Four Percent Challenge | Four Percent Challenge Review | Vick Strizheus Review 2018 | 4% Challenge

Four Percent Challenge | Four Percent Challenge Review | Vick Strizheus Review 2018 | 4%  Challenge

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4%. Challenge. Review. Yes. Can someone comment if you guys can hear me. Welcome. Everybody. Let me do. What's. Up everybody happy, Thursday. So. Something. I wanted to talk to you about today. We. Were kind of talking, about this on. What's. Today Thursday I'm Tuesday I think I kind. Of touch on a. Couple of subjects, and you. Guys saw the title of this face book life obviously. The. Goal of this face book life is to help you guys to protect, your. Protect. Your future particularly, income if you relying on your income online, from. Home whether. You're part-time, or full-time there's. A couple of things I learned along the way I learned cup you, know thinks. Being. In this industry for now what like 10 years and. I'll. Be watching you guys comments, as well when asked for your questions is well. Normally. There's a few minutes a. Raza. Gillani. What's. Up you guys so like. I've been I've been on this in this game in, this business for over ten years and obviously I learned a thing or two hopefully. I'm. Not the smartest you know guy in, a you, know in the world but I know a few things right when it comes to generating money, online and. Building. Teams and. Coaching. And, you. Know traffic. Generation conversions. Scaling. And all that jazz right so. Um will. Ask you guys really. Like. What's what's, driving you why why you even like doing this right, because. I. Want, to know like why are you even building, business online what, is your goal, why. Are you doing it, let. Me know in the comments. Because. Like for me personally, i, it. Was always a dream you. Know to be you. Know thumb when everybody is going, to work commuting, to every single day I can. Dictate, my own schedule I can. Do. Pretty much whatever, I plants, would do every single day right and, not. Being told what to do by a, boss or anybody else but. You. Know it took me a while obviously I, have to learn new skills I had to you know master. Sort. Of certain skill sets in, order to be able to do that right and, many. Of you guys what okay I've, been talking about six reasons like, how many of you guys watch, the six reasons why people quit. Online business, and why. People fail online. If. You guys watch that. Facebook. Live couple of days ago let me know in comments. Welcome. Michael. Beneath. So. Let me know if you guys watch that Facebook. Life I did a few days ago so six. Six real reasons, is and. I'm, gonna quickly recap, and. Tell. You what it what they are so, one of them is unexpected. Unrealistic. Expectations. That that's pretty much sums, it up right a lot of people jump into different deals, different. Online businesses, and they have unrealistic expectations. And, they. Think they're gonna make $10,000. You, know next week or you. Know gonna, make six figures and, likely, in, a month or so or like in two months you know I'm saying and. You. Have to be realistic if you come from a different background whether, you successful, or not in other fields in life whether, you're back to a lawyer, maybe. A traditional business or maybe a brick-and-mortar business, this, is a whole different game this is a different, world you have, to realize, that it, takes about four years to become a doctor or a surgeon right so. It always like drives. Me crazy when people have those unrealistic, expectations. Because. When I came into this into, this into this, arena. Look. I realize. It's gonna take me some time right, I was listening to my bankers, I was always doing, what they were telling me to do right and one. Of the matters for me is gonna take me four years so this is like I kind, of like puts like self limiting believe in myself you know hey alex is gonna take you four years so I'm good I, don't have to go that fast you know it's, not taking some time and. That's. In fact what happened four years you know four years past. I have.

