finally opening up about growing up/my insane dad.

finally opening up about growing up/my insane dad.

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Hello. Last week I sat down and filmed a end-of-year. Recap, video, I sat down and I talked about the entire, year, of 2017. And how I felt about everything, definitely, the most emotional. Video I've ever filmed and also the longest I ended up having like four hours of footage and I spent the week editing it and trying to like condense it down and, put all the pictures and videos and all that kind of stuff on the screen and as you guys know I'm not a fucking, youtuber, I don't edit things I hate things that are big productions, like if it needs anything more than a jump cut I'm having a mental breakdown that video is taking a little bit longer than expected but it is definitely well worth the wait and I really want every single person who subscribed to me to watch it because it's such an emotional video and I talk about everything, I talk about like my breakup, my meeting and dating bella thorne I talk about every, scandal I've ever had ever I cry about my best friend dying like it is like the longest most emotional, intense insane video of my life and I can't wait for it to come out but it's taking forever so me being the caring. Kind humble. Incredible. Known individual. That I am I decided that in the meantime I would film something shorter easier to edit and put it out there for you guys so you have some content, to enjoy while you wait because I love you but I can assure you while you're waiting it is worth the wait but here's a video to hold you over in the meantime I decided upon sitting down today that I wanted, the video that, I'm filming, to, be something reminiscent, of my very, old content. Because I know that you guys love that and I've really been trying to make my channel a mixture of new fun funky, things that I'm doing and obviously story, times and just talking, content, that you guys love so much today's video, is actually so. Fucking. Random I've had this video idea conceptualized. Written, in my notes for over, a year now and I've just never gotten around to filming it because I didn't know what's a title it I still, don't know what I'm gonna title it it's not a story, time it's definitely scatterbrained. But I think it could be a funny concept and eventually, a start, of a series so last night I was at it was at my ex Hunter's house I'll link our ex tag below you guys should check it out and I was telling him a really fucked up story about, my dad for my childhood, but like obviously. At this point of, me being 19, I've been moved out for like four years my relationship, with my parents is not like a little bit better my dad still definitely crazy and fucking off his rocker and I need to film an entire video about my childhood, but uh the, like fucked up shit that would happen to me or like the stupid, shit that my parents would do now it's very easy for me to last that because I feel like I've grown up and like learned from it I wouldn't be where I am or the way I am if it wasn't for it you know what I mean like they fucking suck definitely, not good parenting skills, but it's funny to look back on anyways, I was telling him this story about my dad growing up and I was like dying laughing like I couldn't even get the story out with a crying of laughter, and so I wrote it down at my notes like I remembered that I had this video idea the video idea basically is I've been telling you guys as I started my youtube channel clearly, by the way that I am I'm sure that most people whether they hate me or love me can come to the overall consensus, that I was not raised, normally.

Haha, If, you've ever seen my dad in any of my vlogs huge, shameless. Self-promotion, scribe to my vlog channel my vlogs are like incredible, not to suck my own dick but every time he's in my blog he's literally saying some like crazy shit everyone knows him as like being just not like they're like crazy I literally could foresee my dad in five years being like one of the homeless people on Hollywood Boulevard and I actually tweeted that once and people were like that's so fucked up like you should help him what they didn't realize is I don't mean he's gonna be homeless and I'm not gonna help him I could offer him like 20 grand like he wouldn't want it he wouldn't want to be like one of the streets he was like want to experience that he would want to like talk to walls like he's. Like they're like he like runs a business he like raised. Me. So. Basically I just started every time I remember something, like fucked. Up or just off about my childhood, or things that my dad would, do I look back on now and I'm like that's not right most. People, never went through that most people's parents didn't do that I would write it down I eventually made, a list and so today I'm just gonna be reading you that list I'm just gonna be telling you a little bit about some of the things that my dad did while, I was growing up this is definitely a very light-hearted and comedic video I definitely do need to make like a dark like dark. Video, of my childhood, and that kind of stuff but obviously that is a lot more mentally exhausting, and would have to be very well thought out and would definitely make some of my family members hate me or haven't gotten around, today's video is just gonna be fucking we're gonna laugh at my fucked up childhood together. Without further ado I'm just gonna get into this video because it doesn't make sense to me either but if you are here it would mean the world to me if you subscribed, and you click that little bell to turn your notifications on, because judging, by how many times I've already said fuck in this video you and I both know YouTube is not gonna recommend this to anyone so I'm counting on your little notification bells, like I said earlier subscribe to my vlog Channel I have been putting out amazing. Content on my vlog channel like hilarious, I uploaded five videos, on that channel this week five videos like five videos. On my Twitter and my snapchat and all this I was gonna be below I'm gonna shut the fuck up let's get into the video okay so, the. First one all. I wrote was. Dark. Instead. Of air conditioning. So. Every day I would get home from school and this was probably in like second. Third fourth grade you guys probably don't know this but growing up the way that like my family, had a source of income my entire life was my dad ran his own swimming, pool cleaning, business and he likes old businesses and we'd moved like all that that's another video I'm probably gonna say that sentence a lot in this video I grew up living in Vegas and as you guys know Vegas is one of the hottest cities in the fucking world so my dad was working every single day and like 110. Degree heat especially, in like the summertime, you know what I mean so he would come home every day with like heat exhaustion I like grew up all the time to him like having heat stroke like having to drink Pedialyte 24/7, but with working in the heat every day you get very accustomed, to it so when you're working in the heat all the time you don't like cold, environment. When you get home you don't want to put the house on like 65, degrees even though it's a hundred and fifteen in Vegas so only other normal, person wouldn't want their house on like 65, 67, 68 but someone who works in the heat 24/7.

Doesn't, Want their house to be that cold so everyone, else in my house 24/7. In the summertime would have to like suffer, and be like hot in the house 24/7, because my dad would not let the air conditioning go under like 75. 75, air conditioning in Vegas, in like the dead heat you might as well have the fucking heat on I started, complaining about this 24/7, and so my dad every, when I would get home from school. At. This time this was like the nicest house we ever lived in it wasn't like that nice but it was like the nicest one, and then like from there was like downhill and pours fuck so it was like a pretty big house like he would go through the house and. He, would like shut all of the blinds and like put blankets, over the windows. In. This old two-story house I would make the whole house like like pitch black and, so I would get home from school and it'd be like 2 p.m. and like I'd want to bring my friends over, the. Entire, house, would just be pitch black and, then there was this one computer, room that he could make like extra, pitch white like fucking, dark as fuck so he would be in this like extra blacked-out. Room, and then because, of hot air rises. Lay. On the floor like in the lake shag, carpet, we had like fuzzy, eyes come he. Made like enough money at this point of life to like easily, use the air conditioning, but instead, of using the air conditioning he prefers like cooling off organic, beef wouldn't be making, the house pitch-black and laying on the floor so that I would bring my friends, over. In, this like pitch black oh, I'd. Like to be able like a Wednesday every. Day for like months and then if I like what it's like do my homework, or like use the light like there would be no light and then if you like open the window the house would get hot I mean like close the fucking window like. Just. In the air and then I was like but Dad I need to do my homework and this is why I'm high school, drop. Of next thing my dad is obsessed with. Eggs. He, goes around 24/7. And is like God thank, the chicken. You. Know mah reez brand new like my dad literally says like we need to be good to chickens, and gaps I'm not kidding you a next-level. Obsessed, with eggs and milk he goes to the store he was like four gallons of milk and we'll finish this he. Like walks around the house the gallon, of milk like shirtless, beer belly like the gallon of milk. Perfect we go to Starbucks, and he's like can I get a fancy ass milk, and they're like okay do you wanna Gary free like nonfat he's like whole we. Went to Nobu, I took my dad to Nobu, for Christmas, and he was like can I get up milk just, like he's like a milk we're sitting at dinner on Christmas Eve he's like let me do a toast and everyone has like glasses full of champagne. My. Dad is just at the head of the table with a gallon of milk why thank Jesus for the chickens. He. Like loves eggs so growing up I would dread. Why God why why is this my life when my dad would cook especially, when like my friends would come over my dad would cook my dad would cook his breakfast lunch dinner whatever because, first of all this is just a complete side note his thing is like concoction. Gosh. Where he would like mix. Grapes. Avocados. Like chicken, like eggs like last night's like rice pilaf and like honey like in a bowl I made you. His. Thing for like years though it was just seeing, what he could crack an egg over or put honey on like how far he could take it really Connie on the eggs which first of all what the fuck I remember, one day I got a friend over and we come downstairs for breakfast like my friends spent the night which were so just spending the night I was like I'm sorry wake. Up another day my, dad is cooking breakfast I'm like god fucking damn it mom like you don't have a job but you couldn't have just gotten up and like made the one friend I brought over for the one time like fucking, pancakes we, walked down into the kitchen my dad skillett. Still. It's. Always in a skillet dude like anything, can be made.

Looks, Like a dirty ass pouring that like has not been washed that he's like licking so. In the skillet he takes a like last night's spaghetti that my mom spaghetti. You it like it's already so. And. It's breakfast, it's like 10 a.m. me and my friend are both like we're gonna spaghetti, we're beggars like that within itself is so yeah, and so I'm sitting there complaining and my dad's except you're fucking complaining T kids in Africa, they don't eat. So. Then he gets out eggs. And. He cracks, the eggs over. The spaghetti and. Spaghetti. And. Covers, it in jaimé, jaimé. Covers. It. I. Think brings the bowl over to me and my friend my friends like not eating it and in front of my friend he's like y'all are fucking, ungrateful. Just, letting you know that would happen every, day for my entire life like my dad would be cooking something but just would be like the most fun appetizing. Incompetent, inhumane, like meal that like dog should me and then like screaming I'm he really not, eating like everything, the way it was prepared, he's like go to the bathroom like not wash his hands like cook he'd like kill a bug with his fingers I keep cooking and he would make toast and burn it until it was like black and then like bring it over me me like here's your breakfast and I'd be like dude are you fucking kidding me keep like scrape off the black shit. Another thing about my dad that could be an entire, video is in itself his favorite thing in this world the thing that he thrives off of the absolute. Most is talking, to strangers, if you go anywhere, with him he does not want to talk to you he wants to walk up to random people it's never like people that want to talk to him either like he'll walk up someone who's like ordering at Starbucks me bill I like his shoes like where are you from like I'm from Vegas I believe your. Restaurants. Would like walk over to people sitting at tables and just like, I see you got on a duck hat like are you a fan of that team like I play basketball. Any. Tall, man ever if they're over like 511 like, did you play above the rim did you play basketball I was a Mac you've all go going anywhere with him is absolutely, miserable because you can't age you're embarrassed about it's embarrassing, as fuck like my mom who's married in my dad wouldn't go look anywhere, with him for like years like that's how embarrassing it is my friends won't go anywhere with my dad you then you're stuck there talking, to these random people like if you go anywhere with him your choices are either like be completely isolated.

