Flawless Foundation, Contour, Highlight & Blush for Beginners | Roxette Arisa

Flawless Foundation, Contour, Highlight & Blush for Beginners | Roxette Arisa

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be giving you an in depth routine, on foundation. Contour, highlight bronzer. Blush for beginners so basically how, to get a very sculpted. Face, and get that perfect, bronze. Like. Most of my tutorials for beginners this one's gonna be mostly. Like going in depth on the face makeup so, get, ready for that and I have a bunch of new products to show you guys I've been using including. These, bad boys from Sigma Beauty the sculpt, toilet and contour palette and then the blush cheek pout I've been using these for months. Now but I wasn't able to talk about them until, until. They launched obviously, but, they really have been like my go-to s and I've been having to hold back on using them in tutorials, and you. Know videos, in general I haven't been able to talk to you guys about it until. Now so you're gonna see these bad boys in action so thank you so much to sigma for working with me on this video and letting me try these out letting, me give you guys the, deets on them and let's. Go ahead and get. Right into it we're gonna start off with the, bare minerals complexion rescue. Defense, this is a good. Protection. Base, because. It actually protects against a blue light and also UV, rays so, indoor/outdoor. Whatever, you're doing it will protect your skin I also, feel like this gives a filtered. Effect like it almost makes your skin look smoother. Definitely. Need that right now, I'm. Also gonna go in really quickly with this little, stick, from Lancome. This, is the blur, and go stick and it's exactly what it says. It's. A little stick that, can, blur, out your pores wherever you put it and it also kind of mattifies, the skin a little bit more I like, to just kind of swipe it on and press it into my pores it does a good job of blurring, out those pores without making. Your skin feel dry and, every foundation that I put on top of it ladies, so. Nice on top of it oh speaking. Of foundation we definitely need to get. Some full coverage going on in here, what is this I've got the Big Dipper on my, forehead. Orion's. Belt, Milky. Way. Oh. Confirmed. It's Orion's, belt so. We're, gonna go in with the Catrice HD liquid coverage. Foundation. This is a nice matte foundation, I know I used it in a, recent video but, I do like it for that full coverage lightweight matte, effect, and when you are having breakouts. Take. It from a sister okay you do not want, glowy, radiant. Foundations, on your skin because that is going to highlight, those, breakouts, or the texture, on your skin so when you have, Orion's. Belt on your face then. You, will want to go more towards matte skin so. That is what I'm going to be doing today and you, know how I like to apply this foundation on a brush, and I do think that when you're going for that flawless. Foundation almost. Airbrush, effect you, want to use a brush that has a flat, top, on it that is has like a medium, density to, it because, that's what's gonna really give you that full coverage that you're looking for and not, whisk, away the, product, if you use something that is more of a diffusing brush or is, less, dense it's actually just going to create, a thin layer so like, I said medium. To full density, and, flat. Top so we, are just going to drop. That. Going. With a few. Few. Drops but that's good to start coming back to life honey what a difference. A little bit of foundation makes, am i right I'm just gonna go ahead and apply that bad boy all over the face, with. That. Flat, top brush the Sigma flat kabuki 80, and one technique that I like to do when I am going for that very flawless.

