Forex Lens - MAM Account Update with Jon Morgan

Forex Lens - MAM Account Update with Jon Morgan

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Good. Afternoon, good, morning or good evening ma'am. Account. Customers. From forks lens this, is John Morgan, I'm the traitor who, does the ma'am account some. Of you have heard me in the mornings when I stalk, and go, over the live trading session, Monday, through Friday some. Of you I know I've talked on the phone with, before communicated. Through email. And. Those, of you have not heard me well. Hello. Anyways, I wanted to go over real, quick because I know that there's probably some concerns. About the last. Actually. This week and in general on the, performance, of the ma'am account which I have, to recognize that to me it's, totally normal, for, me, to go through these movements. And phases drawdowns. And and, whipsaws. But for others, it is not so, instead of writing. Writing. An email I thought. That maybe doing a recording of the video might. Help out a little bit more. Certainly. In the. Explanation. Of the theory and the process, and the the, methodology. Behind my trading so, this. May get I don't. Think it's gonna be long with it I can go off on tangents a little bit but hopefully hopefully. I don't do that too much. Anyways. Oh and before I go I want, to make sure that everybody. Knows that if you ever have questions please. Reach, out I'm very, easy to get ahold of. I'm. Very accessible, I do this for a living from my home office in, Yankton South Dakota and. So. I like, to answer, questions, I like, to educate I, like to put. It calm, or. Or try to ease anybody's, anxiety, if I. Can. You. Know just don't. Be afraid to reach out because this. Is your money, and you. Want to to grow and you're. Risking it so I think it's important, that you. Ask. Questions if you're anxious. About something, anyways. So. I will. Admit, that this, training week has been one of the hard, treating weeks that I've that I've had in the, last few years but, a lot of that is really. Due to the. The. Current, Gans cycle, that were in and in. Actuality. This. Summer, is, probably. The start, of a.

Series, Of very, difficult, trading. Events. That are gonna happen until. 2020. That. Is the next, major. Panic, phase that starts, so. Knowing, that there are these big. Episodes, of of. Impending. Market. Reduction. And corrective, phase major market corrective phase coming, up then we. Can plan for it and anticipate. It and react, to it and plan, for it ahead of time anyways. Okay, going on to the theory so. This. Is trading if you're familiar with trading view this, is my own style of market geometry this is using gans la vipera I'm gonna use some words in here and if you don't understand, that that's fine this is you and only, yeah. Well if you you. Probably wouldn't be using this kind of service if you if you. Like studied, all this stuff, but. I'm, a Ganis time again trader so I based, I trade. Based off of time. Not. Price, and. And. Price action, although those those do play, a role in the actual, execution, of the trades they, do not play price, does not play a role in, the, overall. In. The macro, trend. Of the trade, and. One. Of the ways that I do that and, this. Will probably look a little funky to you. When. We find the right chart the. Pound ok so. This. Is the British Pound, this probably looks like a whole lot of noise to you but. What. I want to point out is that as a gana. Stag, and trader I view. The market as a very. Natural. Moving. And flowing, entity, I don't view it as random. Gannis, also, don't view, the more it's or the, trends, that, are in markets, as something, that humans, can change, don't. View them as as, as. A as. A thing. That, can, be altered by, human. Intervention. To. Me and, again. Markets. Are a natural, phenomenon, they are Gann, was actually way ahead of the way way ahead of his his, time now whether you you, choose, to believe this or not this is the thought process behind Gans, work was that I mean, if you know anything about the guy he was he was born. And raised. In a very very conservative. South. Texas, Baptist. Home, he actually learned how to read by reading the Bible and that, had a profound influence on his life but he was also a very logical and, scientific, thinker, he was a geometry.

