Forex Double in a Day EA Owners support webinar on how to get the best from this MT4 Expert Advisor.

Forex Double in a Day EA Owners support webinar on how to get the best from this MT4 Expert Advisor.

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Hi everybody Alex deploy here from expert Forex. And in. Today's video I'm gonna give you a brief overview of, a recent, webinar that. Was held for. Owners, of the double, in a day yay. The. Objective, of this webinar. Was, to give owners the, ability to to get more out of this particular yay. So in today's webinar, we're going to cover the following we're, going to look at an overview of the mm and a day history, we're, going to overview, the resources. Available to owners which. They, don't of they. Don't often use we. Are going to overview, how the double-o, de EA, works. And I'm going to show you how to create double, your day strategies. Using, as the Excel, spreadsheet and, then lastly we're going to have a look. At ways how you can dramatically. Improve, your, performance. When using the double-o de EA, so. Let's get straight into it before the double in a day EA I was, running a couple of webinars, where, I managed. To double, accounts. In one trade using. A special, manual. Top system. After, a while we realized that we can actually automate, this. Manual, system, and that's. How the double netday EA. Started. The. EA is basically, a system, where you trade, manually. You spot, a deal with high, potential, you. Then employ, the EA who, will top the. Deals. Up as, many. Times as you instructed to, and, it. Will, double, your account, now the the. Further benefit, of this is that once, it starts, topping up your total. Deal becomes, R a screen other words should, all, these top ups be stopped out at some, stage or the other should the price retrace, you. Will be stopped. Out at break, even so you have a risk feature transaction. So this EA does, two things it automates. The top of process. And it. Also makes sure that you, don't. Expose yourself to high risk by making sure that we if you get do gets topped out at any point off to the first stop up it is on a risk-free basis, the food aid bondage of this ei is it takes away the emotional, side of the trade once you put the trade on it's best to go to sleep and let the EA handle. It because doubling. Your account in one trade is quite, an emotional experience, and sometimes. People. Override. The EA or cash in prematurely, and do all kinds of funny things and they. Don't let the EA do its work so. That's, a bit of background the, EA is. Roughly. Five years old right now it. Has, gone through a bit of a development phase we have added. Elements. Of it which, that. Clients, of artistry, but in, its essence, the. EA is a top-up. EA that, helps you get, more out of your deals you don't always have to double your deals it gets more out of your deals you can enter, it using market, orders or you can. Introducing. Pending. Orders so. That's that's the EA in a natural and how it got how it developed, and how. It got automated. So. Let's have a look at the resources, available to. Owners. Of, this particular EA ok so now there are four main sources, available to. The owners, of the EA there are there's lots of information available, on the EA Factory, website. There's, lots of information on the actual, double in a day website. And on. The, You Tube channel. And, in. The forums so, we'll go through all of those at one. By one ok, so let's have a look at your, sources available on the EA Factory. Website. Now. I am, on the download, section. Of the EA Factory. Website, you only get to this section. If you have purchased, an EA. The. EAS get listed, that you have purchased and you, can then download them.

