Finally Ready to Start or Grow Your Art Business?

Finally Ready to Start or Grow Your Art Business?

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Well hey there everybody i hope you're doing awesome and welcome, to this sunday night edition, of, live, with matt. I'm really glad. That you're here please come on and uh introduce, yourself wherever you are. In the world i've already been seeing that we've got folks from all over the world that are here. In the comments, that are, letting us know where they're from and, and all that sort of thing what kind of art you do maybe if this is your first time. Coming on uh we are super super. Excited. Uh to see you there's lynette, and there's. Lynn cecil hey lynn good to see you man hope everything's well in new york. And uh there's david rawlings, oh my gosh from south australia, what a great author. David, is and jeremiah. Oh guys are winning tonight guys. Karen, and trisha, oh here comes everybody, karen, and, debra, and uh j.m, hanson, all the way from, wyoming. And jason, there and carbondale. And sherry and sherry and camille, and, joan, and hey guys. Awesome, awesome come on in, glad you're here thanks for all you uk folks that are staying up tonight. I know it's like one o'clock in the morning over there so, i'm super uh blessed that you would come on and and be with us tonight wherever you are in the world thank you for. For doing that i hope you got the email today. And um that lets you know where we'd be tonight, and and what i'm going to be talking on and that sort of thing, if you don't get our emails make sure to go to, And you can sign up or you can sign up on our, um, our facebook page either way but, regardless. Really really glad. That you're here all right. Well um tonight's going to be interactive, i hope you like that because i love, doing things that are interactive, here in your heart. Getting to teach some things that i think are really. Important, and so uh usually how we do this kind of stuff if this is your first time. Is i'm going to be sharing some things tonight. And, then. At the end i'm going to save a few minutes uh toward the end we don't have a set time frame but, um usually we go about an hour or so but. I'll save some time at the end. To answer any questions that you've got about this topic, in particular. And that sort of thing so be sure to stay with me, uh to the end uh and if you want to do a question i'll tell you this again but you can just do capital letters question. Colon. And then uh, you know put your question there a brief. One sentence question all right, and um but we'll do that at the very end tonight. And that sort of thing so all right. Well cool uh. Glad to see everybody coming on if you have any uh. Issues. Tonight, during the call cherie, is on who is our. Social media community, manager. Um, in our mentoring, program, and she also helps out on the page here so, if you uh you can see uh just tag cherie and ask her a question if you, if you need anything along the way but uh but we're gonna get rolling all right, if this is your first time tonight, you've never been on. A live. Q a, live call with me or whatever it is let me know i want to, i want to recognize, you and just say, hello, and uh and that sort of thing i love it when, when we have first-time, people. And uh then also. I'd love to know this, all right. If you are. Because the whole the whole point of tonight, is people that want to start. Or grow, their art business all right. If you are somebody. That um. Wants to start. Their art business you've been kind of playing around as a hobby and that sort of thing but you're thinking like. This is the time this is the year like right now, i've been seeing everybody, i've been hearing matt talking about how everybody's having such, incredible, years selling their art selling their art courses, that sort of thing. If that's you. All right if you're a starter, you're like i'm ready to start all right i've not i've never done this before i'm brand new. I want you to put, start. All right in the chat all right so just put start. And um, that'd be awesome as you're doing that, i'm gonna see some some first time people there's arleigh. Hey arlie welcome, there's uh, there's jane. First time there's joan, first time, awesome.

Who Else there's uh. Love there's caitlin, or, sorry. Kate, catelyn. There you go awesome. Ah, cats on the, uh kate's on the waiting list, kate. I bet you get that all the time, is it kate or cat kate, caitlin, or catlin. Oh my gosh, that's like me with matt is your name matt or tommy which one i don't know. All right yeah look at all these starts, starter, starter, starter yeah awesome awesome awesome. Yeah you know starting, is a great place to be we're going to talk about. Some of the struggles of that tonight, all right. And um so if you are somebody that's starting out you're like a brand newbie. Uh to all this. Do not, worry all right we're we're glad that you're here, now. The other side of this call tonight, in this this broadcast, if you are somebody, that is, hey. I've been doing my art for a while i've actually been selling. A little bit maybe, a lot of it, all right. And you're ready to grow. Your art business, either to, a part-time. Serious, part-time. Full-time. Uh you know business whatever, you're looking for whatever that looks like for you and i say that because. You know if you're retired, and you're just looking to make you know, four or five hundred extra dollars a month to supplement your income, that's, awesome. Or if you're in the middle of life raising kids and you're like, i need this to be my income, you know this is what i feel like, god's put on my heart, um, i want to do that so. Wherever you are in that if you're here tonight, and you're, somebody that's ready to grow. All right grow your art business whatever that looks like, put grow, all right in the chat and uh, i want to see some of those there's, there's a s. Artist car ooh artists, carpenter, i love that, man glad you're here. More craftsman. Woo. I love it i love it more craftsman. All right let's see who there's. There's uh. Let's see there's jeremiah. Saying grow, awesome, tony, grow. Jeff, grow. Awesome, awesome. Glad you guys are here. Yeah we're yeah a lot of growers, too so we got a lot of people. A lot of it looks like about half and half tonight a lot of people that are, wanting to grow a lot of people that are wanting to start that sort of thing. I wanted to start tonight. In a little bit of an interesting, place. I was asking the lord, where to start. With this tonight, and so um, i wanted to start with the scripture, and let me just say. All of this all right whether again whether you're, wanting to start your art business from the ground up whether you want to grow it uh to the next level and everything, and you're tired. Of spinning your wheels trying to figure out all the things to focus on i want to try to help to give you, a little bit of direction tonight in the time that we have. Knowing that we can't do everything, tonight in a in a one-hour, uh facebook, live we're gonna try to, start giving you some context, tonight all right for what this looks like. And you know there's an interesting, scripture. Uh, in john if you've got your bible you don't have to but, if you've got your bible you can look up. John, 1, 14.. And. In john 1 14. It's interesting, it's this is you know where, the bible's talking about, you know. Uh, in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was with god and the word was the light and the life was the light of man, i mean all that beautiful scripture about the incarnation. Of jesus. Coming into the earth and that sort of thing verse 14. Is really interesting, and it kind of sets up, what i want to talk about tonight. In this concept, of uh, harmonious. Opposites. All right this, this divine, tension. That we live in that is really. A kingdom, principle. All right. And it says this i'm gonna i'm gonna pull it up on my on my bible gateway, here but uh this is the um. Yeah we can just read the american, standard right here here's a here's one that says um. And the word became, flesh. And dwelt among us. And we beheld his glory the glory, as of the only begotten, from the father the only begotten son right jesus. Full, of grace. And truth. So i love this because, when jesus. Came to the earth. All right when. The son of god. All right was. Made incarnate. That is, the word, became, flesh, all right tangible. All right. It says that when that happened, we saw. His glory. And, he was full of two things. Grace. And truth. Now. If you, have studied, theology. At all and you've if you even thought about this at all. There are a lot of. What we would think about as, um. Opposites. All right in the, in the, in the word of god in the way that, we live our life, in uh and just the the complication. And, and complexities. Of life, all right. And one of these that, theologians. You know talk a lot about, is. Grace. And truth. How can you have truth. And have grace at the same time. How can something be totally, true, and yet how can there be, this empowering. Grace, that, that covers. A multitude, of sin how can you have both.

