First Month In Car Hauling Business - Real World Auto Transport Advice

First Month In Car Hauling Business - Real World Auto Transport Advice

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And, he woke, up back to auto transport, Intel, thank. You guys for showing, up and tuning in I really. Do appreciate it, it's. Nice to be back in the studio, that. Was kind of crazy, last. Week, I was. Live from San Diego and. I was at a winery and it, was my first remote live show and. What. An experiment, what a what a learning opportunity, the. First stream died after two seconds, the second stream died after 43 seconds. I was, offline for 15 minutes and then finally the third time was the charm and. So. So, got going I couldn't get going on their Wi-Fi, as hard, as I was trying to make that happen, got, a hold of a mobile, hotspot. Luckily. And and. That was it so, still, was tough there was some beeps and gurgles, and I didn't have any of the software. Or equipment that I use so. Man. Listen I really, appreciate you guys tuning back in every. Tuesday night and. Already. You, know people, join in the live chat and, it. Is really great to see. This channel growing, and seeing you guys coming, in, see. Roxy, auto transport, welcome, back to the show man thanks for coming in saying, hello I really appreciate, that. Looks, like you're you, know part of my core now and I. Love seeing that so, her. Vine transport, is here, cool, man so you had to create a channel but you got in so, I guess you have to join. YouTube, to join, the live chat it's, interesting what, you know I forget. What it's to be you, know an audience, member, I mean, obviously I watch a lot of shows but I forgot what it was like in the beginning to sign up so. Thanks. For letting me know that cuz I didn't know. Jesse. Is back. Welcome, back to the show Jesse, thanks. For coming in always. Good to see you and. You. Know if I if I haven't talked to you in a while send, me an email let me know what's going on or, you know just put a comment below the video I'll tell you what you, know what guys what I really need is comments. Comment. In the video below, but if you want to send me an email absolutely. I. Know I wouldn't, want to broadcast my phone number or nothing but if. You have a question, comment. You, know share-alike, all, that stuff is really cool, and it's really helping my channel a lot, the. One-and-only is back what's up man from the early days right. One. And only dude you were in here like probably. November, is my guess like that's a while ago right in the, early shows in the single digits. So. Thanks, for coming back always good to see you, florida, by core and. DP. Dispatch, welcome, back to the show Davison, I hope things are going well for you. Dispatch. Is a tough job car, hauling is a tough job and you know what I got it I got to talk to a broker. Last night, for. Quite a while and you know brokering, is a tough job right. Talking, down a customer. From, you know that's just gone you know ballistic. That's, a tough job I, mean, but you know it's or. You're the transporter, standing in their driveway, that's. A tough job too so Yuri. Tereshchenko. Welcome, back to the show man thank you for coming back that's, all it's good to hear from you and. As. You have stated and I've heard many, tell me lately they're going. Back through the archive and watching every show I mean that's awesome I thank you for doing that, I'm. Really glad that the show is helping people, not. The show the channel right I mean. I know this show helps, does, it the show or the channel I don't know if somebody can clarify that for me because I I said I think I just say him in her inner. Intermittently. In her mixed intermittently, as a. Windshield. Wiper setting, so I wouldn't, that wouldn't make any sense JC. Smith, hey what's up so. JC. Smith projects, man, tell me again why where, did I did, we communicate, recently, con I'm starting to get names mixed up, you, know what's really interesting is. Then. I get, an email and, we have a phone conversation and, we connect solid, for like an hour to it's amazing right and then.

Maybe We don't talk again for. And, that. All of that you know gets backed up and the information. Sensory. What, he's what is he doing honey he's he's touching. His hat or something I don't know what he's doing. Sherman, Jack yo what's, up welcome, back to the show. Mike is here thank, you for coming back Mike and by the way Sherman, jacket is just gotten, is this your first time here I think, it is I think it is I you. Know what what's gonna happen, is soon. Probably, sooner than I realize, I'm, gonna have a hard time remembering who's. Been here and who hasn't, it's, easier, if I have you on the show so, if you, haven't been on the show and you want to come on the show you, know let me know send, me an email Auto Transport Intel, at Or, put it in the comments, below and come. Up with something you want to talk about yeah. Come, on the show let's talk let's, do this thing. TRUCKING, answers you've been on the show by the way Mike Mike was on the show a lot cuz he had to go through three. Parts. Of dispatcher, training, so you get a lot of stamina Mike trucking, answers welcome, back to the show been tuning, in to your YouTube channel guys. If you haven't seen TRUCKING answers on YouTube check, them out, it, is more freight hauling, information. But it's trucking, information. And actually, really good trucking, information, I like the topics, you get into so. Trucking. Answers right. There man we're gonna I think we got I think we got a really good with. This is a collaboration. As part of the network and I've, been saying this lately and I don't think it's crazy but I think that I think this channel, and the collaboration. It's gonna keep growing I think we got the beginning of a real network here man I really do it's awesome, which is something I've, wanted for so long so Casey. Fantastic. Show learning a lot man thank you I appreciate, that, I. Have two goals. Education. And entertainment I, don't. Want to bore you and I, don't want, to I. Don't, want you to listen. To the same thing over and over and I don't want to get into tangents, of politics. You know let's just keep it real it's a great show. Let's. See here Ernest, Martin thank you for your generosity. Thank, you for coming back to the show and. You. Know I don't know what to say man I appreciate in fact you should save me an email you should come on the show absolutely. Britney, Dodie, here. To support Harold hauling awesome, yeah so Harold's hauling is my, second, guest tonight and that's, gonna be awesome, that's. Gonna be awesome he's, in California right now and, he's, got a lot of first. Month and car hauling, to, talk about ocean, roads transport. In the house what's, up Shawn so. I got a video that, Shawn, and I did together I don't, know when that'll be coming out but, it'll. Be I, don't know it'll be a few weeks I'm so, behind on my video I've got so much stuff recorded, that I haven't edited it's. Crazy. I'm out I've still got top-five load boards, sitting, on my desk that's like my next video to come out I wasn't, even supposed to do the dispatching. Video and then that happened, the one about the stress so. But. I had to make that because I was stressed out so so, Casey yeah, man what's uh Johnny. DeLaGarza, what's, uh welcome. Back to the show Johnny I appreciate, it I really do and, yeah. It was great talking to you today, about. About. Your route and and you know and I do man I do consultations, if, you need help send, me an email you. Can put it in the comments, I think YouTube discontinued. Messages, there, was an internal messages. And that's good because I wasn't, seeing them and I've sent some that haven't been seen by others or I'm just being ignored. But. You know send me put it in the comments, send me an email auto transport intelligible. Comm and you, can do that Kurt Graham you're back welcome back to the show Kurt I appreciate. That, you. Know. Let. Me know if there's a topic that I can talk about for you if there's something specific just, let me know. Alex. Is back welcome back to the show and you know it's really cool everybody's saying hello and I like that you, know this is like it's, like we're in a small saloon, and I just happen to be the one doing all the talking which, is normal, for when I'm hanging out I you know once you get me started you. Can tell right I'm just I'm like a wind up you know um.