You Know my share of failures and successes, along the way but for, years I was. Able to go full-time I was able to ditch the corporate job I was able to you. Know. Become. My own boss become entrepreneurs, right I got. The giant check on stage all the jazz right and I'm I'm grateful, for that company because I I learned a lot in that company right I got, the million-dollar ring all that all that cool stuff right the stuff that I wanted to get you know if. It's awesome right like it's a it's a I, just, have something awful feeling, towards that because that's that's something. That I achieved right, but. Again, along, the journey I I started. Meeting so many people right with all sorts of backgrounds going. To live around you know and, I. Realize couple, of things you know six reasons why people well right because they're unexpected the car, I'm expect unexpected. Unrealistic. Expectations. Unexpectedly. And. They. They really skip, on personal dwop completely. Ignore that they're like they just give me like give me the secret traffic, source give me the secret system. Man. That, will make me successful give me like three buttons, you know system, that will make me rich no. Totally. Crazy stuff but unfortunately. A lot of people buy. That stuff you, know like welcome Facebook will come there on your newsfeed you gonna see tons of that stuff right. Crazy. Income screenshots, and all that stuff which. Look, I confess. I'm guilty of that as well you know it, attracts, more people you know you post a big giant numbers, but unfortunately. Attracts a lot of not. Serious, people tire kickers that they think they're gonna make million dollars overnight you know I'm saying, so. You. Might wanna watch that Facebook like there's couple more reasons I want, to talk about how to become, smart, market right I wanna help you guys oh. Sure. Vamos, a shortcut, I wanna stop you guys, shave. Years of your, journey right to become successful yes, literally, right I'll. Help you get to where you want to be as, as. Fast, as you possibly, can. But again you're gonna have to do sacrifices, guys you don't have to work your butt off yeah that's what I'm gonna tell you so, so the, topic, of this face book like I wanted to talk about this and really expand, on that because this, is important, that's this is willing for you guys resonating, was this hey what's up John, Linda. Jabbar. Alex. What's up you guys so, I like. You. Guys personally do, you understand the concept of multiple income streams because, let me let me explain look yes. I make over several figures in the one. Company are made over, $800,000. In previous company, ah that's. Awesome man, but you see what the problem is is do you see the big problem, we're. Building, this those, companies, right so. It's. Like like. Work our primary, income stream it's one income stream right and. What. Happens when that income stream drops, right if somebody is like like. Imagine a bus like a lot of people say don't put all the eggs in one basket right and we, get it with like yeah yeah, that makes sense but in in practice it's. Not so easy to accomplish it especially if you're branding right so like, we put all all your baskets and I mean, holy bust all your eggs in one basket and, somebody. You. Know thanks, you adds and drops. Right. But. It's his fault or not whether. Its external, circumstances. But, guess what what's the end result you're. Back to square zero, you back to you, back to you know. Stop. It starting point right here, you here you are running running. Along rank getting, you, know incremental. Successes, and then boom all, your. Ads drop. Yeah. You can make a breakfast and those from those things but unfortunately. A lot of people get hurt and. Going. Forward to prevent that I. Like. Like, my croissant coaching students like I always tell them like you gotta rely, on multiple interest rates you can rewind. It's it's it's it's it's, done. Right it's done because, average. Millionaire. How many income streams does yeah there, was a study done by Yale University, I believe and. Average. Millionaire has. Seven, income states sub. Not. One not two not three. Minimum. Seven. Many. Of you guys staff some of you guys watching this have, 20 30 50 income streams and that. That's the way to go that's the way to go because, otherwise. Something. Like something, bad happens, they drop. Your eggs you're, back to a starting point right does, this make sense to you guys. Let. Me know. Hey. Jang is back to trading time for money man I mean I don't know what you're doing man like we can catch up later on but.

