Forex - One of The Easiest Strategies For Scalping Using Only Stochastic And Supply Demand Zone✅

Forex - One of The Easiest Strategies For Scalping Using Only Stochastic And Supply Demand Zone✅

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Hello. Everyone. Visiting, first, time, here. Don't. Forget to subscribe and. Before. We start thank, you very much to the. 206. Subscribers. Is subscribing. Our Channel, and the help applause, so. It should turn now. To. Hit that like. The. Subscribe, and, notification. Bell or. Anything of all came to you first. Don't. Forget, to support us and, to finish, the video till, the end because, there is very important, informative. Ideas. There, and. It well applies, you very well. Thank, you very much, for. Your support. My. Friend went. Today in the, euro/usd. Here. Is the Lord. Homer today why, we. Came here. Although. I look at that. Or, you put it like that. Anyway. That. Is it a song. Although. Of. Supply. Once. You say. And. I. Told. You could hear that song and. Another, zone year. Here. On, the third one easier. Oh you, can't a zone is what I fizzy. Prabhat, in those loans, want. Me to get all of them. And then we say. Here, came first. In Dong tone, here, in, the coolest, clothes. To, see it. He's here. Then, it goes up to the candles. Like. That. Have, this one. Here. Is have we got here. You, go back to the condo, where. Is the cause of internal. Easy. In. The tail of the claws, so. The claws on the tail that is up. Like. That. And then we, can put on, the. Clothes we have my to you. Yeah. When the tail is here. Now, if you turn on your supply. And. Demand. Zones. How, to enter. How, to be sure. The. Price to give, you price. Action, like. That. Then. You came here to. Paris. I. And, from the Harris I come, here on the. Neck like that. Or. Stochastic. Quality. But. Is that's trust. What, you see here stochastic. It's, given us although. Both. Commentaries. As, then. We got that price reduction here. Particular of those things for everything, to be clear sorry. Now. You call those tents like that. And. In that song is very strong as long because. There. Between. The. 15200. Is. Very strong comes on to. My tomato price to hear me here and go back this man see the targets, my kids need to be all the earring that's all. Mommy. Asked I do every time, that. Stochastic, is cross here. Let, me tell everyone, to see it. I only say this to custard. So. As I said, as a first, ronger plan and, me as I always. Do. We. Saw here the the half of. The. Dare of us. Even. If you'd break. No, one. Told. You when, you put the. Furniture, adjustment. It give us here. Where. Is the. The, 200. Moving. Average. It's commercial. Zone. Very, strong. Even. If we do it like that. Just. Others give you the right to. Close. The, zone is he. 5061. Told. You 5061, is it a year. In. A place to, change in the color. Took another color let, it cook. On, him that's it. So. Your way to. The. Price expires came, here between the two lines. Me. When the price touch the 15 I will. Close the half of it, I. Will. Move the stop loss to the place of enter. No. Limit so. What. The video don't be long if anything, up anything, new happen, I will put it to, see. You so my friends. Monsieur. See my friend come back again si si. Wonderful. Now let's finish her when. The price is natural, at the zone. Told. You when the prices will to reach to the, 50. Here. Here. And it took close the, harmful. To tell. Because. That really is the lament, I returned. Big. Long. So. Max. Weight in let's, see. Everything. It's matter prices for today like that. Because. Just Troodon hospitals. Try to predict, the future to. Make the price, to. Lock that energy the stop loss or escape was here pinball. Not. Falls that. What we do. Because, not obvious, the others were stronger. Because. They cut in the interest rate and, that is in this Asia, so. Actually. The earliest alarm. Doesn't. Move it always read. That. Why the. Oil store you, need always to. Take. Few caps and, rawa, understand. And. There. Is nothing to the euro US dollar is name rock. Controlling.

