Fractional Real Estate Investments bought & sold on the Blockchain

Fractional Real Estate Investments bought & sold on the Blockchain

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So. I just I just roll right into it, that. No, party. You. Toil would you you. Have a Europe I care for which whatever podcast, are, you listening to today's what at the moment I I have, no time to listen to anything you know no I think by the time I get home I just you I'm. In. A vegetative, stage so. I think probably watching, narcos on Netflix, is about as good as it gets yeah no. Really, yeah I'm absolutely into narcos I think it's the most fantastic series, you know is it yeah. I-i've. Been I've been tempted to watch that I just I haven't, you. Know it is it is great this whole you know the whole you. Know the Colombian. Thing the whole is because. It's so close, yeah, you know it's literally just a few hundred miles away that this stuff was happening oh are. You are, you. Is. It kind of like what was that that Johnny Depp, movie. No, Pirates of the Caribbean. The. One that where he was with Penelope Penelope. Cruz, and they did that yeah. Yeah. I know it seems a bit like that but it's no no knockos, is the whole story, of what is. The thing that guy the you, know the huge, drug deal Oh Pablo. Escobar. Oh so, we would sit back in that time it's that whole story of 80s. And then and how he was captured and how the, DEA which, one I capture, him and you, know that sort of thing so well. Check. One two all right yeah, so um. I've. Been getting into glow. Have you watch glow yeah no oh with, uh with, Marc, Maron and, that, one's really good yes well once you get home you spend half the night searching through your Netflix for something to watch you, do realize. That you're, spending yeah you're, just sitting there going click click. Yeah, you're. Eating that choice is confusion, so in other words this if. I just had one channel I would know exactly what I was gonna watch right, and that would yeah I feel almost, I get to the end of the night feeling cheated that, I burnt all this time trying to choose I have looking, to, watch a 30 minute show and my wife has left me at that point and my children you know. Just. Have two minutes here, and. I, get mesmerized sometimes, I don't even realize that I'm just I'm flipping, yeah. And I'm thinking about something else and I'm like oh wait a minute I'm I'm looking for a show that is the show the. Show is the show the show, exactly. I know. Anything. You do binge binge, watch yeah obviously yeah, I think, the last major, binge was, I. Think, it's narcos or it might have been, I. Can't, I can't remember it's, the the I can't remember yeah but, you have to I think we binge tada no it, was a wet weekend, I think we did two series, I think.

That Probably counts. As actually having a significant, problem so, there's probably counselling you can get oh, yeah, ray Donovan that was is two series of Ray Donovan to, two seasons of original seasons radio season yeah that's that's, it that's a tough one man and then the following two weeks was this terrible come down effect that you know we have nothing left to watch and you. Know say you, feel that that sense of like a loss absolutes. Like when Breaking, Bad finished, it's, like wolf Bassett what is there left a you like, with your mouth open like that's. I've, just done it I've just I've, just eaten my last swedish, fish I. Know. So. I have, you been even, out here in the in the US for years just over four years yeah and it. Was it's, always been here in Newport yeah yeah well I live about. 20, minutes inland so it's always been Southern California, okay and so, I, yeah. I came. Over here, nothing. To do with the weather obviously, I you, know loved the rain in England, but. Now it was just this combination, of I, think, a significant, you. Know just, all the opportunities, over here plus where. I was in my life at that time it just all sort, of seemed to make sense yeah in. When, it was raining was it like do you miss the rain is there every day until it rains and, then, I then I don't miss it anymore say. Anymore. You know and I'm. Okay with not having seasons, by the way yeah. You like the one season than we have here yes the different, grades of sunshine yeah the. This. Is why there's overcrowding, in, California, season. The. Thing I love is when it's it's now fall apparently, because it's now. Like 85. Degrees rather than 93, so therefore that qualifies, as being for fall and winter, is, 78. Degrees you know and people how do you go out and it's so cold how do you live in that yeah. Yeah. I I talk. To people you know being, in the in this world that we're in now you know you you end up talking people all around the world yes yeah I talked to somebody that was. Just. In Australia and, it's. Apparently, winter in, Australia but that's the wrong time of year so clearly they've got that wrong bad. Planning, Australians. You know having. Christmas. In the middle of summer, yeah. Did, you not get the memo. And. Then so, you you, were you cruise down here were you always in in tech with is this like a, yeah. I mean. I've. Worked for myself for the last 25. Plus years yeah. And I've. I've always been fascinated by tech I've always I mean my first sort of major.

Tech. Outing, was in the, late 90s, when we built. This building. Platform. For the internet so back in 97, 98 a billing, player a billing platform because the internet was really very. Much in this early phases and. If. You can imagine the, amount of data that's flowing around, people. Weren't able to charge for that other than by the month, so you could have you, had all of these. You. Know eat, as. Much as you like for for $10 a month and there was tons of data. So. We took, some top people out of unisys and ntl and all those companies. That were big players at the time yeah and we started building what. Was a very large billing, system, that enabled, us to check. The packets, that are flowing through. The, internet oh really and charged, by the packet, or charged by the byte, or and we would be able to separate, what sort of information was flowing so, if it was content, we could charge it as a certain rate it but if it was voice it was another rate this. Is very early stages. So. We were want to you, know VC funded and then unfortunately we you. Know the timing was as such so as we were just getting our mentum you, know the world collapsed, around our ears figuratively. And literally. But. That's yeah so I've always been involved in in tech and finance, those the two areas that I think. There's this fantastic sort, of marriage or. Certainly. You, know partnership, potential, yeah, then and finance is always gonna, be wherever the wherever there's money you got to worry, about finance, and or. Wherever there's tech yes. Be people. Making money on it and but the finance the thing that really, interested, me interest, me more than anything else is just the. It's. The approach, in other words if you look at you know finance, to the average guy in the street is about dollars, and cents and banking, and debit. Cards and credit cards but just, the mechanics, or the science, of finance you. Know how money moves around what. The systems, and the processes that, are in place then. The different types of financial instruments. The synthetics. The derivatives, the securities, how. Ownership. Changes have value changes, so, that the actual, infrastructure. Of finance is incredibly. Interesting Wow, okay. With. Your family always involved, in this right yeah my father was one. Of the very early. Senior. Executives, in a merchant bank so he was the. Managing. Director of manufacturers. Hanover, which. Was a an American firm but they had an office in London and when I was a kid I always was. Trying to figure out what a Hanover. Was and and, I had well, because, the company was manufacturers. Hanover so.

