Finish Line Network Review - Biggest Scam Of 2018? Find Out if FINISH LINE NETWORK is a SCAM?

Finish Line Network Review - Biggest Scam Of 2018? Find Out if FINISH LINE NETWORK is a SCAM?

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Hey. My friend my name is Alex, zubarev and you. Probably watching this video because you're. Curious if finish line network, is, a scam, or is. It a legitimate opportunity. I. Done. My research and, I want to paint. A big picture for you guys and tell. You what I think about it so far it just, launched. Today right. Now it's going through the free pre-launch, and. I. Don't. Want to waste your time or my time but, I, know, personally. The owners, I have been online for over 10 years so, you should definitely pay attention to somebody who knows, what, the heck they talking about right I don't want to toot my own horn but. All. Most of the company have been in a space even longer than IBM, they. Have existing, systems in place it's very very important, for a new person to plug in into something that works. Speaking. Of which, merchant. Accounts, is number. One issue in, our industry. And they have that handled, so in order for you to get paid right, from your customers, you need to have our, bust. Merchant. Accounts that can process, thousands. And thousands, of transactions, those credit cards so, as of right now it's, in pre-launch so it's absolutely, free to join the system absolutely, free doesn't cost you a dime you. Have an opportunity to pre build your team and speaking. Of team building I'm a I'm. A coach and also, a team builder I have been building teams successful, as you can see this is something. We done years ago we, had huge checks on stage and we do this every single, year myself, and Anna, my, wife and we. Were blessed. To be able to do this for, many, many companies many, many teams and. It's, very important, for you to join, somebody. Who has experience and, a track record, who. Can help you with, additional traffic resources. With additional conversion, tactics, so. I'm gonna add another video, in the end of this video so you can actually watch the pre-launch video, or you can just click the link below, this video. In the description if, you're watching this on YouTube and you can get full. Information, but, I just wanted to touch base on a, few important, facts. That you should be aware of you, know team. Building and you. Know duplication. Is number. Like, to to probably top. Two important, things in, network, marketing affiliate marketing so, as you can see my name a luxurious, project apex we've. Been dominating, different companies. Crushing. The leaderboards and this, is why it's very important, for you to are. To. Join somebody who has, who. Can help you with, additional resources right, I do weekly trainings, for my teams and with. That really helps a lot, of people go, from you know point A to point B right to from where they are right now to where they want to go very. Important, also is to build multiple, income, streams. This. System. Will have multiple, income streams as well so, as you can see on the whiteboard. Traffic. Is not be. All and all right everybody. Can drive traffic but if you have converting, follow right if you don't have the funnel that converts that those, visitors. Those eyeballs into. Signups. Are and. You. Know customers, and people buying products, it doesn't matter right so you need to have all those components, because, you. Know industry, security is not something that you. Know stability. And security is not something a lot of people portray, it to be but just, like a job you know you can go to a job and you can get fired tomorrow or your company can collapse same. Thing happens. In our industry, that's why you need to be. Professional. In our industry understand, traffic generation and conversion, tactics, so the. Finish finish, line network, provides. Excellent product, which is traffic. Right they, also give you free pre-launch system, which is awesome they have working, merchant, account so that's like number three on my board. Plus. Angle do owners so they have, credibility. Now industry, that has been on space for I think over twenty years and, that's, very very important, because if you don't have those things if you join something you don't know but chances, are you're gonna fail, so, so. I'll put my, vouch. For this company right, that's why I'm doing this video and, I'm gonna pre build the team here as well so. If you're interested to work with me if you want to grab a spot, go ahead but by, any means learn more about the company by clicking the button look around this video if, you, like this video if you wanna keep. Watching my videos make. Sure to subscribe to my channel I'll, put a link to that as well in my description subscribe. To the channel like this video you're. Welcome to leave the comments below the video and. Obviously. We've. Been doing this over and over and over again with different companies, helping, hundreds. And hundreds of people succeed. And go full-time in, our industry, ultimately, that's the goal for anybody, that I work with so everybody.

