First Friday January 2021

First Friday January 2021

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Hi everyone. It's First Friday again: January, 2021. We thought: new year - new host. So my name is Atticus, and on behalf of Bootheel Artists' Council - in proud collaboration with Lordsburg Hidalgo-County Chamber of Commerce and Lordsburg Municipal Schools - welcome! And thank you so much for being here, for your time, for tuning in as we share and celebrate the abundance of skills and passions and talents and experiences here in Hidalgo County.

We've got a great show for you tonight. It's a full program: We're going to start off with a new segment, "Guest Star from Afar." Ms. Cody Riggers will introduce herself, and you'll get to hear her flawless voice alongside Jess Mesa's impeccable voice, despite the two of them being on opposite sides of the country.

After that, we'll see some artwork from the mixed-media portfolio of Taylor Cano, local artisan and First Friday sponsor. After we see that, we're gonna hear from the missionaries at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, an angelic ensemble that they've put together - thank you for your submissions, guys. Next up on the program, more artwork - this time from the 11th grade environmental science students in Mrs Hawley's class. We'll feature their Build-a-Beast projects, and I'm excited for that. By popular demand next on the program is a new duet by Maya Olivas and Jess Mesa, and then headlining for us tonight Ariana Tovar is going to debut her vocal and ukulele talents. Jess and I also recorded a piece, so we'll throw that in at the end.

Full program tonight! Thank you again for tuning in. Let's get started right away and I'll have Cody introduce herself: Hi everyone! My name is Cody Riggers, I'm here in Connecticut. Me and Jessica have been best friends since high school through a fun summer program and through college. I'm so excited to be singing with Jess for this month's Guest Star from Afar. I hope you all like our song. Happy January! Hey peeps! This is Mrs Hawley, the science teacher at Lordsburg High School.

Weird that a science teacher is involved in a community video about art, I know, but chemical reactions and experiments aren't the only ways to "do science." In fact, this year instead of a traditional midterm exam, which I'm sure my students appreciated, I tasked my 11th grade environmental science students with a project that blended science with art. Throughout our unit, students learned about how populations can adapt and change over time in response to environmental conditions. They put their knowledge to the test by creating an ideal "beast" that could survive in an environment full of different challenges. Students designed their organism by combining multiple different adaptations, some of which can be found on Earth, while others show the true creative nature that can come out of a high schooler's brain.

The project included making drawings - either on paper or, for the first time ever, digitally this year - of the new species they created, as well as writing a creative story describing what it would be like to spend a day in their beast's shoes. And I'm excited to share their hard work, creativity, and - dare I say? - enjoyment with all of you First Friday viewers. Thank you so much for watching! Hi, my name is Ari, i play the ukulele, and today i'm going to be doing "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo. Thank you very much for watching! Hi everyone.

Happy 2021! The following is a composition that Jess and I have scored for mandolin, viola, and piano. We call it "Still Crazy Fly." It's a mashup; see if you can spot all the songs. We hope you like it. Oh, hey! Didn't see you there! How's it going? Jose Ortiz here from Phantom Fireworks in Road Forks. I just wanted to let you guys know, we are still open.

You can check out all our products on or call us at 575-542-8342 And remember, we're only open for curbside! That's our show, everyone! Told you it was a good one. Thank you to our contributors, to our collaborators, and our sponsors, and thank you very much for watching. Before we go tonight, I'd like to show you a little teaser trailer of a virtual game night that we hosted recently: We're working on making it a regular thing. If you're interested in participating or helping produce it, please reach out to us: We'd love to collaborate with you. So we'll show you that, but have a safe and warm January, and we'll see you next month! welcome everybody thanks, Tony contestants this month are miss Cody Riggers uh Mr. Jason

Hawley, and Mr. Anthony Tovar. thanks for joining us everyone um let's see what happens and you know we're still kind of figuring out the format here so bear with us we've got about like 50 just general questions and i think we might just take turns go one at a time but here's what we're playing for besides pride and bragging rights. Let's rock and roll Cody our first question goes to you, here we go which american state is the largest by area jason who painted the ceiling of the sistine chat tony time to get on the board what planet in our solar system has the most gravity cody who is remembered for his large and stylish signature on the united states declaration of independence jason this next question is for you and it's lordsburg related apparently lawrenceburg high school was state champion titles in football basketball and baseball in what school year what is the second element on the periodic table what country is home to the world heritage site machu picchu who is the artist first known for utilizing the auto-tune vocal distression technique you guys want to do uh first to buzz in or something for that's how we're going to do it guys all right the scores cody's at two points jason's at eight points and antonio's at six points and everybody loves my guess that's cool we froze okay cody you're right for sure pasteurization pasteurization is correct i say we give them the point unless jason has an objection to that i need that is wow cody harry pierre danya jurassic park sodium eight miles cody ghost ghost nice and at the end of that cody's got 10 points jason has 21 points antonio has 14. here we go is it all dogs go to heaven let's see oh it sure is oh that's nice rosebud it is a cave that was great cody has 13.

jason has 25 antonio has 20. a few more questions to go to a new shout out tonya harry potter but well played everybody at the end of the game we actually have a tie i think yeah jason you have 26 each and cody 14. that's it

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