I'm. Always about scalability. I wanna. Outsource, things I want to use systems, I want to have more leverage in business right and, sometimes, you. Have to do what you gotta do but at the same time you. Gotta work on the future right so. Like. Let, me show you it's like multiple, internships top people do this like let me devote this on my white I'll show you guys so traditionally. And, this is how I used to do it right when I started back in 2008, ah, I. Kind. Of got the point I could, not understand, it back then but this is the way how I think I was doing that back now ah, so. You got. One. Income stream right so let's say this is income, so I don't know if you guys can see it okay here we go incomes. Three one right so this is number one right. How. Do you build it well, you. Drive traffic to it right so you build that income stream by the driving traffic so you got I don't, know Facebook at you gots all that right. You. Basically. Driving traffic to build that income stream right whether it's a big job whether, it's I. Don't. Know one of this could be anything right. Maybe. It's a coaching program whatever right so, you drop, you basically, just doing, linear type of work you always have. To be on top man how many leads I generated, today how many clicks went to Macau Jabez right how, many conversions a god so, that's that's linear way of doing this right so then you realize, man I can rely on just one income stream, its. 2018. You. Know you can't, do that very. Dangerous so you start. Building income stream number two right you start building stream. Number two the, same way you start buying ads you, drive traffic you send emails right. Same. Thing right so you're doing that by, driving traffic right. Right. So. That's, not by income stream number two, so, same, goes for not, a free. Income stream number three and, four and, everything, else right, so. On how many have since even on the building right. Now. You get to a point where you spread yourself so thin you see the problem right you get yourself spread, so thin right you. Have to do all the separate, campaigns, right, which takes a lot more time, so multiply, the time it takes you to create one campaign now. You have to create seven. Campaigns, so right so if it takes you like an hour to to. Set up campaign now you have to spend if, you have would say five income streams now you have to spend ten hours right, just the initial setup right I'm not even talking about tracking I'm not talking about optimizing. You. Know babysitting that campaign now, you glue, to the computer, 24, hours a day and. This is when your wife, or. Your, significant, other starts. Questioning your sanity and says ma'am, you're crazy we don't see you anymore you don't hang out with kids you. Just like stuck to this, computer. 24/7. Right but I'm like honey I'm trying to build a future for us I'm trying to do what what, I need to do right. But you're spreading yourself so, thin man you have to do all the stuff you realize the freedom that it will give you this stuff right it's, gonna give you that time. Freedom right and being able to have those multiple checks, coming. To you into your life every. Single month every. Single week every single day you. Want to create those freedom but man this. Sucks man this like, sucks, the living, juice. Out of you you hope you know what I mean it's like. Have to be why. Like. Forget about life you have my wife at this point you have no life. Yes. Oh let's, talk about budgets, too right so what, say you part-time like how much money can you spend every, single month to build, this well. I don't know most families like you I started I started with like $500. Thousand, dollars on the credit card here and there right so now. You're spending that money on the. First campaign right to get that income stream going, right, well. It's bizarre maybe it's a health-related or maybe it's whatever, it is right but. Then you realize man I need to build all those other income, streams so. I'm already sweating, myself, to not just time it's it's always about balance, of time and money but here you have to invest all your time, and all, your money right does. That make sense to you guys you, have to invest all your time and the money to build this, guy then. You have to find. More time to build this guy right huge, problem, this where people start failing big time right. They are normal budget they have no more money to to. Drive traffic to the, offer number to write to have the second income stream and, they have no time either because they're like already exhausted they're, like going, to a job they hate and they follow me asleep. In the cubicle, because they're like oh my god what, did I get myself into this is worse than a job right. But. Listening there is a better way there, is there is a there is a white and down of the tunnel I'll show you a solution to that problem but. You see, this problem right guys like by the time you start building your income stream number two you.