Airbrushed, Finish is, to obviously. Create. A thin layer but then go in with almost patting, motions to really press the product into the pores and, that's what's gonna give us that. Flattened. Or. Smoothed, out look I should say. In. Between this eyebrow section, I do go in with a smaller brush usually just to press that product right in between and not wipe off the brows that we've already done so, this is the Sigma concealer, blend kabuki, eff 79. My, friends is the power, of makeup you, can, barely tell that I have a breakout. Then. I'm gonna take a little bit of my Becca cosmetics under-eye. Brightening corrector and place. That underneath the eyes and, just cancel, out that discoloration. Obviously. In this video I. Want, to focus mainly. I would say on the contour blush and highlight and how to sculpt, the face but. I do think that just getting an overall flawless, base, look helps, with that process so. We're. Gonna take you through all the tips and tricks but first off is. This this. Guy and if you have, been watching my videos for a while you know I live. Breathe and die for this stuff like I could eat it I would eat it if I could that's what I'm trying to say but, the. Bottom line is it is, a bomb. Under. Eye corrector because, it, brightens, up the area as it, color, cracks but, not only that it's, a little bit of a thicker formula, so when you're pressing it into your, under eye area it almost fills in the little divots underneath and creates like a much more flawless base boom, we, are bright, we, are ready, ochre. Now. I'm gonna go in with some concealer. Which. One shall I use shape tape or NARS. Radiant creamy. These. Two are both pretty balm honestly, I would definitely. Rate both of these in my Holy Grail concealers. So. I can't choose Tarte. Shape tape has a little bit more coverage but I do feel like the. Radiance. And the light reflection. Is better with the NARS concealer actually, and this one's a little bit more lightweight so, I think today I'm gonna go with this one especially since we have that matte skin going on I like to balance it out or I'm going to balance it out I should say with a lighter. Weight concealer, for today but either, one would work if you have one, on. Hand I'm just gonna apply that the. Eyes start. Out and, go in with that same concealer. Brush from Sigma and press. That underneath, the eyes now. The reason that I'm using brushes in this video, is overall, when you are using brushes and when you're using this kind of pressing, motion, you're, gonna get the fullest coverage possible because you're pressing the product right into the pores versus. Blender, or any, kind of sponge that is going to soak up some of the product and take off some, of the coverage, so by, doing this sort of technique, where you're lightly, pressing the product into the pores and it does take a little bit longer so just know that this is gonna be a little, bit more of a process when you're doing this technique but. Your, makeup is going to be so. Flawless. You're gonna be able to see it from Orion's belt and be like oh. Yes. Hunty. You're coming, through with the concealer that first layer I went, in just. Underneath the eyes now I'm creating a little bit of a bigger layer and. This concealer, is so lightweight that you can do this and it, won't kick up on you or anything I'm going to take this second, layer up here on, the forehead I think I might also go, in with, the, shape tape in the shade medium golden, so it's actually a slightly darker shade and, pop. That on Orion's, belt up here whenever. You're covering, dark, spots or acne you obviously, do not want to highlight, it at all so you could see the difference in color it's very slight but, it's gonna make a difference at the end of the day because this. Shade is going to blend in a little bit better with my foundation, then. The more, like highlighted, shade that, we used underneath the eyes will so, that is why I'm.

