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Hey. Guys finally sleeps here with. EA announcing, FIFA mobile coming, months sooner than everybody expected, I had. To abandon my master plan of turning two months worth of investments, into a billion, coins in one single, sitting it, doesn't look like we'll have time for the, market to even shift at all far, enough for. All of these invested, players to turn into the. Profit that I was anticipating, what's, worse with all the anticipated, master players dropping, alongside preseason. Two-thirds, of my investments, will be dropping in value from the minimal profit I'm already looking at I'll. Be lucky if that, billion coin turnover, ends, up anywhere, between 200. And 350, million. Before. We're all said and done selling, all this before, I get any further in though however, make, sure you like subscribe comment. And share + check out finally sleeps comm for all things to be from mobile and more thanks. For all your support and I, can't wait to take this channel into the new season of FIFA mobile. However. Will. Still, be wrapping, up this last season, since. Treasure hunt ended I've been slowly selling, investment, players that I picked up at the end of the team of the season and during, treasure, hunt anything, that was spiking with a big profit market, margin, I've been uploading. Mostly. Silvers, and golds, and the, occasional, elite I've, been waiting for the market to shift in order to really start dumping my investments, and bringing in big big, profits. I had. This master plan to claim all my earnings at one time and then blow a couple hundred million coins on my hundred and eighteen overall team all, in one video and jump, it up somewhere between 125. And 128. All. At once, at. The time of EA's announcement, - the season ending in a month in September, instead. Of November, I'd. Sold about 1200 players and an estimated, 150. Million, coins. Once I claimed them all I sat. Down and ran the math and decided that it, should be enough to take me all the way to one. 26, from. 118, plus finalized, the players I wanted in my legacy squad a Liverpool. Starting 11 with retro, stars Big Boss Hogg, but in for Jordan Henderson. This. Morning I decided to dive in, and do the deed with, pre-season. Unlocking, in the afternoon, I first. Claimed enough sold master, players from retro stars and treasure hunt to Bank 35, million in coins and with that I bought record breaker Trent Alexander, Arnold for twenty seven point six and record. Breaker Milner, for a little over two point one four million coins, I'm. Going to do this real time so you can see my investments, in the cash coming Plus watch, my squad make a major, leap.

Forward. All. Right so we're off. Doing. This a little differently today because. It's a, lot. Starting. Out with big. Boss paul, be' gonna, swap him out for de bruyne ax and the. Reason being is his stats are fantastic. And, he's, one, of the few, premier. League players that I actually really like and don't, mind putting in the squad so, now, the thing, with this de, Bruyne ax is. He's. The 98, rated. Debris. Know from, the, UCL. Tournament, not the final but a few, steps before and. He's, still worth about 26, million in the market and I'm. Actually. Really, close on. On. Coins, on this whole swap out thing so. Trying. To do three things at once here um, I'm. Gonna sell him and I'm gonna burn the rank I know. People. Kind of freaked out about burning the rank, but. We're. Gonna do it there see drop. Him back to a hundred, and continue. Let's, just sell him and, dropped him down to 98 now he's gonna sell. Probably. The first time through so within a couple of hours I'll be able to finish this out so. I may get to a stopping point you have to do now I've also got these two record breakers that I'm gonna swap out I've got. Milner. And, Alexander. Arnold. We're, gonna go ahead and throw them in. Alright, so I mean, I dropped the team down to 117. But we're gonna go. Ahead and transfer these players in. Say. Okay. One. Point two four six million still. Got one point nine so we're gonna do it and. That. Transfers, the rank now most. Recently, we've. Been. Dealing with you. Know the the. Old, reset, had, if you transferred, the rank like what, happened when I transferred, my rank, from Allison's. Team of the Year to his ultimate, reserve, was. Once, you transfer that rank you, lose, the ability to continue, to upgrade them that. Is no longer the case with the last update once you transfer the rank to somebody else that doesn't lock them out you can continue, to root to do. It so now this one's a little different because I hadn't. Ranked, the. Team. Of the year. Trent. Alexander, Arnold Tina's season trying to house inter Arnold. Yet. So, I. Decided. To just hold that one I'm gonna use it because I still have a stockpile of players that allow, me to. Complete. The rank down the road so now we're. Just gonna start cleaning these because I'm under a million and I need a. Few, million to start ranking. Players up so we're. Just gonna start from the beginning and just go through and. You can see a, lot of this stuff is just things. I've sold over the last two, to three weeks this is all stuff that I, either, packed. Or earned during retro, stars like Berardi. And stuff. Or. Robertson. Is just something that I've had, that, I earned, and didn't need for ranking. The team here leaked, hero the. Rest of these were just claiming. These are all stuff I bought during. The. Course of. Team. Of the season and treasure hunt and started. Unloading over, the last couple of weeks as, you can see five hundred thousand for some 89 rated cards it's not a massive, amount of money. You. Know just. Under a million, for a ninety rated left wing. 20,000. For the 69, rated Silver's, all those 69 rated Silver's I was buying, during. Treasure, hunt team of the season those were, I. Don't, think I paid any more than a thousand, coins for any silver, during. That time only, in the last couple of weeks I've been farming again but, when.

