Flipping Real Estate - How to Start on a Business on a Budget - myEmpirePRO LIVE PROSPECTING S1E4

Flipping Real Estate - How to Start on a Business on a Budget - myEmpirePRO LIVE PROSPECTING S1E4

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What's. Going, on. We're live we're live well. Live my. Friend what's going on today we're talking about flipping real estate and how to start the business from, scratch and. As usual you're gonna watch me prospect. In life my doll I will, start dialing, in a minute here so, it's gonna be a lot of fun you're gonna watch me in action at the same time you're going to learn some really cool things about how to start, your. Business on a budget okay more like exciting, on a budget okay so, that's some some of the things were gonna be digging into details, now also I have the slides that I was going through since, yesterday. This is the fourth of this series, frankly. I have nine different of this series that set up but. You. Know I'm having such a good time and it's such a productive, activity, in my business that, I feel like I may just keep going on, till, the point when it's absolutely, not worth my time and I made outsource that has somebody else doing it okay so, this is gonna be a lot of fun to, hang around there, I want, to show you what, data we have going on thus. Far and I'm gonna switch screens back, and forth and about, five, three. To five minutes we're gonna dig, deeper. I start, going very very hard here so, bear with me as I switch, screens really quickly to show you the. Kind of data we have going on with our dollar and, then, we'll take it from there you can see here since we started, it. Made a total. Of. You. Can see here a total of sixteen calls, to expired. Essentially. I made some cost expired yesterday and I decided, that it's. Not my cup of tea, besides. Pre-foreclosure. Is where I've made all. The money updates so far we have closed most of the deals I've closed so far in, my experience with expired hasn't, been the greatest doesn't, mean it doesn't work it, just means I may not have enough patience, for it as well too so you want to be careful when people throw. Data. At you and tell you this the type of lead that's better this one is better some people say tax default, is better some people say. Pre. Foreclosures are better some, you know I would I would typically. On average probably. Be. Skewed towards, pre-foreclosure, better because I have, experience, closing, all my deals from, pre-foreclosure but. Is it biased is a biased, opinion. Okay. Just because I had success, I've had a lot of success in it okay but, one, thing I want you to understand is that motivation. What's, better to sell us can come from anywhere, and that's. Really the, best quality, of leads okay motivated, sellers and honestly. If somebody was selling it somewhere. Such. A list. Of leads I would not buy it because chances are they're lying because why. Because the honest truth is that for you to find motivation you. Have to work. Okay no one is selling such lists and if such lists exist there, are no more motivated, because people can be motivated in the moment and tomorrow is a little bit different and a, lot of motivation, comes from the relationships, you build with these people as well so it's.

Something That you just want to pretty much pay attention, to that so, because, of that yesterday, because of my bias towards, pre-foreclosure, I decided to put all my energy and my efforts, into where. My strength lies okay, so if you don't have any, experience so far and you want to get started you know you may, recommend, pre-foreclosure, because you're going to learn a lot for me because. Of the way I talk to them because I know what the pain I know the pain they're going through I know I know, the, ins and out of that business I know all the exit strategies, that comes with that especially. Locally, here but, it's very similar around all 50 states in the United States and. If you're anywhere else in the world you can take a lot of concepts from this and learn from it as well - all, right so of. Course 16 expired. Pre-foreclosure. 173. Of code so far I've, called 189. Leads in total, and. I've made. 404. Calls why because some of these leads have multiple, numbers okay and I've made 23 contacts. So that tell you that there's. A lot of work that goes into, finding. And closing your first deal but, the good news about entrepreneurship. In general and, real estate in general, hey the good news first place I have my water here today. I'm. Gonna be talking a little bit for my two minutes right all. Right and so. The good, news is that it, gets easier I should go because you're making all this contest, you're building relationship, and your relationship, some, of your relationships are gonna be paying off three, months from now six months from now years, down the line so. Every. Contact, here every voicemail, 117. Of them I've left voicemails. Every. Single one of them I saw is it touching my business and every touch comes towards. Your. Revenue okay, I'm, six callbacks okay and that's all done in almost, six hours five hours 47, minutes and 39 seconds, all right so without, being said, we're, gonna, get. Started today I typically, switch the screen over to my slide where I'm gonna be training from right now and then I will start dialing, I don't want to show the screen of the, contact, information of, my dollars just to protect the privacy of these people their, information, for pre-foreclosure, is public but the phone numbers are not necessarily public and and. I try to protect that as much as I can while. Maintaining the, integrity of of. This. Session. As well - okay, so. If. You this, is brand-new so not a lot of people are joining me in life but you want to join me live feel free to join me live and.