Let's. See here we, got oh we've got some hands and some claps that, is pretty cool Nathan, transport, what's, up. You're. Trying to get out of Cali yeah dude, yeah. We can talk about that too maybe we can do a search next, week is my first month of car hauling, awesome. Alright, Daniel, and welcome to the show man okay well I really, hope in. Fact I'm positive. This show is gonna help you I really I know it is because, I told both the guys I'm talking to tonight they, started to tell me stories. And stuff I said stop talking I don't, want to hear it save. It for this show, I want, everybody else to hear the same thing I'm here and for, the first time so I don't even know what we're gonna talk about. Let's. See Riverside, California, okay. Rob mcus telecast, ellas transport, checking in okay cool Robin I hope you like this show. Vincent, Delgado what's, up welcome, back to the show this, is pretty fun you guys, in. This I missed, all this when I was live in San Diego I couldn't say hello I couldn't, see my screen I just needed some wine um. Let's. See here what. Is he doing. Exactly. Okay. Know about the third time yeah. Oh maybe you were there I'll, tell you I was so discombobulated. And yet, I was loving it it was wacky it was really crazy I'm gonna do another I'm, gonna go remote, live again, oh, no. Doubt, my, birthday, is in like seven, weeks so, I'm gonna go live on my birthday. Notice. How I didn't say the date okay. Gotta keep it interesting let's see here. Thank. You. Oh collab. Yeah, dude you. Said it all right howdy peeps Clarksville, trucking, in the house what's, up Dave Oh. What's. Up Weston, wow, this, is cool. And, Dee Newsom. My third month in car hauling, oh wow okay, yeah, so I mean thirst month third month you. Know send me an email if you want come on the show because to tell you why here's what's happening is um, honestly. 24. Hours ago out 24, hours ago I did have a show but, 36, hours ago I didn't even have a show I didn't know what I was gonna do and I. Like to keep it fresh but. I definitely, plan, the show, I don't, do random, calls I mean, maybe we can do that some time as a cannonball, actually, that is what a cannonball, is but, I like, to try and plan that a little bit so that you guys can I keep you I keep you entertained because this is a long show and so. You better have your kool-aid ready because it's hot boy. Mm. Yeah. That's tasty, okay so what. Else we got Shaw's zero 521, welcome back to the show man it was good talking to you I think we talked about a month ago, okay. Um, let's. Dive in I'm already late man I'm already behind time, but I really wanted to say hello to everybody, and I wanted to thank you for coming back in so, and I'm gonna keep doing that I know. I can't wait to go to st. Louis either it's gonna be great, chanting. Man that's gonna be fun we're gonna have a great trip all. Right so we've, got here's. My home page you guys know my home page on youtube /c. /autotcy. Intel, and thank, you for coming here and you know i try to keep it fresh and we've. Got the show every Tuesday and probably. Within, that maybe like an upload, or two a month, like, I said it's hard to keep up on the editing that is the hardest part um I, invite you to my facebook, site I post pretty much every day I. Share. Videos or, articles and. You don't even have to read the whole article man, I don't read the whole article I read the headline I've read a few paragraphs and, I got to go write I got a book a car or, yell at somebody. Okay.

That's A joke. Sometimes. It's true okay, and also you can go to auto transport, and I get yelled at auto transport And you, can check out my auto transport, business start up the 20 steps to car hauling, you know when I embarked. On this project six, months ago I wasn't sure I felt a little out of my league, and you know what's interesting is, no. That's in my league I mean I'm not, a driver. I don't own a truck I don't have an emcee Authority but, I talked to so many carriers, and now, with the interviews, and, obviously. With all the dispatching. And having. Spent so much time on, the FMCSA, website, yeah, I think this current this info is current, if it's, not let, me know and I'll update it this is my blog this is my site, and it's here for you guys it's free you can also go to my Instagram, but you know that one's a little silly all, right you know I'm in Kansas City, what, else we got here um now. We're moving her. Vine okay, I'm gonna keep moving Oh what we got in here Jamboree. Truckers. Who. Wants to meet at the 39th, annual Wolcott. Truckers, Jamboree. Where's. That at Shawn that sounds pretty cool I won't be there but it sounds cool oh it's an Irvine oh wow. Dude. California, is awesome, so. There's. That um you, know about overdrive, You. Know about truckers report com. You. Know about Auto Transport everything, calm, do. You know about I oughta top is you. Should and you know, about the FMCSA. Website, and I'm blazing, through these do you guys know about safe versus where you can check your sites if you. Miss one of these sites go back watch the video and pause it or put, a comment below and I'm happy to go back through it if. You need information in. Trucking solutions, you can go to glowstone, calm, if. You. Have, a fleet questions, you can go to fleet compliance, solutions, com all, right top five load boards number one Central, Dispatch number. Two one dispatch, number. Three cars arrived number. Four you are Auto loads comm, number. 5 metro loads calm, and a, new number five this is time for number five is. Ship. Dock cars so check it out those, are load boards that you need to know about, alright, if you, are a, hotshot. Or freight hauler its, dat, calm, in. Truck. Stop calm, those are your main two and they are more expensive, which, would explain why our, number one load board is so expensive but, I think that somebody's, gonna fix that I don't know who but, I'm excited I want to interview them you, know you can go to car shippi Oh calm, car. Hauling software, dispatch, monkey, calm you, can check out go for it app calm. Also. Shout, out to mark at run buggy calm. These, are alternative. Software. Solutions. To, help your, car hauling business, succeed. And be more efficient, and this, one I just heard of echo see are calm, I haven't. Used it but you, know there is a lot, of software, out there so. Find, out your options and use. What's gonna work best for you okay let's, move into industry, news alright, yeah the rates are up man that, is for sure. Okay. Industry, news oh man it's 819, alright, let's. See to. The. Industry news screen. I'll, see you not die freeze I did. I. Froze. See. Look at that I. Think. It's gonna come back now. If you can hear me I'm, still, talking, but. I can't see my stream, and I'm. Hoping you can see mine so I'm gonna take this opportunity while. I'm in the middle of a computer, hiccup here okay we're back. You. Know it's no it's no secret that, my, live interview, audio, needs. To be improved, and. You. Know what I'm, using old equipment, the. Computer behind me is old the laptop, I'm using is old, the. Camera, is about, six months old but it's you know it's not that great of a camera it's, okay but. I, need. A better desktop. Oh we're. Like I think we're like artifacting. And hiccuping, so tell you what I'm gonna do is I'm. Gonna close some of these windows and. That should help the stream or at least my computer. So. That's why I need to improve I know I need to improve, the audio of, the interviews and, I. Think. I'm still live but. I. My. Computer, seems to have mostly, frozen, so, stick with me for a second, we're. Gonna if I had that technical, screen I could put up I would put it up. And. Actually yeah my computer is kind of frozen here. But. I think I'm gonna guess the stream is still going, and. I don't think I can cycle, through my, images, here. So. And, I'm not gonna restart the stream so. Tell you what I'm gonna do we'll, come back to industry, news and let's, just jump into the first phone call let's see if what, we'll do is we'll do the industry, news after the first call assuming. I'm still alive let's see what happens. I don't.