The Market was at its lowest you could simply just get, on do, a search for 69, rated players with, a max buy it now of a thousand, and just by, 2030. At a time and here. They are selling for twenty, five thousand, and ninety thousand. Dig. Knees those. I picked up for about a hundred and eighty thousand, a piece so double, the money there but if you look at the silvers 33. Thousand for these things one. Hundred and five thousand. For a player, that I paid. 700. Coins for that's, that's. A decent mark oh yeah. That. Works. Again. Twenty-two thousand see. Some of these prices are gonna fluctuate, because this is stuff that I've been selling over the last month, and I've, just been holding, in my dismissal, box because, I was trying to create, this, opportunity. To, immediately. Jump way, up to a billion, coins which, I had the players for based on a market recovery, but when EA came back and said hey, guess what we're, gonna end the season early it screwed, us screwed. A lot of us okay so something, sold, hopefully. That's the. Brona. But maybe not four. Hundred thousand, for. A scouting player. This. Is all stuff that, every. Day we get on and start. Checking the investments, just with a suggested, price I didn't, bother. Search. In the market and checking, to see what was selling at what rate. None. Of that no bother just. What's the suggested, price and if it was high enough for what I was paying for it originally I was, unloading it now sometimes they didn't always. Sell for where they were supposed to be but. You. Know in like day one you'd, throw Silver's in and see and if they didn't show a price there's. A hundred and eighteen thousand, four Silver's ninety, eight thousand, first, Silver's and these, are all players that I bought for under a thousand, coins a couple, of months ago oh no a couple of weeks ago. Eighty-one, thousand, even, at 3800. That's a four-time market, a hundred thousand, for an, under. That's a hundred time, mark up there that's. That's. How we. Generate. Massive funds, in an, area, of the market that is one hundred and seventy, thousand, see. 165. Thousand. 169,000. Hundred fifty seven thousand four that's. 170. Time market and, that's. Why I had, over. 1500. Silver's at one point. So. If you buy 1500, silvers when the market is dead and you, pay a thousand, apiece for them and, you. That's. A hundred, and fifty was. It fifteen hundred, thousand. Which. Is, 1.5. Million in Silver's and if. You can bring that back and sell them for an average of a twenty time markup, that's. 30. Million for. A 1.5, million investment. That's, why it's worth it okay golds those, were Gold's I was picking up for five thousand a piece they're, now selling here, for. That's. A time markup. 368. For another scouting, player those scouting players all of these. 8284. Rated elites, that you see that I'm claiming, here those. Were all players that, I bought for 30 to 40 thousand, apiece and they're. All coming in with six, to ten time markup. This. Is a lot of players okay so one. Of my at twenty eight point five million right now and. I. Was. Estimating. My. Unclaimed. Players, from, the last couple of weeks to be between, a hundred and a hundred and twenty million if I had to guess, so. We're. Seventh. Of the way there this, is gonna take a while alright, so here's, the demo base those were, players that I had sold to. Three. Weeks ago, it. Was a five, hundred thousand, for a player that twenty, minutes after they were listing, you couldn't get rid of him for 150 thousand a lot, of the times on these estimated, these investments. These long-term, investment, players you've, got to find that open, window now, I'm, still in the beginning this is stuff that I've been selling for the last few weeks as we get farther, into, this. Once. I get down. Pretty far on these claiming, you're gonna see. Some. Players, that I. Was. Selling in this past, week when, the market was crashed when everyone, thought. There's. Nothing he can do I was, still I, was. Still selling, you. Just got to pay attention. Especially. In, don't unload players if he are not ready to unload them because, even. With the season. Coming to an end before, they announced, all the 92, 98 rated, players that were going to be available in, in. The, final event the preseason you. Could still, unload. Masters. For. 800, to, 1.1. Million for 90, three rated now you can't, get rid of her for 300 to 500 thousand, you just got to find that window and that doesn't mean that it's not gonna pop back now. Myself, I'm probably gonna unload, everything, today, I'll. Look for the best window I have it's. Usually right before. Retro. Stars it ends in the next season begins, for. Non retro, store players you're, gonna see a spike because nobody's.