Wants To escape that nine-to-five, rat race everybody, wants to travel more everybody, wants to experience, more options. In life and this is why I'm doing this video to. Help you break through there's. Also launch contests, don't forget guys there's $20,000. Launch contests and. Tons. Of tons of different. Products and high ticket commissions as, well anywhere, from $500. All the way to three thousand, dollar Commission's so imagine yourself making. $500. A day imagine, yourself making $1000. Day imagine. Yourself making $3,000. In a day so, with, that guys really. Quick short video to give you introduction. To, finish. Line network this is my finish line network, review video plus introduction. To myself as a leader, hopefully. As your future our sponsor. So, with that click. The button below I'll, add another video you can learn more about the company but just. If you go to click, click, the link below you'll get access to my, personal link where. You can sign up and get yourself free system, to promote finish, line lock network and learn more about the company obviously the. Product line the owners so. On and so forth, so, with that thanks for watching this quick video take. Massive action because. Money, loves, speed. So. With. I'll. See you lean slight thanks. For watching take, care and God bless. Congratulations. And welcome to your finish line network pre-launch, system you've made an excellent decision to get started with FLN not only have you beaten the flood of new members, we're expecting, when the doors open shortly you've also set yourself, up to get a piece of their action, as one of our founding, members, you'll, see your, quick action, right now is going to pay off for you for years to come right now in this video I want to tell you more about us, and what's in store for you at FLN before, I give you all the company details here's how to get the most out of your FLN, pre-launch, system, and experience, first, follow, the three simple, steps on, this page step. 1 watch this entire video, you're, on right now our, company, launch plan video outlines, all the exciting. Details about, our proprietary. Products, and Technology why FLN, will become a huge, success and, how, you can. Maximize your revenue with, FLN, step. 2 once, the compensation. Plan video, so you know exactly how and where the real leverage, is in the comp plan how, it works how to make the really big, money with finishline Network and how you get, paid on the same customers. Over, and over again step. 3, watch, our pre-launch marketing. Plan video to learn how to start building your FLN. Business, before the company, goes live to the public this could really set you up for huge profits, when the doors open to the world as. Soon as you've completed, these three short videos it's, time to start marketing, and building, your team we, have a full series, of training videos marketing, swipes, and resources. That will show you exactly how, to maximize. Your pre-launch. Signups, as well as daily marketing. Plans to follow simply. Complete a few simple steps daily, you'll, instantly. Be seeing, your downline, grow then, on launch day get ready for a flood, of Commission, notifications. To be hitting your inbox you're, rewarded. All the efforts you made during this very brief, but critical, pre-launch, time no, matter what your experience, level is FL, ends pre-launch marketing, system was created to get your new business off to a fast, start with serious, upfront money on launch day as well as residual, passive, income that will build for many years to come take. Close attention to the countdown timer on the top right of your pre launch system, and do as much as you possibly can before that timer hits zero your, time is very limited and you don't want to miss out on setting, yourself up for a big win, on launch day or, the. $20,000. In cash prizes free traffic event, ticket giveaways, and so, much more that are all up for grabs in our launch contest, are. You ready to hear all about FL, ends products, and services, and why you will, be in the unique first mover, position, to instantly, profit, when our doors open like I said in the last video my partners, and I have put together something, really special we've put together the best products, most advanced. And easy to use systems. And a very lucrative, compensation plan. For, you to experience, unlimited. Success and we're, just getting started in addition. We've incorporated my, business success formula, with the five essential. Strategies, that you absolutely, must, have in order to be massively, successful in, business, once you have all five you will literally, have a license, to print money as, much as you want whenever you want I'm talking, the holy grail, for a home-based, business success.