At The same time, and yet, isn't that the beautiful thing the mystery. Of the gospel, right that when jesus came to the earth what, he was, full. Of grace. And truth. All right he held. In. I would say divine, tension. In a good way not in attention like i'm mad, but in a in a tension, like, like a magnetic. Tension, almost. Holding, these things. That were both, listen. That were both, necessary. To reveal. The glory of god. As. He became incarnate, on the earth. Grace. And truth, isn't that interesting. Now. If you take that concept, a little further. Understanding, that there. Are things, in our life. All right. That are these harmonious. Opposites. In order for us to reveal, the glory of god in order for us to. Walk. In the fullness, listen now, of of who god's called us to be. We've got to hold things. There may be things that we don't fully understand. Yet we've got to hold them. In tension. Why, in order. To mature. And in order to reveal, the glory of god. Through our life, in that cool, all right. Now one of those things, i think we see uh from an artist's perspective. If you've heard me ever talk before you know that i, i, have taught a lot even. My second book uh. Creativity, according to the kingdom even in my first book unlike in the heart of the artists. And, created to thrive we talk a lot about this concept. In exodus 31, of being what, filled. And skilled. But i just want to be filled with with the presence of god i just want to go for it i just want to be an artist i just want to, express, myself, and let god work it out you know. That, we love that right i mean i believe you love that we love that. And at the same time, there is this. This balance, that's required, what, to. Reveal. The fullness, of what god wants to do in and through our life which is to be filled with the spirit of god and, the bible says in exodus 31. Bezalel, was skilled. In every manner of workmanship. Right. So there's this idea that yes, we need the fullness, and the infilling. The ongoing. Infilling. Of the presence of god in our life and at the same time, we need, to be, pressing, into. Skill development, in order to what, in order to. Enlarge. Our capacity. To flow. With the presence of god, in the in the context of our art and in the context, of, what we're doing creatively, that's a for many people, that's a, a divine. Tension. That is not. Not, always comfortable, it's a little. Challenging. Sometimes, all right, how many of you would say tonight, that as you're, as you're thinking about this, all right you're like. Yeah i've i've i've, sensed this challenge before this, the tension of grace. And truth. In my life, righteousness. And uh, justice. You know coming together all right mercy, and, mercy and justice coming together. Um. Those, those divine tensions that filled, and skilled. That's a real divine, tension that we hold and yet. When we learn to hold it by the grace of god all of a sudden. Our capacity. Enlarges. God's glory, gets revealed, to our life and we get. Progressed. In the fullness of the kingdom, right, i see so many, say yes yes yes that, yeah we all felt that and that's a that's a normal, part. That's a normal, part of the. Uh the grown-up, process. In the kingdom, all right we're, we're holding these things, uh. All right, now. If we don't hold them. There can uh, and again i'm using that word. In a. Uh, in a good word, in, a good way all right kind of a, a a. Tensioned, balance. Okay. If we don't hold them in tension, one of the things that can happen. Again, i said to not being. For, many years. That's super. Duper, important, right. Now. Here is, uh. Next. The next, thing is really. I want to talk, uh. Really. Importantly. Tonight. Um, now somebody said i'm having, bad, sound issues i want to like i'll be like what is going on. I can't believe this. I'm gonna look over here and see. Um. Let me see let me see let me. See. I'm gonna come over here, and check, real quick. And we're gonna hope that. Yeah i'm. Like. I don't know what the deal is. Let me ask tanya. This is all. Fun. With um. With internet. Right. We're trying to figure it out we're trying. To figure it out we're trying, to figure it out. Well somebody says is your internet too slow. Actually. It's like. Let's. See. Huh. We'll. See. No. I don't know. We're gonna we're gonna try to hold on just a little bit. Let's see here. Somebody said turn off your antivirus.

