Flutter for Business (Mobile World Congress ‘19)

Flutter for Business (Mobile World Congress ‘19)

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Hola. Remini, ASIMO World Congress shows. Hey Martina Guinness returning akibo that flutter but at Google hi. Welcome, to mole rock Congress I'm, Martin a Guinness and I lead marketing for flutter at Google we're. So excited to be back here in, fact we're here exactly a year ago where, we launched our first beta and we, can't wait to show you what's, been going on ever since, but. Before we get into that I want, to share something that blew my mind. We. Spend 15%. Of our time every day on our phones. That's. Over 10 years of our lives. Let's. Think about that for a second, ten. Years is how long it takes us to go through both primary and secondary school. Ten. Years ago many of us had BlackBerry's in our hands and. The. Companies like Tesla, Instagram. And Spotify. Didn't. Even exist ten years ago not. Only that but. We check it 52 times a day I see. Some of you checking in right now actually. So. This intense use of mobile brings. Us back to Maslow's, hierarchy of, needs which. Explains, as many of you know that we as human beings have needs at the bottom like basic needs like food water, and shelter and at, the top self-actualization. And I'm. Actually really excited today to announce a shift in this hierarchy, we've. Been working on this research for about five years now and here, are the latest findings. I'm. Sure many of you can relate I think, we can actually add one more layer to this. Now. You might be thinking Martin. I get it we, use our phones a lot it's. How we get around it's. How we talk to our families and friends it's, how we check the news it's. How we navigate there's, no way I would have found this stage otherwise. So. It's, transformed, life as we know it and it's. Completely revolutionized, how customers, are engaging with brands in fact. The, global app economy is growing at a 37, percent year-over-year, rate. So. Given. This important time spent, on mobile I want, to introduce you to flutter, Google's. Toolkit, for building native apps on, iOS and, Android from, a single codebase. Today. We're going to talk about flutter from three perspectives. Business. Development. And design. Because. Flutter is built. To help with all those parts. This. First talk is flutter, for business in fact. Flutter, was started within Google, for. Because. We as Google wanted, a great way to develop native, apps without any compromise. And. We, now use it for our most revenue, generating, product Google, ads but. It's. Also in our DNA to the open source and to. Share things with the world so, from day one flutter has been free and open source for everyone to use and, in. Fact since MWC last year we've. Seen global, brands from all around the world using. Flutter to build their apps and these, apps have powered more than powered. For. More than hundreds of millions of users are, downloading these apps in. Fact. Today we have the privilege of hearing directly, from some of these brands, so. You'll, you'll they'll, come up on stage and kind of talk to you directly, so. What, are we going to cover I'm. Going, to start by reminding us of some of the challenges that we all have when. Building apps for our businesses and I'm. Going to talk about how flutter addresses, these challenges. Then. Will actually like I mentioned bringing up partners and talk about how they've used it in different ways and talk about next steps. So. I hope that after this presentation you. Walk away better, understanding, how flutter. Helps your businesses and how you can get started. So. Let's start with challenges, obviously. There's a lot of challenges associated with building apps or none of you would be here watching this today. Just. Visualize. Some of these challenges I thought it'd be fun to play a little game of roulette. So. Can, someone please yell out a number 0 through. 3629. Alright, let's test your luck today, the. Number called was. 2908. So. You didn't get it right but. You only had a 3% chance of getting that number right and. According. To Apps flyer only. 3% of new mobile app users remain, active, after 30 days, in. Other. Words. If we, were to download an app today and a, hundred people were to download it only. Three of them would be active users after a month.

