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USA helping you get paid every day this is the dose, of Bitcoin. The creased off crypto, is your boy B cape and if you don't like me you must, not like money thank, you for joining me everybody today is January. 16th. 2018. And as. You know, big. Coin is, getting. Dropped, kick down the charts right now sitting. Right above. $11,000. Just. Think 2-3. Weeks ago we was trying to crack. 20,000. Then, it got cracked, upside, the head and dropped kick karate, chop down half his size but. I tell you what, you. Don't saying when, other people running in one direction I turn around I stop and I look I say well what can I do we can where's, the opportunity. How can I make this, beneficial. Instead. Of a detriment, you, know and as you and as long as you have that positivity, about you as long as you take this as a opportunity, to, one learn to, participate. Three, profit. Then. You, will be in a much better situation, regardless. Of the outcome as as as, as, it unfolds. This. Is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK you know me as the crypto, traitor and I am the boasts. Of these, charts as you would soon find out every. Day I graced. This microphone, with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result and today, is no exception, so, if you're just now tuning. In you. Might want to go ahead and, smash. That, subscribe, button you know I'm saying. 21,000. I believe at this point, subscribers. You know growing every day 200, countries and Counting we are empowering. The, world through. Fractal. Harmonics and. Financial. Trend. Forecasting. Is pretty, amazing thing right, so. Now we're gonna jump over into our, Facebook. Group it, is, called the, number, one Bitcoin group in the world just, type it in on Facebook, that is really, the name hashtag. One. Bitcoin. And since. Today is. January. 16th. I'm, an add up those numbers 1, 1, 2 6, 8, let's go 8 from the top and pick our winner for some free aetherium 1, 2, 3, 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. And. I believe I said I was picking 2 people today so. We go go 8 again from Allen so, Allen. Samia. Cerium, wallet, and I know I misspelled, it but that's ok let's count down again 1, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. BAM. Lime tape what's. Going on I. Mean. Do me a favor you guys send me your wallet. And, I will send you a couple bucks of F as a token of my appreciation every, day I try to give away 5 10 you know. Some. Times more this weekend I gave away a couple hundred dollars for our. Community. Appreciation, video you, know, that's. My goal if that's, the price I got to pay to empower. The, world then by golly I'll pay it you know I'm saying and everybody, will be better off if that's all it take five ten dollars a day to teach people that they could make some money in the markets and changed a life well well guess what I'll put that down seven, days a week you. Know and, that's. And that's what we got coming my man Ronald, just jumped in the chat you, know I'm saying I ain't seen you in a while what's going on thank you big. Rhyme longtime supporter, just showing you some love as well thank you sir for. That support you, know and it's just that easy guys the money that I get you, know in the chat and you know the super chat and you know different things like this a lot of it I turned right back around and, give out on this channel so again if you haven't done it already, jump. In our, Facebook. Group right, there there. Is a link in, the description, and called the number one Bitcoin group, in the world, the. Post right there this is our video and let's. Go ahead and make, this. Money. What's. Up. Who. Wants a free Bitcoin. Yawns Ann ooh. Moaning. They. Giving it away who owned it Wall. Street is giving, out money every day who owned it you know, I tell. You what when I was sitting in the classroom listening. How. To trade. Thirty years of my life for it for a salary and a pension, you. Know I. Forgot. The fact that when you have so much money you got to give some of it away it. Just slipped through the cracks right and that's. Exactly what. We take advantage of with the seven over to 77, as long as Wall Street has all the money which they do ninety, seven percent of, all money is owned by banks and. They're. Dumb enough to speculate. On it trade, on it you. Know think they could make more on the market well guess what by golly we dumb enough they used us seven and seventy seven and take it right back this. Is guaranteed. Money, as long as they are the seventy, seven by definition. We. Will beat them when, we use the seven is. Just. Simple mathematics you guys they. Can't beat us ever. Ever. Ever ever, ever. But. In the meantime let's, make some quick money and let's, show you a few tools, you can use, right.

