FNN: Wildfires burn in Southern California, President Trump meets with business owners

FNN: Wildfires burn in Southern California, President Trump meets with business owners

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Good, morning my name is Mark Lorenza and I am the county fire chief for the Ventura County Fire Department. We had a rough night last night obviously we, had a fire surgeons just, north of Santa Paula about 6:30, p.m. and it quickly, spread and rapidly, progressed, towards the city of Ventura, current. Fire size now is about. 45,000. Acres and. At. Least 150. Structures, were lost we did have some successes last night we successfully. Evacuated over, 27,000. People we. Also successfully, utilized the. California. Mutual aid system and. Received, quite, a bit of help from all of our neighbors to the north and, the south of us it was a really. An exceptional, show of partnership, in a display of the mutual aid system throughout. The night resources, came into Ventura County we were literally. Tapped, out as we were leapfrogging, along protecting, structures all on the fire front from, Santa Paula to the city of Ventura and. We place those resources, right into action as they showed up here at, the fairgrounds then we placed them into service with. That I would like to turn it over to our, County, Sheriff's Office Kevin, Donahue. Good, morning just to reiterate what the chief said we did have a lot, of successes last night despite, the the battle, that was in front of us. We. Have over a hundred sheriff's, personnel, working in the fire areas, dealing. With evacuations. Supporting the fire department, with those evacuations. We're. Asking, people that are in the area to avoid the fire areas, we'd. Like the people, that are interested in taking pictures and looking to stay away from the fire areas. Also. All of the shelter information can, be found on ready Ventura, County, org, website, you. Can also register, for Vesey alert at. That website so. That you can get notified via cell, phone for any other evacuation. Notices. With. That we'll, open up to any questions that you might have. Buyer behavior, challenges. Sure, the question was about the fire behavior we're. Gonna be faced with basically, the same challenges, that we had yesterday we have extremely, high winds very. Very low relative humidities. And our fuel conditions out there are. Absolutely, about as bad as it could be for fire, spread so we're, very concerned about the wind popping up again today and pushing, the fire a little bit further towards the. West. It's, gonna be a challenge, fortunately we have daylight now we'll be able to have air resources, up we should see a number. Of air tankers, and, helicopters flying. In short order. Sure, that's always a concern you know with the winds being high obviously. It can get to the point where we can no longer fly aircraft as as far as the wooden conditions go right now, the, conditions are favorable for both, types of aircraft so our hope is that it remains that way throughout the day. I don't. Have any estimate, I know we have a number of areas that are without power it's, causing some challenges, too and that the power runs some of our pump stations, and, we find that some of our water systems, and the hydrants, are without water. And, we had a battalion. Chief that was injured in a traffic collision last, night bumps. And bruises he's been released from the hospital should be okay. By the growth well it. Grew, incrementally, obviously it started as a small fire in santa fall and it's grown to 45,000. Acres, it. Was just exponential. Huge growth because the lens 50. Mile-an-hour Zout of the east we're just pushing it and growing it very very large very quickly. Sure, so our biggest, series of concern right now are the city of Ventura with structural protection and also, as the wind picks up still the cities of Santa Paula and, upper, Ojai the community, of a parolee.

All, Of those areas have at least some form of both types, of evacuations. Any, other questions. It, really, is dependent on the winds you're right we're gonna use the aerial, assault. Basically, on the flanks of the fire where we can actually stop it as it starts coming into the cities but, generally, the area so it's not very effective at the very head of the fire because the. The, fire can spot so far in advance of the fire, a quarter, mile half, a half, a mile in, advance of where the fire front is so a retardant. Line doesn't provide much, to stop embers. That are traveling much much further than the width of the retardant, line. Sure, so and it's it's normal for people especially, as. We said 27,000. People were evacuated. Almost. None of them know the status of their homes so our, goal today is to get as much information out to the public as possible, to repopulate the, areas as soon as it's safe, that means we we don't have firefighting, personnel in there that the power lines have been addressed and, electric, and power and gas issues have all been addressed so that's, our goal is to, repopulate. Those, areas and as orderly, a fashion as possible. It, certainly, could be that in some areas we'll go through and evaluate all of the different areas for the risks and repopulate. As we deem safe, we've. Added additional, resources, to patrol, the burn areas, that are evacuated. For security, reasons so we'll have extra deputies out there for. That specifically, for that purpose for that concern. I'm, sorry. No, we have not. So, I heard a question about the oil facilities. Right, as it, moves towards. The West we do have a number, of oil facilities, in there fortunately, those all have great. Roads that are very accessible so the firefighters, will be up there probably in our smaller type three engines throughout the day. Yes, so obviously. Our job, is to communicate and, give as much information to the residents, that are affected and those that may be affected, there's, still a high, possibility that, we will be evacuating, additional, areas and, so we will be providing information to the residents throughout the day there's. Also a plethora. Of information that's available online, also. That the residents can go to. Well, yes obviously yeah, but those are challenges we always have during fires is a lot of the infrastructure, is destroyed, cell sites go down so it's, a challenge with the communications, but as, much as we can we'll be communicating via, the media through, online. Through, text and hopefully. In person too. We, we have not been able to most of the areas are not safe for us to go in and start doing our damage assessment, as of right now so. We would imagine those numbers will change throughout the day and probably over the course of the next few days. Sure, right. So not specific, neighborhoods, but obviously anywhere, that was up. Around the, Louie the wildland-urban, interface we, obviously have concerns, with that as the fire impacted, I mean, that the, fire impacted. All the neighborhoods without consideration, of any geographical. Boundaries. You're, right and what, we do is we have a very aggressive defensible. Space program, here in the county that doesn't. Always ensure that we're always going to be able to protect every home what, you have and especially in these high wind driven fires is this tremendous Ember, environment, and you get these embers that work, their way into the smallest little places through, attic vents and a lot of times that's where the fires started. We. Don't we don't we certainly don't anticipate losing, any of our ground, resources, here we will be competing for the same air resources, so, that's certainly a possibility. But. That's a I mean my simple, answer is both and it really depends we're going to be using the fixed wing aircraft really, to secure a lot of our fire lines along the perimeter and then we'll be working with our rotor wing or our helicopters. In close, to all the structures to work those hotspots. Out. We, don't have a cause for the fire. As, they're, not out now I think they should be up within an hour. Ready, Ventura County org is the website. A map. With. Yeah. Yeah. We could work on that. Do, we have any other questions. That's, that's what we've heard which turns, out to be a fortunate, piece of misinformation. I don't. Have an exact number but it's well, over a thousand. As of right now we don't have any confirmed. Reports, of fatalities. That that's, incredibly. Helpful we, approval. Last night for what's called an F mag it's a fire, management assistance grant and that will cover.