I'm I had this visualization when I was about seven years old that my dad would go to work in a factory and, they would manufacture, Hanover. 's yeah, I was just asking, my mommy you so what is a Hanover, it's, like no no you don't understand, it's just a name and I so, my dad doesn't work in a factory no no he works in a bank because it's amazing just the words I just. Didn't yeah, when you're a little kid you you you you associate. A word, with an object I guess right that's going to work and he's manufacturing, these, things. Yeah. It's, like Cosworth cogs exactly, yeah absolutely right. Anyways, as designers, I was relieved. Of that you. Know this at that, information as an early age okay and so he got you in, there he was always involved so, I you. Know I was always interested, so when he was, he. Would take me up to the trading floor so I was probably about 10 or 12 at. The exchange well. He was in the bank so they had these bond trading, there and. They had these squawk boxes, and the score box is where you have this live. Communication. Between London, and New York so. They're constantly talking to each other, it's. A bit like the modern day of having an you know a Skype, conversation, that's constantly okay but, I think those those. Were significantly. More expensive than, I think but. I. Didn't even know that existed yeah and we had rows and reams, and reams of telex, sheets hanging on the walls and you, know the computers, the size of family. Sedans yeah sort, of things did have like the real not. Quite know I was I felt a bit cheated actually I was hoping to see there but no I just that, was probably the secret room no I just saw there. Literally. You know reams. And reams of sort of telex, is just pinned up against the wall Wow and, and. That was how business was done and that was that was probably. 40 years ago something like that what happened how things have changed haven't. They yeah. Everything. That you that would would take up an entire room sized. Computer, now, fits and basically in the palm of your hand exactly right your iPhone has more power than that. Hole and then and that's that's absolutely true in. Terms of house, but also the the speed and the ability for transactions. To happen the depth of transactions, the is. The speed of transactions. And and, and is the number you know the different. Types of transactions, the because, if you think about a transaction. You. Know in the analog world there. Would be a telex, that would go backwards and forwards the tallix would be ripped off the machine would. Go to a secretary, the secretary would, enter, that into a journal, the, journal may be computerized you know there was no. Instantaneous. Settlements that's why we have t, plus 3t plus seventy, plus thirty because, it gives you enough time to find the bits of paper that you need to settle the trades Wow.

All Right and, then the. Tech part of it the tech. You, know is it tech. Is building, so tech tech is really it's. Like a very large Lego, kit, hmm, where you say well this is the problem that we've got to solve how. Do you how do you create, instructions. That it's. Like you have this concept. And tech. Or software, is a frame, that you put around that because. The right proper software you have to understand, the rules because, software is really just a set of instructions. And. What. It does is means. That you have to look at your particular. Problem and say well what. Is that what are the components, that make this up a simple. Transaction, for example is not a simple transaction because things have to happen in. Order for that transaction to take place and so, the tech piece is really, what. Is the, the. Sort. Of metaphysical. Way. Of representing, a transaction. In other words you take a transaction, how do you break it down into its components, how do you codify, that how, do you make a machine that, does that. Transaction. That takes that process, and. Really. Again. That from an intellectual, perspective is incredibly, interesting, yeah. Okay, all right and we do it was your dad into, any kind of tech at all no I well I think. Probably. Not no I think the tech I think when I was at school I remember we had this computer, so. I was, I'm. Talking about. 1977. Something, like that so, the, first exposure, I had a computer, we had a one. Of those sort of teletype things, connected. To a modem the, modem was, the size of a briefcase. So. It, had to be after three o'clock in the afternoon, three. O'clock 301. We'd gone to the computer room we, would dial up the central, computer you know I can't remember where it was and we, would put this acoustic, coupler in Chaz old sort of the phone and you'd. Hear the sounds of the modem and then this teletype. Would spring into life and we, would write programs, using, basic. The. Basic computer. Language yeah on, this teletype, and it would be programs like can we Arby or we, would have space. Invaders whether you wear. These sort of you know the space invaders would actually you know be teletypes, onto this piece of paper and. The way that you would save your program is you would press a button and it would be spat, out as a paper tape so, in my study at school I had all these different programs saved, on punched. Paper isn't, that crazy I think things have improved slightly, since then yeah. Yes. That's so you get that whole it, becomes a part of your fabric, part of your being that sort of you, know that that interest in computers. And data, and information and all. That sort of stuff so I've been fascinated. With that really since a very young age yeah, okay then. You. Know I think, we're, probably pretty close the same age so were you exposed to like the trs-80. Yeah. Well, because I remember the first computer was the NASSCOM, one which. Was a kit say, I wasn't, I didn't do it I wasn't smart enough at anything but there was some kids at school who were busy building these computers, little, computers, the size of a keyboard. Called. An ask on one and then we had the. The. Sinclair. Zx81, and, then. We had the Commodore pet oh yeah and. Then we had the the, great games consoles, the Acorn the BBC acorn and then the Atari the supercomputer. The, Atari. Remember. All of that and the Commodore 64 this. You know and you just think that's just such an amazing piece, of science, there look, at it now you just think I. Think.

