Frank William Abagnale: Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot... (Not)

Frank William Abagnale: Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot... (Not)

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This video is brought to you by Squarespace whether, you need a domain, a website, or an online store make, it with Squarespace, check out Squarespace calm for a free trial you can find a link, in the description below he. Achieved legendary status amongst. Conmen by pulling off some of the most outrageous brazen. And, unbelievable. Deceits in the history, of fraud by, the age of 21 he had impersonated, a Pan Am pilot a pediatric, supervising, doctor and a lawyer charming, everyone, he met and bouncing. Checks all over the world in this week's biographic. S-- we take a look at the incredible story, of Frank, William, Abagnale. Frank. William Abagnale was born on April the 27th, 1948. In New Rochelle New York, named, after his father who, owned a stationery business Frank was the third of four children his mother Paulette was a French Algerian. Extraction, the couple met while Frank's senior was on active service in Algiers during World War two they, were soon, married despite, a thirteen year age gap frank senior proved to be a very successful businessman. With the stationery, store doing exceptionally. Well as, a result the family lived in a large home and although the Abagnale, were by no means rich Frank, jr. and his siblings had a comfortable childhood. Frank. Attended I known a Catholic, school in Westchester, New York and this world was turned upside down in 1960. When, his parents separated this came as a, shock to, all the children he thought that their mother was a contented, housewife, who had everything, she ever wanted, however Frank senior was active in local politics, he was active, in the management's of the New York Yacht Club and he also is a very keen deep-sea fishermen all of these interests, meant that he was often away from home one day he came home from an overseas marlin fishing adventure, to find that his wife and kids had, simply moved out, Frank Xenia he was crushed, by the separation, he deeply loved his wife and fought, to get her back until the day that he died the Paulette's mines it, was made up as a sign of Independence she enrolled, in dental college and began building a life of her own Frank, Xenia he recruited jr. to help him win back Paulette's, affections, he would give us some gifts to pass on schooling, him on what to say and how to say it but, Paul s she. Wouldn't budge the couple divorced when, Frank was only 14. Unlike. His siblings Frank chose to live with his father this opens up a whole new world for the teenager who had been used to a regimented. And disciplines, life with his mother tagging. Along with his dad he began spending time in the bars around New York as Frank senior wheeled and dealed amongst. The city's businessmen, and politicians the. Experience, it quickly made the boy very streetwise, it was around this time that Frank, began to skip school in order to run with a handful, of local Punk's who were like him from dysfunctional families. And they were looking, for some way to express. Their frustrations, Frank, who was bigger, and more mature looking than his associates, which was handy, when it came to playing hooky, he was often, mistaken for a teacher on an outing with his students, the group committed minor crimes like sneaking into movie theaters and stealing, candy, Frank, soon became frustrated of the childishness, and lack of sophistication, of his partners in crime though they did not exhibit any of the class that he realized was key to making it as a successful, criminal things, came to a head when his friends stole a car while the owner was watering, his lawn they, swung by to pick up Franco needs to be stopped, by the police moments, later Frank and his fellow cons were thrown into juvenile, detention, Frank zinnias political, connections though they managed to get his son sprung and to, have any mention, of the incident it raised from the record Frank's, dad told him that he was wasting his time hanging around with kids who were clearly not as mature or, as sophisticated as, he was it was time to start acting like a man his, father set this, pep talk it seemed to do the trick and Frank began attending school regularly he, also got a part-time job as a shipping, clerk at a warehouse in Bronxville to, show his support for his son's change of direction Frank, senior bought in his first car an old, Ford. Having. A set of wheels opens up new horizons for Frank specifically, it allowed him to meet and enjoy the company of women the, next couple of years by, his own admission he was consumed. With satisfying. His teenage libido he would cruise around town looking for a young lady that he could entice with his ever-growing charm, into an evening of intimate, activity, Frank, soon discovered, that his sexual excursions, they cost money, invariably.

