or on real art pictures and I feel that gives. Your illustration, like a new, whole different, level because you're basing everything on a very. Interesting perspective, that, I honestly. Wouldn't, possibly. Like. There's no way I would have drawn, that from scratch so, there's, nothing wrong with asking. For, help and looking. For references on Google because it. Will help your illustration, so, now basically, what, I need to do is transfer, this illustration, onto. That paper I am going to use my. Trusty Goodall, prismacolor, colors. And. Once that transfer, is done I will start painting but. Before that I'm going to have lunch because I'm being hungry so I see, you after lunch and once I'm done with the skits so wait, a, second. Hi. Guys oh my, god okay. So, I. Am. At the state in which I have no idea if what I'm doing it's. Good or not I did. Have fun though although. Filming. And, painting, at the same time is always very tricky so tomorrow. I'm going to keep painting this, illustration, I think tomorrow I'm going to do all the outline and then, finally, I'm going to finish this faster because it's taking, way too long and also. Tomorrow I need to edit this video so hopefully I can finish everything tomorrow. Am i aiming too high, I. Don't. Know if this happens to everybody but I just, use my drinking. Water as my, brush. Water so, very. Good friend, anyway. Wish me luck on my Japanese class and. See. You tomorrow guys have a good night, hi. Guys good morning god, I'm, so sleepy. I am, very sleepy today am. Ia little focus I, don't. Know. Let's. Do this guy's today we need to finish this illustration, and I need to edit this video so. Let's. Freakin. Do this, right. Now. There. You go how, are you my love's I think, I'm officially done with the illustration, I mean I could keep. Tweaking, that. Bastard, forever this was, super. Fun you guys of course the, pressure of impressing, you is still there and I. Honestly, did, my best but. It. Was really fun to share all the process because I think it's so important, to if. It, if, this experiment, was successful, in one, way it, was to prove that is super, useful to have references. From pictures, from real life and. I. I. Hope I show, you some, of the process, this. Illustration, would have been super, different if I would have done everything. By. Memory, yeah, please never feel embarrassed, to use pictures as a reference, because. Illustrators. We don't do everything from. Memory that will be horrible and that's. Why even Disney. Studios, they use models, to recreate, all the movements, and they. Do study. Sketches, and they go to fields, to understand, how nature works and stuff like that so. Yeah my love's I hope you, had fun in, this video thanks so much for all your, recommendations. My, Instagram, was filled with. Your. Ideas anyway, thank you so much also to all of my pages because, you, guys they, allow me to buy, these. Wonderful. Gouache. Paintings, and art supplies and. This. Amazing paper and, pencils. And everything so thank you so much patrons for allowing me to do this, super nice quality, videos, and. For, allowing me to rent, a space such, like this gorgeous space you guys are the best so. Yeah, my love's I hope you're having a wonderful. Friday. And. A lovely weekend ahead and, I'll see you next week bye. Guys, bye bye. The, bye-bye.

2019-05-06 03:55

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Damn, I needed this in my life. I always felt embarrassed to tell people I use references for my art, because people who don't know much about it expect you to do everything from your imagination. I mean, who can draw a real looking chicken if they've never seen a chicken in their entire lives, no matter how imaginative they are? I realize more and more that it's impossible for artists to not use any source of inspiration. We are still artists. Thank you for sharing this and being so honest about your struggles, because we all have them, whether we admit it or not. And it's the first time I've watched any of your videos and your illustration looks really good and gave me a super happy vibe. It shows that you had fun making it. Keep going!

Awesome video Fran! Love it!

I‘m so relieved, I always feel super „guilty“ when using reference material.

What kind of paint do you use? I adore those colors and can never find them!

I like the style. I looked really good...^^

Eres Chilena? Juré que eras Mexicana. Compatriota, sigo tu canal and I love it♡

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Fran por que no buscas en Pinterest fotos sobre el reloj de Londres y haces algunos dibujos y te recomiendo que escuches la música lofi hip-hop es muy buena esa música ( saludos desde Medellín-Colombia

Me dio mucha risa como te dio mucha risa el dibujo del pez jajaja

When this illustration came up in your story last week on Instagram, I was listening to rock music pretty loud, so I instantly imagined the bears playing my music. It was surreal and awesome.

amo cuando hablas español

I'm sorry if someone has already asked this BUT where is your blue jacket from?! I am obsessed with it and haven't stopped thinking about it since I first saw you wearing it!

The only time when people will accept body hair

Hey Fran!!! Love your videos!! Just a quick tip for colourful hair: I've had electric purple hair for almost 5 years now. To keep the colour, I make my own colour depositing conditioner (mix a plant based colour, such as arctic fox, with a deep conditioner). It helps to keep the colour vibrant and hair healthy without doing much work

oooh PLEASE do some #misadventuremay with the cat pirate and goldfish..

Amazing work Fran

¡Qué hermoso acentoooo el chileno! ¡Muchos saludos!

Why not have Bear Trap play at a local coffee shop where the cat, fish and Godzilla are part of the audience. The cat and fish are fans of the band and Godzilla was intending on getting things done and didn’t realize they had live music... especially such loud live music?!

I always love the music choices in your videos, very happy but not distracting! And oh, that Godzilla in his kitchen...

It was really exciting hear you and Ed speaking español chileno otra vez! Lo extrañaba mucho! Greetings from Chile!