It's More technology, and a toaster, frankly. Well. And. So. You you, decided to. First. Of all let's go into quantum, r-e, yes, and. I. Forget. The guys named it that connected us. Yes. John never say. It. Man. We're gonna cut this part out. Yeah. That guy the connectors so um he. You know he said that I needed to meet you yes you you, got some pretty crazy stuff going on Clayton or Sean or. My gosh I can't believe we'll find it don't worry. Nate's. Dead, so. This. Is something that he, felt, was very important and I guess they they. Handle a lot of tech. Yes. You, know blocked blockchain, tech time yes stuff okay so, what. Was your first exposure to to, to blockchain, type of where. Was it Bitcoin was. Now we're part of well, I'm a member of a networking. Crimson when I moved, here four years ago I needed, to come meet some people cuz I had you know very, few contacts over here so, I joined this group called, metal. Metal. As in em et al okay which, is based in Beverly, Hills and this, is a fantastic, group where we. Meet every Saturday. Set. Up and founded by a chap, called Ken matowski who ran. The business rockstars, radio station. And, super. Connector, and every Saturday we would meet in a we, do we meet in a theater. And we have one. Or two mini, head style, talks, and. Then we just you. Know catch up with some really smart people and there's people from all walks of life there they're, all, top of the tree one, of the guys is nolan bushnell who was the founder of Atari. Sitting. Next to me and one, of the other guys is Brock Pierce now Brock Pierce who's. The chairman, of the Bitcoin, foundation I think it was yeah. Three. Or four years ago he's up on stage and he's talking about Bitcoin. And. Scratching. Our heads going yeah. Interesting. I'm not sure have you had, you heard about Bitcoin before well no no this was a photo I think I came across it in London I remember, reading about Mount, GOx but not understanding. What it meant so, I remember reading that news it was about four or five years ago yeah five years ago and just reading, just not getting it not understanding, it and. Then I went to a few conferences and I listened to Tim Draper talking, about the blockchain and. Me. Like everybody else we sort of sat in the audience and googled, blockchain, and the words and distributed, ledger comes out when we're going obviously, I just googled the wrong blockchain, because you know what's interesting about. So. It took me a while to actually figure, out you. Know and by, figuring out you you tend to sort look at a curve that's pointing, upwards, like the side of Mount, Everest and you realize that one should actually be paying attention to this because obviously there's a lot of interest there yeah so. It was about eighteen about, a year ago in fact. After. March ahead scratching, thinking I don't, understand, what bitcoin is I'm. Beginning to understand, what blockchain. Means and distributed, ledger technologies, and the value of that but, the real problem I have with Bitcoin is I don't understand, what, it's based on is it, you, know is it based on the network effect, or more buyers and sellers, so, that to me just seems incredibly. Volatile. Because if you've got something, that has no real value, how. Do you you. Know how do you value it so I'm not interested in being an investor, because I know the moment I put my money and it's gonna collapse because, that's that's, that's what happens to all of my investors I, know yeah, I say it was it was about a year a year and a half ago probably about three years ago I was first exposed it, took me about two years to actually figure out that this is something that I needed. To get involved with did you know about the. How. It started, off in 2009, and then the last point zero, value, and. It started sort of climbing and then, but if you look at why, it's got this value I mean the thing is is not so much about the fact is clearly great, that it's gone from zero to you, know eight, thousand dollars or whatever it is today and twenty, thousand dollars but, again that's that a bubble basically, you know in other words that, has all the signs of a bubble if you don't have any real value associated. With it and I'm not saying the bitcoins a bubble I'm just saying that seeing, something accelerating. Value that's a visual. Bubble that is you know and that that has all the signs say say.

What, You have to do is actually go back and say well this is interesting it's, worth paying attention to. But. What is it actually made of you. Know what are the ingredients what makes it what, makes people buy this yeah, and, that's really what hit the headlines said the rise in Bitcoin is what brought. Blockchain. Onto, the map and, say, it was the cryptocurrency, element, of it that hit, the headlines because everybody, felt that they could become a millionaire overnight this. Is the next big thing and. Having, been burned so many times in the past with my you, know inability. To you, know predict. But the trouble with investing, speculative, it spectre-2. Yeah. In a speculative way if one can pronounce it is that, it's, speculative, in other words you have just as much chance of losing money as, you do it's walking up to a slot machine and putting a quarter and going probably, not gonna get that back but i but i want i knew that there was obviously something of value there so when. I moved over here four years ago the first thing i did was to set up a real, estate crowdfunding, company so, i had, experience, over, the last four years in dealing in securities, laws real. Estate crowdfunding. Chopping, real estate up into small pieces and using, the crowdfunding mechanism. And. One. Throwaway, comment I remember as I was leaving the. Cinema. Theater, one particular Saturday to, someone was wouldn't. It be great if we could create a crypto, currency, like Bitcoin but, it's based on physical. Assets and, I'm sort of scratching my head as I'm driving home thinking that would, actually solve the problem because. If. You can reduce. That volatility, if you can create something of intrinsic, value, behind. Bitcoin then you have all the really good things about Bitcoin, which, is its ability, to be traded, nationally, and internationally. You. Know in, a, millisecond, yeah, but. You remove all the bad stuff which is that volatility, because people know that the, coin is, actually backed by something in the same way that the dollar was backed by gold was. Yeah why not create and. Yeah. But. There's a lot of real estate there's, a lot more real estate than there was gold yeah, so, why not create. A mechanism to create a currency.

That's Backed, by real estate and that's really what quantum, re is. All about isn't it ok all, right and then we thought. What. Real. Estate asset class should, we use, and. Something. We looked at about four years ago was. Buying. The, equity, in people's homes now. The real, problem is if you're a homeowner, if you're sitting on equity, the, only way you can tap into that is by, going back to the bank and borrow more. Money so, you say well I've got this asset I've got half, a million dollars worth of equity in my home, how. Do I get hold of it you go back to the bank and say can, I please borrow some of your money so, that I can get access to, mine and then, you have to go through this whole process of filling in forms and do you qualify and and. If you're a senior, without a job and without income. I'm. Really sorry you, don't qualify but I've got half a million dollars worth of assets there well. You could think about a reverse mortgage but, that's a little bit predatory, possibly. And. So. What we do is we buy a percentage, of the equity, in your home so, we write you a check and say you. Know we don't own that piece you still live there but when you sell your home then. You give us the money back and also, if your house goes up in value then, we have a piece of that appreciation, as well oh really ok so we share in the future appreciation. Of your home okay so we take those assets and that's the thing that we use to back our real. Estate back token Wow, now what what if that happens in Reverse what if the what if the market starts going well that's that's the risk so we're partners, with the homeowner so what we say is unlike, a bank where. They get their money come, rain or shine yes they do what we we, says we imagine, we're like a silent partner so if, the house goes down in value then. We run the risk that our, investment. May not give, the returns that we want and we have to be very careful about how we underwrite. But. If we pick the right properties and the ground places and we underwrite the people we, should. Find. The right houses and we can also hedge, by. Buying all sorts of instruments so that the overall pool. Of assets is protected. Because it's diversified, and there are hedging mechanisms, in place yeah, so that it's said that we don't run the risk of you know the value collapsing, overnight and real estate doesn't do that anyway okay all. Right and, is this primarily, like, single-family home type of thing or can you do is single-family homes because, the message is you know if your homeowner. And you want to release your equity then what, our platform, does is it harnesses, blockchain, technologies, now, that we figured out what they are so, by, creating this token, you create.

