Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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Hello everyone, My name is Anish Singh Thakur, And this video is only and only for forex traders. And to do forex trading in a very right way, I have a very good news for you people. I am going to share with you people very big, deep secrets and good strategies. And in today’s video you will get so much value, the forex traders, Gold, or any commodity also if you want to do, then that also you can do, Commodity also comes in it, as All the 24 hours moving things, which remain open for 24 hours, Like forex, crypto, and commodities, gold, silver, crude oil, So I am going to give the best strategy today for you people. Ok So first of all, today on this video, I will invite my friend, I will invite Aman Chopra; he is an Audio Engineer. Aman can you please open your camera and join.

He has done his graduation from Thailand as well And he, he started doing trade, doing forex trading when, When man, It’s a thing of 2013 right? In 2013, yes. 2013, when he was in Thailand, so he got exposure of that thing And because it was legal in Thailand, so he started doing it. And since then, then he took a break And then restarted doing it. Now, using CMS Prime, using in Dubai broker, he is trading right now, Nicely he is trading right now. So, Aman, I would request you to please share one golden strategy with us, Which is giving you profitable, profit. So let me tell at first only, Aman is already following the strategy top down analysis, Which I put in the last market analysis for forex for you people, We are already following that, But that is a very long strategy, But we have one more strategy whose win rate is very good.

I am also depositing big amount now in my forex account. Aman is already doing it, and We are going to do high level forex now. So how many people want to do, can do it along with us. So, come on, now, first of all I will help you people by saying that, I always tell good things, forex traders whoever may be here, Adam Khoo, the name is, ok, Let me tell you who is Adam Khoo, just one minute, I will share this and then we will start the video ok, Just give me one minute Aman. If we come here, then if I will write here, Adam Khoo, you write this, Now after coming first of all subscribe this person, There are 7.50 lakhs subscribers of him,

Coming to his channel, coming to his videos, His videos which are the most popular, Professional forex trading, see, it’s a video of one hour, It’s a video of one hour, leave stock trading, It’s whatever are there of forex, you people watch all the videos. All, finding the forex trading setup, fib level, forex indicator, everything. First of all, I told you a useful thing, I always use to tell, That first of all you follow him, And put day and night in consuming his content, Learn from him.

Learn from him, will get to learn many things, ok. Now the matter is of trading, so come, Today had to give the market analysis of forex, That what I will help you temporarily, let me give you strategy of forex, It will always be of your use. So come, Aman can you please let us know the strategy that you are using.

Yeah sure, I have made something Okay, Is my screen visible? Yes, your screen is visible. Please, by Googling, first you tell the rules of strategy, And then you tell how, how, what risk/reward, what catch, where it doesn’t work, where does it work, How the strategy is ok? Zoom in the chart, now it’s zoomed out very much. Okay, in this i am going to show you five pairs today That recently the trade which I have taken, how is it. First of all, in it it’s that we have to see 30 minutes’ time frame, After that, the second is 200 EMA, we have to use, ok. The third is, we have to use MACD.

In MACD, there are some filters, that I will tell you afterwards. Ok. So simply your horizontal levels which you use, which you can mark on big time frame, But in 30 minutes, when 200 EMA breaks, Then we have to see MACD cut, and along with it, We have to see that if it is consolidating a little, then reset, We have to wait for the retest, Or else if it’s a big volume engulfing candle, then also you can take entry, And for stop loss, the recent swing which will be there outside 200 EMA, Outside of that you will have to put the stop loss. Like for example, let me show you people, Zoom in, it’s very much zoomed and in, and tell where our entry has been exactly. Where we had to do exact entry, much zoomed in it was, Yes, now, now it’s looking fine, it looks good like this, ok. So as you will see here, this 200 EMA it has broken by this candle, But we don’t have to take entry in this candle Because if you see the cut here, MACD is 09, So near this, you have to see the cut of buy, So here the buy’s cut, okay, The cut which is, it should come to zero? It should be near to zero, if it’s on zero, then it’s very good, But here we should see the cut of buy, like, Here the cut of buy has not been made, And then this price coming back has given a break again, And here, you see, buy cut has been generated. Buy’s cut it has given, according to me on the previous one, why it has not given? Okay, candle.

