Fool Us S02E01 - Phone-y Business

Fool Us S02E01 - Phone-y Business

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From. The real all suites hotel in, las vegas here's, your host Jonathan. Ross. Welcome. To, Penn and Teller, fool us the show with illusions more convincing, than the story you told your partner about, what you did the last time you came to Las Vegas backstage. Are some of the greatest magicians in, the world now they're not here to fool me because of course that would be easy why only last year I gave all my life savings to a Nigerian, prince. Now. Tonight I accept the harder task of trying to juke the undue pible the great Penn & Teller now leaving teller speech this is pretty much a given, but having pence a bap means you've done something really remarkable here, they are right now will you please go crazy for magics version of Donnie Emily, it is of course Penn. & Teller. Country. He's, a little bit rock'n'roll, the way we like to vote so, raise them and I'm gonna ask you guys to get comfortable you see so we can get on with the show it's Penn & Teller ladies gather them. Without. Further ado, let's, get the show going and let's, bring out our first magician. Hi. I'm John Armstrong and I'm originally from Orlando, Florida I am, dyslexic and, school was impossible, for me but, then I discovered comics, and I, could really enjoy them, growing up I always wanted to be a superhero, actually. I still want to be superior, one. Of my proudest achievements, was, that I was able to co-write, my own comic book it's about a magician like, myself hold, out your hand. I'm. Attracted to magic, and comics for the same reason. Both. He's amazing. Sort of art forms that allow the author the Creator to, give their audience, a world, they never thought was possible. This. Became a resident magician. At Disneyworld when he was just 20 years old which means we know he can pull a giant mouse and a talking duck but Kenny for Penn & Teller please welcome John. Armstrong. It's. An honor to be here I was wondering if I can get you two gentlemen come and join me up here and Jonathan you seem nice okay you go yeah, you don't mind, it's. Actually not me that's here to fool you it's this little guy here, it's a suction cup attached to a tiny dowel. Rod it is adorable. I'm. Gonna show you this most impressive thing you will ever see in your entire life seriously from this moment on your lifes are gonna go downhill when. I do this for little kids I feel bad all. Right watch. Thank. You. Just. Kidding but you can see the little suction cup you know that it's only supposed, to pick up one card at a time right that's how worse, but, if you give it a little bit of a rev watch. Tilly. What else you, guys to see this every day is that the idea okay check, is happening for the other, sticky tape nothing like that on them check out the plunger make sure it's a perfectly ordinary tiny plunger, that you'd find in any Barbie, Dream Home yeah, yes, okay good take. It back but, we're in America when we care about bulk.

Understand. Things I'll show you what I mean by that Jonathan give me a number between 10. And 20, 15. 15, again, granny, watch. Please. Count those out loud down at the table 1 2 3 4, 5 6, 7 8 9 10, 11 12 13 14, 15. He. Doesn't understand quantity. Being a fans hard identity, the difference between one card in another card so, let me show you what I'm talking about if you could just touch one of those point please, just grab it right out. Excellent. And what's, gonna happen just take the card and show it around actually hold it but I'm gonna have to hide the plunger so he doesn't see everybody. See the card yes good. And they put the plunger sweet back and don't see. Okay. Place. It back inside there for me okay. The. Tiny plunger will now memorize. The. Entire deck of cards. He. Has done so. Please. Whisper the name of your card to the tiny plunger. Most. People just pick it up but that was pretty awesome. With, Italian plunger now knows where the car is and he. Knows the order of the deck so he should be able to do the following. I love it, one. Time because I don't want you walking out of your thinking I'm doing this it's not me it's him I know yeah. It's it I'm his manager but nothing else so I'll, prove it if, you wouldn't mind telling these touch a card take, it right out of there thank. You and now again I'll hide my eyes so I can't see anything but, the point she was looking right at it oh oh. Yeah. You saw it sorry, here, hide the plunger in your hand so he can't wait he can't see it excellent, and just go ahead just reach in there for me grab out a new one got. It excellent, all right show the card around everybody I won't look good. Good. Good good good, excellent, and, you. Could just place it back inside here wherever you liked, and. That's, where you wanted it right I'm. Not changing this location I'm not. Even gonna shuffle. Yeah. Last. Time, it's a plunger, had. To be spoken to they know the car you. Don't speak as much so this case the, plunger you'll read your mind hold on yeah go ahead. Got. It, it, kills away at about a week all, right now. He's a sentient plunger he knows what he wants so you're gonna do this for me not me plunger you know I could turn the build bunk bunk, and. When you do that he, will cut hopefully back to, redirect you to the car. Here's, caught, in there I might have to sit at the table of the guys and I could hear I could see pen just like amazed.