And. Mathematician. And. He studied history and he he was a I, I think you got you could probably consider the guy a polymath, I mean, he was a he. Was he knew a lot of things about, a, lot of stuff and then applied it to the markets it. Was regarding his his. Religious, faith, he. Viewed God, as being a being. Orderly. And logical. And that if. God was orderly and logical, then everything. Else had to have, had. To have significant. Structure. In order to it and so. He also applied, that to the market and so you, know he he. Was Gann was one of the first he's. One of the fathers, of technical, analysis, and, he. Came, to the same conclusion, with a different approach. And. Determined, that markets, are not are, not random they have a pattern and they, they follow it repeatedly. And. So. That is the way that I operate, as a Gann, astiz that I I look, at the market, as something. That is. Unchangeable. And responds to the same patterns. And the. Same. Things. Over and over now when I'm talking patterns, I'm not talking about head. And shoulders cup, and handle I'm not talking Elliot, waves which I think are mostly pointless and. I'm. Not talking about anything like that what I am talking about is what Gann talked, about and, Gann. Talked about a form, of financial analysis, that. Is not commonly. Known or even. A lot of retail traders. And. A lot of new traders don't even know that this is a thing but. There. Are three forms of financial analysis, you have fundamental, analysis, I think, everybody knows what that is you study. The the, SEC. Filings, for a corporation. You you, check out their guidance you look at their. You. Know their book value, to share you, know you can do a whole bunch of stuff for fundamental analysis, but fundamental, analysis, is an, entirely, lagging. Form of financial, analysis. Then we have technical, analysis, and. We're all probably. Familiar with that that is dealing, with trend lines Elliott, Wave Ichimoku. Hurst. Cycles. Wake, off tons. Of tons of stuff tons. Of names and and technical. Analysis, is a combination. Of lagging and leading, analysis, but mostly, technical, analysis. Is a form of lagging analysis, it's not a very forward-thinking, form. Of analysis, but. But there is a significant, portion of it that is still for. Forecasting, and and and and, leading, and then. The third part of financial analysis. Is financial. Astrology, now I hate the name I don't know why that has not changed okay, there are people much. Smarter than me who are very well-established in this field who, are doing great. The surface, to a an. Entire, field, of financial, analysis. By. Not changing the name because, it sounds very hocus-pocus, tinfoil. Hat chicken bony, or. Like if you remember those 90's commercials of madame, cleo you, know, financial. Astrology, is. Mathematical. Psychology. Based. On astronomy, okay, so essentially, what we're doing is in financial. Astrology. You, are identifying. And we, can see this here we, are looking at the. Relationship. Between the. Angles, of planets. And. How. Price, has, reacted. To those those. Angles, in in, history, and. There. Is a stupid. Amount of. Frequency. Of how. Things. Play out for instance the the Saturn. Every single, major market, crash in history. Has. Been due to a Saturn, Uranus cycle, it's. It's pretty crazy there's there's, all these weird things that. That you'll. See. But. Anyways for, forecasting. And that's, the you know the, third part of financial financial. Analysis that that that financial. Astrology, that, is entirely a, forecasting. Tool I mean, some of it could be used for trading but not, really. Financial. Astrology, is all about forecasting, it's not about divination, it's, not about it's, not about how, do I get this Libra, to fall in love with my friend the Sagittarius. Blahblah that is that, is horoscopes. In astrology. This. Should just call it financial astronomy, but financial. Astrology, is all. About, identifying.