Selling. Nobody's, listing, and the market will slow down and remember it's a bot market not a real market, so, the, bots looking, for the queue will set the price based on the number of availabilities. And how, it's, supply, versus demand versus. Traffic, so. That's. How you can get such high value out of a silver it's not like someone's. Gonna pay sixty thousand coins for a right. Mid silver that just popped up no it's not gonna happen. There. You go one hundred and forty six thousand, for a 69, rated, striker, but. That's. Not a real purchase that's that's. Why, this system, works because it's not a real. Market. All. Right just. Keep doing it ninety. Nine thousand. You. Can see we're up to 47. Million now. Now. Once, the season ends. We're. Gonna start the new season the market's going to be fresh, and new all of, these tactics, will change there. Will be investment, players but, we, really, have, no. Idea. What. Investment, players we're gonna have where they're gonna be it's just, gonna come down to where the ranking, system starts. For. The new season as well as, you. Know. What. The coin value is and remember players. Don't set the coin value the market sets the coin value the. The market, that you sell, into is different than the market you buy into. At. This point hopefully, you understand, at least that aspect of the market, there. Are in essence. Four. Separate. Markets, sort, of now. I. Tend. To believe that there are an infinite, number of markets, and, people. Don't, like when I say that. But. My. Take on it which. Has always worked well for me is you. Have three. Connected, markets, that, you buy, from and you. Have your. Own market. That you sell, out. So. When. You list players, you. You list them between you and the bot the, the. Card goes away. It's. Not competing. With other cards, that other players, are selling it's competing, with. The. Bottom. Okay. Still. Looking at this um. Here. We go. Okay. Those, McBurney's. Honestly. I think I've bought a thousand. Of those cards it, seems like, they. For. Three, days in a row they sell for nothing then they go for 18 other coins, then. They go for 20, thousand coins or 18 thousand coins, it's, an easy card you can pick up for 500. To 600 coins well you could I don't know if you still can. Seventy. Thousand. Per. 6565. Rated, centre-backs, those I was buying for three hundred to five hundred, three. Hundred eighty nine thousand, four, cards. I bought for that's, a ten time market because those were the ones I was buying for under 40. Okay. Good. Grief this is a lot okay 54 million so. 70. Million, more to claim before I start doing team upgrades and. Again these are just players, that I've been sitting there scrolling. Through. Since. 3. Week of July. When, I started selling I started, selling all this. Just. Keep looking at this just keep working, I can. Tell some stories. Little, story time. It. Doesn't take much to just click with one hand here. Oh yeah, sorry, sorry brain. Got, stuck there for a minute. See. If I can do this I'll drop my phone one-handed. Alright this probably wasn't the easiest way to do this to. Claim and talk at the same time I should have used an emulator so I could at least look. Straight. At instead, of. Shifting. Eyes as you can see my phone is right, in front of the camera as I'm doing this that's. Why the screen. Quality is a total. Right now because it's not an HD camera because, I normally. Record on my. Phone. Because. I'm old and I don't understand technology Oh. 61, million okay we're getting there. Again. Look at some of these values, sixty thousand those were five thousand coin players oh. That's. Kragger, that is a secret. Player I should not have sold that, why. Did I sell that. 22. Point nine. Thousand. That. Was dumb that, was a transfer. Player a secret, transfer player that you can use because he doesn't, train for the tier that he's in, there's.

A Video all about it but. Get. Used to seeing I wants to packed, him and just sold him for no reason. That. Was a suggested. Price and I think he should have been worth more than that. All. Right story time as we continue to claim players. All. Right okay I got a I got a really good one. So. I normally, coach a lot. Of youth soccer. Kids. Mostly. Club. Level. So. They all know what they're doing it's not, generally. Just working, with strange kids unless it's just a camper I'm training but. 15. 20. Years ago I. Was. Approached because, the club I was working for at the time we. Were, sharing fields, with a, recreational. League just, a youth rec league. Kids. Anywhere from five, years to like. 12 13 years old we were sharing the field with them so, there was a cooperation. Of partnership, between our. Club. Academy and the. Recreational, league. Just. Trying, to give back to the community type thing and from. Time to time we would train the, recreational, players and I. Had, the. Club. President, came to, came. To a couple of coaches and said look we are. In. A situation where, we have the. President, of the recreational, league that's asking, for a club. Coach to. Step, up and take. On a team of, misfits. Bad. News Bears, to. To. Help get the team on track, and. We were right in the middle of the season for them and, the. Story goes there. Was a coach a volunteer, coach that. Had. Caused some problems with some parents, something happened, and. They. Pulled. The president. Of the rec league pulled her aside and said we need to give you some coaching. Training so. That you better understand, what. Would. Work well with young kids. And she, got pissed and said screw it I'm volunteer, I'm done and the. Team was in a, rough way so. None, of the parents wanted to step up and the. President. Of the recreational. League didn't. Have the time to train it and coach. It so they came to the club and said do. You have anybody that would be willing to step. It holy. Six hundred and sixty, three thousand. Four. Seventy. Nine rated players I paid five thousand, coins for. That's. A good markup okay. So. They. Said you know can we you, know I'll all, assist, as the president of the rec league I'll assist, we, don't make kids on the team but it's it's. They're playing 6v6. They're, eight eight. Years old and. We. Just need some assistance well my son at the time was. Around the same age fit, within the line and I. Knew of a couple of players on his club, team, that. I could pull together to help because this team was actually short players on top of it so. The. REC. President's gonna help, me train, this team and I, had, no idea what I was in for, if. You've ever seen the movie the. Bad News Bears. That. That's what the team was it, it. Was a recreational, league which means you're, supposed to have the equal opportunity players, all, the players just get placed, on a team wherever they go but. This. Team somehow. The. Rest of the recreational. Coach is recreational. It's. Not a. Competitive. Level it's. A recreational level. The. Coaches got together with some of the parents and the. Way it was explained, to me is that. If you have players, that require. Another, player for a ride, or. Their, family, members. That. They. Can, be put together on. Teams, this is 6v6, so. The teams all had eight to nine players. And each. Team was allowed up to three, coaches. So. Each.