Shocking. Right. Retaining. Users. Is one of business's biggest challenges today because. We, have such high expectations. But. It's not the only one, here. Are a few other challenges, that I want to remind us that I'm sure many of you is I see some of you nodding can relate to so. Things, like time-to-market being. Able to launch an iterate your app quickly. High. Quality look and feel right. Being able to really understand, that this is a high quality app that's a native app because. Given, that three percent number users, have very high expectations for their apps and finally. Affordability it's. Not news to you that it can be really expensive both, in terms of time and money to, make these applications. So. These. Challenges. All still exist because. The current options out there all involve, compromise in. Fact. There, are two main ways to build apps today each, which pose a different, set of compromises, on these four priorities, we. Call it the dilemma, of mobile app development. Here's. Option one and this, is what I'd say around 80% of you still do today which. Is built two completely, separate, iOS, and Android applications on two, separate code bases, this. Requires double, the development teams it, requires, oftentimes, double the money and. Obviously. At the end you get a beautiful result which is represented, by that castle but. To get there you, have a lot of those compromises like, time like, affordability which, represents that maze. So. What's the alternative. Well. Several companies have created. Third-party. Cross-platform. Toolkits, and. These. Get you there a lot faster because they're one code base but. The end quality is not the same you, don't get that castle why. Well. Because, oftentimes. They use a web language like JavaScript and then it actually converts it to the native phone so what you're using to build these cross-platform, apps aren't actually native apps and we've. All been in this situation where you're seeing a nav and it's a little bit laggy or there's something off and you can tell and if you're going to invest the time to make apps again. With that three, percent number I gave you earlier it's really important, for to be quality so, another, set of compromises on those four priorities. Flutters. A third approach. One. That falls for neither of these sets of compromises, it's. Fully, native, everything. Written in flutter compiles, directly, to native machine code meaning, what you get on your phone it is exactly, what was written there's no context, switch but, it's also a single code base so you, get that straight path to the castle. Now. At Google we've been building this for the last four years and we're, really proud of the progress we've made so. Now I'd like to show you a video of a company, that many of you might be familiar with who, have recently used flutter. Alibaba. Titillation, a la gente, y una solución de mucho, say, holla, Yahoo John Yahoo, Gmail Yahoo Shyam Plata salute. David a solution, to support assassination. Open romanian, tenganan, Tina. Yo, yo yo yo yo asuka-san mm. Okay, sayonara. - father challenge, to the sufficiency, da. Gama. Situation to, shoot you - música. Woman. Totally calm, Rosa 13 in total even, refer. To the information, data. Chooses, the. Solar condolences. She only yolk to. Another, ship your, photography. Is a movie on in, see oh my gosh window theater for her be, know da da da da da da countin. Lulu Tom a you a Ramona. Monsanto, F la da da. Da Yahoo Tian Han Solo Nevada century pan. Con tomate a sir sidharthak. A passionate, recent survey, Santino, may. You a cabaret Mendoza, doll Willa. Fuga italiana. Yahoo see, atoms away iOS, Sorento, pavilion. Sonu. Is a piece from Sri Lanka hood but I want to. A book opinion, for, mammalian party, no longer.

Slaughter, Real, woman Suzi ochi of Tonga diamond to, Sudan UFO, consultant. And, Gaussian. Mrs.. Laura, fluttered civil citizen, Hodgins three. Women in suits. Permission. Certainly, on the type of lava, golem ping, Chang. Citizen, doll 1820. The union's own Bucheon. Something, something year to, a senator. For da sua. - Mia you, go forward to working for the bluefin he's, in room war father Tancred I'm equipped. Recently, Angela. For iOS in a shop so. Cool to see be really flattered, gentlemen she, go knock on door Julie, casualty. Clap in with her she goes from be insane you internship have, fun for all three of us and let us would, say she, don't know page 120, new meta you are all chip passion, to atone zero woman she's in singleness was no polonium since. That my, co-counsel, the way to entire, 20 you transit some. Key fob we so easy you have with the King album concept. Of you Blanche let's you flattered Abu the, mayor feet on see that to highlight the Alabama, to see who she flattered, coaching you allow you to the moon. So. I want to spend the next few slides talking. About these four priorities. And how, flutter, is different and hopefully, you'll. Understand. How, you don't have to compromise on them with flutter. So. First reach. And retention. Flutter. Lets you reach all of your users, oftentimes. When you're building for both iOS and Android you, have certain platform dependencies, things, like scrolling or navigation which are fundamentally, different on every device and it's. One of those situations where we, as users expect. That to happen so, when, you're in an app and it's scrolling like an iOS app on an iOS phone you, understand right no problems but. When something's, off we get really upset and we're like you know what is this technology so. Obviously. With high expectations we expect, apps to have those behaviors already well. Flutter. Incorporates, all these behaviors directly, into the framework so. You and your development teams can focus on building the app knowing, that it will already have these critical, platform differences in the app itself because it's fully native, so. If you wanted to customize a very iOS looking app you could do that you could also build a very brand looking app and still, have those critical, platform differences incorporated. Secondly. Time-to-market, let. Me run you through a typical process, a traditional, process of building mobile apps today you. Sit at the computer you start writing some code and then. You want to see the changes so you compile it which takes about 60. Seconds and then. You actually have to deploy to the device for the emulator which say so let's say 20 seconds so, now you're looking at the screen, and you say it oh there's, you know I found a bug so, you have to go back you, have to changed find where the code is and change it then you have to again compile it another 60 seconds then deploy it another 20 to 30 seconds and on, and on and every time you discover a bug or an error you have to go through this process. Inefficient. Right we. As flutter identified, that and so we put something in a flutter that changes, it called stateful, hot reload, what. Stateful hot reload is it's, the, ability to change things. In your app in real time in less. Than a second and see, it directly appear on the app as you're developing, so. If fondant wanted to change the color of the application, or move something a pixel to the left I could, do it and in two three four hundred milliseconds, see, it up here on the application, and that's what actually ships as you. Can see in the example here. We're using hot Reloaded change the, word, click to pushed and we're, also changing the business logic so that when you count, it actually counts down instead of up and so. You can see heart reload happening, in, real time and again developers. Love this and it allows you to keep your development teams focused, and the, developers to focus on what actually, building the app rather than having to wait between, all these builds. Third. Floater, allows you to build beautiful apps. Oftentimes. A designer, will make something really really beautiful hand it to the developer and, what's. Shipped is a little bit different it's not actually, that that dream of the designer had right. So for example to. The left you can see what a designer made for this airline app right. We have things like a custom branded menu bar we have you know nicely, styled tabs on, the.