At The, bottom yen so let's have a look on the double in a day EA. The. Late there's, the latest version, that's available and. There. Is the product download, so just click on that and you, can down, load the, product. But more importantly, there, is also a user, guide now the user guide supplies. You with a lot, of really. Good information I would certainly recommend that, you go. Through the use of guide not reading, it word for word but just skim, through it to, see what kind of information is in the user guide that, will help you with a CA it explains, all the settings, and the. Process of installing the EA it, also explains the error messages. That you might get so, that you don't have to contact the support the error messages, are explained, in the guide very, important, so. There's a huge amount of information available, in. The user's, guide then, if you look at the product, information. Side. You will notice that things like the webinars, that we have are shown. There and how you can, join. Those particular, webinars, and more. Importantly, it's got the get started. Materials. Very. Very, important, does, get started I started with in order to gain access. To the double, a day training, the free udemy. Course on Dublin day trading the Excel speeches, and much more you, need to click on that link that link. Will, take you to. The. Welcoming. Page of the double in a day yeah and I'll just quickly jump. To that page here's the welcoming, page and it tells, you a whole lot of stuff, about the joint joint venture, the W and the day ei tells. You about the forum, videos. The courses, so, there's. The forum, detail, the, udemy. Course, which is a free course to everybody. I'll show, you that course pretty soon and then. There's. The the download, to the double in the day Excel. Spreadsheet, and much. More so all the critical information is contained on your, wealth, welcoming. Page and also access. To videos, and training, material. So. Remember. To click on that link and then, go and click on all the links in this welcoming. Page one of the links will take you to the udemy course here it is and. It's, been done by no. Less than. 3,700. Students. So, go and do this course for free. Using. The link provided in the welcoming, letter. Also. One of the links will bring you to the double-ended a website, where. There are lots. Of it where, lots, of information is made available firstly. The videos, on double, in a day if you click on there you'll see and number. Of videos I've, just I've, just clicked on it and let's just have a look there there's a whole lot of videos that have been listed they open. Above these videos, we also have a, video. Channel, on YouTube, which. You can go to and, here. It is I'll, cover the YouTube section we've, got playlists. On YouTube we've, got over 500, videos on, YouTube, covering the various. Courses. That we have and also topics. Forex, trading topics, things, like v8 testing, and optimization there's, 27, videos, on that h4x. Whole, lot of ones and as you go down you will find and. Yeah. Yes, the double in a day playlist, this 57. Videos. That are related to trading, the, double. In a day EA or finding, trades for that video so this huge, amount of, supporting. Information, for, this particular EA. Then. On the website, they are there's, a tremendous. Amount of.

Training. Information, available. Under the double in a day course side, here's, a quick start guide you, click on that and it gives you a step-by-step. Process. To implement. The EA and make, best use of the yay there's double entered a trading, modular. Module, one two three there's eight modules they're more. Training, there's over. Enough, training on Dublin day trading for, you there's the Excel, spreadsheet which, we'll look at later, on, because, that is essential. You cannot trade the double in the day EA without. Using. The Excel spreadsheet to create your own strategies. Then. This advice, on finding double anti trades, there's, cheats, that you can do, the. Straddle. Straddle. We're, a ways of straddling, the market using, the double naea. Trading. Announcements, that there's there's a huge amount on yad I want to go through everything but. Essentially. There's no shortage of trading, advice. And, and. Material. On this, website then there are a whole lot of articles that you can read about double. And day trading but the most important, thing I think is other recent, trades as you can see we've got trades going back five. Years, and you can go and click on these trades now most, of these trades, have been analyzed, for you.they the, trades actually say this, is how the trade, was entered, and it, gives you how it was entered the technique, that was used all, that I'm just gonna randomly, open. One of these and just give you an idea of what, happens, and. I was. Produced. No, all right so so, that you see the charts, of those particularly why they were interred where they were and okay. You see there's a nice channel trade chart, there again channel, trade to support and resistance, support. Resistance bounces so you just, need to go and look at those recent. Trades to get really good ideas of where you can enter double in the day trade remember. With the double o day ei it is the traders. Responsibility. To enter the trade the double o day will only top it up for, you on a risk-free basis. Okay. So now. I think I've actually covered, the the. Website. And, the. Ei, factory, side, of things less I'm just going to remind myself. Yes. We've we basically covered the videos the course the recent trades, and articles, we've, covered the user manual, of the link to the welcoming, later and the udemy course so we've covered that and then on YouTube we've also covered the playlist go and find those play lat the W date playlist look at the videos. That seem. Of interest, to you there's, a lot, of playlist, covering all our other products. But there's, quite a lot on double-under, day trading and then the forum, is also, available from, the welcoming, letter there is a link into the forum, let's go have a quick look at that so. Here we have the forum, and they're, actually a couple of forums on this, particular forum, for the dublin day this is most probably the most popular one but there's some really good things we've, got ten essential tips for becoming a better double, and a trade and a whole lot of other items. Of interest that that are very are in the forum yeah. You can also ask as many questions that you want and either. Myself. Or. Users. Of the EA will answer your questions, another. Forum. That armistice point out is the simple and easy forex, series, forum, that, is a free. Series. Available to all. Expert. Forex customers. And visitors and you can, actually download, the. Various modules, from, this forum, but the, most important, for double. In a day traders. Is the entries, one, it gives you a lot, of ideas on how to enter, the market, using. For. Double and a trace and the turning, points one which is also a way, of finding, entries, into the market so I would suggest you download those, study them thoroughly and. That'll. Give you a lot of ideas, for doubling a day trading also the. Time of day is very, important, you want to enter double in a day trades. When, the, market is volatile, and will push through to. Now. Let's start looking at the functionality, of the double in a day. Yay. Basically, the EA allows, you to specify. Where. You want top-ups, how, much of a gain you EU going, for in terms of percentage how, much you're risking and also, how much of your account that you're risking that's. The basic, inputs, that you need. There are some more small, ones that, are, of. Less importance, but you. Only, need to specify those, if you select specific methods. Of entry so let's go, through the inputs, very carefully. Firstly. You know the first input is what size account, do you wanna trade now you might have a $10,000. Account you, might only want to use, $200. Of that account. You trade the double in a day process so you would then specify. $200.