Feel Like you're screwed like like you it's a sadder man like, it's a sign up against against, you right somebody is like playing games on you right, you, realize this is like virtually impossible to do it then. Forget. About income, stream number three, forget about income, stream number four forget, about income, stream number five and so on right because you're, already spread, yourself so thin, here. That you. Want to brink of failure, on quitting, right does this make sense to you guys please let me know in the comments. I'm. Talking about, well, it was about that but he is he's crazy he works like 48 hours a day and, I. Remember I spoke to Paul well and I. Don't. Know what the air was maybe you're reminded bro but. He was ready to quit because, like he got to a point where he was doing this and, he, was already spreading himself soft when he was a college student right so he was like Alex like I got on the phone with him and he. Was ready to quit like she said like screw, this screw. Didn't bullshit I'm going back to college I'm gonna finish college so I'm gonna make my dad, proud you know because he was threatening himself something he has no money to drive, traffic and he. Realizes he needs to pass different offers, to have multiple, income streams but, he is like, failing, already we here right, fail. Right. So. I gave bully flower said like look it like if I can do this sake Newman don't quit on your dreams that's what I, don't remember what I told him exactly but, I know from that phone conversation. This. Dude like when, like like. A rocket you know he's he's. A facebook. Genius, you know he's like. I don't know how many income streams he has he probably has like 2015. Comes to miss by now you. Know living the wife living the good life man, everybody wants to have good life so I'm proud of you bro that you never quit on your dreams so. And to, everybody else who's watching this hopefully, this is gonna make sense to you guys so. You guys don't quit on your dreams over, here where most people fail like, here this stuff before, I even get to the income stream number 2 or 3 or 5 or 5 or 55, ok, so. Yeah. A lot we, met in 2013. One of the events I don't remember which one maybe was Austin. Taxes, maybe. Was Chicago I don't, remember but this is where magic happens this is where you meet people that inspire, you and. You. See them succeeding, and then you said like man maybe, I can do so you come back home you start taking more action and things, start to happen so. Thanks. For stopping up for, stopping by draw. Your. Inspiration to. Many now so. There you go so. So. Like I said it's awesome, yeah you can get cool, million dollar rings you. Can get awards, from on stage you know all the stuff like the most. Most. Valuable, leadership award and powernet or 2015. Number. One affiliate of the year so. Not, to brag guys but look I want, to copy guys don't, deal I don't get married just to one income stream to your company, you offer whatever it is because, if you do, one. Day what's. Gonna happen, something. Is gonna happen outside. Of your control like I said but the. Basket was ax is gonna drop all right it's. Going to crash your dreams because what, they can do is this before, we got to the point number two building not number, income stream, number two they're, gonna come, here and they're gonna like drive this we cannot just erase this like it never it, never happened, but now, I have.

Does. This make sense guys. Not. To happen you. Back to zero. You back to square. The. Starting square where you started the cubicle, behind, those school bus whatever you were doing before, right. So. How do you promote them guys Carly commandos you guys see the big, picture like do you understand what I'm saying like you need to have multiple industries. 2013. For sure 2018. If you don't you are screwed. So. This. Money let me show, you how this should. Be done I wish. I knew that back in 2013, well. A. Lot more successful, a lot quicker so this is what you do what. You do is this you, still, have traffic coming in right so you have your traffic campaigns, coming, in right so you got your, big. Pile of traffic, that you're driving whether it's free or paid whatever it is right, so. You got those traffic universe, you're doing whatever it is Facebook, solo ads YouTube. Being. Google. CPA. Networks whatever, it is you're doing maybe blogging, I don't know so. You got your traffic but instead, of what, we were doing before, dumping, one income. Stream second income stream third income stream. Interesting faves income stream. Manually. Which takes a lot of energy and a lot of money where people fail they don't have enough money to do, that what. We do is this we, create a smart, system to. Create the system right here. We're. Gonna call it smart, system. Okay, this. Is a smart system that's. That Mike, Android, handwriting. Skills are outstanding as, just, say no in my school back. Back in Ukraine. People. Are always making fun of it but, you. Know what it's. Okay you, don't have to be the best painter, to paint this, that the best vision okay so I'm trying to paint the best, vision for you going forward so. You have a smart system. Me. Driving traffic to. What. Happens on the inside of, the system is. Couple, of things actually but the, outcome, the result is this what. It's gonna produce for you it's gonna create an. Income. Stream number one. Automatically. It's. Gonna create income stream, number two. Automatically. It's. Gonna create income stream number three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Seven. Income, streams which. Is the foundation to, become, a seven-figure, earner in this industry to become a millionaire one does. This make sense to you guys so what's happens, inside, let. Me know if you guys getting. This like you're digging this information, if you guys getting excited, or maybe getting, angry, I don't know just, give, me likes angry, faces. Anything. I wanna I want to see you are. You guys getting this, hey. Liam. So. Give