By At me was groaning sometimes, bill you see and, tell, of his wrath of Allah and loving every second I don't think may have the faintest idea yeah how, you did that so you're in with a good chance I think baby can I touch the plunger yeah of course okay I want to ask the audience has anyone ever seen anything quite that small gets such a big reaction before. Really. Quite. Something let, me ask you something else about yourself because uh and this struck a note with me you were pretty severely dyslexic when you were young it is very true I saw this flux like I've extremely, dislikes my children will go for that as well I know poses a lot of challenges did. It help or hinder the magic in any way I think in some ways it ah police obviously, hindered, it so that we reading from books it was very hard but in some ways like I makes me think of the world differently, and that's where weird things like coming up with a plunger, card trick that's all where it came from yeah you know when everyone struggles do some of that to come out the other side and be as good as something as you are that must feel just tremendous are you ready for me to come to you guys they're, supposed to be, suspense. At this moment but. I will say right off the bat you did not fool me okay. But that little plunger, did. Be. The. Little plunger, fooled me, I also don't, know how to say this with, enough intensity, but. Maybe. The. Only. Original. Card trick I've ever seen. Also. The, impression. You get is you don't really touch the cards it's the plunge of doing all that and there's something so fair and so wonderful, and just. So whimsical about. The whole thing, the bad news is about. 40 years ago I teamed up with this guy yeah, had. This guy has done, very. Close to a version of that trick and even, though it took my breath away, even, though I needed, a breather. Teller. Actually, saw me, taking, that, being, taken aback and my breath being sucked in and that gave him a big hint as, to how you put the whole thing together did not fool tell her well I love this act. Mama. Tell you shook your head and I got the feeling no no he there he knows how I'm just extremely, honored this is awesome and thank you very much. It's, time for great when we're back we'll see some more incredible. Magic and late Ilana calls a trick by our in-house legends Penn & Teller so go. Hi. Everyone my, name is Xavier Mortimer, and I'm from France. I'm. So happy to be here in Las Vegas the, city of magic a few years ago I was performing in Edinburgh, and this festival signa so they saw me and they asked, me if I wanted to come, and perform, with them and I. Abandoned. All my life that I had in Paris to join one of the best company in the world, I. Like. Card tricks and classic, magic but, what I love is showing. People something that they have never seen before more. Than just fooling, it's about entertainment, I like to bring people to a different world without. Using words because.

