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happiness lit no saying but hey today is the morgan stern  album reaction to happiness and business you're   feeling me and i'll say i've been waiting to  do this feel me everyone's been saying in the   comments down below i should do this and the time  has come to do it for me and if you're wondering   why i stopped the song i've already reacted to  this song i actually reacted to the music video   i have another video right here and i'm saying it  just 100k views thank you guys all the support on   that video and honestly i reacted to a lot of  his songs for me so we're not going to actually   start with that because i already reacted  to it and i'm saying but yeah we're going   to start with this song film me i'm going  to have all the translations for every song   film me so i understand what he's saying and  we're just going to get into this we're going   to have a lit time we're going to vibe you  feel me and yeah if i already listen to the   song i'm going to skip it because i already  um reacted to a lot of songs but on this album   i think that's the only song i listen  to all these other things i'm going to   be the first time listening to it i saw a lot  of skits on here look at 20 seconds one minute   40 seconds what's going on you feel me oh yeah  let's get right into this album oh i finna get   lit from me hey i know everyone a lot of people  hey people watching this i know you guys all love   morgenstern man so you know i'm saying let's get  into it man you guys see all these tabs up here   that's all the translations and the clips because  i know some of them have clips so i made sure to   get the ones that have clips you feel me so we can  listen watch the clip as well feel me alright so   the first song is called i think it's baby yeah  baby let's get it man first song of the album uh main album of the year yes i always tell everyone that he's rich   and everyone knows he's rich  but he has to tell everyone you know you know he's talking about  your mother too he's not talking about   my mother he's talking about your mother he  got money and bought your mother that's crazy your mother is happy now i'm her son oh my gosh  margaret's turn this says whatever he wants bruh   this guy's crazy this is how  we're starting the album oh my god facts all right oh shoot this is the skit damn okay let's get it uh oh my god that's not art burping in my ear disrespectful  he didn't even say excuse me all right the next song is called um retro rave okay but with that song baby that that beat  was so far that that that beat was fire and   then he burped in my ear this ruined it but  this one this this b sounds fire too let's go is foreign foreign i'll come inside you so you  don't forget me it's a gift foreign foreign foreign hey i love this beat all right that was retro rave actually like these  beats are fire i'm gonna lie he he has a he has a   voice this is his lyrics are the lyrics are crazy  the lyrics are crazy you know i say if he actually   rapped about like and i'm saying better it would  be like even better but like it's still fire   bro you know what i'm saying i get he's just  like he's a troll he just likes to have fun   and entertain people so like that's why i don't  even take him like too seriously i don't really   care because he's just having fun but yeah this  next song is called normal no more love feel me these beats on her booty i'll set fire to absent what is he trying to be a girl he's like i'm the woman of the year i understand  everything is he trying to do like a girl voice baby i'm alive uh he's funny man he's funny  oh interlude let's get it i still need to listen to cadillac yes is is that a person it means glory and fame but what the it says slava you've been overcome  by fame that means that's a person right been   overcome by fame is he talking about himself  morgan street maybe you become overcome by   fame and i'm joking i don't know i can't take  his music seriously so ty just laugh because   it's funny i know he's playing around a lot so  i don't know if he was being serious in that   track or not i don't know maybe there's a hidden  message all right so this is this is another skit yet if you guys remember my reaction  when these p peed on me and i said   peeing on the subscribers spitting on them another skit yes uh what is going on bruh is that there's a problem  if you mess up morgenstern there are problems if   there's there's no money or broke lambo ferrari  no longer a problem because i can buy both cars   your bill wants a real man me should get  one yeah dirty bit i could also wrap flat   that's then when he was rapping fast this  way he's saying right i'm like oxymoron   i can rap faster eminem cause the biscuit gee i know that makes music man bro what the  hell is going on bro yo come on bro all right   cool that's how i know he was a youtuber before  this um the next one is called blackbeamer foreign foreign foreign i have no idea where he is man he started he  started going crazy saying a lot of things really   fast and then they lie he lost me i lost him i  lost him bro i lost them i just know i lost them bro bro i was reading these  lines but you sing messed up   things you have a huge [ __  ] but you call it pee pee yeah let's get the next one bro but what's you are blind this is you are blind foreign foreign why do you call it johnny depp what did  johnny depp do to him bro call giant that fake tell him okay i slept hey hey i don't care song is revived the lyrics  