Also, If you want to bring your, people on board you, want to refer people you want to share this screen with people, please go ahead and share with people also I want. You to know that you. Can I. Want. You to download my book now you can I want you to go download my book is absolutely, free at my Empire procom. If you haven't done that yet I want you to download my book most. Of the concepts, all, the concepts I'm talking about the way my mind works everything is in that 200 pages and something you want to read at least update want, to read it 13 to 15 times okay 10. 13, 15 times before, you, grasp a full, concept of everything, I'm sharing with you before, it becomes a second, nature to you you notice a lot of the stuff is kind. Of natural to me but, it took I mean, I started back in December, I launched my business back in, December. 2004. I went full-time in, October, 2006. So it's been a minute some, experience, behind everything, I'm sharing with you okay, so I, want you to know that. So yeah with that being said. Unfortunately. My. Father is always trying to call at this time I don't. Know why, but. Um, sending. Him to voicemail, right now alright, so let's see here we're gonna I'm, gonna go to the dollar okay so what five minutes in I'm gonna go ahead and start, dialing right now okay. Let's. See here. I'm. Gonna start dialing. Okay. Say. Would, you like to reserve, well. No I'm starting fresh again gonna, make sure that we. Are starting fresh. And. We'll call him but, calling no dispositions. Meaning, our, people that have never called, before people that. We, have not said. Any disposition, if you don't know what these positions, are it means. The. Outcome of a particular column, okay so I've made 404 calls right. Let's. See here. So. On, second, day with me. Alright, so, this position means, the outcome of a particular call. So there are possibly. There, are seven, possible outcome. Here, it, can be interested, which I typically, don't use. I. Mean. Don't, let me say it typically, when. When they say when there's a prospect, that somebody is solid and, maybe I need to call them back I will use that but very rarely do I use that interested. Is a dispositional, call back said I use that quite often that means somebody, says call me back at this time use, that asserted time in the system for that and the third one is appointment, said that's when I actually set an appointment to go to our property, so I the plan is to use that always, I haven't used it yet and this, Cirie's good, number okay when they could memorize a good number I barely, use that as a disposition, voice, message I used that a lot sixty-two, voicemails I've left so far on. The in this campaign. No. Answer. It won't foliate a lot okay it's a lot of time people like all numbers and there's no assets especially in landlines right. Not, interested. Very. Rarely but I've used it four times no interested I'm marking on interesting, that way I never have to call every game so. With. That being said let's. Go ahead and set the dial on fire okay. I said, it going because that's why we're here that's the most important, part. Of all of this let's. Start, and then, dahlias, gonna call me. Answer. Just. Want to stop. And. Now the first, number, is darling. Yep. We're calling marie-pierre. In Linden. All. Right so with that being said let's, see here let's see what we've got going on here so Oh yesterday. Hello. Hello. Hi. This. Is a voicemail. Alright, so we're gonna be interrupted, every now and then to leave a voicemail or to. Talk to someone that actually comes on the line those. Are the two reasons why two, dispositions, that would make me interrupt, me, teaching, you guys will go, but. It's gonna be fine either way okay so, bear. With me as I go along with. That okay, so that. Was the first call for score made voicemail. And. Also, by the way for every disposition there's, a point, assigned to each one and you. Know maybe as you I always try to review that for every column eight is one point for every contact is two points for. Every, appointment set is five points, for. Every. Voicemail left is, one. Point for. Every callback, set that's, one point for every 30 minutes on the call is timing, 10. Point I haven't had to get those 10 points a lot because for some reason at 20 minutes mark the, dialogue disconnects, and I have to connect back, for.

Those Of you that I've been following you've seen that happen and have to call back again so and, lose out on the 10 point, from that but it's all good right, so. That. Being said we're back to the training we were talking about resource management but, before I get into the resource management the title of today is how to start. A business on a budget right and. This. Is on a budget so. It's. A big topic okay, because um. Frankly. It cost money to run, a business okay, if. It doesn't cost money cost time it cost one of those two okay. And uh and, and. Managing. Your resources is what we're talking about right so, now if you don't have any money at all how do you start right, and you start if you're dead broke, or, my. Finance put in a fancy way. How. Do you start on a budget right you're honest Russia on a shoestring, budget. That's. Something that that, I would like to share, with you because you never know because honestly, a beautiful. In dollars to a million dollar business twice that crashed and, I've had to start from scratch each. One of those single times okay and, and, the journey has been that way because I'm a risk taker and I've taken some risk in. The past that threw me all the way to the ground. Crashing. I'm burning all the way on. My face and, I had to start from scratch and because of that to have the. Opportunity to give you the, knowledge I'm about to give you right now I mean, first, of all if you don't quit your job make sure you don't put your job oh absolutely. Please. Record your message when. You have finished recording you, may hang up or press one, for more options. All. Right so if you haven't quit your job make. Sure you absolutely, never, quit your job on to you absol do you place an income okay and. When. I quit. My job back in my farik job that i did for seven years back in October 2006. I did it from 1999. To locked over, 2006. When I quit I had. A hundred thousand lawsuit in my account, and, believe. It or not that wasn't good enough okay, that wasn't good enough because then in, 2008. I did have a. Right. Everything, crashed so uh, so, I mean take it from someone who has experience, I don't, regret -, man but you can also learn from my mistakes. Don't. Quit your job unless the income is absolutely, pleased probably, up to 70 years okay, there, are ways to work around I'm doing a fortune after 5 rather, than swapping, the nine-to-five for, the, fortune you don't have to do one at the expense of the other especially. If, you have a family to feed it's a very bad place to be where, you. Are you, can't feed your family it's, a very tight especially as a man it's, not a great place or good feeling to have all. Right so I definitely recommend that, you make sure you keep, food on the table while you're building your fortune don't do it at the expense of your wife. Your, family having, to. Deal. With a. Broken, record, assets. You know broken record, excuses. All the time you. May understand, your journey they may never understand, your journey as my friend they may never ever ever understand, your journey being, an entrepreneur, is a very lonely place to be you, may have a lovely. Wife you, know we love you. All. Right so you may have someone like that when we love you and support you but, it's. Easier for them to support you also when when, you know there's food on the table so you want to make it easier for them so always make sure you keep food on the table and don't. Get people into a place where you can set to tell you that you are choosing a dream or choosing a lala, dream of Neverland okay so, keep your job okay, so you can you, don't have to look over your shoulder and I've been there it's. All. Right dumping, those boys knows all right so that's something I want to tell you so the, first step if you're really really bad broke you need to find a job okay, you find a job because if you if, you have an ultimatum, or you're desperate. When. You're trying to build this business. You. Will fail okay. Let me repeat that if you're desperate if you had any type, of desperation. Emotions. To this business or any business for that matter you, are going to fail, now. That's, a thin line between that, and saying hey I just want to have my back against my wall because somebody told me that my back and it's my wall I'm, gonna have I'm. Gonna make it happen, there's. Some level of truth to that okay. But. I'm gonna tell you right now if you have a family to feed.