Coach, Of. The. Three coaches would say hey I my. Son Jimmy and. His. I need to give Joey a ride, so. Each. Coach, got. To pick a player. That. They brought to the team so they each had six. Ringers. If you, will but it's a rec league. Recreational. Not. Not. Competitive, just, recreational. But. On top of it there were. Players. Who. Were requesting, coaches and they basically just accommodated. All. These coaches, and then there were seven. Kids left over that. They. Just made, a team out of, now. I don't know the politically, correct way to say this but. They. Were. New. To the sport and. Operated. On their own, frequency. They. Danced. To the beat of their own drum. Okay. So. We. Go out to meet these kids and the. First day the. President. Of the rec league hands me a folder, and says here's. The. Medical. Information. Medical. Information. You. Mean like waivers, or what and they're like no this is the list of allergies, and. Medical. Issues that you need to be aware of. It's. Directly like, okay we've, got some, allergic. To milk something, like that I assumed, no. Snacks. Snacks threat. Rec soccer eight-year-olds, so, there's, usually a snack thing at the end well. There. Were so many allergies, within. This group of six kids that, you pretty, much couldn't bring anything, you couldn't. Do anything so every, kid had specific, things he could have everything. From gluten, allergies, to peanut, allergies, to. Anaphylactic. Shock. We. Had two kids with epi pens that had to be there there, was one. One. Who actually had, lung. Disorder, where he could only play, three. To four minutes at a time before he. You, know had problems on this is cystic. Fibrosis. Is. Erect Lee so, we're just trying to give these kids time on the field. But. Talking. A handful of issues here. We, had a couple that, were on their own wavelength. They. Didn't. Operate on the same level as everybody else so, we were dealing with that. That. Was, the, most. Interesting, three. Months of. Soccer. Coaching, I've ever seen. There, were games. We. We. Had one kid who really wanted a score goal so bad he couldn't stand it and he, discovered, that if he ran at his own goal, the. Other team. Never. Took the ball from him. So. In a game where, it, was one-to-one, it, was actually, a game we could win. He. Decided that he, really wanted to go so bad that he was gonna get one and. He. Took, the. Loose ball in the middle of the field and dribbled it all the way back to his own goal and took, a shot on his own keeper. Now. The, keeper didn't try to save it because he what, the hell is this kid doing and, he, scored a goal and he. Celebrated. And. The. Rest of the team is like what, the. Hell just happened and, it's. A recreational, league so they are young, referees. And they, allowed, the goal to stand and. Awarded. It to the other team, now. I, pulled. Him off and looked, at him and said why, you. Know we were going the other direction right he's like I know I know, I shouldn't have scored. But. I really. Wanted a goal. All. Right, good. Job buddy, take a seat. About. 10 minutes later put. Him back in because it it's again, it's, a recreational league every. Kid is. Required. To play at least half the game even, the kid with the breathing problem, that, can only play five minutes at a time which means you had to put him in for five minutes pulled him out for five minutes put him in for five minutes pull him out for five minutes or he didn't meet the minimum requirement. Even though the parent said. It's. Fine we understand, you. Tried to get the kid in as much as you could. Team. Was a handful, so. About 10 minutes after this. Kid scores and, on, purpose put. Him back in and he gets, the ball and he, starts dribbling it back towards, his own goal now. It's. Bad enough that he was trying to do it again but. His parents were. Going crazy because. Not. That they were trying to get him to turn around they. Were excited, that he was going to score, again. Here. We go million, one point 1 million that's. A, pop. That's better, ok now we're starting to getting some real numbers, 90. Million we're getting there we're getting there it's close so. The, parents, are cheering, him on to, score against his own team and you've. Got the other parents, that are completely pissed that these parents are encouraging. This. Kid to score the. Other team the, players and the parents are just losing their damn mind they. Think it's hysterical we're, on the sideline trying to get him to stop but. I can't. Stop from laughing because, of the entire absurdity, of the situation so he gets right back he's. Inside the box he's, just outside the 6 yard line and our. Own, defender. Comes from out of nowhere and. Straight. Up sacks. Him. Eight-year-old. Just. Body. Slams, in plows, him body checks in boxes muff football five yards, and our. Own player gets a yellow card for, a dangerous. Play on his own player who, was attempting to score an own goal, just. Because he had so much fun squirting, the first side of the same way that's.

The Kind of season this was. What. Else happened after that game as. I was leaving the, parking lot I got in the car and I'm driving I, pull out and the. President. The assistant, coach for this team just lays, down in the, road he. Lays, down in, the middle of the path and just starts waving me on like, drive over me just. Run me over it. Was one of those seasons let's, see what else happened. Had. One kid on the team who. The. Only thing he wanted to do is take throw-ins so, whenever. The. Ball was out he. Got to take every throw which. Was fine and it was great because he loved, it it got him really excited, the, only problem was it didn't. Matter whether he was on the field or off the field and it. Didn't matter if it was our team's throw or the other team's throw. He. Was taking it and, it got to the point where the recreational. Referees and knew the team and knew, it and they would just allow him to take the throw and then. They, would pick the ball up and give it back to the team to take their throw so as long as he got to take his first. Game. Could keep play. Then. One day one of the parents got, the bright idea to bring hot. Chocolate, because, it was kind of a chilly day I remember these are seven eight year olds and, they. Brought. A massive. Like. It's. Like a keg that, how, like a spout on an in it was all hot hot, chocolate, and. For after, the game so, and it's, its fall game it's. 1.3. Million ok now we're looking at it we're, doing better, a. Little. Better so. It's. Game. Starts, it's kind of cold it's not raining or anything. But. They stopped the game because, someone, heard thunder and you have to clear the fields for 30 minutes so everybody. Goes and sits in their cars and. Won't. The parent that had the hot chocolate decided. With 30 minutes he would go ahead and and give out a cup of hot chocolate each of these players well. I wasn't. Paying attention. Next, thing I know the. Bell. Rings the. Big, siren. Sounds and we're allowed to go back out and take the field and, a. Couple. Of the players are talking it and I discover, that that parent felt that it was a good idea to, just load. Them up with hot chocolate so, I'm thinking oh my god these guys these kids are already unruly, they're gonna be so sugar loaded, that it's. Gonna be unreal. There's no way we're gonna be able to handle the rest of this game without. Some kind of a meltdown eight-year-olds. Just running. Amok like cats on catnip. Well. The game starts and. We're. You, know it halfway through the first. Half at this point and. I've. Got two, or three kids on the field asking to come off and. We're. In a little wooded pockets, there's a woods behind us and there's. Restrooms, but they're, half. A mile away, so. I'm. Like what do you need why do you what do you need off I just put you out there and he's ahead of the bat the bathroom and then somebody else was like I gotta go I gotta go so there's we. Only have three, subs and I've got five kids that are one off to go to the bathroom because they.

