Finding Your Business Idea - Episode 238

Finding Your Business Idea - Episode 238

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Oh what's, going on overall this is Steve Larson we'll go back to sales funnel radio today I thought it'd be kind of cool to show you how, I find, my big idea. I've. Swept the last four years learning, from the most brilliant, marketers, today and now, I've left my nine-to-five to, take the plunge and build my million-dollar business the. Real question is how will I do it without VC, funding or debt completely. From scratch this. Podcast, is here to give you the answer, join, me and follow along as I learn apply, and share marketing, strategies, to grow my online business using. Only today's best internet sales funnels my. Name is Steve Larson and welcome, to sales funnel radio. Sup. My friends hey we're actually gonna cut over to Facebook live I did hear a little bit a few these episodes moving forward will be that part. Of the benefit I like of doing in front of live audiences is that I can see the reactions, of others and make sure I'm developing. And delivering value, so we're. Gonna cut over there's a little bit but one, of the most frequent, questions I asked myself at the beginning of trying. To build something, well it's probably likely the same one that you've struggled with if you are not actively. Selling, yet. What. Do I sell right and you're trying to figure out also what is the idea, that you're gonna go out and jump, out after so this. Is actually kind of a cool live. Because, somebody asked that question and I ended up I mean. I thought like I saw a 20 30 minute thing just walking, through what. It is and. And some things to think about while you're thinking about, what, should you sell and. Since. You. Know it's interesting because. I was already publishing, as I, started coming up with my big idea right I'd already been publishing, for a while I think, some of the power of what you're about to see is you're gonna see things, that I went through as I was going through them and realizing. Oh my gosh I should go try and beat the offer guy right so, I think that's the power of this so we're actually gonna cut over there right, now I hope you guys enjoy this if you are struggling at all or if you're trying to get validation, on what is it you're going trying, to sell this. This, could be a very powerful episode for you guys please take notes and. Let. Me know if you could please, let me know how you guys are enjoying, this. Show if you guys go to SFR. Review. Calm as in sales funnel radio review, SFR. Review. Calm, that, actually, would be very very helpful and I'd love to know what it is the biggest thing that you guys are that. You guys have enjoyed I'd. Like to go through and check out and those platform one of things we're starting to do is I like, to look at and to see who's leaving cool reviews, and then, I will go do extra, fun little cool things for you as well scratch my back I scratch yours right so if you guys go to SFR review, com leave an honest review and how you think this show's been going I think, I've been doing I'd love to hear that let's cut over though and it's a spot check your big idea so, my friends, nice. Nice nice how do you find your one thing for the webinar it's a great question Daniel so. When it comes to webinars, yes. And it's, not actually how I just create the one thing for just the webinar it's actually the one thing that represents the core of the entire business. Okay. The entire, business so. When. I'm when. I'm creating a blue ocean right. I'm the, category, king of two different oceans right now one was accidental, once totally on purpose. But. The thing that causes that, blue. Ocean is an. Idea, more than a product, okay. The product just fulfils on the idea but the thing that really. Inflates. It for the first time that blue ocean cuz evolution doesn't exist, right it doesn't exist and. Too many times this is what happens people stand up and they'll be like I got, this brand-new product where, am I gonna go sell it and, if you imagine yourself on an island and. You're. Waking up one day for an island yeah and I wake up and I've, got knickknacks, and trinkets that I sell, right. And I wake up and I put all my knickknacks, and my trinkets inside, of this cart I just I get out of my hut I live on this island where, am I gonna push my cart to go sell my goods. Where. All the people already are right. Just because my product, is new doesn't mean I go to a place it's new and deserted on the island to sell it that's what most people do though just.

