Fortnite | Taking Care of Business... Poorly.

Fortnite | Taking Care of Business... Poorly.

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Without. Sure. Yes yeah. Real. Life, okay. Yeah. Oopsies. Here. I'm. Fed up. My. See. Yes. Rhys. Yeah. Everything. Is really. And. The hell is, this opening up Jesus Christ. I am. Propose my steam cuz I opened that by accident Jesus, Christ. Hello. All. Right let's get this started. Blah. Blah I'm. Staring sorry for the late start I was just setting. Up some stuff. Put. On this, beautiful, music. I don't feel like it but I definitely, do. Hopefully. You enjoy it so I. Was. This what, do I gotta do so repla nominations are. God. Cindy challenges, oh yeah I gotta go to. Get. The new treasure. Chest to treasure whatever it's called a ball, the treasure map to the cloche factory. Let me look that up real quick oh. Wait. I think. It's. The truth. Factory. And, that's. Where you find it. Grreat for the, last four challenges on all self-explanatory, search search SEO fields eliminate five 100 Knoxville's and get three explosive weapon through the venetians oh my god again. Let's, fly directly to the hill I'm in the game no it's those idiots, by the bus. Fuck home. That does a strange building platform, paint over the side but instead of searching the whole map. Versatile like this just go here. Okay, fine, fine, fine fine. Fucking fine let's. Go - oh, he looks so low showdown. Wow. It's not quite so I was a possibility. 50. Let's, boogie. Let's. See let's see let's see. Oh. My. God. Where. Is that tree let's. Oh that's, where absolutely. Okay. Damn. It damn, it damn it damn it. Be. Sure that's it I have. To go all the way over there on the enemy, territory god damnit. Birthday. Fortnight's. Congratulations. On your one-year anniversary. I. Guess. Here we go. Well. Yeah I. Still. Can't get over the fact that I'm. But. I have an awesome, yeah, I have the of the lanterns as my skydive. Jim, grayling, whatever, I like. I like a little too much. Now. Let's see. Does that it's here but I don't know. Exactly. Where, to. Find. This location, on the phone. How. Can I die I heard. Something, oh. Shit. There's someone here. Yeah. Alright. That was pretty neat so. Yeah. Gonna. Get the shields and. Go, ahead and grab this. Magnum. I don't need it to leave some pretty sure I don't oh. Shit. This. Guy's probably gonna shoot. Me down somehow. Tereus, oh. Yeah. Two down, I'm. Surprised, that's actually working. Well. Friend I'm. Going to do this 1 2 3 4, 5 5 6, 7. 8 9 here we go and, I'll take that thank you very much. Hunting. Rifle I'll take I'll skip, on it grab this shield ocean of forest grab all this ammo and. Grab that shot, of a gun with. Bandages. Let's. Switch this up. Alright. Here. We go. Another. Shot ii. Where. Is it exactly yeah. If, i can find the. Location. This. Is in the whole map for so now let's go, here the best way to challenge okay well. That's it isn't say exactly where it's gonna be at oh wait. Okay. Better. On the fence. Okay. Let's see how does this work. Ran from the house apparently. Like. Right in front of the door yeah. Ran through the door right. Here. Somewhere. Anywhere. That was it. Chairman. How does this work. This. Got that got that this. I. Am. Going to go, ahead and. See. If I can find it on YouTube on, my phone real quick sank. Tight oh. My. God I hate this week. Three. Challenges. Factory. Down. Okay. I found it just give me one sec. Find. It all right. He. Did. Hey. That. Damn it I hate this so much. All. Right okay. He landed. And. Then what. Okay. Walk. Around the place. Little. Bit someone over there I. Should. Not be out in the open, I. Should. Not. It. Says that it's like over here somewhere. There. It is yeah awesome. Tear. Up we're, pretty sure. Well. Let's go ahead and just start, smacking everything in here because I'm gonna make something too real I never, built but you. Just never know what I did it's. Like it's nice to have the option. Can't. I can't hit that one alright. I. Like. Getting metal tiny because. It's like it. Nothing. Else in this house that I can grab. Point. On that oh. Yeah. Look. At that. Everybody. Else over there. There's. Some dude running over there oh. My. God we're like we're. Like we're blind. Let's. See. You. Try to go catch em off catch, up to them but they, happen. On. Shotguns. Bunions. Pad this long pad. Oh. Yeah. Only sees one oh. Shit. Oh. Shit. Shit. Wow, fucking shit dude come on. Damn. That's. Not cool man. Oh my god a cheese, are. You doing. We're. Done for you. Yeah. Let's. Go into the next one. Oh hey, look at that I got the golf. Cart item I live, I don't, want my Dantas as. A loading screen option. Okay. That's fine I. Got. It here I don't. Want the photo. That's, a good birthday. Play. Two more matches I can get some back plate. Back, Lord. Man. Literally, oh my god I already finished three of them all.