The. Pattern, and behavior, of humans. And as. The participants, in a market in. Relation. To the. The, the. Angles. Of. Celestial. Phenomena, and. So. There. Are words, used, like, Taurus. Aries. And Pisces. Those. Are just names, to. Delineate. The the. Angles. In a circle so between. 60 and 30 degrees, that, is Taurus, and then between. 120. And 150. Degrees, we, have Leo so that is just every 30 degrees you have a different name and they have stuck decided, to stick with these these, names I think this is the part where people are like oh okay alright, I'm. Gonna walk away now nice, the, rest of the stuff you were talking about that was cool the rest of this you're pretty crazy. Okay. I understand. That because, it does seem a little weird but, and. Then when we say things like the. ENOS is trying. Uranus. That, just means that, their 120, around, 120, degrees from another earth if we say that Marge. Is an opposition, to mercury, or, is opposite, of mercury that just means their 180, degrees from from one another something's in a conjunct, state that means they're like they're in there sharing the same angle they're like lined, up on. Top of one another in, the same in the same angle so. That's. All that's all that is all right okay, enough about that let's, get to the real meat potatoes here I told you I get a little long-winded but, I'm actually really excited because this week has been actually super, super exciting, and, super. Super annoying, but. I think. It'll make sense to you as we, go on let's. Use the pound for example. So. This is a chart of the British pound a daily chart okay, and here we are right here beautiful, bounce off that level, if, you, were. Paying attention to any of the trades that were going through the mam account I've been attempting to do, a lot of long positions, in here throughout, the week and, that'll. Make sense why I'm doing that right now but what I want to point out is, this. Financial astrology, component, okay so if I go to my tools here this is Optima, by, market analyst that's a professional, suite. Of software the, best gaen software, out there it's. It's amazing the only thing I don't like about Optima, is that it doesn't have live crypto. Data yet, it. Only has end of day data okay. So I'm, gonna do. Some get. Them some aspects, and for, whatever reason, in forex. Most. Forex. Pairs at least Forex dollar pairs are very. Sensitive. To. A. Particular, aspect. Don't. Need this. And. Planetary. Aspects there we go okay. Guess. I had that one automatic, so, this is. These. Are. This. Is Sun, Pluto and. Then. This, is. Sun. Opposite. Pluto or Pluto opposite, the Sun so again. Sun. Pluto. Means. That. We are a hundred and eighty degrees. From. One another okay there, they are opposites, there there they are across from one another okay so if I pull, up this ephemeris, again and I'd. Want to do aspects, I. See. Opposition. On. The lights and that painting it on here. Girl. It. Should, though. Well. That's. Alright. Anyways. What. We can see here you can probably tell just by looking at this that that, you, know these don't have these aspects don't happen often they usually happen you know around every year so June 21st, 2009, and then, the next one happened in June. 23rd, of 2010, and then, it went to June 25th, of 2011, and so forth and now we are in, we. Are in the. 17th. Of July. 20. Sorry the 12th. Of July we, got in here, and we exit, on. The 14th. So we'll be done here by tomorrow now you, can probably tell just by looking at this that there, seems to be a whole lot of correlative. Price. Positions, related to the. Particular. Angle, or the aspect itself, alright we actually see a lot of instances. Where markets, have a culmination. Into a rally or they find they're at some type of swing low or swing high alright. That. Is what we are experiencing. Right here, ok, so that is what we have going on right. There. Ok. Also within this say, these same two planet areas we have, conjunctions. And. Conjunctions. Are when, they cross, the same. Angle. Again. Those are that's, the midway point and. That. Is what we observe. Happening. Here, ok, so. Looking. At this chart. We. Can see that we, came down, to, this area here so as from a timing perspective, this. Is a. Part. Of the. Process. Of looking. And identifying that just because a lot of people try to identify market, bottoms based, on Sun lagging, indicators, only and while that can work. It's. It there's often, a lot of false signals, and whipsaws so that the trick is to. Really. Not to trick the the art. Component. Is. Identifying. The, time that it is in to us precise, a.

As Possible even though realistically. There's, a there's. A variance of about 30 days before or after but. Generally. We can see here. That there is a pretty. Good. Bias, for, prices. Responding. At this time okay the, other the other thing I like I do here, is I use a a lunar. Measurement. As well and. Moon. Phases. You're, gonna giggle, but, moon. Phases are, very. Effective. In treating - because. The. Dark, circles, here. That. Is a new, moon so a new moon means that the sky is dark out and, then. A full, moon which. Is this the white circles, that. Means that you have a big bright moon out and in. The pound, dollar. In. The. Pound dollar. During. A bull market. You. Can see, which. Where. Swing. Highs and swing lows often. Appear, okay. Wherever, you have a swing higher swing low you can often, find a. Moon. Phase okay. Now. Not every market, respond like. When. We you, know New, Moon's are often, in dollar markets, New Moon's are often, dick ative of a, bear market and a, bear move and then, we have full moons, you know indicative. Of, a, bullish bias so, there. Was a bank in England. Heaven. In my notes but they they, did, a 30-year, study of of the. Buy and hold strategy so, I remember, the numbers off you had if you had five thousand pounds, over that 30-year period invested, in a buy and hold after, 30 years of. That test you would have had. Like. Eleven. Thousand, pounds, and then. If you would have done for. The footsie 100 if. You. Would have bought, during. The. Full moons and, so they're held during the New Moon's you. Would have gone. From five thousand, pounds to like 31, thousand pounds, somewhere. Around there so. That. Strategy itself, is profitable, if you ever wanted to have the balls, to do that but. Moon, phases are. Often. A triggering. Event. They're often like one of the one of the catalysts, that, that we. Use to identify. A. Market, top, or bottom in the short run over you know over a weekly period or so excuse, me. Does. It have to take a little drink of water. I'm. Grabbing my chair. / stool I'll use a standing, desk. So. Again. Looking at the pound, so. This is within the date of where, we, should observe and, witness, the. Beginning of, a reversal, in all this price action that we've had okay, the, second component, rather. The third component in the financial, astrology, aspect, is. The. The, angles, and so, that. Is where I'm going to go back to this chart and. If. You. See these these, lines here these you, see these. Kind. Of they're. Actually, kind of diagonal. But. They're actually kind of wavy. This. Is the other part of my. Style, of analysis that that you've. Probably never, seen before never. Heard of and it's, already going to think it's it's it's insane, but, those. Lines are called Gann planetary. Lines and again this, is nothing but, the. Angle, angle, relationship. This. Green, line here represents. The, longitudinal. Position of Uranus and then, you transpose. It onto, a stock chart okay so you take the launch it again has a formula, which. Thank God they do this. Automatically. Because I've done, it manually before just to get an appreciation for, what Gann, had to do but. You. Can calculate. The. You. Get the longitude in the position of. Of a planet, and you can convert it into a printer. Price and put it on a chart and, so, you can see it it here so this is the heliocentric. Line, heliocentric. Means we're viewing it from the. Perspective of. Of. The, of the, of the. Sun being being, the center, point here. Were. You at. So. That's from the Sun but if we're doing geocentric. That means we're viewing the planets, and their, angles in relationship, to the earth I think people use geocentric, a lot but but certainly heliocentric. To, pay there's, so many things that you have to look at that. To. Find what is most. Sensitive but, anyways. So, this green, line is the is, is.