Right Is what actually ship it. Was a lot easier to use the standard, menu. Bars it's, a lot easier to use the generic style and by. The time you want to incorporate that kind of run out of time so you end up compromising. With. Flutter you, never have to compromise or ship an app that's not as beautiful if you want it to be so. Designers, can sit with the developers, and actually, build exactly what they want branded, which you'll see in a lot of the app examples, later today. So. Finally. Affordability, right. I don't, need to stand up here and tell you that it's expensive it'll ask because we all know it can get expensive but. Not. Only is flutter itself free it, actually allows you to unify your development teams it, allows you to have a lot faster, and better test and build cycles and it, also allows, you to have that coordination between your designers and developers so. You're not tied to that very large budget to get that great, app shipped in a matter of months. So. Many of us remember the, feeling we had when we first started building websites you. Could go make a change in the site and immediately. See the changes mobile. Not so much, flutter. Was started by engineers, at Google who have been in web and mobile for a very long time and have identified these pain points and that's, why we're seeing so much excitement, around flutter, so. Given. That with. Today I'm really excited to officially announce the. Release of flutter 1.2. You. Can go to flutter dev, and download. It directly or if you already have flutter simply, updates the. Key theme of this is some. Polish, bug fixes, and top customer requests, we. Also have a lot of great things like new, framework, features and. Localization. And. We'll actually get into, the details on the the, next session which is a flutter for developers talk in terms of what's included but, I didn't want to call out a few other themes that we're launching alongside 1.2. We. Are launching a brand new YouTube channel dedicated only to flutter so. On there you can find videos from you know technical videos for your developers to really understand flutter to case study videos like the one we just saw to, a lot of other things that are helpful when you're building or going through flutter. Also. Flutter is again open source so we've also seen some awesome videos from community members who, have volunteered their time to just make tutorials and other things as well so you could find it a lot, of it on YouTube, secondly. We just launched, flutter create which, is a competition for developers. To build an app and flutter in less than five kilobytes of dart code and we, have some really cool prizes but it's also a fun way to get quickly, involved in the flutter community and on board it with the platform and that runs until April so you should go check that out. So. Now I want to take a look at some of the apps that have, shipped since we were back here, last year at Mobile World Congress. So. All the apps we saw up there used water but, in different ways now. There are three common ways people are using flour today the. First is to build a brand new app from scratch using flutter so, if you have an idea or an app that you want for your business now, would be the perfect time because you develop it in one place ships natively on all platforms the. Second way is to actually build flutter, for the other OS what we mean by that is if you already have an iOS or an Android application and you want to build the other one to reach more users you can build that other one with flutter and get it out quickly and eventually merge the code bases and thirdly.