There, And the EI will know not to use your whole account but to use $200, of your account then you need to tell the EI what, kind, of. Trend. You going to go for in this case it's a hundred pips you can specify 60, pips City pips whatever, trend you want to go for then, it will say how, much of a, size, target, do you want to enter that's, where you enter and, how much you gain you want to make in, this case 105. Has been specified to. Make sure that a hundred is in fact achieved. Then. It says well how much do you wanna risk initially, in this case it was 5% but you can risk how, many, how much you. Want on the, particular deal then it says how often and where do you want to top up so you can decide, to top up once twice or three times if you decide, three times like in this case you need to tell it away you want, those top ups to happen and then. The, next one is the. Minimum stop distance, in. Other words if you are trading across with quite a big, spread, you, don't want to have stops. That, are so small that the minute yeah, the, transaction, gets activated it gets topped out so you want a minimum stopped they will in this case it was six, bucks but you can set it for as many, perps as you want but you've got to give the transactions. Room. To to, trade then. It says what is, your initial, stop going to be your, inter what your initial, stop needs to be and, the. Break-even one is not important, you can leave that it north level. Of sensitivity also. Not, that important, that I normally make that 10 what. That means is if the market moves quickly. How much slippage, are you happy, to take and still, into the deal and then it's the, then. The big questions are how. Do you, want to enter and these, and here's a drop down menu that, gives you a lot of options there. Are four main options, do you want to sell that market, buy, at market, do, you want to sell at a future, price or. Do you want to buy at a future price, so. Those are the main ones they offer you, ones like straddles, and things, like that more advanced, ones but I'm not going to cover that in this particular video. And, then. Yeah, is, the next one is doing this top-up, at breakeven, or, do, you want to top-up at the initial, risk of your first transaction, I always, choose breakeven, because I want, my deals to be risk-free. Off to the first topper but if you think, that's not a great deal you prepared, to risk whatever you're at risk on your first deal you can also choose, that. Alternative. I'm not going to cover the rest of the. Settings. They, apply. To if, you use the more, advanced, entry. Methodologies. And what I show you what I've discussed so far all, the ones that are mainly used for double. A day trading, the next step now is to design, strategies. Now you can design strategies, about doing, the input as you see it on the screen in fact the, input that you see on the screen is a double. In a day. Strategy. Based on three top ups and it, will give you a it. Will double your account, but a lot of traders, prefer starting. A little bit slower, and I'm, going to show you how you use the Excel. Spreadsheet to. Create your own personal. Strategies, so, let's move on to that next right. So on your screen you'll see the Excel, spreadsheet, which is downloadable. From, the web site, under the, training materials, you can download that onto your computer and, it. Is essential. To do, this before you use the EA design. Your strategies, here, and then, do the input, into your EA. From the spreadsheet pick the reason for that is that not, all strategies. Work you cannot double, your account with a, 10%. You, can't Lee there's, some impossible. Strategy. So you have to work out, what, kind of strategies, you're going to be using now on your screen here are the, inputs, that we've just gone through on the, EA is or in the excel the main ones. That decide, your cell you search your account size how much you want to target number. Of perps initial. Stop, percentage. That you want to risk at. Your top up levels. And your minimum stop balance. And that type of thing so all the basic, the basic input, is on the Excel model, the, trick about this model is you. Need to create, a strategy, that your stops, or more, release all the same size so if you look on the, on. This particular strategy, the stops are more or less the, same, size so. Now what I'm going to show you now is maybe. One. Or two different, strategies and quite, obviously there aren't any rules, for creating these, strategies.