Now Today, right now to. Uh maximize. Your effectiveness at, getting some of his money back compliments. Of. Google. So. In, actuality. This. Is platforms. That, Google has that, we will be looking at right now to. Uh, facilitate. Our. Process. Of, accumulating. Bitcoin. Against. The market right. And. So, what I'm gonna do. I'm. Gonna go. I'm. Going to show you how this works out it's two or three tools I'm gonna show you depending on how much time we got. But. It was interesting, um, you know Sydney I told you guys a you know sitting it sitting down at notre-dame I actually had. A few, lectures. From the. Think. It was director of operations, for North America, for Google and, he came in our class just, showed us all these you know low platforms, that they have for people to use this is public, knowledge that's thing about Google the only way it works is because it's public knowledge you. Can. You. Know leverage. Any other, data that Google has right, as, long as you know how to use it, right. One of them. Is. That there's a little search bar right, there right. There, nobody. Ever really does this right this. Is called sentiment. Analysis. Just. By typing, in. Bitcoin. You. Can begin to understand. The. Sentiment. How do people, feel about it. What. Are they thinking what is the first. Searched. Term. Well those to our mind so, we can just remove those right away. But. When. People type in Bitcoin what comes next right you, can say you. Can you can even phrase questions, why I. Is. It. Coin. Meaning. You do something like that look. At that why. Is Bitcoin Google. Fill in the blank why. Is Bitcoin dropping, why is it going up why is it falling why is it worth money why is it so expensive right. This, begins, to give you an idea of the. Collective consciousness. That represents. All those little bitty candles, we. See on the chart because. The same people, that's. Buying, those candles, you know the, same people engaged in the market, that feels those candles, are the same people that's researching, Bitcoin, before it comes up right. Um. Let's. See. Right. And so that just begins, to show you you. Know. The. Capabilities. Of. Qualitative. Assessment. So. You can see just by just by these two right, now well really honestly. Right right there BAM why is Bitcoin dropping, that means it's so many it's more people concerned, about it going down than they are about, it going up and if. We just take two out of three two. Out of top three terms are negative. In. Connotation. Which. Means the impact, on that market should be you, know negative. As well right, like, attracts like if you, are fearful. Then. More. Likely you'll attract, things. That you actually fear right why is Bitcoin dropping. Why is it falling guess, what that's. Exactly what is doing, thank. You yeah, I. Think. Therefore I am like this is where it comes from. But. With. That being said that's just one tool you guys to. Start, to put together a, little. Bit of depth to, your. Eclectic. Understanding. Of the market right, and, now. Let's check out a few, more let's. Bring this over a little bit. Somebody. Just said it in the Czech y'all beat me to it I'm getting, there don't, give away don't, give it away don't put the cart before the horse let me build it up. Another, thing, you. Can you can click on which. Is dynamic. Sentiment. Kind of builds it all together is, Google. News right, I'm, not one to take. Too much time listening, to the bobbleheads but on days like today when. You know major things, are happening in the market I just like to know the general energy, the, feeling, the emotion. Behind, it, right because a lot of times that will point you in the direction of, the underlying. Correlation. Right, and maybe if you can pinpoint, the, time in that correlation, when that event happened, you can therefore, pinpoint. A time to where it'll end right and we will get there trust me on this, video right, so, you're just again type in Bitcoin go over to Google News, know, and here, they have the. Latest events, from. Twitter you, know major major, bobblehead. Media. Organizations. Right. This person, CNBC. Claims Bitcoin, futures dropped 20%. Digital. Currency six week low twelve. Reasons it could fall below $1,000. This person should be fired, from. Forbes but again, you gotta take it for what it's worth but Forbes magazine, is one of the top, publications. In the world and, this idiot, said it could drop below a set of thousand dollars here's 12, reasons. You. Know I'm saying so it's like you, know these, are all. Built. Into the market, right but, then here you go to two, to two stories later Bitcoin headed to a hundred, thousand and 2018, you. Know which one is it who knows you. Know this. Is what the market has built, into every, single, candle.

