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I. Don't. Like needles so I always look away let me knew this. When. It comes to influencers with fake audiences right say I know a lot of people who have millions and millions of followers and, I my Vegas advise them it's like create something, of your own. So. The hot script formula works to do that you. Hook people in you. Give them a reason to stick so stays, today. I'm gonna teach you how to get more views on YouTube, that's. The hook so people know okay plan this on the right video this, is not clickbait this, is what I'm gonna get out of this video good, morning I am just. On my way to go, get an IV which. I do once a month I've been doing it for quite a while now because. It just helps keep my energy levels, up and keeps, me healthy and, I, do feel, like being an entrepreneur, it's, like me an athlete sometimes and as you guys know I grew up in a very athletic family, so. I just know that it's important to take care of yourself so you can actually perform and, I. Just don't like being sick so this helps and you. Have, been asking for day-in-the-life, videos, which i've never really done so this is our first day. In the life video which I am very excited about so, I'm gonna kind of bring you along I, might be breaking the rules slightly, but we're actually gonna bring you along on a couple, of days, it's. Thursday now we're. Gonna take, you through to Saturday where. I am doing a speaking engagement with. Very. Very special guests I'll just say that much. And it's gonna be all about YouTube and getting your first 1000, subscribers, all the tips of tricks and yeah. I hope you guys learned a lot of one of the way. Kula. Come back thank you. Previously. You've done the burnable we've made a custom for you as well yes so the, things that we were helping you with were, you, know helping support your mood. Increasing. The your metabolism, adding more vitamins. And adding in some specific amino acids, a little, bit more immune support by adding in more vitamin C yeah is that something you want to do again I think that's kind of perfect that's the one I like the best so yeah, that's a really nice formula for you I'd prefer not to go back to burnout so this is like preventative. Measure yeah, you guys know that. Doesn't. Happen but. Yeah that sounds perfect for me yeah. Thank. You. It's. A nice compliment. First. Time ever at that. Oh. Well, that's good too hey-oh. Well. Because they're juicy oh yeah. Sort. Of concave. Yeah it's the problem, okay. We don't want everybody, happy if you have usually, I teach you about YouTube today I'm teaching you about veins you don't want concave, and know you don't know, want. Them juicy grapes. Okay, okay you take a nice deep breath in for me. Good. Job thank, you where's parts over perp we're. Done we did it. So. Um. Busy. Week not like a crazy busy week but today. I have a pretty. Big livestream that I'm doing in someone else's group about. YouTube. And how to use it to grow your business so. That's. Happening today and then just a lot of meetings over the next two days and then, like I said Saturday we have this event that I'm doing all. About YouTube as well so, we're gonna take you along than that but the reason that I do this. You. Can comment and tell me if you think I'm crazy or. Comment, and tell me if you do this too and the. Reason I do this is because it just. Like. Nourishes. Me and gets vitamins, back in and make, sure that I am, up for all, the stuff have going on because. I think I is such a high tolerance at this point for stress, before, busyness. And. For, events and for speaking I don't really get nervous like I used, to but it still does take a toll and it's, still a lot of energy output so doing. This allows me to have that energy to keep moving. Forward and bring. My best self to the table and I know, I say this all the time but I really. Have learned. Especially. Going, through like, major burnout and stuff like that in the past if. I don't take care of myself I, can't take care of anything, else I can't take care of my business I can't take care of my relationships. I just can't do much else so. I love coming here it's like 45 minutes of forced relaxation, I listen, to a podcast or I read a book or just sit and do nothing and it, just helped me replenish, myself, so I can take, care of everything so I think, that's a big takeaway no matter where you are on your business even if you take like an hour away and go, for a walk or something it.