Just. To be clear the FLN, executive. Team. We've, helped tens of thousands, of people in our industries, earn substantial. Incomes, so what we outlined these course strategies, of my business, success formula, we're talking from our own personal, experiences. If you're anything like me and if you've ever experienced. Failure, in the past it's because you are missing, one or more of these five, absolutely. Critical, strategies. Of my business, success formula, let's, briefly review the five strategies and, then I'll share with you how finish-line Network, has perfectly, incorporated. Each one for your maximum. Benefit. Number. One you, must have a profitable, product that fulfills, a very real need in the marketplace, today. Number. Two you, must evolve, improve. And learn, new things number. Three you. Must have an advanced system, that effectively shares, the product story captures, leads and sales as well as communicates. With both your prospects, and existing. Customers, automatically. Number, four you. Must, have a proven, customer, acquisition. Strategy, such as an email list social, media following, or strong rolodex, of personal, connections, who have their own targeted. Audiences, number. Five you, must have an entrepreneurial. Mindset and, the ability, to take action, I'm. Sure you agree that is a really. Powerful list, best, of all very, soon you're going to harness this list for yourself and, your own success. It's truly sad to see so many really, good people struggling, and flat-out, failing. In our industries, it feels really great right now to know that we have straightforward. Solutions, that will help so, many people get results by, following, my business, success formula, I'm going to take just a few minutes, to completely break down each strategy, inside, my business success, formula, and explain, how finish line network incorporates. Each one, to virtually, ensure, your, massive success, and know this the fastest, way to succeed, is to find someone else who's achieved the level of success that, you want they. Do exactly, what they've done and you'll receive the exact, success, they have that's our mission at finish line network to provide you with the absolute, fastest, route to success without any of the pitfalls, or trial, and error methods, that so often lead to failure, your, journey to success begins. With the first step number. One you must have a profitable, product that fulfills a very real need in the marketplace, today finish, line network has put together four, different, product lines that create very, real solutions. Which are so badly, needed in our marketplace, today these product, lines come together in a synergistic, way to equip you as a business owner with everything, you require, to become a profitable, digital, marketer, our, first, two product, levels are called silver, and gold silver is, the most advanced.

Lead Generation, system and contact, manager, platform, in our industry. I shall, for us and it is a very heart, of your FLN business some, of the cool features and benefits, include. A simple, to use lead capture, page, builder, professionally. Designed lead, capture pages, turnkey. High converting, sales funnels, a custom. Designed mobile, app that allows you to manage your business from anywhere in the world and close, sales, marketing. Automation like, you've never seen before a vast, array of step-by-step. Intuitive. Training modules, and access. To an absolutely, awesome. Closed-door. Facebook, community and those are just a few of the highlights of the silver level product, just know that you will have the hottest newest. And most automated. System, of all time working, for you 24/7. Our, gold, level product, is the best and most current suite, of advanced, internet marketing, and traffic conversion, training available today, it's all about what's working now, having, been involved with internet marketing for nearly two decades I know one thing for certain things, are constantly. Changing. You're, either learning, new things or, you're falling behind here. Are just a few of the impressive, training, modules, you'll have instant access to, when you join at the Gold level, Facebook. Ads includes. Traffic with search, YouTube. Crash, course, video. Marketing, zero. To hero, using, LinkedIn Instagram, crusher. Productivity. Hacks Facebook. Retargeting made. Easy facebook. Messenger, prospecting. And there are literally dozens more, inside, our vault as a founding, member of finish line network you'll have access to everything, when you join at the gold level if you were to purchase what's inside our traffic training vaults separately, you'd have to invest over ten thousand, dollars but you'll get it all included, as a founding. Member at, our gold level there. Are actually, four types of compensation inside. FLN, you have low ticket typically. Under $500. High ticket which is anything over 500 dollars monthly. Residuals, often, referred to as mailbox, money and finally, FLN, has added something brand new to the sation roster, we call it our compensation, pool. Will, go into greater detail in the next video just know that whether you're brand new to the home-based business, industry or, a seasoned, veteran get ready to learn a great deal more money faster. The, first two products are just covered silver, and gold are subscription-based. Monthly. Residual, products, that effortlessly. Earn you commissions, month after month like, clockwork, the next two products I'll be reviewing our our high ticket products, this is where the Commission's, that you'll be earning will be big enough to make a life-changing. Difference in your earning power you've heard me talk about our done-for-you, traffic, packages, right, the truth is that our traffic is the lifeblood of every, business, and we. Have, it our traffic is the highest, quality, highest converting, top-tier, traffic, available, and it's one of the greatest commissionable. Products, ever created. Why, because. It's consumable. Your customers, will need it today tomorrow, next, month and log into the future our traffic packages, start at two hundred and fifty dollars and scale up to over eight thousand, dollars these traffic, packages, will be for your personal, use as well, as your team's consumption.