Movements. And emotion, is, international. It's not just about the trick at the end of the day I just want them to say that, they saw something beautiful. Next, performer, grew up in Paris under the shadow of the real-life full tower dreaming of a day he could perform magic here in Las Vegas under, the shadow of the fake Eiffel Tower will you join me in saying Beauchamp's. To Xavier. We, had performers on stage and I think they're here performing for us here I felt that we entered, your world I really, did it was such a beautiful experience, what would inspires you what is it that you're hoping to achieve when you perform on that I. Was. Very much inspired by. Physical. Comedy and, like you know chide shopping and these, kind of things so, I try to put, some meanings and, story. In my magic so it's a little bit of a world yes, well let's go with the pen right now you, know a lot of people don't know that that. Film, was really really. Pushed forward, by by. Mostly French, magicians. I mean they were they were they were big on that you've continued that with a great film. To life yeah. I, was very inspired by George, mean yes I love his work and if we had any doubt about you truly being French you proved it with the music, there's no doubt that. That was that was French music but what you've also done is a just a classic, storytelling. Fantasy. Working. All the way through and, film. To life with a updated. And, very. Nice and. Extensive. Handling of a daylight seance, give. It would you use beautifully, just, a wonderful, wonderful, routine. That I just I just. Those phrases like say like sales which, doesn't really mean anything to the rest of us but I guess you guys on the same page it they know what you were doing, of course. So. You didn't fool them but, you gave us a great time Xavier, ladies and gentlemen. We're, gonna vanish for a second but we'll be back after a quick commercial break. You. Welcome. Back to fool us here in Las Vegas to City I find to be exactly, like Chicago, but with more alcohol, and less wind let's, meet our next magician. My. Name is Greg now I'm from Las Vegas Nevada and I'm a magician that performs, at corporate events trade, shows and, private parties, I love, close-up, magic the best I love seeing, the look on people's faces when the magic happens, right in front of them, the. Thing about doing magic at corporate events is it's, all very safe. Magic. For people and suits and ties, you. Have to make sure you don't offend anyone. But, sometimes, the, real me needs to come out so. I put on a mask not. To hide my identity but. To unleash it. That's what I become. This. Next magician, performing. Right after his secret identity was revealed to all of us please welcome my, hello the shot.

And. That's. What it looks like when spider-man has alone time. I'm. The world's best and, only. Pro. Wrestling, magician, which. Means I'm the guy who's gonna pretend, to kick your ass as I pretend. To do Harry Potter stuff. And. This this is a good-looking audience tonight you guys are. Gonna. Take the mask off just so I can see you guys better. So. Tonight I am going to attempt, to read, the minds, of some of the members of the audience here, now, normally, when I do this I have a tag-team partner, someone who, knows my every thought before, I think my, every move before I make it unfortunately. He, could not be here tonight. So. Instead I brought his, mask along, with me now this, mask was. Made from the tiger, that bit Roy. You hate that you're gonna hate my new rug. Toss. This mask out into the audience to a gentleman, he's gonna place it upon his head that will allow me to have a mental connection with this guy I'm gonna go completely, random. Here. Place. The mask you will get the giantess, round of applause you've ever received. Now. Here's what's gonna happen I'm. Gonna ask you a question you're. Gonna send me the answer using the power of your mind I'm gonna write it down we're, gonna see how it went Jonathan, if you, would document. Our progress my pleasure, perfect, sir. If you would I want. You to think of the. Name of a. Woman that, is important, in your life but. I don't want it to be your mom or your sister because. I want to do one I don't know. Japanese. Yes. Send, it to me using the power of your mind. That's. Pretty name alright. I'm. Gonna lock that down into. Envelope. Number. One, just. Like that you guys can see it going in let's, peel this safety. Seal off that is locked in for the first time for, our record keeper Jonathan, what, is the name of the woman you are thinking of Donna. Donna. Please, write, down Donna, Donna, take. The mask toss. It behind, you, to a young lady. I'm going to attempt, to read, your mind I want. You to think of your. Favorite thing to do with a man. Send. It to me. Interesting. I. Am. Going to write down what. You have sent me lock. It in, two, envelope. Number two. Now. What. Do you like, to do with the man, wrestle. Wrestle. Not. What he was hoping you were going to say by the way toss. The mast back up to here or give it a little conga, line on its way up there, we go it's gonna toss it's gonna come over the head perfect. Now. Since, this is a magic, competition. By. Vegas law I have to do something with a deck of cards. So. I'm gonna write down what I think is going to happen, with. The cards here. Perfect. I have locked, that in. To. Envelope, number three, all. The way in sealed, up. I'm. Gonna come out to Penn & Teller, if. You would please tell her. Select. A card. Perfect. For. The first time so Jonathan can write it down tell her out loud what card did you pick. Let. Me try that again can. For. The first time I live for Jonathan what car did he picked. Was. It again the three of, clubs pretty close, the. End might suck. Let's, take a look though let's go first we went to this guy right here asked. Him the name of a woman important, in his life locked. It into envelope, number one you. Said the name What did he say Jonathan, he said Donna Donna, and I wrote down the name. We. Went to the tip lady right here after her favorite, thing to do with the man locked it in envelope number two she. Said she likes to wrestle. She likes to wrestle, and I wrote down that she likes. To, wrestle. You went to Penn & Teller. You. Picked the three of clubs. Locked. My prediction, in envelope number three I, wrote. Down the. Eight. Of diamonds. Now. This. Is where it gets a little weird I'm not sure, how. Do you mess that one up. Because. Every, card I gave you. Was. The damn hated diamonds. So. How about instead. Of. You, picking the wrong card, I. Fix. The prediction. To. Match the card you picked. This. Chocolate is, denaburg what. A great Phoenix go start as well early. What we saw you in your Greg persona, the Corporal magician now we're meeting the shocker the two personalities, they ever get mixed up with ever clash onstage, well. Greg. Had this girlfriend once. Are. You ready to give us your buddy the, shot. Boy. I just love love. Accent go your right to the edge there I will tell you with. Changing. From the 8 of diamonds. To the 3 of clubs you. Were one ahead of us there but I also will, just say you. Probably, don't want us to handle, that. Prediction, at the end is that right well I'm gonna say this you're. On the right track and. You can finish that thought or. You can have the best damn opening, act you've ever had. Are you happy you're confident, that they kind of know what they're talking about they're pretty, sure these are smart guys here they've, got it down but, what a great performance get wasn't he awesome. Time. For another timeout, but then go away because we will be back with more magic. You. Welcome. Back to Penn & Teller for us where you'll see a host of great magicians, illuminate, cogitate.