Taking That and placing. It on any dark spots but, I'm using the NARS radiant creamy concealer on, any. Spots that I want to bring, attention to or bring light to alright, and then once, we are done with that we're, gonna go ahead and do, a little shake, and bake. I'm. Using the Too, Faced peach. Perfect, powder I highly. Recommend this powder because it, does have a peachy, undertone, so it's again, going to cancel out that discoloration. Underneath the eyes and, it, is mattifying, so if you are having breakouts, it's great at covering those breakouts smoothing, out the skin and it just leaves your, face looking. So. Flawless, so, airbrushed, so. Vogue. He's. Actually in LA right now he has an injury so he's here going, to doctors appointments, what, was I doing so. I'm just going to take. That and press that underneath, the eyes you, want to tell what a difference that makes do you see how like, flawless. That looks and then here. We have a little, craziness. Going on oh I wanted to show you guys this tool - I mean dig into my handy-dandy. Cool. Set Olivia, this my, friends, is the edge kabuki. And I've talked about it before but. If you are wanting, to really. Go the extra mile with your baking and potentially. Even carve out your nose or, if you just want, to make. Sure to. Get the, most mattified. Effect possible this, is what I would recommend because, it has a flat top on it again like I said but, it has these edges on it so you can work the baking, powder up onto, the nose and kind. Of slim. It out like this you want to bake anywhere, that you crease, or that. You want, to hold all day so on top, of where my breakouts are I'm definitely gonna bake because I want, that makeup to hold all day long and, if I don't bake, it can start to wear off and, you. Won't need binoculars, to see, Orion's. Belt let's just put it that way. So you can use a brush, or a, blender. For this step it's just really up. To you but kind, of want to give you the pros and cons of different. Tools and. Different techniques that I like because you guys know I like to go very in-depth in my. Tutorials. Especially the ones that are based, or. Geared. Towards, beginners so. This one I really am trying to go in-depth on how I get a flawless face and we're, gonna move into flawless contour, blush, bronzer. Highlight. All that good stuff so that you guys can hopefully learn something from this video take something away so let, me know if you guys want to see any other really in-depth videos like this one just, to help. You guys out anything you guys need help with I'm here to help the baking powder is still on don't worry. Depending. On your skin type if you have dry skin you may want to let your baking powder sit for less time if you have normal to oily skin I leave. It on for about five to ten minutes and I have normal to oily skin so that is a good. Indicator. For you guys so, I'm wiping away the. Powder really, gently, using. A very light hand here, so that we don't wipe away the foundation, we have done and if you're going over any parts, that you had breakouts. In you actually don't want to wipe at all because we definitely do not want to remove any of, the, areas, where. We put a lot of concealer so for that I actually take a little bit more face, powder and use. It on the brush to press in the, excess, and that's what gives you the, most flawless, look, possible I mean. Magic. Or, makeup. Honestly, it worked pretty well you, have to admit right. Moving. On to, contouring. I've. Honestly been wanting. To show, you guys this palette for so long because I have been obsessed. With this so this is the Sigma Beauty sculpt, highlight and contour, palette does, come with six different shades you get three different matte. Contour, shades and it goes from, light to dark obviously, and then three different highlighting, shades that are. Beautiful. And very universally. Flattering, this is how they swatch. They're. So pretty you guys that, didn't have anything on it. There's. Such pretty, highlighting, shades because, they. Blend, out really nice and easily but when it hits the light I'm telling. You your. Cheekbones. Your, highlights, of the face are going to look. Pop, so, starting off with a contour I usually mix faking, it and throw, shade and I like to do this because it kind of creates like my own custom, color and that's one thing that I like about this, contouring palette is you do get a mixture of warm and cool tones so, that you can do that so that you can really create the best contouring.

Powder, Shade, for, your skin tones so like, I said I like to mix together these, two. And I take, the brush I'm using a f40. Angled contour and, I use pressing. Motions. Into. The. Cheekbone, this, is the best way to get a natural contour, because you. Are not wiping, away any product that's underneath and I always find it's way easier to use powder contours, than cream contours so for, beginners. I definitely. Recommend a powder contour, kit, you. Just want to take that product and gently, press it into the. Cheekbone area and, you blend it out you want to blend. It upward, so that you get that nice uplifted. Look you can see how nicely, this, powder. Blends, out it's, very very pigmented. So, you don't need much and it goes a long, way, but you just, want to really work it into the skin and it will stay all day long and, give you that nice blended. In contour, and depending on your face shape you want to place your contouring, powder in slightly. Different positions. For me since I have a round face I like to slim it down so, I do actually, take the contour and press it into like the sides of. The. Cheekbones moving. Up into the hairline because. Obviously that's going to bring your face in a little, bit more and like. I said slim, it down if you have a more, elongated face and you want to actually make it look a little bit more round you only want, to place the contour, right here, in the hollows of the cheek bones and not. To bring it onto the sides here because like I said the sides is gonna slim, your face out, I bring the contour, up onto the forehead as well and, again I'm mostly, focusing, this on the sides um if, you do have that longer face shape then you want to focus it more on this area right here but for me I do it more on the sides like I said I love, mixing, these two shades faking. It is a really, nice neutral contour. And then throw, shade has a little bit more warmth to it but honestly it creates. The. Most beautiful natural-looking, contour, and shadow, on the face. Just. Looks like I have cheekbones. For days I've been waiting for. Ever. To tell you guys about these palettes like I'm telling you I've, been using them and it's, been so hard for me to not use in my other tutorials. Like on Cameron's ax because obviously I wasn't allowed to show them like before they launched but it was so hard because they're so, good. Like this says all this, these, two pallets, are all. I've been using for blush, and contour, ever. Since I tried them out I'm gonna take that same, little, combo, of shades, to, contour, the nose out, a little bit I'm. Doing this on an eyeshadow brush I can have a little, bit more precision, okay. 70. Wow that made a very defined content that was actually the first time that I had tried using, that brush I always use eyeshadow brushes for my nose contour, because like I said I like to get that position I. Like to get that precision but. That, was the first time that I used that particular brush, but I really really like how it laid down the product then, I'm just gonna take a clean brush and kind of diffuse the line a little, bit here's, one of my key tips for you guys if you really want a natural-looking. Contour. Take. Your bronzer, right over.