There's No antivirus. I have a mac we don't have antivirus. This is so crazy. Let's see here. Huh. Is it better now. Let me see is it better now, if you can hear me better now. Let's see. Better better yes. Yes. Is it better is it better. Clearing, up somebody, said clearing, up. It may have been. It may have been the cameron, factor you never know. You never know. We're trying, is it better, is it better y'all. Yay everybody says it's better. Yay. Hallelujah. All right i'm pedaling harder that's. I love it. I'm pedaling harder pedal harder. I know right that's the way it feels sometimes, that's the way it feels sometimes. All right now i can't find. David's comment to take it off the screen oh no, okay great. All right cool yay. Thank you thank you thank you all right cool. It might have been i'm just gonna say guys it might have been, uh, been, the cameron, factor upstairs, you know. The streaming, teenager. You never know, so we love him but sometimes the internet goes, wild. All right. So. We were talking about, all right harmonious. Opposites. And this whole idea. Of, holding, things, in tension. All right this is so, so so. Um. Important. All right. One of the things, that um. That as we are wanting to either start. Or grow, our art business which is. Again. The whole focus of tonight's, call, all right it's all about, either starting. Uh or growing your art business. One of the harmonious. Opposites, that a lot, of people, really struggle with, all right. Is this idea, of. Being a creative. And being, an entrepreneur. At the same. Time. All right. That. In order for us, to, get our work out there. As artists. To have the impact, that we want in the world. To share. The message that god's given us through our art. And that sort of thing we realize, that we've got to both. Create, great art under the inspiration, of the holy spirit, and. At the same time. Create. Businesses. That will allow, us. To take that art. To, the marketplace. All right otherwise, what. It doesn't mean that you're wrong, or bad if you never do that but what happens. And i've seen it over and over and over and over again, what happens is a frustration. Can come up in artists. Hearts. Because, they don't, have. The road map they don't have the vehicle. If you will, to be able to get. Their message, and get their work out into the world to have the influence. To be the light and life the hands and feet, of jesus, in the way, that we were. Trying, that we were designed to. Now if that's you, all right i want to be i just want to let's just pause for a second. If that's you tonight. All right if you would say wow. This divine, tension, between. Being a creative, maybe i got that down. But the, the entrepreneurship. Part of it that is a real. Real. Struggle. All right, let's just be honest right now just just let me know, um. Where you are are you more, on the. The creative, side. Or are you more. On the entrepreneurial. Side all right because. For me it's kind of been interesting over the years i'm kind of both. Which has been an interesting thing in my life i've kind of. You know. When i worked in churches, when i was a worship pastor and all that kind of stuff i always kind of pushed the envelope a little too much, because i was so entrepreneurial. And yet. And yet you know, from an artist perspective, that has really served me because. A lot of the. The entrepreneurial. Things that were always really. Natural, to me have really really really served me, in both. Now i see a lot of you guys saying. That you're some of you are saying both, a lot of people i would say, the vast majority, saying more creative. Uh for sure there's lynn he's like me very much, much kind of both. I'm looking if there, are any more. Entrepreneurial. Folks out there that's fine it's just, um. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. All right, manage, and create, yeah. I see it. Yeah definitely not entrepreneurial, all right. But can it. Can everybody, see. All right the the way that we've built this. This thought process tonight that. There is this there are these harmonious. Opposites, that we have to hold. Intention. In a good way. In our life in order to really. Grow. Um. Into the fullness of who god's called us to be all right. That's a that's a really, really really, uh, big big big issue that i want to, try to dive in tonight now.

Unless. You, are willing. To lean, into. All right and, again this is. Whether you're starting, or growing. If you're. If you're not, willing, to lean, in. To the development. At the same time, all right because with, this this is like walking and chewing gum, this is, we're doing both of these at the same time. If you're not, willing, to walk. On that journey. At the same time like that. Growing in entrepreneurship. Growing, in. Uh your artistic, endeavors, and that sort of thing right, learning to develop an audience and also, learning, to. And growing, in your artistic, expression, and that sort of thing. What happens, is for most artists and let's just let's just take the vast majority. Of a lot of people. If you're. Mostly, on the creative, side then what you have, more than likely. All right. Is a hobby. You have a hobby. That you kind of pursue when you want to. You may or may not have sales, coming in, you end up giving most of your work away maybe that's a blessing, maybe it's, a frustration, for you whatever i'm not i'm not here to judge that i'm just saying. If you don't have the entrepreneurial, side of it you don't have. A. Replicatable. Methodology. All right. To get your work, out there. And what i see, most of all. In. Christian, artists. Is that exact struggle. People who feel called by god. To make a difference, to create art that reveals, his glory. That reveals, their heart for people. That god would use their art in powerful, ways and yet they feel frustrated. And shut down. By their. Seeming, inability. To get out into the marketplace. All right. Now. I want to add one other thing on there all right. If you do. All right, if you well let's just let's just say let's just stop and ask this question. If that, in itself, has been a frustration, for you, that is. Having this really. You know. Divine, calling, purpose from god, to be an artist and yet. Not feeling, like you have a full grasp. Of what it takes. To do. What you need to be doing in the marketplace. In order to. Really thrive. Would you be would you be honest tonight and just say yeah that's me because i bet. A lot of the i bet a lot of you are struggling with that you're not the only one, this listen that's the beautiful thing about these calls. And these. These facebook, lives is that you you find out you are not the only one. You're not the only one you're not alone, all right. Now. As you're doing that, um. Here's another, level to this all right, the next level is okay. If you are then. If you do accept the fact that okay. There is this harmonious, opposite, of, creativity. And entrepreneurship. That maybe god's calling me to. When you do embrace, that then there's this other dynamic, that's what i call the juggling, act.