Levitate. A master, the, art of illusion, right here on your very own TV so don't touch that knob, what's this instead. Hi. My name is Steven Brundage and I grew up in Brooklyn but I currently live in Saratoga, Springs New York who here could actually solve a Rubik's Cube when I was a kid I got a Rubik's Cube and I basically locked myself in a room and I started to learn how to solve it so I, was doing magic for two years full time to make ends meet and then, I had a viral video take off I was driving from a gig I got pulled over I could, officer, I was a magician, so he asked to see a trick from. Mixed up one-handed, behind the back. When. I catch it again take a look holy, the. Viral video took off I got 15, million views total since then things are kind of taken off and I'm actually traveling, across the country to do gigs now I. Have. A girlfriend now she's kind of out of my league but I think the magic helps a little bit I'm really excited to be a panatela who knew so much Manhattan from having a viral video. Our. Next performer cut his teeth as a street, performer so you might want to get your loose change handy in case he passes around the head after what he's doing now please welcome Stephen, blondie. Thank. You so much for having me I'm, gonna do something really awesome with two Rubik's cubes I've. Always loved to solve it but I'm gonna try something with Penn & Teller can you guys join me up on stage please thank you so much. Thank. You so much. Perfect. So we'll get started so pen I'm gonna need your help first we have two Rubik's cubes okay you could choose either one to mix up your choice it doesn't matter I'll take that perfect I want you to start to mix it up just like a deck of cards is similar to a Rubik's Cube in the fashion that it takes seven shuffles with the deck of cards before it's thoroughly randomized. A Rubik's, Cube is actually 20 moves so, I want you to start to turn and twist it up for me please and anytime you want I want you to say the word stop when you say stop we're both gonna stop mixing for me okay. Stop. Right there, yeah perfect I'll take it back you said stop and we both stop mixing up the Rubik's cubes the same exact time Tiller do you mind help me out next please perfect. So, we have two cubes here I want you to choose either one go for it whichever one you choose you're. Gonna hold it in your hand and when you open up it's gonna be solved. Perfect. So cover it up for me. Perfect. Watch. It's. Now solved take a look is it solved, that. Would have been amazing don't. Can. You picture the Rubik's Cube one move away from being solved. Barely. Very give you a hint so that's basically one move away there's two three four the more you mix it up the harder the patterns, on the cube are gonna be to recognize we're, gonna mix it up to about 20 moves away than go back in time so, picture the Rubik's Cube at 20 moves away imagine, in your mind if the Rubik's Cube is maybe only ten moves away from being mixed up picture. At seven what you're gonna see with the cube imagine, if the rubik's cube is only one move away then finally in your mind when it's completely solved let me know when you see it.