Except. That you need to balance these, stops, whatever. You input needs, to balance these stops, quite, nicely, alright so I'm gonna now say, alright now I'm not gonna go for a hundred percent anymore, I might go for fifty, percent a. Risk. I might. Now, go for maybe a sixty, per target. And I might not go for three time topples, I might and you go for two top ups how. How. Does that stack, up so, immediately. It's telling me no, this doesn't balance so so. The. First thing to do is that the first stop. Is to is too high so I'll lower that let's uh let's say I lower, that to thirteen. Let's, see what, that does to the mo see I'm getting a closer, balance, between so, if I lower lower there to twelve. They. Will see, we've got an aspirin so now what, do I have now is I have a valid, strategy because. If. I if. I risk five percent of my count I go for 50% using. A sixty per target, using. An initial stop, of twelve I will have a nicely balanced, strategy, so all I do is I copy those values. Into. My ei and I, can then trade them that's. How you create straight, alternative. Strategies, you can also go for let's say you, want to go for forty pub strategy. Now again, you can see it's gone out of balance there so we've got to change something you can harvest either. Change. You, can even check you can play around with what you want to change you you can even change when, you do your top ups you can say instead, of 40 and, steal it see if that changes anything, yeah, it has improved it let's change the. Initial. Stop make that 9:00 all, right okay so we get in class nine eight seven we're getting close the, why this is in red is that it's still your. Stop distance, plus. Your spread is still more. Than, what that is, so, it doesn't so it's saying to you. You. Cannot create this strategy, because this, is below, what you've told you. Your minimum stop level should be so, that's why that's in red and that has to change so now something. Has to change. We can't change too many things here, the. Initial. One. Is already quite low so now we're saying okay. It's. Impossible, to go for. A 50%. Percent. Return with a 40-bit, the, target so either the target has to increase. See. It already these these are nice, improvement. And in, fact we can reduce, this number here, and we'll. Get it are they they well so by, increasing. The target, we, have created, a possible. Strategy. See. How it works it's really. Trial and error there are no rules I can teach you how to do this you've got to play around until, you get a fairly. Balanced. Stop, level, and that, is then a valid target so this, one you, can load into the EA and save. It as a strategy, that we you can risk 5%. To make 50%, return using, a 50, per trend. Okay. So that's how the the double-ended, day exile, metal model, works you have to use the model first, and then. Transfer, the information into the EA much. Better approach, than trying, to do it through the you'll the, EA itself yields just continuously, getting get, error messages rather, use, the the, this one where you can actually see.

What's. Going on you don't even have to read, all the other columns. Here this. Column, here is the most important, one and obviously, the input columns so, I hope that helps you with the. Excel. Spreadsheet don't, trade the double in a day if you if you don't. Know how to use, the Excel, spreadsheet. Okay. So on our agenda. For, the day we've covered, the how the Dublin. Bay yeah, it was created, we've, over viewed all the resources available to the owners and in those resources are lots of resources to show you how to enter, the market, so. There's a lot a lot of training in there for that ha, then. We've over viewed how the double-o day yeah, works by looking at its inputs, and we, have created some, dublin today strategies, using, the, excel, spreadsheet, so now we were looking at ways, to how, you can dramatically. Improve your. Results. Using the yeah. Okay. So this is the approach that i'm gonna recommend to, you you don't have to use it but, i've from, experience. This is the way that, people that succeed a double and a trading, follow. This. Process so, let's have a look at after. How it works what happens is, that a lot of traders buy. The double, any day yeah and they say oh this yeah, it's been designed to double your account in one trade i'm going to use it that way now, that is the pinnacle you, have to be a really. Good trader to, be able to spot hundred. Purple trends just like that. Now. If you are so good and you've bought it then certainly go straight at your head and do it the average, trader, needs a confidence. Boot boost so, this is the way, that i suggest, you, get your. Confidence boost, it'll also tell you whether you are able to double. Your account in one day not, everybody, can do it so. Let's have a look at the. Way that i suggest, you do i'd say step one first do simple, trades of 30 pips with, no top ups just no topics just you, need to create a success. Rate of at least forty, percent, trading. Trades. That have a thirty per target and. Trade. Those trades until you get as a forty percent success, rate, if. You can't do that it's, pointless, moving, on to the next step, you've got to get that and there's a lot of information look. At the past trades look at the training that's been given there's a whole lot of info but you have to do ten trades of, thick.