It After you supply his conquest, with a coconut burger in order to keep her happy the, roller was that his meager finances, did, not allow for such an expense Frank, approached his dad's and requested. A gas charge, card he promised that he wouldn't abuse, this privilege and his father was impressed with his sincerity he handed over his mobile, card soon after a month, later Frank, enacted, his first scam, pulling into a Mobil gas station, he saw a sign announcing that you can put a new set of tires on your car and charge, it to your mobile cart it was then that he realized that you could use the cart for other things aside, from gas thinking. Fast he approached no attendance at the station that he was familiar with Frank, asked what it would cost for a new set of tires and the answer was a hundred and sixty dollars Frank, readily acknowledged, that he didn't need new tires but said that he was desperately, short of cash so, he suggested that he buy the set of tires and charged them to the card but rather, than taking the tires the attendant, would give Frank a hundred, dollars for them he could then sell off the tires for 160, dollars making a quick, $60, profit 10 minutes later Frank drove away from the mobile station with. $100. Cash in his pocket and it was that which, hooked him over the next few weeks Frank, replicated. The scheme at different mobile stations, around the Bronx at times he, would simplify, the deal offering, the pump attendant to give him ten dollars of cash while signing, a bill for $20, of gas it was only when the bill from mobile arrived that Frank realized that his father was the chump who would pay for his excesses but Frank. He had a simple solution he threw the bills into, the waste bin of course though, that wasn't a solution at all it didn't solve anything pretty, soon a mobile representative, visited Frank senior at his store and requested, an explanation for, an outstanding. Three thousand. Four hundred dollar bill in, three, months, after 15, years of, impeccable, payment. History, Frank, jr. always calls in front of both men to explain he said he didn't know what they were talking about but neither man was convinced, finally, Frank admitted it offering, this excuse, it's the girl's dad they do funny things to me I can't, explain it his, father nodded with a wry smile and replied don't, worry about it boy, Einstein, couldn't understand, it either, unfortunately. For young Frank his mother wasn't. So understanding, she blamed his criminal activity, on the influence of his father and promptly, organised for him to attend a Catholic private, school for problem children Frank, spent a year there and during those 12 months his father's, financial fortunes, took a steep, reverse and he lost almost everything, he, was quick to assure his son that the, $3,400. That he had stolen was not a factor, in his money problems. Frank. Left home at 16 he left without saying a word to anyone hopping, on a train to New York City along, with the few belongings that he had crammed into a suitcase he had in his possession of checkbook that had, $200. In the account an hour off the train he had attached himself to a teenage boy and convinced, him to take him home with him Frank went on to spin a story about being an orphan ins but he was determined to make it on his own in the big city, the parents said that he could stay for as long as he wanted the next day Frank got a job as a stock, clerk for one dollar and 50 cents per hour he quickly found out that this was not going to pay his way in New York he figured that the reason for his low wage was, his age so he simply altered the date on his driver's license, from 1948. To 1938. Now, as a 26, year old he went out looking for another job and he found one as a truck drivers helper for two dollars and 75, cents an hour Frank supplemented, his income by cashing, checks from, his account after a few days he knew that his account was overdrawn, but that technicality. Did not face him he continued, writing bad, checks on, a daily, basis it didn't take him long to rationalize, that his time working for 2.75. Cents an hour was simply, not worth the effort therefore, he quit, and simply, wrote more bad checks. One. Day while walking along 42nd. Street Frank was stopped in his tracks at, the sight of an aircrew from Eastern, Airlines emerging. From the Commodore hotel he, was mesmerised. As the captain copilot, flight engineer, enforced stewardesses, breezed, by Frank. I wrote in his memoir that he had never seen such a splendid, group of people his mind began to work over time imagine, if he, was a pilot he would have instant, respects, and as a result he would be able to cash checks anywhere, with impunity, continuing. Down the street he found himself outside of the Pan Am building quickly, he formulated, a plan he returned to his accommodation found.