The Gann planetary, line of Uranus ok and then, the red lines are just the harmonics, or the divisions, of those. Levels. Between. This. Green. Urinal. Urinal, line and then, the one below, it and above it ok and because we can see that, there's. A lot of if, we were to do Mars. For example that's what Mars would look like little hard on the eyes yeah. Or. Saturn. Jupiter. But. Uranus for, whatever reason, is, the. Chart. Is the is the Gantt GPL, Gann planetary line that it's most most sensitive, that. The pound is mostly instead of two so we. Have that, and. What's. Fascinating about this is that these lines and. This is this goes into, Gans idea, that. And, view that markets. Are a. Natural, phenomena, and that they are not random. Because. When, you see like. People, put horizontal, lines of support and resistance you. Know you know if people just take those charts, and they. They, you. Know they're just like oh oh I. See there's a looks. Like this is probably a support, zone right, down here, you, know they'll they'll just put a line there and. Like oh there's a. Distance point here but then another one here you know these are these are way too subjective these, aren't not saying this is wrong it's just you're. Going to get really. Inaccurate, readings. If you do things like this. It's. That. I, know a lot of traders who trade, like this and are fine but but, this is a very. Dynamic. Form. Of finding support and resistance whereas if, we, do this in. Gand, planetary, lines these are set, and natural. Numbers, and patterns okay these are these are found in nature this is this is an angle that is not. Going to change this is a static. Variable. All. Right this is this is as logical. This. Is more logical of. A. Support, resistance, level than than, just throwing down a horizontal, line because. Because. This is natural now this is the heliocentric, line if we were to convert this to the geocentric, look, how it look how different that is I mean it's the, same angle. It's just we're seeing a lot of a. Sine. Wave activity, in here where we have these, peaks in these troughs and. What I find always, really interesting about it is often those those. Peaks and troughs, themselves. Often. Are, accurate. Bottoms, and tops okay. And. Then. This business, right here. This. These, lines here. Looks. A little noisy, on your screen, dude. This is the square of nine these are also natural, numbers. Those come. From ganz, square, of nine which is an ancient. Square. Root calculator, okay, and, this is used in forecasting too because certain. Price ranges. Certain. Price levels, have a corresponding, date, so when we find a square of time and price that's, where we often find a market, stopping. And reversing. Or. Or. We can see the culmination and then a blast through until we rotate, through so you can use this to forecast. Price. Activity and data activity. All, right so okay, we've done that with, the pound we've, seen the. Specific. We're. Looking at the date here. This. Is where we're seeing the reversal we have this moon phase, and. Now. We are looking for a market to reverse okay now we've got the financial s astrology. Component, over with as, a. Reason, and a bias, for going, long, and having those draw downs there. We're. Gonna go into now the technical, analysis, side of it and, that's. I guess this is all technical, analysis, but probably. The technical. Analysis, you're most familiar with and. So. If we look at the. Let's. Look at, the. Euro. For. Example and. We'll. Go to the daily chart and. So. This construct. This, is this is market geometry, okay and this is called the square of 144. So again. Again. If you if you read anything or look anything up about Gann you're going to see funky, stuff like this okay these. Are. Squares. Ranges. So you this, is a squared, range, of, time and price from. The all-time, low to. The all-time from the all-time high to the all-time low of the euro okay and then this is the, construct. That we get, and. This. Is the kind, of natural. This. This will this will the. These squares, there's, various, squares, that you can use and Gann. And. All of them are effective. None. As, ineffective. They're all effective, but sometimes you can find one square that it that seems to be more. Sensitive. At, a certain in a certain year in a certain decade but. Regardless. This, is the geometrical. Kind. Of DNA, and structure, of of, the. Pound or of the euro dollar and that, is telling us how prices. Would trade okay and. Then. On the horizontal. Lines of levels and level here these are called. Harmonics. So this is just like music okay so we, have. Probably. Have to go out to the weekly here. Yep. So, if we look at the weekly we have the, zero eight level. All the way down at. The. 90 cent zone and then, the very high up here is the.