Because. There is a. Again because, you don't have the luxury, of being an entrepreneur, and an artist, only. You're doing them both at the same time. There is this juggling, act. That you have to do. That, there is definitely, grace, for, when you're walking. Under the inspiration, of the holy spirit when you're, being led down a pathway, there's, there's absolutely, grace for it but there is a juggling act there are, multiple, things, that have to be going on, at the same time. All right. Now. I want you to think let's just think together, as we're on tonight, all right just interactively. What are some of the things. That you think. An artist. And an entrepreneur. All right, that is somebody that's pursuing, both in their life in order to. Be the artist that god's calling to be and to get their work out there, what are some of the things, that the juggling. Uh, items, that you think an artist has to juggle, let's just let's just be you know write them down they're no right or wrong answers all right so, what might some of those be. I'll give you a few of them maybe that i'm thinking of. Um, you got to be creating. Work. You got to be ordering materials. You've got to be, exploring. And playing. And experimenting. You've got to be, honing your skills. You've got to, have a studio, practice and a space. You know to to be doing that, there's krista, she says time creating. Time balance. Uh money. Time management i see time management's, a big thing for a lot of people. Susan, says knowing where to go and where to sell. All right. Being organized, i'm just looking at your comments here paying the bills. Time, sales creativity, community. I love that consistency. All right developing, a viable, income, all right. All of those things your your health. Yeah that's that's a different thing prioritizing. Your time, all those things. Become, a juggling, act, all right. And so. Here's the deal. For most, artists. Again, because. That may not be. Your natural. Tendency. When you go into that kind of with no plan, just thinking. Well i'm an artist and i gotta get there to sell my work and i just gotta do it. A couple of things happen, either. You get completely. Paralyzed. By the amount of things to do. All right. That you just shut down. All right now if that's you. If that's you say, just say yeah that's me i get, i get paralyzed. All right i just kind of get, shut down and, maybe that shutdown happens for a day or a week or a month or maybe it's been years. All right but. The just thinking about all that stuff. And trying to figure it all out. Terry says computer, problems. Um. You know. Just showing, up having a website. Uh. I'm just looking at all the yeah, if that's you just say yeah that's me i just get i just get shut down and what happens. I would say. The enemy is so happy at that point because the gift of god. That's in your life. Has been totally. Shut down at that point. Totally shut down at that point, all right. That is not, god's i mean do we all realize, we, realize, that is not. God's best for our life, all right. Another thing happens to an interesting, dynamic. Not on the paralyzed, side. But on kind of the other side i call it striving, side. There can be this thing where. Because, there is so. Much, information. Out there. I don't know if you get overwhelmed, by just just, lots of information, lots of facebook, ads, lots of. Um. Courses. Lots of you should do this and, artists that want to make money should do that and, this is the best show, and this is the best website to be on and you got to sell it this way and you got to be on instagram, and if you don't use this hashtag. You got to do it and you got to be on pinterest what about pinterest. You know what about tick tock am i supposed to be that, all of this stuff. Again, can overwhelm. But it also. Can start, this kind of. Pinball, machine. Bing. Of. Reactionary. Responses. Where. Instead, of. Being able to have a clear, plan. And, and strategy. To walk with. What happens, is, all of a sudden, you're just bouncing. From thing. To thing, to thing to think, this idea. That idea. This course, that course this marketing, strategy. That marketing, strategy, and, i saw somebody, earlier, they said yeah i tried entrepreneurship. And uh. And i lost a lot of money, well that's how that happens. All right that's how that happens, i love this right here. Uh. Who is it nancy booth says, too many choices, shiny bubbles. I get it i get it, that's exactly. What happens it's this pinball machine and you, and, that. Is as bad or worse. Than just being paralyzed, in fact it can be worse. Because, you end up wasting, a lot more time. And money. And all that sort of thing when you don't, have a plan. All right. That is really. You know. The two big things that i see, happening. To artists and for me as somebody, that has.

Been Able to build, a very successful, art career, over the last 25, years. As a creative, person working in a lot of different genres the last. 10 11 years, working as a, full-time, visual artist. Having a very successful, studio, creating. Woven sculpture, for luxury homes here in asheville north carolina, and for clients all over the place. I just got an order from australia. This weekend. Pretty cool, all right. A commission, order which is really really awesome. I see, that, these things that we're talking about all right this either, overwhelm. Uh and paralyzed. Or. Just. Overload, on striving, in reactionary. Kind of marketing, so, those are the two big things that really, artists that are trying to grow their art business, or artists that are trying to to start their business get absolutely. Struggle, you know. Absolutely overwhelmed, by, now. When i started. Uh. Our mentoring, program, years ago, which has been very very successful, we've got probably 1300. Close to 1300, artists in that now, from all over the world. One of the biggest, things. That, people say when they come in that has helped them the most. Is having. A plan. Having a plan. Knowing. The things that focus on and the things not to focus on. That. You've been doing this for a lot of years you've made a lot of money, you have glorified, the lord in what you do your, you have his heart you want to equip people, you know. I see you doing i want to follow what you're doing, that's really one of the core things that we've done in the mentoring, program and yet. God's called us, and called me in particular, to. Reach. Thousands, and thousands and thousands of artists in order to raise you up, into what god's called you to do. I know, listen, i know, that many of you. May not be ready for the mentoring program yet for a number of reasons, for a number of reasons. And so. I started asking the lord i'm like lord what can this look like. And the idea, came to me, matt why don't you put together, a blueprint. For success. Like what are. What would be. The top. Five, seven, things that every artist, needs. To know, they need to be like, these are the things you gotta focus on in order to. Really, get started, or grow. Your art business not all, that other stuff but like what are the things that like really matter. All right. So. I put that together. And then. The lord said to me, as i'm thinking about this. And i'm just working i'm like lord is this it. It was like no, there's more i'm like okay there's more. So that was like a. I don't know five or six page document that i put together with graphics and all this kind of thing. And then. I started getting this idea, for a starter, kit. Wouldn't it be cool for artists that are not in the mentoring, program yet if i just had like. A starter kit. All right. That was. Everything, you need all right like and this was as i started writing this thing down i took those seven things that you need to focus on and i broke them down. Like in detail. All right. Well that turned into like this 26, page. Document. All right of, graphics. And journaling. And me teaching a little bit and then i thought. Well this will be overwhelming, by itself i better do a video with it so i'll put a video with that to walk you. Walk through that whole thing. And i was like, well is that. Is there more. Is i'm thinking about it, you know because. In that document, i was talking about things like marketing, your website, and, how to find clients, and clarifying, god's plan for your life and what's the vision for your life and, how to build a personal, brand, that, attracts, people that turns like lookers, into.