Don't. Do that okay don't do that find, a day job something, that will keep food on the table and, separate. That complete, operation, from building a fortune okay and. Are, the very minimum if we, have, significant. Other who is completely on boardd they were the person that initiated, the idea of you know entrepreneur in the first place maybe. You have an agreement for them to go to work and, you continue, to build a business that would be a different scenario but, if this is your baby and you're, doing, mastermind. Behind your, baby as an entrepreneur. Don't. Impose, that kind of. Don't. Impose that on anybody else don't impose on your spouse it's not fair they. Have they. Have their, own perspective, you, know it's better to just. You. Know take care of what you take off and build, a fortune after five okay, and you can absolutely do about partnering with people that are full-time in the business and so that's. One side to. The whole thing of building a business on a shoestring, budget, find. A job okay, the. Other side of it, is let's, say you found a job already where, you still can afford to spend one to three grand per month on, marketing, a business, in. That case, you. Have to create time okay you, have to let go of football, you have to let go of extracurricular. Stuff for, a while for. Maybe six, months to one year okay, there's, gonna be a grind for your first six months to one year me think about what I'm doing right now and. I intentionally did, this so, you can see what it takes, how. Much it takes to put into the hustle on the grind of beginning. Something fresh, beginning. Is on and. That's. No answer and, continue. Alright, so with that being said at this point in time let me show you what, that looks like okay. Explanation. Alright. This is what your journey would look like and I always, like to specify, it this. Right here. Yes. Hi. Alright, can you hear hi can you hear me. Can. You hear me yeah. Yes, I'm trying to speak to one Bolanos of chapel, streets and summits. I. Can. Do you know anything about the property in Chapel Street summit. When. Is it going to be back. When. Is a good time to call on that. Okay. I'm. Calling about the property, in Chapel Street I'm interested, in the property I want, to buy it so if, you can please have him call me back. Yeah. You. You you have my phone number you want me to give it to you. Yes. Yes and. I did do. Not call in landline or a cell phone. This, is cell phone okay but it's not with you right now. Okay so, yeah, please have him call me back and tell them I will try to reach out again a little bit. Thank. You. Alright, so that was a contact. And. That. I wouldn't count it's a good number okay. It's. A contact, fantastic, contact continue, all right all. Right so let's continue message. Here, all. Right so I, was gonna show, you this. Exponential. Growth okay, I'm glad you are looking at that while, I'm. Trying to get back to you here while that call, came in. Let's. Try to mute the, line so, they don't. All. Right so the curve I want to try to blow up this curve okay, let, me try to blow up that curve. So. We can see it a little bit better. In. A dress. There. You go all, right you see this curve the green curve, is. What your journey would look like the green curve is your journey okay and as you can see. The. The, y-axis that means the I, think. Is the horizontal no, no the vertical, axis, the one that's counting starting from 250, to Tsingtao mm. You. Can look at the 250, as. $250,000. Okay as, you can see you, you don't even, hit that on to if, everything, was perfect, you're not making any mistake you don't hit that until, you get to like the 8th month this, is why I tell you six months to one year the. Blind okay. The. Grind is absolutely. Necessary. Within. Those six. Year six. Months to one year okay and, the first three months. 7. 3, 2 2. 5, 9 6. 5, 1, 1 it's, not available. Episode. Please record your message when you finished recording you may hang up or press one for more options, to. Leave a callback number press 5. Alright, I'll try to use that opportunity to drink some water ok so, I'm feeling a lot better today, because I'm actually drinking water alright, so everything. Doesn't you'll, see really you don't see action, on July 4th 5th month and that's, the reality about any business ok about any business. If. It takes a while ok it takes a while and if you didn't take a while everybody would be doing it right so.

And I always say that so I can remind you that the kind of territory, your China play, in here is now for an average person, sometimes. It can feel like a very lonely world if you're not networking, with the right people, ok, but, that's why you want to breed yourself, ok that's why you don't want to depend. On this to feed your family in, the beginning ok um, I have tons of explants to bring to the table here in spite of that it still takes time to build anything fresh. I can leverage a few relationships here, and there. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Yes. I'm, trying to speak to Korea. Wrong. Number thank you. Alright. Alright. So. So. Anyway. But. Once once, everything. Start taking, off because, of the relationship, you've been building because of the experience in the beginning, which, most people would never get to that six six, month mark play most. Of you will never get to that fourth month, mark, right and at, that point everybody's, gonna look at you at when, you get like the tenth month when that green line takes off all of a sudden everybody's. Gonna look at you like it's some kind of overnight, success right. But. Call, has been forwarded to, an automated voice messaging, system. All. Right so I got my everybody most, people around you including your family sometimes your spouse children they, would think it's all overnight success, this. Is why people that leave a fortune, for their kids. Can. Be a big mistake sometimes, you know they're, gonna lose all that money because they never experience, what, it takes to, go to the, first second, third fourth fifth six, months sometimes six years okay, depending on what, you're building depending, what kind of business you're building it takes a while I mean if you ask someone. Like horses. Name this test like guy, forgot. His name now this is name his, name is. Let. Me let me find his name I need to find his name jacket the, Tesla, founder just. Is. That a low mast way so. Someone like Elon Musk right. She. Asked him like he's trying to take, people to the moon to be Tomas, to have people living on the Mars I mean he's planting things that will never happen in this lifetime but. But. Has a great possibility, of happening at, some point right it's, a Western with with, this company SpaceX right, is, investing. Its, whole life into that right someone. Like that you're. Not looking at making money now or next, month or anything like that they're looking to build, something that's bigger than life okay, so and your business, your whole selling business your real estate agency, business all of that whatever type of business you're building is something that's bigger than life is a machine that will actually. Run on its own and put money in your pocket so, to build something like that you should expect that it's.

Gonna Take some sweat and tears okay, so, now how does this relate to what. We're talking about on turning on the shoestring budget again I wanted to just warn you that. The. Idea of unbroke and I want to start a business, it's not ideal especially. If you have the family it's a feeling I want you to really, get, that Street okay I want, you to understand, that you should find a job okay, should, find a job and if, possible. You're, better off okay, let's. See here. It's. Possible. You are actually better off. You're. Better off with with. A job and then, maybe, you can set aside one, to three, thousand dollars on budgets to, start marketing if you don't have that then, you can set aside. One. Hundred and fifty dollars per month for. Platforms. Such as wedeck's and then set, aside an additional, 19 minutes or two hours per day and, do exactly what I'm doing if you do that and, you're generating, needs but because you know red X is give me the lease you're, calling and please, record your message, when you finished recording, you may hang up or press one, for more options, to. Leave a callback number five. So. If you do that you're reaching out to people your view the relationship you have drop the voicemails, all over the place and you. Know you can use social media to let everybody know you're open to buying a house your journal look realistic, again see where, you say maybe a $25. Membership amount or something like that or, maybe 250 200, hours per year there are many of them in your local areas and you. Build your buyers list from there you can build on this is absolutely, if you have 90, minutes per day to two hours you can build a business while, humongous, $2,000,000, business per year you can do that in, one year if you put your head down and, simply. Follow my lead here okay and, what does that cost maybe $20 a month okay, so. At the end of the day yes, you're gonna spend something okay, me, if, you want, to spend absolutely, nothing less than your dead, book and you can't really go to a job they say you're blind or something like that you can't really find a regular job then, you can find a partner okay, you can find a partner.