75%. Of all of the costs associated, with fighting. The fire from the federal government so it's very helpful to local government. Thank you thank you very much. Mark, Lawrenson lor. Enz. And venture county fire chief. Kevin, donahue do, n, OG, h ue. I'm a sergeant with the Sheriff's Office. Historic. Now the amount of real estate the devastation, it's it's surreal. To see it from my perspective up, here in skyfox again a distance, Steve negative, nearly, 20 miles what we estimate from up here in sky Fox from downtown. Ventura, almost to the coast all the way to the eastern side of Santa Paula where, this Thomas fire started, at about 6:30, yesterday. Afternoon, it's the Thomas oakiness, College, near, snake-hole Park where the fire started and then driven, by those powerful, easterly. Winds coming right through the Santa, Clara River Valley the communities, along highway, 126, you have Piru Fillmore, and then Santa Paula one, thing I want to update you on because I was listening closely to the report from the PIO we're, listening, to air tak up here we're listening to the fixed wings the helicopters. There are six, helicopters working. Near downtown, Ventura. It's, too smoky and it's too windy they, had to pull out of that area unfortunately and, we are hearing that wind could still be a factor for, some of the firefighting, apparatus set, in the air at this point we're being hammered by these winds we understand, that it could be much worse down, below near, ground, level where you're gonna have the topography, coming into play those winds whipping, in and out of the canyons, there this, is just devastating, there is Ventura. The, harbor there will widen out and again, I want to show you how expansive how much real estate there's, the one on one for you I running from the bottom of the top of your monitor there's the Pacific shoreline now we'll pay on the camera to the right from Ventura all the way over to east of Santa Paula nothing. But thick black, smoke as, this fire continues. To hopscotch its way from, Santa Paula across, the Los Padres National Forest all the way to, the sea now yes homes people, want to know are their homes okay, the neighborhoods, that we've seen that have really, been hit hard unfortunately, are those that are north of Foothill Road and we've been watching a number of homes burned in the last hour just, west of a Roy ouverte Park north, of Foothill Road this is where Foothill Road meets Victoria. Here on the eastern, portion, Ventura. Right up against the foothills of the Los Padres National Forest, east of Saticoy. And there it is that's the neighborhood that we've watched and again the fire just sort of jumps from, home to home some homes are left intact others, complete, got it they, definitely, need me more resources, at this as a Pio, the public information officer, from Ventura County indicated.

And They're on their way we're gonna see firefighters. From as far, away as the Inland Empire San, Diego we're gonna get resources from the north this, is our Santa, Rosa fire this is a very, similar situation, in the way that it exploded, and roared. In a westerly direction driven. By those powerful easterly, winds reporting live from sky pox. Yeah. Exactly. I don't think there's a smoke advisory, in effect yet officially, by the AQMD but when we launched, out of Van Nuys Airport Steve, earlier this morning that's when the. The fire burning north of Samar's started, the Creek fire we were already being rained with ash and that Ash extended. All the way to Woodland Hills by 6 a.m. the entire, San Fernando Valley and then beyond across. The Santa Monica Mountains into Malibu remember, these north easterly or easterly. Santa Ana winds come from the east the, Northeast and drive. All of that that. All of that ash and soot in a westerly in southwesterly, direction. I say, hop scotch. Yeah. That's. How gnarly the winds are. I have. No idea. Hey, Andrew. I know, that you said we were swapping what KTLA is that happening right now or. Because. Of the weather right. Same, told, you not safe. They, said that Channel, 5's having a hard time launching, cuz. Of the Wham. Wow. Yeah, yeah. So, if you see KTLA's, a helicopter, down there over. At this Airport right here Pat we're off the air I mean no one's honest. Hey, Andrew, CBS, and. Other. On their on a network. Okay, and what, about are they on our picture at all I. Just. Want to look at something that. All, right. Gobby. Is, there anybody else flying right now. That's, all right yeah look at look at Oxnard Airport I just want to see yeah. That's, right yeah, there it is. Yeah. Go a little bit down the runway I think the FBI was over right, around, there. That, they've granted helicopters, on wanna be flying seriously, oh hi, Jim. Yeah. I'm gonna throw grounding helicopters, I'm not putting my sleep. I can't, tell who that is, that's, fire. Okay, come, back left. Yeah, I bet, she's in Camarillo. All, right back to that. Yeah. What. Right. Picture. Only. All, right are they still having a hard time taking off. Don't. Be excited about that and er that means we're gonna be you know. It's. Not safe and there's. A. Fire. Fighter aircraft, for being grounded so. Why, are we even flying they're not even taking me right. Our report, we're actually speak, this. Is, a Fox 10 News Alert, this is, a Fox 10 News Alert, this, is, a Fox, 10 News Alert. This is, a fox10 News Alert. That's, Foothill Road right there any left right.