Is The the. The. One. 160. 38 okay now, these. Levels, are harmonic. Ranges, and. These. Are natural. These. Are derived from natural. Squared. Numbers, and. These. Price, levels are, also static. These do not change, these will be here for the entire existence. Of, the. Eurodollar until, a new high or a new low is established. These. Will remain here for years. Okay. And then each one of these levels has their their own kind. Of these. Major harmonics, the any any of these thicker lines that have the numbers attached to him like this they. Are all going to be the hardest areas for, for, the euro to trade, above or below and. They. Should provide the highest amount, of support resistance so a. Number. Of weeks. Ago when. We were trading up against us for eighth this price level here represents. The exact. Middle. Price range of the entire history of the euro dollar this. Is the exact central. Midpoint. In price. So. It was no surprise that as we got to this level that. This was an excellent short opportunity. And. Then. The. Rule of angles Gann has this thing that he called the rule of angles in his squares and it simply states that when price. Breaks. An angle, it will, move to test the next one above it or below it. So. We, saw price broke, this angle, here even though it traded down did not go below it it found it as support so the theory is is. That when, you break this angle and you break, and hold above it you'll test the next note above it which is right here and that's what we did we. Broke this angle. Test. It above. Broke, it test, it above we did not get all the way up there we got stopped at this harmonic level which is normal but. Then when we broke this angle, we fell through here completely all. Right now. If you're 4x lens member, and youth watch the trading videos you. Can go back and watch all the videos from, the. All. The, way back in February, March April May and, when. We look at the Euro you're gonna see that, I'm not bullshitting. You here pardon my french these, levels have been here for the whole year, and. We've. Traded, off of these levels, all. Year, and so. Now. We. Come down to this zone, where. This major harmonic, is a three it represents, the lower the. Lower a, trading. Range this. Is a very supportive. Zone we've seen that it's forming a support, and. So. The, long positions, that were taking our are meant, to be done, because. I, have. Learned that. The, longer I've traded I get. More upset about not. Getting an, entry, into a new trend as opposed to waiting for the best entry, okay. Because. Most of the money we're going to make is going, to be at, the, turn of a market. Alright. The. First initial. Phase. Of of, a trend, change or, a in, a major minor trend that's, where you find the most money right, that just makes sense because that that's, just because most. Of the movement, is going to be from that that first impulse, out. Because. Then as we see here, we start to see the congestion, and the up and down business, and like oh my god is that reversing, blah blah blah so. That's that's what that's what we see here but we're seeing a very strong support, level here and again. Just like in all, the other pairs, if, we look at the euro. We. Have the same I. Didn't. That, kind of ruined my flow, here I thought I had that set up there correctly okay. We have the same relationship. As. The. Others we see that we are coming down to this zone so when we you, know how do you trade something like this well these. Are called. Essentially. Their pivots and time any, any astrological. Phenomenon a date particular, date they, act as a resistance. In time, to. The trend in force so whatever the trend is. Shorter. Long term is you're Pro as you get to that that that time period it, often acts as a source.