Hello. Hello. There. Was no one on that phone they. Can really find a pay, the money and, then you do the work okay you invest in 19 minutes per day okay. All. Right so it's. A hang up right there we down that number all, right and you, can't you know that's again, you're thinking outside of the box and you're getting community, but you need to understand that it's. Either you're investing, money on the investing time okay. You can find a partner for whichever, one of those sides. That. You don't have if, you don't have money you can find the money partner if. You don't have time you can. Find a time, partner, okay. Let's. See here I. Guess. This is a voicemail I'm not sure. Just. Drop the voice enough for that person, millions. In last one. Right. So. That. Make sense right there so, shoestring, budget completely, I'm broke the first step is to fix that by finding a job keep. Your job on to you absolutely, learning the job anymore okay, and, if I were you I would go through a recession first. It. Happens every five to ten years I'll go to one and see how I handle, it I didn't, handle mine very well my first recession when is 2008. I did, not handle mine very well I did not come back into a real estate business, I started another business which did very well which, happened to be my second, million dollar business but. I did not, learn. What I was supposed to learn I went to another business with the wrong mindset with. The same mindset, oh. Yes. Hi can I speak to Vivian, Harlan. I'm. Trying to speak to Vivian, for. Laughs I streets wrong with. Wrong. Number thank you. All. Right so. So. That, not. A lot of fun you know to be valid, these, numbers and beginning wrong numbers so. Far so, long minutes in actually we booked the record of that 19, 20 minutes break off from the call which, 101 minutes in right now 17, leaves have been called 27, calls I've been made one. Contact. Okay, so, that curve should be making sense to you now right about that cuz I'm actually doing it in front of you one. Contact, nine voicemails. Are ever okay, if, I'm leaving voicemails is, additional. Exposure for my business as you know if you learned anything from my book exposure, is everything. Okay. Exposure. Is everything, so. Voicemails. Is like. Our biggest exposure, here because we do call back and I, do set appointment. From voicemails. People, call him back is like people calling you from a letter okay, the only difference is that you know they, may not necessarily know why they're calling so it's not the same quality like. You were sending the direct mail if, you do have one two three one, two three thousand. Dollars monthly, budget then, I would definitely recommend and, I. Mean monthly you need there's no automate, or maybe if you haven't made any money in six months you won't put on yourself okay. If. You have that and I would definitely recommend that like smelly okay which means this list of this same list I'm calling right now there's, an address you send a letter to those addresses, offering. Them that you want to help. Get rid of their house okay. So. That's. Something to pay attention to, all right so, with, that being said let's, see here so I think you guys got, a good grip of the, idea here when it comes to. When. You are finished recording. What. That. Name did sound like the name on the house but everybody's. Know it's marketing so drop it keep it moving now if, you're wondering how do I leave a voicemail I have a pre-recorded, voice mail that, system on a few jobs for every week okay. That's. Where that comes comes in okay all. Right so now. With that being said yesterday, as we were talking about, resource. Management. We. Covered, the 50 of the seven, different competitive. Just, playing this. I. Don't. Mean guys part of me does she, know we're, multi tasking, here. All. Right so and the last one cover was knowledge versus, institution, and we talked about.

Why. We'll. Always pick execution, because. You. Gain a lot more knowledge, why as a few team now, that is me to the next slide which is, active. Versus, passive and, I think I've spoken. A lot about this. Without. You, know without necessarily. Going I think, we went to a lot of details, because active, versus passive, essentially. Can. It's applicable to each one of the five, points. I made before that which is time versus money, cold-calling, battle directly doing, it versus getting it done right, 100%. Of, nothing but experiment. Of something, knowledge, versus, a situation. When. You look at each side of this comparison. One. Is acting on one especially and the, passive one is pretty, much what you want to be that's why the contracted. Income because, it doesn't actively, involve, you anymore. Right, and, you want to move and more in that direction I, should go older actually my. Experience and. Recorded. Training. Purposes. Thank, you for calling Beata home health care representative. We'll be right with you. Somebody's. Photos do not old so. This. Is not a personal, number. Because. Of that I. Need. To tangle and click wrong. Number. No. Contact, Museum. Ok, so. And, then. Another thing I just learned real quick is that when he tells me do you want to continue the same from pain hello. Alright. So somebody. Just whoa. Alright, let's, try to get that person back on the line. Hi. Can I speak to you can, I speak to David one-seat. Wrong. Number. Alright. So anytime you kiss you're using the red X or the stone dollar if, you get um if. You get the what, do you call it if you get the. Yes. Hi, I'm calling. To I'm trying to speak to the person in charge Westfield. Avenue Roselle Park. 147. The building. It's. A reference to, China. Sea. Okay. Yeah my. Name is Ola and you can have them call me back. Yeah. My number you give, I. Wanna. 722. Okay. 309. Okay. Three three four. My. Name is Ola is spelled Ola. Okay. All. Right okay all. Right. Thank you very much. All. Right so there's, something I could have done like that I'd like do you have a Dalek member - one of them I could, say that but I. Forgot. How about that all, right see. I'm gonna set the callback set to this I'm gonna set this so I can call this next week there's. Gonna be nine day from seven, days from now and 20 nights I'm. Gonna set that it's. A call that on the back at that time and. We're gonna continue on, to the next question. All. Right so. So. Actually what is passive active. Income is money that you make from selling your time okay, passive. Income is money that you make from. From. That, doesn't involve your time okay you can invest your money you can rest your skill. Sets into building. Systems you can invest into systems, right, into. Team building okay that means you're leveraging other people's money. Other people's time wait, other, people's. Marketing. Skills right um, and, you make money from their activities what, while, you may be sleeping okay. Or you. Can leverage systems, and machines like, like, like, right now you can be watching this video while I'm literally. Deep, snoring okay, so. All. Of that is any money that's made from that it's called passive income, and you want to make that as much as possible as you go deeper, and you want to move in that into that direction more so, when, it comes to marketing, your business. You. Essentially, want to have a passive. You. Want to have passive, marketing. Eventually. - five eight zero five, nine it's. Not available at the tone please record, your message, when you're finished recording you may hang up. For. More option. So. Eventually as you get into, into, my experience, you want a lot of your marketing to be passive, what, passive, means is that you, send. Out direct, response marketing, okay that means you put out marketing. Put up beats okay, and you. Become a Fisher of men a, Fisher of customers, or clients and. Your baits pretty, much attract, those people to you and we teach that extensively, in our photos while you go to the book Empire, lifestyle secret let's, use that extensively, on how to do that and, how to have such passive, marketing if you have more money you, have time I mean, that's something you want to be doing okay let's say you, have a hard time for, me personally as. Usual, I use a habit, of book now, let's say this part that I'm doing right now I'm cleaning content, as we're going along right, if, this. Was if I was not content creator I would. Have somebody else doing this for me right and, that sense is a passive, marking strategy. For me because other people are doing it other people are spending, their time doing it is passive, for me but.