Took Me a long time to learn that those things make a huge difference to your sustainability. And running your business so. Take care of yourself or else you're not gonna be able to take care of anything else and nobody. Wants to get there. His own out for a little bit enjoy. My relaxation and, tune. In to Oprah, soul super soul Sunday obviously. Okay, finish. The IV feel. Good. And now just brush your home to ensure that I am situated on my computer and can talk to, all. These people that I'm doing this live stream for about YouTube. And YouTube for fitness we're just gonna general. Know. Hi. Can. You hear me okay. Okay. I'm good how are you. It. Has been a while, yeah. So the, first step is really breaking in broken into four phases so I have this methodology we call we call it the sunny system kind of a play on the solar system. But. I but if you can visualize it, YouTube. Really, is the, Sun it's at the center of the solar system and it's. Got. All of these other planets around it and the planet the other planets around it are your, social media platforms, your, email lists your, Facebook, group your, customers, your, leads. Your. Influential. Relationships. Your press opportunities and, it's. Fueling, all of those things but the beautiful part about it is all. Of those things are also fueling, YouTube so two. Things one really, is getting your, research down and. The. Research is the hardest, most, time-consuming, part but, it's also the most valuable because, and. I'm sure there's people who can relate to those who are watching you, create a piece of content you. Put it up you think it's gold and you get crickets, and that's. Not a nice feeling plus it's not pushing the needle for your business so I always. Say research before you record because, that allows you to get clear on who you're trying to target and what kind of opportunities. Are trying to attract in. Those, in that realm in that system, so. For me I started. With social media I was talking about social media cuz it was what I knew and had been studying and working with my clients on for five years and then, I really, niche down to YouTube, and, the. Research phase really comes. Up in a couple of different ways first thing easiest thing, create. A list of fa Q's my. First video that I did that kind of took off for me was when I did a video from, my clients FAQ, which was. About live-streaming at the time about periscope so create a list about fake use create a master, list which is any, skill. That you have mastered in your business that you can teach other people or that people are constantly, asking you for help with. Hey. Thank you for having me. Okay. Bye. So. Just finish the live that was super fun and I think, oftentimes. People, don't understand the amount of like content, you, have to do on a weekly basis especially to drive in online business so doing. Interviews. Like that it's always so fun and the, purpose, really is to spread the word about what. Your products and services are and. It. Always turns out when I do these interviews, and I'm talking, about YouTube and using it to grow your business doesn't. Help me a lot where people go oh my gosh that was so insightful and I'm gonna hire you and so so, just happy fair which is super great and I think just. Like YouTube the more you put your genius into the world and the more you, can get onto, people's podcasts, or interviews, or do guest, appearances, or lives and Facebook, groups that are in your niche the, more people know who you are what you do and what your the best diet and the more people are gonna want to hire you so, now, I, am moving into, a, lot, of content so today's content heavy day and I try to kind of do all of this in one day so that, I, quite.

Frankly Don't have to do my makeup on other days and. And. For other reasons but we're going to be doing b-roll for, some, of the videos that we shot last week we did four in one day which is how I like to do my YouTube videos I like to batch them unless, they're more day-in-the-life when we do them like this but. I like to have batch content, to have, a safety net in case we can't make content one week so. We're gonna do b-roll for, one of those videos and then, we're gonna do some photos for, social, content marketing, website. All that stuff. And yeah. Just content. Content, content all day long and that's kind of what it takes you gotta be on all the time. All. Right it's obviously, afternoon, now and we are rolling along with content, we have shot so much we still have a little more to do and the. Hot tip whenever you have photos, or content to get or you're doing videos I like to get props and things ahead of time it makes it a lot easier so, we are gonna wrap up I'm gonna head into some meetings and I, will see you on. Saturday. Morning. Welcome. Come. On in. So. It's. About 8:20. I think right now and, I'm. Just getting ready for the day so I, start with my green smoothie oh and. Obviously. I have this set up all the time just, kidding. I don't have a light in my house all the time but, you got a lighting. Is important, so. I have my green smoothie which is, why. Don't you actually asked me what's in my green smoothie so what I put it in is almonds. I soaked them overnight or. The self in the morning it's almonds spinach, hemp, seeds, berries. That's, why it's not a green smoothie, I keep, thinking and saying it is but it's not it's purple. Berries, and. Protein. Powder. I. Think. That's everything, but if I forget anything I'll add it in somewhere and, then just gonna make some tea prep, my slides and, get, ready to head to the, events and meet everyone. There so. I am going, over my slides, which I generally do the morning of whenever I'm speaking, it's. Funny because what I used to do speaking engagements I think my very first speaking engagement I. Remember. Just being so nervous, that I couldn't. Sleep I felt like I was gonna faint or, throw, up I. Was shaking, as I walked up on the stage and I, prepared, for probably. Assault a couple weeks and then the day before I, think, I spent the entire day rehearsing. Everything, I was gonna say including like any funny joke so I'm just. And I'm like a laugh, track. So, I, I've. Come a long way because this, morning I actually forgot, which presentation, I'm giving and I have like pretty standard presentations, I'll just tweak them depending on the audience which is like a huge time-saver a huge hack that, most speakers -, and. So, I forgot which when I was giving the swearing so I just wanted to refresh, my memory make sure I knew which slides I'm gonna be going over and. Then, that's pretty much it then I feel pretty prepped to go because I know the information I guess that's the thing that got me over my nerves so speaking is that you. Know this you're an expert that's why you were asked to speak there or. Why they want you to speak on their stage so, it's, all up here, these, are just kind.