Because Their product, is new no one's doing what I've done they. Go to some obscure place on the island where nobody is I'm over here because we're different, right, that's stupid, no you take, your new product, and you. Push it to where everybody already is that, makes sense so the whole purpose of it is, great question Daniel the purpose of is to go in and whatever. Your. Product is which, is new right especially, with an offer your. Products don't necessarily need to be that new but your offer your, offer right. That's the new thing truly you can have tons of stuff that people have already sold. Right. As products, but. Then they they're bundled together as an offer and, who do you go sell it to wherever. There's the most foot traffic yeah back to the red ocean the red ocean is the place that buys it okay. Over. Time though your market, changes. Okay. Your market, your marketplace is probably, a better way to start saying that your marketplace changes, from, the, red where all the competition, is and you want that competition is very good but then as you're progressing your. Market, changes because what happens you, have a new offer of a new product is something it's a brand new something has never existed which is really awesome you're selling, it to an existing, marketplace, but. As people are buying it you're pulling, them with an idea over. Into, a new blue. Ocean right the the new, vehicle, is more it's. Almost more of an idea. Than it is a product, okay, the. Product just fulfils on it like I'm saying so go in he said we start thinking about it like how can I create cool, value, right, you create solve, a legitimate, problem and if the other come in to offer mine what you hope you guys are this is the stuff I talked about with, pictures, and drawings and formulas and maps and all this stuff someone, asked like Steven where are all these formulas, you were forever talking about they're, out offer mine okay that's, why I'm dropping it out there so today I come, to offer mine because that's the stuff that we talked about we teach in there is like here's, what you look for in a red ocean here's how you know what your ocean even is here's, what an ocean is a period, a market, by, the way here's the things that look for here's how they create the new offer for it here's how you wash it back to that red ocean right it's very granular, um, I don't I appreciate.

Teaching. Like. Theory school, I love, teaching mindset, stuff that's really my main role with the one funnel way challenge but. At the heart of it I think. Some of that stuff gets fluffy right I I want, formulas, I want patterns, I want maps that's the stuff I want blueprints, that's the stuff that I get motivated over and, so what you do is you go in and you see what, this red, ocean, is suffering. From already. This. Is very key my friends because many copywriting, courses that are out there say at, the beginning of your copy what you're gonna do is you're going to create, the problem, so, then you can bring in the solution, right. Many infomercials. Are created that way you. Like crap, that. Is a problem right. And I'm, not saying it doesn't work but, what I'd rather do is find, a group of people who already have a problem I don't have to create the problem and I'm. Just gonna go in and I'm going to solve a legitimate, problem in a highly competitive red ocean, which. Means a lot of people are having it okay. I'm gonna solve it with an idea and my product, will be blue but I will sell it to the red over, time though my market changes, then, as people start to buy it they're getting and off over into this blue ocean. Suddenly. What's. Easier to, sell people who you've never sold before or, is, it easier to sell people who are already a customer of yours. Second. Money is always easier than first money so. I'm gonna go in and I'm as people. Are leaving the red and they're coming over to the blue you start getting a little pocket of people over here who are your current buyers ooh. All. My, friends therein lies power power. Power, okay. There's a super good book I got I got two new bookshelves, we've, got stacks of books still over got, I think I'd drop another 500 bucks on books coming I'm. A geek man I'm a geek but geeks. Get paid so whatever um I I. Can't. Find the book now I'm looking for it. Anyway. In the book ready fire aim what's cool about that book is it says that although your, main purpose, at the beginning is to go in and get, a qualified, mass. Of, customers. Eventually. What you want to do is you want to sell something to your existing, customer base that's more expensive, what's, cool about gaining, a lot of customers, quickly even, at a cheap price, it. Makes any subsequent, offer or product that you drop on them afterwards, highly, likely to succeed or right out of the gate because, so many of your existing customers. Will purchase it to. Make sense so, understand, its concept okay, that this red ocean so Daniel, the the answer to this question here's a little bit longer than you might be thinking but like how do I come up with my one main thing what it really is not the one main idea I, don't, I, don't. Come up with it and I think that's something that tripped me up for a long time don't come up with it go. To a highly, insanely. Competitive red, ocean something that was exactly the opposite, that I was taught in college go. To one of those figure. Out the problems, that they are already having and then I rank them something. That I'll bring you guys through in far more detail than I didn't last off for mine I'm, gonna bring you through what I call the core problem planner and what, we do is we grab that's, what I do is, my method I I mean is my method I came up with it it's I call it the core problem planner each. One of your businesses should solve a core issue so. What I'm gonna go do is I'm going to go and I'm going to look at this red ocean and, we're gonna figure out what the problems, are they're already experiencing. I don't need to create the problem and already exists, then, what happens is I'm gonna go in I'm going to start. Ranking. The problems, against. The series of criteria because. Not all problems are created equal not all problems when I say them are understood by everybody in the red not, all problems are something people are willing to pay money for not, all problems are true things right, I love, guys. I love comedy I actually, listen do a lot of comedy it's one of my ways to stay in state control and one. Of my favorite comedians. We're gonna go see Jim Gaffigan front, row in Idaho soon he's, in, like two three weeks I'm excited about one, another one my favorite comedians is Demetri, Martin and Demetri. Martin has this funny joke where he's talking about public bathrooms, and, he's like, and. He goes in he. Says uh. Make. Sure I set it up right he said the paper the automatic paper towel dispenser is a solution to a thing that was never a problem right.