Where. You put down that contour, and start to blend this product up so now we're gonna create or, we're gonna start to create a natural, gradient from, that shadow to. The, contoured. Bronze. To, highlighted, effect. The gradient, as we call it see how when you start to, press. That up, into the skin it blends, out to the contour, so seamlessly, and, just leaves you with such, a natural. Looking. Contour. That is what we want ladies and gentlemen, that, is exactly, what we want once you have the base down you can go in and. Use. More blending, motions, if you really want to disperse, the color but I recommend, patting. Motions at first to get the color deposited, and then go in and blend it out moving on it's, time for blush and where. You apply your blush can, differ again with your face shape but that's why I'm here that's why I wanted to do this video if I've ever said you need something in your life this, is what you need I'm such a blush person so, when, they showed me kind of like a preview of what they were launching this year and. I saw this I just about died because, I just love the tones in here the. Quality. Is definitely there it's very blendable it has, the right amount, pigmentation, for, me and I just feel like the, shades themselves. Are so universally. Flattering like, whatever, you're looking for you'll have it you know what I mean you'll have a peachy shade you'll have a shimmery, bronze you'll have a peachy, pink you'll have a muted. Rose so like you get so many beautiful shades and I feel like this palette could work for so many skin tones so I'm. Saying we're gonna take that on the, spot light duster F 37. And I like to mix together like kind of like my everyday blush combo, is to, mix together pink, in and quarter, Rosa this is actually an existing show that I've been using for, years. Like one of the first products from Sigma that I ever tried out so, I was really excited to see it inside the palette but I do like to mix, these two shades to get like a custom, color, pink, is a kind. Of peachy, pink and you guys know I love my peaches but this shade right here quarter rosa is the most beautiful muted. Rose this, is such an amazing fall, blush, color but, like I said I do mix the two together to get kind of like an everyday blush and when you're applying your blush if you have more, of that elongated. Face shape you want to apply it onto the apples of the cheek and then blend, backwards, for me since I have more of a rounded, face shape I actually start, the blush more, towards, the middle of, the cheekbone and. Then. Bring it onto the apples once I have less product, on the brush so when. You have that, product already dispersed, onto, the high points of the cheekbones then, you can bring it down. As. The, kind of finishing touch to the. Cheekbones you do want to add on highlight, and highlight what that's gonna do is balance everything out obviously, and bringing. Forward, the, high points of the face where the Sun or, light in, general would naturally hit you and then because, we've already added on that shadow. Or contour, and also the blush then. It's, gonna look very sculpted. Because you're bringing back the, shadows of the face the contours of the face and you're bringing forward the highlights so I'm gonna go back into the sculpt palette and I, like to mix together 24k. And shine on shine on is a really pretty champagne, shade and then 24k, is like a warm gold but I mix, the two together right. Now for my skin tone if I'm a little bit more tan than just go in with 24k and it is. Beautiful. Like. Absolutely. Stunning okay, no it really is though obviously it, has such, a pretty gold because, it's, not too.