Of Resistance, against, that trend it, reverses, it it turns it and. Then. We look at things that that are probably, pretty normal, to look at for, that. These things you're probably most familiar with are looking at some type of indicator like an oscillator, and. So, the, two that I like to use is the this is the composite index this is a one, of the one of my personal. Technical. Analysis, heroes, I told a geek out if I ever got to meet her I would love to pick her brain it's, Constance, Brown she created this indicator, it's the composite, index this is like the RSI, version, think, of the RSI is windows, 3.0, and then. The. The composite, index is Windows 10. All. Right I'm probably, doing. A disservice to the, power of this indicator, by comparing, it to a Windows software but. You. Get, my meaning and then the this is the stochastic RSI so I'm. Looking at this market. And I. Know that we are at this major support, zone in price rathas major support zone at angle we're at this major support, level in in. This, angle. In the in the financial. Astronomic. Astrology. And we. Are looking at our. To. Do. Our. Oscillator, z' as well and we can see that we are in the strong support, zone here okay if I look at the daily yes. Does the daily look a little bearish sure. But. Here's the thing. The. Weekly, oh my, gosh the. Weekly. You. Want to talk about some. Bullish. Divergence going. On here this. Is it you want to talk about a rounding, bottom this is it. Okay. We're. Coming out of these extreme, oversold conditions. And we, are getting. Up to. Although. All the conditions being met for for wanting to go long here. Okay. Same. Thing with the New Zealand dollar, or the the. Pound dollar. Rounding. Bottom. Notice. How we're getting these higher lows on the weekly even, though we've had these these, kind of big drags lower. The. Dollar yen oh man. Is this thing going to hurt a lot of people. The. Dollar yen crazy. Bearish, divergence on. The weekly. Look. At the dollar yen. This. Has been the painful and this is a I, drew this for their. For. Their day. Trading clients today this. Has gone straight parabolic, now, what. Was frustrating to me and where where we lost a lot of the, the profits, and a lot of the drawdown was due to the yen and that's, because, the. Yen has gone parabolic. On the short term now, a, parabolic. Move, has a lot of definitions, but essentially, the best way to identify what, a parabolic move is is if you've got some type of trend going and then. As it's moving in that trend the slope, and the pitch increase, and they, continue, to rise okay, so. Basically. When you start to see it fan in or fan out that. Is the definition of, a parabolic, move and there's. Only a few 100, percent, there near. 100 percent there certain, things in the market and one, of them is is that a steep. Parabolic. Move is going. To be met with an equally violent, reversal. And, now. This brings us to the fundamental, components, here okay, so we've we've looked at this the, reason for taking the these short positions, and risking, the short positions. Because. When this guy finally moves oh man. It's going to move I tell you what I just want to point out that as I'm looking at the ma'am account right now we. Are currently, up ten. Thousand, dollars on the. On the day right now okay these, are the same trades with the exception of the. New. Zealand dollar and the Aussie dollar that I took earlier, just, a little bit ago before I started this video a lot. Of these traits have been open since last night and so when I finally went to bed I like I took, a nap at like 3:30 in the morning because I tell, you what stuff.

Like This, happens. Once every five years or so and, so. For this whole week I've been working. Like 20-hour days trading, my own account and the ma'am account. Because. I know how much money we're gonna make on this. I. Just. Want to put perspective, that that. It. Was when I when I went to go take a nap and I had on my alert set we. Were it was thirty thousand, dollars in the read so on the paper drawdown we were down thirty grand, but, then when I woke up we, were at, like, eight negative. Eight thousand and now we are at. That ten thousand mark, okay. So, the, amount of move here, if we've, got. So. If we had fifty. Lots open, let's, just say fifty lots and, it. Were to move down a, hundred pips. That's. Fifty thousand dollars. And. There's. And that's that's a that's a lowball, estimate here. That, we're working with because these, moves are so redonkulous. And. They're. So and here's I mean I could be totally wrong but I'm just working with probabilities. I'm working, with my trade plan I'm working within the, parameters of what my rules are and as. Hard as they are to, look, at this is the right way to do it this, is the way that we get to yield the most profit, and the, thing is is that you, don't make. Money. In the market by, playing. It safe. Well. You do but. You, don't make a lot. And so, this is going to be probably. One, of the best trades of the year oh there's one other part I want to bring up here about about this. About. The relationship, between the the time and the price. Excuse. Me and the. The. Amount of the moves here Gann also, had. Specific. Dates, that, he talked about. Okay. So, on the on the. Notebooks. Here and always I write like to write my notes down by, hand because, it. Committed. To memory more obviously. Doesn't work though because I don't have all this memorized but I have most of it memorized. Okay. So if we look at. My. Wife wishes that I would. But. We. Have. The. 15th. To the 21st of, July, Gann. Talked about the 15th, to, the 21st. And. Actually. It's. It's between June 22nd. And July. 21st, that, is where you're going to find major, turns, for, the year in the market okay it happens first in January, and then again in July I guess that just kind of and that makes sense you know you have first, part of the year and then that then the midpoint of the year but. We often find. Reversals. And changes. In. That. Mid, to late July zone, and. So. It's it makes total sense, that. We are going to experience, we. Are in a double top range for, the dollar yen for. The year okay because the all-time the, yearly high and, the. In the yen is. I. Think it was on the eighth here. Yeah. That. Is the yearly high okay. And. This is where price got. Done trading, and I. If I'm a betting man I'm gonna say that's within the eight eight six Fitri treatment. Nope. Yeah. Just a little bit above it the a date to fit retracement, all, that is a powerful reversal. So. Here's, the yearly hi we're, within that double top range of it and now, we are sitting on this level. Right here on shape. Volume. With. All those other conditions. Met and. You. Know if we look at the this. Is, very overdone, this. Will be a beautiful trade, and, here's. The fundamental component. Okay so so, I knew that we are experiencing, the market turn and in. The forecasting, area, I knew that I know that I know that we are experiencing. The market turn on the market high here on, the Gann dates and then on the technical, analysis, and then the fundamentals, come into play all, right a lot. Of people think that news, moves, the market it doesn't. All. Right news. Is, is. Not, a. Variable. That. Is. Something. News is a reaction. To, human. Activity. All. Right news is, a lagging. Form, of analysis, okay. News. Is fundamental, analysis. Time. Is, the reason for trend changes time is the reason that things, and markets move okay. The. So. If you don't do if you don't do any forecasting. And finding. Those highly probable. Reversal. Dates and you're, only looking for news you're such a reactionary, trader and you're always going to be gambling. But. News, is, just, part, of human activity. And and. News. Is, is. Often. I kind of it's. Like it's, like the final little catalyst.