Here it has not given, here in this candle, now it has not given cut. Okay, it's about to give on that position, it was there only, cut had not been made Had not been, but here if you will see, Then here it has been made. So just as you get near the zero line, MACD zero line, so It’s near 200 EMA So you want to say that if we actually, practically go to apply, then Like this it will get stuck but it will not get cut, After cut only we should trade? Exactly. Okay. So and the stop loss, you can put it outside the recent swing, okay, And plus then horizontal levels remain, so that’s why my target is flexible, Like it’s big but you can book of 1:2, because here it has been got, 1:4.2 it is set. 1:2 has been got, so, For beginners I will suggest that can book 1:2. Okay, and overall it is of how much which you have taken for target? This like my target is of 1 per cent in it, So on this pair around 150 tips’ target I am looking for, Because if I zoom out there, then horizontal level also I have made, See, it’s becoming confusing, leave the horizontal level, Let’s keep it simple for people.

Either should we try 1:2, it’s a simple thing. 1:2, 1:3 is a good reward ratio. 1:2, 1:3? Yeah. So it’s been one trade, after that let me show you more trades in this.

Then as you will see, here is one trade, So this 200 EMA has been broken, here it is buy cut, So if here I entry, this entry was actually missed by me, that’s why I have not marked here. Okay. If I would have shifted it, then I could have taken entry here only, Because the bullish candle is much good, 200 EMA has been broken. You must be seeing it clearly. Show what is it’s cut, or the cut which came or which opened near the zero line, See, this is zero line which is near to it, and buy cut has been, in here, Recently it was cut near zero. And we have to take entry on this candle, again, 1:2, 3.5 we have got here,

outside it only stop loss, outside 200, If here I take this swing then, it’s very far That is not any simple stop loss, that’s A bit logical, like here if you see, I have put it here, so this is also a point, It’s seen by you here. So I will set a stop loss here logically, And if we see 1:2, then it has been got here only. Okay. According to me, beginners should quit in 1:2. When, when they get experience, then they should try 1:3, right? So let’s assume 1:2 for all people, even if you show how big a target it has been, But I will ask all to do 1:2 Okay Then again let’s see another trade, which I have taken on this pair Here 200 EMA has been broken, And this is the most, it’s my personal favorite That when I get a cut in MACD like this, totally clear, That recent cut has been from before and The cut is nicely open near the zero line. It has opened.

Zoom in a bit. Do a bit zoom in. You remain much zoomed out. Keep it zoomed in. Okay, yes, yes, show like this. So see here, this cut, means this is beautiful, This is my favorite personal and in this, If you see, then this level has also broken here, that’s why I have taken entry here, I have put it outside swing and if we see the target as 1:2, we have got 1:2 also, this.

Okay Because like this beginner can do And here I will say one more thing, like here you are seeing that 200 EMA has been broken again, So it’s for beginners that they can exit from that. Now I had an overall belief in it that it will work on that way only, So that’s why I had been holding that trade, And I was comfortable with my stop loss. And after that saw one trade here.

In short, we, we, in short till now I understood That trading signal is such that 200 moving average will break, Ok, MACD will give us cut, near zero line it should cut, Making 1:2 risk reward we can take trade. And if price comes back to 200, then we can exit if we want. We can exit. Means we can trail there, upon stop loss.

Okay Then let’s see here. Here again that 200 EMA has broken, there’s one buy cut, I missed here I have taken entry here, to show if. No,Keep it there only. No issues.

Come, that’s ok. What you have done tell that only. Okay. So here my stop loss hit, here had got cut, And this entry signal I got that it had also broken. And, target I keep something big only by seeing, But if we see 1:2 then in it, 1:2, we didn’t get, This our stop loss has hit here.