Drink. Gallons. Of chocolate milk while we were waiting for this thunder, break so. I start pulling them off one at a time so. That they can run into the woods and take a piss and. Finally. I've got one kid that just sits down in the middle of the field and. We're. Like if you need off taking me so. He like, sits, indian-style, on the middle of the field and the, referee stops stops, play and comes. Over and starts. Talking to the kid and he waves the coaches to. Come over and you. Know to help him I feel like I'm assuming he's hurt and. The. Assistant walks out which, is also the Recreational president he walks out and. Goes. Up to the kid and says. You know what's wrong are you hurting he goes no I can't get up. He's. Like why, why can't you get up he's like well I. Peed. This. Is one of the ones we were trying to get off and, he's like well you got to get up and walk off he's like it's bad I can't get up, so. He's. Like do you need me to carry you what. Do you mean he's like will you carry me now, this says a lot about. The. President, of the recreational, league he, bends down he. Picks his kid up and, he. Starts carrying him towards the bench and the, kid I don't, know if he's been watching football on TV or what, but. He gives the thumbs up to the crowd to let know that he's okay they. Would get him over to the bench cause. All cheering yeah like a is okay he's you didn't get hurt we get him over and the. Assistant. Looks over at me and he is covered, in piss. Because. Not. Only was, a kid. And. Pissed himself on the field but, as he was carrying, him he. Continued, to go and. Just, pissed. All over the coach. So. Yeah. Don't don't. Let him drink that much chocolate milk in the middle of the game there's. Nothing worse than looking out at six kids all doing the peepee dance in the middle of the field allowing. The other team to run over him we. Finished that season with, one, win, and. It, was a forfeit, because the other team didn't have enough players to play. Bad. It's, really bad. Trying. To think there was any other good moments from that season oh very. Good moment. We, showed up one day for training and. One. Of the club. Trainers from. My club was assisting. To. Come over okay. Wait. Before we go further. We're, close we're. Starting to get into the point where I. May. Have claimed all my players so we're gonna start ranking up here in a second but I got to tell the story while I do this so. The club coach comes. Out and he's training some of these kids which the parents are excited their recreational, parents and now they're having access, to a national, level trainer. And. We. I, get. One of the parents come over and says hey you need to go get Tommy. Or whatever the kid's name was. What. Do you mean and like he took off he's in the woods. So. This eight-year-old left, and. We. Go into the woods grab. Him and, bring him back to the field and like we you know where's. Your mom at like oh she dropped me off. All. Right so we're gonna start claiming. This stuff. First. Thing is let's just go ahead and rank all these up we've got to train them over we're gonna hit everybody to a hundred OVR. So. Anyway. Where's. Your mom at no she just dropped me off I don't know what to tell you. Well. Where's what's. Your number so we can call her because if, you're refusing, to come back to the field we're not gonna just let you go play in the woods so. He. Gives us the mom's number we, call her no answer it's like well you know we need another phone number we need somebody else somebody's gotta come get you if you're refusing to take the field so. Finally, they call. The. Registrar. For the rec league and they give the, emergency, numbers for this kid and it's.

