Former BBC Dragon Undercover at Samuel Leeds Property Investors Crash Course | Investigation

Former BBC Dragon Undercover at  Samuel Leeds  Property Investors Crash Course | Investigation

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Today's, video is shocking, and I make no apologies, for that I'm going undercover to, attain a property, training event to find a property trainers, biggest, fan a super, supporter. What are these most loyal followers, and I want to show the superfan how to do due diligence on, the trainer's business empire doing. Due diligence before. Embarking on, a business relationship rack transaction, is second nature to me most. People who attend property training courses don't, know how to I wanted. To set with a superfan and do, due diligence on, a property trainers companies explain. In layman's terms what it means and then, see what the superfans, reaction, is. Welcome. Back I've, made it my mission to warn, you about property, scams and schemes and this series helps, you avoid becoming a victim we've. Already looked at some of the Wiis firuze fake, property, gurus operate, and the lengths they'll go to to, get you to part with your hard-earned cash for. The avoidance of doubt I'm not trying to imply anyone, featured in this video is a foodie all I have done is laid out the facts which, are all and then public them in and I'll let you make up your own mind I. First. Came across this guy when, his video was kept popping up on a new tube he's, called Samuel elite and according, to his LinkedIn profile, he's a property, invest our TV landlord, best-selling. Author and youtuber, he. Self-published an after column Langton saying he was a property tycoon one. Of the country's top property, investors, and a multimillionaire. The, article, added the tycoon, left school with, nothing at 16, but could have retired by the time he was 21, as a result of shrewd property, investments. Let's. Just take a moment to go over his claims he, says he's a property, investor, a property, investor, buys property, north 11 but with the intention of making money from it may, be through rental income or by, doing an op or selling it for a profit, he also says his tycoon, my tycoon is a powerful successful. And wealthy person, in their, field or industry he, also claims is a multimillionaire, that's. Someone who has money property. And assets worth, several million pounds and. Has. Article, he talks about his training business he says every week we, see people from different cultures, and backgrounds becoming, financially free, through, investing, in property, many, have, achieved a fantastic, incomes and are using it responsibly. But. The BBC has, painted a very different picture there. And say their program in January, revealed, that soldier Danny pitcher took his own life after paying thirteen thousand pounds to an education, company run, by Samuel Leeds Danny's. Family say he had struggled with their and his own mental health before the tragedy but, he had been led to believe he'd, make enough money from property deals to the police's salary they, revealed dozens of people were trying to obtain refunds, from the company property, investors, told, the BBC people, should only purchase courses that they can afford now. Samuel. Happens to be connected to me on LinkedIn so I decided to message him I will Samuel. Have a look at my profile, as you see amongst, the various rules I have I'm a weekly business columnist, for the Sun newspaper fancy. Doing an interview with me based, on the business of properties training and how the model can be changed totally, unbiased shaft. I thought. It'd be interesting to get his review but, he doesn't seem keen to speak to me because, he read my message and ignored me I was.