me some feedback give, me angry, faces or, hearts. Maybe hope you guys enjoyed, the Valentine, yesterday, give. Me some hearts, or lights, something. So, anyway so this is what happens on the inside inside of the smart system what. Happens is. They. Start getting, tons, and tons and, tons of value, everything, they what, happens is they start getting. Kind. Of falling in love with. The system, right. Like. Even if it's not a Valentine's, Day they keep falling in love with this and they're. Like man I can't, wait till I get more training from from the system, right because inside. There's daily, training sessions, with. Eight figure, earners, all right and they, teach you exactly what, to do every single day and. They. Give you to do list the. Action, steps that you need to do in your business to. Start, building all the sink upstream which will happen by default, by the way and those. Income, streams never go away. In. Theory unless, the unless something, drastic, happens god, forbid to, the - to our universe. They're. As stable, as, want. To say the curse word will guarantee us. But. It's true they're so stable that. Like. One of them has, been paying for 15 years not. On staying like for 10 years, that would explain like like five years so, there's, super stable income streams, and they're essential. Essentially. There are peaks. And shadows that, every, marketer, needs to have so, it's Auto responder it's, tracking, solution, it's, a solution, to create capture pages like. Click funnels number, one number, one platform, for. Any marker, in an image to build sales, funnels, and capture. Pages and anything. In between so, those thing come stream will never go away why because the marketers, that are buying. Those solutions, for their problems right, it's all about solving you. Know the problem, in a marketplace, and present the solution they. Buying those tools. And channels by. Default, and they. Will never cancel, them allows they quit on their drinks which which, sometimes. Happens but for the most part they're very stable and they're, predictable, and I'll show you by Balazs so you don't have to believe any word I'm saying you, know I'm saying since, but, / well all, that well, believe, me you know 2013.

And Now he's making God knows how many income streams power like 55, or, more I'm actually curious so. Suddenly. A message after this bra. So. Those income streams, we'll start building by themselves, why because people gonna fall in love with the training they're, gonna be looking forward to the lesson every. Single day we're gonna have a to-do list the, biggest problem, in the marketplace, yeah. It's all theory people tell you know like, different, strategies, but there is no accountability you know there is no like action. Step action. Steps and there is no homework there's no to do it right so, this is what happens on the inside but. This is what happens on the outside this is what happens in your mailbox in. Your PayPal account in, your bank bank. Wires all that stuff automatically. So. I can. Show you on my screen actually why, don't I show you this because you. Guys gonna. Say like I'm, making this stuff up, or something. You. Seen the radios working. So. This is what happens guys check this up let. Me share, must be honest if this works so. Check, this out. Make, sure you guys can see my screen. Well. A lot of what Josh just posted amateurs, talk about features and benefits while, influencers. Speak vision so what, I'm giving you guys is a vision, for your business going, forward to. Have multiple, income streams and never ever rely, on one, income stream, alone. Ever. Because. That's a prescription, for failure, that's. A prescription for failure gas so. Check. This out those. Peaks and shadows goes seven income streams like I showed you. Check. This out one, of them is a. Autoresponder. So you, know check this out so I don't. Know I think the last payment was like. Two thousand dollars right. And this, is something that always grows, every. Single time it goes up the, Commission's, always go higher because there's more and more people. Buying. Or responder, because they need to build the list how the hell do bill do is they're not gonna use notepad right so they need the system to, be able to send emails communicate, with plastics, and. Communicate. With customers. Obviously, create sales on demand by sending newsletters and, broadcasts, so. That's something. That every, single marketer, needs to have and. That's just one then, the second one is. Tracking. Solutions, such as quick magic right, and again, this system I, haven't started promoting the system I only started, like a thing on Friday so. It's only been like less. Than a week like five or six days and. Already. People see. The vision and they already are, buying. Stuff right the buy the solution send the systems, and Peaks, on Shabbos everything in between and we're. Getting paid through. Clickbank so I just started on Friday. February. 9 and as, you can see. Monday. Was. Five hundred forty eight dollars. And. For. The week it's like 600 or so nothing to brag I can show you big numbers right I can show you millions of dollars and, other systems, but. Guys this is the smart way to do it this is the smart. Way to boot I'm gonna paint a big picture for you kiken actually make seven figures with this system by. Only bringing to customers. A day to. Customers, not distributors. Not perhaps just customers, to customers, a day so. This, is number two. Right correct, me if I'm wrong number three is click magic I've been. Using that for this. Is not my primary concern but this is stable income stream that comes every single, single. I think they take multiple, times a week but again nothing crazy add something like four thousand dollars total. Over. A, couple. Of years you know I'm saying so nothing crazy but this is stable, this those are additional income strings you guys get. This. So. That's, what. Three or four income streams and there's more right, so for example.