Know What's gonna happen. Hey, Jack hey, what's up. Going. On how you doing welcome to on a transport, Intel, hey. How's it going I will. Get listen man I think we're alive actually. Um. My computer, I, think is freezing. But. I think we're live, are, you are. You watching you're not you're not watching the show right now right, no. I'm not because you're driving right. I. Got, the week off. Okay. So you're not the driver but. You're the owner of, a. Business in its first month of car hauling right, correct. All right cool so, listen. Man I think we're still live. I'll. Do me a favor out there if anybody knows my text, line if, you. Can text, me and let me know if we're still alive I think we are. But. I'm having a computer, I, think I opened up too many windows on my laptop and. My. Laptop, is now I mean it's over a year old. Let's, see here. Okay. I'm watching my own show on my cell phone so I think I'm think I'm still alive. Your. Computer, right right hi yogi. So. Tell. Ok so you, were saying what were you saying about your LD let's just dive in then so, we'll just say this so you are you. Are you're our new Carling, business owner your. Business is in its first month of car hauling, you're up you're upstate new york right. Correct. Yeah what's what the capacity of the truck is it's a three-car wedge right, yes. Sir. All right so, what's, going on with your eld. Well. My. Driver what. Did you move it last III put, him up in a hotel because like I said I, thought my friends with them because. You know he's he's green so I want to make sure it's, very stressful as everybody, knows and I just want to make sure he was all right so I put him in a hotel and, Virginia. Last night and the, hotel. All personnel, told that he had to park butter or something I don't know and so. He went I'll move the truck he. Didn't know that that thing automatically, punches, him on driving, and. Driving her. I don't. Know 10. Hours that he was asleep, so. It. Was that and it, constantly. Punches, you on and off driving down duty, hit you, know he'll. Be there nightmare, yeah yeah, eld. Um eld. Sucks, which. Is why I'm showing, the screen that. That. It's, basically a glorified, egg, timer and. Okay. Yeah I just got a message that the show is laggy, what. I'm gonna try and do is I'm gonna try and close some. Windows on, my laptop and improve. That but we'll see what happens but so. Yeah my show is about as good as an eld at the moment so, i'll drink some eld kool-aid. You. Know I've got eld kool-aid because, I've. Been I've been railing, against, eld since. I first heard of it, to. Me it's obvious now. Why don't you like eld what's going on why do you feel the way you feel I, don't. Want them just because, of like I'm not functions, such as what's going on with me right now I feel, like because I was a driver before. I even started a car dealership and everything and I just like paper I you know it was on me if I thought stuff and I. Was all right with that now I got, it's. Varying, face does it actually to just, you know it just makes you feel uncomfortable.

Yeah. And like it does when the machine makes a mistake which. They do they don't want you to believe that they they, do but they do, a, Kokoschka, theory well, I think I think one of the things, at. Play, with the eld is that as a. As. A, new car hauling business you. Already have a million, things to. Think, about and focus on, and the, eld is so strict, that. You. Feel I think, you feel it's almost like judicial. Pressure you, feel like there's a cop in the truck with you. And. I don't think you need that stress. I don't, and I don't think that. That. Level of stress. Increases. The, public safety to, the degree, where it makes sense. Us. Drivers, are held to a higher standard could. Work professional. But. At the same time so, what you, know grandpa, drive is RV down the Florida 20. Hours straight without taking, a break I knew. That black thing, well. That's right, that. Is and that is happening, I, mean. There you know there are plenty, of. Individual. Residential. Drivers, that. Are, totally. Mucking, up the. One. The, roads the, the. You. Know messing with the. Way people drive and, raging. On each other I mean I guess. That we're gonna have a eld. For everyone I. Think. I, don't. Know we are I don't know that's that's what I wonder, but I don't want to digress I don't want to digress and. I don't want to go into a tangent, of how much I hate eld and, then everybody jumps off the show so, alright. So wanted, to tell me okay, how many days has your driver been driving. We. Started. Two. Weeks ago, and. We. I think we've only been able to haul. Maybe. Five. Or six days we've, had some issues when we passed the mezuzah zone, and. It's, trucking. First week first. Week we, lost. Them injector, and. Second. Week lots. Of turbo no, no. It's. My fault because, you, know I didn't. Buy the greatest, equipment, but at the same time I would. Pick towing, it and I guess if you're really gonna do this it's. Towing it isn't such a good idea. Yeah. Okay, so tell, me more about that I mean that sounds like what. Month one might say it's a strategic problem, what tell me more about what you mean by tiptoeing. It I, watch. What, you just said you tip you were tiptoeing. And, yeah. Tell, me more about that what is that well. You know like any. Financial, decision, in life you know. I. Don't care who you are you, could be a career truck drivers oh oh I'm gonna go owner-operated. Tomorrow and, there's so many variables don't think so until. It happens you gotta have a good support team behind you as if you're a family man you gotta make sure everyone's on board there because that can head oh, it's true and you. Know there's. Just so many variables for the whole game so I was like I'm gonna tiptoe in and see. If I liked it and figure. Out if it's for me it's always been a dream of mine and, you, know it is for me we just got to work through the problem and you. Know, I should have just want you know ball ball and it. Just did. It I mean, I would I would have got like three, or four loads, before those abductors came calling. So. Let, me ask this in your business, because. You're also. You. Work some. Part of your work a lot of your work is as a private, dealership, is that right correct. Okay. Okay. And so. Part. Of your reason, of being. In, car, hauling, is to, go ahead and not, pay somebody. Else to do, the transport, and also you've, got a lot of unknowns, there, so, you're just you have a driver to do some of those cars yourself, is that right. Actually. It. Is right now it's my car dealership, right now near the car, and. I've always done this play Cosi, would rather pump it out the song I believe, in havin everyone get their feet but I really, what, it comes from is I'm, a third generation truck. Driver and you, know I'm, crazy and I just had this dream of owning a fleet of Peterbilt. You know like every every kid, I'm thirty years old so I'm not a kid budget, I'm, I'm. Finally, in a financial, position to chase, that dream down so that's what that's, what I'm doing and uh, you. Know so, I'm, not stepping on anyone's toes by, no means I wasn't her driver first car.