Stoked Keen to do my article so I decided to do my own due diligence. Based. On what I knew of him the few videos had seen and a quick suction the Internet irregularities. And allegations, started coming up that made me feel uncomfortable the, claims ranged from possible, mortgage fraud to, people who claim to have lost thousands. Of pounds. Anyway. I completely, forgot about Samuel, that is until I saw it was coming to Edinburgh to run one of his clash courses and property, investment, so, I decided, I would go to the event along with a couple of researchers. Let. Me be clear I didn't go to the event to look at the sales tactics, used, by people who, offer property, education or wealth creation courses. There. Are a couple of good videos about, these tactics, by Mike women that's, them just coming up on your screen now I've left the length of the videos and the description, so go and check them out. You. Know and I know that I'm a bit of an expert on business. So, why wanted to do was, look at the cold hard facts surrounding, Samuel. Leeds bestest, enterprises. Now. The fact that I was going to this event he was hosting at the Radisson meant theoretically. That Samuel, was offering to do business with me and could. Have even ended up selling me a service, had, I signed up for his property, investment, games I mean, seriously, that was never gonna happen, so, I did extensive, financial to diligence on Samuels, businesses, when, you're a business person that's, what you do. I walked. Into Samuels, property, investors, crash course with a simple plan I wanted, to find Samuels, biggest fan a super, supporter, his, most loyal follower, and I wanted to show the superfan what I'd find out and see his reaction I wanted. To get down to the nitty-gritty to, see why people were so desperate, to put their faith and Samuel, I do like reading people's dreams I'm all for encouraging, people to launch and to grow their own business and become entrepreneurs but. That takes hard work it can't just happen overnight by going to one of these crash courses. So. First, things first before. The event started a charity a few folk there what, an eye-opener, there, was even 150 year old lad who, was there because he was desperate to become financially free, I admire his determination but. Felt so sorry for him. Let's. See what Samuel told his audience. Samuel. Talked about being a multi-millionaire he, previously claimed it was worth 16, million pounds Samuel, said is accounted was double-checking the figures but it could be 10 million. Wow. That's just staggering, for someone who is teaching financial freedom you'd. Assume Samuel, would noise-free around his own numbers and finances, to not know as unbelievable. To, me as a bet like a doctor, not knowing his patient had two arms and. Reference. To the BBC documentary he, said it was the government control media and he, went on to talk about how the government wanted, to control everything, there's. Nothing like a good conspiracy, theory as there according, to Samuel the government is controlling the BBC and other media he, won't need to be wearing a tinfoil hat see that's a convenient excuse when the media is reporting his, activities. Right. So during the event Samuel. Asked, the crowd their, reasons for being there most people were jumping up keen to reveal their reasons one, of them was really built on a 23 year, old window cleaner from Aberdeen Rudy.

Said It meant a free Samuel Lee's crash course in London the binta played course and was, here for another crash course he, described, himself as a view sorcerer, and wanted, a bagatti effect. Check and auto trainer shows them selling, from 1 million to 3 million he, told everyone he'd found some good deals from, viewing the crash course what she described as amazing, even, Samuel if he would train with him and the gym while he was available, well, more, surprises, for guessing that I'd find my biggest fan I was looking for I wanted, set him down assured my due diligence during. The break I asked Rudy if I could have a chat with him about his property journey and show him some stuff about Samuel, and get his teeth on it rudia going to come to my office for, a coffee and a child by. This time Rudy had what tape who I was I'd sat down for an interview, hi. Yeah. Someone. Needs crash, course in Edinburgh, aha and, we. Had a break we. Went. To. The coffee coffee. Area and, yeah. You came up and. Yeah. Yeah so I won't treat me what you were one of the people that stood up stood up and you basically sang, the praises of Samuel, needs okay, you said you went to his crash course you, came back, you became essentially. Very successful, in the maccabees crash course that, was the impression you so, I just wanted to interrogate these facts for something a fat chick, so what, crash course did you originally go to I went, to their crash course in. In. London yeah so we went to a crash course. We. Got taught loads. Of different strategies and property, uh-huh, like rent, terrains deal, sauce in. These. Options, so, much different types of a way. To invest in property either, by using your time or, by using your your. Money okay. I do came away from that and the passion everybody. In that crash course you were very very successful yeah. So do you want to tell me how many deals have you done since you that that crash course and I. Have, done, zero deals, you've, done zero their skills yeah okay. Usually. And feeding your successful, just continue rather than on tractors yeah yeah now. What. Did you think of the course what was your opinion on the course but, why I get from the courses. It. Makes people believe, that. Is as possible, to to. Really, do well in property, and, and. That's. What that's what really rings rings, to me but, I paid, for the course I paid for the Advanced. Course which, was like. 2,300, pounds. I'm. Watching, the passports on it, was on rent rent, rent okay, so what are your experiences over, wait to read tell me what it was talk to you on the course and what your experiences, are and, it, taught us how to. Get. A renter and you. Know basically. Calling, up the agents. Setting. Up viewings, and. Going. Through like, rent to HMOs, so you go through the register, the. HMO, register, find. Out dresses and then write, the letters and post them through to get attention of a. Vendor. Okay, so have. You managed you ready wait to race, no. Okay. So tell me but tell me about the way to rate course okay, that, basically. Pushes you people are they, charged a 2000, I run, 2300. Around. That mark for, the, course okay, choose to pay either all. Or, installment. If you pin install what's for watches up about. 849. Phone, support. In swords like. For. Free Fe yeah, so. Stu and a half grand or 2300. Of ppl through here okay, yeah right. Let's talk about some of the other things I observed, about crash course to be okay there's, a little boy who's 15, years old here and he jumped up do you think it's braver that little children, right, stand up and ask questions about being financially free when you shouldn't ask you to me I was actually saying that myself as whispered, to the next person next to me I said is, he skipping school, for this yeah okay. And what do you do for a living and, me. I'm my, own a window cleaning business okay, and I also look after children of Leonard learning difficulties, so basically how. Much money do you think you've, put into your. Property. Adventure. Okay. So let's talk about the, course the event of money you spent traveling, and a time off work I said. How much of you come to your little adventure, details. Maybe. Five grand. Five six grand five, six nine and what's the net result you've had ever as.