Raving, Clients how do you, feel confident, in developing, a marketing, plan that'll work for you like. Right now where you are if you've never done this before. At all, you know how do you. Know where to. Focus, your time and attention. And how do you even like get a 30-day, plan of like. What to do next you know. As i started doing all that i said the only thing that's missing. Two things that are missing. One thing that would be missing would be. A ton of ideas. That would be like, things you could do, immediately. All right, in order to start selling, your work like, my best ideas. And then the other thing was, the ability, to walk. With you. In a, compressed. Time frame. In order to teach all this, that's in the, in the resources, that i've developed, all right. And. To be able to answer, questions, and interact, and that sort of thing and do that, like in a compressed. Compressed time frame. So i i took this to tanya and i took it you know. And i took it to her and i said. What could this look like i took it to the team, i said what could this look like because, this this is for people, honestly, that are. That like maybe you want to do the mentoring program maybe you're on the waiting list for the mentoring, program. Um. You know all of that but you're like i need help now. And i don't need overwhelm. I need like a simple. Plan. To be able to hold these two things in balance, create my creativity. And entrepreneurship. And how can i take a baby step. And start getting some wins. Behind, me, and how can i start getting some momentum. Behind, me, in order to start seeing. Uh some success, happen well. That's. What i wanted to talk to you guys tonight about because. We, have. Developed. We've never done this before, all right. Those of you that know me, our full, attention. Has been in my mentoring, program. And in my courses. For. Uh the last four and a half years that's been our focus. But we've got some, some air in our schedule now that we've uh, we've we've done some things this year that have really made a big difference in our ability. To serve you guys well. And so we have put together. Um, a one day. Workshop, that's coming up it's going to be august. The 14th. All right it's a friday. And it's going to be from 11 a.m, in the morning, until, 6 00, pm, at night eastern daylight, time that way.

Just About, anybody. In the world. Can be a part, of this workshop, all right, if you're in hawaii, you might have to get up early, if you're in the uk, you might have to stay up a little later, uh than normal. But. Anybody. Can do this workshop. All right. We put this together, and it's going to be called jumpstart. All right and i wanted to show you. Cheri, is actually. Putting this, um. Putting this uh, the link for this on the, the pin, as a pinned. Post. But i want to show you this. When you go to this link that sharia is going to show you tonight. You'll see that the whole, focus of this thing is to get the road map you need to thrive as an artist, all right. There's two different ticket options. One is for the workshop. You're also going to get. The success, blueprint, that i talked about, the starter kit that i talked about plus the video. The sell your art and make money quick pdf, that i talked about, all right. You can also get an all what we call an all access ticket as well. You get all of that plus you get the recordings. Of that so you can have those at any time for yourself, to go back to and. You're going to get a live, group q and a with me, after. The workshop, on zoom so we can see each other and be able to walk through. That together, all right. Now here's what we're saying during this workshop, and again this is really. This is really designed, for people that are not in our mentoring program. For people that are just starting out brand, new or people that are wanting to grow their art business all right. But after participating, in the workshop, you're going to be able to have a simple. Pathway. For your purpose you will literally, come out with a 30-day, plan of simple things. That you need to do one. By one. By one, not to be overwhelmed. But just to have a track to run on all right. You're gonna know exactly, where to focus your time, in order to start accelerating, your growth. You're gonna understand, some habits that i teach. That make success, a whole lot easier, in your life specifically, in regards to renewing your mind. You're going to be able to get clear on god's plan for your life and art so that you're not just running around. Willy-nilly. We're going to dive deep, into, marketing, strategies. All right. We're going to be talking about, why people aren't buying your art. All right. We're going to, talk about how to transform. Prospects. Into raving, clients, how do you start attracting. Clients. And buyers. Both online. And offline. How do you build a website, the key elements for your website, what should that. Include, all right, we're gonna talk about, running, a business, and the basic. I'm talking. Basic, things. That you need to do to get started i'm literally, giving you a checklist. Of things. Uh, that are. That, you do all right. Um. We're putting in there. A list of my favorite, tech tools. How many of you get overwhelmed with technology. This is going to be. You're going to get a list immediately, when you sign up you'll get, in. The starter kit you'll get, a list of my favorite tech tools. The things that i encourage, every artist to use as they're getting started, plus like i said a simple uh to-do list for the next 30 days all right. These are the those things i was talking to you about you can see all this when you click the link i'm not gonna. Um, go through all of this. Uh tonight, but i wanted. You'll also see down here at the bottom. There is a a bunch. Of uh. Frequently, asked questions, you literally, just, click on that little button. And you can read those, all right. Now. This, uh. We are opening the doors for this, uh tonight. All right so right now. Uh the doors are open. This is. This is absolutely. Open to anybody. All right open to anybody. Even if you're in the mentoring program and you wanted to do it you're welcome to do it we really designed, it for people not in the mentoring program. Just to again kind of help you get started. If you're somebody that's trying to grow your art business. I think what, this is going to be so valuable, for you, because this is going to help you. Cut out. All the things that may have been the time, suckers. In your life and journey and marketing, strategies, and all that kind of thing, and really be able to focus. On the things that we know. Really, are working, now. In this season for artists, all right, one of the beautiful things about. Having, mentored. Thousands of artists, over the years in the mentoring, program. I i get to to watch. The things, that are working, like right now. In the middle of covet pandemic. I know the things that are working right now, for artists to sell their art. I know the things that have made me be able to sell, hundreds, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of original art over the years all right, i've watched people at every level in just about every creative medium. I know how to help you with that all right, i can help, guide you in, in what direction to be able to focus on and that's what this is all about, this jump start, day, it's not i'm not asking you to sign up for a year, i'm not asking you for a monthly commitment i'm not asking any of that i'm just asking.