Bronze. On, the skin when you blend it out it's, just it's beautiful, it's one of the best like bronzy, warm. Golden, highlights, I've seen, actually, so I really like this one but today, I'm going to mix, the two together and how you apply your highlight makes a big difference as well so obviously with, different face shapes again you want to apply these powders in different areas I hope, that I'm making it as clear, as possible for you guys just because, it really does make a difference when. You're working. With the, products that are going to or, in ways that are going to. Complement. Your features. So for me for a, rounder face shape, you, obviously, want to start. The contour, right here, or the highlight I'm sorry you want to start the highlight right. Here, on the. Top, of the cheekbone, and you always want to use a really, really, precise, brush for this this is actually my, favorite. Brush. To use for highlighters and if you're an OG rock star you, know that because I've been using this again for quite. Some time now but, I take it right on the, high points right here and then. I blend it back in the, same. Direction. As, we've placed the, bronzer, and the, cheek product, so what this is gonna do is just give us that like very uplifted. Look and. Sculpt. The face and the best way possible basically, and I also add some highlight up here at the top of the forehead to balance everything out these, highlighters I'm telling you blend, out so, easily. And, they're not. Glittery. Or, sticky. At all they don't grit, onto the skin too much so, they just add a really, nice Sheen to. To. The face especially up here on the forehead you definitely, don't want to use anything too glittery because, just, gonna look so. So. Unnatural, to you it blends out so nicely but you're still getting that super. Blinding, highlight it just looks like. Like. A. Shh. Take. A little bit of that on the, very. Top, of the note of the, of, the, brush, and, whisk. It down the center of the nose to add a little bit of highlight I actually don't like to add too much highlight there because. I feel like it just sticks. Out like a sore thumb on the face but, a little, bit is really nice especially with, powders. Like this that blend in easily and they, don't leave that kind of glittery, residue, everywhere you definitely do not want, that, just quickly finish off the eyes and, I do want this to towards me obviously. More focus on the face just because that was the whole point of it but. We're. Gonna finish off the look because. I got places to go people to see after this I'm. Just priming, my eyes with the. Persuade, eyeshadow, base from, Sigma. I. Make, up the I make I was gonna be super simple actually but it's, it has a pinky, like almost. Fun. Rose gold holographic. Kind of feel to it and then I'm gonna try out this, product right here from Jake at Beauty it's the prison metal chrome I moose in, the shade sorta. Base snow i, swatched. These on my IG story a couple days, ago and they, were so pretty like look how. Holographic. And beautiful. That is so I thought I would try it out on the ice today I'm gonna take that on my finger after. I have it on the lid I'm. Gonna take a blending, brush this is the buffing, blend e39, and kind. Of press the product into. The, crease. Up here to give a nice wash of color has such a unique texture. I don't know if you could see it but it's literally like a. Little. Mousse, in there. For. Lashes I'm gonna go in with Lily, lashes Lela, a nice wispy, style, to, still. Be able to show through that pretty shade that we have a lid. On some, of the nars climax. Mascara. I. Just got an email. Bottom. Lashline. Pretty blank today I honestly, really like this style when it's top-heavy, you can really see what's going, on on the top lashes that's. Kind of like the focus of it last thing to do is lips. I'm, gonna start off by lining. The lips with my charlotte tilbury iconic, London lip, cheat then, I'm gonna go over that with the Oprah cosmetics. Long lasting liquid lipstick in Sao Paulo and I'm just gonna go over that with a gloss, and this one is from buxom. Cosmetics. This. Really turned out a lot more ethereal than I expected. Oh my god wait I forgot. To add on inner corner highlight that is the last step, my friend so I'm gonna add on I don't know which one I should use there's more white glitter, or félicité, loose shimmer will try Felicity real, quick just pop that in an inner corner I have been loving, like.

Literally Loving, with all my hearts. Colored. Inner corner of highlights like not just plain a plain highlight living, breathing dying, for it right now truly. Much more ethereal than I expected, this look to be but. I. Hope this helps you guys out especially those of you who really, wanted an in-depth tutorial on flawless. Foundation, contour. Bronzer, highlighter. Blush for. Your face shape I hope that um you, got something out of it I will list all the products that I use down below in the description box including. The. Two pilots that you need in your life the sculpt, and blush pellets, from Sigma honestly, they really are bomb like I'm not even just saying that because I, am, working with them on this video I have, been using these for months. Now. Hiding. Them from you guys because I wasn't able to talk about them but so. I'm just gonna put it out there right now you pretty much need these in your life because, I use them every single day and I really really do like them they're just very. Solid product so thank you so much again to sigma for working with me on this video i'll see you guys in my next one. But protect. O. Ki, dokie, okie. Dokie. Artichokie. Yeah.

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me encantan tus consejos. Te amo

Obsessed with the eyeshadow your wearing in this video

I love this look so much. That eyeshadow is stunning. & those palette’s are beautiful.