And Alone or talk to him and whatever stranger, he is like flagged, it down every time the stranger standing there is like aha like okay I'm gonna going my kids he's like not white people, laugh at him like of course they're laughing at you like you're this psycho like man he, doesn't understand the concept at all of anyone, laughing at him like he thinks every single person ever is laughing with him and then he's like the funniest person on this planet so he talks to people and he's as crazy as humanely possible until they laugh at him and then he thinks that they're laughing with him and he like thinks he's a comedian it's like a whole thing imagine growing up like that like being like 11 and 12 and going through malls and your dad. To. Strangers, poor like ah ha or like. Like. Scarring. Come, on to this were like any boys who bring home any people you bring home he's the most like theatrical. Like insane, embarrassing. Obnoxious. Human I've ever met and that is coming from me I'm probably the most theatrical. Insane embarrassing, human you've ever seen like I am like sane compared, to this man so one of the things that my dad does frequently, is if he sees a bigger girl and he, thinks that they look pregnant. He will walk up to them and be like so, you're pregnant when are you expecting what are you doing what's the baby's name like where are you from you got a husband he's gonna be in your life you're too young you shouldn't be fucking don't, make any other kid you make any other kids you're not gonna be able to afford it and so one day we were in forever 21 and imagine this for me now - like when fans come up to me he like does these things - like fans if I'm with them which is just like instant, so. He takes me to the mall because I need like a $3 pair of leggings and that was also just so dreadful like getting my dad to take me anywhere to get anything I needed and my mom had so much social anxiety growing up that she wouldn't drive cars she wouldn't go anywhere I had to rely on this insane, man to like do things for me and like getting him to even take me would take like days of begging and then the entire experience is miserable because walking through the mall if I see a friend he's gonna embarrass the fuck out of me any person we see he's gonna embarrass the fuckin I mean he's not gonna talk to me the entire time while simultaneously. Embarrassing, the fuck out and so we're in this repertory one and I'm like looking for a pair of leggings and he's just like make sure it covers your asshole, Tanna like loudest walk in the store like everyone's staring embarrassing, his shit he finally finds like a forever 21 worker, who's like minding her own business folding, clothes and again he likes thrives off of this like a random person who's clearly in solitude, doesn't want to talk to anyone unless they have to he finds them Flags them down and starts a conversation with, them this day don't want to be having and I don't want to be therefore I just want to pay I shall leave he walks up to this girl who is clearly like not pregnant. Like she's just like slim thick like literally, like my build and he walks up her and he's like so anyways Maxine did, you like what she's like folding me leggings she wink away he's like the baby and my goal is to like like touch her stomach, like her baby but he thinks is that like what is wrong with you and I'm just watching this happen room for him like oh my god I can't pay I don't have a debit card I don't have money I have to wait on this man and so she's like expecting.

What And he's like a baby and like before she can even talk he's like you're pregnant feels like you're in high school like you should be red gray not procreating are using condoms like why are you letting people like um and you like like P probably didn't say coming you but like like I'm gonna afford that like you're working it for everyone that you make $25, to this random, girl and the girls are circling. It's. Clear, that this girl's about to start like crying as what any normal, human being, and I walk over the ground I'm like I'm so, sorry for my dog he's like I just hop she was right. For, me to check you I'm just like no it's fine like I'll check myself out I will never forget, this moment like forensic, ly apologizing, to this forever 21 worker, because I feel so, horrible my dad has no concept, of like offending, people he's like she's just like st. City of Light and what's funny is things like this what happened to me. 24/7. Another very, random, tidbit, which is just so fucking, weird, he doesn't really watch that, much TV and, if he does watch TV it's like Deadliest, Catch because, he loves fishing or survivor because he wants to like be on Survivor and be on an island and like eat bugs and have. No electricity, that's what I mean by like the homeless thing on Hollywood Boulevard the key would like to thrive off of that we're like Chelsea Handler, because she's like vulgar as fuck and like obviously hocked it and the old show mash Google, mash just google it just open a new tab right out and search mash it's like a show about people in like the Vietnam War and he was like in the Vietnam War so you like resonated with this show watch like one of those five shows like every day on TV but here's the kicker, he. Would watch them on, mute. My. Dad from like being in like the war I guess being old I don't know hates any loud, noises any loud music he's, obsessed, with watching, TV on mute and like reading, people's, mouths by. Just conceptualising. An idea of like what he thinks they're saying what he thinks, is going on and if anyone, wanted to watch TV in the house ever, it would be like volume 2 or like on me like he would make me watch like the Kardashians, on mute and then figure it out like. At night like when he was sleeping, people would turn the volume up to like a 7 he was like comes storming, down the stairs like are y'all fucking kidding me you might as well be blaring, music miserable. Like imagine, growing up like poorest fuck like you hate your family like they're fucking psychotic. And the only escape you have in this like sad life is a little TV in the living room and thank you gotta watch that shit on mute, you. Come to school the next day and all your friends are like did you see that episode of like oh. Yeah. This. One was right before I moved out I'm like more so when I realized growing, up I feel like from being like a toddler, to like now my dad got like progressively, more, laufes rocker which that's usually how people go this was one of the moments before moving out like I was probably like 16 where I was like dude.

Where. I lived the last like five years before growing up was just kind of like a ghetto, word cheaper, area of like Henderson, Nevada in this little like duplex, with like my parents and it was a two-bedroom, and my parents wouldn't sleep in the same bed so high there my mom and my dad would like sleep on the couch every night I would sleep on the couch it was dirty and just dead oh and like he still lives there like going there it's just that's. A whole another video over than its up but a lot of our neighbors were very like ghetto neighbors that would move in and out like drug dealers like all that kind of stuff often because people are always moving out and they're just ghetto people and that's just kind of the way like complexes, like this work I don't know people throw out their trash in front of their house like they have big piles of trash in front of like every single thing like right before trash, day my dad loves, to, see these piles of trash and just kind of like. I. Can't what everybody's, I'm, actually like really embarrassed. Love is like making one man's trash like his dress if. He can find like a shitty, used furniture, item that someone like put out I was gonna get rid of and he can make make it his own he is on Cloud fucking, 9 a while ago he would do this like on foot and then one day he saw that someone was getting rid of. Story. This is just a detail he's solving, a family, was getting rid of and throwing away like I couldn't a mage girl's bike. Jesus. Christ. And so it's like teal and like covered in like black flowers. Like it is like a teenage, like a 14 year old girls like bite and the family's like already moved but to him this is. Solid. Gold he gets this teenage girls bike and he starts, riding it around the complex like every day so now he has like I think a vehicle. Like. Six months three like big man make a shirtless, like, beer belly shirtless, like gallon, of milk like. So, one day he sees in someone's, trash like, piles, of, wood unused. Like shapes, of wood keep in mind how insane you have to be to have this thought other side note one is shaped like a triangle and, one is shaped like half of a circle I'm gonna get a photo don't fuck don't you fucking worry and he looks at those two like random, they're not touching each other than not together pieces, of wood but it's shaped like half of a triangle and half of a circle and he's like that. Looks like a boat to me. They're. The big boats out there and he loves the beach and he loves fishing and Deadliest, Catch on mute and fucking, boats and like the, sea is like, imagining.

On His back. I. Love trash ten minutes from home like deep in the complex he picks, up the two giant, wooden planks now magical, buddy, this. Is not a real video like holy fuck, he's fucking. Jay. That. You found in someone's trash and he's like I'm gonna make a sculpture out of that's for our home, oh. And, that's what I was like yep my first Adsense check I'm moving the fuck out but uh so then for the next like four days. Like. Every day when he gets home from work the first thing he does is he's in the garage like, sanding. Wood. I'm. So sorry and he's getting like dick string, that's like actually for, boats and like sails that are actually, for boats keep in mind these things are also like expensive, and then I'm like dad can I go to the dentist and he's like we don't have that money move and. You build this like giant like I'm talking like it's. A like, probably. Like as tall as me sculpture. Of a boat. And. Like it hangs it on the wall in our house. Wooden. Boat and it literally looks like he just pieced together like, someone's trash because he did and I hung it on our wall and every day just like I love my boat my, boob I, told, you earlier in the video that he hates loud noises that, obviously, rules out all music. In the car and if it is music in the car it's like vemos honky-tonk, like country. Horrible. Fucking, Jimmy Buffett's first album, Bob Dylan, acoustic. Unwritten, but actually he doesn't really like music that much because again like loud noise like triggers him you know what I mean like insert this lip of a Marty's blog today where we were playing loud music in the car my dad is literally plugging, his ears so. My dad loves the noise that, the window, makes when, you roll it down a little bit on the freeway, like. Everywhere. We would go in the car for years, of my life like it could be a hundred and fifteen degrees outside in Vegas when it's like 115. Degrees outside the car melts, your chap sticks like the seat belt things can give you like third-degree burns if you cracked an egg on top of a car it would boil like people do that like if you leave a water bottle in the car the water bottle will melt if you leave a dog in a car for like 20 minutes it will die that's how hot it is in Las Vegas my dad's like get in the car leather seats they're fucking like burning, you know air-conditioning you get on the freeway just did your fucking hair like you're going to school roll the windows out like bugs and your fucking teeth your hair is just fucking like well.

You Just listen for 30 minutes to like he's. Like driving under the fucking speed limit cussing out other drivers, because they're going around him because like he's a fucking grandpa well he's like fighting with you because he hates all technology. Because he's like a pioneer, man and doesn't like the voice that like Google Maps makes so everywhere, he goes he has this giant unfold. Abou like giant. Map of Las Vegas and if you want to go anywhere he's gonna sit there and map out and write down the directions like one by one he has to pull out this giant map and like write out directions and the entire way is like I don't know where to get off like I wrote this keep in mind he also runs a swimming, pool cleaning business so every single day has to drive to like 20 locations and this is how he like gets around and functions I could do this for hours if you guys want this to be a series please tell me in the comments below because I think that this is like my form of therapy absolutely. Growing up hated, selfies. I grew up in like the snapchat, millennial era where 24/7, me and all my friends are like and. So every, single time anyone would raise up their arm like this like take a selfie he would like bat your phone on your hand like my friend like people like who don't even know him why are you taking selfies, my guy was taking pictures of yourself garlic so fucking stupid in the car he would literally would stop driving like I can't drive while your arms up like that like you're giving me so much anxiety would, get like legitimately, furious, and like scream. Out he is a ten-dollar flip phone like every day is like I wish I could just write postcards to people and what's funny is like when I first started youtubing, I would vlog on my phone like that and every time I would lift up my phone to vlog like that he would scream out I had like hundreds, of clips of him be like stop fucking vlogging like wouldn't even let me talk in my vlog wherever we were going and he had to like take me everywhere because my mom wouldn't take me anywhere I had to rely on him I couldn't Drive every time I had to vlog he would like back my phone on him and like make me stop I would tell me every day like YouTube's going nowhere you're never gonna make any money let's go work two jobs you would like walk to my old jobs and like beg my old managers, take me back and shit we like walk into my new work I'm gonna get four more hours like. Second, I started making YouTube monies like give your dad some like, come on tanda like I took care of you I raised you and I'm like. Well. I guess another, really quick one is like growing up as you guys know I have such a fucked up nose and growing up I would always have like nosebleeds, I've told you guys I'll link my nose story. Below, but as you guys know the main reason I got no surgeries because I grew up having horrible horrible, nose week my nose would bleed out of my eyes my nose would bleed out of my mouth my nose would bleed out of my ears if you don't believe me you can google it like when your sinus tract fills up with blood like it has nowhere else to go so I would spit up like giant, blood clots 24/7, like it was actually really really bad my parents never really did anything for it because like we were poor and their life theory was like your nose is bleeding because you you're stressed out your nose is bleeding because you cried yesterday, your nose is leaving because it's hot but like make the house dark and you'll be fine like oh my, god my childhood was so fun every time i nose would bleed in public, instead of handling it like a normal person my dad would start like freaking out but never freaked out enough to like fix it or like get me surgery or take me to a doctor just freak out in the moment and wherever we were would take his shirt off then we could be like a movies either like a mall like anywhere I'd be like blade into this blade into like.