Hey. If you are somebody, that wants to grow as an artist. You want to start or grow. You know that you need to hold these two things in tension the creativity. And the entrepreneurship. And you're just not sure where to start or. You just want some help. All right some clarification. And some some momentum, behind you to go the next level. I want to encourage you to be a jump start, all right it's going to be a one day event, like i said 11 a.m to 6 p.m. It's going to be awesome, all right, so please. Make, sure. That. You click the link tonight. Start signing, up, um. We're not sure what the capacity, is going to be yet. I anticipate, that it's going to feel very quickly. Because, we're able to. Unlike, regular live events, like we had, almost 500, people at our live event here in march the thriving christian artists conference, that flew here from all over the world all right. We believe this is going to be much larger. Because there's going to be so many more people that want to do this, and it's like, super ridiculous, cheap i mean. It's very very, inexpensive. We're doing that i'm doing that to be a blessing. To you and to be able to give you some. Really really really great resources, just the bonuses. Themselves, are worth more than what i'm asking for the ticket plus you get to spend. All day with me and my team and uh, it's gonna be great all right. Now with that, um. I'm gonna put in, uh. The link should be pinned. At the top, i'm also gonna put in. Um. The uh. The link right here so i'm putting it in shari's, putting it in. So you'll see it coming. All through there plus it's going to be pinned. At the top of all the comments so you'll see that as well all right. Now. With that, um, that's really, i wanted what i wanted to talk about tonight this. This embracing, of the of the the tension. How to begin to do that, all right, so that you can really start thriving. And give you an opportunity, to, to join us for jumpstart, i want to take. Some questions. All right, uh tonight, thank you cindy reid she says your bonuses. Are priceless, yeah i mean we're really really really trying to, to be um. Just go overboard, to bless you guys with this now.

This Is really important. Dee said. Will it replay. I will be working. That's a great question. This. Will, not. Replay. Unless, you get the all access, ticket, all right. This is it, all access, is 149. That gets you the live workshop. All the bonuses. Plus the recordings. Which will come out within two weeks of the event just to give us time to edit them and that sort of thing, and then also, um. The private, group. Live q and a with me after the workshop. For a much more intimate group of people, all right on zoom that's gonna be a lot of fun, um so. Great great great. William said will there be a discount for people already in the mentoring, program. There won't because we're really not designing, this for the mentoring program, everything, that we're talking about here. In this jump start. This is like this much. Of what's already in the mentoring program the mentoring, program. You already have, access. William, because you just came in. With your 90 day. Uh, getting started plan the document that we just put out for you guys a couple weeks ago. Walking through the full mentoring program you have so much more. Than, this jumpstart, this is again. For people that are not. In the mentoring program yet that just need the help, to get started, or, to start growing to get some momentum behind them all right, so um. Great great question, all right. Now, let's see um. I'm looking for any questions, tonight. In regards, to. This whole, concept. Of. Balancing. Your life, your creativity. Your art. You know the business side of things anything that we've talked about tonight. In the teaching before, we talked about this. We can absolutely. Answer any of those two nights so all right. Jeremiah, says question is pricing and drawing. The same as pricing, and painting. Well most people for either one of those use a price per square inch. And um. That's that's what i would recommend, that you use so. Here's uh. Let's see jeff bro. Do i need to change my medium or art style for god to use me, or is that more of a question for the holy spirit. Here's the deal jeffrey this is so so important ma'am. And i've taught on this for years in fact there's a there's a great podcast, episode maybe sheree can find it for you and post it in here. Um. I, really really believe. That when we invite, the holy spirit into our creative process, into our studio. Whatever, we're doing. Has the capacity, to release, his light. And life, i don't care if you're an author i don't care if you're a painter i don't care if you're a builder. I don't care if you're a sculptor, like me, if you're a musician, whatever, it is, when we, offer that creative expression. And that process, to the lord he comes and lives and moves. And has, his being inside, our life and through our life. In our art and he can absolutely. Use you don't have, don't ever, ever ever. Uh, believe, the lie that, your art, has to be. Like this or like that in order for you to.

Be Used by the lord. Um, that's that's really a big big misnomer, so. Good stuff. Suzanne, says how does this workshop, work with different timelines. Are you talking about time zones. Suzanne. That's why we're doing it from 11, to 6. Because just about anybody, in the world, can participate, from 11 to 6.. We know that some people are going to have to get up early. Some people are going to stay up late. But you can participate. All right, if you know that you can only participate, for some. I would encourage that you get the all access ticket that way you'd be sure to get the recordings. And that sort of thing all right. Debbie says well there'll be guidance, to find their true calling as an artist absolutely. I mean listen everything, we do debbie and maybe this is, um, your first time with us or whatever tonight but, everything, we do is designed. Really with this idea, that god has designed you specifically, to be an artist. We want to help you to discover, god's vision and plan for your life so that you can align, with that. And then begin to grow in maturity, in that calling, in gifting. Spiritually. Artistically. And in business, that's the whole, focus of what we do, we've been doing that for years with artists with, with a great success, and love love love seeing. God just light people up and. Change their life so, that's what this is all about. Now cindy's got a question tonight, and. She said i've had a blog for three years would you suggest trying to sell from there or create a website. Well cindy. What you're describing, is kind of the old way of doing things which is, a blog. And a website. Actually. All. Modern websites, these days, have a blog built into them, and your blog is one of the key places, you want to be you want to use to drive, traffic. That's one of the things we'll be talking about, inside the workshop, is how to use your blog. In order to drive, traffic. To your website, and get, uh, interested, people, reading about your work connecting, with you, watching, videos that sort of thing and hopefully, beginning to order, all right, great. Question. Nancy, booth says well this also, will this jumpstart, also help authors. Absolutely. Because what we're going to be talking about. Are really. Large. Concepts. In regards, to. Marketing. Your purpose as an artist. Setting up your business that sort of thing. So. Artists. Musicians. Anybody, in the creative realm, can absolutely. Um benefit, uh from this, and again that's the that's the beautiful, thing. Along the way we're going to teach it just like this, all right inside a private facebook, group. As i'm teaching. You'll have the opportunity. To be asking, questions to be chatting with others along the journey so there'll be, great great great opportunity, for you to be able to.