Dealer Later on truck. Driver again so why put, a truck on the road what was the purpose what is the purpose, just. Another revenue stream, yeah. Yeah that's, basically what it comes down to all, I, want. Our zone to the options, I would talk to the train for guys when you know the Carll community, is probably the best community, out there for anyone looking to get into it they. Should definitely, talk to you guys - these guys will talk there. Isn't one person that shoot me away. Realistically. As the car dealer going up to a car transfer, guy you. Know I should, look like the face of the devil like oh here comes this guy trying to take, away from up and they didn't treat me like that and I'm very appreciative, for that. Well. And you know what and actually isn't, that great when you when. Somebody does help it's interesting as, you're saying that because I was talking about my computer, problems, and. I've. Got it seems like I got someone else here saying maybe they can help me with some ideas about you, know putting together a better computer, system, it's cool when you tell people you need help with something and then help arrives isn't, that amazing. It's. Not working, so. Anyone. Looking to get into the truck driving thing you know I commented. A couple weeks ago and I don't know if you. Ever made fun, of it but. If. You, have, a chance if you don't know nothing, about diesel, trucks the best thing for you to do is the go make friends with a diesel mechanic these. Guys won't side work I mean I got, injectors, put in for a hundred bucks and. Anywhere. Else I would about twelve hundred dollar bills later, man, that is awesome. You know bartering, is a good thing, oh really. Yeah yeah. That's. All I got I got, a lot of good, people around me like my mechanic, Park I'll call him in the middle of the night and help, Oh show, up he'll they'll be reluctant at, first but hey he'll, help me and my.

Driver James and my. Girlfriend three orders, up dude. That's, awesome. I like the way you share that I mean it's it's you know it's amazing I totally, agree with you. And. You know. I've. Had a lot of great phone calls lately and. I'm. Feeling. The you, know the energy coming, back I'm making the show and then when I talk to folks on the phone that. Of either have been helped, or just enjoy watching the show, I'm, really feeling to come back in it I mean it is a community. And ecosystem I. Mean we're really here. Hot. Days, and you. Know some of the other guys I mean you guys have been instrumental. To do, I mean so, they can you provide it, right look, literally crazy, it's, awesome, man thank you thank. You so let, me let me say this um I want, to keep going with their story so what's. What's, your drivers, story so how. Many days on the road what's. He you know what what, does he think you, know is he I don't know tell me more about what's going on with him. My. Driver's, name is James and he's actually a really good friend of mine and he started this my dealership has. You. Know kind of kind, of a gofer and he just proved himself to be I mean the guy shows, up he, always, has a great attitude and I was like hey the. Editor of the truck news like no, I was like ah I. Can't. Eat this and. So, we. Got we got them out there and I was like you know and the hi I used to drive local buzz but I'm gonna try and not have you overnight and then. Mean, stomach, so you know dick and XP though. Oh. Right. It's tough to just do, like. Day driving, and be home at 9:00 it's really, hard to pull that off. Down. With the ALB is almost, impossible to do, did you I. Didn't. Mean to cut you off I what I want to ask you is did you so did you did you were you able to put some good loads together and how did that happen. Actually. One. Of the drivers, I linked up with. Big. Line although option, which is my home option. Told. Me that he does dispatching, it was right after break. Before I called you and one. That see if you, had we're, taking anyone on and clearly. You, know you're just way too busy with this fact so, I've talked to them and.

It's. Called hotshot 107. Their great group of people, a, what. They do is, so, the. One thing no one ever comment on it you know you think you can run just off at Central and it's. Really hard to do that you gotta have cars. Arrived you gotta have you. Know oh one. Dispatcher something. You know there's they're hard to get into but especially it's just brand new and, so. This guy actually. Let. Me work. Off of his name. He. Just that there's an off of his name and you. Know helps me build my company up and you. Know. That's. Basically how we're doing it okay, that's. Cool alright so then what's. On the trailer, like what you know what's your load light. Right. Now we got lucky they, had a pickup in Virginia, Beach at a Maserati, dealership so, the guys really love that and, watching, their Facebook, post and you, know fun, aside a Maserati, makes everyone smile amen. And so. They. Got Alexis. On the trailer and, aprv. And that you know, that's. Another thing if, you're, looking to get into the it. Class phase because. The weight is a problem, yeah, constantly. Worried about weight classes. And tractor-trailer. Right. When. You say tractor-trailer. You're talking what are you talking about, just. Mean even if you just picked up you. Know I think. If you had cheese like I'm looking at a whole free international. As, a Detroit. Thirty-six be good motor and. Well-maintained. And then I'm hoping. I can get it under twenty grand and considering. That has a Dodge Ram. Right. Now I paid over twenty, four and, at wholesale, price I'm a lot it's. Just a better thing in you, know that truck you. Just beat the snot right out of it it will last a long time whereas. The Dodge Ram you. Know their pickup truck. Know. Exactly, and I mean sitting with with, the three car trailer, with. The semi, with, the CDL, I mean you don't have to worry about weight, problems, other than being. Overweight, as far as the GVWR. On the trailer, right. You're. You're not gonna run into a do T problem because again that's, not a problem you need. Right. And when you're booking wrote that even makes it worth, it you, know I've had to call my dispatcher two. Or three times you like man too heavy and it didn't suck element, son I know you. Know he's. Working hard trying to fill these, route for me and I got, a callback. You. Have you have but, also the dispatcher, it's, part of the dispatchers. Job to. Understand, when, they're overloading. A trailer. I. Mean. You, know and I was just talking to somebody that, the. Dispatcher, didn't, research, the, length of the Sprinter, van which. I mean that's that's a pretty big error. Not, to say I haven't made all of these errors it's, one of the things I don't like about dispatching. Because. Even. Though I've, been dispatching. A long time I could, still make a mistake, I don't make, them like that but.