Add Flirt to your existing app I'm sure, many of you and your businesses already have applications, the, good news is you can use flutter for that in fact that's what Alibaba did in the video you saw earlier they, incorporated, flutter to re, brand. Some of their pages, but they didn't lose the 50 million installs they had it was simply on updates. Instead. Of me telling you about all these use cases I thought it would be great to show you a first-hand example, and have, bring up partners as well to talk about how they've incorporated father in these different ways. So. The first is building a brand-new app for iOS and Android which, we've seen many, companies do and I. Actually am going to show you a video that we filmed just a few weeks ago in India with, dream 11 which, is India's. Company. And, users. Can put their sporting knowledge to pest and compete with other users. Many, people are Linda really excited about sports, me safe, for watching a game of cricket I think the most fun part about it is having those healthy discussions, and arguments with friends, on okay but they select this player to the team today or why, do they go with why specialist, bonus versus six one way to settle these arguments is quite, simple you just create your team and green eleven and select the, player you think is going to perform as your capital and then, see me win but. We don't want to stop there what we want is to constantly. Come up with new ideas and concepts to create an ecosystem of apps to enhance the user sporting, experience, so we want technologies, that, help us move at a very rapid pace and. That's what other people. Need for a, framework, which will help us develop in both ios and android together. So we would have to do a small cave scene check. The flutter Oneiros for us what's. The time, taken. As a poster, photographer. A power predator power, penetration. Continues, to, predict the outcome of cricket, games since, Android is a lion's share of, the Indian market we thought it made sense to start developing an, Android version first the biggest challenge, that we had was we only were three developers, and we, all were from different backgrounds. But that I made it easy, the dart language basically. That's very intuitive, even, if we have a given junior it's, very easy. There. Are many features and slaughter that I like it has nice, integration. With Neptune studio. If. You just make any changes to save the file and you can immediately see the outcome, of it on the emulator call, your device that has. Been. Running. That. Takes about two, to three weeks to get the application, up and running with, Pacifica, frameworks, we need to platform. Specific, changes, but. With, the. Applications are in two days which. Is really amazing it's single, or taste in, essence. Being. Sports focused, we, actually, in the competition. So. Another use case we see is building. Flutter for iOS or Android when you already have one, given. That the you, know market, share obviously, a lot, of places that Android is a little bit bigger but there's still a lot of users that are both many. Times it's important and, so, to talk about this directly I want to bring up on stage Daum who, is head for Abbey, Road Studios digital. Media hi everyone I'm Dom I'm, head of digital fabric, studios. Presumably. The most famous and, definitely the oldest studio recording, studio in the world and, today I'd like to talk to you how our 87. Years of innovation brought, us here on this stage and to build our very first mobile app created. With flutter so. What, do you think when you hear Abbey Road Studios you probably think about well. Yes the Beatles, of Kherson for the right reasons not only they gave us our name but they, also created, around, 80 percent of day music in our studios, and there's very good reason for it they were essentially. Innovators, they pushed, the sonic boundaries, of what was possible in recorded, music and they, kept coming back to Roberta studios because over, there they had engineers. And technical tools to make that happen, they wanted to innovate, and we listened, and we help them to to, innovate as well so, the Abbey, Road is the very first purposely. Built recording, studio in the world which essentially, makes us a start, a beginning of music. Industry as a whole in the place of crucial little innovation, such as stereo stereo invented. We've. Built our very first recording. Desks, mixing. Consoles, mastering. Consoles, is where the first Andy. Or the R&D department was set up in 50s of the last century it's. Also where, a few years ago we set up the very first music, startup, in better, home. To play to development. Such as smart microphones.

Or Trailers with music apps so. We kept innovating. I think this is kind of in our DNA to watch. Musicians. Out there and, to do what's best for them to take risks and developed, to, innovate. Technology, and. That. Brings us into top-line, we, quite quickly notice, as Martin was talking about that quite. A lot of musicians are using mobile and, mobile phones in the music, creative process, as you. Know we, using, Mobile's for everything why wouldn't be using them for to create so, people are kind of capturing they song. Idea is they try to collaborate, although. The using Lima was to move to, demo the idea of the sound to someone else but. They struggled, with it a little bit they basically there aren't many tools out there available which. Make, that possible for the musicians, so. We decided to create top, line the, very first songwriting up for from, Abbey Road Studios this. App allows you to, import. An instrumental. Track sing. Your vocals, on top of it jot, lyrics. Share. Very easily with a producer. Whoever, else you're working with and save, it all in a cloud, and. When we decided that we, quite quickly created the prototype and, then we had, to make that very important, decision right we what we going to do this is the dilemma, Martin, talked about are. We going to develop for iOS are we going to develop for Android we, had limited resources naturally. And limited. Budget as well so we developed for. IOS initially, and immediately. We were flooded with, requests, for Android they, were coming from all sorts of different directions from the world all. Over our Facebook, Twitter all sorts of channels we. Are really overwhelmed. And quite intimidated. By the volume, we didn't expect that at all so. We knew we had to develop Android, to, be true to our vision of democratization. Of music making we had to develop it fast we had to give people that free tool and. We. Knew we needed help and that's. When we've met what, a team, Google flutter team. And that, this is the very first mumble up from Abbey, Road studio so that for us that was a learning curve it was it was a hard hard. Task so, we had to develop we had to rely on a framework. On flatter framework, and on, the forum as well and. The Google team as well to help us to do that, we. Worked. Very closely with our users, we really wanted to kind of for, that process to be user driven so, we had a group of around hundred, musicians, around the world. Mostly. Unsigned, speaking, to us daily and feeding features, and feeling bugs. Daily. So they are all responsible, for this map. Search. He's saying there so when you kind of you don't remember when, you recorded your idea or what, was it you, almost always, remember. The context, where you were so you can find it on a map they, are responsible, for the back button, they're responsible, for the number of the trucks so they were feeding those features so fast we have to keep we had to keep up with them and all, of that wouldn't, be possible if, it wasn't for hot, reload function, so because, of that we are actually able to set our developers, next, to the musicians, for, them to kind of to feed and constantly test and iterate thanks. To that our UX, process, was around, 10. Times quicker, and I. Think we can proudly, say that this app was actually designed by musicians, and with musicians, at, heart we. Are really inspired, by the. Studio, experience, and this is what we try to kind of reflect within, the studios within. The this mobile app so, most. Of the musicians out there they know what what, it means when they read red, light shines it means you're not on air you're supposed to start so we reflect the data in the app we, reflected, the shapes the shapes of the battles they the, faders, as well the shapes of the little, knobs that those are things which are usually known. To musicians, and they know what to do with it and all, of that was, only possible with a high customization. Of the natively. Available, elements, so we had to use customers, customizable. Widgets from flutter and that's really made that. Beautiful our UI, shining. Through the thanks. Today plugins. Thanks to de widgets we were able to animate, and were able to bring it the whole experience, to. Life and I. Know it's hard to believe but we quite, like, the pressure, of time I. Didn't. Think about it back then now I can actually say that that really made us focus, and lean, and kind, of on point with, everything we, we've. Done, but. That was a hard task, not only we, worked on on that project. Quite. Early on last year so early in 2018. And back, then we worked with pre-beta, flutter so super early on and also. We are trying to build Android, up and and, audio. Apps on Android and very poplar there and too many of them for the right reasons it's a complex.