Right This, chest in fatal fields. Okay. Is. This. Getting. Tricked a. Bit. More, I'll. Be do. There. We go. That's. Fine slip it was too warm, I mean. Feel. Feels. It's. Gonna be honest. How. To. Call this one the Bates Motel cause it looks almost, exactly like, it. Let's say you know this just is mine. All, those two chests are mine. Let's. Get rid of that who's. This. Bop. Boop. All. Right I'm pretty sure there's nothing here. Peter. This. What's. Up. Shit. Okay. Here. We go, whoo. Looks. This cause the shield potion. Anyway. I still need it, set. Machine that'll, really, want to use. Awesome. Hunting, Bush. I. Don't. Think it's very much else to do here, oh. Hey. There is, go. Ahead hater to that. What. Else is here. Hopefully. Not very much else. Please. Slip in lines, it's. Guns that's cool that's fine, I mean. Ammo, I've guns here. How. Far is it I'm not fucking well. Emma. Have. To go. Alright. Oh yeah there's a little Hut around. You. Grab. This. Is. That oh, it's. Just with, that look. At my family. Slurp. Juice. That's. What I mean either way searching for that, hopefully. I don't die. Alright. Let's go to, the location, that was. My. Dog yours outside. Sniffing. Around watch. This little cutie. Fuckin. Side. Kevin, slide. See. Oh what's this little, attack. BlueTEC. I'm. Sure we look into the weapons of this, because. What if, attack. Is like not as strong as a. Pump. Who's, coming in the doctor, what's, that. Maybe. I should start, looking, for like golf carts sometimes. So, she knows about them. Don't. Know where he went please gone. What's. That. Separate. A separate, policy. Ask remain. Before. The court. Come. On. Little. Bastard. Let's. Be around here somewhere. We. Go is, he hiding for me there. Is oh, shit. There's too many of em I'm, not gonna try, to fucking, deal with that Oh. Someone. Got knocked out okay. Okay. Here we go. Oh. There's. Somebody over there guys I really. Wanna get with them or. Something but. It's. Not a good idea to just leave them there. Is. That a drunk guy. Honest. Minigun. Which. I have plenty, of ammo for this. Yes. I. Shot. And killed. We got you bros. We. Got you. Do. This. Yeah. That. Best. Show. Punk-ass. Yeah. I. Want. To taste it. Well, that. I'm. Going info. Bullshit. Yeah. Yeah, damn, it. Help. Me please. Don't. Let me go down in vain. Yes. So, far so good. Help. Me I, don't. Want to die, help. Me, please.