Like, I used to but. But. Anyways, I mean there's a lot of things that can go wrong I mean so the load can go wrong you could have a driver problem you could have a d-o-t problem, I don't know have you had any, have, you had any licensing. Problems, you. Know are you everything's. Okay, yeah. The lightning thing was easy like they're gonna da I come, from the background a truck charger so getting. My own authority and, everything, was easy and you, know I had helped my girlfriend, Amanda's, dad owns a trucking company so you. Know they were right there, I guess, that man I got a real good support. Team like if I if I had to go in this all on my own I try with it you, know not that it could it's tough there's a lot you know I'm in New York so you got to get a hug thicker you, got to sign up for copter. You. Got to get a honky number, you, got to get your insurance and. The insurance they, wanted it all up front there was no payment plan to be had. One. Is Oscar, what's that I. Care. Is like the New York State Road Tech from what I understand, and I don't want to sound like I don't know what I'm doing but I don't know what I'm doing. Welcome. To the club, well I know. Okay so Oscar, NY. Gov. One-stop. Credentialing. And registration. I mean I've never heard of this and I mean I've been dispatching, for years so. Okay. New. York h UT yeah, you. Know and I mean obviously there's. Gonna be folks in the live chat or, though that are watching that have definitely heard of this if you've, got information add you, know feel free to comment below. That's. Right that's right. Yeah no I mean and I'll tell you so I, was. Actually watching a video I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and plug kenny. Long from, trucking with authority, I, haven't. Talked with him yet but he's. Got a show he actually he goes on Tuesday. Nights before my show trucking. With authority, and he's got a YouTube video where, he explains, IFTA, but that's a great video, so. Check, it out it's a long video but. He's very detailed, about. How. To calculate it, in fact, you know you overpay, in the state where you're bought your fuel but you'll get a refund. Etc. So that's, a great video and in, fact where. We weren't you and I'm talking, about, the. Amount of information that. Is. Out. There compared. To I don't know it seems like they're just there's more and, more information. Which is a good thing I guess, I guess, we need that because if we're gonna have like things like eld is breathing, down our back, we're. Gonna need more information quicker. Yeah. I, mean, it's. Kind of sad fastening. Too because, you. Know some of the old school truck drivers, like my girlfriend's, bed I mean he sold all chumpitaz, jobs I'd be gonna kill these. People. To. Sunrise the. Informations. Good I mean cuz you got all unlike me that just started, I'm there's, so much information if, I got a question someone. Out there's got an answer for me and it with a second, you know you, know it would be tough to. Have like. That. Technology. Aversion, I don't. Know how to best say it right I mean it's not his fault that he's not used to using technology but. There's no getting around it. You. Know lucky for me and my team were all. Younger. And the industry, and we, all know how to use a stand, everything but I mean, even one you, know I had a guy drop. Off a car. To me right. Back, in November. He, was, using cars arrived and he didn't even know how to use the half he was like you know just, take the VF and pink piece of paper I don't know how this. Dude. Yeah. You. Know what's funny is that so as a dispatcher. I. Deal. With the, top five load boards every day and. I, take it for granted how. Well I, know the load boards, and how well the, drivers, know the apps so. When I talked to a driver that doesn't know the cars arrived at, yeah. Like, it's sudden like what do you mean you don't know the cars arrived at well.

Look. And. Cars arrived is thinking actually you, don't hear that from cars arrived a lot and in fact I recently. It. Sounds, like even like one dispatch. One. Dispatch, ready logistics, ready auto transport. They. Six, months ago said, you. Cannot, halt for us if you don't use our app and I, was recently reading. Again. That. You. Know this is all speculation. It's. Not fact, because. I don't have one dispatch. Agents. Here to verify it but, it sounds like if you use a system. That's. Robust, enough and that they're used to that. Maybe. They'll accept it which. Is I mean that's where we're all headed, it's at some point if you're. There's so much, technology. That. If you have to use all of it there's. Gonna be a problem you. Know. So. The. Trucks are even going all-electric, now oh yeah, right, thread in art I just read an article that Cummins. Actually. Acquired. Some electric. Motor company, they, actually just, broke news today so. When I bought some Silicon, Valley company, out so they. Plan on producing, electric. Motors which you. Know what. More can they do to us you've, already neutered, the whole industries, oh. Man. That. Was harsh, I was awesome comment. Neutered. The industry, that is the comment of the night. A. Car shop and we. Deal with these emission, problems, on a daily basis, lift the pickup truck so check this out there's an article from last August. Talking about Cummins, shows, off their all-electric, trucks, so and, yummy we hear Tesla, a lot. So. You. Know I, mean yeah. I guess that I guess that's happening. I don't. Know anybody I don't know anybody with, an electric truck so if, anybody out there knows anyone, with a tricked truck I'd, love to have them on the show so we can talk about electric, trucks I'd. Be cool. Yeah. Point. They they, have they're like I don't, even know if it's a law or whatever but basically if, you manufacture, car. You, get the outsources to a dealership an, independent, or laws a franchise, I should play and, you. Know individuals. Like you were meet and owned a franchise. Hopefully. Got rid of that they'd. All love franchising. Rights on their cars and on top of that they don't even allow you to services.

Everything. Is like. Noble. Proprietary. Software basic, okay I'm with you sounds like Apple. Yeah. Exactly then buy got Android right. Okay. That's cool man I'm digging. It um, you. Know what I wanted to ask you was so. On the financing. Cuz I know financing. Is a big part, of getting started, can. You is there any advice, you, could give about, financing. Or at least a red. Flag that I don't. Know you found, important. Well. I mean, I don't want to get into haha yeah. Water, finance, all right but or correct you. Gotta have a good amount pays up. Look. No, one wants to work with the new guy be. Honest with ya it doesn't matter what industry you're entering like, I said the car dealership, was the same way and, the. Trucking industry is done the same way too and they, just don't want to work with you and like. My insurance there was no, finance, playing at all it was a is. $13,500. A truck on a wrist on a whim and it's like yeah, I can get that back but you. Know not, all what there's like 13 grand to just throw out there and hope that. They. Don't have some sort of earn credit, on it and he don't get it all back if it don't work out mm-hmm. Yeah. And that's just in uninsurance. I mean. I find. It I'm. Looking at I saw on my blog post on my on. My 20. Steps to car hauling, so. Number. Four, number three is to find your budget number four is purchase equipment and, basically, I was gonna put him as number one but really number one is. Strategic. Plan and it, sounds like you know you spent a long time, coming. Up with the strategy of, how you were actually gonna pull the trigger am, i right. You, know I think that's in there honestly, that sounds, the. People I talked to I talked to a guy all. Right check this out I talked to a guy yesterday and, he. Is he's, still in. The. Industry, that he's in fact, I talked to two guys yesterday same, similar, similar. Same similar um they're, in this they're in an industry, and they're. Looking, to progress. Into, auto. Transport, and, to. To make all that happen is. There's. Many hurdles, not. Just financial, not. Just educational. But, literally I mean this is a this is a change, in, what they're doing and I. Like, to think of it like turning, an Eric on an aircraft, carrier around. You know that's. All it's a hard process, so. I. Use, the one freak man and I'm, buying a car all in a completely. Different ballgame and you got to think you're dealing with this bunch, of damn used car salesman and new car salesman, where the worst people on the planet. Yeah. Man, you're you're, clearly the worst I'll tell you what um. You. Know you just said something you've worked in Freight and now you work in cars I don't, know a lot of people that have done that what.