So helpful

Thank you so much!!! This video has been so.much help! It's exactly what I needed!!❤️❤️❤️

,Love love love!!! Ty ty ty for ths! Loved the tips! Xo

Love it!! Thanks for the tutorial

Wow loove the coverage

Omg I love beginner friendly tutorials

Yay loooove it

Gorgeous!! You look like Colleen from Iron fist.

Not hating but you should try to make your videos a bit shorter so they are more ideal to watch even if someone does not have that much time!

I JUST found you & I already love you

love this video it will help me alot when i do my makeup!!!!!

That eyelook is EVERYTHING!

My favorite kinds of videos! Let's be honest none of us know everything there is to know about makeup! So any new tricks I love!

Omg I think this is one of my fave looks you’ve ever done and I watch ever video! Love you ❤️

Yall tripping over sponsored videos!

this looking giving me Britney Spears oops i did it again vibes yesss

Hey, Roxette lately you've using many many more different products now and then can be the reason for your breakouts. Take care of your skin girl and yes loved these back to back videos :D

LOLing at everyone deeply psychoanalyzing her for accepting paid work

This looks is giving me brittany spears vibes. From the one music video where she was in outter space. "Oops i did it again", maybe? Youre rocking this babe! Also, i seriously love how even after all this time, you still continuously teach with every video you create no matter if its an unboxing or first impressions or a tutorial.

Such good videos all the time but saying “okurrt” and “hunty” seems so unnatural.

She doesn't film by herself...someone is behind the camera and edits for her...she's mentioned him before

Could you do a backtalk palette eyeshadow tutorial? Hehehe, i want to have more ideas to play with the colors. Thanks!!!

You are so pretty ❤️

so flawless

this look is stunning

What do you use for lighting?

How to apply aye shadow for beginners

Love it! Thanks!

OMG I looove this look! Everything looks so good on you! :)

"I'm ready to catfish" Lmaooo! That was hilarious! Love watching your videos! :)

Virginia Gibson agree 100%!!

Ya pero me apetecía ponerlo jaja... Es que se ha dejado los mofletes exagerados... Me parto de risa

No te va entender ella no habla español

What’s the name of that contour and palette that you’re using again???

I have a feeling you like Cardi b gurll

Sis your eyebrows look so perfectly well groomed, their so nice and natural looking! teach us your ways!

Love watching you I have a round face too so I love some tips for round face and making it thinner

Pleaseee do a video on how to do makeup for super oily skin. I bake to try to keep my makeup on, use quality products and am fairly good at makeup. But honestly I still halfway through the day have my makeup separating :( also a brow tutorial !!!

Chica! I thought you were wearing eyeshadow the whole time!

anyone know a good dupe for her eyeshadow??

The blush looks like a rash

I learned so many new techniques in this video! You look gorgeous and flawless!! I would LOVE ❤️ to see you do a tutorial for beginners on eyeshadow application! I always use a eyeshadow primer BUT I feel like I don’t know what exactly to do after that! I try but I’m terrible at building my eyeshadow, also adding glitter ✨ to the eye and sweeping eyeshadow underneath the lower lash line without looking like a hot mess ☺️


1:53 did she really try to say “Okurrr” she can’t even do it. Lol

Jeanne Wishes I know but still doesn’t explain her looking at herself in her mirrors or screen or whatever.

Loooooove the makeup and all the tips you gave!! Also i'm super interested in that shirt, if anyone knows where it is from could you please tell me, I need it in my life

Very cute color for the eyeshadow!

I literally just bought that foundation and now I'm so eager to try it!

Ughhh girlll

Please do a video dedicated to how to not get cakey makeup

I honestly love you so much. You are so beautiful and real and I just love your vibe. You feel me?

Thanks sis❤️

No hate but u have a really big face and a very small nose lol

Roxette.... this look was so beautiful


Do an in depth video on applying eyeshadows!!!!!

Love this! Skin looks flawless!

Love the tutorial!!!! Thanks for the tips on contouring!!!

Love this video! Love you girl!

This is not a beauty show

Can you do a drugstore version of this video??