Probably, Today. Please. Don't let me die please let me die here please, don't let me die. Come. On. You're. Right there. Someone. L me. Yes. No. Thank. You thank. You. Ah there. We go awesome. Let's, go ahead and take this. Come. On. Like. So long stuffing. Hail oh my god. There. We go. It. Isn't gonna have, that. Alright. It's social gun yes I don't have any ammo for this and it's. Coming in it's, coming close fast. You. Got this, at, least I'm sure we got this. I'm. Pretty sure we got this oh. Look. Another mini guy I. Don't. Need that I. Need. A regular gun. Down. On the minigun yes. It is. Then. Another minigun. Jesus. Christ how many mini guns are there I swear to god I. Love. That. The, supply. Crates. This. I got something else. This. Thing probably. Where. Is he we. Have gone. Mon. Dude. There. Where, nothing is gone. Well, if. It. Doesn't show up soon he probably just down by the story. That's. That's. Good. Goodbye. Pretty. Proud of myself I've got two eliminations. Let's, go Gary we. Nobody's. Guy. I'm. Gonna switch this. Five. Seconds. This. Oh, wait. Listen. Gee. Where, the fuck is this guy man. Run. Away. There. We go. Person. That's. A little search, for some choices. Over. There. Yes. Yeah. Right. Am I supposed to find, just the middle field sir. Eliminate. People in the fields. As. I completely forgot, I. See. No juice oh there's long. There's. One. All. Over that, nice. Little shield potion. But. Use. That. I. Don't. Think I really needed that it's an assault rifle already. Have to trim down. Oh. No oh. You. Bastard. Okay. Well I guess I'll, be able to grab him there's. Many chests I really wanted, here. People. Like being fought, and assholes, I really. I'm. Just playing. Around, sort. Of. Sure. That I don't, know. It's. Funny how a pickaxe keeping material just like I. Didn't. Give me any material that's this point, and. These people already we've got fucking, sick chests, in here and future. They. Are also doing the quest so, I. Guess. I can't really do very much from, all oh. Man. I'm tired okay. Not, too much. Forty, minutes. Okay. Well we're here now so let's see who we can find and kill in this area. Gunshots. Less. Oh. Shit. Oh. God. Did. It. I'm. Sure we're gonna die anyway. For. All the safety. Yeah. Oh. Okay I guess, let's leave you till I die. Way. Thank. You so much. It's. There. It's. Mine. Shit. Let's. Start over. To have this done. With oh no. Damn, it oh. All. Right that's, fine. That's. Perfect. Obviously. Got my battle past here and then I got the backplane, for the witch material, but. I don't know I just don't like any. Of that stuff. Now. I guess I'll use this one sounds. Alright there's. Like shotgun, shells and stuff I. Got. Some new one battle, fest here. See. Fucking thing damn. The. Site. If I can get something. At. Least one, chest here. It's. Like all I really want just one chest. Let, me get there. Which, is mine. Haha. You're. Gonna get it hell no it's fine. Not. Today. No. Hana drop guns. Oh. We. Had to stuff. We. Got to uh. To. Guns there we go. Anybody. Else live. No. I'm the only one, okay. Go. Ahead and grab this SMG. For now. On. Always the enamel on the. Magnum. At the moment, they. Decide not to leave community. Again. So. Rightful that's fine. And. Nothing. Oh there. You got it, damn. It. Sitting. On. Anything, else okay, it's not too far from here, I. Guess. We can head, on that now I. Should. Get my water from the fridge I completely forgot to have a water.

