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yo what's up youtube and welcome back to another  fifa 22 video now as promised as yesterday's video   from the 1k to 250k in 24 hours i promised you if  you hit 100 likes in 24 hours i would do another   one so here we are guys a 1k to 500k in less  than 24 hours now this method is basically based   off a couple hours trading and uh i mean i could  probably make 250k in about two three hours with   some of these filters these filters are incredible  so make sure you stick all the way through the uh   the film guys to get there or video not film uh  however this is gonna be a long video just to put   that there so if you're new around here hit that  sub button guys we are cruising to 4.3 k subs that   is mind-blowing absolutely mind-blowing also let's  see if we can hit 250 likes in the first 24 hours   and if it does i will drop a 1k to 750k trading  video guys yes that is huge i've got so many   things to put into that it's gonna be incredible  uh but obviously if you don't hit that like button   you're gonna have bad padlock in fifa 22. so make  it happen guys hit it so let's get into some of   the trading methods that are going to make us  500k and as you can see i'm actually actually at   500k now i'm at 1.2 million really but i'm doing  some trading with uh stock clubbing and all that   sort of stuff so again that's a few that's another  video that you should go and check just go check   out all my other videos guys watch them all do  some of the methods and get on the same page   as what we are on so let's get into the first  one now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go   outside the box okay and i love outside the box  filters purely because no one else is on them   okay so we're gonna go to stadiums and as you can  see here we are gonna go to uh stadiums itself   i think i've just gone past it let's have a  quick look where are stadiums there they are so   if we actually go stadiums and gold okay this is  just a very very small filter that's going to make   you a little bit of coin obviously if you've  got 1k you need to start moving the cards up   a bit so you know you're going to mass bid  these now as you see they sell for 350 coins   uh possibly 400 can we get 400 away with this okay  it looks like we can actually do more than 400 to   450 there you go so we're going to sell everything  of ours at 400 coins now this is very little tax   uh when it comes to ea tax okay and i'm gonna buy  both of those purely because i can make 150 coins   from both of them okay uh let's go 450 there uh  450 there so beautiful that's already some little   bit of profit but obviously that's not huge profit  that you guys want uh so we're going to be going   through some major profit filters in a little bit  guys uh so next one you that you would want to get   on or actually sorry let's just show you the mass  bidding part of this as you can see you can pick   them up for 150 to 200 coins sell them on for 400  coins or 450 and you're doubling your money guys   it is as simple as that obviously certain cards  like the emirates will sell for a lot more so as   you know be prepared to put a bit more money into  lccc 2.5 k okay there was one now on the open bid   at 900 i'm just gonna put one over that to stop  him having it okay and see if we can get it no   we're gonna go up to one thousand obviously the  premier league stadiums are going to sell for more   but uh yes so that is stadiums covered right well  how else can you make money in the stadium section   and that and that is by stadium themes  guys okay again you go over to gold okay   over to gold and then we're gonna go down  to there and we're gonna go into the prem   now not all prems okay are actually gonna make you  money as you can see there's a few that are quite   low so i've picked out and gone through all the  filters that are gonna make you mad money now i   looked at the arsenal one guys and this was a good  one as you can see we're up at 1.3 k again you   want to look at the mass bit inside again just hit  up anything that's in the profit region of what   you want to make now a thousand coins is 500 coins  tax remember that every thousand coins you spend   so it is 50 coins ea tax not 500 every thousand  coins is 50 coins so just remember that when   you're filtering in guys and how much money you're  making so again we're going to go down to 1.2 and  

just see if we can snipe any real quick i was  going to snipe as much as i can however because   i've got so many filters um that i'm not gonna sit  here and wait until i get one i'm literally gonna   show you that you can just do these filters and  move on guys again remember you've got 24 hours   absolutely burn these okay so the next one  we're going to go into is a man united guys   there it is man you now manu is about 2k i believe  1.6 okay so we're gonna go down to about 1.5 yeah   uh 1.4 let's try 1.4 as you can see there's one  on the market however you can pick these up a lot   cheaper than that and i'm going to quickly show  you on my market real quick because these are   some of the ones that i got earlier as you can see  okay stadium theme 850 coins 850 coins 850 coins   700 coins now they're selling for 1.4 was it 1.4  pretty sure it's 1.4 we'll quickly see what we can   actually get for or can we sell them for 1.5 we're  gonna sell them one for 1.5 okay so i'm doubling   my coins in every single one of those minimum guys  said okay let's go and get these up real quick as   you see we've won that stadium there for 150 coins  now i know he goes for 450. three times my money   purple okay now this is like later on in the  video guys it's gonna pop up as you can see he   is going for about well i say he the card's going  for about 1.2 k uh so i've actually made myself  

a thousand coins profit on just that  uh stadium theme for arsenal i can't   remember what i put it at i think it  was about okay uh 1.3 k wasn't it 1.3k   so again almost tripling my coins on that one and  again on here we're going 1.5 which uh double him   doubling and it's just so easy to make money in  this section that no one else is really on it   okay there might be one other person so this is a  trading method that you could alone make that sort   of money uh on i mean if you just sat here and  did this all day you'll probably make millions to   be fair so what we're gonna do is just quickly  have a look and see if any of those are sold   okay as you can see man united sold for 1.3  liverpool sold for 750 and we've got a few other   things that we'll be selling so back over into  the transfer market obviously with the man united   being there at 1.5 can we pick any up cheap  there's one there at 1.1 couple there that are  