Oh You. Know I like people just like put their hand out and they grab a paper towel and they pull it and then they like have a paper towel he's, like yeah we're, gonna change that why, well, we thought it'd be fun if people act like they're magicians then have to conjure, the paper towel out of the the center with it like maybe I'll complicated, with lasers and crap that. Sounds stupid no no I gotta stop their toilets, you know like you can like sit there like you stand up you turn any flush yeah, we're. Gonna we're gonna change that all to we're gonna make it soon you move like a millimeter, you got it you got a typhoon, that explodes, beneath your butt. But. It's true all, right and it's like it's a funny I love that skip but, what's, funny about that is he's. He's, right if, you, want shark tank I love watching shark tank not because I believe in VC funding I like seeing the ideas people come up with but, lots of times people come up with these, ideas that, they came, up with that's. Wrong, it, shouldn't, come from you right. And so what I'm gonna go do is is like I want to breathe all through the core, problem, planner where you take problems, that they're already experiencing. And then you rank them you, rank them according to several things how easily can I talk about the product, and people, understand, how I'm sorry how easy can I talk about the problem, not, the product the problem, you lead with the the, problem, not the solution, these, are all opposites, of things I was taught in college that have made the difference for me and so that's when, it comes down to it like it's. Good question Daniel I don't, come up with the main idea I don't. Come up with it it shouldn't come from me I'm not the one filling my own wallet I'm not the one who's gonna be paying. For this thing right what I do is I go into the red ocean, and rank. Out all, the different core problems, that people are having sorry rank all the problems, and I. Start looking through it and based on a bunch of criteria I find what I call the core problem, my. Entire, new. Idea. My, entire new blue ocean, my entire new, opportunity. Is based, on me. Now solving, that core problem that's why I call it the core offer the. Core offer solves. The core problem, that, makes sense I'm very methodical, about the way I pull this stuff out it's not just like kind up with something good sweet that's, freaking risky no okay I don't want I'm an entrepreneur and, I'm, okay with risk but I want to be calculated, so the thing that I've come up with over the last like two or three years is how to go through and identify those things rank them create what I call the core offer is. What my book is about okay, still, writing it obviously but, offer mind, goes. Into this stuff it's just me I'm gonna teach this whole framework to you guys day, one day, number two what I'm gonna do is we got, Russell coming in dana derricks is coming in I'm talking with Myron golden and it was a soft yes yesterday we're trying to make sure dates are fine okay, I'm gonna go I'm gonna try and get Mark Joyner some of the bill Glazer there's not many people on this planet anymore who are huge in to offer creation, I have a very unique take on it. But. The main idea the big idea is not, something that I come up with anymore it, is fueled, by the. Read there. Are the ones that are already having a problem and I want to make sure that they are having the problem before I go build a whole freaking business over it okay. Then. It, becomes very easy for me to get a lot of attention, okay.

Very, Easy check, this out all I do is, in. My blue ocean, messaging, I just. Become the anti red that's. It that's how I think about it I'm not a professional copywriter but we make really good money and it's because of that I choose. What, that problem is that the majority of them are having and I, become the anti red, okay. So, like a lot of you guys know I sell them on space right it's, real easy to get a really intense in that space why what, is the vehicle, everyone, is convinced, gives them success, in MLM. What's. The vehicle, what's the method that they are all taught, talk. To who friends. And family, so. I'm the anti red man I've, never been on a three-way call I don't do hotel meetings I'm doing that crap okay, I am, very anti, that in my messaging, that, makes sense I become the anti red of the method, that. They're all using and believe causes success who, does that call out it. Calls. Out those who are inside the red ocean and feeling, that same pain and then, they perk up ago I didn't know there was another option. Okay. It, perks those up who are already, sold on whatever, concepts. Are there I don't, need to go sell people in devil, him this, whole thing's freaking automated recruit we recruit, several people a day so now which is awesome I don't, talk about it it's a back-end business, for me right it's awesome, then I just give him the same things you, see I'm saying I just. Same thing with offer creation, stuff right, I sell, to people in the click funnel space and I. Sell it to them in the click funnel space because. They're already sold on things, like click funnels and they're already taking, their wallet out and they're voting with their wallets and not their mouths and then. What do I do I don't become the anti click funnels I become. The anti of the methodology, that most of them use to. Get success, with click funnels i i'm never gonna be an tires where rocks a click files that be stupid i'm complimentary. Not competitive, to click funnels right. It makes sense what i have learned here and the reason why i'm going so much on this and thank you for the question daniel one, of the things i've learned from this is that if i go in and. I. Try to come up with the ID on my own it's. Almost guaranteed fail. Out of the gate it's. Far more risky i'm not saying it won't win, i'm saying, the chances, of it are smaller, of winning okay, what, i've also learned is that positioning. In relation. To vehicles. And solutions, or products that are already out there markets that already exists, okay, my positioning, in relation to those things is a high. Hi. Signifier. Of how likely I will be successful. Rather, than, how. Good is my product, that's. Sketchy stuff for me to say I probably will ruffle some feathers with, a few professors saying that kind of thing but I found more frequently. That. People have. Success, faster, off of, the Prentice of how. Did you position, yourself in relation to the existing, red ocean, rather. Than, let's. Go make a product that's brand new prolific. That something isn't we're seen before that helps but. I've seen far more people from. The get-go have.