Where is the long roll of pink paper from at 0:54? Also I love your hair color so much. Please do a vid on it at some point Xo

AMO CUANDO HABLAS ESPAÑOL hahaha ademas me encanta tu acentico chileno

That bear band is lovely. Bears always look somewhat dorky and it's funny seeing them do random human stuff. I highly recommend watching some sun bear material. Sun bears have really awesome expressions and are for sure the dorkiest of all bear species (but sadly also have a very tragic history). Also want to mention that I love your videos. They have such a nice atmosphere and are motivating me to be active.

Vídeos en español pls

I would love to have the bears as an art print!

I often use my drinking water as my brush water, and sometimes I almost drink my brush water :D Spaced out illustrators is the norm I guess! haha! All the best Fran !

I love the sketches you made. They're all so interesting and creative.

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Juxtaposition...contrast with dinosaur and calm background? And, Fran, your color palette sings to me. My favorite color is periwinkle blue, and the others in this, the saturation, are fabulous. Heart heart heart! ❤❤❤

my love for your sketch studies is infinite

Hola Fran tengo una pregunta. Hace tres años cuando empecé una página de Instagram y a subir lo que hacía ponía de excusa que todavía no tenía un estilo o que no era lo suficientemente skilled para esto o aquello. Hoy crecí muchisimo ya y puedo dibujar casi cualquier cosa, tengo un estilo propio con el que estoy muy feliz y aún así todavía no hice un gran despegue y siento que ya no tengo las excusas que tenía cuando empecé. Es posible que el no hacerlo o animarse a cosas más grandes este condicionado x mi estupidez o miedo de cagarla o miedo de comprometerme a algo y que después me de paja seguirlo? Tuviste algún momento en tu historia como ilustradora en el que sabias que podias pero no lo hacías por alguna excusa estupida que venía de adentro? Y otra cosa, siento que puedo pero que para hacerlo deberia ser mi propia coach y no se si eso es posible, siento que la imposición de hacer algo nunca viene de adentro o si viene de adentro no la respeto tanto como si viene de forma externa (clientes) alguna vez tuviste problema con eso y si si, como lo resolviste? Tuviste algun enlightment que te ayudo a entrar en la onda de hacer las cosas ordenandote a vos misma sin necesitar la presion de otros?

i love the finished illustration, and the name of the band is just too cute. i'd love to see the godzilla illustration too!

Oh Fran I am LOVING your bears! :') x x

Hi Frannerd! I was wondering if someday you could talk about isolation/loneliness as a freelance artist? I don't know If you struggle with this, but I would love to hear your opinion/experiences. ❤

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It can be worse! Like when you use your brush water like drinking water. Thank you for your video and your time!

Reference is for pros


Te admiro por la seguridad que tienes en la linea, yo tendria que hacer varias lineas y borrar mucho XD

Love your choice of music! Arigato!

Your videos make me miss New York City so much. I lived there for six years, but have since moved to Austin. It's so nice to see your day to day, loved the sketches!

Wonderful illustration! Yes, it's very important for us artists to have good reference when starting a new piece. Loved watching you paint

We were talking about how artists sometimes accidentally use their drinking water to clean their brushes in class the other day and today both you and Dina did just that :o I'll bring up making all artists millionaires next class. Loved the illustration!! Thank you for sharing your process and for everything else

Your Chilean Spanish is beautiful!

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Hey Fran, loved the illustration. Gorgeous as always. Well, anything you draw is gorgeous. Watching you just sit back and paint is so soothing and I always feel better after watching your videos. Maybe next time you can draw your cats as real humans? I'd love to see that.

Hey Fran, i know this pressure very well, i face the same problem but the important thing is to draw together! Big Hug

You've got Godzilla all wrong. He's the good guy saving the planet. Humans are collateral damage and mostly when he's trying to defend himself from their attacks. He fights Mothra and the others who ARE the bad guys. So an image of him drinking tea is actually a very sweet - and correct - representation!!

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Such a fun vid! The sketches look so cool! Godzilla looks super cute!

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I used to be super self conscious about using references, but it all changed when I saw a documentary about the making of some of Disney's films and that they actually filmed actors performing and used that as a reference for the animators. I felt like if the pros at Disney are doing it, who am I not to :D :D

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I always get so motivated seeing your vlogs. Its so simple with you. You just draw and worry about regular things and make comics about it. There is no drama. It is just regular life and it is so relatable. Not many people are this domestic on youtube. I like it

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Hey Fran, you are absolutley right! It is no shame to use references, it can be sooo helpful! I love your „Bear Trap“ Band-Illustration

New subscriber here. I am Not a good artist. And too broke for buying supplies and art school. But your artwork really teachs me a lot and now i can try new things.. So thanks and take care

Hola Fran. La verdad... Estoy súper inspirada con éste video. Te sigo desde hace no sé cuántos eones cuando vivías en Alemania y es... Impresionante y muy emocionante cada vez que te veo entintar o delinear tus ilustraciones. La forma en la que tiras las líneas con tanta seguridad me hacen sentir muchísima admiración, porque todo el trabajo que has hecho durante tanto tiempo, se nota. Uuufff. Vaya que se nota. Jajaja. Me encantó la ilustración aunque Godzilla también me parecía una buena idea. ❤️

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Fran: Hi Guys! Me: Hi Fran :)

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Hey Fran! What's that thing you're unclipping from your tripod at 7:26 of the video? Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos, it's always so nice to watch them, thank you for sharing! In love with Godzilla's quiet morning (everybody needs one right :D ). Hugs from Belgium!

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