I Certainly. Haven't the, expansiveness. FS, at the station, fire that burned back in 2009, which consumed, almost a quarter, of the Angeles National Forest a hundred, and sixty, thousand. Acres, that was a dramatic fire, but most of that was up in the wildland area this, fire is essentially. Making, a, lateral. Move right. Across this. Area. That is up against Foothill Road just, north of Foothill Road that was it running left or right there and these neighborhoods, just north of Foothill Road are the ones that are really under the gun right now where homes have bird and are burning right near, Victoria where Victoria, meets Foothill Road this neighborhood, is just west of Arroyo, Verde, Park just east, of Saticoy, this is far north eastern, Ventura nestled. In the foothills of, the Lowe's Padres National Forest the, I'm, sorry the Andes. Yeah the Los Padres National Forest in. Ventura County here and you can see in the flats because, that's not urban wildland interface you, still have a very active. Agricultural. Community. Highway 126. All of the fire action is still well to the north of it it is still open but we are still seeing active, flames as far east as the eastern. Side of Santa Paula all, the way towards downtown Ventura. Above it almost, to the scene again the fairgrounds, there right a California, Street that, hotel right there that you see when you make the bend around highway, 101 up towards Carpinteria, that's where people are. Evacuating. To and again many people do not know the, condition of their homes but from our vantage point up here in skyfox most of the homes that have burned and we saw a number of them before daylight well, before sunrise are burning, north of Foothill Road one of them here there firefighters. Are just overwhelmed, again strike teams are going to position themselves. You. He's, gonna be up or not but. I went first have you heard them on the radio. This is, a fox10 news hour. This is, a fox10, news hour. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, well. That foot hell goes from almost, the Santa Paula all the way to. Yeah, I mean they're gonna have his head at nine and then we're gonna go down. I must. Have been that that. Must have been that helicopter. You. Still. No fix wings Alijah. What's. That. Who. Is that. What's, that. That's, exactly right north, north. Of Foothill Road these very, nice homes right, up against the Los Padres National Forest and again firefighters, are having a hard time handling. The, scope of this fire just getting resources. In here trying to protect these homes you can see as we widen out how, much the real estate here it's in Los Angeles County Fire Department at. Approximately Oh 342, this morning, report, of a wildland. Fire brush fire a go Creek a little T. There. Is a unified, response, the. Los, Angeles City Fire Department Los, Angeles County Fire Department as well as the u.s. Forest Service responded. At. This point in time the fires grown to over four thousand acres and still. Growing is conceived, with the wind gusts that are currently. Facing us here. LA. County resources, are committed, we have over 400, firefighters. We. Have over 50, fire. Engines, assisting. Within the communities, there. Have been numerous structures, threatened, with reports, of structures, on fire and. Specifically. For. LA County that's, within the Cagle Canyon and Lopez. County, communities. Carlene's. They're about possibly 2,500. Homes that have been evacuated and. Our. Part my partners here from the city of Los Angeles to Hawaii bore detail. That's all we had at this point in time is the Svensson that the. Fact we have this fire and the devastating, fire is the turret town full of continuing, to bring in additional resources to, help, us combat this fire thank, you. Next. We're gonna have LA City Fire Deputy. Chief Trevor Richmond this commander of operations, valley bureau. Good, morning this. Chief Richardson, stated right now we're in a unified command Los Angeles Police Department in the Los Angeles County Sibley involved, in aggressively, protecting. Homes in the, Sylmar area I. Understand. Throughout, the rest of the day we, will begin to build. Up our command structure. We're, ordering additional resources. As we speak there in route to this location at this time. One, message that I would like to communicate to the community is if. You're asked to evacuate please. Evacuate them immediately. Remember, the the moniker, ready, set, go, be ready be, set and leave when you're asked to leave. That. Concludes my brief. We've, got LAPD. Deputy Chief John Sherman from there valid girl. Good. Morning just the, Los Angeles Police Department has, approximately, 200, officers deployed to this incident right now we.

Are The police department is overseeing the evacuation. Side of it working, with the fire department. Presently. The. Areas that we have evacuated. Our north, of the 210, freeway. On. The is. The little. Tujunga Canyon, and on, the west side where, tail, Telfair, runs into a big wash in that area going up so, that large area, north of the 210 is what we are considering a mandatory, evacuation area. Anything. West, of that. Telfair, area over. To the 514. Interchange, that's. Voluntary, evacuation. All of that above the 210, freeway. Chief. Richmond said if, you are told to evacuate the, request is please evacuate out of the area as quick as possible, the, right. Now the 210, freeway is open it's safe to travel on we're, going to try to keep that open to allow for, easier. Egress. For, the people, to get out of the area and ingress, for the emergency personnel the. LAPD has about 200 people working on this fire our. Police, officers are out there working in tandem, in sections. With the fire department, because, it is a very fast-moving fire and. That's all the information I have at this point. We're. Gonna have a public. Information for school Police Department come up and talk about school schools, are affected thank you. Good. Morning sergeant's, Frye with the AL a school police department, currently. We're working with unified command with fire and Ally PD and LA Sheriff's, and we. Want to inform, our parents, that there's, only three schools with that within the LA Unified School, District currently affected, be, Hubbard elementary, school at one three three to. Five Hubbard. Street. Harding. Elementary, school at one three zero six, zero Harding's, Street and Vaughn, early, educational, center at eleven four eighty Herrick. Avenue. These. Students, have been evacuated. And, are told to be taken to San Fernando high school which, is located at, one one one three. Three O'Melveny. Avenue. There. Are handful, of charter schools that are independent. And affiliated, to the LA Unified School, District that also been evacuated, we. Ask all of our parents to maintain their students, at school and. If there are students from Hubbard Harding, and Vaughn to, resuming have their students, go to San Fernando High School. Thank. You. Corelli. Hubbard Harding and Vaughn elderly, educational, center are closed. Until. Further their, classes. Will be taken at Stanford end of high school. Thank. You real quickly also for questions we do want to remind everyone, in Los Angeles that red flag parking restrictions did, take effect this morning at 8 a.m. that. Includes all of the high fire severity zones not just in the neighborhoods around here where this fire is happening but throughout the city of Los Angeles please check if you live in the city you can go onto the web on to the neighborhood info site you can check to see if you live in a red flower red flag parking restrictions own also, if there are signs in your neighborhood that say you live in a red flag zone you need to move your vehicles if they're parked on the side of the street with those signs they will be towed this, restriction is in effect citywide, until, 8 a.m. tomorrow we. Will evaluate this afternoon whether or not that restriction the parking restrictions citywide, will, be extended, past 8:00 a.m. tomorrow so right now we'll take some questions after that we do have Spanish available, questions.