Pan Am's phone number rang and asked to speak to someone in the purchasing department he, went on to inform the purchasing officer that he was a Pan Am pilot based, in Los Angeles he was due to hop a flight back home at 8:00 p.m. but his uniform, had been stolen he confidently, requested, a replacement uniform, the helpful purchasing officer gave Frank directions, to the uniform company to pick up his uniform he, walked out with a complete, co-pilots uniform, enhance, what, he needed now was a pilot's ID card, he quickly had one made up of fixing the Pan Am logo from a model plane that he had purchased for. $2.49. Decked, out in his pilot uniform, Frank walked him to look Rottier Airport it was soon approached by a TWA. Pilot who, asked what Pan Am was doing at LaGuardia, it turns out that Pan Am did not fly out of LaGuardia picking, up on his research Frank replied oh I just deadheaded, in from Frisco on the first flight I could cash or, cash a chopper to Kennedy the, answer seemed to satisfy but, then the co-pilot asked, what kind of equipment do you want this through Frank in his research he hadn't come across the word equipment used in any context, searching for the right answer, he came out with General. Electric the, pilot was actually, asking what type of plane Frank flew so the quizzical, look on his face that this reply was rather understandable. Frank quickly made his departure he didn't attempt to board a plane that first day he, was to spend some weeks getting confident in his role as he wandered the airport struck up conversations, with pilots, and built his store of shop knowledge during, this time he also found great success in cashing, checks in, his pilots uniform in fact the tellers they couldn't, give him cash fast enough finally, ready to take to the skies, Frank turned up at ligarius Eastern operations office and informed, the desk clerk that he needed to deadhead to Miami on the next flight assuming. That there was room on the plane editing, was the name used for the practice, of allowing staff to travel for free in order to get to a job location he was told there was a vacancy on a flight departing, in 15 minutes just a few moments later he found himself in the cockpit in a tiny seats that came down from the door behind him with him were the pilot copilot and, flight attendant, after asking what type of equipment he flew the three pretty much ignored, him for the rest of the flight before getting off at Miami Frank, made a date with one of the stewardesses who was laying, over in Miami, that night amazed, at how it's simple the whole process had been Frank became a serial. Dead header upon arriving, in a city he would stay overnight in a motel used, by Pan Am staff it charged, the bills of the company and in the morning before heading, to his next deadhead flight cash, a bad check for $100. Or more just, to have some Betty cash this pattern continued, for the next two years between, the ages of 16, and 18, taking, him to 26. Countries on more than, 250. Flights that covered in excess, of a million, miles. By. The middle of 1966. Frank was ready for a new gig he had experienced, a close call when someone had stated that he didn't actually work, for Pan Am fortunately. His bluster and feigned outrage, got him through the challenge but he knew that eventually the. Game was going to be up it was when applying for a long-term lease on an apartment in Atlanta Georgia that he on a whim wrote down his profession, as medical. Doctor when asked what type of doctor he was he replied that he was a pediatrician based, in California, but was on a 12-month sabbatical, to audit some research papers things, went well for a period of time until one day he got a knock at the door his, new neighbor introduced, himself, Willis, Granger, dr., Willis, Granger, chief resident pediatrician, at the Smithers General Hospital in Marietta. Frank, was afraid that Granger, would blow his cover but fortunately, the real doctor wasn't one to talk sharpens they were able to cross each other's paths without incident, meanwhile, Frank spent as much time as he could at the local library reading up on the subject, of Pediatrics, a few weeks later Frank felt confident enough to accept.

An Offer from dr. Granger to toss Miller's General Hospital after that he made regular visits on one such occasion he was approached, by the hospital, administrator, and asked, to do a huge favor could he cover a midnight, to 8:00 shift for a doctor who would be away for 10 days due to a death in the family, Frank, objected, that he didn't have a license, to practice in Georgia but the administrator, countered, that he really wouldn't be doing anything during the night shift just overseeing, the interns and nurses so long as he passed an interview panel of five doctors everything. Would be just fine, Frank's, initial impulse was to refused there were too many dangers, involved here but he was intrigued, with the challenge and so he, agreed much. To Frank's relief the interview was light-hearted and, non, inquisitorial, he was now a nightshift. Pediatric. Supervising, doctor with eight interns, and 14 nurses, under his control in. Order to make it through Frank, took on the persona of a rule-breaking anti-establishment. Practitioner. In the mold of Hawkeye, Pierce on his favorite TV show mash things. Went smoothly until he was called to the emergency room he took his time getting, there hoping that an intern would step in when, he finally arrived there were three interns gathered, around the patient Frank, asked them for their diagnosis. And when, all three agreed he told them to go ahead with the procedure at, the end of his 10-day stint Frank, was approached by the administrator, in informs, that the doctor he was replacing was, not coming back he was asked if he could stay on until a replacement could, be found he, ended up spending 11. Months, as a doctor, at smithers Hospital. After. Finishing up at the hospital Frank decided to leave Atlanta he moved to Baton Rouge Louisiana where, a mess up with a flight steward, that he had formerly had a relationship, with remembering. That Frank had told her about his supposed, law degree from Harvard the. Girl introduced, him at a party to assistant, state's attorney Jason. Wilcox on learning that Frank was currently out of work Wilcox. Told him that the Attorney General was looking for bright articulate, young lawyers he, suggested, that Frank take the bar exam and go to practice with them once again Frank, found it impossible to resist, the challenge on his third attempt he passed the bar exam he, was given a position in one of the Attorney General's, Civil Department's the job was really that of a glorified errand, boy but Frank was happy in the anonymity of the role around, this time he began, dating a girl named Gloria who was a staunch Methodist, through, his relationship he ended up on a church committee sitting alongside a man who was a real graduate, of Harvard Law School this, guy began asking too many specific, questions, and Frank knew that it was time to pull the plug on his legal career Frank, legs turned up in Utah where he claims to have scammed his way into becoming a teacher at Brigham, Young University for. Eight months however, the university denies, that he ever works there. By. Now Frank was wanted, in many parts of the world for a long list of fraudulent activities, the, FBI were on his trail Nazz was Interpol his luck finally ran, out while he was spending time in the southern French town of Montrachet he was arrested on the basis of an Interpol warrant for fraud issued from Sweden, for fraudulent checks written during a visit while he was supposedly a Pan Am employee, the French authorities they, soon discovered, that he had written false Jack's all over their country and they, refused to honor the extradition Frank, was sentenced, to 12 months imprisonment in France which, after being reduced to six months was served at Papac non prison conditions. Were abysmal and Frank's weight went from a hundred and ninety eight to a hundred, and nine pounds, during a stay that he was then extradited, to Sweden where, he served another six months upon, his release from Malmo, prison in Sweden Frank was taken into custody by US federal officials, and returned, to the United States after a third trial he was convicted to 12 years, imprisonment, for multiple cases of fraud during his time in US custody he escaped twice but was recaptured on both occasions. After. Four years in jail Frank, was offered a deal his prison term would be quashed if he agreed to be an uncle consultant. To assist the authorities to investigate fraud. Cases Frank, he agreed after his release from prison he took on a succession, of menial jobs only to be fired for not revealing his criminal past he then decided to parlay, his vast criminal experience into, a legitimate career, by becoming a security, consultant and advising, companies on how they could avoid the sorts of scams that he had perpetuated, for so long he went on to set up his own fraud protection company Abagnale, & Associates he has been advising, the FBI on fraud related matters for, more than 40 years Frank.