In I said I said any. Mustard and cumin, deal was done all, that sort of stuff I'm you're an advocate, you jumped up there and you, jumped up there and you said les he's a brilliant course so how much money have you had over for. Me when I said it was a brilliant, course for. Me it was because of what I've learned so, far, like, the, education, has been good but. For income. I haven't. Made any money from it yet I'm. Really, up. On a negative at the moment you. Know. Let's, get on to the crux of it so Sally weeds you said how do you display them I'll talk about him. Personally as the person, yes at the moment what a way I see him so. Yeah. He influenced. A lot of people he. Veggies. Okay. So your shoes much what, makes your shoes wretch you, know if the, prophecies, says well. The. Castle is buying. You. Know. The. Charities. Is running hopefully. I'm in Africa helping. To. Helping. To you know bring, water and schools. To kids, that don't have the opportunity, you, need to give me a couple minutes okay we. Need to give me a couple minutes I'm gonna, run some credit. Reports on some your needs already. Ice companies, okay. These are the she stuff that's available on the public the mean yeah. And then. I want me to then I wanted to get your opinion then is that okay yeah, let. Me just explain a couple of things to you firstly you might be wondering what do diligence says it's, an investigation, that a business or person is expected, to take before, entering, into an agreement or contract with, another party, to identify, any potential problems, I did, a video on due diligence as, part of my speak like shaft series there's, a link for coming. On the screen now there's. Also another link in the descriptions. Part. Of my due diligence was, running a credit report, I used judo calm, for a business report essentially. Lets you see how well a business is doing and how, stable as you can choose to view financial, information payment. Information details. The directors and public. Records and for like mortgages, and legal notices of any apply this, is vital as it allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not to deal with them let. Us think about net assets to a company's. Assets. Liabilities. Right. My company, is seeing, as law risk is for credit reaching a 63, okay, so. We're seeing its lowest and is, killing people and. That they can do transactions.