Hold. On I got a post on Instagram about this, this. Need. Game we're playing. Got. To boogie bombs I don't know why but. Because they're in the chest and I just was like hey, give me that shit. Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa. That's. Mine, I'm. Thinking that oh. That. Was someone. Where. Else can I find someone. Like, someone's done daily. Please. They'll be in there. I'll. Have anything really to. Fight. Them from the distance. Shit. Ice or, is someone. Destroy. Us. You. Get out of here. Yeah. Oh no damn. It. I'm. Gonna knock that with the shotgun I. Know. I know. Yeah. Pretty. Sure, pretty. Strict. See. Who s. Just. The only one left on my my. Squad I. Swang. Little. Person into, the chat oh. Hey. Another. One oh. Thank. You guys for joining I hope you guys are doing that are, having a good. Day. Yeah. Let. Me choose a different. Track. Oh in her mind just. Bits of these three okay okay good. No. No. I don't I. Could. But honestly I've completely forgot like how to drop guns and trade and all that shit. And. Then I like I figured it out MIDI game. I'm. Just like how the help like drop a gun. And. Then. Brainless. Me almost like oh that's how you do it you press up on the d-pad and then you press this button okay. I. Was. Dead a little for. A little while when I got. A couple people. Joining you and somebody because I guess, he's gone, now. Well. The drunk gun oh. Yeah. I'm. Far away from death from the tail Feldstein, gaming. Okay. Let's go. This. Job I, forgot. What my thing was for my Marcos. Oh that's, just a lovely Lodge over there a little further away. It's. So lonely dude. Sam. Won't. Be lonely for long cuz I'm going. Where's. Chester, that's. Me. Just. Right, over. Oh. All. Right we got ten minutes to, load up and. Get to the center, that. Chest was very, underwhelming, but. There. Is a shield, here. Now. I, should. Really get my water from the fridge I really. Don't want to like get, out of my chair. Though cuz. That my cats will be like oh hey look it's, one. So. I'm going to take this. This. Was. Here. It. Feels like someone was here but they. Weren't. Look, at that employee our Porter Porter fort. More. Ammo cool. Shake. At this Porter for. It. Did. You know that if. Here in the wailing woods you, can hear someone wailing. It's. Pretty scary. How. Far is it for me oh that's pretty far I'm not that far I can. Make it. Take. Be knock. Himself out nice one dude. Let's. See let's see let's see oh hey look not a shotgun. Ramo. And. Beds. Beds. Pope. Francis named he. Knocked. Himself out and he immediately got, out of the out, of the game yes, oh. Wait. That's well supposed to drop drop. Off, okay. Where. Else can I go dude. It's. Like okay I saw mushroom over here. Yes. Mushrooms. Sweet. Shot. It, then. Again I probably won't. A. Better, solvent, and, a. Remote, explosive, along. With hunting rifle I should, probably just switch that for this. They. My longest shot with the sniper was probably like 90 meters, and. I was like yeah I, killed, someone 90, meters away. With. A Snooper. You. Know what if. I, had. Like Wi-Fi. I think. That room would be perfect this, little print this little room just out. Here in nature in gym it'd. Be pretty cool they're. Pretty neat. It's. Just you, know nobody bugs you nobody. Does anything just. Leaves you alone. Well. Then again you, probably get too lonely then just be like I'm, gonna go crazy out here I. Would. I, definitely. Look. Pistol. Let's. Switch it for this. Got. It just to have. Something. Stronger. Than what. I had before whoa, oh look. My mushrooms cool. One. More. What's. In here. Drum, gun. It's. A little more accurate I think, all. Right let's believe that is a little more accurate. But. Almost full shields, and. I think that's, pretty, much all there is to it here. Look. Material. Hope. Your day is going to look better than mine. Today. We. Should. Nobody. Here except. For these guys just screwing. Around I guess I. Guess. They looted the place the doors open. Yeah. Another. View this. This. Attack. Okay. Right, here so I, guess. We just wait, until. Everybody. Else joins us. Get. Your mind. Okay. Run run oh. Sure. You always. Shoot that shit. Legion. Dibala. Why. Is nothing blowing up, imagine. Imagine. Like once you press the clicker. And, you don't have anything detonated, you don't have anything out on the floor or anything you.