Of There for security, but. You don't really need them and they should just be the cues for you to go into your genius zone and talk about the, things that are gonna be most valuable to the audience and the thing - for me that got me over my nerves big time was this mental shift of it's. Not about me it's not about what the audience thinks of me because honestly, at any speaking engagement, people want you to do well there's nothing, worse than watching a speaker who's awkward, and uncomfortable it, makes everyone uncomfortable so, they want you to do well and they're, rooting for you so just know, that and know that you're there to serve and help them and once you switch, it from I'm, so nervous I'm so nervous I'm so nervous what if I screw up what if I say something stupid what, if I trip. What if I fall and, you take, that new flip and you go how much can I bring to the table for this audience and how much can I inform them and educate them and, just. Bring value your. Nerves dissipate, so I always say like take the eye out of it takes you, out of it and make it about the audience and, that's. When you really start to gain momentum in the speaking realm to feel super, comfortable on stage so yeah. That's my little trick I. Feel. Very prepared I just get really excited to meet, in, real life I feel, like I like to talk to people all day long online, but meeting. Them actually, in real life it's very cool so I'm excited about that. There. Yeah, good. I. Have. This teeny, tiny little car, it's my little Fiat Nonie who I believe, you've met before. And. We. Have had to shrimp so much stuff in here all the gear and everything and, I've had her for three, years and, she, constantly surprises, me with how durable she is but thank. God for the money. Because. It is this Saturday the, traffic is so light and truthfully. I never. Drive, because we, live central. Downtown and I. Pretty much in walk everywhere and I like walking a lot so even if, the traffic was bad it wouldn't be that upset about it but. Yeah it's really not not so bad it's early on a Saturday and I think most people are probably still sleeping. We. Just arrived think if ik and we're here for, a. Video influencers. Meet. Up with, Benjy and we're. Gonna be doing a little presentation, about how to get, more engagement on YouTube and how to get. Your first hundred versus. Subscribers. And meet a lot of really awesome youtubers. And creators and entrepreneurs, in Vancouver, so I'm so excited what's, going, oh, yeah. Snacks for me you're like if you've ever seen that viral video the girl who says snacks it's ruined me saying or it snaps now I'm hoping we can cut to it here cuz it's really funny. Yeah. I have to have snack to me at all times because I get hungry all. Day every day and I try not to go for crap food because it doesn't make me feel good or energized so having, healthy, stuff on the go helps me keep going throughout the day. Benji. I'm sure you love you know him from video influencers. Who. In Sean do an amazing job on that channel so we're. Working together today and open, and provide a crap, ton of value for people, here. So. We just finished the event obviously if, you watch YouTube, you know Benji, and Sean, from. Video influencers, two of my favorite people in the space we've been collaborating for a very long time and, have kind of grown together which is really really cool so. I wanted to talk about we. Did this event we were providing, all this info on how to grow on YouTube I want to dive in to get how to get your first thousand subscribers, so we're going to talk about that but. Also want. To talk about the fact that we technically, people, probably see us as competitors but. My motto is caught variation over competition, I think that's how you grow together so you, invited me here to talk at this event today what are your thoughts on collaboration, absolutely. I think it's literally one of the number one ways to, grow your subscriber base, is to collaborate with other people right and for, them to collaborate with you and this, was I say the reason I never think of you or other people in this space as competition, is, because literally there's, not enough, of us total there is so, many people out there that want to learn this stuff in different ways right people, that you know one of the why I love collaborating with you today is there a female expert.