Secondary. Contact us grandma. So. The, club the. Rec. President he walks away he's on this phone and he calls and, he. Walks back over and he just looks at me shaking. His head and he's like I honestly. Don't even know where to go with this. Explain, to me why what's wrong and. He. Says I called the grandma. And. She tells me that. She. Can't. Come get him well. The mother needs to come get him then well, she can't. She's. She's, visiting his dad, all. Right that's fine, somebody. Needs to come get this kid can. You get a hold of her she needs to come pick him up like it was the dad out of town or what and she's in there like well it's a conjugal, visit. What. Do you mean a conjugal, visit well the dad's in jail. Okay. So. If, you don't know what a conjugal, visit is look. That up so, we had to hold this kid over on the side between. Us to make sure you didn't run off into the woods and. You'd have anybody to pick him up because the, mom was. Visiting. Dad in jail. Fun. Times. All. Right let's. Get back into this, Alexander. Arnold. Okay. Still we're. Looking at two million a pop just, to get these players to 100 overall which. I. Mean. It's. Not that bad but. It is when you start adding all these numbers up which is why I was looking for 120. 150 million. Tons. Of XP which, I, may. End up using down, the road I've. Already put. Back all the players required. To. Rank up and here, in a minute is to start ranking these players up you'll see it okay so, I got everybody doing 100 base let's, see who we can rank up first now, I've got, everybody, set aside that, I need up to the, 97. Rated. Players for each to. Get them to rank 3 I, have. Several. Hundred, rated. Players to get them to rank for but. I'm not in a need for that yet so. Look. At the lineups, as I scroll through here. I'm. At, 119. Before we do the rank ups. So. Here. You go okay below, these. Are the line ups that I'm using to hold, players. So you see this line ups kind of pointless now the reason I do this is any. Player that I need or I use, I'm, planning. On doing something with but, I don't want to accidentally. Sell them in a market I'll create a dead, line, up and just throw those players in so here's another one these, are all players that I don't want to screw, up and accidentally, sell or. Need. For anything that way when you go in to, do anything you, can't actively. Change. A player that, is currently in a lineup you can't accidentally sell it you can't use it for training and that way I skip.

Them Over when I'm, selling. On the market because they don't show up here in this line, so. I'm. Just swapping these out as I need them to be able to rank these players up. Still. Looking for. Defensive. And midfielders. Just. 90 rated now. For. That first. Shift. Okay so now oh yeah 850. Tier. One rank tokens which means I can do, take, eight players. To, Rank 1 which. I don't even think I need, eight. Well. Yeah use, them. Alright. So now pause it one. Now. I've mapped this all out with. The. Tokens, that I do have, to, see, how, I need out many I can go so we'll use another 100, down. To 650. Same. Thing now where's that locked, player, there, it is. Wine, album. Okay. So now the top two. Tiers, are. Alright same. Thing Robertson. You, know I should, be at 120. All. Right now the. Rest of the defense. To. More Zapatas left over. All. Right we're getting there. It's. Just tanking. But. We've already moved up to overall so. Use. Apana and should have one left which means I'll use him on. Alexander. Arnold and, then. We should be at 21. Right. That, do it. Okay, see 121. Overall okay, we've moved up to three now so. Now, the decision, is who. Are we bumping, up to. Level two, you. Just need to pull out my players I believe. It's Sanchez. Not. Sanchez it's. For. Me now. Now, this is a weird one because a, 94. Or better attacker, is required, but these four minos are still so cheap that. I ended up keeping several, of them. What. Am I looking for here. Yeah, that's it. Just, to clean him out these I would never use any these formations or anything these are just a holding pattern, to. Be able to, put. The players where I want them and then, lock them it's. It's just a small tactic, so that you don't accidentally, sell a player that you need, and. You can keep track of what you have and what you need. Now. Where's the Fermi okay there's a locked for me now. Why, is there only one locked, for me now. Know. What I did here okay. So. Now Lana is ranked, to. For. Another two and a half million we're down to one hundred million now, now. The major, portion, of this coin. Is gonna go towards the boost and we'll do that here in a minute. Where. Is that, locked for me now. He's. In, my. Liverpool, squad, that's. What. It is that's. Alright we'll just have to move them around. One. More would take us to 122. As. Long as I'm thrown in a player. That I use in the main attack. Okay. So now we're out of rank, two tokens which.

Means This is the last. Ranked. Player I'm gonna be able to create right now until I can gather some more rank two tokens, from. Either. Retro, stars here. In the next 20 minutes before it ends or. Tomorrow. From preseason, or. The second well this afternoon from preseason. See. I'm still short rank, two tokens to be able to do it. All. Right 95 million let's start dealing with some skill. Boost here. Seven. The, need updated, because, I shifted him around a captain. And holding. Picked. Up where the other ones are dropping off and getting rid of that Milner. Got, ordered the one common, boost I still had so. There we hit one 22. Three, million. Now. Did you see the 700, League points, at. This level were basically, getting. Back a hundred thousand, coins. In. The store from league points because I have all the formations I can use and, even. What, I would, normally do that was eight hundred three points what I would normally do is buy Boost packs with those league points but. Right, now with the vast, majority of my, team, using. Elite. And well. Actually they are it's all using. Elite and legendary, you, don't really get a whole lot. For. Your league. Points see these are given a thousand, after twenty, so. I'll. Probably, be able to get a million or two back. Trading. In league points a hundred thousand, at. A time for, six, hundred and the big coin back. See. Now we're down to 61 million we're already blown through this money pretty quick and, we're up to 124, though. Okay. See. With a max level of 29, we've got plenty room to play but it's, all gonna come down to how, many rank tokens, are, going, to be of another, one sold hopefully Esther Brina. It's, all going to come down to how. Many rank tokens are gonna be available in preseason are they gonna give them out like candy or, are we gonna be fighting for them and if we're fighting for them you're. Going to know right away how high your team's gonna be, able to reach. My. Guess is they'll add, a tier, 4. To. The ranking along. With tier, 3 there needs to be a. Higher. Level rank 1000. Okay. So now we've maxed, out holding. Let's. Go ahead and max out. Attacking. Because it affects the most number of players.