And You'll have a retail, store to share, your traffic with anyone, in the business opportunity industry. Who wants to create their own prospects. And customers these. High ticket traffic, products, pay out huge, commissions, ranging, from $100. On up to four thousand, dollars as I just mentioned the most powerful, thing about traffic, is that it's completely, consumable. Your customers, will purchase traffic, over and over again as their email list building and digital, marketing, needs expand. Here with FLN a good way to think about commissionable, traffic, is that you actually get paid to, advertise and, in a way that's never, been done before, our, fourth product, line is our flagship, series when, I say life-changing. I mean these digital, products, and events will help people achieve the incomes, they've only previously. Dreamed, about these, products, have been designed to guide you and your team through the little-known strategies. That have been closely guarded secrets. Of the ultra, successful super. Affiliates, until, now. As my business success, formula, demonstrates. Having, the ultimate automated. System access, to most up-to-date training, on digital marketing and an excellent, source for the best quality traffic are absolutely. Necessary however, they, are only the, beginning, this fourth product, line provides, both information and, done-for-you solutions. That will help you reach the levels that we have been able to achieve, email. Profits, on-demand is the first digital product, that will be available, to you as a finish line network founding, member emailtosh. The. Essential, strategies, for effective, email list building as well as advanced, monetization. Methods this course includes, high resolution, video modules, eight weeks, of live intensive. Training hour done, for you email creatives. Proprietary. Proven, offers that convert, and hour click traffic, buyback, program, with a certification, process, that no other business offers anywhere, email, profits, on-demand is the gateway product, for creating, a real, sustainable. And consistent online, income. That affiliate, marketers, use daily, to generate cash flow once, certified you'll be on the cutting edge of the internet marketing industry for, the first time ever our, members, will have the opportunity, to drive revenue, exactly. Like professional. Digital marketers, do daily number. Two you. Must evolve improve. And learn new things this. Is absolutely. True being, in business today means things are changing, at the most rapid, pace ever to be honest just chasing, after unproven. Outdated, information is not going to yield the results, you deserve what, you work wire are proven, industry, leaders, who share their strategies with, you on exactly, what is working for them in real time today. That's, exactly, what you'll receive when you tap into the FLN, product, lines private, Facebook, groups as well as live trainings, as you heard above email. Profits, on-demand is a product, that is specifically, designed to help you evolve improve. And learn exactly what's. New in the digital marketing arena you'll also be able to offer this advanced product, to your team as well, as to the retail marketplace. Unlike, other businesses, where you must move from one to another because they become outdated or, saturated. In the marketplace, with, FLN, by its very nature we, are always, on the cutting edge and up to date number. Three you. Must have an advanced system that effectively shares, the product story captures. Leads and sales as well as communicates. With both your prospects, and existing. Customers automatically. Here's the deal everyone. Thinks, they've got a great system however, many companies, only have a corporate, website they, have no videos, no lead. Capture pages, and zip, zero nada in, the way of a contact manager, even worse they don't even know what a mobile app is let, alone make one available for you day one when, you join most businesses, today they send you their product, and then let you down with almost no marketing, assistance, most, people have no idea how to create a website write, an effective autoresponder. Message let alone email, it to thousands, of people daily and they, have no clue, how to do it over and over again and, get a positive result every, time many, and the graveyard, of home-based business, failures, arrived there because they didn't have a complete, turnkey system. Of replicated. Websites, of proven, high-converting sales, funnel, well-written, autoresponders. Or an autoresponder company. To provide a high email delivery, rate understanding. The importance, of your advanced system, as well as how you're going to communicate with your prospects, and existing, customers cannot.