At, YouTube, right there's not enough females, and females will, relate to you like even some of the jokes you're saying and some of the experiences I felt like that that audience will, connect with you way more pen, guys matter than I could ever connect so if you come, up different, lifestyle, you, know like you're from a different country again. Whatever makes you unique is what's, going to create, opportunity. For you and not necessary compete with other people, collaborations, so important, totally let's, talk about how you get your first 1000 subscribers it's probably the top question I get asked in the comments so yes I hear you I'm listening I've done a video on this topic but let's talk about some updated tactics because, we've, both grown a lot we've come a long way we had to get that first thousand subscribers what do you say nowadays to, get there two, things one basic and one liked high-level strategy, path. Right now number one be completely. Clear, in what, it is that you want to do on YouTube, what it is you want to offer your audience, and who you want to connect with if you understand, that it's gonna be easier, for you to create quality content, that YouTube, is gonna surface, in the top ranks, of search secondly. If, you have the chops go, live, okay, this, is a huge, hack right now if you go live and then upload. A video a few days later there's, something, about those two working together as long as alive, you're, putting out quality content it's, huge, right now so that would be the hack but again the clarity, goes, along with going live - right like that life can't just be random mumble, jumble it's got to be about what everybody's, doc that is your. What your intentional, about your content, is that enough no that's perfect that's really I mean you can keep going if there's anything else bad I just, say this the last thing is you, know there's, so much opportunity on, YouTube in fact. We. Just wrote this book YouTube secrets, and of course I'm plugging. This but the reason we wrote this after being, on this platform for 10 years that we believe there's gonna be so, much more opportunity coming for, a long period, of time you know you see like platforms, going up and down but you always, see YouTube being completely, relevant, yeah number one so start, the channel if you haven't if you've got a channel you're just getting going it's gonna take some time this is a marathon not a sprint and there's just so much that you can be doing with YouTube right now I'm just gonna add on to your two tips so I think one, thing that's really really important, when you go live like you said be intentional, about it and if you're just starting first, and foremost just start making content, kids would, you agree that you can't actually master, the platform, and tell you start making content, absolutely, so you gotta start making the content second of all do searchable, content you talked about this a lot today I harp, on it all the time do. Searchable, content on your lives because those lives can rank and, in the ranking you can be number one you can show up and suggest it for a live video because it lives on forever and then you're continuing, to get views and racking up those views over time so finally. I think we just touch on like the keywords the titles. The search factor, because I would still say that that's like king, absolutely. Yeah so I mean like when I say clarity, it goes along with it right like that title, has to be so clear for if you love your example if I don't use crazy long titles, you know use something that's focus and it's around something that people actually search, a, thumbnail, that's relevant and the content, just got to be fired it's got to be clear, and I would just say on the collaboration front, to collaborate. With people who are the same size as you a lot of the time people want to collaborate with these people that are like massive. Massive following that yes that's possible but, we started clapping, when we were around the same size in our channel and way. Smaller than where we are now and that helped, us build mutual audiences. And built, each other together so don't be afraid to work with people for at the same stage view because the beautiful thing about that is years later you're, doing events like this. Thank. You so much the. First time I've done a video and the sort of like Dan the lifestyle, so what else do you want to see of my life and of work and. If you liked it of course hit that like button below share. This video with your, friends and fellow subscribers and. Also, make sure to hit that subscribe button and I'm, so excited to see you in the next episode.

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Sunny, I have just finished your YT4B course, and I am PUMPED!! THANK YOU for all your amazing content and advice - here and in your courses. You truly are a goddess!! This is another awesome video - loving the vlog style. I'm starting from scratch (well, 7 subs!) but hoping to grow my tribe and honestly, my biggest goal is to connect with people I can help and teach. Can't wait to see you next video! ❤

So awesome!