Can You tell there, are folks right, now wondering if they should go into Freight or cars talk to a guy the other day that's, what he's facing what. Could jump what would you say to me. Okay. Certain, work involved you may think it's that easy unloading. I put them on but. When, that 90 degree weather hits you you gotta do an inspection and, then you got so much leafing, through your brain and you, got car, dealer telling you you can't park here too long where, it was free and you. Know they a motor truck sometimes, I hauled. Sauerkraut, to New York City and you. Know I had, to get it as far off the trailer to, the edge and they did the run it's not like that with car at all. Speaking. Of big Papa says so a semi truck and a three car hauler is okay to run the answer to that is yes right. Correct. You can regardless. Of what anyone tells you, I know, the dirtbag you can get. A gooseneck trailer. To hook to a tractor yeah. Okay, I thought that was the answer but I. Am. I, am, also trying, to I'm. Trying, to stay, tuned. In. To the to the live chat that was some talk about one. Dispatch, in sand, thank, you for the super chat saying I appreciate, that if. I can if we can answer if Kevin. And I can answer a question, for you or vice-versa. Please. You know feel free to live chat that right now and again thank you for the super chata I wanted, to you, know thank him for that um so. The, guy I talked, to he's ready to work so. What else why, why. Pick. Well. Do, you pick Freight or do you pick cars let's. Say you got strong, work ethic, are, you gonna make here's the here's what people want to know what. Am I gonna make more money doing. You. Know it's really depends I would say car hauling. Because. You don't need the. Contact, right off of that now don't get me wrong like I said I worked for my girlfriend's, dad who hauled sauerkraut, and he, had a lane shut up and it, was perfect, and he was making tons, of money doing it but, when he did it before he didn't have that. Contact. He was working off a low 40, what. I understand, they didn't pay so hot, whereas. The cars you can you. Can enter, this game in the car business and make. A diesel pleasant you know try, not going to get rich definitely. Not off of one truck but. You will make you dip I think it you, treat everyone right right, so because. What, I think I think is the general, understanding and. Even I think that, freight haulers, when, they talk to car haulers, at a truck stop and, they compare, numbers a, car, hauler has a much higher gross. Than. A freight hauler of. Course a car hauler has a higher maybe. Expenses. And higher risk, but, that the margin, is thicker. It's. All true okay my. On my, girlfriend. Amanda's dead he, was going paying $6,000. And insurance, them every, car hauler I talk to is well over 10,000, oh yeah. Oh yeah. And, maybe. But. Maybe so. What would a downside, be defrayed, haulers have less control, over their, schedule, or I, don't. Know, why. Because. I wasn't, working off a load board looks great I'm sure. I'm. Sure that. If. You wanted to get home time you could get it with Freight but for me and the North eat and. Where I'm located, cars. Are where's that man I can you, know right. Mannheim. Is the biggest auction in the world and it's for hunt for. Hours from my doorstep well. And you, were talking let's talk about your location cuz an. Irvine transport. I was talking to him today and we're talking about location. He says 13,000, sounds great my, quote for new MC, numbers with paid off semi and clean driving record was 21 thousand, a year brand, new MC and CDL. So. That. I don't know if that had something to do with it or. You, know I really shopped around man just, because one, insurance. Brokers are straight. Pokers, just, do the one is going through progressive telling, you 21000. It doesn't mean that you can't coke throw it to the think broker. That's gonna work through progressives, and get you a cheaper right you. Have got a really shop around yeah. Well. Yeah and I mean that isn't so right that's, one of the keys on insurance, is right. Keep shopping around. But. Uh you, know it seems, like some folks have, a really, hard time finding.

Insurance, That they. Can afford and other people haven't had as tough, of time I don't know what the I don't know what the secret is there I, mean. It could come down to age like I said I'm thirty. Years old so phones, like, twenty. Four trying to get into it could. Be age it could be equipment. There's. So many variables of make sure I deal with that every day at the car dealership level, two insurance. Companies are. Terrible. Well. Actuarial. Tables, right. Which. Are I mean those are those, are you. You're not gonna be able to argue with, an insurance adjuster. With an actuarial. Table. And. That, whatever, the numbers line up to equal that's, the number. Is. The number and that's why it's good to be a banker, because the number is what. The number is and you know when Wall Street you. Make money if your client wins or loses. Yeah. And that's why that's, why the house always wins, so. Which. Has nothing to do with car hauling. You. Know it's. Funny because no we're talking about insurance, and everything else my, girlfriend, was just saying today about, how I went, from one highly, regulated business. To the net and I'm. An idiot for. A. Car. Dealership, you. Know this is fun I'd like to get out there do it if. You're dealing with the car dealer and they're. Just being you know the, biggest a hole ever. They. Got a lot of pressure to they, do and, that's why any, time a driver is dropped off a car at me, it's, no issue for them to not treat anyone with respect, they should always do that as a human being but. Lenders, got a chokehold on that and. You. Know you, think third bag customer, trying, deal with people buy a car. There. And you, know it's interesting that's, where it's, helpful to understand. I think this my grandfather, said. You. Never know I. Don't. Know you never know what, the load of the other guy is, carrying, or whatever, just that you. Know you, think you got a lock down on. What's. Happening, in your world and then you step in someone else's shoes and realize, oh my gosh. Exactly. And it is it's really helpful to know that but ultimately, no. Matter if I talk to a dealer. Like right, now we're talking, in dealership. Terms and it comes back to falling. On the customers, expectations, same. Thing with a broker, ultimately. The problem is in the customers, expectations and. A, lot of car hauler problems, come, back to the customers, expectations I, tell you I learned, on a conversation.

Last Night that. I can't wait to, make a show about, what. Do we do with, these unrealistic. Customer. Expectations. Well. Yeah how do you rub, that's right is it one person at, a time I mean, this, is the real meat right here how. Do we educate each. Car. Shipping customer. One. At a time is. There enough time in the universe to do this I mean. I guess you got to create, the time if you care about your business like when one, we're selling cars and like I said we sell used cars and, we. Don't have a Christmas law I can't tell you it's six months down the road is that engine. Gonna go you, know it so. You sit down you, educate, the customer, you, basically sound like listen you offer them everything, you got warranties. This. Any, other and you, allow them to make their business but you want them to do it. Where you know that you put everything out there and you were honest, if you over placed in the trucking is if, you say I'm, gonna pick up the car and Thursday, and I'm gonna be there on Friday you. Might hit traffic you're not gonna be that in Friday and I'll tell you right now as the car dealer if. A driver tells me he's gonna be here on Friday I hold, him to it, because. I'll hold my driver to that department that. Interesting. But you know that, and. As I had this conversation who's, about a week ago that. While. In. Transport. We can estimate what, we're. Planning to you. That's. A meeting great I'm sorry to cut you off that's what you do you you, have test me which, is why I'm. Gonna say this right now for anybody, out there using, Central Dispatch and you use, or let, the word exact. Get, used and. Sometimes I'm, not gonna argue with a broker about using the word exactly, if, they want to say you'll, pick it up at two o'clock exactly at, you. Know the chocolate shop and, you're, gonna deliver it at four o'clock exactly. At the. Cookie shop fine, go ahead and put that on there if that's what you got to do to, feel, better about the dispatch do it but, the word exactly, should, not even be used, in Auto Transport. It. Shouldn't, even be an option. It's. Like there is no blue, light there's a red light there's a yellow, light and there's a green light there's no blue light. So. Don't make it an option. Some. People gotta use the words at and this gets you know why the word exactly. Exists. Because, of unrealistic. Customer. Expectations. You. Got a wrong. Am. I wrong about that. That. Way that wrong I know and that sucks doesn't it. Yeah. She's, right a customer, that is diggin exactly, for the exact time of the drop-off, and stuff like that and you, know you shoot a number out there. Because you know you, just did it cuz you get on in there as well. If you've been at the mating the whole time and he's like well so you'll be here at 4 o'clock I, can have everything running at 4 o'clock and you get so aggravating, you think yeah. No, we can hold anything against, you man like I was just digging and some, people are just like that they want to know exactly what, and, it's it's interesting because III. Like, to come real close to. Philosophical. Discussion, they come right back into the business side so let. Me say this is that you, said something which, was really key, when, I talked about customer, expectations.