are messed up by songs vibes i don't care the songs are crazy but i can vibe to it you feel  me the beats are fire all these beats are fire   you know i'm saying no beats are bad feel me   all right cool he's basically just having fun  and trolling he's the biggest troll of all time   he's the biggest troll i've ever seen in my life  all right this song this is can i have a photo read a screen leave your smile i'll take a picture of you dying ah he's killing you for taking a picture oh  my god he's crazy he's crazy man he's crazy   he's crazy all right this is the last song  on the on the morgan stream happiness album   i'm gonna lie because i was fired that's fire  it feel me you ain't even listening to him for   like all the lyrics all the crazy stuff you're  just listening to him have fun i'm not saying   what's it called have let's just have fun you  listen to him have fun and his beats are not   and you can still vibe with it you have fun  and vibe feel me that's what morgan stern is   from this last song called pablo let's  get into it man we got the music video yes yes is yes hey a masterpiece man w album w album see that's the first song on the  next album i already listened to that though so   we ain't listening to that one but yeah w album w  w album that was happiness um yeah he was just he   was trolling he trolled that whole album did he  drop these albums at the same time or were they   like months apart because they're in the same  year but yeah all right so now we're going to   get into million dollar business that was a good  start you know what i'm saying set me in the mood   you know i'm saying just to laugh he made  me laugh yeah i was saying that was his life   all right let's get the next one man and we are  back this is million dollar business feel me i   already listened to olala aristocrat and dinero so  everything else we're gonna listen to um humbler   gta today we're gonna listen to all these other  ones and if again if you want to watch my reaction   to these other songs you're gonna want to watch  the aristocrat one the aristocrat one was a kind   of interesting one it was interesting go to the  other video go to the other video you can watch it   right now oh lala interesting too dinero is funny  too yeah just go to the other video if you want   to watch my reactions to those ones but let's get  right into this one uh for the people that already   watch me react to another one we're reacting  to third numbers the third song called hamblot so this one's gonna be a lot about money  i know it it's gonna be a lot about money   a lot about money because remember oh  lala was all about money he wasn't called   yeah that was all about money aristocrat all about  money yeah it's gonna be all about money for sure foreign foreign foreign black or white is is songs are catchy they're really catchy the lyrics  would be all over the place but the what's it   called the main chorus of the song is catchy which  makes you like the song you're not saying it makes   you remember the song if it's catchy the next  song is going to be called no no molino no ma noma is it spanish or something that's you all right  there's a video for this so let's get into it man it's crazy when i think of morgan  stern he looks spanish to me   don't you look spanish you look he looks  looky like he looks spanish to me bro a lot of his songs like seem like  it has a spanish vibe to it too oh that is actually fire acting what did i say i was a fire  acting an initial morgan flicks what um oh foreign oh oh okay i'm about to say this song actually sounds  really fire bro but before i like i got oh my   gosh i i just turned my head and i looked and it  was just like a million naked morgan sterns bro   i was about to say something i was about to be  feeling me but at least he's not showing it like   i risked the crack it was just it was  in your face bro feel me oh oh my god now foreign uh are we already listening to this song okay i'm  sorry for reacting how i was out that reaction   was way out of line bro because that song was  really good i like you like the song he's like i   didn't change for money you feel me doesn't change  with the money coco but that was i don't know bro bro no not one naked mortgage turn like 10. 10 why i the next song we finna get into is called gta  i'm actually going to listen to that song again on   my own time i'm actually going to favorite that  i'm gonna favorite that song i like that song   i'm gonna favorite it but i'm gonna listen  to that without the music video because   i actually like it without the music  video um alright this one's called gta but uh i got the gta beat from again um hold on is arrested for drugs or something drug propaganda  case you get arrested because a music video that's crazy let's talk about there's no  features in here and they're all there's   so many bangers no features he said if the  because there's no features it's a banger uh   damn you're talking his talk yes mission foreign so people are mad to say how genius and he is  because they're they don't want to get they   don't want it like on what's it called hype  them up but they know you know he's a genius   with promotion and all these ideas he's a genius  you can't the facts can't lie if you mean numbers   don't lie you feel me numbers don't lie to me he  knows how to do it he knows how to do it all right   all right the next one we're gonna listen  to is called father's tank actually time i'm such a big boy but i bought myself a barbie not true the cops