How Much we have until now. Few. Pips they're, all. Call Zia hey, Ted. The target, we're going to take of all. That. $40. You. Know for, like that holiday, is, only one hour. So. Next, we can say that. That Troy did anyone, who told you all $1,000. Recovers it 1 million we just buy - I, know. Each other oh man I got an indicator. He's. Got to meet you too to, be right, just. Like you, try. They're, just. Worn. Today. Tomorrow today, tomorrow you lose the, money management you, always. True, to. Not to tell between the roses. Cause me a problem make, it long like that if, you take a funny. Video don't be long if you can't I think happened, how about you, she. Also. Came. Back again well. Here's, something we don't see it there, is one zombie. And. Son is very solid, son. The. Prices, campaign. Prices, come to eat here. Who's going to go. Told, you I go to Paris solids, on me. What's, his hit. Priced always a respected. Prospects. Is here. What's built in it no. But, turned, at. The time. To. Show the whole home to do. So. So-called, fur. Move, this top here. No. Was, it to go to her with him. If, it goes here a pin lock. Were. Entered. By them. Because, every 10 years. Well, statistic. Still, going down. Entitled. To. That condo to finish. How's. That freedom you, need always to be careful. To, protect your benefits. If. You are in profit always, protect. Collected. By the trailing. Stop the. Train, stop Israel, poverty. That. Over. Here eat pot how many pets need to move, by itself. Oh. Well. Video don't be long if anything happen a well pata -. Pursues. Him a friend of one our college, furniture, and, I'm so totally respect. That zone. Near. Parker. Stop-loss, up because, I want nothing. Inside. Or something cause. The prices remain still going down. Move. Its wait and see. - four hours. Four. Hours. It's. Typical notes. And see who's. Going to apply, food. People's a single Paul could do an interval. So, let's wait and see was going to up whatever, for our candidates. Finish Italian. I think, a new open our, project, you probably. Don't, be true, and because people they start always complaining, about figures. That are too, long. On. Its way to. Face the music, cos. I, came. Back to my friends. Spanish. In that condo, let's break that line so. Those ones we don't need them you. Know. The price is going to target. Specific. 22, of that suppose you. New top is graduated, has, some possible, so. If anything happened new cooperative. For. The video don't be that long. Monsieur, say. Enter. There are, awaiting, it. How. Many hours. One, two, three. No. Said we are like four hours. This is going to be five hours or so. Waiting. For it because. Now. The. Stochastic, it enter in our, soul, Perry. So. Let's wait and see. If, anything the new album, how. I bother to. Seriously. You. See my phone for, our color is natural finish. If. It was like that we need a confirmation. Gentle, boy we. Did, this flaws, at. The tech problem. I. Don't. Care. Hospital. Tell them no. I see it what is culture them. Well, obtain the price now is going to go back up its. Writers. Only. That confirmation, for the tumblers but to confirm it for us prices. Will go up with. Forgive. Because another. Card over here. The, ring. Let me change that color to green. If. It came here at, Calgary. Or, enter from here there the stop lovely product down, here. On. The target, we'll put it here where, we enter. If. It came, another. Candle, that. Anyway. But. As. We said it's needed. The. Clausal, down hold the candle. Now was thought to be below. The. Closing, of the opening of the one I think. There is a continuation, then we don't painter, and, the other there now. It's way to see, as, well job oh. That. How we try, there, is nothing, actually. Now kevin, faulk our, condom. It's finish. Wakanda. Is. A big. Kink. Open, condom. So. Let's wait and see let's go to up and knowing the price. It's gone not just acoustic. Stuff, let's take a short pause.

Prince, Is, going to four hours. For. Our studies across. Here, so. That. Time you can't enter, because, here. For, hours to, give you. Herself. Although, alone, give. You the, body. Into. A sexy. For. The video don't be alone hang up and I will collect you. Unless. You see my friend hindered, by her gun, who's. No annotating, the stop-loss. In. The middle target pop. Not. Our training, we call over here at give course project. Or not, in. The place. There. Is the, state of 15. So. Me, a little target here. Some. Of the tears a little bit. There's. No switch to it. Because. Even if your brain. While the, offical. Actual, investment. In the important, like that. He's give you one. 161. Is. He close. Women operator to you is. Going to be to Allah. Who. Is like, that you trade. And. It is the. Price cross here. It's. Ticket of the stochastic you, just see in the picture where there. In. The price do like that and, there but. That. This. Is given also head and shoulders. And, you know how to check the head shoulders, he do like that. And then bring. It here. Let's, do it. Even. Those who would. And alert. Their, shoulders. Me only. Here will go out not. Wait to go up, who's. In the market there is a lot of opportunities. Smart, thinking. On, the videophone even like that because, he's. Going to be too long so. See, a song, and, if is, it your first time in the channel, don't. Forget to. Help. Us. And. Support us, by, like. The video share, it, with your friend. To. Learn how we try, because. Me. I can't came up told you if you see a paint ball like that. Enter. In the market, if you see our engulfing, combo like that. Hint. But. You're. Going to enter here when you're going to pop the target. How are you going to do those. Things you need to learn. So. I hope. You're learning a lot of things from those videos. But. If you want to learn to, see someone, do it next year. Do. Something, because if you went to study like medicine, or anything, Harris, theory, and that is product. The the, Allah Tyrion, will not be a doctor, yes. You know where is the heart alone where is the kid ignores the height you know where is the loss but. Your mother doctor, you. Need to protect neither, profit that was male don't you, teacher, to, be. Trident. Project. Everyone. Is fine. See. You later bye-bye.

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Very informative video. i need a strategy that works, better still a trader or platform i can invest with.

You are absolutely right. I have lived this situation some times but I was just thinking that the wave is bigger then my investment. But now I know the real reason.  thanks

Awesome information! Very enlightening. I have never heard anybody talk about these concepts quite as clearly as you have stated them. Thank you very much


Man wow i thought iam stupid but u proved to me thats i have been tricked thx man

Thank you for sharing your experience it holds a great ammount of knowledge.

To be honest, what really got you drawn to the market as a trader

Best Youtuber

This is a great video, it is very informative and understandable. it is very necessary to take risk if you want to be successful

aha estrategias

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I also like how excited you seemed while explaining it. This changed my total game. I think I did this right now on demo. I just have to wait till the big chunk moves up lol

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Love this type of information very valuable for a newby like me in the Forex market, I have been victim of all you just said, but I am learning day by day.

Tu as tout à fait raison. J'ai vécu cette situation à certains moments, mais je pensais juste que la vague est plus grosse que mon investissement. Mais maintenant je connais la vraie raison.

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