Friend Request | Web Series | E03 - Confirm or Delete | Badri, Anjali, Chote Miyan | RVCJ Originals

Friend Request | Web Series | E03 - Confirm or Delete | Badri, Anjali, Chote Miyan | RVCJ Originals

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Aditi are you okay ? Dude have you checked out this fellow's stand up? She's so good What are you doing Aditi? He did so much.. Will you take any action or not? Juhi, There's no need to take any action. He doesn't deserve my attention. So leave it.. I'm fine. Aditi, shall I tell you something? Laughing is not a solution either This is not you.

Juhi everything isn't exactly as it looks like. Right? So stop giving me this shit So what should we do now? Nothing He did message me And I've blocked him And you know what, I don't want to talk about that guy He has deleted the post. He might have gotten frightened Anyway, boys never stick to their words They're all scared.

It's good we got to know his true colours I'm the one who always gives advice This time it happened with me.. vikram In Vikram and vetal… Vetal looked like me right? Right Vikram? His actions were also like you idiot How is it my fault! Y'all didn't tell me anything Even he didn't know Arey even he… Sorry Sorry Why are you telling me? Tell him Yeah I apologize to him as well Vikram, sorry I didn't know man that there's something between y'all I thought, I was responsible for saving all our self respect Like always isn't it? Really. I'm apologizing man. Didn't I apologize? Do one thing, hit me You hit me You hit me as well Tell that girl to hit me as well All of y'all hit me Come, hit me Y'all have pulled this so far man Hey! What hey!!! Hit him Hit him Munni, is it the first time you're messing things? Yeah? What? No, I mean, this one is for the first time right So idiot why are you apologizing? In that case, why did y'all hit me? You are supposed to be beaten up You deserved the beating Vikram, let it go man What's done is done What can we do about it Let it go man No dude, not this time I want to apologize to her And you're the one always telling me right That I keep missing my train But not this time around Since when did you start taking my words seriously? You say the right things too once in a while We're in this together Munni Munni Don't spoil the moment Go make us some tea This is good too life long company I was late to tell Shikha Not this time good Where's our tea? It boiled over So what were you doing standing there Arey it was happening on top So I couldn't see it So I got whatever was left Nice Atleast something good happened What happened I had invested in Octafx right I got the profit Vikram, how is your investment going? Dude damn nice I got a profit of 30k in trading 30 and that too thousand? Treat us then No. I was using the demo account that's why I'm thinking to shift on to real account Real profit too Go for it I removed 25 thousand yesterday Look at this They have net banking, UPI, Paytm and MasterCard option So it becomes quite easy to withdraw cash If only it was as simple as this, to talk to Aditi So why are you taking tension She has blocked the both of us right Message her from Dhannu's id Go on do it You've boiled your brain along with the tea? Message her from any id, in the end you'll get blocked only right Yeah.. smart

You're right Dhannu Message isn't going to cut it I'll have to clear it face to face She isn't replying to your message How will she meet you And how will we find out her address We'll find something or the other on her profile Yeahh just don't get my id blocked She'd been to chowpatty Yeahh it's written 2 days ago Taj Mahal Rishikesh Check out the mutual friends Man how will we find it man Aditi Shah Daughter of Dr. MC Shah Lig college Mechanical branch Roll no 62 Hometown Gwalior 72 B, behind railway station What are you looking like that If Munni messed it up, he'll only clear it too Yeah? Claps.. why are you looking like this Didn't I always say he's got a bad reputation for a reason? You reached till her area Now tell me where does she stay here That, I don't know So how will we find that out Follow me Come on, uncle knows everything He's been sitting here since the cmege started Uncle! Why are you shouting? Don't you know it's a Sunday Sunday college is shut Leave Let College go to hell You first tell us have you ever seen her? Have you seen her? Look Look at it closely Who is she? Didn't I tell you to find a famous girl? Uncle, tell me Have you seen her? Her?!! She is Sonam! Sonam! Who doesn't know her? well done mahn fun is different Wait for me Shall I give another idea? Do you think Munni can do anything? Munni wasn't wrong Everyone goes for coaching We'll get something or the other Dude dude dude! What did you get? Brochure Dude the fees are so cheap Let's take admission here for the next semester There's a discount on getting friends too Did you find out anything about Aditi? Who Aditi? Oh right right. No

He's such an idiot man Arey but brochure.. Show me.. It's so cheap man I know right Dude this is for MBA idiot No wonder he was abusing Let's take an admission for MBA? So what's the plan? There’s no plan Are you missing someone? Why would i miss him? But I didn’t even take his name.