Ok. No issues. Ok. Looking back, here 200 EMA has been broken. Means this trading is such that 200 EMA should be broken? This is entry planning, 200 EMA break plus MACD cut. Like this is a very good setup for me, Because here, recently here as I told that, cut can be achieved from before only, And there it remains totally clear and open, So see here, it’s a perfect scenario that 200 has broken, After that, here this cut has been achieved. And a fine consolidation has also happened, See, before 200 consolidations, on 200 only it has taken support, so it’s very good trade Yes So it’s done, like this is the whole range, This range has also broken along with.

So we can put this also in mind. Okay And in this if I see, then I had taken 1:2 till here, if I make this 2 also, Then I got this. I got 1:2. Even when it has fallen more till 1:4, But you can book at 1:2. Okay. After that, it was sideways in market, so I avoided. Recently then, I took this trade.

Okay. Don’t move your mouse much, only bring it by zooming in a bit, Relax, tell with the mouse, where you did entry, tell like that. Don’t move much after bringing it. Yes,

now tell. Where did you do entry? And why? Simple. Yes. Now here you see, this candle broke 200 EMA, first time, this came, Went back, then came back, this broke here and here I got a cut. see at the bottom But, if you see here, then here why I didn’t take? Because here this is a buy cut, So that’s why you can avoid like this, you can filter like this.

So, here also if we see, then 1:, Four has been achieved but 1:2 has definitely been achieved, We have to see that, 1:2 is being achieved or not. You can trail also like, If you are feeling that more swings are being made, Then you can trail stop loss out of swing, Or if outside 200 EMA, if you are not comfortable, So what I am thinking Then maybe in breakeven you have moved your excel, Or you have manually exited, and Then again if you get signal, Like here this is the candle, then this cut has been made, But here a problem of SL happens, a very big SL, Let me tell people, it’s simple, don’t do it. Don’t trail, simply respect stop loss, respect target and Keep it 1:2, and please make experience. Do trailing and all afterwards, Because many a times it happens that In the rush to do trail, we lose our winning trade.

Come on guys. This trade of mine is now open, So in this now the scenario is such that If this 200 EMA will break, then I will exit, Or else till my set target. Now let me show another pair Ok You have made the candles black by switching off green, red, In this, we have put blue and black. You have kept blue and black.

Okay If you look at this, here is a break at 200 Yes nice Ok And here the perfect setup which I have told It’s already cut from start And a clear opening near 0.99 Which is here this Okay Entry from here it has slipped a bit Entry from here And keep it like this outside of this swing And after that when you look at 1:2, to show it you we already got 1:2 long ago We have to do 1:2 Guys this is the way to get profitable You guys try only 1:2 and that's it Even if your win rate is 50%, Then also you will earn money. I guess the win rate in this is above 6-50% It's above It’s above And in most of the cases, It happens that if I extend this here, you see it is holding If it breaks again at 200EMA Then you are leaving manually. So on small profit, And It happens a lot that you exit at breakeven. So a stop loss hitting this a very rare case That a stop loss hit it Or a news came as soon as we took an entry it was a high impact news event So it became some channel. But it is a very simple and easy-to-follow strategy It means that we have a good win rate.

I have been following it for a long time. very good Means Aman wants to say that Small profit, big profit, small profit, breakeven small loss There is no chance of big loss No there isn't. That's it. That's what we need for a person to earn overall money

And forex is a wonderful tool that is open 24hrs at your disposal. And this works in gold also? No it's a bit risky for gold, In gold In gold we stick to price action base Which we are already using OK, alright. In major currency pairs also I say, do a little back testing on it, Like there is Euro USD So in that type of pairs This strategy- means the result is less Because range becomes a lot. It’s a bit tough OK do one thing at the end of the video, say the name of 4-5 pairs We will trade on that OK? We are making a video for beginners So who wants to work, And we will say the lot size too To do on how much. And whoever knows, Indians can now open account in Exness And whosoever is out of India, Brother please CMS prime is a great broker, We will provide both the links You open your account And trade peacefully, Without any tension.

If in India, do it in Exness I'm not doing in that man; I'm telling you clearly But my friends are doing in it And they're getting regular payouts from it and there's no problem. Okay. Then again it was an entry Here it broke this level Along with that, it broke on 200 EMA And if we look at MACD cut down here, Then the cut is of sell It's near zero line. So this is equal to an an entry trigger And outside the swing is stop loss And I took my target. If i have 1:2 is also there Okay okay okay Okay, it should be 1:2 Okay.