Platform, Really fragmented, the. Audio layer is really demanding, so. We kind of quite, earlier on we we ran into a. Problem, so, we've got those. Four. Tracks within the app Wells as. Visible. On the previous previous. Screens, after. Up to four trucks recording, and whilst you kind of recording, audio that, audio is done has to be processed to digital, signal and then has to be played in sync and, we. Quite quickly discovered, that from one Android device to another. All of those tracks were out of sync and out of time and for musician that's the end of the road like there is no musicians, out there who kind, of agreed to record, and then have, have it out of time because that's, that. Was for us also a massive, showstopper, so, we had to develop a workaround but that workaround, wasn't. Really a tech walk-around, it was we, basically gave control to the users for them to be able to adjust a buffering term and to, do that yet again we had to rely on hold. Reload, function, and when we had our multiple, devices running, with, an Android version of the app and we had to test that, buffering, from one device to another hot reload really made it possible for us, so. Thanks. To that thanks, to all the help from flattered and sort of stability, of even that's such an early early. Release, of the framework, we. Were able to actually build Android. Up in records, 10 weeks 10. Weeks guys, and this is with just three developers. From and and one, Android and developer, and this is massive, like I've build, apps all my life and I actually think that there is one of developers, have built up with my previous company someone, you know this as well and believe. Me my previous, music apps Android. Didn't. Take ten weeks it took bleachy, months if not years so. This is this is amazing success, on a technical, level and when. We finally released, both, and when we kind of. Made. It available to all, the people around the world we had a great success it was not only used by musicians, around, the world and in the studios but, also it was picked up by the media by Forbes, music radar music allies can use pocket link metro what-have-you. Lots of lots of titles got really interesting, and really complimentary. About our app and then. Finally, last. Year we won't read -, really really prestigious, the world's best. Music, UK, up of the year and best, UX, of the year UX, and design of the year and that last, one is specially, important to us because we won't really wanted, the app to be there, for the users for the musicians, and really wanted to capture that great new experience, for them and the. Judges of that competition said, that the use, of our app leaves the warm, place in musicians heart and this is definitely something a sentiment, which is worth worth. All the effort we went through and and. This is for what innovation, means to us it means actually taking, risks but definitely, listening to your users and developing, things to solve, their problems that's, definitely not the end of the road for us we really want to work with partners like Google with, startups, as well in order to innovate in order to create more of those amazing tools we, hope to push the boundaries of flutter, 1.2. Now in. Order to be even more integrated, within the audio. Layers. We really want to make sure that there is more and more audio, apps on Android and Crows devices, we, want to really our startups, to enjoy. The cross-platform approach, and Crossman, of speed. And affordability. Flutter, suffers and then, finally, if any of your failed, musicians, like the most of us in space or. Maybe you haven't failed yet please, download applying, let us know what your thing we'd love to hear from you thank you very much guys thank you Dom I love, this story I think it's really, cool to just having followed that app.