Just Like blow up. That'd. Be that'd be annoying. Exploded. Let's. Toss this here. That's, this one here. Why. Are those two still up there we. Go just in. Case. Let's. Do this you know there's people over here. Society. Civilization. Socializing. Someone. All the way over there guys I don't. Know if you know this but there's somebody over there. Let's. Put the Porta 4 on top of the porter for it. I'm. Gonna edit this. Okay. That. Works oh yeah. I put, a quarter for on top of a four quart. That's. Pretty neat. Oh. It's. Someone Martine, oh. Shit. My thing is falling or failing. All right let's go. Let's, see what we can do around here yeah. Might be flagging dude. Wait. There's something there it's, mine. This. Is pretty mine. Come. On there, we go I, dropped. The assault rifle oh wait. There is okay. That's try to use the. Lattice, lotto. Dude. Over there. We. Died. Everybody. Jesus. Chuck juice. Oh, no. Damn, it. Looks, like it bad dude, Jesus, Christ. Oh. There. I go. These. Well. That's one. Don't. Know what has changed is, Emil. That's, tough. Love, will be 23. I just, need three. Syllable. Eliminations. Shite. Oh. Yeah. I have to get the clay pigeons. I like, how in. Google I just have been by. Pigeons and. It's, there. See, maybe injured a map by a group by, the river south of Paris Thomas. Okay. Times, five clay, pigeons. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Oh my gosh okay so maybe, is not a river self-aware, as well hello. That okay there Mike. Northern. Cook of loot Lake oh. There's. Mom. Buddy there. We go. Else. Here, solver. You. Lied to me. Either. Let's just go shoot this play pigeon. Northern. Crook of. Moogly. Huh. Supposedly. Supposed to be right here. I'll. Play garlic play patience I. Like. Pitching size are these small size or what Oh God, are. You kidding me. Fine. There. Bastard. Oh. Wait. Is that what it is. Shoot. It. Danny. I can't. Shoot this thing. Fired. What. Damn it. Got. It. Hate. This thing. One. Oh. Here's. A shotgun. It's. Gonna be annoying. Okay. I got it yeah. What's. The next location. This, wouldn't be a pleasant. Buzzing. Park oh. My. God that's a run all the way up there too. Okay. Okay. Here. We go. I'm. Gonna go up here see this up here, pretty. Sure there's nothing. Yep. This, is I thought nothing. Hope. From. Over there that I was gonna do I was, gonna fall pretty far it takes up all damage. To. Try my best to get over there but I am. Not competent. Hey, I guess I gotta go over here. At. Five minutes I don't think I'm gonna make it. Maybe. No. I'm pretty sure if I just give up though. Just. Like I run. In. Okay, what about doing then I'll probably just die from. From. The danger zone the storm I mean. Let's see. In, this blue is. That a blue it, is a blue. Mouse. Not a blue oh yeah, it is a blue a. Blue. Scoped. Not. First I'll, take it anyway. Like. What a my cat's farted or something is getting. Given fuck. I. Think. I got some time, but. I doubt it I. Hate. When I stop because it just automatically, stops have dude. Oops. Sorry. One. Of my teammates is gonna day. L, killer. Calculator. To black. Okay, so it's supposed to be like somewhere around here. Okay. I find it. You'll, get there. Oh. It's. Like right there. Yeah. I'm not gonna make it. So. Yep, knightly. Okay. I didn't, really do much in this match myself the hell out here. Let's. Try it. See each one is 150. 50. Times. The 1500. And to get. $1,500. Although, I should do the, story about just so I can get the hey what the hell, that's. A glider that's. Cool. Roaaaar. Hopefully.