Okay, On. This particular fire we do have aircraft or we're working initially, earlier, this morning you, can tell the winds have picked up we're five five hours plus into this firefight. The, winds, high wind speeds that we're experiencing, impact. The. Operation. Of our care our helicopters. Our rotor craft as well as the, super scoopers, again. Keeping in mind we want to provide a safe operation, for, our pilots. And for those on the ground and keep, it in mind that weather is going to dictate how, and when were able to utilize the aircraft. We. Do have, some. Rotor wing in the aircraft for brightest support. Extremely. Difficult the, fact of the matter is you know it's, what. This. Win is what's being dealt to us at this point in time it. Makes things very much difficult. Because we're, chasing, the fire we're. Chasing the fire trying to get out ahead of it trying. To get in front to provide structured defense but. Number one trying, to inform people to get them out in a timely manner before that fire does in fact arrive. Yes. So, yeah north of the 210 right now if, you could picture a box between. Little. Tujunga Canyon, the, five freeway north of the 210 all the front country north of the 118 that's. Our area of concern as, we have the homes, and our building at a wildland urban interface those. Are obviously the first homes. That are going to be impacted, by the the. Open, perimeter of the fire so that's our biggest area of concern. We, do have some unconfirmed, reports, at this point of one firefighter, that was hurt we're, still gathering information at, this time. I don't, have any information on that. So, we don't have a number of structures, damaged we do have confirmed damage, we don't have a number yet, there. Are a variety, of structures in different jurisdictions, LA County in LA City that, we have received, reports that we do have some damage but, unconfirmed, at this point. Maybe. A little bit after 10:00. For, those of you need Spanish we can have a Spanish speaker up right now. We. Don't know sorry. One more one more a quick comment from the cowboy it regards the hospitals keep in mind all of you medical center. They are sheltering, in place at, this point I'm at, the hospital there's no need to evacuate as. Well as Holy Cross the, preferred hospital at this point point time if people need to go the hospital is. That of Holy Cross for. Access and again, it's away, from the fire. That's, correct. All, of you oli ve. Anything. Else so we'll do Spanish right now otherwise we'll be back a little bit after 10 o'clock for the next step update thank you very much let's, banish.

And, It's when you're Carlos biodiesel, is deceit oh. Sorry. Okay. Okay. It's. Very important what you do appreciate. It man I went to shit my, brother is dead oh yeah. All, right folks News Now will continue in just. 30 seconds. This is, a fox10, News Alert, and, we start you off with this a news alert coming out of California, in Ventura. County take, a look at this officials. They're dealing with the Thomas, fire in Southern, California burning. At. 45,000. Acres right now already. 27,000. People evacuated. We'll have much more on this a little bit later on news. Now as we hear from officials, as well as people. That are having, to deal with this in the, area just a terrible terrible, situation, there. But we're going to top to start, with our top story of the day that's why we're joined now by our very own Nicole, Garcia who has been just yeah, no problem you've been really. Covering, this Brailsford trial, from really the start. Today. Closing, arguments, that means this. Trial is finally, coming to an end and Phillip, Brailsford that X Mesa police officer, is probably. Gonna learn his fate before. The end of this week he's being charged with second-degree, murder. He's. Gonna find out the jury is gonna probably get the case either today tomorrow and they, could come up with a verdict before the end of the week so he's probably feeling, really, really nervous I mean, for those of you who aren't familiar with the trial this. Is that police officer, mesa police officer, responded to a call. Of a man with a rifle at, the La Quinta Inn last year last January. He. Went with a team about six officers, they, confronted. The hotel, guests Daniel shaver and. In. The end, Daniel, shaver was shot five times by, Phillip Brailsford so, Phillip Broyles for the the Mesa officer, X Mesa officers saying he did it obviously, in self-defense, it was his job he was on the job he, was at a gun call he. Thought, that shaver was armed, shaver, wasn't, complying, fully with all of the commands he and he saw Daniel. Shaver reached for his back as if he were reaching, for. A gun and, that's when he opened fire it, turns out Daniel shaver did not have a weapon on him and he. Had a pellet, rifle in his room that for his job he was an exterminator. Visiting, from Texas. And hit him he'll trifle in his room so really this is a we. Have one one, family already grieving you know for the loss of life Daniel shavers family father of two his. Parents, and his widow have, all been in court here they're not even from here from Texas, flew, here for the entire trial which has been over a month now and then now we have another family feel it Brailsford family. Who. Could probably be, grieving, for the holidays if he is found guilty of second degree murder second. Degree murder I mean, he faces a maximum of 25, years in prison so, it's. Kind of a lose-lose situation, yeah. You. Know passed away he leaves behind a family and, you. Know Phillip Broyles for two has a three-year-old, son and, a wife and parents so. It's. A very crucial week. For for, his fate so yes, so many now eyes and, ears are on this trial is it gets near, the end here Nicole. For the. Experts, what did they say is how long do you think these deliberations, can go, usually, there are about three, days all, right, maybe even less usually, if the jury comes back you, know really, early then, they've already made up their mind and and usually. Experts. Say if they come back early it's usually guilty, but. You know it's it's really rare for a jury, at least in America, to convict, an officer. For an on on. The duty killing. Of murder. Mm-hmm. Um you, know and he's got his training his, background is his defense this is what he was trained to do you know if you, see it you're at a call. Of a man with a gun you don't know if he has a gun you don't know anything about this man you know he is and you, see him reaching for. Tortas, waistband, and you, know, you. You don't know if he's armed, or not you have to go into the the situation. Assuming he's armed but, what you really don't know and you have to make these split-second. Decisions, so, so. That's what Phillips girls ferns defenses, it's you know that was his job he was assigned as, legal, coverage meaning of this, the.