If You were doing the calling yourself, or doing the prospecting. Yourself when you're standing on the corner of the street talking. To people by yourself that's active, marketing, okay an active, marketing, has. The, post and the constant okay the, the contract. Is that it involves your personal time okay, that means you can only skill beyond, I don't, know eight hours ten hours a day 12 hours 16 hours a day you, can't work you can't work 24 hours a day right it's impossible. But. Even if you could then all you got is time for hours a day right, and that, puts a cap over your income by. Doing by, doing so okay so it's, not, the best use of your time but sometimes is the stepping stone that, you need to get to where you need to get to be two three. Nine. Seven, three, three three, two. Five nine four, nine. At. The tone please record, your voice message when, you are finished recording you, or. Press pound for more options now. If, you're worried about the. Privacy of the numbers I just gave the, essentially, there's no name attached to it so it's meaningless, okay. So. For, people who are worried are you not giving people its public number no not because I'm not telling you the name of the fresh itself. All. Right so let's, go on so it's worth it so passive. Versus. Active is. Applicable in, everything. From. Our standpoint, of investing. Into your business to a standpoint, of profits, in either business okay. But. Pretty. Much the common thing there is you come on things you look at this is, your personal time involved, or not, if. Your personal time is involved, then, you can't skill beyond, 24 hours a day which, means you're not doing well okay which, means you don't have other things working, for you you're not leveraging other people's money, time, and other things or resources right, OPR, OPM, opt. Yes. Hi yes. Can I speak to James please. All. Right thank you. Long. Form. Member. All. Right so. So. Asked for me personally as, usual, at this stage in my business I am still very much I breed but. I always find ways to apply leverage okay, for example I'm doing this right now but, I'm also documenting. It okay so I'm creating. Content, as well as you go along and they are ways right generate. Attraction. For my business and. More. Business for myself by doing that okay so, that's what we for me to do that but I want you understand that that's not a requirement, you don't have to do that it's okay to have active, activities. In your business or to start off with and eventually, your. Frame. Eventually. As I was saying the other day. You. You. Still will have some active part in the business that you take because you simply love it okay like. I was angry, I'm reading this book right now by the way Daniel called, principals I'm still reading it when, I say read I'm using my ears and listen, to audiobooks and. He. Loves the part. Of his business where he is, playing in the market and he's, making bet and he's deciding, what stocks to pick and things like that but, he doesn't necessarily enjoy the business being a part of the business right and there's. Always going to be a part of your business that you enjoy like that and you can still be actively involved in that there's.

Nothing Wrong with that that's Joe you, know when they say you. If. You love your job you never have to work a day in your life that feeling right there exactly, all right so just. Like the previous ones, here, time versus money cold calling versus direct mailing, doing. It was getting it done a hundred, percent of nothing was a statement of something knowledge. Versus execution all, related, to resource, management. Active. Versus passive I, like. The, I breed of both, okay. I like the idea of the a bit of both but you gotta find that balance, based. On the, resources you have available based. On the kind of effectiveness, and efficiency, you want in your business you. Want to find a sweet spot of, the balance between the two for, me a lot of that is gonna be driven by. My. By. How much money you have and how much time you have okay, if, you don't have money you probably, have, time at the very minimum you can create time. If. You don't have time, then. You probably have money, okay. And. You. Probably cannot create more money but you can set, a budget aside, to. Build your business using. Passive market and passive. Marketing has, a way of turning into active, marketing when, you set. Up a good call to action, in your marketing, pieces for. People to call you for free consulting, or for, people to leave their message or leave, fill. Out the form online whatever that is are. Just keep, in mind that you have to test whichever. One's gonna work for you the more you have to test it no, need you have to find out which one is giving you the best response, okay. Thank. You for calling I've. Decided, to tell them please leave a nice, clear. Message. And I'll. Get back to you as soon as possible, they'll often check my messages, while I'm out of the building so. Please, leave like a nice clear message for me thank you, have a nice day. That. Not, that name sounds. Like family I look like somebody. In. The back. Alright. So, are. We making sense here with, the active versus passive thing. It, has everything to do with the starting on a shoestring, budget thing as well - again it's, all about how much resources, in, their internal money we, have and its management, of those - okay and, actually not stress that enough is going to be an ongoing back. To your, business. Please. Record your message. So. Today, I managed to get my my, 10 points for being on the on the session for 30 minutes that's pretty cool. That's. Good to know but, yeah, so. On a shoestring, budget. Then. Your first step is to find a job okay but. Understand, that the budget between active, and passive is an ongoing thing okay. I've. Had arguments, and a partner on whether wish. You outsource which do not outsource, is. It profitable to outsource, should I pay people to do that for me I should I do it myself the. Reason why it's such argument, or debate or, debate. Comes, up is because it's. Not a black and white thing okay. What, I can tell you is that personally. I may, come off as claiming safe to certain people type of people, then on your. Risk tolerance okay, depending on the risk tolerance. My. Rich tolerance, was very, very high earlier, on okay but, then I should go order it reduces, because you have mouths to feed and, you have to protect your resources okay, but, honestly I think I've found, a way to bring it up to the science okay and bringing.