Now. The way I deal with the boost is I'll. Look. At the cost and divide it by the number of players it affects so, that was seven and a half million, which, affected, two players, so. It's actually three, point seven. Five million, per, player upgrade. Whereas. Another, one may be five million but it only affects one player I'm gonna spend the seven and a half so. That's a ninety one rated master sold it, gave me some coins I have enough to do one more upgrade. And. Then. I'm stuck. Until. Something. Else sells. But. We. Can go to the store though because, I have a ton, of League points, to, cash in. Okay. So we got, 14,000. That was a lot of upgrades all, right so the. Lead coin. Bundle, hundred thousand, four 600. We're. Just gonna, start. Pumping. These out because. I. Really. Kind of need it let's see. And. We're gonna get. About. Two million two point 1 million. Six. Hundred thousand, a pop two. Point 1 million isn't gonna be enough to, do any upgrades but as we keep moving forward, the coins are gonna be so important, in pre-season, very. Important, because as, everyone. Tries to upgrade. Their team to find that sweet spot for everybody it's. Just, gonna be a ton, of, coins. Required, for all of the boost upgrade, all of the, player. Ranking. It's I mean, you're talking seven, and a half million a pop once you hit boost. Level 20, to. Be able to reach that 130. To 135. OVR. Level, it's gonna take a few hundred million coins. So. Here's. To hoping that the. Coins, are really flowing in. Pre-season. Now. We, still don't know exactly. What, we're gonna be looking at in pre-season we know it's gonna be three four, weeks long, probably. Along the lines of team of the season so a few. Weeks to unlock all the chapters, and then. You know another, five six days to kind, of use all your points, my. Hope, is that there are a lot of rank tokens, I could. Care less about the players unless. They're bringing in at least a million two to three million apiece, you're. Going to be better off just clearing. The coins out of the out. Of preseason. But. Once. It. Actually does, unlock - I'll throw a video together and. Try. To explain everything I can. But. The, best thing is right away, don't. Spend, your gems unless you really feel that's necessary because a lot of times if you drop them right away you're. Missing out on an opportunity down, the road and, there's. Usually one or two different kinds, of tokens for events like this and you're. Only gonna want. Let's. Hope that's, the right one you're only gonna want one. Kind, of. Tokens. Gonna be more important than another but. We're not going to know that until. It. Actually is. Released. We're. Up to two point two million, and. I have five more to, know. Three. More. To. Open, one. More now after this. Okay. So two, point five million but we've got a lot of players that have sold. Let's. Hope somebody, with some money is in here. Cael's, they're not worth anything. We. Just had so many trying to unload them. You, know what I'm looking for.

Oh. There. It is. There's. That twenty five and a half million I needed to finish this out all, right. So. Start. Lower we're gonna go down here because it's like I said it's, 400. Million for. An upgrade instead of 500 million so we get that one out of the way because. These are all single-player attributes. So. Speed. Shooting. Number one a marking but we're start. With number one because he's the goalie so it's important. We, still have enough room for two more. So. Let's. Just. Go. All in. 1:26. Okay. We're down to four and a half million four point eight we sold something else and. We. Can, await. Shootings, only four million hey one more. One. Last one okay. Claim. The players. Go. Open. Up a few more League, versus, League coin. Packs. Or. At 126. Right now which is good that's. Not bad so, we may just have to wait here another 15. Minutes until. Preseason. Arrives. And hope that and everything doesn't crash on this to. Be able to bump that over to find that 128. Close. We need some, rank ups we need a few. Boosts. To. Unlock. 5, million but. We have plenty of room we can do, we. Can take that one all the way up to 21. It's. A lot of money it's about 80 million at, least in. Boost. Upgrades. These. Margolin for lunch, some. Of those last-minute. Master. Players trying, to unload I. Still. Have a ton of stuff to. Get. Rid of. And. Some coins to make. All. Right going. Right into it, skipped. Ahead a little bit took. A break in try, to get preseason running but this is all we're getting right now so. Let's see what I was involved in this for. This video I'm not going to be. Going through preseason. The. Purpose of this is. Going. To be. Just. Let's. See where we're at and how much is available. Okay. So I've sold a bunch. Gonna. Trim this down a little bit we got rid of a bunch of masters because then we found that sweet spot in the market up. To 36 million, we. Have some rank tokens now thanks. To the, end of. Retro. Stars and. Preseason. We've. Done our upgrades. Alright. So. Skipping. Ahead again, just. Because this is getting really long and we've. Earned some, rank 2 tokens, out of, the. The. 30 spot. Game. Board that. We use that is part, of. Preseason. The. Transfer, game board which. Is allowing me to upgrade. A couple of these but I need to go and lock and open, up s FINA. Where's. Yet there, yes so. Pull. Him out just. Again, like, I said earlier, had. Him in a, dead. Line, up just to make sure I didn't sell him there.