Take The information, and really. You know, tailor it into your specific. Genre, so great. Question. Um. Let's see here. Jeff willis says what business structure is best for artists, who offer. Who also offer services. Well jeff that, totally i'm not an attorney, so, one of the big things that i encourage, people to do. Is start. Working. With, a small business attorney. In your local area and an accountant. To start figuring out what are the things that are what's the structure that's going to be best for you. Many many many artists that i know use the llc, structure. It's very simple to administrate, and that sort of thing but again. That's the decision, for you, and licensed professionals. In your area, to make that call, based on your specific. Your specific, decision, all right. Um. Let's see. David rawlins. Matt when it comes to time management do you have a process, you use to work out how you divide your time between creativity, and marketing. Focus on your existing, work and creating. Uh new work. I absolutely, do uh we call it we i teach it in the mentoring program we'll be talking about that, um during the the jump start i call it my three by three. It's a way that i divide, the week. And help divide your focus in order to help you keep the main things the main thing. And so that's definitely something that we'll be um, we'll be talking about during that. Jody says, i'm losing. I am losing the place where i fire my ceramics. And other options are so expensive, i can't take commissions. And i feel like firing my work is, always a struggle how can i grow. Well jody here's the thing that i, one of the things that i would say in regards to that question. Mindset. And your expectation. Of what's happening, in your life right now is, the. Major, key. That is going to set you up for success or failure. Either your mind being renewed to the fullness of what god's doing in your life or. It being aligned with fear and anxiety, and stress and all that sort of thing. The question that you're asking right here not that it's a bad question but the positioning, that you're asking it from, says to me. You're looking at this situation. And you're interpreting. It. In. A view of loss. That is. This is too expensive. I'm losing the place i fire my account. What if you thought about it this way what if you thought about. God's got a place that's so awesome for me, that i don't know about yet. But i know that because his plans are to prosper me and not to harm me to give me a hope in the future. I know that when i ask he said he would give me the desires, of my heart. That when i began to put my faith out there that when i began to, according to mark 11 24, therefore when you pray, believe, that you have received, it. And you'll have it when you begin to. Cultivate, your mind toward those things all of a sudden guess what, those things that look like. Deletions. From your life, and, negative situations. Actually become opportunities. When you look at opportunity, when you look at situations, like this like you're doing right now.

And You start to see it as, i'm losing my kiln, this is too expensive, i can't do it i can't take commissions, you literally. Build, a wall. Around. Your mind. Which is how god communicates. Ideas. To you. All right. But faith, and we're gonna i'm gonna teach you about this in the jumpstart, workshop. Faith. Allows you to open up. To trust, and to see possibility. And to actively, cultivate, that mindset. In your life so that you're able to receive, what god's got for you in every area i bet what god's doing right now, is he's simply. Restructuring. You. He's simply. He's simply, moving, you. Into a new situation, that you don't fully understand, yet, but you've got the opportunity. To begin. To. Interpret. That. And pursue, that in a way that's either, faith-filled. Or fear-filled. And we'll be talking a lot about that during the workshop, so, great question. Um. Let's see here. I see some questions about specific, things, about localities. And, your city and that sort of thing, if you will go to your chamber of commerce. Your small business association. In your local, area, they will tell you exactly, what it takes, to do business, in your local area all right don't let that, don't let that be. A hangout for you all right. Um. Erica, says how can i make art in painting selling artwork, a full-time, job is it possible to say myself. I want to start a business but is this the best move well erica i'm so glad you asked that's the whole purpose. Of this workshop that's coming up on august 14th. Is helping you all right, now, erica, and anybody. In as you when you sign up for the workshop. You're going to get some great documents, all right, in the meantime. What here's what i want to encourage you to do. Start, listening, to the podcast. I've got, how many shari almost, 200. Free. Episodes, right now on the thriving christian artists podcast, that covers so, many. Business topics. So many getting started, topics. Like you're talking about erica one of the things that that. I talk about on the podcast, is what i call the bridge. Moving from where you are now to where you want to be that's the whole focus of this. Of this jump start workshop, that's coming up, that we're talking about tonight but you can, even get started, thinking about that process by listening to, a couple of uh, of podcast, episodes. All right. So i, definitely encourage you. To do that all right. Um. Whoa. Look at this. Now this is somebody. This is somebody, that is. Growing. Right now by leaps and bounds lynette says, i'd like to sponsor, somebody to join jumpstart, how do i go about this, just contact, tanya. Just contact, tanya. Uh. Just uh events. At, Or lynette you've got her personal information, just, just contact to reach out that's awesome, that's awesome, see that's one of the things i teach. In our mentoring, program. So into what you want more of. So into what you want more of if you're facing, lack in your life or fear. Sow into come in in the opposite spirit. Watch the momentum, of god happen in your life, whoa. Let's see here, let's see here. Yeah thanks joan she said those podcasts, have been a super start for me in the last month i'm so glad. So glad. Look at dee, she says i'm up to the 110th. Podcast, great information. And encouragement. I love that i love that. Well guys listen this has been, so. Wonderful, tonight, i think that we've got um. A lot of uh. The the big questions, answered tonight. Um. I'm gonna look at uh this last question from, from vicky she says. I feel like the lord is, leading me to use my art to help the homeless, in springfield, missouri.