Hosting. Right everybody needs to have host income you can't realize like Chickasaw I was. Relying. On, posting. From previous. Company, and guess. What what that company got shut down when. A closed its, doors. That. Blood was gone man we have millions of people not enough millions but we have hundreds, of thousands of people, blogging on that platform just. What happens when can he close down all. The traffic, all all those websites, run away all those blocks all those central, hubs that, you need to have to build yourself as a persona, online. Ranked. To have presence, online yet Facebook is awesome but guess what it's outside of your control you need to have a copy of your control so. This is just started hmm like. Ah, this. Is not an income stream right every time somebody buys you make 65 bucks right, every single time, right. So. This. Is another. Income stream that's gonna be. Pretty. Soon it's gonna be you. Know in. Multiple. Four. Digits and maybe even five digits pretty soon you know every, single month so. And there's three more so this is what happened you guys to see the bigger picture now, like this is happens by default right. By, you just. Driving. Traffic to one system to one website right, and this magic happens on the inside right. Indoctrination. Right, you. Know all the trainings, and all that stuff people. Love this is now I'm going to show you feedback it's gonna blow your mind so this, is number two number, two number three number four there's like three more so. You hopefully, you guys see this picture, hope. You guys understand, this. Which. Blog is this John it's uh it's, on Bluehost so. Blue post you. Can create I'm not sure who this blog is one of my customers, so don't go there. But, it's, one of our my, customers, who bought the blog okay. And, that's. Income, stream like number four. It's. Like over twenty four thousand, people, in, the group.

Over. Twenty four thousand people and. You. Guys but if this makes sense to you guys not. Even gonna sell you on this go check out the link man see. If it's for you right. Now I think it's only $1 trial and next, week is gonna be 49, bucks to, start so. This is the link you can, go to market with odds calm if this makes sense to you if you as mate was right where I told you if, you want to listen to my advice to. My experience, over the 10 years it. No brainer and. Go. Check out for yourself start, going through those trainings, every single day right, and. We're gonna teach you how to do all this stuff you know how to drive traffic how. To build a central table and how, to have all those. Income. Streams going on for you automatically. By default so. Hope. You guys get. Some. Value, out of this maybe, you have something similar set up but this is the way you want to expand and have multiple linkage, things are. Coming in so this. Type of shit does not happen to you where somebody drops all the eggs right, put them in one basket man, so. Oh. And. If something happens to this by the way someone asked me guess. What you already built seven, income streams your. Stable, my friend right. And you can always recreate, this this, piece so guys. Have an awesome Thursday, I'll see. You guys on the next Facebook live, I'm gonna build, a steak and like, I said with two customers, a day, would. To make seven figures this year so, if this resonates with, you if you really, serious you're, sick and tired of spinning your wheels and you want to go nuts I'm gonna go crazy with me this. Is gonna be huge absolutely. Absolutely huge, so. Check. Out the link and I'll. See you guys on the inside have a prosperous day take also you know do. What you love to do and thanks, to all those what thanks. For thanks, for watching thanks for spending time with me and I'll see you guys from the top peace. 4%. Challenge. Review. You.

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