Be Underestimated, that's, why it's included, in this group of essential, strategies, you simply cannot, succeed. Without it with FLN you not only have the most advanced, system available, anywhere, today, powered, by online, sales, Pro for your own business, you also have the ability to provide, osp's, technology. As an actual residual. Product to others who so badly need a solution in this area, number. Four you, must have a proven, customer, acquisition, strategy, such as an email list social, media following or, strong rolodex, of personal, connections, who have their own targeted, audiences, I guarantee. You'll never hear, this topic discussed in any other home business, because this is why 99%. Of the people fail in this industry the great majority of people do, not have a proven, customer, acquisition, strategy, or even know exactly what it is they, are told to contact their friends and family, once they pitch their grandmother, best friend neighbor and co-worker and get rejected they're, virtually out of business most. Businesses, avoid this topic altogether by, showing testimonials. Of the few people who have actually made money they completely, disregard. The thousands. Of hard-working people, who are failing and even worse they disregard, the obvious, reasons, for why they failed in the first place they simply have no customer, acquisition, strategy, please consider this point very carefully and ask yourself, if you have, this most critical, strategy, in place do, you have a hungry crowd of buyers at your command that you can summon at any time you wish if you're like 99%. Of the people out there you, don't ad finish, line network we turn this situation, completely around, our entire, product line is built around creating. You a solution. For acquiring, customers day, 1 we, have the traffic training done, for you traffic packages, plus, we have the systems to completely optimize, the entire process, and that's only the beginning we've added something extra you could call this the secret sauce this single, factor will change, everything, for you going forward we've created the leverage, strategy, for you to get your traffic at low to, no cost let me ask you something, how big of an email list could you build if your traffic, were free, your, answer is simple there would be no, limit to the size of the audience you could create you'd, completely, solve but no one to buy your products, problem, instantly, along, with our leverage strategy, we've created a product that focuses, 100%. On profitably. Acquiring. You customers, and even monetizing. Those leads who have not purchased from you yet and we don't stop there not even close, part of our monetization. Strategy, will be purchasing, the traffic, you generate, back from, from the very same email, list we're helping you build no. One has ever had, this secret strategy. In place until now. Your. Ability, to monetize, even those members of your email list who do not buy from you is a complete game-changer, this. One strategy is worth many thousands. Of dollars by itself and for the first time ever it's. 100%, available, here, inside, FLN, you've, heard of the concept multiple. Streams of income this will be the hottest new, stream of income to hit the marketplace in decades, once you start monetizing, traffic, you join an elite group of digital marketers, do you realize how fast email, list monetization, adds up just, ten dollars a day quickly, turns into $300.

A Month enough, to cover your Starbucks a bit in reality. The average, bankruptcy. In North America, could be avoided if families, had just an extra, $300, per month becoming, a digital marketer, creates, freedom at many, different levels. Earning, $50, per day becomes, 1500, dollars monthly and that's, enough to cover your luxury car payment, but consider this in most cases this could allow you to pay off your current home in just a few short years instead. Of 30 or it, might even pay the mortgage on your first vacation home. $100. Per day turns, into. $3,000. Monthly you can move into a beautiful new home at this rate or you, could fire your boss or, better yet retire, your spouse, from, their jo be, two. Hundred and fifty dollars per day is seventy, five hundred dollars monthly this is the start of serious. Income, approaching. The six-figure, income you deserve now, you can, really, fire, your boss and, join, the financial. Elite work. From anywhere, in the world take. A vacation and, work from the beach five. Hundred dollars per day is fifteen. Thousand. Dollars monthly this is where you can start thinking about giving back many, of us have families kids, grandkids, or aging parents that we have always dreamed, of helping get into their first home or college or retirement, oasis, but up until now have, been unable to afford to do so with. Kind of life changing income helping, yourself and those you care about most becomes, a reality it will simply come down to what's, your life's passion. With, FLN, there, are no, limits, not only will you have the ability, to earn huge, commissions, from being a finish line Network founding, member you will also have the ability to earn digital, marketing, revenue, from the actual email, list you're already building in addition, to being able to sell traffic, you generate, back to FLN you'll, also have access to our other completely, proprietary, monetization. Offers and strategies, that we have personally. Used to create millions of dollars in revenue from our email, lists that's how we know about these strategies we, are earning digital, marketing, revenues, ourselves. Today yes, we're doing these very same strategies, since so much more and we'll be sharing our best-kept. Secrets, with you I hope. You're starting to understand, the real genius, that's, gone into building finish line network you'll find the leadership, that FLN, is unlike, other companies over, the years I've, heard nearly all leaders, and, company, owners say stay, focused, only, sell, our products. Only, build this, business my.