Imagining, A little child whose face is just gushing, blood and people are just staring at you like oh my god it's not like demon exorcism, child's okay and you're like in public and you're shirtless, father is like. What. The fuck and this would have happened like frequently. Like where I went and so for the final story this was the ones that I was telling last night to Hunter the reason I was inspired, to film this video Hunter was like telling me about like something growing up that had to do with his parents and wheat and I was like dude that reminds, me of a really fucked up story and. Like it's funny to me but it's definitely you like fucked up like I think people gonna watch this and be like you. Good girls oh I was in high school and this was like right before I dropped out so every, morning like every day I would be like I'm not going to school I don't want to go cuz I wanted to drop out I didn't want to be that every day my parents would like try to wake me and get me to go to school and that's an entire other video the psycho, shit I would do to like get out of school if you guys want to see that I can also film that they would come my room every day and like bang the door down take the locks off rip the fucking covers off like pour water on me be screaming because they would have to go to the extend and these measures to like get me to go to like a daily, routine I was so used to every morning waking up screaming because, I didn't want to go to school one night my friend Bella spent the night and it's so crazy because like Bella would just like live through this like as if these were like her parents like she was so fine with like my psycho family which is really like funny I feel like that is what makes us like best friends at the time Bella spent the night and we wake up at like it's like 9:30 and school starts at 8:00 and I'm like super, disoriented, and confused as, fuck because like where are my parents like they should have been in my room screaming like 2 and 1/2 hours ago and so I get up and I walk downstairs I'm like like what the fuck they're wise no one went kid and screaming me like I'm not going to fucking school the day like, I'm gonna go get high with my friends oh my god like excited, and I'm walking down the stairs and my mom is walking up the stairs and she's like scream, crying she's.

Like. What the fuck is going on like what like what's wrong. Dude. And she's like. Tiny. I mean I was like fucking fifty five a psycho, in rage like Vietnam, man like this is very believable so I'm like okay like oh my god so I walk back upstairs and I go tell Bella and I'm like bawling my something magenta video or anything I don't know what to do it oh my god because obviously even, though this man is fucking psycho and deranged in my life would have been like 100 percent better without him no offense sorry that love you oh that's, sad like you think your dad's dying you're like fucking 15 years old like you know what I mean my mom's like talking about there's no convinces she's like on the phone like calling 9-1-1 like, hello like i live it like that it I'm like my husband's having guards I'm I'm like freaking the fuck out like I'm like hyperventilating crying, Bella's, like freaking out Bella's crying we like walk downstairs my dad's like. Straining, so fucked up but you understand, why I'm laughing at the end of the story I promised, my dad's like on the floor like those like fucking like commercials. Like. Like. Having, a heart attack and so that I'm like on the floor like screaming. I'm. Here I'm like 15 years old I always knew my dad's old like you have to repair yourself it out but I didn't think it was gonna be like you know like this like early, he's like I'm having are exactly everything's gonna be okay feeling I love you if I die I'm like I see the light. I'm. Like bawling, my eyes up but I think I'm he's also being like y'all shouldn't stress me out if I wake up everyday like maybe if I, wake you up every day like this I killed, my father, Oh. Giant. Production at, the motion, sensor, the 9-1-1 comes, the ambulance comes, like EMTs, come up the stairs my. Put. Him on a stretcher like, rolling, the stretcher, down my stairs he's a colleague. Put. Him in the ambulance and, so we're all standing outside the quran me and built all the ghetto neighbors, that all obviously, know my dad because any chance that they walk out of their house to their cars he is stopped them at one point to fucking talk to them about their babies or their careers, in their life so everyone knows him is like crazy man by the way my dad goes my cowboy not richard his name's richard couldn't tell you why he, won't go by richard like he goes by cowboy so everyone, else it was like crazy old man cowboy. Everyone's. Coming out of their house like crazy you'll make it like is he okay I'm. Standing, there McDowell. Is crying my mom is crying and so the EMT, guy puts, my dad up to like an EKG machine and they're checking his vitals like they're being frantic as fuck like they think he's having a heart attack and the second that they put the EKG up to him maybe MT instantly, it just goes from like frantic, to like sir all, your vitals are completely, fine like if anything you're in incredible, health I don't know what's going, on like you might just be like freaking, out like let's calm down longer my dad's like no I'm having a heart attack I swear I'm having. Well. You're definitely not. I. Mean. Sir like we can take you to the hospital but like an ambulance ride is like three grand like you might want to think it out and so my dad instantly, goes from this complete, state, of like frantic. And it's like freaking, the fuck out like seizing, she's just sitting up at me like you know what I did smoke this new crazy weed this morning like it was probably laced with heroin like back in Vietnam like we smoked crazy weed all the time there was like laced with shit like I'm just high as fuck just.

Gets. Up, perfectly. Fine and goes back upstairs and just continue smoking more of this weed, so. The ambulance people drive away and all the neighbors are like what fuck, they do they go back in their houses my mom and I are my big heart tears needless, to say I got to miss school that day so I think that I'm gonna end this video what. Did that story what's funny is while filming this video I literally, thought of like a hundred and ten more things that I could continue, to make this a series out of I actually have a really funny one that has to do with the dentist in this cavity that happened the other day if you guys want this to become a series let me know in the comments below I hope you got some form of joy, out of my agonizing. Agonizing. Miserable. Miserable youth, and teenage, years and childhood if you have been watching me since the beginning you know why my very first Adsense check the first thing I did was move out and what's crazy is this video is even the half of it this video, is like the good side of my dad like the funny side that's like tolerable. All of these horrible things you just heard that's like his good side that was mixed with him being an absolutely, horrible crazy psycho, like screaming, like abusive. Parent, so, yeah I hope you guys make. Sure to subscribe follow all of my social media in the description below subscribe, to my vlog channel if you want to see real life live, footage, of my psycho father and parents and my upcoming Hawaii. Move like a short film for my main channel and it's like very cinematic but also very funny very high quality I've been working on that every night until like 5 a.m. for the past week you guys are gonna love that but in that video you will definitely see some crazy excerpts. Of how my, dad acts so, I'm excited for you guys to see that yeah I love you guys so much and I will talk to you in the next video I hope you enjoyed this old-school Tanna, style ramble, you what the fuck stay tuned for my end of your recap because I literally only filmed this video because it's taking me so long to edit that video and I'm so proud of it and excited for you guys to see that but yeah I'm gonna shut the fuck up now and I will talk to you guys in the next video bye.

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IM CRYING THIS IS TO FUNNY "build a sculpture" I CANT


Yes do it

i literally almost peed my pants lmao make this a series pls xox


Hey everybody type in chat Tana is a stupid Friend/Homie.

Plot twist: he’s schizophrenic

Tana your merch link doesn’t work

I love this video I'm dying

Saay Nigger

Y’all go listen to my remix to Drank In My Cup. Music video is live on my channel!!

Did your Daddy ever say *nigga*

Do more plz oh my god I’m crying laughing


tana omg we have the exact same dad and childhood


Sayyyy nigg@r

I Love you Tana

dk why i'm here watching this again but it just gets me

Tana: insert clip, has no clip Tana: I promise you, I have a picture, has no picture....

i keep coming back to this fucking video and dying laughing. i love u endlessly baby cupcake thanks for making me laugh

definitly want a serious out of this shit lmao laughing my ass off rn. and bro u should put a picture of him on a bike on a shirt for merch lmao

This is gr8

I’m dying

Are your parents still together?

im dying of laughter someone please send help

i feel bad for you but i also kinda feel bad for your dad and idek why

I loved this! Please do more!!!!!

I fucking love the voice she uses for her dad I'm dying fuck

This was fucking hilarious. Please do a series!!!

Yes! Please make this a series! This is hilarious!

Ur dad prolly has aspergers tbh

What if you’re Dad is suffering from ptsd? Just saying hot hating x

Georgia April yea I’m honestly done with her like this isn’t funny her dad has been through a lot fought for our freedom and this ungrateful girl wants to laugh at him and she is his child like she is truly pathetic

I feel sorry for you’re dad

That explains so much

im literally crying



Yes we can see that you aren’t raised normally, i mean the first video i saw of you was you hopping on lil xan dick because there was no where else to sit.

My dad loves mash lol he watches it every night cause that's what he grew up on and he keeps it so loud lol but he's not crazy lmao

I've watched this 8 times because i'm depressed and this is the only thing that has made me laugh in weeks

Ummm, M.A.S.H. takes place in KOREA, during the KOREAN WAR :P

Vid actually starts @ 4:50

please make this a series this is sooooo funny

Best video you’ve ever made


Your dad is crazy and i mean that in the nicest way possible. I love Tana

fuck off thot, SAY NIGGER


go fuck yourself



Do a video where you talk to strangers with your dad

you need to make this a series

I just don’t know. I can’t get it. So she is dating Bella Thorne. There is so many different rumours

fucking boring shit

5 minute introduction tho

Say N I G G E R. Oh shit now I’m racist!

Make sure it covers your asshole tana


can you please make more videos about your dad!! i have never laughed so hard at a youtube video xx

Did she actually date Bella Thorne x

Your dad isn't crazy, he has a mental illness.. ok maybe many mental illness.

I’m dying Lmfaoo a dirty fork that he’s been licking

i think you dad has autism

''we need to be kind to the chickens and the cows'' march needs to happen!!

I need this to be a series

I’m allergic to milk and eggs lmao

FireFox Wolfie well, you're clearly not grateful


her natural hair color is beautiful


make this a series!!!

Tana I love you

My dad is so schizophrenic and bipolar he drove our ONLY car into a lake and like verbally/ mentally abuses every one

Banana G he rarely physically abuses us but thank you

try to love him. people like that are the hardest to love but they really need it most. unless you're physically abused then i hope you get help

But ya know its all good

Ok but like....actually frank Gallagher

Where does that girl in the red pants keep going???? I need to know



Close your eyes and she sounds like she's crying. Put it on mute and she looks like she's laughing. This video is so much to handle

I see you becoming Trisha paytas when you get older

I feel for her, my father did very similar things throughout my life and it’s best to be able to look back at it and just laugh / fund the humor in it. Would love a series on this!

you should really kill yourself

My dad does the trash thing it’s embarrassing

take a shot everytime tana says "thats a whole video within itself"

best video you’ve posted in a while


Yes please , make a series it’s so funny tana . Love you

it shocks me that you have to pay for ambulance rides and medical bills in the states... we have it soo lucky in Canada

I relate to this video on another level

i think i wanna be his friend


Our childhoods were so similar... wowwww And yeah my dad was always shirtless too, why do they do that?!

These kids probably just think this is so funny but I'm honestly really happy you made this video. Now I understand why you act the way you do and I feel for you because I had a very similar life but my dad has Borderline Personality Disorder and eventually turned to drinking and drugs which made things so much worse then my home was like a torture chamber the last few years I lived there because he was so abusive. I ignorantly assumed you were just a spoiled bitch trying to be cool but now I get it, I reacted the same way. Drugs, sex, alcohol, pretending to not give af. It's like your coping mechanism.. I eventually grew out of it and met a wonderful man and we just had our 2nd child. I'm still pretty emotionally traumatized by what my dad has put me through but as I get older I feel stronger and now I discuss what I went through with my husband to help vent and move on. I'm not saying your situation was to that extent but regardless to what extent your dad went to it still makes me understand you and like you a lot more knowing more about you. I wonder if I made YouTube videos about what I went through if people would be interested in hearing my story. It'd be more of a therapy session than a story time because it helps to get it off my chest but maybe I could help someone somehow.. Also my grandfather is crazy (mom's dad) but it's because of a bad acid trip, the way you describe your dad reminds me so much of my crazy grandfather I wonder if your dad is also crazy because of too much acid? Food for thought.. Sorry for the hella long comment

June Hodge this is so true. bless you.

SHADE THROWN AT BELLA 27:16 "that's what made us best friends.. at the time" *looks away and looks back at camera*

Sayyyyyyyy Nigger

been crying of laughter the past 30 min

plz make a series

I never liked your content because I couldn't understand you and didn't like your behavior as a person. and it just seemed like you were spoiled (making a HUGE JUDGEMENT on you, which I now am sorry for). but hearing this... I understand a lot now and see you in a different light. definitely, keep sharing, as therapy and a way for your audience to get to know why you are the way you are.