Something. That is useful on a mass-market, basis, so, if people want to pay for things using cryptocurrency. Then, we, think they'll use our currency, because they know that, next month it's not going to collapse in body, yes. And. You. Did yes I think that was you right. Okay. So and, in. Where. How. Are people how. Do people, find. Out about well, we are building. This platform so what you see here is a, platform. That it's going to be going live in about 10 days time okay so, we've been spending the last year building, these technologies, out. We. Won't be, going. Public public, really until the beginning of next year because there's a lot of sort, of regulatory. Hoops, we have, our. Team has, huge. Amounts of experience in precisely, this asset class and. So they've originated. Over hundreds, of millions of dollars worth of these types. Of transactions, in the past, but. Yeah I mean to, you. Know just check out the web sites quantum, re And you'll see this and you'll see them some more information on top of it ok. And. You. You obviously, have a big team or a team, with yes are. They here yeah, they're all us-based so, we have a team, primarily based in in LA, in Southern California oh no all right so we have a team of a. Technical, team we, have a executive. Management team we. Have overall a team of around 30 people and that's, a combination of technology legal. Regulatory, finance, sales, marketing. So. We're a fully formed company, and. Really, we're building the platform so, we will be going live I think public or two next year. Is when we'll be able to start helping, people release, their equity and at, the same time probably, second, half of next year we'll be able to start, you. Know creating these crypto. Currencies that are backed by those real estate assets, okay did, you guys do any, any kind of like. A tour, you know the these, crypto.

Conferences. Are. You guys getting involved at that yeah we're we're in we. Start our fundraising, so, we raised, just under 2 million dollars in, seed, capital earlier, earlier, this year so. We're going back to the market in November, to. Raise some capital through through, an IC o---- and, that'll be out of lock. X in the United Kingdom so. That's a capital, raise that's. Directed. To non-us, persons, yeah, regulatory purposes but we also have a u.s. persons raise as well so we haven't to do it in to sort of only two, areas how does that how does that work for the US if, the u.s. what we do is we use the. Standard. Securities. Exemptions. Which is Regulation, D and. So we we, work very much hand-in-hand. With the regulators, and. You. Know we are you. Know issuing our tokens under a Regulation, D exemption, okay, do you see. More. More. Education, towards, the sec, as far as what what's, yeah. And that's something we absolutely welcome because I mean the SEC have been fabulous, I've been certainly, yeah absolutely, because they've been here not your nightmare and nightmare stories no but, you, know they could be getting better they have sent so, many. Not. Warning, signals, but messages. Out to the market saying you, know hey guys you know we're taking a look at this followed. By you, know just be careful what you do there are securities, regulations, out there you. Know utility, tokens, issued, as securities, are securities, so, just you know guy's flagging this up you. Know and then there's you know you know thanks messages no remember we told you about this, now. We're gonna there's a couple of guys out there who are acting, fraudulently. So. So we're gonna pull those guys off and we're gonna you know make make sure everyone knows that there's people. That are very bad actors in the space station and, the SEC for, what we understand has a very, much an open-door policy, on this they want to understand, how. It works and how they can regulate it and. And. There are some fantastic. Fantastically. Flexible, pieces of legislation that, came out of the crowdfunding, regulations. The, the. JOBS Act and that, allow you to properly, issue. Tokens. That are, compliant so so you know we we, you. Know we we're, operating very. Much within the regulatory, framework because we run a securities, business and, we have in fact we are you.

Know Building, our own broker dealer so, we are we would be a regulated, you know entity. In our own right yeah. Yeah. It just it just seems like they, they. Can't get, out of their own way I guess as far as what rules, they have to follow right there. And. Then they, want to get further right they want to like be able to do yes it's easier the thing is SEC, is all about protection you know one has to be protecting, yeah, they're protecting and, you, know many investors. You. Know I'm not in favor of the nanny state but, you have, to make sure that you stop, the. The. Is. The fortunate, element is that's, the critical thing is it's it's people that are exposed, to. Schemes. That are clearly. Fraudulent. Where. They suffer, so that's you, know the SEC is primary objective is to protect the investor public and. You know. Generally. People are not sophisticated, the general population, is not sophisticated. Enough, to see through some of these incredibly, complex money-making. Schemes yeah because they they get some. Some cat with a, lot. Of big words and long paragraphs, absolutely. And they, can just write a bunch of words that don't make anything any sense yes and you straighten that out and then you figured, out that's exactly, and I don't and if. You look at there are other regimes, like China for example which is you know a rather large country, with a fair amount of people in it they. Have Bandai CEO say the SEC has not banned, anything, they've just said you. Know you're. Issuing. Securities we. Have rules about, that guys yeah, you know so so. Just you know remember them so. I'm i'm you know i and i know that that. My. Understanding is that j Clayton who's the, sort. Of director of the SEC has very, much an open-door policy, yeah and. Is. You know is welcoming, this type of. Disruption. And change yeah, you think they're they're gonna be. Obviously. They're gonna be legislating, new, rules, I. Think there's enough there's. Enough it's really just about interpreting. The current regulations, I don't think there's gonna be any need for new regulations, because, there's enough there's, a huge securities, are changing, that so that it makes more sense yeah, I think there's that there's an evolution, but it's really just understanding, where cryptocurrencies, sit. Within, the current legislation, because there's so much I mean you you can't put your thumb thumb on it yeah well I think you can in some respects but there are gray areas because, it's about interpretation, so in other words different, types of tokens are they currencies. Are they. Derivatives. Are these securities. They. Exchanges so it's really just understanding. Where. These things fit within the current framework and, I think that's the work that's being done at the moment is really just understanding, what this animal is yeah that's good yeah, yeah. So. You you, guys have started, the. Ico, on, this the ICEA process will start in november so the momentum so we have been aware we're working hard to launch, the, first.