You. Talked about educating. The customer and, spending, the time because. The. The broker, I talked to last night said the exact, same thing which. Is really interesting, in this world of robots. And technology, what. Really makes, good, business is spending. One-on-one, time. Isn't. That interesting. But. You know there are some new. Businesses. Or. Whatever. Mindsets. That are just like yep robots. You. Know click, the robot, and send the robot buttons. No, people, that's. Not, what. Actually gets, a good transaction. Done. Feels, right after I got my CDL, and I was diving water truck and, we. Would go out to these sites and his job you, know you have to be a big, test there's an Oklahoma country. Boys and if, you like one you gonna be done and I, trying. To just get the job I over promise, and we. Were out there there was like $300, an hour's what the company earns enough and I. Ate, every. Bit of my words all I won I was right done in there you don't think nothing okay. Well. I I. You know what and I admitted, to someone, earlier today, that if. I'm in a Oshin. And I've. Got to. Bend. The truth to. Get through the negotiation. And it's not a hurtful, then. It's just it's, one of those things you're like you know what I'm, gonna let this part slide. Because. It's really in there in the overall, scheme it's unimportant, and. Actually. Like you said if you just keep your mouth shut sometimes. Things. Work out. So. So. The advice is in your first month of car hauling, keep. Your mouth shut. Bend. To the tree. That's. Now our thing. But. What we, are saying there's a lot of gray area which again is why an eld is so hard because, there's, no room, for gray. Area, and when. You. Know I'll, tell you a funny story here's, one for you I was. I'm, working, in Hollywood okay, I'm on the back of a prop truck this is a true story and I'm, at a prop house and war in a hurry we're being yelled at by the set decorator, you, guys you're. Slow whatever. We got to get back to set, and I. Mean we're just stressed out so I'm unloading, props, on to the to, the to. The the, deck of the, auction, house and while. I'm unloading this like vase lamp. Table. I don't know what it is it's. I don't even know if we even used it as. I'm unloading, it the bottom, falls off, and. I'm holding the top of him the dang bottom, just fall off so. So. I literally, without, skipping, a beat just put it right back in the truck, scoop, to the bottom back in the truck under a fern a blanket, and kept, going I know. We'll just return that later let's get let's get out of here is. That I mean I think that, unfortunately, sometimes, that's, where you're at. In. The middle of a trance, action you know there's, a stupid, mistake it's. Not that big of a deal and I really don't have time to go through the minutiae, to. Analyze, what the heck just happened I gotta just keep on going, and I really would and in the end you know what we, never heard back on this lamp I mean you know it was no, big deal the, only person that knew about it was me I don't even think the set decorator, saw that or if she did she, kept her mouth shut. Oh. Man. That's great and I guarantee, the driver has all these moments right, maybe, he forgot to put the gas cap on or, well. He forgot the. Eld thing, he couldn't that would that would be one of those moments and yet the eld wouldn't, let him, get. Around this you know otherwise. Really, unimportant, error. You. Know exactly. Did, he put in the Oh. Jay. Never know, yeah I know you could run paper log though so. No. Well, okay, here's here's my understanding. And I've spent, a lot of time looking at eld talking. About eld, getting. Angry about eld. And. Here's the deal is that you got a runny LD as. Of, that, was like April, I think it was April 1st you, have to run eld you. Can't use paper logs. Except. If your eld, is malfunctioning I, believe. You have seven, to ten days there, is a specific number it's. On the FM's yes it's eight days. All. Right yeah but you have to. I. Think you have to prove that you're in contact with, the eld manufacturer. I mean there is a specific list, of things you have to do so. It is no party, by any means and in, fact if after eight days your. LD isn't fixed I think you have to. Voluntarily. Either. Get a different, eld device, or stop until. It's fixed something like that. Let. Me go back to what I was saying you have to run. Okay I would say you could run paper walk it I got jumping nothing if it break oh man, if it breaks right right. Okay yeah. And so I mean and that and that is a total you.

Know What's interesting is, that. When. I talk about eld, and I some. Some people like oh you just don't like technology or. I don't know whatever, what. I'm getting at is you know if you, wake up in the morning go ahead and let's, this is how you do the eld for, normal, people, go ahead when you wake up in the morning go ahead write down everything you remember about your dream and then. Write. Down what, you're about to do for breakfast, and then. After breakfast, go ahead and write down and I want specific, times I want to know how many eggs I want, to know toast bacon. Orange, juice, I want, specifics. And I want to know how long you wait for and then I want to know what you're gonna do next and I want a sigh really want a good estimate, are you gonna are you gonna actually are, you gonna do something silly like folding, the laundry or are you gonna get back to business calls, or are, you going to you, know but you're really gonna be on duty off duty am i right, like if you made a regular, person, do, these things they'd be like oh my god forget it this sucks. Put. Down your location, at the refrigerator, and then your location, at the living yeah that's exactly. And. Now the phone, rings but, now you're not going to the living room. And. You forgot to put that down oh. I. See. Trying. To play the old living room trick, eh. Why. Can't they just let us get the car to where they need to be man at the end of the day why are we doing things. And. You know what every, time I hear, something in the name of safety I'm, sorry, I don't I really. Don't think it pans out it's. It's. And. You know what's interesting is, that we. I think all of us who, are ever crazy, point, of view were coming from. There is a list of government programs, that we think are a waste. Yeah. Might, be the only thing people, agree on is that there's a list of government, programs, that are, a waste I'm pretty sure this. Goes on the list. You. Know so, thank you that in the name of safety like, my drivers right now it's more worried about a VLP that, he is worried about the car in front and that's a problem, that's. Great, yeah that's terrible, and. You, know you know what, if he gets a car it's hard to train a guy on, an eld and train them you still got a 48-foot. Trailer behind, you dude you. Know you. Gotta watch out you got it you, got a detour, sign coming. Up that but you got a truck round here there's there's, some what there's a driver you have to pay attention to, well last thing you need was added, drunk on your debt and that's what you'll become.