Girl my mom used to leave candy in the car all the fucking time so every time we would get in the car it would ALWAYS be melted

Yes this NEEDS to be a series !

yesssss pleaseeeee make this a series


please give us more of this, I’ve never been more entertained

I love this, I love you, I want more

Your dad is literally fucking crazy

my dad literally does the same shit as the first thing i laughed sm i love this

Wow, this is actually awful

Yes make this a series !

This literally makes me laugh so much...... keep it up tana

OMG please make more!!!!!!

Is it just me or is Tana faking her laugh? Nothing she’s saying is funny. She’s literally saying “HE LOVES EGGS AND MILK!!!

those extensions omg

GEEOD DEEAMN. This shit was so Fucking hilarious

This is my fucking dad. I love this lol!! My dad rewatches mash over and over again. And deadliest catch

Havent laughed this hard in so long

yay bring her back !! we love a good story time

is this anyone else or just me because, like when i look at her profile picture i dont look at her i look at the person in the background BAHAHAHAHA

Please do more!!!!!!!!!

What's with that chick walking in and out behind you?

But where is the picture of the boat

Honestly, I just wanna hug her

It sounded like she was crying the whole time... and honestly I have so much more respect for Tana after this, like I understand why she's the way she is.

Please make this a series. I’m sorry all this happened but it hilarious

right as you were talking about the tv being mute all the sound on my computer turned off and I cant finish the video bc there is no sound and it wont work wth

I feel like this whole video she's halfway between laughing and crying...

tell more stories !!

I need to see more of this

holy fuck the weed story lmao

i think her dad may have ptsd

What happened to Kobe?

Dear god please do a series

can i have your dad please??

This has to be the funniest video ever oml

we have the same dad basically

Im really trying to listen to her words but her tracks are just staring at me


i love this so much omg i love you and im sorry you went through this! ilysm!


Damn, I'm so sorry you have a dad like this and had to deal with this. I'm glad I have a normal dad lol.

by far my favorite video ever

Pls do a whisper challenge w your dad since he reads everyone’s lips on the tv lmaooo

you better make a series this shit is the funniest thing ever


Tana Mongeau nigger

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@bushdid69 I love your user name

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Alex Chen actually i’m not ur adding more hate to this world that we don’t need move on with your life spreading hate doesn’t help anything

why dont you move out or your mom's basement and go get a job

you fucking hypocrite ur wasting ur time replying to my hate lol check yourself

Tana Mongeau what’re fucking gay?

Alex Chen and again you are sitting her wasting your energy on hating on someone if you don’t like someone don’t involve yourself in it do other things with your life

at least idubbz has a fucking backbone you bitch tana is a fucking hypocrite that should go to something worse than hell

you are such a fucking fag tana hyperbolizes all the shit she says and is the biggest fucking hypocrite in the world just go to idubbbz's channel to find out you should go to something worse than hell if you support this bitch

Erika Zicha you talk shit about her and her videos yet you watched it and are putting in effort to comment on it, just move on with your life if you don’t like her or her videos

madigracemakeup 0

yeah its the beast if you like cancer

madigracemakeup you must live under a rock

Lindsey Lohan but not dead. Rip Lindsey.

Last night my friends told me I was completely high at 3 in the morning and I just started watching your story times then apparently I was pretending to be you but a pregnant version of you

How come this hateful whore has so many subs?

8:04 " We need to be good to the chickens and cows!!"

I love the part about the milk and eggs! I died!!!

I loved this video so much!! Please please please make it a series!! I love seeing you laugh so much because it made me laugh

why was this literally my childhood too

Bitch in some videos you sound like you Cum all over your Throat


how did you not start with the fact that he GOES BY THE NAME COWBOY. WHAT.

If people like her are considered influential. This planet is not for any of us.

I know this was supposed to be funny, but it made me kind of sad

holy fuck this is probably the funniest video i've ever watched hahaha

Watching this video for the fourth time now.. Still laughing my ass off

please make this a series!

This reminds me of the glass castle


I want more

got gunna lie but it kinda sounds like he's got autism

You need to get inspired :(

is tana okay?

Oh my god... turned on my notifications because that was the funniest shit. Please do more!!!


You’re just about at 3 mill love your channel

This video just makes me sad.

Where's your shirt from

How hanna how

I fucking love this I’m weak

lolol this sounds like an episode of shameless

I was screeching this entire video. Please make all the videos you said you could. We want more. I am in tears, but also I can relate to this so much, cause my mom is so similar to your dad.

Your dad sounds like he has autism??

It’s called curb-a-lurting

"I'm just high as fuck"

this is aids


yes want a series of this tysm

i've never laughed harder at one of tana's videos

I lost it at the spaghetti, egg, and honey "breakfast" but girl...I get how you are now holy shit. I guess I get why you act like you do? Idk I'm sorry you had to have a childhood like that

does your dad watch your youtube videos on mute too ?

I really think I would like him more than you.

Omg yaaasss, make more stories like this!!!!! I can relate so much

eggs over spaghetti actually so bomb

Holy fuck, yes. Make. This. A. Fucking. Series.

"I'm just high as fuck" ICONIC

is he a sagittarius?

Ayyy all the hate from idubbbz is gone, not cause they forgave you... But because nobody cares anymore. *that was kinda harsh... Wow*

LMFAO the thing about how ur dad thinks he's so funny but ppl just laughing at him ur a spitting imagine of him lmao people just laughing how ridiculous this little girl is

She's laughing so hard at ur own jokes and shit that's not even close to funny that fake laugh is ridiculous this girl is ridiculous forreal wtf happened to her she grew up so spoiled but whats to try to say she had it so bad come on stop

why the fuck am i yodeling this is gold

where are the pics n vids tho

i made a tana compilation over on my channel if that's smth anyone's into lmao


The way she voices her dad is iconic

please do more of these oh my god

So spoiled if only she knew what other ppl go thru

make this a series!!!!!! lmao

This is so funny this should be a series

this low-key made me sad because every laugh just sounds like a mental breakdown tbh lmaoo

MotherReese really!

%100 i want this to be a series!!!!!!!!!! lol i relate to this so much.

Ummmmm sayyyyyyyyyyyy nigger :)

make more of these PLEASE lol

You have been doing so much more I bet you have many story times

I love you but I really miss your story times that is how I discover your channel but I love the new content your awesome

Fake and gay



you should make a video about you and your dad talking about your childhood

YOU ARE LITERALLY DESCRIBING MY STEP-GRANDPA. We live in Hilton Head, SC and it's hot af here too. Same shit. Any music other than his bluegrass old old old stuff was trash and made him want to die. It was like want to listen to backstreet boys? Spice girls? KIIS FM? Do it when he's not home, take your boombox down the street, anything other than listen to it near him or hear him yell and complain through it all... me and my cousin wanted to join a dance cheer team for the county... NOPE we were not allowed to practice. Want to take a new myspace photo? Oh well, hear about it for a week if he sees you. Hated all technology, has the HUGE maps... OF ALL OF AMERICA because he traveled. No AC in the car, windows down, no radio, and he would sleep while he drove sometimes. You have to keep him awake. Want to watch TV? If it isn't a western with the volume up allllllllll the way, he will complain. He could fall asleep watching westerns and you get the balls to turn it down just a little bit or change the channel... I WAS WATCHING THAT, YALL GOT NO MANNERS. Like, I think your dad and this man must be from the same family tree.


It’s sad you see your dad as a joke, he served time & raised you man

heidy o he didn't do a good job. She's coping. You'd understand if your reality were anything like this.


*takes shirt off in public* Tana's Dad: BLEED INTO THIS!!!!!!! *people look* Tana's Dad: I NEED MY MILK SO BAD!!!! TANA HURRY UP YOU'RE BLEDDING!!!!! Tana: Are we going home to lay in the dark now????

Aaaah please make this a series!❤️

love your hair!


I wanted to see a picture of the boat sculpture!!

please make more of these no joke this is hilarious

Please make this a series

say nigger

Plssss make this a series

Queen of long ass intros.

You don’t understand omg my family thinks like my fucking cat just died because im sobbing this is SO funny

I am dying I love you Tana

i’m crying of laughter please do a series out of this

You are possibly one of those most annoying people on planet earth.

I’m literally dead

please make more of these !! they are so funny && they are making my day and i have had a rlly bad day

I literally adored this Tana I have been watching since 200k subscribers and this is THE funniest thing I have seen yet.


Girl I feel you, I don't think anyone else could understand all the hilarious fucked up shit my dad does

My dad also does the talking to random strangers thing. Once my family was at Panera and he ignored us to interrupt another group's conversation. They were talking about soccer. He knows NOTHING about soccer but he talked to them for like 15 minutes about it.

wait do people not know what m*a*s*h is

At first I was angry about her extensions but then the video actually made me laugh

hey tana mongoose, n*****, idubbbz

i am literally laughing my ass off watching this. these stories are hilarious

I totally want more videos like this

Tana Mongeau ily Tana ur so funny u give me life

This is the best

Make it a series!!!!❤️

*Dad spills water on daughter by accident Tana Mongeau: finally opening up about growing up/my insane dad.

This is so funny please do more

i love milk too!

Please do more insane dad stories

This is gold, please do more of those! Love you tana

Ily tana

this is the funniest video I've ever watched on YouTube

Exploiting everything for a good story time like usual you dry bitch? Xoxo

Yessss make it a series

This was sad


Dat boi

your dad has ptsd if he was in the vietnam war then thats probably what causes his actions

your dads a character

I think your dad was on meth

Leave Richard alone yall

This needs to be a series

spill the lash tea what lashes are those

The fake laughs were actually cries for help

Hi Tana, do you remember who said "Say Nigger"?

Please make this a series please

Some of this stuff reminds me so much of my dad

Literally cancer. Please do the world a favor and become an introvert. You’re an arrogant bitch who can’t get enough of yourself.

Are. Are you okay honey?

Have you ever thought about maybe your dad has a mental illness? Imagine yourself not being able to control your mind and can't help it to act what society considers "normal" ? Just saying, people with mental illness deserve help and love.

I hope Tana got permission from her dad to do this because like yeah




More of these please ❤️

Fuck you you got exposed


PART 2!!!! I wasn’t sure if I liked you but I understand now LOL. I think I know a few crazy cowboys myself ;-) this was my favorite video of yours Tana!

Didn’t you fucking record a person who overdosed?


0:22 "I'm not a fucking YouTuber" then what are you!!!??????? And what is this?????? Also good story you illustrated a great representation of your dad it was funny. Some of what he did clearly worked out or made a positive impact in the end since you became an independent confident girl who is able to exuberate excitement and skill and knowlegability. Him instinctively always taking the shirt off his back for your nose is probably the single most important detail of the whole story probably the rhyme and reason the whole point of existence in the world as we know it. Willing to die for your family is rewarding.

do a video on why you moved out and like your high school experience dropping out and your life after that

You need to make this a series right now I was laughing the entire video

is she laughing or crying?

“You fucking nigger”

More of this

“Why are you letting people cum in you!?”

make this a series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please make this a series Tana. I fucking love you

M*A*S*H is about the Korean Conflict and is awesome! Js


You are hot Fuck Tessa brooks and I luvvvvv u

this was a wild ride from start to finish and i loved it

Omg yes!!!! do a series .this is fucking YouTube gold and amazing to watch.I literally couldn't stop laughing the whole time.this is why we love you tana can't wait to see what you have coming out next

Here guys it’s just click bait I’ll save you from wasting your time. Butch you’re so fucking stupid you don’t even deserve a dad this shits dumb.

yes please

Yes make it a series

Tana's video therapy Diaries

plz plz plz plz Tana make this a series

im shook this is so great

Why do I hate u but love you at the same time

this girl is the most annoying person ever. self absorbed and loud and foul mouthed. oh, and obnoxious. ugh. the human race is doomed.

you are a lying bitch

I love when she talks like him and impersonates him

I feel like he has a mental illness like for real. or his brain got fucked up in the Vietnam war.