D And F level, funnel, building skills D. And F level right, offer creation, sales message, create a sales message writing. Terrible. At promoting terrible. On podcasting, or whatever right they're not a good attractive character but since they've positioned themselves, as the anti red it speaks, to a pain point that the red ocean is already experiencing, and they. See it and they go crap I've been, looking I just. Didn't know which one I should go choose. Right. And then you become the obvious choice the book play bigger talks about that quite a bit right, so I leave with the problem, not the solution and, then. They assume I have the best solution okay. I lead, I lead with me understanding, what the issues currently, are not, with how can I create a problem so that they'll buy my solution, that sucks, a lot of people teach that and I'm very against that that, makes sense so, it's like a long question but like a very long answer to that question Danny but like seriously I can't answer. That without going into that little bit more because it's such a fundamental, thing it doesn't come from me it. Is, fueled, by those, that I hope buy it okay. And it, makes it less risky right. It means I don't have to be this creative, psycho genius, it means, I can be a detective it means I can understand the frameworks. Like. Kind, of the things I'm talking about right here which is just super, hot you know there's a thirty thousand of a view of it I want it I'm gonna teach more, of the actual thing at offer mind which is what I want you guys to come hey that's what we're doing that's. What our mind is it's, not me just standing up and frickin monologuing. It is extremely, proven. Out methods, and models for causing casts regardless, of price point industry or product okay, and it will get you so. Much closer to launching something that's good enough to make a lot of money right. Then just. Let's come up with something new. That. Sucks, okay, do, that under, the premise of what I'm talking about and then, it's a lot more security, for you guys that, make sense anyways. Offer mine funnel will be out. Possibly. Tomorrow. It's. Heavy interview, day for me or was so. Maybe a you might be out tomorrow if not probably anyways this week and we. Only have a hundred VIP seats, that's. Not a joke we're actually capping, it that way last, year there was like 80% VIP, and I was like that makes it not VIP it, makes, those who aren't VIP more VIP than the current VIP. Anyway. So I'm excited so it, is it will be out. We. Have we have some epic opportunities, those guys who are choosing a VIP we have we're, gonna put you guys's name, and bio and a way to contact you in a, book on everyone's.

Chairs It's super, sick yeah, anybody, anybody wants to get their ad in front of everybody I mean it's super cheap for, everyone to go in and I'll, put your ad on everyone's, chairs it's it's super cool I haven't seen anyone run an event like this and. Anyway. It'll be fun so understand. That when I'm going around and I'm creating the content for this kind of stuff I literally, walk through my bookshelves and I think. To myself what are the issues that everyone's, experiencing, still how. Can I help people identify a red ocean more how, can I help people know what to look for when they have found the red ocean what, is it that people need to understand about the red that fuels the blue what, is it about the blue that makes it so attractive for, the Reds any sense those are those kinds of questions that I look for and I read the most geeky, boring. Dry books that, have ever been written on the face of this planet to try and figure out those answers for you and I go into deep dives I called the Batcave and I hole four becomes a, studio. Alright so it becomes a study session place and I, take out, all these. Yeah. I take out all these legal pad pieces of paper it's a lot of legal pads and I, write core ideas, and I will group them in corners, of the room that, corner, of the room was, this idea okay that corner of the room is this idea and I'm writing down pieces of papers I'm studying, and doing deep dives and learning things and unreal member things I learned at the foot of Russell, right, next to his desk and I'm go it's it's not, I hate. Rah rah okay I if. Any guys think I'm a motivational speaker I'm so sorry that means I am failing I am NOT a motivational, speaker. You. Might find a motivating but I'm not emotionally motivational, speaker what, I like to go do those dive into patterns and that's kind of my unique ability is so, I. Now. That yeah it took me several years to find that out when, I was in there with an elementary school I had a hard time knowing what I was good at yeah it was like an active conversation with my parents well. Maybe you're kind of good at this you know seriously, anyway it's kind of sad but, like they're, like maybe you're good at this maybe, you're good at that you know what it'd be really cool for you you.