For Getting. Everybody else on board because I wish. I had more time to go over this but we. Could go back into, any major market, turn and we. Could see we could see the market turning before there was ever a news event whether. Whether one you knew that was coming out or not coming out but. I want to point out is is that the. Fundamental, component, he is, that. There's. To all the tariff stuff going on all right and there's, a crazy amount of activity, that happens over the weekends, okay so if there's stuff that comes out about tariffs, that that's. Like oh we're putting more tariffs on China or I mean I'm in the States so the, stupid, stuff with terrorists. Personally. I dig. Our president, I like 90% of what the guy does the tariff stuff is stupid, that. I. Don't. Get it he's got some smart people and they're smart people around, him. I don't know why they're, doing this tariff stuff I sorry. I'm getting on a rant there but anyways. We. Have this level. That. We're trading at and. Whenever. We've had stuff going about tariffs the, dollar has spiked up a bit. Okay. What's. Gonna happen if over. The weekend, we, hear something bullish. About tariffs like all China's, not going to, retaliate. Or, we're, gonna actually come, back a little bit if stuff like that happens over the weekend, what. Happens, to things like the dollar pairs the. Dollar yen it's gonna tank. If. There's. More to talk about tariffs, is probably not going to go up higher I mean. It's probably not gonna have a huge response I. Also. Want to point you up point out real. Quick I'm. Getting really long-winded here guys I'm sorry is the, dollar index. The. Dollar index is just the basket, the dollar index, oh god. This is. This. Is great, this. This is gonna this is gonna collapse, the. Dollar index. Is up against this Gann angle and I. Would encourage you to watch yeah, I wish I knew a video it was but when we started this but I know all the way back in. April. We talked about the, rule of angles at night and I was said that that the dollar index, would trade up to here, and. It. Gets it faces. A lot of resistance here and so it's going to sell off from this angle because this is an this. Is this is a angles, this. These are not price, angles, these angles and time I. Don't. Think I've ever really explained that much but these angles represent, time they don't represent price. These. Angles represent, time so price. Is. Mostly. Like. Everything, it's a slave to, these to, these time angles and so. No look at just how price, was halted, right on that line pretty much, and. It's. Going to test it's, going to drift down lower at a pretty steep angle. All. Right, it's. This. Is just, how markets, move and this is just how they are are. Formed. And this is just how we have to trade them and we have to get. In early enough, and risk. A lot to make even, more okay. Because, if. We want to look at how long this move has been going on since this low oh. My. Gosh I didn't. Even realize that. That. Is. I'm. Smiling, a lot here 144. Day cycle, if. You know anything about Gann the.