We need more of this

Wait fellow fans or Tana, are you/is tana dating Bella?


I had a insane alcoholic and drug abuser dad

Pleaseeee make a series

ok why are a lot of these my dad

no1 love you bich

This video is so funnyyyyyyyyyy

Plz make this into a series!!ily

please yes my parents are just as crazy

ahh tana I can see your tape ins LMAO

can you do a video on why you dropped out

i can't put into words how much I love you tana thank you for making my shitty nights turn into smiles and laughs .

My favorite part ab Tanna’s videos is when she doesn’t edit things in she says she’s gonna edit in the video

More Cowboy stories!!!

Man, your dad is a character. One of a kind.

I need to see a documentary on your dad!!!

omg plzzz make this a series

Do i need to get idubbzz on you so he can fuck your shit up again?

I don't find this funny I see it as her venting and letting us know her struggle and misery as a child! I see her just reminiscing about her past and as you can tell it was sad but I hope she's doing good emotionally!


The tv shit on mute had me fucking DEAD!!!

yes please , series

I love tana but omg being able to see the strips of her extensions bother me so much for some reasons

I'm bawling my eyes out

You're a stupid ass lying ass b****

So entertaining omg

i need this to be a series

You can see her making this story up as she goes along... i enjoy it

please fuking make this a series im crying

please make this a series laughed so hard


madigracemakeup I second this


Viktor "person for who they are". Well shit dude. I'm sorry to say but this person is a fucking moron not to mention sick in the head. You like a person who exploited the remains of another human for money? Take a look here:

madigracemakeup fucking horrible

You cried about your best friend dying, did you cry when that man died in the bathroom? Fucking bitch

Hope no one passes out in front of you, youd probably record it

Your dad reminds me of the not as bad version of frank gallegher from shameless

hmm wonder how much of this is true

HE IS MY DAD, my dad would legit take every spice from my asian spice cupboard and mix it with every meat you could think of, don’t forget the boiled eggs and rice. & where ever he goes he knows he makes 50 friends in the same area

yesssssssss more and i loveeee youuu


Why are your arms so fat? No disrespect, just saying.

Your dad needs a reality tv show because I want to see this

I love Tana Mongeau and I’m sorry but I love your dad too all this shit is so funny to me

Yes make a series!!

OMG, I'm Australian and relate to sheets on the windows and a dark house during summer And my dad making weird food combos, we once ate 2-min noodles mixed with sausages

best video, honestly

this video is so goddamn funny please make more

Put on some more makeup you useless bitch

If she ain’t 18 yet i gotta smash soon before I’m gotta wait another 3 years

omg lmfao I died laughing ahhahahahahahahahhah

Kys hope you die, Idubbbz for life

You're such a pathological liar it's sickening

Can u pls make a song called “I just bippity boppity banged your bish” pls okay bye

your dad is 55 and served in the Vietnam war? those numbers don't add up

yes more


Fuck I hate MASH my dad use to watch that shit

Yasss make this a series

I know this is sooooo old but I just watched a video of you someone exposed you using people for clout lol xan bells thorne and lil pump

You’re a dumb ass bitch for making a video of someone who could be dead and putting them in it without blurring them. You don’t deserve any followers.

You're fucking disgusting. Both you and Logan Paul make me lose a fuck tonne of faith in humanity. God, how many times did your parents drop you on the head?

make a video about u dropping out of shooool

You need to make this a series!! Watching these stories I just wanted to keep watching more omg pleaseeee make more videos!!!!

when she said the forever 21 worker was slim then says she was built like her...If I was using my iPhone rn I'd insert the skull emoji cuz like wtf tana no no don't

I love you


Your not funny! Telling millions of people your parents are shit parents and are poor is not funny! You crack yourself up! Anyone who thinks this is funny doesn’t know funny! And you got a nose job cuz u hated your nose! This whole video is lies, exaggerations and you living in your own comedy! So sad! Basically your parents are shitty losers..right? Your dad was in war but he is a real loser right? Your mom is a mental case right? You just made your parents out to be scumbags! I have a feeling this is all a lie! I have a feeling your life was basic and you want people to think it sucked for content! Now I remember why I stopped watching you after the whole idubz situation! And all your bull Uber stories!

her eyebrow game has gotten better

MASH is about the Korean War, not the Vietnam war lol

Logan Paul uploaded dead body in Japan get criticized and hated Tana .m : upload a video of a drugged or dead homeless person doesn’t get hate THATS YOUTUBE CONTENT FOR U

Hey tana your dad ever say nigger

Dude, I am so sorry lmao but please make a series, this video is really entertaining and it kinda makes me feel better about my childhood (please don't take offense to that, that's not my intention). Also, if it's helpful for you to upload videos about it (like you said as a therapy) than I think it might be a good idea, it could potentially help others, this video helped me.



It's funny people are still supporting her even after she filmed a dead person.

She filmed a dead person???

GayWeebsNMemes I know. This place is so fucked up


Please make a video on how you skipped class

sounds like hes done a lot of acid


please please please make this a series

It’s weird that you kissed and sat on lil xan

Basic. So dumb and basic.

Make a series I’m begging you I’ve never laughed so hard

Best shit I’ve seen in a while

can this please be a series

New Jake Paul over here

“My vlogs are like the best.”

Idubbz for the WIN

Huh stop fucking making YouTube videos pls

lol everyone who is upset bc of this video had normal chill parents. but for all you who can relate welcome to the club.i feel bad for tana too i just know where shes coming from and why shes laughing, i look back and laugh about all the wack shit thats happened in my life too bc after a while you just think man my life was/is a joke aha

Say Nigger

You a bitch from idubbz

You still got the phat L from idubbbz

having a mid life crisis a little early much?

i laughed harder than i should have.

I knew her dad was crazy from the moment i saw that nasty ass bucket hat he was wearing in the reaction video

My 4th time watching this video and it’s still hilarious

She's an idiot

Please make it a series because I was laughing the whole time

Need this to be a series so bad

I wanna see what tana did to get out of school!!!!!

Make it a series

My dad is insane too, I can relate so much. Tana you have to watch this!!

what's with her voice



still trash

I don't fucking care.

Ugh I think I’m in love with you

Is this why you do shit like this?!

Sparkl35 I hope she will get demolished for this


I just lost my job and literally feel like I have nothing else to live for but hey, at least this made me laugh..

I lost it when u started talking about the bike


My mom is a sociopath I feel u

I fucking love your dad

Any idea that u said or got please do it and please make this a series

You’re so funny, and so interesting, but girl... stop staring in your view finder! Look into the camera. You’re talking to us, not yourself. The story feels really disconnected because of that. Otherwise, this is gold ✨

i want this to be a series

Starts at 4:49 :)

can you please tell me where your shirt is from?

This is literally her funniest video

Idk if she’s crying or laughing

This video was so fucking funny, thank you


I Ain't Gay yessss

Tana Mongeau kill yourself

Viktor are u dumb look at idubbbz video on her. She's a psychopathic liar

Fucking Tana *SAY NIGGER*


toby guiles That's what makes it entertaining.

It's a bull shit story after idubbbz destroyed her last year she can make a million subs within the year any more

Tana Mongeau you exploited your Dad for views and you exploited a dead body for views. I liked you better when you were just basic. Now you're a soulless bitch. You're so lucky not to have suffered the same fate as Logan Paul.

I want videos of all of these things. Now.

Do a remaking Dads concoctions video in the series featuring your dad

I need more of these videos

After the video about the man that overdosed in a bathroom I have lost any respect for you. Only someone so self absorbed would take a death and turn it into something all about themselves. I have never left a mean comment before but who you were from when I started watching your videos vs. Who you are now is so different in such a negative way. Being a subscriber to you is not something I would be proud to share at this point. You didn't even offer the suicide hotline or anything. You turned something serious and an opportunity to reach out and help followers into "o.m.g. only we would find a dead guy when we are trying to have a nice beach day" If you take any advice from others I'd whole heartedly recommend taking a few good steps back and reevaluating yourself and how you approach sensitive subjects. You didn't even blur the poor man out. I have nothing more to say aside from I'm just very disgusted with your chosen actions. Peace.

Then film it and post it on youtube cause thats what youre good at too. Logan paul 2.0. Filth

I actually hope you die.

One of my favorite videos I stg

I love you so much tana

You are a hore for views and money I hope u go die like the person u showed did

How about we have some fun at a old meme, "Say nigger" Tana: Break both of your legs and kill yourself Also Tana (crying): I don't like hate, wah wah.

Make this a series!!!!

This video is actually really depressing

She is a lying bitch. #idupssneverbeetherup

these are so funny (which is horrible) but you should def make a series out of these!


Whoa! Cheers xx

I am so entertained.

Plzzzz make it a series

you should make this a series

i love you tana

The bike/trash story is my dad to the tee!

Poor people stories. Hello, I relate.

Spaghetti, eggs, honey.. I'm gonna puke.

if you want more story times and videos like tana watch me!


Her funniest video EVERRRRR

legit pls make this a series im fucking wheezing of laughter

you are such a piece of shit

this made me really so thankful for my parents :( I’m so sorry tana that you had to deal with that growing up

I want a series

if this isn’t a series i’m going to be so disappointed

Yes make this a series

But all of this is "conceptualized" isn't it? How much of it is real? lol

Do a video where you talk to strangers with your dad

I seriously did not stop laughing i love it, i would be so happy if you mde this like a series x

Her hair looks so cute in this video. Even though her tracks are showing but whatever it’s cute af like these brown roots are everything

Tana Miranda sings made a video and she wanted you to see it. It is a parody of Havana

i still hate you

Tana on an-na

Tana someday you will miss your father just like I do and you will want his embarrassing nature back someday no matter what he said or did

Please do a hair tutorial!

Please make this a series bahahahaha

damn her childhood is so sad. Her laughs are sad too, I'm so proud she got past this. Also he definitely had a mental illness of some sort, ptsd from the war probably.

“a gallon of milk on his tits.”

Say niiiigger

Why is this actually my dad!!!! Literally to a T!!! My dad does 90% of the things you mentioned

Lol now I know where you got you're inane ness from -

I just noticed she has tiny nostrils

You’re laughing and smiling but when I look in your eyes it looks like you want to break down in tears. Are you okay?

This Video is so funny especially when you laugh

Do a series, that was funny as fuck! And by the way I love u tana

Say Niger

I'm an EMT and that last story had me so weak AHAHAHA "im just high as fuck"

100% series

I'm actually crying

I hope he dies.

this made me laugh so hard but also i am so sorry

Girl your extensions are showing again and I laughed when you said "I'm not a fucking youtuber so..."


I’m begging you to make this a series! Your dad is crazy and hilarious

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Down below was my older sister. Sorry!!!

I'm pretty sure no one cares about your dad because your okay and your fine. So why would we care if your in great state. It's sad how your making fun of your own dad who wanted a choice to make you and raised you. I'm just very hurt that you called your family psychotic.

She’s a horrible human being. She did the same thing as Logan Paul. According to that video, she had not apologized for showing the dead body. Only took the video down. Shame on you Tana.

Phsyco dad series! Pleaseee!!!!!!!!