It Down to a science it's a lot more easier. In. This digital age because you can see data okay well I can tell you right now is that collecting. Data is a big part of what you do as an, entrepreneur as, a marketer, okay both. Data, in the form of the distance, of these people that were calling and. Looks. Like you'll have some around I have this. Okay. Let's. Try that again. Okay. Hello. Hi cannot. Be to balance, here. I'm. Trying to speak to mr. or mrs. Valencia. All. Right thank you. So. Lots. Of wrong numbers. Is. To be expected okay. Lots. Of wrong numbers, again. You dig into the wrong to. Find a battement never forget that you're, digging through a bunch of duds until. You find your start okay, you're. Doing the same either you're using direct, mailing or you're using code calling you, doing, the same thing that's the work, okay. That's where the work is and, and. Sadly. A lot of the other videos you will see online YouTube. Video they, paint a good picture the really nice one how much I may do the closed right. You. Know I've closed deals too right of course deals to end and it's. Pretty sweet to close deals my highest up, to date is $18,000. Hopefully. One, day I'll do a wholesale deal would have made one, hundred fifty, two hundred thousand, dollars but it hasn't Yeah right, uh, but, what most people do is that they sit down with that same story of $82,000. By the way, $82,000. Wasn't my average my average was between twenty, and thirty five. Thousand, dollars somewhere between thirty, forty thousand dollars per deal okay, but, I've actually walked out of a deal with nothing, before. Meaning. Something fell apart they were they, were bills on the house that title. Work did not find right. They. Were. The. See years. They. Were abuse that that title work did not find and we. Found out at the closing table that we had to walk out of the deal with nothing or else we can't close and we, closed with nothing, but we took back in notes and that, notes paid us five, thousand dollars months, down the line I've, walked out with nothing before and, nobody, talks, about that they, talks about the good good things right and those, good days are these, studs to, find them you had to put in the work and when I said put in the work it's really mostly, mind work okay there's no physical labeling, forth in this right now as you can see right, there's. No manual. They were involved right so, it's really either.

You're Lazy in the mind of you're not okay if you're too lazy in the mind you're gonna try this for a little bit you, gonna quit on yourself and. By. The way that would be normal that's what most people do that's, why most people don't. Make money in this does. That make sense so. This. Is why we put in the work okay so I wasn't talking to you right now I'll find something else I'll be doing this this works in the background because. This is this, is you know this is automation. And it's building, and, it's still automation, it's not really man I'm not dying my phone in the hand right, but. Still you know that weight can, be a lot of work for some people okay, that can become a lot of work for some people all. Right so that's. That so let's we'll move on to the mess like here. Alright, so, the next light here, who. Seller watch this entrepreneurship. Okay so. If you hear it's a very good chance that you are an aspiring a. Wholesaler. Or you an existing, holster or your real estate investor, sort. And uh and, that's, a good thing okay, but. Entrepreneurship. Is not the actual word I really would like to use here okay because, entrepreneurship. Has become, more like a passive. Word way, is, the heart it is the hardest thing that it is right now because everybody. Is. Kind of like having, to work in what, you call it a week Neary allottee that. I don't, know if I said that right by the way but you know what I mean like everybody's. Waking, up to the fact that. Nine-to-five. Is not, going to cut it long term when, it comes to building wealth and financial freedom right. Please. Record your message, when, you're finished recording. Alright. So. Entrepreneurship. Is a passive. Thing is uh is. A new hot thing to say I'm an entrepreneur I'm building my business on the side I'm, a content, creator you know and. You have people who pretty much treating, this like a hobby right, you, try something for a little bit it doesn't work and. Then they come back six months later to do they're not consistently. It's. A fax machine we're going to delete that for life. Yes. All. Right so so. Think about it it's, a. Game. Especially with, their time calling. Yourself entrepreneurs, so. I I. Don't I, I don't use the word. No. Not. As often as I used to instead. I will say I'm, a trainer I'm a consultant, you know I'm. A consultant, in real estate marketing. In medical. EMR. Right so, I would say that because. It. Is, an actual thing that we do right. As opposed, to some. Kind of past expansion, right so. So. First of all but but with that but that's in that context, okay but. In a different context, I want. You to be an entrepreneur okay, you're not just a wholesaler, you gotta start thinking about your whole selling business as an actual, business okay, meaning.

Actual. Marketing would be involved okay. So. I'm not entrepreneurship. In the sense of passing. It I do well, in the sense of an active, type to weigh in understand, that marketing, is the core to everything you do you, gotta get the message out there if you don't do that you're. Not gonna get clients like what I'm doing right now okay, like. Essentially, what I'm doing right now like right now within, this 45, minutes you spent with me I have, made 59 calls, okay. I've caught, 38, leads right, me, in that time made. One contact, but, not necessarily, because, obviously I, don't. Know how long you're gonna be watching this video for I've made one call back set set, up wrong call back okay, all. Right so. You. Know that's that's something that you know that we are going to be. Doing a lot of so with, that being said. Entrepreneurship. In the sense of being, a professional, in, the, sense of you a marketer, okay, I want you to be that rather than just being a wholesaler, okay, if. Your network marketing and you're listening to me you're not just a network marketer you are an entrepreneur okay. Alright, you are an active. Entrepreneur. And you consult, with seven type of client, because, you save a consultant. Okay that, means if, you're not talking to people on a daily basis, or living, voicemails. For people on a daily basis, or having, people call you on a daily basis you're, not in business, okay. Any type of business for that matter, so. I always like to tell people as. A wholesaler. You're. Not really a wholesaler, okay, that's a title that, I know investor, maybe cash but I would like to give you so they can diminish. Or minimize. How much they think you should make right, before. You your business owner you got bills to pay you, have to do some marketing, you have to spend at a very, minimum you have to spend your time looking for deals right and that's. A big deal so you somebody tell you that you make too much money from a deal you make 150 thousand, dollars from a deal instead. Of just making a little bit and be happy you, tell them like no that's. Because you're talking to me as a wholesaler. I'm. An entrepreneur just like you as a matter of fact I have, more of the business owner than you because I'm finding big deals I'm, looking, for the deals I'm the one during the marketing and the prospecting, here. Right. I don't. Want doing all that work and you're sitting out there and saying I should make less money because you know how to command. If you are contractors, around right, but. You don't have to say all that I'm just saying if you know that confidently, inside of yourself and, don't let people tell you how. Much is you make or how, much you shouldn't make okay, only you know your worth you know what you're worth anyway. You project yourself I'll you see yourself a bit consistent, with, how other people see you and you can see you and how you posture, yourself how, you move, yourself how you carry yourself and, how you speak to other people from a professional standpoint, and all, of that has to do with what.