Goes Into my hands. Shit. Challenges. Will stay out of you I got to get the fucking loot lava-like, but, we really can't do, that. Oh, wait. Wait oh that's. Right god damn it oh. Man. She, just died. You do that all over again. All. Right. Look, it's the revenue from, epics other game. Yeah, Paris pose. Let's. Dive. In let's, dive on in. This. Takes way too long fucking. Plan. Done against because I have it like this so, literally. Knows daddy. Slips in Mexico right here. Like. Which is the architecture, of resume in Mexico. Okay. I got a little done. Better. Over headaches. It's the Western. I. Got. A potion, cool. Attack. Take. Attack. Like. This. I feel, like there's someone here. This, was out over there, if only god, damn it if only there was fucking, I had to get the leaf chest from this, place. Such. A die for now and, then drink. This. This. Is. What's up, a blue. The. Far is I'm pretty Parkman 30. Minutes to, click this challenge otherwise I'm gonna die just. Be, like right over here. There, you go nice it a little bit ball dancer that's fine. Oh. Minimums. Retinol and oh my. God yes. Wait. Aw. Damn. It's way too low. Oh. What. The. Hell. Hey, this thanks so much. Oh. My. God are you kidding me. We're. Trying to keep it straight so. Much oh. God. Damn it. Fucking. Hate this god damn it. Minigame. Yes. Yes, I got it yeah, alright let's go oh. My. God I hate this fucking meet West. So much where's the next one, somebody. Flush my flush Factory. I, might, have some time I. Got. It all, when. I reload this. Hello. Dude welcome to the chat. Sorry. You're the only one here, yes. Nobody really wants to watch a, newcomer but. You, got to start somewhere right, you, gotta be nobody to be as somebody sometimes, I don't. Know wise. Words from. Brainless. Dude. Hope. You enjoy your hope. You enjoy your stay listen. To music we're. Gonna be talking and, what distance Cooper. That shit come from my mouth or the, game itself. Well. Like well. Like fucking try, to cheat and look at try to, get. The road look at the map on the, internet where to stuff are. Right. Above flush factory right here. See. Was. It. Your. Right up up here's oh there it is. Right. In the map -. This. Might be a little more, fun. That'll take me skydiving. I. Don't. Have any material you like oh yeah I do. Later. That there's one on the floor I was always in a material for anything. Yeah. Makes, me get there it helps me get there a little faster that's why I did it. Oh that'll, get shot out of the sky or shot, while I'm on my way over there oh. My. God this thing is just, running to fuckin, location, just takes way too long and I hate it, well. God no all, right then take Nicole damage, that's. Neat. See. This. Give, me that chess and give me what's inside. Let's, say Samir I can't take anything because I don't mean anything. Waste, my time. Where. Else can. I go oh. No. We're really oh. This. Is um peace I. Should. Get some more materials, just, in case. Say some ways. Mom. I, need to get one one, more one, more and I'm satisfied with dying. In. This match. You. Go straight for another half hour, yeah. Sounds, good that's, a good idea to me. Mario. Toma, Tomatsu. Okay. So. The, clay pigeons, are gonna be over. Here somewhere, oh. There. It is. Awesome. Damnit. That, team is out there getting shot and, Here I am. Doing. What I love doing shooting. Some play to, Danny. Reload. Dammit. That Miss. Dammit. I. Seriously. Hate this thing so much. Yeah. There we go, awesome. I don't. Care about that. There's. No more so I'm. Good I'm happy I managed. To get a couple of play, pigeons in. Using. This because it's, a beautiful weapon to use. Shit. Fucking. Scared me you asshole. Do. They do there I. Don't. Know but I'm gonna go I. Really. Want to go up there needs that lunch that so I'm gonna I'm. Gonna do just that. But. It's really helpful. Ah. What. You bastard. Okay. That was that's. Fine. Hi-yah. Where. The hell are they, Jesus, Christ. Goddamn. Whatever. That's. It. Okay. I guess I'll take that, actually. You know what no what. The hell how do I get launched. Keep this this, has been accuracy, a curse. Oh god what the fuck you. Fucking asshole. What. The shit was that. Goddamn. It. Fucking. Troll. Let. It rise that my shield. Where. Is this guy. Didn't. Think so. Oops. Did. I do, that.