LaLa Reeves psycho*

Please keep doing these



Like is u want tana to post the bloopers of her dad saying stop vlogging! Lmao!!!!



why aren't you posting like ever haha. internet big sister Tana Mongeau!!!!!

make this a series pleaseeeee

Tana should do a smoke sesh on youtube and more weed videos (yes/no)

please make a series you make me feel better about my life

The vlog link doesn't work

Please make a series!!!

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.... are you okay???

I was on the floor laughing and crying please do a series

U need to make more of these vids plz


I wuv u

Say nigger

girl how long have u been doing this? and u still only stare at ur self in the view finder? girl! isn't that like a YouTube rookie no no?! lol

I need to hear more

“I’m just high as fuck”

im actually dyi N g


I don’t know wether to laugh or cry while watching this

Fucking Thot, burn in hell, BURN THE WITCH

okay y’all we get it, she filmed a dead body. she got in trouble for it when she posted it. in late 2015 (ish? idk for sure). she only had a few hundred thousand subscribers at the time so obviously it wasn’t a huge news story. she learned from it. she deleted the video. why is it drama 2 years later?

Damn, no manners at all, what the fuck Tana, go to hell, no somewhere worse than hell please

Why does Tana get away with this?

Man, I really wish Idubbbz was here, he needs to do some more damage to this bitch because she hasn't learned her lesson

How much did she pay you?


Tana *SAY NIGGER* cunt

Lmao i automatically assumed that you meant it sarcastically

How about you apologize for doing a logan Paul and filming a dead body, then posting it on YouTube.


Explains why you film dead people and lack common sense your mentally fucked up from you dad I’ve noticed you white girls really do have a lot of Daddy issues

I have never laughed so hard




Shut up

i love how she deleted a video o her showing a dead body i'm telling keemstar

Watch my recent vlogs

how can anyone think this is funny? Found this video very sad she's practically putting her dad on blast and making fun of him. Who knows what he has dealt with in the past that makes him this way. Pretty sure he might be dealing with some mental issues. So fucked up of her.

Oi blonde Cunt. I saw what you did a year ago. you should be ashamed of yourself not only for disrespecting a dead body but also for your total lack of intelligence and care.

Stories start at 4:45

Make a part 2 !!!!

Dumpster diving!!! Yes!!!

I'm dying! Your dad is hilarious!

Your dad and mom look scary.....Sorry!

Please turn this into a series!!!!!

It is sad that you are so fake. The worst part is you don't believe these stories, thoughts, and emotions are fake.

idubbz is hot

"Take an advil Tana!"

This is actually so relatable to my dad like I can’t

Are you and Bella still dating

Please make more vids about ur dad

This is hard to watch


Seriessss pleassseee!!!

Fucking die

0:17 lol who's that

Series please ❤️

Did she just say, "I'm not a youtuber..." ? Girl whet? That's how you get your money?...

this was so funny make this a series !



Please make this a series omg !!

Say nigger

Please make a series

Ik this has nothing to do with the video or anything in it but your the same person we are just seeing your life in depth.

Lol literally !aughed so hard, but why is this my dad too??????

im obsessed bc my mom is crazy too and i relate to this plz make this a series

iDubbbz is so much better then you

Yes hair ❣️❣️


Future Logan Paul

Who watches this g.....? I bet 5 euros this comment gets deleted shortly lol.

I did not think it was possible we found a male Jake Paul

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PLEASE make a series.

Fuck dude I'm sorry

omg so funny, I need more!


Anyone else notice that she admitted to dating bella thorne at 0:40 ??

This was so funny! I'm literally dying! You haveeee to make a series

I love this video, and I hope you're okay. I can definitely relate to this lol. Btw your impression of your dad is golden.



this was the best part of my day, please continue these lol!!

More please

this needs to be a series 100%

I don’t think you should film with someone in the room. It doesn’t feel like your making a video, it feels like your having a conversation with whoever is out of frame..

Need a #2

make every aspect a video please

Ok what is wrong with this stupid society like I didn't see raging of comments saying how fucked up that she posted a dead body is like wtf and tana shut the fuck up your fine your childhood is fine other kids are going through worse than your embarrassing dad


THIS MUST BE A SERIES. MOREEEMOREMOREEEE. And do what they had to do to get you up for school.

Why can't you look into the camera?

Why dose not your mom just cook dinner? (I'm not sexist I'm just saying this because of how she discriped his cooking) AND TO PROVE I'M NOT SEXIST my dad also cooks the meals.

God I laughed so hard at this, please do more of these videos

This Tana Mongeau Mistake Is As Bad As Logan Paul's

MAKE IT A SERIES!!!!! Makes my childhood look like I grew up like a little princess

literally never laughed harder!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm dead this is so funny


You also posted a video of a dead guy.

Please make this a series. If it’s therapy, we are here

make a video about why u dropped out!!!!!!!

soooo... where's the dead guy exploitation video???.. guess i have to search for it on Reddit or Liveleak?

please make this a series

i can relate to almost every single thing

i feel like your dad and my dad would be good ass friends

Damn you posted a video showing a man who was dying and didn't get nearly enough hate as logan did, fuck you.

i was at costco and my dad was talking to a pregnant women and said she was too young and asked when she’s due and said i know it’s a boy bc boys tend to be lower than girls

my dads the same fucking way omg. Every time we go out he talks to a stranger for the longest time and u can tell they don’t wanna talk to him and after he’s done talking to them he goes and talks to another stranger.

waiting for part 2 ;)

What's up with the comments trying to find deep sadness in this video? lol. I cried of laughter with this shit.

Tana’s dad voice had me cackling omg

Someone remind me why this bimbo retard has so many subs again? Are there really THAT many other bimbo retards out there???

Ig this is funny



series please. this video has me dying

Your dad should turn the captions on the TV LOL


U r a youtuber

this bitch is so insecure she photoshops every photo with her ass in it

madigracemakeup its really not

madigracemakeup Also slavery ended in 1865 dumbass

madigracemakeup remember when Idubbztv said say nigger but you said nigger as well and I’m black I don’t give a shit fucking bitch you beluga whale I need my AK-47

I mean everything I say

Say nigger!

Sarcasm haha! Right?

Ive seen much better videos.

why are you so cross eyed?

Any overdosed people lying dead or dying on a toilet floor that you’ve found and then incentively filmed (uncensored) for views in this video at all? Just wondering.


I couldn’t stop laughing omg

I laughed. I cried. It was alot




saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay niggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

I don't know how people can listen to her for more than 10 seconds

Dude she smells like corn flakes

Wait your parents are still married?

im so happy you deleted my deppression

Flagging down strangers

I wonder what her dad is thinking/feeling if he watches this

Holy shit ur about to get 3,000,000 subs

You said you were gonna Insert like 5 things and I was so excited lmao bitch where they @ though

Omg guys this video is so funny??? XDXDXDXDXD SHE SHOULD MAKE THIS A SERIOUS OMFG Lmao

She sure does say the word “like” alot

holy shit this is so funny

Yassss!!! I want this to be a series!!!!!!

“something shorter” video: 32 minutes

my asshole clenches out of pure hate every time I see that ugly fucking mug.

God damn you're fucking annoying.

I laughed soo hard, this was hilarious

This needs a series

You are just simply awful.....

#SPRAYTANS and im crying

what’s wrong with you? i hope your dad never sees this. you’re an embarrassing daughter!

Ableist, exploits dead body....not surprised honestly.

OMG... i love ur hair.



i'm ded make this a series

What a disgraceful person. Criticized someone for using the n word in jest when she uses it out of anger. Later while giving a flimsy excuse Tana actually said "n word" but instead of "f word" used the term faggot several times. Gays are still being murdered and tortured daily and people like Tana dont see the term faggot as being a bad thing there fore further propagating hate. Her stories and vlogs have been proven to be over exaggerated and less than truthful. Its to bad she cant live by the high moral standards she holds everyone else up to. SHAME!

make a shirt that says “but that’s another video!!”

you should do a lie decector video , with dirty questions

Tbh I stopped watching you for awhile but you honestly seem 1000000% more real than anyone on YouTube now. This is raw and actually relatable.. not try-hard relatable. I love it.


“My nose would bleed out of my eyes.” - tana mongeau Her NOSE would bleed out of her EYES. HOW TF DOES YOUR NOSE BLEED OUT OF YOUR EYES!?!?

I love u

I just bought your HEFNER merchhhh❤

Yass another bs story

This is the best! Make more vids about this!!

Tana mongeau is my spirit animal

This should be a series

Best video you've ever made Im literally dying at every story

pls make this is a series

I'm dying

Is your dad okay with you always calling him crazy and embarrassing?

this video made me cry LMFAO FUNNIEST SHIT EVER

Tana do a reacting to my old videos video

I'll never forget "I've always hated you sharon"




I can't even watch this crazy anymore, after filming a dead man and laughing about it .

Legit crying of laughter right now


maisrretirio fario

Your dad is legit crazy. Something happened to him in 'Nam that fucked him up.

You aren't a normie YouTuber if you don't have daddy issues~


I just saw the video with Elijah and Christen and YOU ARE A DISGUSTING PERSON

Omg series please!!!

like this

do a funny ass story time

If this doesn’t become a series I’m going to commit rn

Omg make this a series

Um. This wasn't funny, like at all for me. Because i know and can relate to having a shitty father. Like my dad has done a few of these things but i can imagine him doing all of them and i know for a fact that during those moments i would not be laughing. I would be crying and embarrassed and i can see that you probably were too. Like to me ur trying really hard to laugh at what happened and make it funny but i can see you want to cry. Thats sad, im so sorry you've had to go through all this.

That was hella funny till she said that his daddy asked her for money after becoming famous and she did the disrespectful face, it's your dad anyways, if he is a psycho you should understand his mental state and be a good daughter, maybe he gave you his tee-shirt to bleed in it because it was a naive gesture to help you , maybe he doesn't know how to raise a child but in his mind he did his best maybe it was his best !! So sad ! Thank God for Islam that keep us always respectful for our parents no fucking matter what !!

She seems like she was crying and trying to hide it. I love you tana.

Why'd you delete your Channon rose collab☕️?

Dude your best video yet tana! Holy shit i peed a little omfg hahahahaha

This has to become a series

i am doing the blackout laying on the floor thing

“subscribe to my vlog channel i’ve been putting out”

Hey, Tana. It's your shoe. Pin me if you love me and love wearing me.

Oh g love you

u a drama queen

I’m so exited for the 2017 recap video... can’t wait to just listen to Tana talk for like an hour❤️❤️

I feel like when she laughs she doesn’t actually think it’s funny

i feel like when me and tana are laughing i feel like shes my bad influence but i love her my sister srry im weird

You have to do this again I died laughing


Hey, if you are still on that "let's be honest and confess my mistakes" track, how about talking about your deleted video where you film a DEAD GUY? I would love to hear a statement about the most fucked up thing you can do on youtube. You're like Logan Paul 1.0.

this is the stuff my dad did and I'm still scarred from it...he was disrespectfully cheap (and abusive, but thats not important). We had plenty of money he's just fucked up in the head

you ever gonna addresses the fact that last year you pulled a logan paul by posting that overdosed homeless man in your video..... you're a terrible influence on young girls. im a nanny and ive babysat several young girls who look up to you and try to act like you and its revolting seeing your videos and bad lifestyle decisions influence impressionable teens in real life. get your shit together because you've gone from an embarrassment to a danger for every little girl watching videos on youtube.

Finally! More and more people are realizing this!

i’m home sick as fuck, miserable and i needed to laugh. this video did it for me . i love you tana ❤️

can you please make a video about dropping out of highschool and how you got your parents to be on board with that

T a n a are you o k a y

Your dad is literally Frank Gallagher

I’ve just remembered tana... “I hate you Sharon”

I subscribed!

jordyn maldonado not only did she do that but that is not why people hate her. People hate her because she's a legit compulsive lier. People also hate her because she's a hypocrite yells at someone for using the n word then uses it herself

no, just mental ill people just even care about watching this stupid bitch´s videos

Not really..

not to suck my own dick she's almost as funny as me !!