Every Single exchange every, single transaction has, accounted, for every, single one of these stories every single one of these fear, uncertainties. Doubts love, eclectic. You, know moments. Right, and so. It's good just from a high level to kind of browse, through and say okay well as a positive or net ah drug, money no we don't want that no you. Know. And. A. Lot of times you can just tell from the top two or three you. Know which direction the. Market is being, pushed. To right which way which way it's being, suggested. Right, six. Week low breaks. Under weight, of regulatory, right, you know I'm saying. Fall. Below a thousand. So that tells you right now it's top down pressure, on this thing which comes from a negative, sentiment. Association. Right. Let. Me see if it pops up because. Last time when I had. Typed. In that Bitcoin, price. Another. Thing popped up but we'll come to that at, the end and the, last one. Of the other things I wanted to show you guys and this. One is actually really cool this is why I did, this video. It's. Called Google Trends, right. Again. All this is free accessible. Information. Type. It in you can literally look up any. Google. Search you want and they, will show you the. History, of that search basically, chart it out for you and let you look at how, many people searched it when did they search it how popular is it boom boom boom right so. Again they have these bubble, here globetrotter distractions, that they want you to look at we. Don't need to do that we're, focused on money not on distraction, so you don't need to look that up you don't need to click on that one don't do it just. A waste of your time but. Here you go here you go look at this though look at this story's trending now. Hmm. Well. That's the first time I've actually seen two, of the top three. Charts. On, crypto. Currency. Guess. What else is up there another. Bobble head distraction. So. This is just something to take note of, one. Of the things I like, to do. Is really, look, at all of the, big variables, right, so, one, term, is, Bitcoin. Right. So. Let's just type that in so we kind of get a baseline, of what the. Market looks like. For, Bitcoin, searches, right. We can see that we kind of hit a high point right there May. 27th. Let's, write that date now May, 27. With. Like a relative, high point, for. Searches. All. Right then it came back down, again down again down again and bam did this double top again what did I tell you about the double top formation, right, there September. 16. Hit, another one and. And most recently, had another double top right there bam bam December. 23rd. Right. So. I'm just gonna write those days down. And. Let's, jump over to. Join. Market, cap. Let's. See if those days have any significance. Become. Bitcoin start. Everything. Was after me. But. We can just go. One. Year. And. We. Said May. 27th. Let's. Shrink, that down a little bit. May. 27th. Right, around that time is, when interest, stopped, in that. Bitcoin, search you see that I, was. Kind of this first peak right here right, it went from 11 to, 19. Back. Down to 13 May 28th, it was done, what. Did the price do. May. 27th. At, the most searches Oh. A. Little. Too late. So. What does that mean that. Means that week, was. When the interest, peaked, right. Between, May 21st, and May 27th. The. Market, got tired of searching for Bitcoin right, May 21st. Bitcoin. $2,000. May. 25th. Bitcoin. $2,500. 27th. BAM, go to sleep right. So, you can start to use Google Trends to. Understand. The. Limits, of interest. And therefore. Engagement. In cycles. In the market same thing let's look at September 10th. To September, 16th. Slide. This down a little bit. Look, at this. September. 10th Bitcoin. 4000. September. 16th, Bitcoin. 3000, then, look like much but during that time was.

Actually From. Five grand, bag down almost, 32, I remember. That a lot of people a lot of people were kind of scared that time, right. So. Again Google Trends almost nails that segment, right there and then it slowly picks, back up right. Until, what was the last one December, 23rd. Look, at that. 20th. 23rd. We're at 15. -. And. That. Was the ending, day I'm pretty sure, so actually we started right here between December. 3rd. We, started to go down we hit a little bubble, there and December. 17th, so. Essentially. The 3rd to the 17th, was a rather. Double. Bubble there December. 17th, let's look at that. Hmm. Look, at that Wow, that's, when it peaked out literally, like that's when. People stopped searching, for something that means they're no longer interested in it right. I guarantee, you every hedge, fund manager, was looking, up Bitcoin, at this moment, in time because. They were like oh my god we're about to break 20,000 we, should have got in I told, my manager buy it at 3 grand he did it, we. Bought it at 12 now. We're at 19 what do we do, yeah. Literally. What people do because. People don't know because. People people's. Wall Street chooses not to understand. That. Everything is interconnected they, choose to understand, the moment and may operate, for a profit, most of every, entity. Listed, on Wall Street is a corporation. By definition it is a dead, entity. Corporation. So. It has no. Collective. Eclectic. Understand. Right. Or. In actuality we as you, know. Like-minded. Individuals can, see that, this was the end of one cycle the beginning, of another. And. This. Was probably not the best time to buy remember, guys I tell you every single day we buy in. The. Red and. We. Sell in the green right. And. So. You can see firsthand just. Off you, know this little Google Trends chart you. Could have made you could have you could have swung between 40 and 60% Bitcoin. Just by selling the relative highs. Right. That's. It free. Bitcoin free money Google, Trends right now check this out. Let's. Look up Bitcoin. I don't. Know if you guys notice what was the second, phrase. Most used after Bitcoin anybody. Remember. I'm. In the chat right now did anybody remember if you type in Bitcoin on Google what word, auto-populates. Most. Often. Right. There Bitcoin. Price. But. Let's take. This one off. Right. Because Bitcoin price is kind of like the natural, feel.