I’m currently trying to hit 1,000 subscribers it’s took me kind of a long time just to get my 500 subscribers any advice would really appreciate it btw I love your videos

I just hit 25 subscribers today! Lol! Baby steps! You gotta start somewhere!

One thing I quickly learned hitting 1000 subs is it doesn't translate to a 1000 views each time you upload. Some of my most viewed content was created when I had basically zero subs so that's one thing to keep in mind as a new creator.

Thank you so so much for sharing your video

20k here I come!!!! Thanks for the great tips as always!!!!!

Loved the video, info and tips. I seemed to be currently stuck on subs. Count will go up and then drop back to where it was. It's like being on an emotional rollercoaster.

I thought you were going to show blood being drawn. Noooooooooooo so scared of needles

I’ve been stuck with 1375 subs :( can’t seem to get past that..wish I could at least be close 1,500

You always have such a nice and bubbly personality that I feel draws everyone towards you and your content as well! Thank you for creating content for us all that actually helps! ❤️

I love seeing your daily life included.


Great video - I agree with it is not a sprint, it is a marathon, especially in the beginning. WHY? It took almost a year to get my first 1K in a very specialised niche. The following 2 months I have almost doubled what I did in the first year. The initial climb is slow and tedious but then the snowball effect happens - keep going guys and remember it's not just about numbers but the VALUE your providing whether your audience is tight knit or off the Richter scale.

Comment here for a sub. Im fast

It was really nice to have met you in person Sunny and listen to you. Great tips and great content as always

yes IV,s make you bloom like a flower :)

"OVER 70 STILL GLAMLOROUS " :) HI I must be doing something wrong I only have 122 SUBS. Im onyly on YOU 5th.month :( connie murphy

I have my first I'm working on 10,000...growth is steady, but slow. Thanks for all of your advice and help!

1000 subscribers is so difficult to get I just hit 500 I don't know when am gonna reach 1k + nevertheless I appreciate all my subscribers ☺

Cannot watch you give blood makes me queasy.

I've followed your strategy over the last 5 month's & just hit 1,000 Subs. Thanks for all your advice. I will keep watching to learn how to hit 10,000 subs now!!

I agree with this so much...I can’t do much else when I’m burned out either! Love your videos. I’ve been subscribed since you uploaded that periscope video...FINALLY decided to take the leap and upload/create regularly on my channel this year!

Loved this video Sunny!

I've never seen this in the UK. Didn't know it was a thing.

Thanks for sharing your behind-the-scenes day in the life footage! I'm a musician close to the Vancouver area and I am focusing more on YouTube in this coming year. How do I find out about these meet-ups in Vancouver? I would love to go to one!

Sunny, it was amazing to meet you at Thinkific. I’m still aiming for 1000 subscribers. Surely it will happen this year? Thank you for sharing. ⭐️

Thanks for the tips sunny, I am new hence still struggling to hit 100 but with your tips I will move fast. Any new channel want support? Let's sub to each other's channel.

Hi Guys... let sub to sub..

nice video and info thanks.

I loved this style so much! My biggest struggle is finding my niche. I fear that I will fall out of love with what I choose...

i am subscribing to everyone that subscribe to me. just comment done below then i will subscribe back as well

Thank you! I am new at this and have a long way to go!

I hope to get there someday. In the meantime I am trying all what I can to improve.

Can you Give us a Studio Tour?

Would 100% do an IV - looking for somewhere to do it near me haha!

I love every second of this video!!! This makes your STORY MORE RELATABLE AND INSPIRING ❤️

I totally agree! Self care is very important

I'm at 360 subs in 2months. Haven't been an easy road but j must say consistency and engagement is the key! Us new youtubers need to stick together! IF YOU ARE READING THIS, DONT GIVE UP AND HAVE YOURSELF A WONDERFUL DAY

Hi sunny I have a small channel called Entertainment Explored and it would mean the world to me if you could check it out and let me know what you think! I love your videos, they're super helpful, but I haven't really taken off yet. Thanks!

Thank you so much for this advice and on all your other videos ! I’m just starting to uploading again to my channel ! Thank you ! X

I am about to hit 1K Subscribers soon. Your videos are really very helpful for the new creators like me. I will make a special video when I hit 1K.