Business, All the while they're, selling traffic, their own trainings, other people's, trainings, and systems and whatever else they can find to sell to their captive audience for a profit, it's completely. Unfair and that's why we've set out to level the playing field for everyone. FLN. Wants to, put you in a profit, making position. The day you start, your business in fact, you, could say we're starting you at the finish line you'll. Have access to the best traffic sources to quickly build your list the latest, traffic training the most technically, advanced, systems and in-demand, high, ticket digital, products, and events to market the long side anything, else you may be marketing, with one goal in mind, build, and monetize. Your list to its maximum, potential you'll, finally be able to compete, and dominate. In the digital marketplace, you, will find yourself implementing, the very same strategies, that many of the top earners and company owners have been using all, there's, only one big difference for, the very first time in our industry, you will, be the one getting. Paid it's. The Grand Canyon of differences, that separates, FLN from everything, else when you're the one getting paid everything, changes. It's easier getting up early in the morning as well as going to bed late at night whatever, your business requires when, you, are making money I can tell you from personal experience hearing. That ticking, sound never. Gets old once, you understand, that we have solved. The number one failure causing, issue there's simply no reason for, you to be a 99%. Or any longer, anyone, who is serious and committed to their own business, success, will now have a clear strategy to, create their own email list and hungry, crowd of ready to purchase buyers, this, simply cannot, be done anywhere, else once, the word gets out that finish line network has this solution, everyone. Will want in on it why, wouldn't they you're. Going to want to start promoting your pre-launch, system, today and definitely. Want to position yourself during our 72, our launch, window to maximize your success when, the timer hits zero I want, to briefly cover two more important, items in my business success formula, I mentioned, that automated, systems are a requirement, the concept, I just unveiled for you is revolutionary. However, if all FLN, did was provide this information, which is mostly all you see for sale from other companies the success, rates would still be far too low for us to call it a win-win we, are going to provide the information, strategies. And through, our automation, and advanced marketing, systems what you'll actually be receiving, is a complete. Done-for-you. Solution. We're going to remove all roadblocks. For you by providing you with the exact, system we use exact. Email creatives. Exact. Tracking, exact. Retargeting. Strategies, our very, best traffic, sources and our most profitable. Offers, that we're personally, running allowing, you the opportunity. To piggyback, with us every. Step of the way, you'll be in business for yourself, earning huge income, like business owners earned however, you'll never be alone you'll be part of the movement something, big, something, constantly. Growing, expanding. And improving you'll. Quickly find that your ability, to acquire customers and, monetize, the data you're generating, even the ones who haven't bought from you yet will change your life very, rapidly, that, brings us to number five, an. Entrepreneurial. Mindset, and having. The ability to take action as, you can see finish, line network is not your typical direct, sales company, the concepts, that are being released have been completely, tested and proven, to deliver results my, business partners and I are not just a bunch of MLM, ad affiliate, marketers, putting together a compensation. Plan with products, as an afterthought, like so many companies, have done over the past 20 years finish, line network is an evolution. Of three, multi-million. Dollar businesses. That have proven, results over, multiple, decades by. Combining, forces together we'll be able to help far more people be successful, we, also know that we've created something, truly unique that, will be the next wave in the industry, all you, have to do is plug, into my business success, formula, now and set, yourself up from the start for massive, success, with, that said you, are the, essential. Ingredient, in everything. We'll be doing going forward at the end of the day people are the foundation. Of every, great business in. My business success formula, steps one through four, are the absolute, critical mechanics. However number. Five involves. The human element having, helped tens of thousands, of people previously take, important, steps towards success, I know that the human connection, is critically.