Number 144. That. Is. That. Is pretty, awesome I'm actually happy, I recorded, this video because I'm going to use it in the future because, I know that this is going to be a, very. Very significant. Market. Move, coming. Up next week. I'm. Really excited about, next. Week and I. Hope you are too, we, are witnessing. The, the. End of a six month trend. Which is totally normal and we. Are going into a. Minimum. 90-day. Corrective, move. And. So. Look. Look, for, to a lot of these markets reversing, free. Info. Here we're. Going to see that in crypto, currencies, as well. Well. Actually, probably muted, the crypto, currencies, they don't. Bitcoin, actually. Did an article on this. You. If you don't what if you don't wanna hear any more you can go ahead and stop watching but I'm gonna keep, going, for a little bit here. Here. This. Is Bitcoin. Bitcoin. In the summer trades mostly, flat to. Lower, or. Flat. To higher I mean it doesn't what I'm saying is it doesn't move much in the summer so, from June 22nd. That's the summer solstice to the to, fall where we have September 23rd, fall. Is that the equinox, yeah. To. September, we we see not, a lot of huge trading activity, but, let's. Look at what happens after what, happens in the fall over. The last. Seven. Years of. Bitcoin, trading what, what do we see P happening with with the price and volume. 2012. It. Goes up 2013. It goes up, 2014. Mance is kind of flat 2015. Goes up 2016. Goes up 2017. Goes. Up. No. Reason why it doesn't do that this year in fact. There's, more of a reason why it would happen this year there's more a lot more as there's been more media. And focused attention the, more, you. You get the, participants, coming in to fall and they're gonna pour in over the fall why because, everybody everybody's. On vacation, in the summer. It. This is that this is a this is the psychological, component of trading is that. People who are trading cryptocurrencies, and got, in at the highs. Back. In December, you. Know. It's like all cool like Thanksgiving. Oh my gosh I have a lot of money for Christmas I'm gonna keep buying up here near 20,000 and then, Christmas vacation.

Hits And oh. My gosh I just I'm. Then, today I'm holding I'm holding them there and then they finally, traders, capitulate, they're like oh my god this is worthless this is going to zero let's lick carnage again zero, and blah, blah blah and then eventually you. Know you get people you. Know they they, slow down, human. Activity in general kind of gets a little slower here because, we're. Getting into there are in our phase the rest and relaxation phase. This. Is also, where. Where. Funds, and. Veteran. Traders, this, is their favorite, time to be buying right, in here this is where new, trader accounts, go to die because of accumulation, zones and consolidation, zones. But. Pros. Love. To buy anywhere in here pros, i, buy it ten care by at, six. Thousand or five thousand yeah whatever. You're. Buying in here. You're. Holding in here because. Inverse. Head and Shoulders pattern coming up by the way you're. Holding in here because you know that in the fall. Because. What happens again, what happens to the fall people, are don't at the summer and so the emotional, pain that they suffered all the way back here. Is. Mostly. Worn, off, actually. There's an indicator, that does this I. Think. It's the topic. Ah. Man. It's in moto it's in motive way of software there's an indicator that measures this where this, analyst I think it was that it's I think it's a Cho POC curve. But. He, went up to some clergy, and he said he, asked, well. How long does it take for somebody to to. Kind of get. Over the death, of a loved one and and. He he, asked, a whole bunch of different clergy when they said 11 to 14 months so. He. Said that what. Happens to traitors emotionally. And psychologically when. They when they experience a really bad trade or a big drop in the price or something and they get hurt he. Also said, that that it would probably take anywhere, between I, don't, remember he said exactly 11 to 14 months but there's a there's a measurement that he applies for the hep and so. It makes sense because people got, hurt in here big time, but. Then as time. Heals, all wounds and then you get into the summer and you're hanging out family and you're relaxing a little bit more you. Know you you do you don't necessarily become more optimistic but. You forget a mean, you're you're not dealing with that pain anymore so much so. Then what fault hits, and you, see the prices increase again that. Is, we're. Waiting, for the emotions, of the. New money and their and the burned money to to come, back into, not. Being bullish but not being bearish, or upset anymore they're like yeah we'll see what happens and then that turns into bullish momentum, all. Right anyways, I have. Been babbling for a while. I'm. Really looking forward to next week I wouldn't be surprised, if, next. Week we, not only. Return. To the present value we had at the. Beginning of this week but we surpass, it by like 30%. It's. Gonna be a crazy, awesome week, next week I I. Cannot, wait I think it's gonna be a phenomenal. Phenomenal trading. Time I'm. Really, really looking forward to it. Anyways, you guys have a great rest. Of your trade. Day if you are trading and have. It it's a it's. The 13th, of July, here it's 10:00 fifty-two, a.m., Central time I hope you guys have a safe weekend. With your friends and family and yeah. Take care of yourselves and again reach out if you have any questions I'm always here to to. Talk with or explain. Things and. Yeah. I. Look. Forward to visiting with, you later bye bye.

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I was still up $1,000 for the week but there were a couple little bloodbaths. Political climate mainly.

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