And Not. Just top-line we've actually seen apps filled, with flutter featured, on both iOS and Android for, the designs and their ways they were built-in examples this is the Hamilton, Broadway musical app as well and the, reflect, laughs which you'll hear about later today which, is as hot meditation, app that was, really well designed for iOS. So. Here's. Another exciting part about flutter as I mentioned which is adding it to your existing apps and. Today I want to bring up onstage Varun, from Groupon to talk about how they've done this hi. Everyone. Varun Ming Hani and I, lead the merchant, product management team I grew up on so. For those of you who. Are not familiar with Groupon Groupon, is, an online, marketplace where. People. Discover. And save on amazing, things to do, see eat and buy and. Just to give you an example of the. Scale of operations, we. Have almost, 50 million customers, worldwide, and, have, worked with up to a million merchants, till, date. Our. Team specifically. Focuses. On the merchant side of the marketplace, where we build tools so. That merchants can interact, and engage with Groupon. And their, customers, and. The, mobile app the Groupon merchant mobile, app is a very important, part of the. Toolkit and today's mobile first world the. App, just to give you some context, is almost five years old and it's. Deployed. On thousands of devices, actively. Used by merchants, to redeem vouchers, view, payment, and sales, reports, respond, to customer feedback and so on. So. Off journey, with flutter started, almost a, year ago where. We, were tasked with building, functionality. For, merchants, on Groupons, new, program, called Groupon plus at. That time we. Evaluated. Multiple options should we build a brand-new, app for the new program, should. We, extend. Our native. Functionality, for, this new program should, we. Take a cross-platform. Approach. To. Build once and deploy it twice and, that's, the time we came across flutter. When. We looked at it we were very excited, you, know by its capabilities, of being. Able to build cross device and. Also to speed up application, development. However. We also wanted to make sure that, whatever. We build integrates. Well into, our existing functionality. And, it. Is. Stable. And it's. Also performance, so there's no performance degradation when, per when merchants use the app for business we. Ran a POC and we were pleasantly surprised by the results, and that's, the point at which we, built all the. Screens, and the functionality of a new Groupon plus a program. For. Merchants, using, flutter and integrated, that with, the existing screens so. What. We did was we released the new experience, into the market where, if, a merchant was a part, of the Groupon press program they, would see the flutter, screens they would see the new experience, and if, a merchant was an existing merchant, they would continue to see the existing, experience. With. The success, of that program, once. We release the app we found the performance, to be really. Great we. Were happy with the overall implementation. Of the project and with success of that we, also continue. To use flutter in, other new features that we built a prime. Example being. When. We revamped the app support, for, all our merchants not only the Groupon Plus Ones but also the regular ones. And. With, that you know we are excited, to continue, building, on flutter.

Just. To call out some of the key benefits that. Our, team. Sees in working, with flutter is, the. Speed of application, development the. Lower learning curve of learning, flutter, has compared to other cross-platform. Tools. The. Testability, and maintainability, we think that's really great and. Finally. To. Quote one of my Android, developers. He, says using, flutter is also, pure fun so. With that we are continuing we are excited, to, continue building with flutter and, I'd, like to hand it back to Martin I see. Some of your faces light up when I put monetization, on the slide because. You, know video, to make money for your apps obviously, especially for businesses is important, and we. As flutter' know this so, we actually have a lot of a. Lot, of integrations, with third parties to help with this and. Today. I want to welcome up on stage Karl Perry from square to talk about their integration with us. So. As Martin said my. Name is Karl I'm the lead for squares developer platform I'm thrilled, to be here today to talk about our partnership with flutter to, date actually, we found out about flutter and got engaged really early in the beta and we've, been incredibly excited. And amazed at the passion and engagement, that we see in the developer. Flutter. Community on a daily basis in. Particular, we want to make it easy for every, developer, to build applications that, take payments, remarkably, easy when, using flutter. So. I have a question I always ask questions that meeting how many people here know Square, and. How. Many of you have heard the mission that Square has. Not. Varying people I'll tell you really quickly. Our, mission, at square is that. We believe that the economy is better when everybody, has access and participates. Nobody. Should be left out when, the cost is too great or the technology, too complex, our. Goal is to enable every, seller to participate, in the economy by building beautiful and remarkable solutions, and products that help running, make running their business much much easier. Square, started with a really simple yet revolutionary. Idea that, everybody, everybody, here should, be able to take a credit card payment and. With the introduction of our little white reader we, enabled every seller to participate, in the economy by taking credit, card payments directly from their smartphone. Since. Then we've increased both the breadth and depth of our product offerings and solutions we, started initially with our general-purpose point-of-sale, and have, recently expanded, by, providing vertical, solutions in Square for restaurants square for retail and square for appointments. These solutions are targeted. At sellers. Within these domains and helps them run the entirety, of their business and end. Additionally. We have solutions like Square Capital which, provides loans to businesses so they can they can grow their business more quickly the. Ecosystem of solutions enables sellers to run as I said the entirety of their business. Since. Our founding we've processed over two hundred and fifty billion dollars, in payments over. Fifty percent of all of our gpv or gross payment volume comes from large sellers and, finally. Squares NPS of seventy is one of the highest in the in. The technology, space and I, believe reflects, our relentless focus on building remarkable. Experiences. And solutions, that, help sellers, more easily run their business. Our. Developer. Platform is the foundation, of the square ecosystem, it. Not only, deeply. Integrates. And connects our own first party solutions and products but, it enables any developer. To, also, deeply integrate into those products and expand, the set of solutions that are available to any sweller seller in the, square ecosystem. In. The, last year we've added support for in-person, and in-app, payments, to our platform with. Those two releases, we now provide a multi-channel. Payment, platform that, enables any developer, to, build solutions to take payments in any channel, that a buyer may discover a seller's products in. We. Handle payment security so that you don't have to, when. You're using squares SDKs, and also our solutions, we take, care of every. Payment type we enable you to take and accept all major credit and debit cards we. Also accept, digital. Mobile wallets like Samsung. Pay Apple, pay and Google, pay our, hardware. Software and, SDKs. Are compliant. With PCI, standards and EMV, regulations. Anytime. Updates, are made to any of these standards, and regulations, it's actually happening right now we.