Entire. Group of him, and another officer they were assigned to just watch, this man's hands watch, if he tries to do anything funky, you know and you. Know alleviate, the situation if he if, he did act up yes but, you know behind, site there, he wasn't armed so he, didn't have a gun and he didn't have a criminal record there was no criminal intent here on on his, end so, the jury really really needs to decide when you're talking about murderer they have to think about Brailsford. Intent, did, he go into the situation, intending. To kill somebody and one, I think crucial, piece of evidence. That would work against Phillip, Broyles for that's not being admitted into evidence is on the, his rifle it's his personal, rifle, and on. It he has the he edged the words your f along. The barrel of the rifle that, was not admitted, into evidence because, it really. Had no bearing on the actual situation um, you, know but we're talking about intent, here does the, jury believe that Phillip. Brailsford was just gun happy and wanted, to shoot his gun and did and it's using self-defense. Or you, know do they really think he was doing his job I, mean this is what he was trained to do. Not. To kill but you're trying to protect people and read people and watch people's hands and make those split-second, decisions do they believe that you, know he was doing his job and will he be found not guilty or. Could. They find him guilty of a lesser charge, including. Manslaughter, or, negligent. Homicide, so. For. The edge, of his seat because, you know this he's, got a family it's right before Christmas and you know really. The fate of his future this, man's future whether he, will be, free or go to prison, and sure is really gonna be decided, probably, sometime this week yes and what's. Been some other rocky. Moments, during the trial that really stick out to you that you remember that - like Wow interesting, well Phillip Brailsford took the stand in his own defense and, you know he seemed very calm, almost. Personally. I thought, he was too over rehearsed when. His, own attorney was questioning, him he was right, on the bat he was very confident, but I think to me seemed to over rehearse I feel like some, of the verbage and the words that he used like, tality, of circumstances. And you, know things like that coach Doug yeah to coach and we're a lot of the same exact words that some of his fellow officers, who. Were there at the scene used as well cuz all obviously, all five of the officers who were with, him during the shooting are saying, that was necessary, they would have done the same thing, Philip Brailsford himself, saying you know I would have made the same decision if, I did do it all again, and, then when the, prosecutor. Questioned, him he, seemed really flustered obviously was it prepared for her come her line of questioning, a little. Bit confused at times often, asked her to repeat questions, so um I don't, know I mean to me if I were on the jury I read. It as him being over rehearsed not, really being natural because that they think that's what people I mean me as a reporter, you want to see somebody on the stand be completely, natural yes you want him to be real I mean you want him to tell the truth you say look I don't want to kill this guy you know like I did what I was but I was, trained to but. He didn't really say it in those words it was very very, legalese. And I felt very, coached. And then. The. Hunt there's a Mesa homicide, detective who was assigned just to investigate. The the, the. Killing all together obviously not part of the actual incident. He. Found that, Brailsford. And the five other officers, left. Out one really. Crucial. Piece of information they're. Supposed to bring up reports, at me written. Reports about what happened all of them did not put in the fact that Daniel, shaver the victim was crying, and begging for his life. Right, before he was shot seconds. Before he was shot. So. I think that's crucial to I think to a jury, you. Talk, when you talk about different degrees of criminals, I mean this you know I always say this didn't happen in like a really, bad part of a town and a motel known to house criminals, I mean this was the looking to end you know there. Was no kind of scene when the officers arrived. This man's begging for his life and he gets shot dead so I mean that's something you know jurors could consider too is like you have to look at you know the whole totality. Of the circumstances. I mean and the. Fact that none, of them said that they realized. That Brailsford, are, not rails for them Daniel, shaver was crying and begging for his life before he was shot. You. Know being about the homicide investigators. It was a little bit suspicious and, I think you know as a person. You think it was suspicious because when you go back and you actually look. At the body cam video that's what happened yes crying, and begging for his life please, don't shoot me please don't shoot me I'm trying to he's, trying to understand, what they want him to do and then in the end he, gets shot not once but five times yes and.

We Have a lot of the reports they're on Fox 10 Phoenix comm that people can see and maybe I'll look back and I know a lot of people really it. Doesn't, matter really what case it is people get into these sorts. Of different cases you. Know this shooting came at a time when there was like that heightened, kind of awareness by the public, of officer-involved. Shooting, us and, now you in this this officer, is on. Trial for murder I mean usually it's the other way around it yes it's, a suspect you, know a civilian, and an officer, you. Know claiming. He did what had to do but this time it's an officer, you know defending, himself on a murder charge so, it, really is very dramatic you know and we really, don't see this, kind of a trial that often, and. Again I mean historically, you don't see a lot of office service convicted. Of, second-degree, murder or murder or any any way oh yeah in an on the job killing so it'd be very interesting to see, the. Outcome of this trial I'm sure a lot of people across the country are gonna be talking about it so, if the if the jury gets the case today we could, possibly what, see me yeah I mean are they in court on Fridays or not they don't they're not in court on Friday so they the attorneys, still have to give their closing arguments basically, they're wrapping up their cases this is the last time that the jury is gonna hear from these attorneys and then, the, the jury will get instructions, so they'll be instructed, on how to determine. Their verdict they. Could get the case this afternoon, and. We, could get a verdict I mean if they're what, they want to do to get a verdict this afternoon, or. We could get it tomorrow our. Thursday, I personally. Think if. You had to if you had to make a prediction yes I I would think that they would they would get it, the end of today maybe, take a whole day to talk. It out. Agree, on a verdict, and usually, I think jurors at least like to sleep on it for at least a day you know yeah they come back so I think so, they'll get the case today talk about it sleep on it Wednesday and. Maybe, maybe, come back with a verdict, by Thursday, but you never know any juries are very imperfect, and I think even if they had it late today and they all had. A consensus, right away I don't even know if they wouldn't want to come out like I said I think they'd want to see I mean this is something this is a man's life is a big moment that you have in your hand so I think they. Would want to sleep on it at least for a day make sure they'd have the right decision, I'm come, together the next morning and say yep you know I'm confident about it and give their verdict, to the judge so we, shall see yes we shall see well thank you so, much Nicole for coming up and breaking this down horse of, course updates, from closing arguments, today at noon and a live in five. And six all right so we'll get you we'll. Get you right there in court right now. Is. When they begin so I'll keep you guys okay, so uh first. Report coming up affects, News. At Noon all right thanks so much Nicole and, we're gonna take you back, out to, California. Here in coming up next we, will have live, updates with. That horrible, horrible, fire, that is raging on right, now, it's. Called the Thomas fire and burning already, at, 45,000. Acres we'll be back. You. And. Welcome back here to News Now taking, a live look at, the Thomas fire in southern, california. This is ventura county. 45,000. Acres burning, right now when we start at the morning it was only a 25,000, so it is jumped, 20,000. Acres within the last couple of hours 27,000. People, have been evacuated, from, their, homes and we've been seeing some very, dramatic. Video. Throughout, the. Morning and we're gonna show you that. A home when. A home was on fire take a look at this dramatic video. Story. Down below here Steve Megan this is neighborhood, in the city of Ventura north, of Foothill, just to the, west of Aurora, burn, a part and to, the east of Saticoy, you could see this house we've watched it over the last 15 minutes catch, fire and look at how this fire has, jumped, between properties. Here north, of foothill right, up against the lowe's Padres National Forest there's some properties, that are burned to the ground others, said that are still intact, that, is how this fire is moving and, reacting. And what firefighters are, having to do strike. Teams are doing the best they can to position, themselves to protect, the structures, this, area has already been under a mandatory, evacuation, speaking. Of which I'm gonna repeat this often during the morning and into the afternoon hours. Ready, Ventura, County, dot org if you are watching from, an evacuation, center perhaps, from the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