I happy that in the modern world strict , useful channels also get subscribes. Good luck

I am subscribing to everyone who subscrib and like comemt

Thank you, for the video Sunny! As a new Youtuber, I'm learning a lot from your videos. As a fitness coach, I don't recommend any energy boost supplements unless a person has some disorder. I personally believe that our body is designed to supply us with all the energy we need, we should adopt healthy habits to help us stay on track under pressure.

Loved this!! So helpful!! I loved how you integrated both your personal and business.. I found it so humanizing... my YouTube partner and I have recently completed YouTube4bosses and are about 2 weeks into using your strategy and already have seen a change.. so thank you for continuing to inspire.. you are doing a fantastic job!!

Looking to make it to 100 subs. Anyone else ?

My whole family does this as our health plan basically haha

Thank you so much for this xx I hit 1000 about 3 days ago now (the process took about 6 months) but am going to implement everything that I'm learning from your channel to continue to grow!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

Awesome absolutely loved watching this. I need to get my first video recorded, gathering ideas and so many hints and tips but I now just need to take action. You tip for starters just to get searchable content out there really applies to me. I will continue with your YouTube For Bosses courses and get going please subscribe to our channel

Thank you so much for all your tips! I'm approaching 160 subs so I have a ways to go but I know I'll get there!

I have been wanting to get IV fluid, but I didn’t know if it was something that “normal” people can get. I thought it was only reserved for the Kim Kardashian’s of the world. I hope it’s available somewhere near me!

Yeaasss finally a day in the life if sunny! i loved it! now i feel like im working right along side of you :) it nice to see youtubers collab because they always say how they have been frnds since the beginning and have grown together and i see the same thing happening within my own community. we all support each other as we grow so naturally way down the road when were bigger we to will be able to say how we were frnds from 0 subs :)

Any small YouTubers want to help each other grow?

yeeasss. preach girl!! lol thanks for the pep talk. we need to be reminded of this!

girl i feel the same way about all her videos lol

Live video? What avenues, Facebook and Instagram?

loved it

Okay I'll bite. So what kind of healthy snacks do you munch on all day? (I'm always eating too!.... though I try to keep it reasonably healthy. Got to have energy!) Also, I have to ask. What's in the IV? ( besides vitamin C) As always thank you for what you do and please keep it up !

Hi Sunny! Absolutely, LOVE your videos. It has been inspiring me to eventually start my own channel. But, I do have a question for you:: Do you recommend someone to work in the field that they make videos about? For example: if someone wants to make videos about running shoes, should they work at Adidas?

"Be clear on what you want to do in youtube & who you want to connect with" This is fundamental but quite hard to do. At least for me.......

I am subbing to everyone subbing me

Why are your videos not in 60 fps ? Any particular reason ? I noticed very few creators have 50/60 fps videos.

I love your intro!

Any small Youtubers want to connect & support each other? Wishing you all the best ❤️

*the most helpful channel, i love u sunny your my inspiration :)*

We just hit 1000 subscribers

I think the IV is little over the top. Could do just a B12 shot or something and all the vitamins or special smoothies you want

Let’s grow together.. subscribe and I’ll do the same

Great advice in there, Sunny, thank you. We also do lots in one day - in fact, on Saturday Elijah and Crumpet did two Japanese learning vids, one surprise Japanese box opening video, filmed learning Rewrite the Stars (just uploaded that one), danced and sang it on another video (going up soon), finished off 3 #NoSmallArtist painting videos (Batman, Sharks and Reddy) and did an interview video. We just change tops so it doesn't look same same!!! (Cheating, or creating? (only 1 letter between the two!)) Daily uploading is hard, so with Dad being away with work next week, we have to get ahead! Elijah has no nerves - he feels comfortable standing in front of a restaurant and busting out his dance moves. I think we will see him doing Ted talks when he is older. Have a great day! Crumpet :)

this makes me want to make "A Day in the Life" video...LoL...but this really gave me loads of info on how to be a success in getting subscibers on Youtube

Sub you! Please sub back! Watch my short inspirational videos....could help you! Thanks!