Take Care and we take on the burden of updating, our solutions, and SDKs, to be compliant, so that you don't have to worry about that. From. The time that a customer, dips taps, or swipes their credit card that data is encrypted. Sent directly to squares data processing, environment, no. Customer, data no PII is available. On your servers either as the developer or the seller all of, this is pre-configured out-of-the-box and taken, care of for you. Finally. We, have a full time dispute. Management, team that, challenges, all charge backs that come in on behalf of sellers we. Ask for some simple information from the seller and then our team takes that information packages. It up and then sends it to the banks and networks, to challenge, those disputes all at no additional fees and, finally. We, use machine learning across, every single payment that occurs in the square ecosystem. With. This information we, fight fraud on behalf our sellers, regardless. Of whether they take a single payment or tens, of thousands, of payments they're protected. As. I said earlier we've been following, flutter since the early beta and we've, been impressed, with how it lets developers quickly, and easily. Create, beautiful. And performant. Cross-platform, applications. You've heard it again and again you'll hear it after this how easy it is to build those types of applications, that's. Why we started working on, plug-ins. For two of our flagship SDKs. Our. Goal is to enable any developer, to build an application that take payments and obviously. Make money from those applications. This. Is an example of our flutter. Plugin for in-app payments SDK it. Sounds like a really long term but what it is is enables any developer, to. Build, a consumer, or buyer facing, applications where. The buyer will enter their credit card information to pay for a product. This. Application, or this SDK has, an incredibly, intuitive, interface, which I'll actually show you in a minute that enables, a developer, to provide, a rich and guided.

Experience, To every mobile buyer when using the application, out-of-the-box in as little as five lines of code. The. Flutter plugin for reader SDK enables. Any developer. To build solutions for a seller that has very specific needs around, their in-person payment, experiences, they'd like to offer, we're. Really excited to enable any developer, using flutter to connect to our Ward winning card, readers and take, secure, payments in person, since. Launch what we've seen with, flood is incredible, adoption, in fact over 30%, of active. Developers, building applications, using our in-app payments SDK are flutter, developers, every. One of those is building an application for flutter and on. The left here what you see this is the actual product experience, you will get inside of your application on flutter and this, isn't about five lines of code this. Guided, experience, is provided to every single developer and then they're able to customize many different aspects of this as they, see and need to, in their application, a. Great. Example of an application that, uses flutter and our flood our plugin for square reader SDK is the Collins family orchard, Collins. Family orchard is a local. Farmer from Eastern Washington that, grows a variety, of organic, fruits at their farm they. Then take those those, that produce and then go to Seattle where, I'm from and sell it at all of the local farmers markets. One. Of the things that they wanted was they needed the ability to easily and quickly flip. Between locations, and those, square was able to meet most of their needs they wanted to build a customized, customized. App for, their growing business, so. They built a branded, application. Using flutter and the flutter square reader SDK, and they. Were able to then track, and take all payments, at every one of the local farmer markets and then, switch quickly between locations, as they needed to they continue. To update this application, as they, move forward as. You. Can see it's, easy to build applications, that take payments using flutter we're, incredibly excited to continue to work with Google and see. What people build with, our SDKs, if you'd, like more information about, the SDKs what we provide go, to square up comm slash flutter and find, out more there if you, want to talk afterwards I'm gonna be here thank you very much back, to Martin thanks, Carl so. Now we've covered different ways to build flutter apps we've. Covered ways, to make payments and make money off of them and what's. The final step as a business we care about actually, testing, and deploying the application so. We, as flutter have different partnerships with. Third parties as well that helped with this part this final step of actually, integration, and delivery of your apps so. Now I want to bring up on stage another Martin Martin Jarrett who, leads. Business. Development at code magic to talk about this thanks, Martin and, hello. Everybody at. Never could we believe that businesses. Should be able to test, and deliver mobile apps seamlessly. Throughout. The development process. You. Should be able to focus on making a, great product and have the testing, and delivery process automated. Before. Code magic, we've been building our automated. Testing and delivery product, with mobile, developers, in companies, like Toyota. Sainsbury's. And Walmart and we. Really delve deep into the whole development. Lifecycle to. Understand, what are the bottlenecks that teams are facing to iterate, fast and deliver, the apps to the hands of the users. We. Found that development teams are losing anywhere between 50. To a hundred thousand, dollars every year. All. The manual work laid at the testing and delivering so, put. It the context, it's the equivalent of one person, and a five person team on, a holiday, all year round.