Right, Up the coast fire, isn't burning too far from there ready, Ventura, County org will give you all the information detailed. Information, from, the city from, the county from firefighters, about mandatory. Evacuations. Voluntary, evacuations. School, closures, road closures, the, burn zone again, extends. Between 15, and 20, miles from the eastern, side of Santa Paula north, of the 126, all, the way to downtown Ventura, again this is the eastern, portion of Ventura. North of Foothill Boulevard this. Neighborhood, already, partially gutted, and another house going up and we're watching helicopters. Which is so rare Steven, Megan drop water on home. That our burning structure fires we always see the, surround, and drown tactics, making sure everybody's out and surrounding, that individual, structure and what firefighters are dealing with and I've mentioned this a few times this morning they're dealing with a massive wildfire, but. Then these individual, structure, fires these spot, fires because this fire started at such. A location, just, up against the wild man of the Los Padres National Forest right, on the border there of Santa Paula and was, driven, by those fierce, easterly, Santa Ana winds blowing, through the Santa Clara River Valley at 40 to 50 miles an hour that forced, the fire in a westerly, direction right, through these neighborhoods hopscotching. Real estate into, homes this, neighborhood, again it's just to the east of a royal birdie Park west, of Saticoy north of foot health this house looks to be a total, loss we talked about ember. Intrusion. Meaning, an ember that could be carried, several. Hundred yards in some distance a mile, with the very, dry conditions yes that is possible that, that ember could get trapped underneath an EVE ember intrusion. And catch, an individual, structure, on fire, like, this house this very nice single-family home right, up against. The Los Padres National Forest back. To you in the studio, all. Right and now taking you back out live I'm just gonna read for you just the latest bulletin that the. Fire officials, were able to put out this was just, a couple of minutes. Ago this is on already Ventura, County, org, they, are calling it a very fast-moving, active. Brush fire that started north of Santa Paula near, highway 150, and has burned into the city limits, of Ventura. And toward highway, 33. The fire is currently estimated, at. 45,000. Acres with, 0%. Containment and, is, being pushed by strong east winds, fixed-wing. Aircraft, and, helicopters, are expected, to, attack the fire at daybreak the fire is still out of control and structures. Continue, to be threatened, throughout the fire, area. Due to the intensity, of the fire crews are having trouble making access, and there are multiple reports of structures. On fire fire crews from, many different agencies are actively, working on, the inside there are 500. Fire officials, on scene with additional, fire, resources, in route there, are approximately. 100 Sheriff's, Office personnel as well as, law enforcement officers from the Santa Paula Police Department, Ventura Police Department and California.

Highway Patrol, assisting. With evacuations. And road, closures, and you could see here this brush fire continues. To spread, 27,000. People, evacuated. Already and that number could unfortunately. Continue. To climb our, Fox 11. Sister, station, a reporter. Out there earlier this morning was able to see firsthand a, structure. On fire, we're gonna take you to that report, right, now. More. Than 150. Structures, damaged, by the Thomas fire this is Aurora. Vista, Del Mar Hospital a psychiatric, hospital, that was scheduled, to take appointments today located. Off the 101 freeway and, the 33 freeway, here in the, city of Ventura now the flames are strong here now that the Sun is up the wind is starting to pick up the concern is that these, embers, from the fire could be carried over through some of these trees there, are condominiums. Just this way to the west dozens, of them where residents, have serious. Concerns about evacuations. They haven't been told by fire officials, what, to do just yet they were here earlier this morning and they. Have since deployed their resources, to, other spots, that may require more urgency, and I want to talk to James here who is a patient how, does it feel to watch this facility, just go up in flames sad. Very. Sad very, depressing, never. Seen anything, like this, previously, and you say this is a community. Structure. This has been here for quite some time and it's helped a lot of people yes yes, I believe. At least the. 60s, probably, earlier, than that but. It's been here a very, very very long time all right this. Fire has now grown to over 31. Thousand, acres. 27,000. Residents, have been evacuated lots, of them standing by waiting for word as we watch the Thomas fire continue. To blaze on this morning, reporting for Fox News I'm Mario Ramirez back to you, we. Are now taking you back out live for these aerials. And are multiple. Evacuation. Shelters, in place, there as well. As voluntary. Evacuations. Going on as well. So this is a very fluid situation, for. Everyone in, this area, as you can see. 45,000. Acres right now. 0%. Containment we, are going to hear from some fire officials, right now this, briefing. Just wrapped, up within the last 15. Minutes let's, take you there now. With. That I would like to turn it over. Good, morning that is to reiterate though that you said you did have a whole lot of successes, last night, despite. We, have over a hundred sheriff's personnel, working in the fire areas. Evacuations. We're, asking, people that are in the area to avoid the firing areas. People that are interested in taking pictures okay. Higher, areas. Also. All, of the shelter, information, to be found on ready venture, in Campton gorg that's. You can also register, but, we see alert. So that you can get notified his cellphone ran together evacuation. Notice. With that up. To any questions that you might have. And. That was just a little too hard, to hear I know as you. Heard the background, there of those fire, trucks there but officials continuing. Its a brief the public there are 45,000. Acres. 27,000. People evacuated. You're taking a look, at these aerials, that were taken, in just before the, Sun was rising they're in California, and your, heart really breaks for. Everyone, that is affected, in this situation, we are just now 20. Days away from Christmas, and. Holidays. Can be ruined so. Fast here for this community. And people that are living in this area we hope for the very best. As they continue.

To. Really, work out of this situation here, in Southern California we'll continue to breed bring. You the very latest situations. And updates here from Southern California more. News now continues. In just a little bit. You. You. And, welcome back here to News Now and getting a lie of a look at the White House we're gonna start some of our political coverage. Here in this segment I everybody Mike pay shares we continue on with the news now we will continue to, monitor the situation there. In Southern California as, to wildfires, burning. Out of control at, this, hour and once we get some more updates and maybe, some more press conferences we'll pass that along to you right, here on news, now but we do want to talk about. The. GOP leadership they. Just put out a press conference about about. 20 minutes ago and they were talking everything, from tax cuts to a possible, government, shutdown and then we'll also on the other side of that break talk about the Democrats, response. To, this let's. Show you this just, about 20 minutes ago everyone. Moves. To the, conference, committee I'm really excited about what it means for everybody, in this country more. Opportunities, and I'm especially proud that it builds on the legacy of the able Act for. Families who have saved for their son or daughters college tuition, which. Is no longer needed. It. Gives that family, an opportunity to roll over their 529, account into. An able account which, means that child could use that money for medical or for, education. Or skills training, I'm also excited about able to work which. Allows an individual, that has a 529, account to go explore, the opportunity, to work and then, take that income and put it into their able account and without, jeopardizing, their benefits, with. This bill we are making it easier for everyone, to reach their full potential and that's. Part of the reason I've invited representative, Kristi Noem to joining us join us this morning she's, been a champion for, this bill and what it means for families in South Dakota as well as all across the country. We. Are getting closer to sending.