Ya. Know, and you know what I like I like what you just said about what, the driver needs to be, focused on and his concerns, I mean could. You give since. You're the owner and it's interesting cuz the next I'm going to talk to Casey who's a co-driver, I don't know what website, I got up here now but, when. You talk about the. Driver concerns. From. Your owners, perspective. What. Do you think are the top three things that. He's. Either concerned, about or needs to work on I know it's a tough thing to answer but I mean you. Know is, is he is he already proficient, at loading, and unloading or, is that still an area that needs to be worked on no. He got, loading, and unloading weight down right off the bat agree no like I said I'm lucky in the aspect that I own a car dealership, I brought the, trailer up to my house I had, eight trade, and sitting around I said load all both, all of them spent three days is loading and unloading I, wanted to beat that into his has person. For most fun we. Went out at oz because he's never driven a truck, and tractor throwing, now, you're gonna go out and you're gonna drive with an empty trailer and you're gonna drive a little loaded trailer then. We're. Gonna pick up a couple cards of mine at the option, and we're going to do this we're gonna practice like, it's real, so. But. Then we got into the whole. Compliance. The compliance. And everything else them you, know I'm new to a tooth though we're, struggling with it man, right. Okay. So. Loading. And unloading check. Compliance. Not. So check okay, all. Right yeah, no not here yeah and that and that again, that's another thing where when. I talk, about. The. FMCSA. And. All. Of the. By. The way do you have a copy of improving, highway safety do you know what that is, no. All. Right cool, so what, you want to do is go to the FMCSA. Website. Fmcs. ADOT. Gov. And, go. To. Okay. I believe, it's, I haven't done this in a while and, I. Believe, it's either regulations. Or registration. And I, wished I wish the FMCSA. Website, just had a link right to. Actually, let's do this I know it's called improving. Highway safety so. I'm gonna type in the search box. Improving. Highway. Safety. All. Right. And, let's. See if it pulls it up oh there. It is a motor, carriers, guide to. Improving, Highway, Safety, is the first search result I'm gonna click that link it's, gonna take me to the page I was trying to find Oh which, is under safety, carrier, safety of, course it is okay, so then I click on the, PDF link, okay. Anything. Dot PDF means. Lots, of reading right. Right. Exactly. So, here we go here's, the PDF link which is also I believe on the website I think I put a link, below in my show notes and this. Is a I, believe, it's a hundred and fifty still loading I think it's a hundred and fifty six page PDF. Called. Improving. Highway safety now, even though it's from December, 2009. 162. In my, sixty two pages you're, gonna want to you're gonna want to save this just click, the download arrow, save it to your computer and. Read. It and snuggle, up because, you're. In for a really. Really, long ride now. The. D-o-t expects, you to know this cold, by. The way and I. Know that because I talked to an ex a do T expert. FMCSA. Expert, on the show and I, mean man he knew his stuff and. He. Also understands.

That To understand, all this cold meanwhile. Run a business meanwhile. Financing. Family. Live, actual. Life, stress. Eld. It's, a lot and yet. You do want to download this and take a look through it and it talks about a lot of the things you've already. Made. Yourself familiar with the alcohol. And drug consortium. Requirements. And you. Already know about the medical card etc. Anybody. Bored yet. It. Is is crazy. So, there. I mean there's so much to know and actually, I, think that. It. Would benefit anybody. Owners. Drivers. Brokers. Dispatchers. Everybody. Should have a copy of this and just leaf, through, it to, at least begin, to understand. All. The areas, of, certification. Licensing. And, government. Regulation. Pertaining. To trucking. And transport, I mean, you know CDL. Right. You now you know how important a CDL, is. And. And. There's just so many areas in here and taxes. Etc, so that. Would be my. I'm. Only on page 32, a safety. Fitness. Let's. See here y'all bitch I'll bet you safe I'll bet you Fitness isn't something your drivers thinking about it's got a million things to think about is. He is he doing pushups in the parking lot no. That's, where the lot lizards are. A. Pretty one don't go near the, top oh. My. God that's awesome I've, never heard that oh. Man. Wow. You. Damned if you do damned if you don't I guess. And. All this all to see of the the, elect the. Ecfr. Oh, my. Gosh yeah this thing I can't stop scrolling it's kind of like Facebook it's. Like once like once I get up on this PDF I can't stop scrolling I think, I'm being hypnotized, by information. No. Other everything. No, other, show, is, going. To say hypnotized. By information, I. Should. Trademark it. It's. Like that's hot in Paris Hilton who remembers, that. Oh. Man. Oh that's why I was gonna say earlier actually my demographic on, this show, my. Biggest demographic is. Like. 25, to 34. So. That's pretty cool, that's. A good thing because there, it right. There's. Perfect to get into the industry I mean, that's what I think you're not hard at. That oh. Yeah. I mean you know what speaking of which is funny because drugs and alcohol just came up. Yeah. I mean I. Think. That I think that must be why I get approached by so many new car haulers, and that's actually that's why I made this show. I, haven't. Oh I, jus

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Another good show Jay!! You are growing at a steady pace and I look forward to future shows. Couldn't be there live but I did smash the like button. Cheers!

Thank you! I can feel the momentum and I'm very excited about entering my second year of this channel. And I thank you for your support.

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Just recently found out about your channel so i had to subscribe. Been doing a lot of research over the past year and a half on auto hauling. I've been in the towing industry for 13 years and the company i work for isn't taking me any further in any of the goals I have set for myself. So due to that, I felt it was time to make a change and go into something for myself. I believe your channel as well as others will help me in my goals I have planned. I'm just trying to be a sponge and take in all the information i possible can so that I can proceed with things correctly. Hopefully one day soon I too will be able to share my own experiences and stories.

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I love this comment! This is what my channel is all about. I hear from folks researching car hauling (and car shipping) a lot, and so I have you in mind when I make these videos. If you happen to make it for my live show, please say hello in the live chat. And if you have a question, please let me know. Thank you!

Jay you have a great show, very educational. Yesterday was my first day working in car hauling as a dispatcher. I came into the business with a driver that I dispatched dry van freight with for 3 years. He got two F350s with enclosed trailers that can fit 2 cars. I must say that this business is a hell of a lot more laid back than hauling general freight. The brokers are much more laid back, and even the shippers are very easy to work with. I'm looking forward to what's to come. I wanted to ask you how negotiating works when dispatching cars. When I work with dry vans, someone can post a load for $500 and I can literally ask for $1,000 and end up getting $850. On Central Dispatch all of the cars are already posted with a price. I asked for maybe a $100 or $200 increase on the price, but nobody budged. In your experience, is the price that is posted on Central Dispatch usually the price it ships for? How much can I increase the price without insulting the broker? As I stated earlier, dry van seems to be a completely different ball game compared to this. Thanks!

Thank you! Yes, many of the principles between the two industries are the same, but pricing is an example of a noticeable difference. Most brokers in car hauling expect to be quite close with their posted Central Dispatch rate - and they feel like it's truly their own decision to increase (not yours). Oftentimes, 10% is about the most you can expect to be able to raise them without starting an argument. Also, let me know if you're interested in my dispatching consultation services. My email address is: And thanks for watching.

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