Sub you! Please sub back. Watch my short inspirational videos...could help you! Thanks!

Sub you! Please sub back! Watch my short inspirational videos...could help you! Thanks!

I sub you! Please sub back! Watch my short inspirational videos...could help you! Thanks!

Sub you! Please sub back! Watch my short inspirational videos! Thanks!

Hi, great content. I like listening to what you have to say I'm in the process of starting a YouTube channel and I need to know how long should my video be. With people’s short attention span I’m thinking anywhere from 4 to 5 minutes, but I was told no less than ten minutes 10?

I'm subscribing for all who like this comment❤️❤️

I watched the whole thing. Great content especially at the end.

I'm just starting out would be great if you could help a tiny channel out.

I also tried something on great SEO tools that can help you to grow 1000 subscribers

Just started a month ago... got 66 subscribers..

It feels like such a long process to get to 1000 :( Im working 15-20 hours a week on recipes and recipe videos on top of full time work. Its tiring but hopefully it will pay off!

Permanent subscribers & video watchers. We sub back FAST! Let’s grow together!

Thank you so much for the much needed inspiration! I'm almost halfway to 1000, and will definitely be implementing your tips to get those final 500 or so.

You can totally do it!! Subscribed :)

honored!!! thank you for letting me add value to your audience!!!!

It's been more than a year. While my views are high on some videos, my sub count is still around 400. Not sure why. Can anyone help me out guys ? Sunny :)

My wife and I love all the info we are getting from your videos. You pack so much into each video. Thanks for helping us figure this thing out! I saw a recent video of how you’re helping youtubers grow their channel. We have only been doing this for a few months and would love any insight.

Really blessed...hope i can do it soon small youtuber hello

I want to try the IV therapy!

850 to go

Cannot wait wait to apply these tips to my channel!!

Sunny, please could you mention the 3 plug in's again? I've got the keyword planner and tube buddy, but you mentioned another one, and I don't know what video it was in. Also can you talk more about gateway videos?

I just LOVEEEE this type of video. I also started to do vlogs, studio vlogs, cause my channel is an art channel. Hope it will help

I’m so close to reaching my first 100 subscribers, it’s so exciting! Been posting videos for about 2 months now & I’m really trying to stay consistent! Thanks for this vid x

My daughter finally got 100 subs yesterday 1000 seems so far for her x

+Oana's Illustrations Yay! Thank you so, so much! That means a lot :) Subbed to you too

You can do it. Keep up the good job. Subbed

Youtube live

+Oana's Illustrations Thank you! I did, I love your drawing.

I subbed to you. Please sub back. Thanks.

Wow. Amazing. How did you do it? Any tips? By the way, I subbed to you. Please sub back.

I just started so who knows when I even reach 100 subs but I plan on keep doing what I can.Thank you for sharing this video.

Dazzelated I'm sub #2. Please sub back, and hit the bell.

New life goal: Get JUICY veins!

Courtney Chaal I'm sub #3,778. Please sub back, and hit the bell.

Cameron Bulcroft I'm sub #91. Please sub back, and hit the bell.

Benji Travis New sub. Please sub back, and hit the bell.

Hello sunny! I am trying to get my first few subscribers, I am watching Nick Nimmin, Roberto Blake and You to get my subscribers!

This was great Sunny! Thank you for always being so helpful!!

i am up to 3 subscribers lol

If someone subscribe to my channel promise 101% I will subscribe back to your channel. Let help each other guys. Loveya

How is 'B' roll content different from 'A' content?

Subbed. Please sub back

I subbed. Please sub back.

Hey Sunny! Great video!!!!!! You guys talked about doing live videos - I only have 102 subs and I REEEEAAALY want to GROOOW! Should I go live? Or wait till I actually have subs who will see it? :-) X Liv

A totally different look. Very cool.. Guess it's the first time you ever did this. Right? Of course, like to see more of that kind...

Can't wait to get my first 1,000 subscribers! I get down on myself but i also have to remind myself about consistency! Since youtube is LITERALLY my passion

500 is not easy to reach ..but still pushing to get my 1000 sub..hope i can reach this month.