That. Was good but this time I'm actually gonna solve the Rubik's Cube this time I'm gonna use a paper bag that I have down here I. Want. You to watch all the different sides of the cube you can see there's no patterns or big blocks on the cube so it's thoroughly mixed up I want you to watch we're gonna place it in the bag this, is a coolest, part of the show, does. It still mixed up in there yes, still, mixed up still mixed up watch. It's. Now solved, that's, great. You don't okay now I'll prove it hands empty I want you to watch as slowly as possible, that. Is one solved, we defeat them too bad. Here's, the thing as a kid I used to actually go to these speed solving competitions, and I was sit there and I would always race but I can never win so I had to cheat is, that still mixed up on all those sides perfect. Now if I turn it one time it's still gonna be mixed up the, cheating move happens the moment you toss it in the air like that. I. Got so good at cheating I'm actually doing that same move but twice as hard I'm gonna do it one-handed I'm. Gonna toss it behind my back when, I catch it you're gonna see every, single color on its, original side, watch. Close, one-handed. Behind. The back completely saw. Now. Here's the thing with the Rubik's Cube the more you play with it the better and better you get with it so, I actually got down to millisecond. While. Cheating so I'm going to show you the millisecond, version I want you to watch all those sides if you actually blink, you're, gonna miss it. Now. To be honest. This, is me solving the cube over and over again I said I was gonna do it until his hand and I am hold it in your hands for me please cover, it up right there watch I'll try to get it to work like. That, it should be solved. See. I didn't say what the solution, was this time see the solution. Was. To get these two Rubik's cubes to. Match. Completely. Perfectly. Now. One side is pretty good better than one side would. Be side number two side. Number three side, number four five. And, all six sides of completely. You. Almost. Doesn't. Take long to say fooled us does it. Jonna, would you out of here be on this. Speedrun. One, day gentlemen. Awesome. Job. Brought to the place of performance from the two and only can, aunt Ella can go away. You. Welcome. Back to fool us now, after an either figuring, out how other tricks work is time to see them do one of them here now to perform one of their own incredible world-famous, illusions, those twin, Titans, of trickery yes that a gentleman it's Penn & Teller. Now. Before we start the trick proper, this important, would you all right now please, take. Out your cell phones and turn. Them on and. Turn your ringers up full we. Want you all out and, connected. We're, gonna choose one of you as a cell phone invite, you to our stage and video, our first trick from an angle that will show you how, that trick is done now tellers vetting people because, you need to have someone, who has video. Capabilities. On their phone and knows, how to use those. Video, capabilities. Tell, us Fon someone who knows how to use his. Cell phone right, at their place.

Good. Stuff over there now, somebody a part of the knows your cell phone number there J I do who's that J Tammy Tammy, who's Tammy BJ my life Tammy, call J would you please let it keep ringing don't hang up no matter what watch all to memorize, their, ringtone put, a hole via to my microphone right here memorize. This you'll cut a bell telephone ring, right there and, you, just so you get a picture of a very nice picture of you there hello, Tammy. Hey. Tammy. Going, to put this in video mode to make a little video for you and we're rolling, right there here we go stand right where you are okay J here we go mm good. Evening my name is Penn Jillette my partner teller and fool us and Jonathan Ross are, proud to present. And. Stop the polls about. Jay we have video of you we have video the audience here video of us but is have yet no video of you on stage with, a famous. Las Vegas, magician. We're. Gonna rectify that, right now you don't recognize them all you do is that a little bit of junk jewelry and. You should know right away of course that, is Criss Angel. We, have Chris pfj, and our wonderful Las, Vegas, audience. Okay. Good, a shot are you walking right, forward right about to that line just, stand, right forward face forward lights me focus on you could do a sweep pan right over here pick up this cup the cup is clean and dry on the inside hoping, that up would you please J I want to get overhead shot that. Clean and dry in there J yes we'll put your phone right in there Jay all right the Jim when you're watching this back there's not a lot to see we're. Doing high def video of the inside of a white Cup a little bit monotonous but. The sound is great we're gonna try this at home put, your phone in a cup the microphones, at the bottom of the phone so the whole cup becomes, this organic reverb. Unit makes, the mid-range really fat makes your vocal sound great I think sound a little funkier, you, can put this right on there Jay bass bouncing, off the plug you little flow let's, drop it on you J sorry what just focus, right on that phone put, all your energy there J all those emails those text those videos, those photos, from tanning know so much of our lives are on most phones aren't they J so much of our memories, our thoughts or ideas even.