I loved this look and I’m totally going to try and recreate!! Thank you for your inspiration and for being so amazing❤️❤️❤️

honestly I've been watching you for over a year now and idk why ppl say you've changed, your personality is still the same from what I remembered. and just because you're doing sponsored videos doesn't mean its a bad thing lol. this video was literally just to teach beginners on how to do their face make up and you found the right time to sponsor the sigma products. yet of course there are always those people who are impossible to make happy. but if people love make up and they claim to be an artist with it, then they should be able to compromise using these techniques with other make up brands too. whether they're high end or drug store, YOU make it work NOT the youtuber. thank you for this great detailed video, I'm looking forward to using some of these techniques!

loveeeeee this. you look flawless

Roxette you’re literally so pretty even with Orion’s Belt on your forehead

Aww thank you! Haha

Gorgeous as always girl!

Thank you ❤️

Absolutely love this!!

Roxette Arisa actually crying at 12:30 at night, to the fact you just replied to my comment

Aww yay ❤️

loved this video, love how you always go in depth. one of the many reasons why you're my fav youtuber! ty for all the hard work you've been doing, still love you despite what everyone has commented. you still produce amazing content and you never fail to impress me. love you lots roxette! ♥️♥️♥️

Thank you so much love❤️

Make a review about nyx foundation cant stop wont stop

thank you boo❤️

thank you love ❤️❤️❤️

So excited to try out this tutorial when my blush + sculpt palettes arrive!

Nurmujahidah Ismail some one said it

Great video.

I tried Your contour tips n OMG thank you so much!!!! So much better!!!!!!!

I honestly hardly ever watch 30min videos from start to finish, but i never have that problem with your videos since you really know how to keep your viewers captivated and interested in everything you show and say! that being said great video! you look gorgeous

Aw thank you love❤️

Thank you!

I'm in love with ur channel

I feel like I’m watching a different person from when she makes videos with yess

pretty shadow color

I feel like I'm watching my big sister when I watch your tutorials! You're the bestest, thanks!

You talk waaaay too much. It was almost making me mad.

This look is absolutely stunning

David Samuel I mean yea, she’s my friend so...

HA you care!!!!! f.w....

David Samuel i know what ur saying but some who are fairly educated can’t work due so circumstances

not lucky, smart enough. All I'm saying is, it's a choice...

So helpful! Thank you

Who cares if it's sponsored, I literally needed a video like this in my life

She sounds exactly like Christen Dominique.

This is one of the best beginners make up tutorial I've seen. Definitely going to practice and try this out. Please do even more videos for beginners. Eyeshadow ones please as I'm rubbish at applying or understanding how to apply eyeshadow. Thank you Hun. Mwah


Great video!!!

Britney vibes all around

Do you have a video like this but for oily skin??

I don't understand why people are upset with her for using Sigma brushes or it being a sponsored video. How else is she going to support herself? This is how she is able to make videos and pay her rent. YouTube alone doesn't make you that much. I would understand people being upset if she was promoting stuff that doesn't work but obviously that's not happening here. At least she's being honest and telling you that it's sponsored and if you don't want to buy the brushes, guess what? You DON'T have to!! :D

I wish I could just press one button and buy all these products

She looks like Maggie+Madison

WTH you’re so funny !

Ironic how all the products are linked to her banks account....

Can u make a video on the best kind of primers and setting powders? Like primers for pores, for long lasting, for mattifying etc

Thank you, that was really helpful. I don't know what I'm doing and I'm tired of my make up looking drab at events, so thank you heaps

You’re so beautiful wtf

i bought the eyebrow product you recommended in your back to school glam video and i love it!!

You’re so cute! Love your corky personality I’m loving your videos ❤️

Desi Perkins wannabe with that Thumbnail

I wanna know how you color match your foundation!! Please share!!

I love this look.

Pang mayaman lang talaga ang pagpapaganda....

Please do a tutorial on I am make up I love your channel and you

Lancome, Charlotte Tilbury, Becca most beginners wont start out with these high end brands.