For Bitcoin, I guess traders, are more, interested in Bitcoin price, than they are Bitcoin. Right. Because. They need to know how much money they got on the table. So. Bitcoin, price. Equals. Bitcoin, for traders, let's. Compare it for, this one. Check. This out look. At, this these. Things almost. Mirror. Each other on influx, points. Just. Based off the natural, selection, of. The. Market. June. 11th. Aetherium. Capped out at. Actually. Let's go all the way back here, when. Was this. May. 21st. Aetherium, took, off with, it with, respect, to Bitcoin, searches, so. Let's just pull up F. And. Look at the chart, May. 21st. Look, at that. No. They, one year. May. 21st, is when the etherium, charts aetherium. Searches, took off. May. 21st. What, happened. Aetherium. Broke through, all-time. Highs of. $120. All the. Way up to 380. Dollars On June. 18th. What. Does the chart look like. Aetherium. Going, up every, single week to win June. 17th, and. It goes right back down, what. Happened, on. July. 30th, Bitcoin. Was hired in aetherium hmm. That's. Interesting. What. Happened on. July. 30th. We. Basically broke support, here for those of you to know technical, analysis, I can't, let. Me see if I could do this real quick. This. Was basically a. Support. Line for us and. Right, around that time we, broke support. Only. To go down, right. Around right right, exactly right around that time right. When those paths crossed is when aetherium broke support, went, all the way down and most, recently, has, started to go up what happened, right around the middle of November you. Guessed it ching ching ching, back. Up BAM. Right. This. Is in Google Trends this is a collective, conscience, this is people, typing. In the Google, self-interested. Biased, inherently, greedy fearful. Uncertain, and doubt. It this is people. You. Can use Google to make free money all you have to do is sell to highs by the lows. Notice. The crosses does, that sound familiar. Right. And. So there you go there, you go now we're in a situation, right. Over here to. Where they're. About to cross again but, what's gonna happen theorems. About the B Morris search then bitcoin probably, inside of a week, what. Does that mean. What. Does that look like. What. Can we expect. We. Can expect, a. Break. From. The norm and, Bitcoin. More than likely will be. Testing. Support. Right. There. Right. There, right right around that. Segment, and aetherium. Will. Be breaking through it right. And. I. Noticed is on coin market cap this is basically a freehand. Drawing. But. You can see that we have a downward, Channel and Bitcoin. We, have an upward. Channel. On. Aetherium and. More. Than likely just. Like they crossed over here. They're. Gonna cross again right, over here. So. For the foreseeable future probably, two to three months all you got to do is look at well how long that this cycle lasts it started in July and lasted. Through you. Know January, for. The foreseeable, that time segment doubled out that's. When ethereum will be more searched than Bitcoin which, in, turn, more. Than likely will mean that it will out pace. Bitcoins. Growth, what. Does that look like on the chart that, looks like the seven above the 77. And the 77. Above the 231. And, that. Is how you use. Google to. Make you some free BTC. Like. A pulse. Oh. Yeah. I'm saying everybody everybody, is jumping, on on these, videos right now, to. Try. To figure out what, happened, then you know, what Roger ver said whoo, tweeted. You know what missile. Got shot down over Hawaii I'm not here to do none of that you, know I'm saying all I'm saying is that, look at the, data look. At the, numbers, look, for, the patterns, and when, you do that when. You cut the TV off and cut. The numbers on. Everything. Starts to make sense when, you sit there and listen to the bobbleheads, on on TV, talk for 24 hours a day don't nothing make sense and that's exactly where they want you fat dumb and stupid, no. But I tell you something we as a people are a little bit smarter than that because we that we as a people are the one that built those satellites, that that put, the, infrastructure, together that paved the way for society. To be moved forward. And. This black chain is the latest iteration of, that process, right, and Google. Has. All that information available. And accessible free. Of charge. Right. And, that's. Why we use it to make money, because, if these fools are dumb enough to bet against us then we dumb enough to take it. We. Use the 7 to 77 we look behind the scenes to understand. The collective, conscious what do the people, think, right.