Where Those on credit, for up to 75 thousand. Pope's okay so, that's our credit limit so what do you think Samuel weeds who's a multimillionaire according, to you what. Says credit limit going so, your, phone. Photos. Yeah. Right. Machine why don't we just check okay. Samuel, leaves limited, you see the company there there's no dough out profession. Yeah. Okay. Credit. Risk risk. It's, well credit report on 22. It's. Got an unsatisfied. CCG, for fifteen thousand and eighty two poems. Okay. It's, got credit lamellas your poems so. Basically. What, this credit report is saying is Samuel. Moons as, company, cannot, buy a pencil, and credit. Okay and you've handed the sky over, basically. 2500, pounds how does that make you feel. That. She's a guy who, cannot buy a pencil, he stood up at a room full of people to, teach them the financial freedom and he cannot buy a pencil or credit how does that make you feel. Very. Surprised, yeah yeah. Okay. Let's. Do another one. Buy, an RN hi bye, Lauren hi. That. Company has, a balance sheet of minus sixteen, point three thousand, pounds okay, so it's technically and so them and. The, credit risk for that is less generally a tap or. Moderate. Risk, and. They can get a. Credit. On a five hundred pounds. Rather. The Mik you set through all of the company reports we've just put the results on the screen for you you can of course verify. This information by going to Companies House or judo the, link is on the screen and in the description. So. The other thing that strikes me as strange as I haven't found any companies that want properties, yet and what we found one company that wants properties know how. You find out for company owns properties, as they'll be charges, put on them by the lender, okay. So, Samuel. Leaves limited. Or. Is this castle, which is allegedly, worth six, million pounds so. You see over there right. And, as a charge on, that property by charter, by Capital, Limited okay. For. That property. Okay. So. It, falls that, there must be charges, now just assure your point okay. Credit. Resk, outstanding. Charges. There's. Ninety three charges of my, company there's ninety three buildings, which. We have ones against you see that okay okay, so. You would expect some of his property company so that's one property, we found in his company okay. Samuel. Leaves Holden wanted to play some look at our credit. Risk. Water. At risk basically. It. Has a balance sheet of. Nine. Pounds. It's, how. Much money is your brother got a spot. It. Has a balance sheet of nine papers and right. It has a balance sheet of nine poems and there's, no charges against that company that company, doesn't own any property, that. She's. All according to his accounts, stuff, that's available and, the public to me. Well. What's find oh we're doing this together. Finger-post. Homes limited. Okay. This company, has net assets of. 1100. Pounds and. Credit. Risk. A standing. Hundred. Night in Ruby Street Wolverhampton, okay, so it's for one charge against, one property, okay.

Okay So that's one property, so that's true we've come across so far I. Am. Aware that a lot of people won't, know their way around a. Set of accounts the way I do here's, a little explanation of how, a company needs to show property, on its accounts if a company owns property it will be shown with an affects asset, section of the balance sheet either as, an investment property or as a freehold, property, investment. Properties are held, at valuation. Either, directors, or professionally, obtained the only way a property, would, be held as a common asset would be for a property development company which, is preparing it for sale yeah. Rudy's. Devastated, and I'm going to let ever have some time to, come to terms with what he's just found out. So. Mate you'll be sent here for 10 minutes of you've had a cup of tea I've give me a chance to reflect and everything basically, how'd, you feel I feel. Shot, absolutely, shocked, honestly like. I've. Spent like a, almost. 5 grand just you, know vesting. In this in this sort, of dream that me sold and. He. Comes across as very, very. Legit. Very, generous. Very, genuine. And but. From. What I've seen and the evidence I've seen that, is all been is completely, like for. Advice I would give to people you, shouldn't you shouldn't get into this at all because it. Would bring you down financially and you'd, be struggling and. Honestly. It's a waste of money because you could you could use your money to invest in a property instead. Of actually, go into this summerlee's. Crash courses I feel a bit like used, if you know me like like. I worked hard for the money that I got like really hard maybe five, grand isn't so, big in some people's eyes but for me it was massive, and it. Was a lot of saving, you know. You. Know paying for hotels. You. Know breakfast. Traveling. And courses. And all that, it's. Just not worth it honestly is from, what I seen from the BBC I did I didn't want to believe it I did, I just didn't want to believe it because you, know, I was in fully invest in it so, I thought just go ahead you know like the things I've seen on a BBC of, the person, committing suicide, because. Of some well it's. Just been an absolute.