And one more trade our target didn’t hit that, It didn’t happen in this It went out of this Because it came in range afterwards Where did it get out? And why? I’ll tell you There was an entry point Like This and this support This broke And a break happened in 200 EMA And here you see a sell-cut. Sell-cut OK understood. Sell-cut is there I see. So because of it Now when did you exit the trade in this Now I’ll tell to the beginners, When there is a break again at 200 EA Then You exit it.

And I did hold it in this, But this broke once Mine was at breakeven like this So it didn't hit. But went again It made this spike, Didn't hit. When it came back and started going, I confirmed that it is going sideways Then I exit here It was taking multiple supports of 200 here.

Okay. This is the reason for me to exit here. Then also a little profit happened It was only a small profit. If I put the target on 1/3rd something- I got a little bit less than 1:1 Okay, okay okay So lets Now let's show 2-3 examples more and then finish it right? Let’s tell for people to apply Okay. Then this was it. The entry reason in here was this That in 200 EMA- I will say one more thing here that We have to see price action along with it Recently what happened is that, Like here you see that we took a support here, So it had a break near my entry as well You said right. so by that also we get a confirmation like this.

And again you see here, it’s a sell cut Near zero Took a cut recently After swing there is a stop loss And then again in this I- Near breakeven Moved like this I exited but- Is there a rule like that? Is there a rule like you can't buy below 200 moving average? And can't sell above that? 200- yeah there is that If it is below 200 EMA then we shouldn't buy Only look to sell? Only look to sell Okay And a cut in MCAD should be of sell itself Okay It should be on zero And look to buy above Okay understood. The rules are simple that when there is price action near 200 moving average, And if it breaks moving average and goes below Then there will be a sell-cut And the price action level will break. Do simple trade. If there is a previous swing, then put a stop loss

And bind your 1:2 and take out your profits. Right? OK go on. Would you like to see 1, 2, 3 more examples? In some other pair? Yes, this is Aussie yen In that this trade of mine is going on now Okay, also going on in this too Now if you see in this Then a buy-cut happened here A rise came So I marked here. Buy-cut actually came here on this candle, a proper buy execute would have happened But I'm taking support attentively plan remains a little flexible My entry was here, but if I show you exactly, then you have to take the entry here When your buy-cut is generated And you can place it outside the swing here, But there is a level here so I kept it bigger than this. And if we see 1:2, we got 1:2 already. Okay but you still are going for more Yes Alright, so Aman you showed a good trade.

Man the buy-cut that came near 12'o'clock, Could we have done that trade too? Why didn't it make an entry there? You are saying around this candle? Yes, 12 - 11:30 12 It broke 200 moving average at 12'o'clock There is a break here in 200 EMA MACD cut is also there. This is the entry But actually, I missed this. So that's why this- Okay so we are only watching the trades that you've taken You're not telling all the trades. No, no, no I'm only I'm only showing the trades which I've personally taken.

Okay Then Ok. So we could have bought here But the 200 moving average broke there So we had to exit there right? Exit here- this here. Okay so we get a small loss here Okay then again- Again if you see here it broke 200 But didn't enter because we sell-cut. MACD didn't give a cut I mean if MACD had cut later you would have entered. Come on man very good It's a simple strategy So just if I want to sum up now I will share my screen okay? Now I'll share the screen I will share the screen So in my 30 minute timeframe, What we have to do is, We- look I get an entry here Right? We get an entry here. Should we enter over here?

correct We have to enter here yes We have to enter here We have to make the long position here. We will put stop loss below the previous 200 moving average and 1:2 we will make 1:2 target on this candle closing So we achieved our 1:2. Right? The stop loss will go below a little more A little more below We will place below 200 moving average. So our 1:2 is achieved here Okay? So guys the rule here is that First of all, we have to see the break of 200 moving average Now it broke, so we have to see this cut here And if it is near zero then it will be good It's not like the cut here- if the cut is this far then it won't be right Right? Ignore this cut completely Because it’s far Above on that if it's up then we don't need sell-cut at all I need only buy-cut. Right? Like let’s say, if you see here, Here the 200 moving average is breaking It's breaking here Here price action level is also breaking You said on price action level generally And make a short here.