Kind Of title you give yourself if you're driving four dollars. That. Means you're a newbie, you're thinking of yourself as a newbie okay that's where that comes from okay. Because all the Guru's tells, newbies. To, drive $4. Sang. That up so long that's. That's a fax number. All. Right would you like to count this as a know. That. Wasn't a contact, or resume. Are. We making sense hopefully one if I'm making sense please give me a like anytime. I say am I making sense the way you tell me yes is by clicking like on the. Video okay we can like and if there's anything you can relate with please comment, it in the box below leave, a comment below in the chat box whatever, you know just leave the comment let me know because I actually operate, better when I know I'm talking to someone and I will really, really. Just. Let the voice me awakened. All. Right chill ho seller network. Marketer, versus entrepreneurship, you, are an entrepreneur, okay, when I say entrepreneur, I mean, acting, marketer. Okay, you, have consultants, okay you're looking for clients to speak to so, you can help them solve their problem. Okay. You're. Looking for clients I have a chapter. In the book specifically. On this okay you can get the book absolutely, for free at my employer pool comp or. You can go download a free, ebook. Version. Okay, it's. Not fancy. Edited. Hundred. Percent read. Into a proof, read book okay but, you will get the concept and it's a pretty good book okay but. I have not read the book I have not published, it anywhere, so it's exclusive, access okay. We, go there and download ISO 200. All. Right hello. Hi. Yeah. I'm trying to speak to the person in charge of 121 Liberty streets and this is Elizabeth I. Want. To buy the property. Yes. Did. You say why I. Just. Want to buy two I'm an investor I want to buy the property. You, tell me is it in Fallujah, I. Want. To buy the property is showing, up on my list here that you may be interested in selling are you interested in selling it. You. Don't think so. Am. I speaking to him am, i speaking to Elizabeth. Who. Am I talking to. So. You could tell from the tone that, this, person is not interested, is actually, the property is actually owned by. An. Estate. Okay, so it's five an inheritance, a probate is probably going on windows bottom, line they're not interested, you don't have to waste your time on that I'll keep moving. On. To, the next okay. Somebody. Is calling back now so. We. Always. Send. Them to voicemail, if you are within session, and I'll call them back after, this, session. Believe. Me a message all right. So. See. How somebody is calling back right now that's, what you want okay that's essentially, what you want. Memory. Fool no. Answer. Sipping. Some water. Alrighty. Let. Me see somebody might have sent me a text message you. Joseph. You can give me a call return, your call ya see, so, somebody say you can give me a call return your call never. Know it's. Gotta keep going right, all. Right. And. I. Say. The. Reason why I don't return, or, try to pick up you intercession for obvious reason I don't wanna interrupt this session, cuz, I will interrupt my session, and, number. Two is I. Actually like to search their number instead of the system and then I'll see the details, about the property before I return your call it's. Just better to do that and that also, records. Your, whatever the disposition, is into, your database okay on how. You maintain your database, is everything, in this business and. You want to do that I'm not sure the database and keep track of disposition you want to take some notes if, somebody you know say, something and they want you to call back later they, say something that that, you can use in your prospecting. Later like they could tell you they're moving or something like that you could use that as, part of your prospecting, on nearest future you can have that kind of information to your notes okay and very. Simply okay so. Let's. Keep going here with, 54, minutes in, 43. Leads a big code okay. 67. Calls that they made to, contacts. I don't know what those are but. 91. Callbacks it's a 100. Points.

All. Right. So. Here's, another thing I want, to share with you. When. It comes to. The. Township owns, property. That's. In pre foreclosures. I'm. Not even gonna try to waste my time on that okay I'm. Literally gonna delete, that lead okay. Why. Because it's just. Have. Too many leads to worry about and to worry about that okay so. It's. Waiting for disposition I'm, using. A wrong number. Yes. I. Know. And. We. Are going to. Want. To delete this, delete. This lead and. Yeah. On to the next, all. Right so I don't want to worry about if I see a Township, township. Of Berkeley Heights on a property, never. Know didn't. Know I. Am. Trying to speak to Roger, glass the owner of Dennis, place in Linden. Thank you. No. It was the wrong number. All. Right. So. Here's, the other thing as, a host if you think of yourself as a wholesaler, as, a bird egg as a. You. Know it's. A fetch it affects your mindset okay. The, affect your mindset and you, you, you, want to show, up like a boss all the time showing, up like a boss. When. I say that I mean up from our standpoint of our leader okay as a leader not, necessarily, some type, of arrogant, fool that's not what I'm talking about okay. I'm. Talking about that from a very humble, standpoint. Showing. Up as a leader showing, up as a boss, showing up I said is where you carry yourself people. Give you a certain level of respect, when. You talk okay, um, when. You show, up as a, wholesaler. Or I, said Berg, OS, has. Anything less than, an entrepreneur, or, you, show up with. Some level of neediness, you need to do this deal okay, well. When you show up as an entrepreneur, especially as a marketing. Actively. Marketing, entrepreneur, you. Show up, with. Like a person, that has abundance of leads. Okay. Bad. Number, disconnected. Number you. Show up as, a person, that has, abundance. And. When. You when, you show up like a person that has abundance, and leads in, resources. You're. Not needy you're not going to. An outcome right, people. Can smell that, okay. We're human beings and we operate off of energy, and bags we're. Very spiritual, beings okay and we, can smell it when you're coming off as a needy, person and, when you do that, there. Are all kind of animals here, out here that we'd avoid it, you into, you all my sweet you out and that's, not what you want right that's not what you want what, you want is. - sure and not. A silikal bowing down what they're, willing to listen to what you have to say okay. And if somebody is not willing to listen to what you have to say, there's. A chance that it's not even about you they have their own problems that they're going through so, for example the person I just called, who said I said, I'm interested I want to buy and, they. Go and, they, go. Why. And. She I. Don't know he's a he or she the. Person goes why why, do I want a bio kind of question is that when, somebody say. That you. Can tell. You. Can tell that they're not that, they're not motivated and, what you're looking for is motivated, sellers okay and to, find motivated, sellers if you were using direct, mailing, imagine. I mean in lettuce you're gonna be selling sending. How many calls you're gonna be making okay. Think, about that for us for a second. Right. Think. About how many how, many letters, you'll be sending right. Let. Me let me mute this well yes, so I'm on the phone anyway so it's okay right. So. So. How many letters would you have to send, to. Get I don't know zero response, back, from. From. 48, leads right, um. How much would you have to spend how would have spent I. Would have spent so let's do a quick analysis, right how, would I spent 448. Letters, I would have spent. $25. I. Would. Have spent $25. Wait but. I would have in the past one hour it's been 59 minutes now huge memories and exactly one hour right now, okay. Exactly. One hour right now you. Wanna stop let me.