This Pro-growth. Pro-family. Tax reform, plan to the President's, desk. This. Week the house Administration. Committee is also continuing, its extensive. Review, of the congressional, work place and, they. Will be having a hearing on Thursday to examine, what changes need to be made to the Congressional, Accountability Act. To. Prevent, sexual harassment. This law has not been updated since, 1995. It's. Long, overdue, which, is why the, house administration's. Work is so important. As I, said last week these. Recent reports are so deeply, troubling, members. Of Congress we must walk, the talk lead, by example and, we. Are taking action, to renew the, people's, trust in the. Representatives. That serve here in Congress. Well. I want to thank Cathy for all of her work on the able act allowing families, to take 529, plans and roll them over to be used for to, help those with in disabilities. Is critically, important, I've, been a member of the Ways and Means Committee now, for several years and also. Being a conferee now I'm excited to be a voice in the room not just for my home state of South Dakota but. For working moms for working families for. Farmers and ranchers for, small business owners and the, reason that I can, speak on that behalf is because I've been all of those and, I think it's important, that people know we have everyday people, in the room who know how they have felt at, different times in their lives making decisions, on policies, that actually work for them and for their families you know almost half of Americans have. The money in the bank to cover a $400, emergency, expense that's. Astounding, to, me and in my home state of South Dakota, the average family income is just a little bit over $50,000. Per year and that's, not much at all our goal is to allow more families, to keep their, money in their pocket, you will hear my colleagues from the other side of the aisle talk, about the fact that the government, needs this money more. Than the families, do that, work hard every, day to earn it to, take care of their families and I fundamentally disagree with, that when, we get into this conference committee we're going to be talking about making, strong, families, strong. Futures, and giving the next generation, a tax code that actually, helps them and doesn't, continue to harm them like the one that we have today. Thank. You Christy for your voice and, what. You're gonna bring to that conference committee I want to thank my, colleagues, last night for coming together and, sending. This tax cutting jobs bill to conference committee so we can be, now one final, step away from. Getting historic. Tax relief where, families at Christmas time are going to finally see that. This, Congress went, to work for them put. Together a bill that cuts taxes, across the board. Hard-working. People who have, not seen job. Growth for the last ten years many, who who haven't seen their, paychecks increase over the last ten years are finally going to get real relief they're. Going to see more money in their pockets from, lower tax rates on average families, they're gonna see, $1,200. More in their pockets and, what does that really mean when. The average family. Right now has $400. In their checking account, across. The country that's the average. $400. In a checking account when, you're gonna be able to get $1,200. More a year back that's, a big deal to hardworking families who've been struggling that's, maybe a family vacation that they haven't been able to take for years an, opportunity, for them to, expand. Or expand. On their house to to, put more money away for their kids college this. Is gonna be real relief for families and then, when you look at what happens on the corporate side where. Our country right now has the highest corporate, tax rate in the industrialized world people. Know what that means that. Means every, time we see a large, company, a well-known company move, thousands. Of jobs overseas, it. Angers, us and it should anger, us but, I think what angers people the most is that they haven't seen anything done about it in, our bill we actually, do something about it we bring. Those jobs back to America. How. About that for a great Christmas present for, families who lost jobs good, jobs I'm, talking about 50, 70 80 120.

Thousand, Dollar-a-year jobs, that, we've seen go to other countries now, these are countries we like friends. Of ours Ireland, Canada other, countries, that have been happy to take our jobs we're. Still gonna have good relationships, with those countries but we're gonna take our jobs back, and rebuild. Our middle class that's what this bill means it's, about time we get done I'm, really glad that we took one more step last, night but, now we're at the final step we're not only in the red zone we're at the one-yard line we're. Gonna get this done before Christmas and president. Trump is ready to sign this bill that will create jobs and, make America competitive, again. Good. Morning but before I speak. I first want to. Tell. Those in Southern California that are battling another fire this, is a devastating fire in Ventura that it's just blocks. Away from the City Hall we've, already had, one fatality. Not, just our thoughts and prayers are with you but any equipment, or resources, from the federal government, we will make sure it's provided, to work and create the synergy, with. Those in the state and in the city. And. To the first responders. We. Know what you've been called upon this year from the Hurricanes, to the fires and we thank you for continuing to be there and be there in the time of need right now i do. Want to thank, cathy. McMorris Rogers for her work on the able act it. Took a great deal to get that to fruition, to. Christy no, not. Just being a member of Congress not just being a conferee but living, through the experience. The. Difficulty, in the tax code looking to do to a family in a punishment zone but also see what it can do to be. Able to grow an economy I'm, proud, that she's actually a conferee, the, acts were finished. This job to. The American public every, time we get one step closer. The. Market goes up even higher we're. Already beginning to see the benefits of really where America, wants to go when it comes to the tax bill for anyone. That has a retirement. Account invested. In a 401k you've, already seen, a benefit, continuing, to rise, with. More than 58 times the market is set a new record. Do. The members when we called back a day early to make sure we can get to conference to, get this done before Christmas I thank you but, most importantly. For. Those and, across this country that the end of the day beginning. In a new year, when. They check their check and they see the income, is even. Higher or. For the new jobs that are going to be created. This. Is why we continued, to run for office this, is why we said we, would accomplish that goal, I know, we're close but we have to finish the job so in, a short timeframe you will find the conferees will work together I know, the Senate and House will find common ground at, the end of the day we'll get this bill, through not. For Congress but for the American, people if we continue, to create more jobs have. A tax cut and see, that the next generation, gets the benefit of the generations, in the past that, they can intend you to improve. First. Of all I want to give credit to the Senate Republicans, for. Passing their version of the tax cuts in Jobs Act last week I've, said it before and I'll say it again doing, something as monumental, as tax reform it, is not easy the, forces, of the status quo are clearly, stacked, against us but, guess what we're. Doing it the. House is active the Senate has acted Congress, is getting rid of these loopholes that have too long benefited, special, interests at the expense of normal American, working families whether. You live in New York California or South Dakota we're. Giving tax cuts to folks and families at every income level we're, making sure that. Hardworking, Americans, get to keep more of their own hard-earned, dollars. That's. Not all we're, cutting as Stevo said we're cutting the business tax rate so, that American job creators can be competitive again that, means more jobs and, higher wages for real Americans, you all know the story all too well this. Tax code is pushing American businesses, and American jobs overseas it's, time, we stop doing that this.