Important, The sharpest. Minds in the business today, know without, hesitation, that business, ownership requires. An entrepreneurial. Mindset while. FLN, has assembled a dynamic, leadership team the, best, products, most, current, internet marketing, trading advanced, systems, and, revolutionary. Customer, getting strategies, and monetization, methods. You are the one who must provide the critical human, element yes, you, will be ultimately, responsible for your own success and anyone, who tells you any different, isn't being honest, with you there's, a reason why you'll be making far more money with FLN than you ever have before, money, loves speed, and it is ultimately, attracted. By value. What you'll be part of through FLN is delivering. To the marketplace what, it must have and, the one value the marketplace, can never get enough of is sales, revenue. And profits, once you manifest, the ability, to deliver customers. Buyers and sales you will immediately be, in demand your, value, will increase in, an exponential. Way immediately, Jim, Rohn once said don't wish it was easier wish, you were better don't, wish for less problems, wish, for more Skills what, he meant was there were billions, of dollars, just waiting to be made someone. Is going to make them no question, about it your, share, is waiting, for you right now all, you have to do is increase, your value and your results, will follow if. Your income is lower than you desire today your, solution, has never been easier you've always known you have massive potential, however until, now there's been a gap, between your current income and your desired income this, is called your potential. Gap FLN, will help you quickly close, that gap by increasing, your value in, the digital marketplace don't, be that person looking, for a free launch a new shiny object or, an easy button none, of that works what, does work is having an entrepreneurial, mindset and, thinking, like a business, owner, the second, you understand, that increasing, your value will increase your income the, closer you are to a six-figure, income and so, much more this. Is the most revolutionary, marketing, approach to come out in direct sales in decades. No one has ever thought about putting your success, first before you even get started until. Now that's. Why you're starting at the finish line you're already closer, to winning than ever before, we, are so excited to introduce you to the rest of your pre-launch, website, your efforts made today. Heyyou upon, our official, launch and for many years to come please, watch the next video that details our compensation plan you'll, see how easily, with even a modest, amount of referrals, you could be earning one thousand, five thousand, even ten thousand, dollars and so much more per month on top, of that you'll, be building your profitable, email lists and digital, marketing business, completely, on autopilot. Thanks. So much for taking this tour with me today click continue, to step 2 now to. View our compensation plan. You.

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very inspiring i love it.

I wish I could make 500 a month....

Pavel Mykhaylyuk you can if you are consistent and focused

Please send me the names of the owners and their full contact details and which country and city they are actually trading the finish line network . I'm doing my due diligence so this will get passed to the SEC for a check before I join . So please send the info I requested . Thanks

OK I was always told to do my due diligence especially on this type of business so before i join let's send this to the SEC and see what they come back with . . In the Meantime what is the the full registered address of the company and the names and full contact info . Please send immediately.

Yip no people no commissions

Everyone wants to reap the rewards that come with independent success. Because of that, the entrepreneurial industry is one that attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. Learn how to become an entrepreneur so that you have financial freedom, more time to spend with your family, and the ability to work for yourself rather than for someone else. This book provides tools and information to make that process as painless as possible.

I agree, need to learn as well. im new to this

This sounds like the 4%

ag2407 totally different company

But it sounds like the same concept

wake up people this is a complete scam if you don't believe me buy and find out there is no products it's a ponzi type scam!!!!!!!!

Cole Stevens thanks for letting us know

this is a pure scam make no mistake please don't waste your time.

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