Have. It okay all, right so 60 minutes 49, days I've called, 78. Cause I'd be made right 20, bucks may have been left so the voicemails, is another, piece of follow up okay you're, marketing, a marketing. Follow-up can be very expensive, okay because essentially, you wanna send letters over and over and to smile a little cracky something, and, it, can be very expensive so, if again it's a it's an all going back to you between how much you spend the, money and how much time is spent I'll, tell you right now if you're not rich person, and you're, starting off the, time is probably, the cheapest, thing you have and is, the cheapest, resource, you can spend into this business once, you start scaling, which is past killing. You. Already know for a fact that you can only scale, your time so far right, so. Much right. You. Only have 24 hours a day well you can scale how much letters, you send out to. Literally, a lot, more okay once, you start making some money okay so that's, something that is good to pay attention to as. You move, along here okay, so. Let's see where. We are alright so, those are at least seven points okay those are the seven points and I want to leave you them, before, I move on forward. Here, I want to absolutely. Alright. Time. Versus money okay, it's always an ongoing back to how much. So. In one hour I run. Out of my I. Run. Out of my water okay, one. Hour and two minutes I run out of my water so, on the nest voice no drop here I'm going to grab another cup, of water just so, you know before. We continue here. So. Time versus money is always an ongoing cold-calling. Versus, direct milling, I love, direct, milling and, eventually. I'm. Gonna, be covering everywhere, and it just with that milling, that's the plan but when you're starting fresh, you, want to feel on the market you want to know what's going on in the mind of the people cold calling is always, a great place to start from plus you are reaching out within a two-way street type, of way right now just, gotten, another wait on call that. I couldn't pick up so it's a two-way when you send letters out it's, also a two-way but you're essentially, getting people to call you after they decided, that yes they, want to sell it's, a good. Marketing. Strategy okay, but it costs money okay so, in, the last hour if. I you know I'm gonna make this call every, day okay, so I just made I. Just made, 51. I just caught 15 150 leaves I just say 50 leads in one hour right so. Think about one one out for next five days right in, this last five days of this week right, one. Hour 15, leave that's 250. Leads that have. A. Couple days. Alright, by the way when I went to grab the water. Alright. So. Are calling versus direct milling, is both okay you need a habitable.

But. How much of it you're doing at any point in time depends, on where you are in, the, game doing. It versus getting it done you, want both okay, essentially. Later on you can just pay some money have a team that's getting things done without your personal involve getting, involved and you just only do things that you love to do is, this it's very similar. To the rest of it a hundred percent of nothing but a thirty percent or something or, rather have to represent even five percent of something and, a hundred percent of nothing because anytime you multiply zero. Knowledge. Versus, execution. So. Knowledge. Versus execution, I like knowledge but. If acted as a tooth and get, knowledge at the same time I will, always because the kitchen and that's what happens when he has acute when, you as acute in this game you make. Mistakes things, will happen you're learning from experience, and, guess. What you're gaining knowledge. So. Active, versus passive all. Day, long, hybrid, of both okay eventually moving. More in the direction of passive so you can do things you really love doing. Traveling. In general I spend, more time with your kids but, understand, that when you're starting off just like. The exclamation, curve then I showed you right here. It's. A lot of activity, for, very little outputs. Outcome. And that's, a good moment to get tempted to quit on yourself you. Shouldn't be aware about that okay and osela. Buses entrepreneurship, and active, marketing, entrepreneurship. Always. Active, marketing entrepreneurship, and wholesaling, is just an exit strategy okay. It's, just what is just an exit, strategy, and with, that being said I, think. It's time that we cover different, types of exit. Strategy, that you, can have in this game so. Exit. Strategy, hole selling right now. Let's. See hero could be flag dive into that. Let. Me see what we're doing so far well, one hour and seven minutes aim 56. Leads I've been called 98. Calls have been made to. Contact 23. Voicemails, one, call back set. 140. Points okay. So I, was. Able to capture, two. Different 10 points for being on the session, on a session for one hour street beautiful. So. If. You want to support my business later, on I would have a link I'm, gonna follow up with them in a little bit because I haven't sent me an approver or. Being, an affiliate with red X this is what I use I used the red X red, X on vortex and stone, data that I'm using okay, so. If you want to support my business I make Commission's from when you decide to buy the system that I'm using today okay. Once. It's ready I'll put the link in the description, below. Okay, and. In. The meanwhile if you go to the, red XCOM and you call on me let them know just I don't know will. Refer you and. They. May have. Alright. Let's drop that reverse now before I dive into exit, strategies, there, are two things that came on the news. In. The past few days or today that, I wanted to touch base on. Let's. See here. One. Is the I, don't know if you guys heard the product is the.

Cambridge. Analytical. That's. The name of a company billions, a company they're pretty much all collaborated. With. With. The Trump the. Trump what do you call them not. The Trump administration but. The Trump. Electoral. Stuff that, the people that work on this election, collaborated. Manipulate, data and to manipulate people, with ads. On, Facebook, and things like that and, the. Gutter data from mom they, got the data from Facebook by way of apps, and. I. Don't, know if you guys are from Yahoo some apps that you would have, seen probably posted on your wall because you could know something and, you didn't even know that you were giving consent, to. Put, something to your wall. You. Know and. The. Next thing you know does. This app that's posting stuff on all your friends, wall on your behalf I mean, that happened a lot and some, few years back and I can use some of those apps as water and, actually. Use, them to grow a, particular. Family. That, are built at a time for the entertainment world, that, family went to 100,000, followers. Within. Which really like in. Like. A few weeks you know because, of the viral. Power. Please. Record your message. When you are finished recording you may hang up or press one, for more options. But. This one's I've taken it to a whole new level they call them the Cambridge analytical. Right. And what they did is. They. Have used, is. They've. Collected data from people and about, 50 million people's, data okay 15 million users, data just. From, getting. Access to, 270. Users for a while right, they. Are able to reach the 15 million young people that's, the power power. Walking. Okay, now they, use it for the wrong things and right, now Mark Zuckerberg as of today I literally, had to apologize to, the people, on. CNN, he posted, something and then he he. Also posted. He also did an interview on CNN

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