Our Hearts we've. Made them very powerful magical. Objects and we want for, the fool us audience to, get a lot of magic out of that phone it's, gonna put a lot of magic a put the magic in Jay put the magic in the phone put the man to give the phone, to the magic in the phone. Joj. When. I can't find my phone you it everyone does have, somebody no give it a call yeah than all my friends where, you listen for the ring tone try to triangulate and. You'd be amazed the unusual. Places we, found. Here's. What I'm gonna do it no matter where you're seated if you were in the auditorium. Listen. For, Jays ringtone, from Tammy the the, old Bell Telephone and, regular ring there when you hear it and then aware you're seated runaway point, to word sounds, to you like it's. Coming from Tammy call your husband call right now everybody, lists every appointment I hear. It I hear it just point to it I hear, it everybody point to it strip, me from that very. Well-lit. Woman, right there pointing behind her in the blue Jay's. Phone on you do. Me a favor bro spread your legs as wide as you can. Reach. All the way under your chair reach under your chair man, look under your chair, first. Of all find your ass. Thunder. It's a big box under, one of your chairs there, let's go missing how, long it took us to find something that. We. Can hand that to the wall in front of you please keep moving introduced, to someone on the aisle maybe, we just stand up bring that box up here wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank. You so much and J what does it say on that box there it, says food and wine is that box sealed shut all the way around with a piece of tape check it out yeah this you peel, that tape off would you please just, but. You get all the tape off the box J flip the top off the box and tell us what's, inside that seal box J, fish. Fish nice. It's. A dead fish nice. Bring. Your nose over here Jamie's your nose okay, bring your nose over here and J, take, a whiff on us we're just protecting whiff on us make, sure this is indeed a real fish yeah is that a real fish that's, real yeah okay take the microphone right there hold that microphone right above the fish's gills hold it right there hold. It still Tammy call, Jay which please hear, a few things here. That fish's head being, cut off, here. The guts spilling, out of the fish. That's. A deep inside, the bowels of, the tilapia, you're, gonna hear what Jay hears, when. Tammy gives them a coke is. That inside the fish is. It inside the fish tank it certainly should be we'll see a picture of Tammy covered, in fish guts I didn't see that right there Jay I did answer, that as quickly as you can would you please Jack. Hi. Dear. Is. That Tammy Jay that is is that your phone that is thank. You so much. That's. Jay that's, pending. That's our show for tonight join us again next week for more foolish and more fun for Penn & Teller I'm Jonathan Ross good night everybody.

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now i want a tiny plunger

P &T never had a chance. Steven Brundage simply is that good! No trick, pure skill. At least, I think so.

When Penn says that Teller does a trick similar to the one Jon did, does anyone know what he's referring to?

The Shocker's routine is simple. Just coding here :). The first envelope was for the 3rd envelope. The 2nd for the first. The 3rd for the 2nd. And the card was a forced choice. 8D -> 3C (is easy to "fix")

He still places the envelopes back in order, with the numbers on the envelopes, and takes them out in the same order as how he placed them in first place. Not quite sure how he would manipulate your interpretation. He does manipulate it, but I don't see how he would have done what you say. The 8D - 3C fix is indeed 'easy'. Not quite sure how or when he would have done that either.

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