Phase, Of the platform which will be in a couple of weeks and, that will really just be a demonstration, of what, it's going to look like with some very limited functionality, but, people. Will be able to go on and see what we're building and. You, know underneath, the. Crypto currency and the ability, to release money. From your home we're, also building this very. Functional. Trading. Platform, for real estate assets so, you will be able to buy and sell, tiny. Pieces, of real estate assets okay in you okay, so there's that there's that sort of third element as, well, would. That be something let's say let's say if I'm here, in the US I could, buy, something in another absolutely. Yes so, like. There's gonna be a raise in the and, the value of some property somewhere you can yeah and there will be and conversely. If you're outside, the US you'll be able to come in and buy fractions. Of specific. Properties, in the US, okay so rather than buying, into a fund you can actually see these properties, on a map and say. Okay, I want you know thousand, dollars in that house and two hundred and fifty dollars in that house and again. All of that is powered by our, you, know the blockchain, technology, is there is there gonna be like a minimum, that's. Small yeah I mean it'll be a thousand dollars that's that's you know the caveat is we're, still working, on the offering document, so you, know and the, disclaimer, is all of this is subject to the offering documents, list, you know we're targeting those types of smaller. Investors, and it, will have the full protection of being a regulated. Or. Registered. Offering. With the SEC okay so this would be something that even you, know you could start it's almost like monopoly. You say, that buying a couple house that turns into hotels and and again sage on liver say is our chief, marketing officer and one, of the great things that ideas. He came up with was you. Know what if you create. This sort of a monopoly, effect exactly where you don't actually have to spend real, money you. Have a virtual. Currency, it's a bit like him. You. Know when you you create your own football team the fantasy, football yeah okay so, you can create your own model, portfolio, where. You can say well if I had a hundred thousand dollars and I, bought some of that house and some of the house and some of that house how would it perform so. We have that process. For holding in as well so you could see you. Theoretically. If you put money into that so, that becomes almost so, so John's idea was to, gamify. It so one, of the things we'll be rolling, out later on is an education. Program based, on real assets, see, and that's also very useful from a for, an institutional. Investor who can start. Using, predictive. Analysis. To see where, do we think these types of real estate markets. Are gonna move that's great, so, there's you know all, of that we're busy working on so we are we've been rather busy trying to sort of build all of these things out yeah is that that's not secret though right a minute, we can we can talk about okay it's, all it's someone let the cat out the bag on that one all right yeah that sounds fascinating and that's. It's it'll be in the white paper and but, it's the. Things one doesn't want to drop too much out because then it looks you. Know yeah it looks so anywhere else the cats. Out there that are gonna try to steal well yeah but that's gonna happen but when we have you know it's that, piece is patented, but but you're right exactly it's a big enough market so what you want is market, adoption you want lots of people lots of platforms and then. Moves. On to the blockchain then it becomes far more liquid, okay. I've. Seen that a lot you know because I'm you're you're obviously on on LinkedIn just yes, okay your thing but I'm. Seeing a little, bit more now like I'll see somebody real estate that a blockchain, blah blah blah exactly, yes they're they're merging they're coming. Together and, it's happening so fast as, well I mean in, the last year, we've just seen a massive, increase. In. In, just. Activity, I mean you, heard of internet time so blockchain, time is like, internet, time squared. You know things happening the furious rate yes, it is. So. Who, are you who your biggest partners here right now like I, mean, you we obviously work with a guy a guy every day or some guys every day that you you talk to and you keep this yeah, so we have a you know we have a you. Know a full, team you know the you know there's chief, finance officer, chief technical officer.

Marketing. Is we have we have our sort of you, know executive, group we. Have our technical, guys that are based in Los Angeles, we. Have, other. Teams in that. We work with across the u.s. so it's all these, are all people that work directly for us but they work from their. Own their own offices, yeah they don't need to be in. Decentralized. Absolutely. Yes we're virtually, I'm not virtual with we're just you know yeah. You, just try not to close it just, preach it but you live it too. So. Wow. Well this is this really great stuff man. And. What's. What's gonna be after, this what you know you're obviously, nuts not the only only, game against I well yeah no this this is. This. Is something that I want to build and build and build because there's so much potential here not, this is not a single, product this is really we're, changing, the way that things are happening and I don't mean that to be trite in the sense that you, know but I think there. Are so many opportunities to upgrade. Change, make, more efficient, a multi, trillion dollar industry so. There's so. Many opportunities and every day there are technical. Opportunities legal. Regulatory opportunities, opportunities, in, real estate how its treated how its traded, how its how it moves from owner to owner how, that affects the value so. It's really exciting and it's just going to get more and more interesting and more exciting, so you, know I mean I'm here for the long run yeah, or that that's great and then are, you obviously going to have some, kind of an education, program, most of the people because they don't not everyone knows what blockchain, or that is actually, to get them and. I think yeah and all of that it's just such a the, more you understand, it the easier, it is to actually, deliver. And explain, what it is and, Bach chain is really simple it's this it's that it's not so weed so, part. Of our part. Of what we want to do is is is educate, people is explain, take, the mystery out of it and say. The. Reason blockchain, is so interesting, and so exciting is because it really will fundamentally change, the way we do business, because. Of this and this is what I mean by that so. We. Were talking about sound oh, no I was gonna I'm talking about it but you're so you you have a podcast - yes, yeah and what. Wouldn't. Know I'm you, know what tell me about what, you talk about on your pond yeah say mine's called hooked on startups, I started it about a year ago okay I've done 59. 60 episodes. Because. I, mean, LA is just this hotbed of entrepreneurs, and I, just wanted to just. Talk to people and find out what their story was so, there was no. No. Sort, of, rationale. But there was no no. Agenda, so it's really just a conversation and, I get you get so you know it's like on a podcast you meet some of the most amazing people yeah, you, know and it's all because of I mean mine was because I was being. Taken advantage of on on. Other YouTube shows and I've said this about these. These cats that were just doing pumping. Dumps on their coins yeah yeah it's not talking about they were getting paid by these coins to really.