Seal. Myself up I'm pretty sure some. There. Goes, damn. It was gonna die. Let's. Fill back the main menu. Let's. See I got Paradise, Falls and flesh factory. Now. I just need fucking. More. Three more sorry. So. Lets, you shoot clay pigeons over they have components and search, chests. And pasties. Okay. Two, are annoying. To do and. Last, two are. Also allowed to do as, I had a terrible idea chosen scheme. Let's, look at. Right. Like, on this game you get like. Matched almost, immediately. Really. Do I need for my drift, oh. Okay. They. Like about 5,000 more I. Think. I don't know I wasn't ready to pay much attention to it. Let's. See where am i shooting, off from. Let, me get to. Let's. Go. On. The lake. Let's. Do this, oh. Wait. I think on the runway. It's. Just here. Oh. That. Is beautiful. Where, am I, the, pleasant party and. Let's. Go there. There. Goes pretty. Much the table awesome. Top. Left of the map I'm stuck up here and I hate it. Wait. Am I said okay. Am. I really the, call Hey look at that just. Get. Fun - see you later -. What. About - please. Whatever. Either way I'm good. Is. This your lane. Or. That these exist, but I didn't know I'd live the day to see. Back. This. Makes me want to explore in here night instead of flick mount wanting to go over to the. Request. Superhero. Super villains they fit right. This. Would be a super bass, because, superiors. Like to work alone. So. They don't hurt anybody, else. Whoa. Whoa, whoa buddy. I'm. Like. Terribly. Scared because, I don't I want to jump down but. I well. I kind of don't have a choice anymore. Awesome. I made, it down safely. Geez. Crazy. Now. Let's try to get this fucking clay. Pigeon again. Well. Hey this game so much I love it as well and. That'll be a lot of time for the loot lake one it sounds too far away. It's. Now round you. Let's. See. Alright. Alright alright he looks some linen y'all ready. That's. Not working. There. It is awesome. Would. It be good to use the shotgun on this baby. Okay. Shot. It but nothing really happens, aw. Damn. Entire fine I'll use this. Damn. It I, missed. Yeah. I got it. I'm. Pretty proud of us up for that. Cuz. I fuckin hate that so much. All. Right let's see I don't think I'm gonna be able to use the, dual pistol is much. Better. It's a legendary but. Let's. Go check it out. One. Vacant. Office. The bush damn. It Chloe, Chloe. All damage. Seal, here. That's. All I'm gonna shout out either. And. We're winning by six, people. On our team posted, a 34. But, a debatable baby in the bed. Whoa. Okay. Broncos. Fan. Played. Themselves. Somebody. Over there with you man. I'm. Out of ammo I. Know. Timmy. All. Right, that's. Terrible. That's, unfortunate. There, goes the rocket. For. Build rebuild rebuild. That's. Like my only thing. I'm. Back, life. Oh. God. Oh. You're. Five five five bro I really, got progra I, don't. Know, where. Is this guy oh he's still running away this. Guy's trying to sneak in. Shit. Know. What this how I should that's. What I should start doing just like building, stuff. Hmm. What is the mystery. Okay. See. A. Lot. Of light a lot of lights just grew. Seelix, even see. Oh good. Oh hey kitty. Okay. See, what like. Recent agrees. Wait, a minute. Go on. Oh a. Lot. Of that passed away. See, you yet I'm gonna fuck you up. Let's. See I. Guess. He really. Pretty. Much. No. First. Thing he's gonna gun so, oh. Yeah. That's right. So we can get a gun over here. Well, these cars yeah this is dreadful oh hey, look at that, that's. Where the superheroes. Landed. Mine. It's my two. It's. Mine. All. This is mine. Let's, see. Hey. Look at that hunting rifle. All. Right then look. Sesson 22nd. It's, gonna send me a message being like hey you stole my shit. There. We go alright. Now. Let's go to my. Destination that actually needs to go to. Pretty. Much like that over here. Hopefully. I can actually get it as well. Be. Right above the bridge. Let's. Hope I don't get, shot at either. I. Feel. Like I'm gonna die around here or somewhere else.

For. Arrows. Is. The thing. Here's. The thing. IHS. Oh look. Stuff. Okay. First. Talkie oh there, it is. Yeah. I got it. Awesome. Now we're gonna go gonna. Be all the way across a knife in it yep too. Much I. Don't. Need it. Let's. Go into this ripple, of. Time. Really. Just help me get, around faster. This. Is young a little. Bumpier of some sort. Is. It another secret lair. It. Seems like it it's, a pretty long staircase. It. Was something else. Laughs. Hi. Let's. Do this. Onward. Forwards. My. Space monkey. Method, all the stars. They're. So pretty. There, birdie, come. On what do you can do it there we go. Oh shit. Somebody, over there I. Missed. Come. On dude help me out. Yeah. I. Missed. Now. Shit. Shit. Oh. What. Damn it. You. Kidding me, thanks. Alright. Well that's fine. Execution. Alright. It's. Fine, oh well. Alright. Everybody was watching and everybody who, will. Watch, later. Thank, you so much for watching go ahead and give a like and a follow and. If you guys.

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