Is Monumental, reform, and we're, doing it the right way we. Started with a framework, then, we went to a House bill through. The committee then, we went to the floor and now we're going to a conference committee using. The regular order process, working, with our members getting interaction, to every, step of the process that. Is how we should be writing laws here last. Night we, passed the motion to go to conference to reconcile these two good bills the. Conferees, led by our faithful leader Chairman Kevin Brady I have a lot of work to do but, they're going to get this done they're, gonna make this legislation, the best it can be they're gonna make it better than, what we've already seen, the, American people deserve that, the, American people deserve a simpler. Our tax code and it's high time we get out of the stagnant, growth we've had since the Great Recession this. Does, that this. Means the best Christmas gift we can give our. Constituents. The best holiday, season greetings we can give our constituents, there's a faster, growing economy, that gives more wages bigger paychecks, in a simpler and, fairer tax system that's, why we're so focused on getting this done that's. Why we're so excited to be here working. On solving people's problems, questions. Well. Of course I think that's the best way we can go but we're gonna have continued, discussions, with our members here. In the house and across the aisle about the best way forward we think health care is deteriorating. We think premiums. Going up through the roof the insurers are pulling out and, that's not a status quo that we can live with one. Yeah. I feel, like we're gonna have a majority we're gonna have to 18 for passing the CR we have this week we're, having a good conversation with our members about exactly how to do this we're having a good conversation other members about timing and date and tactics and all the rest the point is we're having the kind of family discussion, that we need to have about, how to proceed proceed forward with a, majority and I'm confident we'll have that, oh. I'm. Not gonna get into that kampf recess you think I'm gonna go in the back and forth of this stuff I'm. Not gonna let. The conferees, wrestle, with this, I'm. Not gonna go into the you, know nitpicking the conferees so okay the second the last question or Andy. Sorry. You. Can ask them to me a copy, getting, away in a conference question. We're. Having a conversation where the members and what we think the best date forward is ago you'll see when, we bring the bill the floor thank, you. Alrighty. Folks and then coming, up next we're going to hear from the House Democrats. In their response, to the Republicans, you're watching News Now remember, when breaking news does, occur you know we have you covered we are continuing. Also. To monitor the situation in Southern. California of. These, wildfires, burning, out of control the. Ventura, County, area. Right now under a warning, look at this as this, fire is just ripping, through, this home unfortunately you, are watching live right now on news now more, news and updates coming, up next. You. Aggression. Against. The United States of America, and the. Woefully, in hat. You. Hang. On. Same. Neighborhood more or less in. Ventura. Foot, hell my victim. You. You. This. Is, a fox10 News Alert and. Welcome, back here to News Now we continue, to provide you with these live aerials. Of the Thomas fire in Southern California. As it continues, to burn up homes burning. At. 45,000. Acres at, this moment, 27,000. People. Have. Been evacuated, at. This moment here as these ferocious. Winds in Southern California. Continue. Just to really cripple, these, homes, and, these areas, the Thomas fire broke, out on Monday. And grew wildly. To more than 70, square miles in the hours that followed, consuming. Vegetation, that hasn't burned in decades. At least. 150. Structures, and 45,000. Acres have burned so far fire officials, have said there, was no immediate word whether the structures were homes or businesses but, when you take a look ere of what sky. Fox in LA, is capturing. You are looking, at homes going up in this community Ventura, County, is under, watch right now is 27,000. People already, evacuated, that, number is likely to rise as well no word yet on any extent, of injuries.

Or Loss of life and we hope that, that number, does. Not develop at all right, now so we'll continue to, monitor this, right now I do see it on our other feed we are getting some video of President. Trump at the White House let's. Bring, you of that right now we do also see senator flake there as well let's listen at nights getting the tax cut bill to conference. And. Last. Night was very smooth and I think we're going to make it so that it comes out very beautifully, I call it the mixer it's a conference where everyone gets together and they. Pick all the good things and get rid of the things they don't like but. It's a fantastic, bill, for the middle class it's a fantastic, bill for jobs, and for companies. Wanting to bring back massive. Amounts of money into our country, it's. Really I view, it more than anything else is it's a from, his bill for jobs and for the middle class and, I think, people see that in this thing it more and more and the, more they learn about it the more popular, it becomes and, I think the end result will be even better we had a choice we could have gone directly for. A vote and we decided, that let's put it into the conference and let's come out with something where everything. Is perfecto. And. That's what we're going to do this. Group of wonderful Republican. Senators, is here. To discuss the, tax bill very important we're also going to be talking about trade and NAFTA, what's, going on with the NAFTA negotiations. We, have. Tremendous losses, with Mexico, and losses with Canada, and covered. By NAFTA we, last. Year. We lost approximately. 71. Billion, dollars in, trade deficit, we have a trade deficit, with Mexico at, 71, billion, dollars with. Canada was about 17, billion dollars we. Have trade deficits, with everybody, virtually, every country in the world we have trade deficits, with and that's going to be changing it's already changing, but it's going to be changing, fast we went to China we've worked back over. 300 billion dollars worth of contracts, from. Asia. It, was a very successful trip but now we're going to look at NAFTA very very, seriously, we have Bob Whitehouse ER here we have Gary Cohen and a world. Are you starting the negotiation. Not easy to have an election coming up so we'll see how that plays but, it's. Going to be very successful so. We're gonna be talking about trade we'll be talking about healthcare we'll be talking about other subjects, the. Taxes, we're so thrilled about so. Popular, and I think something is going to be coming out of conference pretty, quickly as opposed to long. Term I think it's going to go pretty quickly we're all in the same page there's a great spirit in the Republican, Party like I've never seen before like a lot, of people have said they've never seen before they've, never seen anything like this to unity so, I think a lot of very, good things are going to happen it's going to happen very fast, I, want, to thank you all for being here and let's have a great lunch and let's talk about trade. And let's make great trade deals instead of the horrible trade deals that we all got stuck with thank you very much thank you everybody, thank. You. Thank. You very much. I. Think. He's gonna do very well we. Don't want to have a Liberal. Democrat, in Alabama believe me we want strong. Voters we want stopping. Cri

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