And When. We understand, that now we now we know what we looking for on the charts and I, guarantee you over, the next three months F we'll be beating Bitcoin, on. Average. Why, because. The people, expect. It to, happen this is all ready, written. Just. Like we draw our basic trend lines. We. Got a baseline right there. Bitcoins. Gonna do something, like that and. Inside. Of. Two, or three ticks. That. That shift will happen. And. So. A lot of people are asking what should they look to buy well this is probably something you want to look to something. That is naturally, on track to beat Bitcoin. We don't care about dollars, we care about Bitcoin, so if you buy a theory them over, the next month or so you will, be accumulating. More Bitcoin. As a result and then, when Bitcoin comes back you. Know and the circle-jerk boys on Wall Street want to put their money into it and that's, when the dollars will flow, back into it I don't, care about dollars if dollars were made to get you rich you'd already be, rich so. Let's transition, our value let's look to something you, know that. Has a, foreseeable. Future, and a, scalable, interface. And protocol and technology, and let's. Put our value into that right. That. Being said that's all I got for this video I just wanted to be real quick to the point you. Know I didn't want to do any charts for a reason, because you don't need, the charts if you understand, the. Collective. Right. That's. The biggest thing so if you are in the chat right now do me a favor shout your country out I'm coming back in 30 seconds. But you guys if you are new to the scene you know I'm saying glad, to have you on board welcome. To the money team is just that easy to get paid baby you go to a boss up Bitcoin. Comm you go see my man on the right hand side suited, and booted looking. Like the American, Dream they say there's a hard job being a boss, somebody. Got to do it I think, he'd do it pretty well number. One Bitcoin group, in the world the doors are always open 20 thousand members and it's, 100%, free. Crypto. Police report is really, one. Of the best lists, I've, been, able to put together and I'll tell you a secret a, theorem, is on that list if Bitcoin. Is gold then aetherium is steel. Right, and we are rebuilding, civilization. So, if all you engineers out, there you understand, what Steel's did for, the Industrial, Revolution well. Aetherium. Is steel right. So. We had the gold rush you, know of. 2014. 2012. And now we bout to have the Industrial Revolution all, back-to-back, rolled, up together called Bitcoin and ethereal, crip topless report ten coins that will change, the future we will be looking at a trillion. Dollar market cap before the end of this year so if you are just getting set up you, know thirty-five dollars this list will be yours and you will see inside. The, building of that process, the dream team also, made up of a lot of great coins most. Of them down 40 50 60 % right now and. A. Lot of goodbyes on that list as well, so. With that being said let's go ahead and. Jump. Into our chat, right now, to. See who we got rocking. Out with, us. Right now. Miss. 90 crypto hold it down for New Zealand I know big shot boss walking, on the, west coast Market Ranger, was going, on here. We go Australia. Canada who, saw Oh 8 10. Colorado. In the building Utah.

Sac Town. Is. Big, right now Miami, Beach Juan Carlos. I gotta, get his man a blue. Font is. Our latest mine to the group mr. Juan Carlos. Thank. You for you do sir I appreciate, the support. Big, shot what up. ATL. Via Amsterdam. George. And Mexico, Viva, one time what's going on Phoenix. Let's. See let's see now. I'm saying Chula wanted to come say hi so let's. Go ahead and give, her some face time he's. Been over there chillin the old table she. Just got up and wanted, to come say hello ah. Poland. Shout. Out shout out, shout out the in - - let. Me go ahead and jump over here I forgot, I completely forgot about this um. Let's. See let's see, see. Because. I. Always. You, know always like to reach. Out to the people that reach out to me you know so shout out the miss miss. Barbara, over there I in - who, was on the Huffington Post's top. 99 I think it's uh women. You know women in business and tech finance, something like that but, it was it was really amazing just being able to travel. Over there learn about the country to team you. Know and I know she's doing a lot of great things and has ICO. Will. Be launched well the ICO is done but the token will, be launched, on hit, BTC, I think January 23rd. I want to say I'll talk more about it but. It will be this month so that's very exciting shout out to Barbara. Congratulations. You know on a successful project successful, launch you. Know and thank you for having me involved right Tula, Tula appreciates, it as well, we. Get to let in the s okay. There. We go. Cool. Good, deal with, that being say guys it's that time of the day, signing. Out this dumb, boss, boy. BK, and. Tula. No. Matter where you stay for zo2 bay california, and. I good morning and good day thank. You for joining me thank you for your time like. Subscribe, and share. Text, this video to somebody who care about do, that for me if you appreciate my till, we meet again stay cryptic y'all babes.

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