*S A Y N I G G E R*

Say niger

Nigger no one would care if you ended it all please just do it. Maybe it can be a colab with logan paul just so you ensure the views so you can past your profit to your predecessor which hopefully they won't be as mentally retarded as you. You know i'm just looking out for you.

I think shes cool and I normally hate leaving rude comments... but damn that none stop of laughter can be annoying... but i lover her videos anyway and her song hefner

i just found out about you through idubbz lmao SAY NI**ER! hahaha

your dad was only crazy because you are filthy fucking nigger faggot

tana is a mother fucking nigger faggot

You really is a hoe, and your videos most definitely are not worth waiting for, hoe.

OMFG I’m faded af and literally peed myself

Lmao Iddubz roasted the shit out of you

Omg Tana

i loved this video a lot! ur a great storyteller and it makes u so much more relatable. pretty brave to to put it all out there but i feel like i’ve gained a lot of respect for u. you’ve came so far by yourself doing ur thing despite ur upbringing.

Is anyone else only here because idubbbz torched the shit out of her almost a year ago

Omg love thisssss do more!!!!!!!!!!



Depends on what you're gonna make any hypes on youtube, anyway well said Tana.

I can't believe no one is acknowledging the fact she exploited a dead person on her channel, what you did deserves as much, if not more attention as Logan's video, and the fact that you just swept it under the rug like it never happened makes you a coward and a terrible person.

reminder that over a year ago tana posted a completely uncensored video of a dead body in a public bathroom, laughed about it, joked about it, smiled about it, made it all about her and turned into a story time for money and views. and then deleted it with out any acknowledgement. search the video up and you'll find a repost


this made me feel so good about my life


“I love my boat”

Yous a liar tana

Honestly the biggest joke on the internet Glad to know you're still stupid as fuck and naive

omg plz make a series

what a fucked up title for something not even that serious. lol.

I had a fucked up childhood too mine is just awful tho not funny

When are you going to upload the year highlights video?!

Tana luv ur vids there the best also ur my favorite person on YouTube. also this is the best vid I seen on YouTube ever luv ya

make more PLEASE!!!

Made My fucking day

Make a series

Weird things I’ve eaten for breakfast: Meatballs with Barbecue Sauce Spaghetti Ravioli

my sister and i died laughing at this i love you so much !!!!


Poor Tana she has a hard life #PrayForTana

Shut up hoe

I basically shit my pants watching this! So funny! Please do a series

You’re ass is fake deal with it

Crazy old man cowboy


Say Nigger.

#SPRAYTANS I love you so much

Saaaaaaaaay ni**er

So nobodys gonna say anything about the black figure that passes through the hallway at 3:22?

I am so sorry


Awww, my niggerfu is all grown up

I'm gonna need a series please :)

Well at least tana didn’t have to hear the mash intro

Remember when she said nigger?

Pls continue

“Make sure it covers your asshole tana”

Now grow up and saaaay N I G G E R

You are a special kind of cancer.

PLEASE make this a series

SAY "nigger"

just sound like you are a ungrateful little bitch

Go kill yourself


is anyone else bothered by her extinctions showing

This was actually fucking hilariousss

Tana! I think it’s time to post a new video now!!

roses are red, violets are bigger, look at the camera and say......

you are such a fat cunt fuck you nigger faggot

fffffffffffffffffake news



keep on not posting, retard

she is a fucking nigger faggot

Hi, anyone who's looking through this, I used to like I dubbz, but now I realized how offensive he is.. He kinda told you to walk with feminists, in a offensive way, and my mother is a feminist and I love her. Jsyk im on ur side

Dear Tana Mongeau. Nigger. That is all.


This was hilarious! And to be quite honest I to this day eat spaghetti with eggs for breakfast so I was thinking why is that weird? But then you added honey to it and I was like oh okay lol! I love you! Yes please make this a series


this shit was so funny please make more

So everyone is just going to ignore the fact that she uploaded video footage of a dead body?

can i adopt your dad


LOVE your vids

My nose would bleed out of my eyes Tana Mongeau 2018


Best video I have ever seen !

“Bugs in ya fuckin teeth”

Hey remember idubbz

Your haters are fucking wild bro.

Say nigger


madigracemakeup but he fucked me with a tooth brush nigger

You have some low standards

I love you tana, so sorry what happened. Stay strong and no matter what happens we got your back ❤️

Youre such an iconic legend

tana stories should be a series like she’s an icon

You are so gorgeous wow

*C A P T I O N S E X I S T*

Please let this become a series!

bruh Im not gonna lie the fact that you sounded like you were shrill crying the entire time made this less funny than it probably actually was but I still stan

He seems to have a problem with understanding the world. Is he on the autistic spectrum?

Stop photoshopping your flat ass & say nigger you dumb air headed cunt.

What a fucking THOT. HAHAHA

*Don't make me lock my arm around you.*

Say thank you too "TheRichest" they add you on their channel so I decided to check you out.


Literally my sixth time watching this

Dad can I go to the dentist lmao

That stranger thing is my grandma. She will go up to random people and is like oh you have beautiful eyes to like random people like what?! She will also go up to random people with babies and just talk to the baby like hello darling and the parents are just there like smiling awkwardly. Also she judges people a lot like no joke. A about 17 year old was wearing a crop top and she was like she’s way too young to be wearing a crop top and actually went up to her and said that so Tana girl I get you lol


make this a series !!

Oh I had the best laughter I've had in awhile



please make more of these

this is your worst content

I'm sorry u grew up like this :( thank u for opening up i love you sm u made me laugh tho i love the voice u have for him HAHA

You should make this a series

I think therapy is a better idea if you don't already go rather than making videos about your dad

take a shot every time tana says “24/7”

I need more of this now!!!!!

Do a series!!

Love u tana !!!!(: everyone so me some love and like and subscribe to my new YouTube video and channel ❤️❤️❤️

Im fuckin crying ohmy goddd this is hilarious

How’s the nigger life going retarded faggots

i love you so much tana❤️❤️

she reminds me of courtney love in a sense that she's just as strong and opinionated. gives no shits. admirable. not sure how she'd take that haha

We you get a #SPRAYTANSand see tana vid

So Tana, are you going to talk about how you pulled a Logan Paul and made a story time video showing a dead body?!

OMG PEOPLE Stop hating and leave if you don't like her. You don't have to ruin looking through comments for the people who actually want to enjoy the video. How would you like it if the comment section of one of your favorite YouTubers videos was covered with hate.

He fucked me with a toothbrush

Omg when she started talking about how her dad would get things out of the trash, I fucking died!! I RELATE!!!

**god thank the kitchens and cows**

i want a movie about her life with her dad


didn't you say a while ago that you graduated early and took online classes, not dropped out? or am I tripping?

“Entertain me”- her snap ARE MY JOKES NOT FUNNY ENOUGH

Tana deadass, we gotta be friends

Literally watched this 5 times it’s so funny and just all of her videos make me forget my problems anyone else!!;))and I freaking love her

omg I laughed sm

make more of these videos i literally cried

Aye I live in Vegass

I wanna eat u out tana

I could watch this for hours


Series. Yes.

Bitch wtf my dad and your dad are lost long fucking best friends, my dad be on that MASH shit too

This warms my heart

I just love this and appreciate you and think this video is awesome! I think it’s entertaining and inspirational, as silly as it seems, you being so positive about things shows there no reason you can’t be who you want to be!

Ilysm tana

Best video ever

Please make a series YES

Make another sleep peralysis video

My Twitter and snap chat and all that stuffs gonna be below I’m gonna shut the fuck up Here’s the video TANA GOT BARS

Seems like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It is sick how she filmed a dead body.

I need pictures of this boat sculpture

Tana is a cunt. Idubbz is so right about her



Hey Tana, I'm a 12 year old girl and I love your videos. My favorite video is the one where you show a clip of a dead man who overdosed in a bathroom, but I can't seem to find it anymore. Is this a glitch or something? Follow up question, how do you feel about Logan Paul ripping off your idea of posting videos on youtube showing recently deceased people who have died in tragic ways, and then acting super funny and cool about it?

This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long ass time omfg...

bro your dads smart, chill


only subscribing for this series


she does a hilarious impersonation of her dad omg

*Deadliest catch on mute*

Your dad is deadass enjoyin tf out his life not giving one fuck I’m cryin

Pay me 2000$ paypal or ur not getting ur twittet or icloud back

Can't believe your hacked on your Twitter

Gurl your Twitter lol

Sis your twitter hacked


please make this a series this shit is awesome asf!!!


I'm in tears!!!!!!!lmaooooo!!!!!that last story I was done

I gatta meet u

Your dad is my mom!!!!!

I tried to laugh but this is actually so sad :(

Hey can you go back and do story times again I rlly miss them like if you agree I want her to see this

Make this series it’s so funny

Subscribed to you Tana, your video's are funny, energizing and also deep. I love them... Plus you are very beautiful with a personality to match. _Hugs from me in Scotland_

Please, pleeeease make this a series! I am in stitches, this video made my day, I would love to see more.


I really enjoyed this lol


Where does she talk about her and Bella ??

It sounds like your dad has mental illness. Like not even kidding it sounds like hes showing signs of mental illness. He probably has PTSD from the war which is why he doesn't like loud noise

Her video where she exploits a dead body is 100 times better tbh

tana is a teenybopper teehee

madigracemakeup hey wanted to let u know u misspelled the word worst it’s W-O-R-S-T


god dammit

Congrats on posting a dead body...super classy tana.

You and Channon are literally the female Logan Pauls, go home girl.

im dead as fuck!

Your dad sounds very mentally ill.

Tana: Teenager gurls bike= a car

please make this a series!



her laugh uncomfortable af. Im cringing watching this.. these forced emotions. maybe I'm wrong sounds like she's​ going to cry any minute.

This video will give you fucking ass cancer. Also I hope you get a 2nd content cop dropped on your ass

Yes please to a series!

:S don't know how to feel about this.. My dad was very similar... But his father also grew up for in a chicken coop for 3 yrs.. It's nothing to laugh at... I kinda feel sorry for your dad #sorrynotsorry

Tana comin through with 3 milli Cloudy with the chance of some 3 milli

on mute!!! I died!!!!!!!!! hahaaaaahahaaaaaa

Low IQ

Hey nigger fagot your vids are cancer and “I hope you brake your legs and lose all your subs” XD i wanna give u advice when telling a story don’t stretch the truth so much it turns out worse then the click-bate title In the words of you “YOU FUCKING NIGGER” also just kill yourself already hell is waiting for u.

This is literally amazing

This video is actually pretty sad. You can see through the fake laughter which she is using to cover up crying.

I’m dying sooo much

Is it bad that I didn’t find the stuff she was laughing at funny



YESSS make this a series I spent the whole video laughing my ass off BEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE EVERRRRRR RN

but what that mouth do

Kill Yourself...

Bitch threw a Logan Paul showing a dead body

yo I'm bored u should post another video to make me smile

I watched this and decided I didn’t care enough to google M.A.S.H. The next day in social studies we talked about M.A.S.H and I sat there so shook.

Laney Grace that always happens to me

My fucking phone was connected to my speaker and i didn’t realize. In the middle of the night tana screamed “HELLO” so loud. Hehe

Omg dad watches mash too

From:IdubbbzTV :D


i love u


I love how she says insert picture here, or insert video, but there's nothing there

Hahahahah I’m dying plz do a series

Love this

You post so much about Bella and she neeeever posts about you


tana I’m sorry to give you this news but.... it seems that your dad has autism.