Could Go try this and I was like yeah I'm not that good at that like not, that I had to be good in order to continue pursuing simply, but the, thing that I kept trying to figure out was like what what, is it that I actually do, and some of you guys in are struggling with that so just know that the answer like that it's, coming stay in the pursuit of those things and. Anyway. That's. What offer minds about and understanding. The core idea, in my. Mind Danya. I don't know you pull this out of me thank you so much, it. Cannot, come from me it can't write, I am NOT the creator of the. Blue oceans that I run I am the facilitator. For. The for. The solution, right I'm the facilitator I'm, the orchestrator, I'm like I don't know how to play that instrument but y'all want it and I know someone who's probably good at fulfilling that boom once you come in here boom much come in here okay that's. That's way way better okay hashtag. Beautiful mind yeah, are you all real winners offer mine for sale we. Only have a thousand, seats okay. It's technically. 1038. Okay a hundred. Of that is VIP I have, a lot of guests, coming as well. We. Have if. You guys saw the recordings, at all from last time they are freaking beautiful oh my gosh. We. Have. And. We got a lot of people coming and I. Kind. Of expect that it's gonna sell out kind of quick especially, cuz Russell's coming. Which. Is awesome and it was it was cool because I was able to go in and I was able to give a free ticket away with with the first one phone away challenge I can't do that or it, costs a butt ton of money run event that big huh. Hey. We're. Not like making money on the understand like it's not a way just just come because I'm gonna get a do. Massive dissertation, with you guys I said, last year's offer - amazing stoked to go again I'm excited, I'm excited to have you guys it'd be really really cool but the tickets are gonna go quick is offer mine an event yes, that's my event that's my personal event and I. Was. Tired of everyone calling things something. Con event. Con I don't wanna be off work on everyone's, con cons. Like no way, it's caught off her mind right it's kind of mastermind, but with an offer that's why I'm a that and. It was originally supposed to be 40. People per event and then. Everyone. Loved my offers now, it's a thousand, person event. Let's. See nice. Live events can change lives yeah, it's, so excited for offer mine hey Justin, Justin Stephens great show by the way um hey, I, I. Agree, with that I don't know why and for some I gotta be honest with you guys I used to make fun of live, events a little bit like, oh they just want money or they, just get in like this raw raw state and crap like that it. Sounds a little bit of a skeptic and then I went to some I was, like that. Is actually. It's. Like I took two, semesters of college what I learned in that time period and forced it into two days you know it I feel like it's actually how. You take a year and and force, it into a day or two of. What have taken you a lot of money and time and energy and effort so anyway. Hey. Thanks so much for listening please remember to rate and subscribe hey. I know this game could take a few tries to get the money flowing especially, the first time right and that can suck I also, know from experience how frustrating, it can be to know, your business is just a few tweaks away bring, my next big payday, but. You don't know what tweaks to make I felt. Completely paralyzed by that in the past and it sucks I've. Been blessed to work with thousands of new and successful businesses. Over the last three years and two things have really shocked me one. I began noticing the pattern the success is vastly, the same but. Every one spot on the path is obviously different secondly. I've been shocked and overwhelmed with the number of people asking, for my help and my systems, and funnels in their business well. Until now I've never had a cyst product, in my own business to help you build yours, and I'm. Finally able to be public about all this, if. You'd like my help to build your offer sales, message funnel and even your content machine go. To my, author lab calm, the. Path to online and offline success, is 80%, the same regardless, of the product, price pointer industry and it. Works if you're new or already a killer of business, you. Can get more details on how to get my personal, attention and frameworks, in your own business by going to my offer lab calm, in-person. Classes are limited to 60 people each and frankly, I can only do about two of these a year get. More details and even jump on the phone with us for free at my offer, lab calm.

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