We Go. Use. Him. See. Where this takes us. 1:28. Hit. It 128. It's. About 5, hours since. I first started claiming players today skill. Boosts all upgraded everything's. Ranked, what. I'm short now is the. Rank. Two tokens on. Mass to, be able to finish this out. And. As you can see running. Through here within, the. First, 45, minutes of preseason releasing. Dumping. The rest of my gems. For. Some transfer, tickets and the opportunity, to grab, some, rank up tokens I was, able to do, that and get, it to where I was expecting, went, from 118, to. 128. In the. Course of well all in the same afternoon so. All. It all is pretty worth it I'm still, pissed I didn't get my billion, coins which I was hoping for but. Looking back on some of the markup on those Silver's, if, I didn't, spend more than a thousand, coins for, those things and was bringing in anywhere, from twenty. Thousand, to two hundred thousand. Four silvers and you're. Paying, seven hundred corn any time you pay 700, coins for a player that you can turn around in a few weeks and sell for two hundred thousand, and you buy 20, 30 of them that's a good markup and the. Elites for thirty thousand, that are going. Three weeks later for three hundred to four hundred thousand, that's. A good markup the, only, place that kind, of fell short with this with them ending the season early is, masters. And. Even. Now after preseason. Is already begun masters. Are dead the market, is pretty much dead for masters. If. You were buying players in treasure hunt and then you didn't sell them when they were up and they, were only up by 150. Percent then, we never saw them double in price, you. Still made a profit, but if you're holding on to them now. You. Miss the window so. If, you're watching this video and you still have treasure hunt masters. Yeah, should've sold em already. That's. It check out finally sleeps calm join our fantasy, Premier League like. Subscribe, comment, and share here at YouTube and as, always as long as you keep watching I'll. Keep making videos. Thanks, for watching maybe, check out one of these other videos next, don't, forget to subscribe like, comment, and share visit. My site finally, he sleeps calm for daily posts about FIFA mobile and other various, brain vomit plus. If you get really bored you can find merchandise, and my latest comedy, album life before the internet at the links below like.

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I was selling them for 300-500k when I hit the spiked window. Now I’m lucky to get 100k with the few hundred I have left. But I bought about a thousand for 25k to 40k so no matter what I’m still seeing a profit.

Why you still have treasure hunt master? I gonna use them to upgrade my team


@FinallyHeSleeps should I give importance for now and later points as preseason players useless (may carry over next season but unable to sell) and please put video on how to prepare for next season (especially first week) thanks bro

@FinallyHeSleeps good

For training as XP? I haven’t needed XP for a month.

Should i sell casemiro?

@FinallyHeSleeps when should I sell him,and also,when should i sell wan-bissaka and Alderwiereld Tots?



Should I sell the players Immediately when I get next season and buy them later in fifa mobile 20?

@FinallyHeSleeps wow thanks so I am confident selling them

Last season I had 100M plus in the first 48hrs of the new season.

Depends on what the market looks like. No way of knowing this soon.

Why dont you have a full legendary or grey skillboost team

@FinallyHeSleeps ah thanks sorry im new but onel mobile has a full legendary skillboost team because you can save many coins but i get it

I’ve explained this before in my 3-part video on Boost. I build based on the players I like fist, not boost or stats.

Watched the full video ❤

I actually watched the whole video! Please make market videos in season 4 about investing!

Man...give him a nobel prize on the field called "Market"

Great vid bro

What a crazy season

Yeah but not always in a good way. I’m ready for 20

why dont u use the 433 false with firmino CF and salah RW and mane LW. it looks better.

It’s because I’d rather have Shaqiri at RW than Salah and Shaqiri stats when trained work much better for me than CF Firmino’s compared to Salah at the 9. I’ve considered it but Shaqiri is probably my favorite attacker that’s ever been in the game. I use him for EVERYTHING.

@No U firmino and salah both uses second striker

Verrat probably he want to make the skillbost as least as possible, with firmino at cf and salah at rw, he will have 5 boost instead of 4, wich mean that he will need to spend more money upgrading the sb

You had to do it

Which is the best gk according to you

What about Courtois?

@FinallyHeSleeps Thanks for the help bro

Top 3 that I hate to play against are Donnarumma, UTOTS De Gea and Mendy.

Wow, I cashed in on all my investments yesterday too, and reached 129 OVR!! Great team btw...

Sachin Khanna how

hey can we use the players from pre season to train players ?

@ujjwal pant no

@FinallyHeSleeps to increase my team's overall. If I use them ,will I get them back in my team of next season?

Yes but why would you?

Bruh 1 hour video

It was gonna be my fifa Mobile 19 swan song before they ended the season early.

Could have been a livestream

Wow a 1 hour video... You're so dedicated to the market


Do you have like a general market guide? Not just specific strategies but for learning how to come up with them alone.

FIFA Mobile - MARKET INVESTMENTS - Which players should I be buying?

Yes. There’s a video on my channel about what to invest in. It covers basic long term strategy. Most of my market tips I post at though.

Wonder how those people get to 142 OVR, that's a lot of game hours and money spent.

2600 of stamina? wow

Milner Lallana are peace of shit, they don't sell at all.

It is actually not efficient to claim earnings from this screen, THERE IS A BETTER WAY. you know what I am talking about.

I am actually sick of posting cards for sale, it requires several network connections, truly poor programming, when dismiss, it takes too much time as well.

you do compete with other players when buying from bot(s), when you sell, you also compete with others for price, lower the price, sooner you sell.

The real question is how much do you spend on posting these for sale. Depending on the network speed, it could need a lot of hours.

Ma sei italiano?

Silver players are more expensive than gold

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