Shock I don't, even know how to react from from, what I've seen today it's just I. Just. Need some time to be honest but if. You're thinking of doing these, causes, that someone is promoting. I would, really recommend. You, not not, to go for it absolutely, not not to go for it some people give advice that you should just go for the free cash force and then basically, just leave and not buy the course yet you know that bastard that's just him inviting you you know once, you're in there, if systemized, is that once, you're in there it's like you almost been hypnotized, if you know I mean -, you. Can't get out of it it's not easy to get out of it like I wasn't, planning to to buy these courses. I wasn't even planning to buy anything you know I was just there for the free crash course and that was it but somehow. After. Being so motivated. With, everybody, on the same page you. Know clapping, and. Doing. All the all these things and. Showing. That you know he's a multi-millionaire, and that, everybody, should trust, him and go, for it. That. Does that's what is from what I've seen right, now from, from from, how. I feel about going to the course and wasting. My. Time and money and. Honestly. I was a bit, burnt out you know because of this like completely, my. Enthusiasm, went. Down I like my social life went down a bit after. Spending this money I even. Tried to get out of it to, be honest I. Tried. To cancel a course send. Send a few emails but. They said there's, no way you can get out of it you sign the contract it's no way you can get out of it and I. Felt. Trapped and but, they. Said you know go ahead with it if you signed it so just instead. Of just paying us the money and not doing anything just pay us the money and come, to the course and get. The most out of it and hopefully. You know it's. Down to you basically, you. Can be successful, and so. I had no I felt, like I have no choice I just have to go you, know you. Have a message for Samuel yeah. Somehow. Just. Just be honest with people be genuine. It's. Not good to take people. Who've, worked hard for their money who, are really some, people are in financial difficulty, it's not good to take people, that the, money from them and you used to find your own, life. Or your, own dealers. And stuff like that is. It's. Not good at all I mean I've. Seen evidence of, of. Everything. And it doesn't seem like is, worth that much so just, come clean. That's. The best way it's not. You. Should be Robin Hood you know it's. Not like a this. Is a modern day you. Know you're not stealing money from the poor and giving to the rich, that doesn't know how it works it shouldn't, be like that so, honestly. It's been a shot it's been a shock I wait, I really, wish I knew what I knew now I, would. Have. Planned. Out my life better, I'm. Trying to better myself you. Know like trying to work hard I'm really working hard doing. Three jobs and. I. Feel, like I've really invested, so much money and not receiving. Anything but at all, so. That's. My message really, okay, that's it thank you very much I really appreciate, you coming Queen okay, with everything what's happened to me okay. All. Right listen thank you I. Think. The conclusion we can draw from the center view is had Rudi done proper due diligence he, would not have handed over 2,500. Pounds for his paid course and fact, I think it's Dave fool he would afford to the free cash course in the first place even after my interview with Rudy one thing that entreat me was, why had, Rudy the superfan stood, up at the crash course and Edinburgh and sang, the praises of the course and talked, about his success when, clearly he hadn't had any every, time I asked him the question directly he Scott rebrand the issue I just, put it down - Rudy being, embarrassed but. The. Day after I attended the crash course in met Rudy Rudy, connected, to me in like ten and sent me the full one message I said coming up on your scheme now and, he's like ten message Rudy said hey, chef it's Rudy just saw the video people, are excited to see it I woke up with a much better thinking, about, exposing, Samuel, it's not just me no others, from the Kailash course are having doubts, I, give.

Rudy A quick call and really. Said to me chef can I meet you unfortunately. I was going to a wedding that day so I ended up meeting Rudy at nine o'clock at night and sat. Down with him and he wanted to thank me for everything, basically assuring. Him and explained to him he said to me chef I think people need to do all the truth about Sammy weeds and I want to share my property, journey with you and I says what you want to talk about and he says I want to talk about basically. What happened to me at the Pierre course on some, of the other stuff that I've been taught such, as how to buy property, with no money and I, said Rudy do you mind if I record this now it's over the limit of this video for me to share this free touch with you but what I propose to do is to do another, video so. Basically that be coming up very very soon so please do subscribe have, a subscribe button have a notification bail and as soon as the video with really goes live I'll let you know the, whole experience for me of going to this event has been absolutely. Shocking, I've. Never done anything like this before and I felt so strongly about these events you know they're marketed as buy, property, become a property, investor with no money etc, and. The human cost is terrible, that pure Rudy he basically just wanted to bake to himself and look. At look at the Macy's bought himself into, his, own business has suffered as a result of it he's. Been working a couple of jobs it's. Just unbelievable. I'm so, we unbelievable, but thankfully I'm here now to help Trudy and give him a bit of advice when he needs her and he can pick up the form to me whenever, he's, got a problem with his own business he's window cleaning business overnight. Above that please do remember at, the crash course I had, two researchers. There with me and they, attempt the crash course for, the full period of time I've got a lot of other revolutions, coming up about some of the things samuel said which I'm gonna fact-check and I'll, be doing another video about that as well I've. Left links for videos that I think you'll enjoy at, the end of this video so please do. You.

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