So. Let's think about this to. Test the new version of the app the. Developer would need to build it on the local machine meaning. To have to wait for the bell to finish before, they can continue work, they. Would then personally, send it to the testers, or designers, for example. Sometimes. There could be an update than one of the dependencies, that you're using and this, could limit the number of devices that you'll be able to support or worse, the, app might crash. So. You would need to continuously, monitor the app in order to prevent this. Finally. To continuously. Distribute, the app the, team needs to maintain a system to manage, the versions keep. All the software up-to-date and, make, sure that the artifacts, are driven livered to the correct members of the team in the right environments. So. If you actually unravel the complexity. Behind testing. And delivering, we. Find that there is quite the big overhead and development. Teams losing around 20%, of time that. Could be spent on, iterating, fast and delivering, apps to the users. Now. We've. Seen the struggle that companies, are facing when setting, up their development, process, for on, than I are separately. So. After seeing what father does and how it actually changes. The way mobile apps are developed we. Decided to challenge ourselves as, well and. Re-engineered. The whole testing, and delivery experience. And. We made a dedicated, service, specifically, designed for flutter, that. Services code magic and we. Automate, all the manual work to, get your app to. The users. Code. Magic is a free service and businesses. Can use it to test and deliver their app seamlessly, and developers. Can focus on, building a great product and making. Users happy. Code. Magic automatically, builds your app in the cloud with, max in the US we. Continuously, test the app to prevent errors even, before that they happen. Businesses. Can set up multiple workflows, and customize all stages of the pipeline so. That they can fit each team specific, use case. We. Can provide custom, integrations, and dedicated builder machines for. Enterprises, working with multiple apps or, workflows that required, and current belts. But. Most, importantly. We. Provide an out-of-the-box, solution, for testing, and delivering your apps. You. Know one of the most, valuable things we learned in this space is how, important. Ease of use and seamless adoption really is and. I. Guess you can say that this is the secret, that makes our automation process, magical.

We. Release code magic in December, together with father 1.0, and since. Then we've been growing in Europe Asia, Australia. And the Americas and. One. Of the numbers that were really happy about is that. Currently we save development, teams over. An hour of development, time if we de, put. Into context, it's about, 900. Dollars in your pocket every month for. Free. Growing. With father we share, similar. Values and hold the community, at high regard, we. Stay active at meetups happening around the world because. Meeting the community and engaging, what the developers, really helps us to build a great, for them. But. We. Want more. It's. Not enough to have a service, to just test and deliver. The apps there. Should also be a platform where testers. Can install the latest artifacts. Try, out the builds and leave feedback for the team. I'd. Like to share some news with you all. Today. Never. Code is joining the father. Family of applications. With. A brand, new product, written. In flutter. Test. Magic. Test. Magic is a free app built with flutter and, we've. Made a platform, where you can distribute. The latest, builds to your testers on real devices. You. Can test them and collect feedback for the team so. In other words we've created this app release, toolset, they're an ecosystem, if you will. Test. Magic is built on the same values as cold magic with ease of use and seamless adoption, guiding, the product development, we've. Involved the further community, and the product decisions to make sure that when businesses, are adopting the solution, the, team is happier with the user experience and. One. Of the things I'm really excited about then the whole team as well is that after. The beta we're. Gonna make test magic open source and. That's gonna be amazing, so. If you'd like to learn more about it you can visit the set test magic dot io. All. In all working. Together with Google and the father team it's been absolutely. Amazing and, going. Forward we're really looking forward to making new solutions, together thank. You all so much, flutter, dev is your go-to link for everything, we. Really hope that you found this presentation to be helpful in terms of understanding flutter, and the different things that we offer as I mentioned in the beginning if we're all spending 10 years of our lives on a phone we, want to make those the best 10 years of your life we want to make sure you have good experiences, on your apps so, we. Hope you go and try flutter and give our team feedback and I. Hope you enjoy the rest of our talks here and Malraux Congress muchas gracias. You.

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