So They can have a place to make art and resell for themselves, any ideas how to do this, yeah absolutely, and here's the deal, here's the deal i would say vicki. When you. Are a person that has a thriving. Business. All right, business. You then have the opportunity. To make profit. Which allows you to make. Impact. The more. That you, make. Financially. The more that you. Have control, of your schedule. The more that you get to choose. Where you're spending your time, energy and resources, because. You built a thriving, business, the more opportunity, you have to do that now. I'll give you an example, right now vicky. Over the the last years of my own art business we've been very successful. The lord's bless us financially. We love. We have a separate bank account now that this called our giving account, we put money in there every month, all right it's filled, to overflowing. I love it all right. And we give. Money, to different things that we feel excited about that we feel like the lord leads us to, one of the things that we do is give to our local. Homeless shelter i'm actually on the board it's called the western carolina, rescue mission. We are actually talking about with them developing, an art program. For. The western carolina, rescue mission, well guess what, because, god's blessed me financially, because, i've got a business. Where i'm not just trading, time for money but i'm learning to build. Build wealth. Build, a. Solid financial. Footing for my family and for my business guess what, i've got the time, energy and resource. To be able to give, my time. To an organization. That i really feel. Uh strongly about. That, i believe, is such a strong. Methodology. Of. Giving. As opposed, to. I got a dream i wonder if i can get a whole bunch of people to give me money to do it. All right see the difference. One says, i'm going to take responsibility. For this thing with the lord. I'm going to be faithful with little, so god will make me ruler over much, and then as he blesses, me i'm going to become a blessing. To others. Pretty cool. Pretty cool, all right. Anne brown says where do you find the podcast, and shari put it in the post, if you just go to. Com forward Podcast. Uh you'll see it there also. Just about any podcast, aperture. That you're looking at um. You know. Stitcher. Spotify. Uh, pod, bean. Apple, of course, 85 percent of people listen on apple. Um, any of those kind of places my website. All right, all of that's got um. Got that all right. So guys listen i just want to um. Say thanks for being on tonight, i love love love being with you guys on sunday nights it's just so much fun. Um. Again. Make sure, that you sign up this is going to be open. Until. August the 13th. All right. So, until august, the 13th you're gonna have the opportunity. Um to, sign up, and to be a part of jumpstart. Share it, encourage, your friends to be a part of it listen. It is super cheap. It's super inexpensive. We are gonna, so over deliver, and blow your mind it's gonna be so awesome, there's even things we're gonna be doing we're not even telling you about yet they're gonna be awesome, for those who participate. Um, when you. Register, tonight. Or whenever you're watching this video. You get immediate access to the bonus, plus, bonuses. Plus. You get. A link to join. The private. Participant. Only. Facebook, group. You can jump in right now, all right, and start connecting with other artists from around the world, in anticipation. Of, the workshop. On august the 14th. All right. Thanks guys, joan said she signed up i love it i love it i see others saying they're signed up let's do this thing. And um if you got any questions of course you can always email us matt. Matt And we'll get that answered for you real quick, all right. Hey let me pray for you. All right and um oh my gosh, lord honey, robin, says can you, can you start even if you don't have a portfolio. Girl that's what this is for. This is like for i'm talking about. What if i've never done it what if i haven't drawn in 10 years, what if i just think god wants me to be an artist and i'm not even sure, this.

Is The perfect. Perfect, perfect. Event, for that all right it's one day. One day. Eleven, to six. All right. You get tons of resources. Absolutely. Absolutely, good all right. Let me pray for you guys we're going to get rolling, all right i'm going to go eat some watermelon. We got a new watermelon, tonight. I love watermelon. So. Evangeline. Lord bless her heart she says where do we find info on signing, up, in the link, in the comments. In the comments, and also. You'll see them uh. Pinned at the top. Of all the comments tonight you'll see it there but shariq can share that with you. Specifically, if you need it all right i'm gonna pray. Father thank you for tonight. Lord thank you that there are these things, in the kingdom lord this. These beautiful, harmonious, opposites, god grace, and truth being filled, and skilled. And lord for us, being both, entrepreneurs. And, being creatives, god we can do both. And your spirit, can lead us into both. So that we can be the people that you called us to be so that we can have the impact, in the world. That you want us to have. And lord i thank you for that this jumpstart, workshop. Is. The pathway. For our purpose. That it's a simple. Road map. That will tell us everything we need to do to get started. And lord i thank you for i thank you for the idea putting it on my heart. I thank you for those that are going to join with us from all over the world. God i thank you for. The anointing, that's going to be on that day workshop, and even, the weeks. Of the few weeks we've got before just in the facebook group for the participants, lord i thank you that there's gonna be grace. On that as well. And so lord i thank you for that lord thank you for this time. Bless lord every person with with your grace. Favor. Wisdom. Understanding. Knowledge. Skill. Opportunities. Wisdom and revelation, in the knowledge of you. And in the knowledge of who you have made them to be. In jesus name. Amen. I love you guys i hope you have an awesome, awesome, evening. And uh, or day wherever you're at all you guys in australia, new zealand. And um. I love, i can't wait to see. A lot of you on this, on this jump start we're gonna have, they're gonna be hundreds and hundreds if not over a thousand people on it i know it so i hope you're one of it all right. Hey if you missed this tonight i see kathleen she's like oh my gosh i'm bombed, i'm bummed. You can watch it in a minute it'll be the replay will be here in just a minute all right i'll see you guys later.


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