If I make a short position here, or Here then I'll place the stop loss at this level Make it 1:2 and see if MACD got a cut Of course my cut came The cut came here And I'll do the planning of 1:2 won't do much So my 1:2 and how it comes we'll see Come on One minute. So I achieved my 1:2 Here it will be done Very good. My 1:2 is done And how much time it took we placed 30 minutes timeframe So around I get the target under 24hrs Out of 24hrs, within 1 or 1 1/2 - 2 days we get the target right? Right? And if by mistake my stock, If this sorry- this pair breaks the 200 Then I have to exit there right? Your voice is not coming So Yes, we have to exit if 200 breaks again.

Great man. So come on So quickly You guys got a great strategy quickly. The strategy is simple, There is 200 moving average Price broke above Look at MACD, if it is giving a cut near the zero line is blue line above And if MACD did cut Then does price action level break Apply 1:2 trade fast There is only this much risk management Like if you have $1000 account If you have $1000 account Then Aman how much lot size can the fellow do if he has $1000 account? I would suggest to try from 0.5 Means that is total right? It can't go above 0.5 right? means 0.5 According to me, I say it 0.1 regularly

But I can do 0.2's trade. 0.2x2 Means we can take 2 trades of 0.2 This is also risky but I guess we can take this much risk. The risk reward of your strategy is good if the win rate is good. So if it is $1000 account Then I suggest Aman said 0.5

That is his outlook Because he is doing that, can’t say who is doing wrong But I’ll tell the beginners that don't go above 0.2 Maximum 0.3 man Maximum 0.3 Its $1000 account. If it is $10000 account, then trade on 2-3 lot If it is $10000 account OK? This is $100 account So you know 0.03 or 0.05 trade on that

If it is $10-$100 account. $100-dollar account is a very small one But can be made to try Okay? So this is risk management. After that what you have to do is Whenever you initiate buy trade And by mistake it gave closing below 200 moving average, Then brother exit that. So by doing this, you'll get Out of 10 4-5 great big targets Okay? You'll get 1-2 small profits in which your trading stop loss will hit 1-2 will go to breakeven And 1-2 loss will happen, your stop loss will hit Right? So overall you'll make a lot of money after 1 month. If you follow the strategy religiously for 1 month, Then we can make good money Right Aman? Yes Alright, ok Anything else you would like to add As in what's the difference between Stock and Forex? Because of cap, Why you like that? Can you tell something like that? In Forex mainly like in this is that the market is open all-time So Means patiently-means we should have patience if you want to trade on Forex And we get good risk/reward ratio in this For beginners its 1:2 But with practice and after doing it for many months, You can aim for even 1:5 and more.

So And I think the thing I like personally is that there is always system stop loss No gap-up gap-down If we cut the trade on Friday also no problem. And also we can set a take profit from the beginning So if I set at 1:2, then On multi-day level also On multi-day level also Yes That's right And we can put limit order to that if we want to take an entry below this We can put limit order also right? Right? You are using CMS prime, no problem with that People are using Exness So these 2 brokers are good So okay guys, so I hope that today market analysis I may upload this at night because I am not afraid of views in this video. What I need is the Forex traders who are awake at night Because they know that market is going to open up So it'll be of use for you, if you do it So first do the backtest and then apply OK? More than that Because if you are Forex traders wish this series to continue That we bring more new contents, Then I want you to share this video to every other forex trader you know in your life. Share it with everyone and tell me in the comments if you've enjoyed it or not If you understood or not. Watch Adam Khoo's channel And tell me how was Adam khoo's channel? And please like the video If you will not like, then who will like? Because you are the forex traders If you want me to continue what I’m doing, Because I’m doing a lot of things, So I’ll be keep doing this Okay? Alright Aman then let's end this video right? Yes Alright Thank you Thank you guys Bubye.

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