Going, For 30 pips and have a 40% so you don't have to have a huge, success. A 40% success. Ratio would, be good once you've achieved that, then, you do those do. Another, 10 trades using, a, 30%. A 30 pub table but this time you add one top-up so maybe, at 50%. You top that. Up and, you. Then therefore, get an increased, gain on your trading. So even at 40% success rate, you will find that, you can be, profitable. Once. You've proved. That you can do this then, you move on to the next step which is a sixty pub trend, so you start doing transactions. Of 60. Pips with no top ups don't do that don't complicate it if you can't get a 40%, success rate with. Transactions. With a 60, /, don't. Go any further you wasting, your time but once you've got you've. Done 10 trades, with, at 40%, success rate then, you can move on and do another 10, trades at 60%. 60. Perpetuate. With. More. Top ups now in, this case you can use two Stoppers you can top up maybe a 40%, and then at 50, or 40 and 60, you can decide what you want to do but at least with, a 40%, success rate you, are going to make money trading. The, double in a day technique, with two top. Ups once. You have a reasonable. Success and you are profitable. With that, then. Only move, on 200. Transactions. Again. Do those 100 pips on sections with no, top ups you've got to prove to yourself that you can get a 40% success rate trading. 100%. Under. Transactions. Once. You've got that under the, belt you can then start, adding top, ups, one. Top-up maybe two tops maybe three top ups and eventually. You, will be able to double your account. Regularly, using. That, approach but. You cannot, run before you can crawl and a. Lot, of, traders. Destroy. The, wo, day trading careers, by. Trying, to run before they can crawl you've, got to do this, very systematically. So. This is the approach that I suggest. That, will improve. That your chances of success. Tremendously. You. You, will fail, miserably if. You go straight, into trying, to get handed, portrays, there's. A few reasons for that not only your own reasons. When. The this, EA was developed, five, years ago the, market, volatility. Was. Four. Times, three. To four times what. The market volatility, is now. So. It was so much easier to catch 100, pop trends 100 proteins just happened, every, day now. A hundred, foot print is an unusual. Thing to catch so. It has become more. Difficult over the years to, catch, 100%, hundred. Pop trends, and it, takes more skill. So. What. I often recommend is, for people to just stay at 30 pips if. You've got a good success, at 30, pips and you're making money there why, move, on just stay at 30 possess, 30. Pips or stay, at 50 pips or wherever your comfort, level, lies you. Will be much better off going. For smaller, games. Using. Smaller. Targets. Then. Trying, to go for the ultimate, right, away. So. That's my lesson for this video, don't. Try. To run, and before. You can even cruel. But. You will you must admit there is a lot, of training material. Available. To you there are a lot of actual. Examples. Of double in the day trades, there are even trades that, double. The account twice, in one trade so. This, this is huge amount of examples, for you to look at but, my advice to you don't. Try. To run before you can crawl that and that. Using. That approach is where you will get be so, much better and I don't put, percentage, on but the title of this video is, how. To increase your chances by 50%. It will must for be increased your chances by much more than 50% if. You take, a more. A more structured approach to your, double a day trading. So. I hope you've enjoyed this video from, me Alex deploy if you do have any questions just list the comments in the, youtube. Comment, area section, and I. Will respond. To them always please remember to like my videos and, if. You really like them please share them with your friends so. For me Alex deploy cheerio.

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The Double in a day requires you to tell the EA when to enter. It is for manual traders who can determine the targets and entry points for transactions for themselves. The Make Money EA will do all the trading for you once set up. Hope this helps


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