"No hate, but I'm criticizing your appearance then laughing..." LMAO. Gurl, get outta here with that women hating on other women. I'm sure you're perfectly gorgeous (ha!) but variety IS beauty! If we all looked the same, it would be awfully boring. However, if we only said kind things (and tried to only think them, too), uplifting others instead of tearing them down, the world would be a better place!! PS Perhaps you're projecting bc your face is small, and you have a huge honking nose? But, y'know, "no hate".


you kinda look like miley

I love your videos! You are definitely my favorite to watch. Thank you!!

I love ur hair

That stick is amazing

"sculpted??".....it's round...cute but very round

You’re so Beautiful ❤️

Wether you’re using affordable makeup or not, you’re actually the first youtuber I come across that explains everything very detailed. I really like that about you. Keep up the good work.

You are the only one person teaches a proper way of contour, blush, highlight . Best one ever. Thanks

U could be Miley twin

Question??? Which inner eye highlighter did u use or do you use?

Also on a side note...girl you better get that coin! Do you boo, I ain’t mad at all!!!

I’m NOT a beginner and even I learned some things from this video so that’s amazing! Please continue to make videos like these because you break it down in such a way that makes things SO easy for people to understand. I wish to god I would’ve had these videos of yours when I first started out! AHHHHHMAZING! One of the many many MANY reasons I absolutely adore you!

bihhh cant even say okurrrrrr

Ooooooomg All High-end products for beginners?? Seriously?? Which beginner is going fr all pricey products???

Its beautiful make up guess im blessed at 47 to not have to go through all that

i have a problem cancelling my dark circle. tried the red colour before applying concealer. but its not working. the dark circle is still showing.. help!

I do like u but u talk to much lol

Quit playing with your hair. So unprofessional.

People hate to see another make it. Of course she. "Changes" like we all are supposed to with growth. It isn't a bad thing at all in this case.


I am a beginner and I spent $400 on Fenty. Don’t speak for all beginners people pay for what they want or can afford. If I’m going to wear make up it’s going to be expensive cause I want to look expensive. Not saying drugstore make up don’t look good but it’s just not for me even as a beginner. When I see cheap looking makeup I figure cheap drugstore lol. I didn’t know what I was doing with this expensive make up but with videos and coworkers who wear makeup I got it so quickly and glad I got this high end looking makeup. Glad I came across this YouTube channel I love her makeup eyeshadow tutorials. I don’t come here for what products she’s using I come here to learn and get inspired by different looks.

I couldn't wait for this video to be over too much playing around and too mish talking just get to the point. Anyway bye I have to go

can u be my mommy??

Love love love love this natural summer glow look! Can’t wait to recreate. I’m still learning so loved everything about this video!


Just finished watching thank you so much you helped lots and I love your videos. God bless you and your loved ones

Finally I find the video that I need most. Thanks so much.

what do I do beacause my skin is rly bad and its dry/oily and everytime I use a make up vedio to help me my skin is like telling me "ur not wareing makeup because we don't like this shit!" AND TBH ITS RLLLLLLY ANNOYING!!!!!! and I don't know what to do..... any ideas for me? ;(

I love the video and you as always! I wish that someone can make a video on how to buy these products like tips on how to pick the correct color foundation, how to pick your concealer shade, ETC. I am trying to start my personal make up collection but I feel that I have troubles picking shades and don’t know how dark of a contour I need and light of a concealer I need. Ugh I wish I was born with this knowledge

Love how this turned out-very nice! Also really like your technique of blending your cheek powders. Perfect blend!! The only thing I personally think you should change is to Not bring your contour & bronzer down past your eye, making it too close to the mouth area. It drags it down a bit. Thanks So much!

What's the name of the foundation again

That blush is gorgeous.

I A M MEZ MER IZED , thanks for sharing

I can't stand ugly people that think there are all that because she's not cute at all those faces she's making ik

Always here to support my fav make-up artist ❤

I freaking love you!

Oh my goodness, beautiful finish, but I can't believe people spend this much time on makeup. I just don't think I have it in me to do this routine regularly, just to make myself look almost unrecognizable. To each his own, and, again, beautiful finish. She's definitely mastered her skill.

Loved this video! Please in the future put headband on- I was so into your video and you kept fussing with your hair it took away and distracted me over and over .

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