Tana “shows a dead body for views and has no morals” Mongoose

This was brilliant, please make more!

why do you lie mongoose?

God bless America.

"my nose would bleed outta my ears" "my nose would bleed outta my eyes" "my nose would bleed outta my mouth"

Series! Series! Series!

This video is the best fucking thing it made my day, I deadass am crying

Does anybody notice that this bitch filmed a dead body?

Unhappy Love it went under our noses

Dumb bitch.

why does the voice she does for her dad sound like her taylor cuntiff voice

wow title to thumbnail. hmmmm


Shut the fuck up bitch. How dare you film a dead person and delete it and act like u didn't do it? You are worse than Logan Paul

I can't wait for the moment the media and youtube shed light on what you did. I hope you pay for filming a dead body and use it for views.

This bitch is a female Logan Paul with her disrespectful ugly ass, just seen a clip of her filming a dead body.. no respect and no morals. Logan Paul got a ton of hate and backlash but is nobody going to acknowledge what this bitch did?!?

Darra Muldoon i hope she and channon get exposed for what theu did.

She sounds .2 seconds away from having a mental breakdown

Please get off the internet for your sake. Bless you.

I wonder where you get your dumbass personality from


You are friends with lil pump huh... he says nigger

Ewwwwwwwwww why is no one saying anything about her showing a dead body but everyone hated Logan.

I heard she pulled a fucking Logan Paul

this is the funniest video ever why cant other YouTubers be as funny as you

She uploaded a video last year with channon rose filming a dead body on the beach. Check honest and skullfuck latest videos.

selo111 omg I never saw that when did she do that???

Amanda Ott she's so disrespectful. She made a video about a dead man and she inserted a live footage without censoring the dead body.

Did anyone mute this video

At least u have an amazing mom

Idubbs I summon you


iDubbbz says hello

Mom you're not giving me attention!

Tana might have done a lot of shit, but are yall better people when all you do is send her hate in every single video? Don't think so.

ur dad could be autistic

she said that's what made us best friends AT THE TIME ooooo shit

MEEEEEE my mom is also crazy and I grew up with some SHIT but she now is, a crazy homless bag lady one eyed prostitute in ontario

literally i am laughing so fucking hard your dad is so much like mine and so relatable. like i would love for this to be a series. i go in in a couple days for my final scans to see if im cancer free and i get my portacath taken out so like im really stressed and this just is so hilarious and made the whole situation better omg

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this a fucking series

please make it a series yasss im dead as fuckkkkkkk hahahahahahaahahahahahah

I have seen some your vlogs but not with ur dad I desperately wanna see him now lmao

Tana omg I love u! Is ur dad southern? Because u sound like ur trying to use a southern accent I'm a georgia girl but don't talk like trailer trash! Just a little twang lol. I got some stories too lol

I love it how tana says dw I’ll insert pics or a video and never does. Great video btw! Loved to see a series of this

You’d think she’s lived many lives with the amount of story’s she has

make this a series oh my god

Make a series!

I can relate so much

does she realize some people don’t have families? she should appreciate what she has.

not hate i like her just saying i think she could’ve done something else

Hot.sauceyyy !! If we did everything with that logic, no one would complain. I came to see the hate comments I’m not a fan, but cmon.

do video about waking up to high school please

do a series

Tana I love you so much no matter what happens. Your my role model for everything your so gorgeous and your so real. Whenever I’m down I watch your YouTube and it lightens up my day. My life is so hard right now but I’m getting through it and wen I watch your videos it helps me smile. So thank you tana. I love you

Just an other vulgar hore.. Thats you

Make this a series please


kill me

Honestly it's like his others story videos . Exaggerated

madigracemakeup you're a retard

madigracemakeup you’re actually funny

Tana Mongeau whoa nigger

This video is retarded




this is actually hilarious

Remember when you said that guy was abusive to you at that shitty meet up you did and it tured out it was idubzz well remember SAYYYYYY NIGGER

You guys literally have no idea how amazing this woman is, you guys are always hating on her, I’m not gonna sit here and talk shit,because it’s pathetic to waste my breath,you guys need to fucking grow up though tbh..besides that this with you really should really watch her content...judge too quick...people need to see the real her,show some respect and empathy and actually start being open minded. Smh she’s opening up about some personal shit and basically and her past...her life... this should be fucking trending... smh I love you,tana.

Make a series!


She keeps talking about how insane her dad is..... Just think how insane you have to be in a room by your self acting like that.

Filmed a dead body and posted it = character flaw. Quick someone get keemstar

Your dad should of raped you to death stupid bitch, such a fake bitch.

This might be your best video yet

new video lets go

you recorded a video of a man who died of an overdose, and you just sweep it underneath the rug like nothing happened. you should feel ashamed.

she just did it for attention smh edit: wow its just click bait

Hi luv sorry about your twitter, whoever did it your mom's a hoe

WATCH MY VLOG, SUB FOR SUB. i do a killer tana mongeau impression. me and my friends are just as ANNOYING/funny as tana & her friends HAHAH


Say Nigger. #iDubbbzTV

I think your dad and my mom mom are the same person

12:30 made me feel so bad

No one gives a fuck bitch

Im so fucking high rn , just sayin

Did ur dad ride his bike to ur collab channel and destroyed it?(just a joke not shade but I saw an opportunity)

Yes! Please make this a series, haven't laughed this hard in a while!

Plz make this a series !!!

please compare 20:40 to the title

I literally love you so much like you’re such an inspiration. You have no idea how much your videos mean to me like I always use them as a drug. Idk that sounds weird but it’s so true. Any time that life is too overwhelming or exhausting or anytime my bf does something dumb or my family becomes too much, I just open yours or Trevor’s Channel and binge for hours cause you guys make me smile. Even when I’m in so much pain and my anxiety is so intense I can always count on Trevor and Tana to make me Smile! You guys are my world and I want to thank you. I know you’ll probably never read this but it’s just something I’ve always wanted to tell you!


Sounds like a regular Mcpoyle.

lmao maybe your dad was sick and had an illness and never got the help he needed? sounds like a mental illness

Yea bitch

I hate how you never actually insert any clips or photos like you say you are going to


Couldn’t stop laughing

i loved you so much before you got all 'famous' i died when my bsf met you and i didnt but now your full of it. I wish you would go back to ur old ways i still and will always love you. please no hate. Byeee

Need this as a series asap

I'm at 28:36 and I legit to this extent think that ya parents faked a heart attack to wake you up, I could and most likely will be wrong but idk i'll see

Tana hysterically laugh crying is a big mood

Ok we were for sure neighbors growing up LMFAO. Born and raised in the same place, I can't believe we weren't friends hahahah

Oh my god I’m in tears crying this is hilarious please make this a series

Spent the entire vid alternating between laughing and wanting to wrap her in a blanket and hug her. I had a dad a 1/5 as crazy and it fucked me up mentally. I can't imagine that being a kid's reality.

This is not that big of a thing, you are like why couldn't my mom make pancakes or my mom make something less gross but my mom and dad never cooked me a single thing in my ENTIRE life. I remember when I was 3 years old going around the kitchen searching for food. I wold go hungry not eating anything for the whole day sometimes. When I got older like 8 years old I learned to cook myself.

Make a video mom

Make this a series. This is so funny I watched it 10 times

How are you famous? You are an over glorified drama merchant

Make it a series!!!!!!☺️

It has been a year since the idubbz expose, can you tell us what had changed since then?

Please do a series I love these ♥️♥️♥️

I think this is the best video I've ever seen it's hilarious

Wow this was posted in my birthday

i really want to meet you before i have open heart surgery. Please like so tana can see it.

Saaaaaaaaay nigger

The original Logan paul.

uneducated retards love tana

Please do more this made me laugh so much

Your dad is actually mine omg

This is funny as Fuck

why u didnt leave youtube

I can't believe you recorded that dead man ! You and chanon duck lips are some ignorant ass hoes ! Smfh

Please fuck off you piece of shit sank.



U suck stop tubing

When you can’t live without attention

My dad makes concoctions too! And he even uses that word too.



caralho não tô etendendo porcaria nenhuma

im laughing so hard omg ilysm tana

Knowing tana this is probably fake

Pretty sure you are my twin now cuz we have the same Dad minus having the tv on mute

*And then he chocked me and said THE N WORD, i hope my father breaks both of his legs and kills himself fucking racist*

like father like daughter

pretty sure your dad taught you to be a hypocrite and say the n word you lying bitch

Your basically another Gabbie Hanna.

Y’all realize this is fake right?


Sayyyyyy NIGGER

bitch your hair looks sooooooooo good!!!!!

Why was her voice so funny to me @20:45

your content is pretty weak

Why does tana sound like a duck now?

Girl that's what the captions on t.v. are for

you're pathetic, for saying the shit you do about your dad.

I think your dad is one of those crazy people I would love to meet lmao. definitely make a series of this!!!

ur brows look soooooo goood

Oh my god please do more of these videos!!

When im really angry I laugh hysterically and cry profusely for a good 20minutes I feel like that's what she's lowkey doing

I seen you on the Maury show

your nose bled out of your eyes, ears, and mouth??? what

this is my favorite tana video for sure

i love how the beginning is so repetitive i can skip anywhere and its like i didnt skip at all


YASSSSS PLEASE DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS AGAIN!!! so funnnyyyyy love this so much!!!

+madigracemakeup What are you fucking retarded?

Tana is a piece of shit. So is channon rose. They are just as bad as Logan Paul. I just watched a video of her an channon an they found a dead guy in a bathroom an didn’t blur it or anything. It was over a year ago, why didn’t anyone do anything bout it? Fucked up people, I swear.

Tana make this a series!!


Remember when you said NIGGER all the time?

Yesss make a series!!

Ily bby girl

You're the most grossest human being on earth. ❤

Tana you should probably visit the rope store, then the rickety chair store.

You filmed a dead man you're no better than Logan paul

Make this a sires

Fuck you for filming a dead body



I'm dying rn

Best video ever literally dying. you should 1000% do another one. my dad sucks and this made me laugh so thx

Tana your historical

“Caring, kind, humble..” oh yes, that’s totally you. I love your sarcastic, narcissistic, “humble” attitude. Not only have you not changed from the asshole you were a year ago; you also delete the video that makes you the total bitch you are. You take it as a “oh I’ll just delete the video of me filming a dead body and be a total low piece of shit that I am and act like it didn’t happen” oh yes, good idea fuck head. You hurt the loved ones and everyone who heard/watched the video. Did it not go through your mind that maybe people have depression or that this has happened to someone or a loved one??? No? WELL NOW IVE SEEN WHAT A LOW LIFE, NO HEART, PIECE OF SHIT LOOKS LIKE IN PERSON. Thank you for being a “caring, kind, humble” person. Here is the link of what I’m talking about :

Yeah she posted a video of a dead body... remind you of anybody???

yes make it a series

post more videos

Your father should have pulled out

Hunters hot y did u break up

Omg he was just high af


Except you know, Az weather. Vegas has is the closest to our weather, but still can’t even compare. We are the 115-120 degree heat. And if you were born In az that heat isn’t actually bad at all.

Ayyyyyyy I loved this video, plleeeeeaassseee make a crazy Cowboy dad series!!!! I haven’t laughed this hard in a while!!!!


haha thats what you get wannabee rapper

I relate to this because my dad is like this too

He isnt that bad tho, someone call a psychiatritst

Make a vid about how to get pregnant and a giving birth vid plz

I honestly don’t know how you survived living with him no offense

Please have this be a series

Please make this a series!

i feel like im going to hell for laughing sooo hard... but PLSS make more

I don't think you understand how hard I'm laughing at this tana

So hot wth

Tana this needs to be a series tf this is the quality content I signed up for

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