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The reason why he's so amazing is that he actually pulled it off for so long. Most don't have nearly the same wit/luck, and get caught pretty soon. It'd be almost be impossible to do in this age.

Keep making videos about great people. Too many focus on criminals. We have too much of that on TV stations.

He was the keynote speaker at a conference I attended. He is as the video suggests, smart, eloquent, a born talker, smooth operator. He was fascinating as he went into much more detail how he pulled off his scams, especially the pilot one. He was blunt and up front about what he did. He wasn't really sorry about the free rides because it was The Great Adventure. Also, it was an FBI conference...... ;-)

As per his google talks speech his early life is different

He's so much different than the majority of criminals, the ones who whine about getting caught,, framed or whatever. He was like....Yep, I did it.... Here's how I did's how I got caught.....and here's where I went to prison! His honesty was really like fresh air when you deal with whiny stupid crooks 50 hours a week for 30 years. He's done his time and now is a productive citizen making way more $$$ than pretending to be a pilot. Lot less stress also.

Even with crime it can eventually get to a point where what the person is doing just becomes impressive.

Ironically, there's nothing easier to forge than an "online identity" which sponsored this video.

Create movie

Guy had icewater in his veins

squarespace is awful

Everything about his early life isn’t accurate here. If you listen to Abagnale talk about his life at a google talk, it isn’t anything like this. This is closer to the movie than reality.

I just showed your video to a class of 80 plus students at Utah State University! I love Biographics. Hopefully that got you some new subscribers. I still think your accent needs some work. Clearly you are an American just using that accent. :)

Charisma: 100

Interesting guy, well done video. Glad he got punished. That ain't your money, dude. He deserves credit for turning his life around.

Psychopathology in action.

I know just what you mean I am way too terrified to even *THINK ABOUT IT*like you said I am too worried about karma and God if one exist like you I am terrified of tempting Fate I don't want God or karma to get revenge on my happy ass either! no thank you my pathetic little life sucks but I know how much worse it could get this is why I live a quiet boring,law abiding life

Well that certainly disproves the old adage that "crime does not pay,"

Ho Chi Minh

Wonder why he pulled the plug on his law career even though he (legitimately) passed The Bar (not an easy feat)


we have a new video with Frank Abagnale up today!

very good presentation thanks

I saw a video of Frank Abegnale in which he talked about it all. He seemed very straightforward about it, but not remorseless. His monotone reminds one of Asperger's syndrome It was strange. Frankly, I thought he was boring but not really bad. Clever, really. Some of FBI's best were scammers or hacks who used their skills and talent to teach the Bureau and apprehend offenders.

14:46 Spittle bubble!

oh my! I said the same thing!!!!!


This is why hollywood product is so substandard. Baby face d'caprio looks like this guy,like hardly(& they probly gave him a trophy 4 it.)Gr8 4 him= he showed up

Johnny Sins was also a doctor, lawyer, and pilot...