Anyway, Let’s drink? Drink? Yeah drink… Do only boys have the copyright to drink after a heartbreak? First of all, I haven’t had a heart break This is even better news right? Lets drink on that note I’ve carefully brought it hiding from the watchman Remove the glass! Dhannu, come on. Let’s leave from here I don’t trust Munni Come What are you saying man I’m telling you we won’t find anything I trust him Munni, you’re sure this is the place? Yeah.. it looks like this one probably Probably? he feels No. not probably. It’s this one only

How? Hello? Hello sir I’m speaking from yellow delivery I’ve got a parcel for Aditi Shah Her phone number is unreachable She has given your contact number as alternate Can you please confirm the address? The nashik address right? Okay note it down 312, 183, RIshi Nagar Okay okay And by when will this be delivered? It’ll be delivered right now Now why would her father lie? Look at this.. Vicky, tell me what should we do? come we’ll come tomorrow Yeah, we’ll come tomorrow morning Come Munni Munni? Have you gone mad? Get away! What happened? There’s no one What if someone came? Are you mad? There’s only two more rooms left Let’s check them out quickly Why are you doing this man? Keep quiet and check You check that one Come on she went Bahadur switch off this light ...are you nuts im getting disturbed you come come Anjali! Anjali! Idiot.. Aditi! Aditi! Aditi!! Aditi!! Vikram? Hi! Uncle, I know him, he’s a friend Hers We’re coming come come You said uncle’s a government officer So military people aren’t government officers? Ask uncle itself Hey uncle! So? Is this a new trick to trouble people? First stalk them and then run behind them You’re quite cheap aditi I’ve come to meet you but not to trouble you Really? So you’re here to apologise? Yeah..

Great! First commit a mistake and then apologise Come on… get started I didn’t put that video Aditi Munni put it up from my id I mean Manoj.. I was unaware he would do something like this So then i was unnecessarily angry Right? No man. Your anger was warranted If the roles were reversed, I would’ve done the same thing I’m sorry Munni was unaware about all this And he wouldn’t have done it if he knew I was saying the same thing If you had informed, none of this would have happened Great the.. Problem solved Come on.. Come on

Aditi, why’re you doing this? I did apologise right So? So then.. So then what? You told me the truth and I accept your apology End of story That’s it I mean.. What next? what next He’s asking if you’ll meet him or no? Hi guys I’m Aditi.. Juhi

Hi.. 982675… Dheeraj.. You told me your side of the story that doesn’t mean I’ll instantly start believing you We’ve had a lot of fights and misunderstandings in the last few days So it’s best to end it right here Right? Yeah you’re right.. I know you can’t believe someone you met on social media right away Great.. At least we’re on the same page about one thing Right but not anymore While talking to you I didn’t feel it was someone fake or unknown The feeling was mutual but not anymore People on social media have the same number of filters on their behaviours as their displays So we can’t trust them even if we wish to I guess you’re right I’ll take a leave then I’m sorry for everything Hi.. Vikram SIngh And you? Aditi Shah..

Nice name.. Can i take your 5 minutes Aditi? No… I’m getting too late and.. No no no I’ll handle the colonel Y’all carry on with the roleplay Do y’all have beer? I swear she’s absolutely my type I won’t take more than 5 minutes So is this your habit? To trouble girls at midnight? You can say that..But not to trouble I’m actually a bit old school So I like talking face to face.. Person to person So you’re old school? Yeah.. Since the beginning Actualy, someone once told me People on social media have the same number of filters on their behaviours as their displays What do you think? I don’t think so You can fake it even this way How do I trust you? Exactly You can’t believe even this way right? Vikram why are you trying so hard? I don’t know man I haven’t even done anything like this before They know it too But my heart made me do it I just don’t want to repeat the same mistake again And I know this feeling isn’t one sided I guess my time is up It was nice meeting you Aditi

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