I’ve only had my channel for about a week but I am slowly growing. Thanks so much for these tips.

I'm trying to get 1k for 2years. But still can't get it


I feel like i'm stuck at 100 subs.. i'm watching you videos for tips! Thank you.

I loved this! Do more!

@The Road to success sub done, your turn.

Thank you Sunny! I will put your tips to use and hopefully reach 1000 subscribers by June! That is my goal at the moment!

What if you have followers on Instagram and Twitter, but they just have no interest in your youtube channel? How do you get your fans from one platform to the next?

oh soo difficult to reach my 1000 subscribers,i start february and i reach it july ,very long

Thank you for this really helpfull sharing!

10 for 10 anyone contact me

What's with the Van City shirt? Is it a group, event, or slogan, or what? I am starting a new channel about van life, so I wondered...

+Heartsy's Playground yes! I just checked out your channel. I'm your latest subscriber:). You've got great content. I'll be trying to learn from you! You're a few steps away from 1000 subs. Congratulations!

Jonathan Mpata Kalombo I subbed you, let’s support each other

Heartsy's Playground subbed back

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april pedilla I subbed you, let’s support each other

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Will subscribe now thank you for subscribing x

Toys With Heidi I subbed you, let’s support each other

Happy 1000 subscribers

Thank you so much for your video and tips Sunny. I am on my journey for 1k for my Fishing channel. Can’t wait

Thank you so much for this. I just started my channel and have less than 100. I really want to provide quality messages and build a positive base. Thank you

I do monthly massages

GRADITUDE Sunny for sharing your journey. When you're sharing that presentation "genius zone" 12:34 I find that is a left brain shift just like Dr Betty Edwards has researched. A common way people might not realize they are accessing this abstract creative space is when they lose track of time while driving on the highway. Dr. Edwards talks about this in Drawing on the Artist Within (pp12).

I’m almost at 200

Travel Bucket List done! Thank you!

Let grow together. Just sub'd to you.

147 now. Keep up the great videos.

Here is your new subscriber from India....

Im a new youtuber i can rich a 1,000 sub

Good luck everyone ❤️

I have almost 1,400 subscribers and took a break for a year. Now I’m at it again and I’ve been watching your videos and I’m getting great tips and tools to come back with a vengeance! :)

Thanks, Sunny, for the great video. My youtube channel is infantile as I'm just starting out but I am using as many of your tips that I can. Great job and thanks again!

Loved this video, it so hard finding out exactly what you want to do with your channel and niche... help!!

Oh reminds me of donating plasma, back in college, I was broke, I could barely pay attention in class!!!!$

Hi sunny เป็นไรครับ

It has taken me almost 4 months to get 35 subs. It isn't a ton, but those are my people!

I'm one quarter there. I will keep pushing. Thanks for all your help.

+Oana Illustrations Yay! Thank you so, so much! That means a lot :) Subbed to you too

+Oana Illustrations Thank you! I did, I love your drawing.

i cannot wait to get my first 1000!! im over halfway there (:

Well done!! I am a quarter of the way... haha all the best to you!

+intheworldofmari you too. Thank you. :)

same here!! haha keep it going! all the best to you!

that is great.. keep it going!! all the best to you!

that is great!! welcome back! and all the best to you :)

Hello from Singapore!

Oh no! I just dont think that Im good enough to do a live streaming. I dont think anyone would turn up to my live or staying for long

Your first 1000 are very hard to get.. this is an important milestone..which em blessed to cross

@intheworldofmari you too. Thank you. :)

@Heartsy's Playground yes! I just checked out your channel. I'm your latest subscriber:). You've got great content. I'll be trying to learn from you! You're a few steps away from 1000 subs. Congratulations!

@Heartsy's Playground done tnx

@Oana Illustrations Yay! Thank you so, so much! That means a lot :) Subbed to you too

@Oana Illustrations Thank you! I did, I love your drawing.

Just hit my 1k. Yyyaaaahhhh

I’m hoping to use all these tips!! Hopefully they work :)

The binge continues.. ☕

I’m growing to 1000 subs currently at 103 plz sub

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