Because Hollywood !!

do one for edward jenner and john hunter

Ah the irony. He's a scammer scamming the scammers and his son helps catch scammers. XD

Frank is a legend. He was such a scam artist that he got rich my helping companies avoid scams as his. He scammed his way to Hollywood.

+Kimberly Haines The last paragraph of each story in the AA Big Book is like that. Also, millions of Christian born again testimonials. This is why I watch mostly movies before 1960-- so much more values. Silent movies even more so than early talkies.

Magma Sunburst Except this guy turned his life around and did some good with his talents. You know - what we ask offenders to do.

33mrEli Buzzfeed Unsolved’s channel has a recent video where they go step by step of the “breakout” you mention. I highly recommend it.

Tough titty P Diddy No he didn’t. He did a top 10 facts on his other channel TopTenz, but not on this channel. Wish he would as I like this format better when going into the lives of famous people.

This is inaccurate. If you look up interviews with Frank Abagnale, this is completely wrong. He never knew his parents were getting a divorce until the day of and never lived with his dad. The day he found out his parents were getting divorced is the day he ran away.

He looked 40 when he was 18, damn

the audacity, i love it... i mean, he could have killed people... but... even so

Abagnale himself said it was apparently "80% real"

I would give anything to live his life, it sounds so interesting and fun

“Where ya goin frank? Huh some place exotic. Tahiti, where ya goin frank?”

Nelson Smith you just have to look at politicians to know that adage is incorrect.

I concur

Can someone explain the tire scam

This video is not that reliable, I watched a video of the man himself tell his story. There are many details that were altered in the video

I laughed way too hard

Check out him telling his own story right here on YouTube, it's a 2 hour video and extremely interesting, the real story is even better than the movie and he shares alot of wisdom.

I concur with Whitney. This info is tremendously removed from The actual story. I’ve listened to multiple interviews and talks he’s given and his story greatly conflicts with your information. If anyone is interested in listening to FA, speak he has many appearances videoed here on UTube. . You can check those videos to see who has the correct data. I’m very disappointed to discover your bios are very inaccurate. I was enjoying listening to them — until I learned your research can’t be trusted. Too bad...

This is the first one I liked before it even finished; identical to the guy retching in the Waffle House bathroom who played it off, then left with his buddies who didn't tell anyone either, there's that knock on the door you don't expect that gets you caught.

The real life Neal Caffrey

These videos are MY CRACK. But you might consider better audio. I'm not savy, but when I'm watching other YouTube videos and then watch one of yours the audio just sounds like it's in a can. And I love your accent and cadence. So shine that audio up for us.

Oh damn, apparently he lives in the same city as me! I'd like to meet him, he seems like an extremely interesting dude.


Loved the movie

+Lucille Sage - OMG lady calm down

This guy literally winged his way through life

Speaking of M*A*S*H, there was an episode where there was a guy posing as a doctor, but had also posed as an engineer and several other military jobs. At the end Hawkeye let him go and he was wearing a chaplain's cross.

I wish I was as clever or half as smart as Frank was, although I’d feel bad about scamming people

Lol how?

There is a movie about this called catch me if you can with Leo DiCaprio as abignale and Tom thanks as the FBI it's a pretty good watch

Maybe if some random dude can pass your tests and bars and sell himself as a legit expert, your profession isn't actually worth 3-5 years of study.

16:00 What reason would he have to lie about that? On the other hand, what reason would the university have to lie about it? Hm....

I love Bio ! I would like to see some Bios on explorers.....Hilary..Balboa....Henry Hudson....Lewis and Clark.....keep up the great work and Thank You

Smart as a whip and brass balls to boot. I know it's considered poor form to admire criminals, but I just can't help it in this case.

Can you do mathematicians? i.e. Leonhard Euler or Srinivasa Ramanujan


I played him in my high school musical the show was great LiVe iN LiViNg cOLor LeT mE tAkE yOu fOr a RiDe....

I agree


What a life, should be made into a movie....

Exactly how do you think a British person should sound like? You know we don't all speak in the same accent right?

+Lucille Sage woooosh

Geez, some people are just crazy fearless!

Just say the guy from catch me if u can for gods sake

Lucille Sage has

The balls on this kid!

I alsa wana see video a bout simon wristler

Hmmm, I watched Frank Abignale on TED TALKS and he mentioned nary a word about many of the schemes mentioned here. He pretty much began (...and ended) with writing bad checks.

This guys life stressed me out. I feel like he was just constantly cramming knowledge for his scams. Kind of like a never ending finals week for college students. I relate.

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