Pump This coin up yeah, and yeah. They seem like such legitimate. Type shows yes and I kept losing money you know I would jump in right whenever and, then it would just 11. Yeah exactly everything, would fall yes, and I couldn't understand and then I started realizing these. Guys are just scamming people absolutely and they're still out there yeah which you know which, is a real shame but I think that happens, and you that, happens as part of the natural evolution you, get these sort of these. Guys are coming in the early stages of any market change it's it's deplorable, it's it's awful but and it will pass because, and that's where you want the support of the regulator's, to come in and and, just you know clamp, down on those people yeah they really need to and. Then that you know that's why I said, I started this because I said to I wanted, to learn myself and I wanted to get the truth out there about what's really going on the technology, definitely were the coins yes you know and, there's some really, interesting technologies. That that. As. I said I firmly believe that that. Block. Chaining cryptocurrencies over the next three. To five years will there, be so many changes, changes. In the way that we do things changes in the way that we view what. Money is what. What agreements. Are, just. Fundamentally. Changed you know to our advantage, yeah, to our benefit yeah. We're. Where we are right now with with the amount of I mean do you see. Up with this like how many Bitcoin are there right now I don't know I don't fight you know I don't follow it don't you follow it okay and I mean I follow it I follow they did that the pricing, fluctuation, but, we we take a much longer-term, view because. We're building something for next year and the year after say so right now the sort of the it's. Sort of fluctuations. It's sort of noise in the background it's obviously very important, to many people but to us it's not it's, not on our agenda okay so we knew when you got into it you were you you're. Not you're not following I'm not as we, do I've never best, in mind exactly, yeah okay because, I'm trying to figure out myself how many there are right. Now. As. I saw this number the other day and in it just fell out of my head I can't proof it was 14 million or 17. Million and. There, were like 20 million right yeah I mean again I. Don't have the figures of ham but I know it's all about constrain, supply and demand yeah say, because, you know I talk to people every day about this I did a I was, I'm a commercial photographer and that's doing a shoot yesterday and I always always didn't, you know bringing this up and talking. About you, know they're they've heard, about it yes they don't know much about it, they don't know if they should get in or not and I'm like absolutely get, in buy as much as you can right now yes just gonna keep it's gonna eventually go up so I'm trying to explain you know how many there are yes and when they're gone they're gone exactly. And you, know you. Can't buy anymore yeah you can buy you. Have to buy someone else's exactly, yeah yeah you're gonna be making. It you, know so. What. You. Can't. Give me a prediction on what you think you. Know in the. End of the year what it's gonna be. I. Always. Ask people luther's I dunno, I I, think I I, think it's gonna be more than it is now and I, think really because my. View of, the market sentiment. Is. That it's. Going through a bear patch at the moment but I think there is so much. There. Are so many high-quality operators. That will be emerging, out of the, technology. Space over, the next 12 months so, that will really underpin, the value, of cryptocurrencies. So. That will so Bitcoin, will be a reflection of that so you know I think it will be more than it, is now I have, no idea what the number is but I mean the long term. My. Long term view of Kryptos and Bitcoin as the major transfers. Of value is very positive. Oh yeah I think so you, know because I think it's it's too big of a of, a snowball to stop rolling.

Into The tech you can't you know the like, the things you can't unsee the, technology, is there and it's, so much more efficient, in this such an alternative, to standard sort of monitoring mechanism, yeah I think it's just the the getting, the. Widespread. Usage of, it that's the thing and they, don't. Know really what it is and how, they can utilize it it has to evolve and I think all of the occurrences are evolving all of the technology. Is evolving the the, usage, the the, efficiency. Of the blockchains underpinning, these cryptic. Answers you, know they're evolving say, and. Again everything, is evolving at a furious rate do. You think that that. The the education part, like even like the real, education like in schools things like that do you think that's that's. Wider. In, other countries than it is in the US no no, I I mean I don't have direct experience but, you. Know, I I think that um you, know the u.s.. It's. Always a bad idea to, underestimate. The u.s., in. These things they may be slightly slow to sort of you know to, get started but yeah it's tend to catch up pretty quick and. I think this is such a. Massive. Opportunity. For everyone that I think really once it's stabilized. You. Know, in. California if all the kids are talking about crib days they know how to pretty kids yeah yeah and especially the gamer kids yeah so they're way ahead so, you know boobie those. Are the guys that are gonna be doing the education yeah, I didn't realize that you know when I when I first got into this I just thought, it was just a primarily. Us thing yes got into and realized it's not primarily us it's primarily, somewhere, else primarily non-us, exactly but yeah it is a global phenomenon yeah. And that's why it's so I mean it'll normalize, it'll you, know there would be peaks, and troughs but you, know the the trend, is are yeah and I guess Silicon Valley I didn't even realize I didn't, put together in the beginning because Silicon Valley there really, it's. A little bubble over there yeah, and again it's a different view cuz Silicon, Valley is much more of a traditional sort, of VC, environment, and different, types of technologies, come out of, Silicon. Valley in fact Los, Angeles and Santa Monica in particular, that's, the sort of epicenter. Of blockchain. Activity, so it's funny how LA has become the hub. For the, blockchain in the u.s. yeah, yeah, I've, gone. To a few things over there in LA do you know what you know stephen mead named, Isabel yes absolutely yeah he does the the Beverly Hills. Blockchain. Yeah. That's right yes yes actually. It's a friend of mine. Hannah. On yes, at the district, yep down in yeah so yeah, she has a phenomenal restaurant, over there give her a little plug wonderful, yes, yeah a little, plug on that one and, then. The. The car world so we we got in here we immediately, started talking we were both at at, Pebble Beach last week and, I didn't, make I made it as far as I look in a second but I think, Pebble. Beach was. I. Think, we were busy on our way home at that point but it's you know I, try again one has to sort of you know get. Up there it's such a historic, race circuit, and there yeah and there's some of the most fantastic machinery. There yeah. I'd in and I see you, know though I've, heard of a couple of blockchain, type, things like. Ven-ven. Coin yeah. Some. Other things and I see you, no verifiable. Type yes you know in the, first thing that came to my mind was the. The. Ferrari. Registry. Absolutely, yes again because they should be blockchain, well any anything, of with whether it's art or Rolex watches or, Ferraris, things, where you need to be able to prove, something, with that that, layer of truth that layer of trust that's where the blockchain really comes in so it's. Touching every part of our lives it is even, motor racing yes so, um and we were we were talking like you know that. So Laguna Seca yes is is a racetrack and. The. Concorde. Elegance yes, obviously shown, yes you know how the connection, is there no, okay, so, this. Is a plug for me yes kids this says if. You have Amazon, Prime there's. A documentary on, there. Called racing, through the forest, check it out I. Was. Actually introduced to the, Pebble Beach Road races, a friend of mine testing, his dad raced in the last race yeah and. That. Started. In 1950. It, was a road race. Sam, Sam. Morris's, son and a, guy named sterling Edwards, yes got together and she'll. Cavalli and they, all got together and they decided to put a race in the 17-mile drive yeah. To. Spark. A little interest in selling homes yes in, Pebble Beach yes, so, 1950. Was the first Pebble Beach Road race yeah well, they needed something to keep people going during.