stopped me but they let him go  for a photo that's fire if that can happen bro they got those huh hey i'm not gonna lie this is one of the most  enjoyable times i've ever had listening to an   album it just makes is this generally  just making me happy because it's funny   he's too funny bruh he's too funny  and i said he just doesn't make a   all right so he's just too funny how he like  makes everything bruh and he doesn't take anything   seriously so this makes it funny all right so next  song is called dinero but i already i already um   watched that i already watched the music video  dinero so if you haven't watched that one go   to my other video you'll see it a reaction  to it so next song is gonna be called mania my foreign um i'm sorry for pausing but these lines he  says i you have a mouth i have a [ __ ] morgan stern morgan started morgan stern  you need to slow down feel me you need to   pause real quick you don't have to  say that you don't have to say that and this i throw this whole album he always  talks about her he has money and we don't   we get it you're rich you get it we we get it   i'm broke you don't have to keep  telling me i'm broke man come on damn foreign foreign that's cool man like i said  always beats your fire man   all right cool the next song is going to  be called i am on the pills let's get it um did he win um was it called the person of the year   did he win the person of the  year in russia or something is he spanish i told you is he spanish he  says i am spanish sir why are you joking um um every song he makes you go like  huh every song i guess that makes   you get your attention to the song that's funny   all right let's go man the next song is  called um when we sober up when we sober up has he ever made like a serious serious song  in his life let me know is there any serious   songs from morgan's doing like a serious series  like seriously deep song if there is if you're   watching right now let me know in the comments  down below a serious deep song from morgan stern   i haven't heard one maybe this will be the first  one okay sober now he said he want me still bro is this the one you know saying he's talking  about a girl in heartbreak i mean you talking   about a girl or something is this the first  serious kind of song you feel me like uh i thought i thought i was gonna be serious man he said when they're sober up all the feelings  are gone i want to forget everything that   happened at the party but when we sober all  the feelings were end it wasn't love it was   artificial we showed other things but and  i want to forget everything that happened wait it could be serious yeah it's like in between foreign foreign is honestly yeah i think that's the  most serious morgan student ever   i've ever seen morgan sterling in my life  that's the most serious i will ever get from him   and i'm saying all right the next song we're  gonna get into is called pull up pull up blah oh is foreign foreign um i was cool that was cool pull up on my blog  already the last song of the day give me a   music video actually i actually enjoyed listening  to that album it wasn't even the album was like a   comedy music album at the same time comedy music  album i don't think i've ever heard that before   so this is like i've never heard an album like  this in my life so this is way different this   is what russia has this is what you guys are  listening to in russia and i've been missing   out all these years this is why this is why i'm  happy i reacted started reacting to russian music   because i got to you know saying see way different  types of music that i've never seen in my life   and this is fire um you will never hear art album  like this in america at all bro never in your life   all right so let's get into  the last music video of the day hopefully you guys enjoyed watching  this uh yeah so let's get into it man oh i remember that i remember  that girl that girl oh remember when he got shot from that girl is this is this him being he's actually alive oh shoot i remember he got shot he survived hmm foreign foreign he's alive foreign me hold on this is fire i'm reading these  lyrics man and these lyrics are good   now this is look if marcus really wanted to be  a serious artist and actually just talk about   his love stories and stuff that he would  actually be really good too he can do both   though he's really talented bro and i'm saying  this is good this is really good honestly he doesn't have to dream no more because he  got he got the money now he's popular now i missed that foreign is the foreign oh you guys thought i was called i  actually listened to that song i   actually listened to that song on my  own time i know that's young hefner   i'm not saying you guys told me to react  to it i know i've heard that song actually   i've actually heard that song that's not gonna  fire oh no no no no no i heard that song before okay foreign wait a minute i listened to this backwards bro why  were you guys telling me listen to happiness first i don't like you guys anymore  whoever told me listen to happiness   why would you tell me to listen to it  backwards that doesn't even make any sense oh what why would you tell  me to do that are you good yo y'all [ __ ] weird oh yeah weird y'all made me  listen to it backwards that doesn't make any sense   why would you guys even let me do that no i'm actually mad i'm mad bro i'm  mad i just ruined my whole reaction ah i'm going to do this look at that

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