That That little weekend, yeah so they said hey let's do a car show yes, that's, how now is this a world-famous. Well. In 1956. A guy got killed, yeah on 17 mile drive in that race yes and so they had to stop the race because it was just too dangerous, they're racing an inch away from trees doing. A hundred miles an hour and those trees don't move no no, they're not forgiving, yeah yeah the special aluminum car yes not gonna move that tree so, they, went. To the. Army Corps of Engineers yes, and they, bought a piece of land called. The goona Seca Oh outside. I see, fantastics, how that in the first race called, the. Pebble. Beach Road races, yes. In name only but it was still amazing. Yeah so they went and they would they created a body called scramp yeah which, is these. Yeah. I know what you mean it's the yeah, it's the yeah. Scramp. FC RMP something, like see. Yeah. I remember, reading at the top yes all. These senior moments we have yes. Because. They needed that money to come in every year yes it was a big chunk of money that came in you. Know it still had to golf yes, you know but that that. Weekend was really big for everything, and they kept they, kept obviously the conker going yeah and and. We now have all the auctions so we have the car auctions we have you know it's fantastic go to the Mecum auction medium. Just walking around rows. And rows of Ferraris. And Lamborghinis, just. You. Know just Gooding, and in, RM, yeah, no. No I think we stand outside listening. In just to see how many yeah millions of dollars this particular. Maseratis. Being so forth. As. We're sort of chomping on our ice cream and yeah you know the great thing about that is the the. Free. This. Is sort of a clam chowder so if you go down the pier then, all of these restaurants or they're all fish restaurants, oh yeah. The Fisherman's Wharf exactly, and there's about ten restaurants, selling clam chowder and you can taste. Time. Chowder from each one of those so by the time you get to the end of the wolf you are stuffed. With free, clam. Chowder. Man. On top of the racing so you've got the car fumes the petroleum. The oil and the clam chowder you know what. More would you could you possibly hope for did you get a chance to go to any. Of the parties like the jet center party no, no. I, think, we were busy trying to negotiate with the guys at you know at the local extended. State and not charge us $750, for one night that's that's, the the motel 6 yeah there's, you, know every one of them in a normal rates $95. Car week yeah, make it a thousand. Right. Let's couch him them if they come down here in their Ferrari yeah I can afford that but they don't realize that I'd everyone owns a Ferrari yeah, you know precisely, yeah I think we come to the previous yeah you know and that was a little bit I believe, in a second yeah chilly. In the morning yes you know I. Have a buddy that actually does that every year yeah he's, right over here and he, goes. I'm, feeling cold I just thinking about queuing for the showers just you know yeah. We'll. Do the hotel thing next year yeah yeah, well you know you can actually go, in with some people and get a house yeah I think, I. Think probably just you know I might. Try the camping thing again actually but need a next time would bring a sweater, yeah. I, forgot, that when I when I when I took off you know it was 95 here yeah yeah yeah I'm like it's, gonna be hotter up there oh my god yeah I got up there with 59 degrees then I pulled in yes and didn't, bring a jacket and. You yeah to. This day you remember it yeah. But. So. You're you're you're you're. You. You like the races what your what your favorite cars I. Think. Probably the, kerb is I've always been a real. Fascinated. Loved, you, know the AC Cobras the you know the two ain't nines. You know the big box the big 4:57. And. Just. You know the big v8s because obviously you, know coming from England. Very, few v8. So I mean if you hear the sound of a v8 you you recognize it over, here obviously every, car is a v8 pretty much yeah. So just. The V I've never been a real sort of Ferrari guy but there's some really you. Know the old Porsches. As. I said the, Ferraris. The Maseratis. And the big American muscles the you know the sting of the the, Corvettes and say. I'd just you know loved all of it yeah yeah, and we were talking about the Jags too because you know jag is a you, know absolutely big you. Know and I'm glad that they they they're, going, home didn't see that many jacks it's yeah I think I think that's a one or two yeah, but. Yeah. I, mean the Laguna Seca is great, because, you can walk, everywhere, and you have to jump out the way when this stream of cars comes off the track yeah I mean that's motor racing you know you're not locked out of the pits yeah. Exactly there, and you have to keep your wits about you could talk to the drivers and you, know there's a lot of motor racing circuits where you, know you have to have special pit passes and yeah.

You Know that's. No fun really no no, and you get the in walking. Through there I mean if you have any kind of. Knowledge. Of motor, racing you you'll one across a, couple, of those drivers and, okay, exactly. Exactly there, are drivers there that have been racing for 30 40 years you. Know that our real, heroes you. Know that have grown, up with as saying that the you know I was talking to one, of the guys who worked. With Carroll, Shelby, and all these names and you, know these, guys here they were part of that history part of the fabric of the, automotive, you, know in. The world you know you you you that, you have the the greatest driver, ever Stirling, Moss sir sir, sir yes you. Know so I. Married. Him a few times I got his interview. For my documentary. Which. I which is the first thing I will be you, know when I finished flicking through everything at Netflix, exactly. What amazon, prime prime if ever, there was a need. To sign up for Amazon, this is it yeah it is yes you can rent it I think, I'm. Gonna buy every copy forget about renting, it. Take five five, nine five. Nine am to buy it I would pay ten times. And. Then Jackie, Stewart my first time to meet Jackie Stewart yes I was walking in and I got to tell the story cuz the greatest story I've told a couple of people this right so. That, the quail have you been to the quail yet no no, oh my, god I've, had a very sheltered life here you gotta go to the quail you gotta figure out a way to get in because it's a that's another pretty. Pricey ticket, yes I think they started like 499, errs yeah yeah yeah so, I. Had. A friend of mine that we. Were doing a little show so we got you know a buddy yeah, buddy got another wristband. Did, you see the wristbands this year wasn't that a trip yeah, yeah, we can spend, way. To get into stuff yeah we go we yeah we might get Chinese finger. Yeah, oh that thing yeah yeah yes, yes. Yes. So, anyway. So, we I was at the quail yet. To. Get in but they have very tight, security yes, and. There. Was a. Next. To the the, clubhouse, there's a golf course yes and there's a next to the golf course there's a clubhouse and so there was a gate there to get in and, there. Was this young guy yeah, that, obviously. Not very smart. And. Jay. Leno is right in front of me yeah yeah I, had just walked out Jay Leno's walking in right in front of me he. Didn't have a wrist wrist brand yes, he. Got turned away. Yeah. This. Is the guy that is now no longer working. At the. Fire, yeah, and. His family's, fired and the net he's five oh yes three generations. He's. Not allowed near any cars ever, yeah he got turned away and, his, Jays handler, was like I am so sorry blah blah blah but they wouldn't, let him US authorities quite funny actually cuz you know he probably just needed to make one happy. He wasn't gonna fit no no he had class about him yeah, you.

Know Who I. Would. Have thrown that one if I was Jay I would have thrown that one out yeah yeah, do, you not recognize this so uh that, was that was kind of funny but then when I rest it would rest are there walk through the gate there's, sir. Jackie Stewart yes please tap I'm sure yes matching. Cap yes Taunton. Pants and Tom yeah. So. I stood next to him got a little little snap yes. That. Was those, guys I mean that the history if you look back in the 50s, and 60s when they were racing you. Know and it was dangerous. As hell it was I think. It was some it, was like a rock star - exactly, yeah Noel all the chicks dug him yeah you know and was it I think was it Jackie Stewart who was very. Much at the forefront of, motor. Racing safety, say, yes yeah that was him very. Very Pro safety go absolutely right yeah, and. No because I remember you know. All, of you know the Niki Lauda races, and James Hunt those, when I was a kid those days with this sort of superheroes, yeah the one goes absolutely so you, know and Nigel. Mansell, and yeah, yeah, all those guys yeah yeah you remember in demonic oh yeah, yeah yeah I have yeah, Oh. Couple. Years ago so I was on a friend's boat and we. Yeah. Yeah we were about two or three boats, in from one of the chicanes. All. I would say was absolutely. Fascinating, the most amazing, sort of weekend, at parties. But. A girl's but, rather loud yeah. I mean and. Your two boats. Away from the chicane I mean, really loud I mean. Your. Ears are bleeding, yeah. It's and you know but this is good but fantastic. The whole the whole atmosphere was you. Know it was, astonishing. Just, the whole the. Island, was a party. Yeah. I. -. The casino at Monte Carlo oh yeah did you do that yeah and I didn't you know I just walked outside just thinking this is where James Bond passes Aston Martin and you know in Casino, Royale and just yeah just I love the history of the past Mia did, you get to drive on that on that no no we didn't I mean why I, flew. In they didn't have a carbide a couple of friends drove up and you. Know screaming. Through the tunnels on the maximum, volume you know yeah, so yeah I you you're, probably familiar, with with. Phil, Hill as it was the first American, that raised. One, first American to win f1 oh right well yes yeah yeah yeah I mean we, yeah I mean I know. The name again but but my my, yeah, historical, knowledge is lacking sir so he, he, won the very first Pebble Beach Road race oh well yeah, this. Is this so much so, much to learn this is why you know is so exciting, yeah you in its you know and then Carroll Shelby won, the last race actly yes you know so there was a lot of these. Guys, that were I love the tension, with Henry Ford and Enzo, Ferrari and, I. Think they're the, guys are building or building, writing. A documentary, about that as well filming, a documentary, about, this sort of Ferrari for there has been yeah a few, you know you, know we got, Adam. Carolla who's another podcast yes I you know he's he. Did, the 24 Hours war yes, 24, yeah and that that's right and yeah I mean one as well another one of my favorite tracks you know I've been there a few times, we're doing little more oh yeah, yeah, and that's just you know a, few times yeah that's just heavier, the drive up when I was lived in England you drive the the the.

Drive From I lived, in cancer, would be a hop over the channel and he'd drive up through France and you, know you're there and it's, just fantastic the whole atmosphere in Lamar is just huh yeah 24. Hour racing and the noise the, you know the. Sounds everything ah man. Yeah I have, a buddy that that raced he, won his class and I think, was 80 82, I, think. It was 82 yeah. It's. Called class five or. But. He was in a chrome. Or Porsche oh yeah. But, that's that's hardest. Such a hard race I mean it's just the amount of you. Know energy. It takes just to sort of gonna do one lap let alone 24, hours me these guys are seekers yeah, yeah. Did. You say I work for the entire thing were you know I think you yeah you sort of drift in and I use the can map here and, but. Yeah, you don't, sleep exactly, I mean that's um yeah, you do a little more you might you might sort of overdose on corn dogs or something you. Know doze, off in a sugar coma but but that's yeah that's about, the extent of it Wow okay, so um and, then you have you been da f1, races, out here like no, no. But I want to do I think Long Beach's next isn't it that's. Gonna. See that yeah. There's Long Beach there. Was something else. And. Then in. Your. Good Andy no no game, but there's, all of this I've just got this whole list of stuff that I'm gonna go and do you, know what I go and do so and that's that's another nightmare if, I I have I've been Dendy twice and. The. Morning, of the race. Going. From hotel where the hotels are downtown yes at that road that goes oh my. God leave. At 3:00 in the most of all because it yeah yeah, absolutely it's, like oh it's like five or seven miles I'm like that but yeah walking you're, not gonna, drive. But I've always gone with a with, a lot of equipment cuz I've been filming course so yeah yeah I've got my truck and you know my god yes. Right yeah see. You in about four hours yeah, yeah, I left a camera there one day I was. It I was exhausted is my camera with me and, it. Was like it was it was a Saturday yes, the Saturday before the race and. I had been walking and taking all these pictures and all this video of all the drivers me I was like from here to here you know you know with the camera and my. Back was killing me and I, sat down on this thing put the camera down. Yeah. And it was just out of it I stood up and walked away and. Two. Minutes later I'm like oh my god I ran back of course it was gone yeah so. That that, was a nice. Couple to somebody. Yes yeah, but. And. If you're out there you. Know who you are no, bugs I know who you are damn it yeah do the right thing so. Well, cool man well I'm, I'm. Glad, we had to do some we're gonna obviously, put a lot, of links to a squonk you re what. Are the. Or where, else can they find you that's what social media yeah I mean we're all over you. Know the usual sort of social, media suspects but, really now just go to the website quantum. Re calm, yeah you, guys pretty friendly when it comes to people asking questions. About. What we're doing and. You. Know we love questions we have a telegram channel, which. Is a very sort of interactive, channel, if people have questions there's. You know there's Twitter so that there's lots of sort of you know two-way, communication, going on okay so we're we're absolutely committed, to you. Know answering. Whatever questions people have okay and that's quite amore calm, yes, quantum quantum we spelt, it without the you King, you ANTM re, Oh calm. Yes. I know, it's it's, it looks you know it's was, there just a typo, and you really believe, that no it's because it's. Thomas. It. Was Samuel Beckett, Oh Sam. You back in Sullivan's it's a play in two acts and someone said why, did you make it two acts and so Samuel Beckett says because, three, would have been too many and one would have been not enough so, quantum with, the you would have been slightly.

Too Long. Too. Many lessons and if you would have taken America, we're lazy well. It's. Too many use I mean you give. To you to someone else who has a better use for instance, we're, not playing Scrabble here exactly, you know scrub, is not the event quantum re that's the event get you mind of Scrabble it's a skin. Awesome. Okay well um yeah, quantum, re dot-com, and. We. Got these these coins they're going gonna, be coming up really quick well yeah we just just join, up and we'll keep you posted on what we're doing and if you wanna get involved will tell you we'd love to have the involvement anytime awesome. All right man. Thank. You very much yeah

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