cheap so yeah you would be all over these you  can also snipe them as you see there one at 1k   i could pick that one up and sell it on straight  away and make absolute bank i'm gonna be making   myself 400 coins profit on that one guys uh so  let's get into the next one which is liverpool   there they are okay now liverpool are going for  about 700 coins so let's have a quick look 800   yep okay so we can actually pick that one up  there for 500. um 700 700 yeah so i'm going to   list mine up for 750 coins that is gonna make  me about 220 coins on that one again oh let's   go to here 600 okay 500 coins across the  board 500 is kind of what i want to make   because i'm making 250 coins profit on each card  so that's only a thousand coins profit right there   and if we win every single one of these okay  that is 2 000 coins profit already and that   is literally took me 10 seconds to do so as you  can see that is a very very very good filter so   moving on into the next bit so we're now into the  next method guys and it's position modifiers again   if you've seen some of the other videos this is  one of the greatest methods and we're not is in   quarter the way through guys i've got so many good  methods coming up so as you can see left wing back   to left back again are going for about 400 coins  and that's an instant sell uh there's a 350 coins   there as you can see we picked that one up i'm  actually going to sell it on for 450 now after 450   i think they sell for about 35 minutes so don't  fill your transfer market up just with these okay   no five minutes that are going up in price which  is beautiful as that's what we want okay you can   sell them for 500 there you go so pick anything up  for 400 coins unless okay and sell for 500 you're   gonna be making yourself about 75 coins per card  there's 150 uh okay there's 300 coins profit just   in that and that's as short and as quick as you  can do it you can also get on the open bid guys   that is where you're gonna pick up a lot of your  money again so let's list all these up real quick   oh there you go little little money but over so  many cards you make more money than if you sat   there sniping 100k player i promise you okay so  we know they're going for 500 coins we're gonna go   for 400 and below as you can see 350 is what we're  going to bid nothing more than 400 coins okay   if you're gonna uh mass bid more than 400 coins  you're running the risk of not making money   unless they go up in price okay but ideally you  kind of want to pick them up for 350 if you can   as you can see now we're starting to pick up some  of these for 350 and we've over bidded the other   person that was doing the same so maybe come in  at 350 and try and avoid the 400s but it just   means you make more money so as you can see you  can keep bidding until you fill up your transfer   uh list okay and then go clear it list them up  and get them sold i would sell stuff as quick   as you can so maybe sell them on for 450 and  get them sold [ __ ] away and make that money   uh also the second to last one in here or sorry  the last one into this one the position modifiers   is again the right wing back to right backs it's  a very good trading method and this one here is   about 750 coins as you can see there's quite a  few on the market at that price uh again anything   under 650 and it's profit you can sell them one  for 800 to be fair there so again you can pick   up all these 700s and go from there guys there's  a 250 that is insane that's about 550 coin profit   so let's go 650 and below again as you can see  you can mass bid all these cards i'm gonna go   600 on these because that is going to make me 154  in profit after ea tax i'm probably going to get   out bidded on a lot of these cards  however you guys would be back over   to your transfer targets and trying to  keep an eye on them as you can see i've   won a lot of liverpool and arsenal arsenal  themes okay a lot of left wing backs as well   uh i've been outfitted on some of those so there  is some easy filters coming up now here we go   we're going to get into one of the last ones in  that sort of category and then we're going to get   into multiple card sniping filters okay so we're  going to go to manager leagues now if you know me   guys you would have known that this one here is  one of my favorite filters as well purely because   no one else uses it other than oslo okay i  promise you there's no one else on this filter   they go for 450 coins okay you can sell them  on for 500 coins if you're willing to make   or sorry wait for that time but you want to get  them for less than 400 coins on this and you can   just bid them now you can see someone else is  already doing this method at this moment in time   they're bidded for 400 they're gonna sell them  off for 550 and that's how they're going to make   that money so here we go then let's get rid of  that there so we can work out what we're doing   now we're gonna go for multi-card filters okay uh  and what we're gonna do is we're gonna split them   up so we can get more than one card in one search  so we're gonna go into the premiere league again   now two of the filters are from this morning's  video they work so well i sat there and made   50 60k in about an hour just doing this trading  method earlier guys after that video so what we're   going to do is we're going to go into gold rare  we're just going to mess around in that filter now   we're going to go midfield okay and we're going  to hit up germany now this should bring up   a couple cards as you can see you've got gundam  and you got havats javettes i can't say his name   uh but they're going for the same sort of price  so we're going to look at about 3.5 i think it   is and then the other one's about 3.8 so they're  very very close but make sure you list them at   the correct price guys okay as you can see there  there is one at 3.8 and these are sitting at about   3.5 so there you go he he actually sells instantly  at 3.7 so again 3.7 is what we're looking at nope   we're going to go down 3.6 there you go so ea tax  is 150 to 170 coins on this filter so anything  

below 3.4 is where you need to be sniping now  i'm not going to spend too long in this one   because there is other filters that i do want to  show you but this is definitely going to be one   that you guys want to hit up especially at six  o'clock when everyone starts opening their packs   okay so the next one that i want to get into is  probably one of my best ones for this filter and   we found this today guys okay so actually oh sorry  i'll go for the smaller one first so again prem   english and we need to go right back  now if we can hit up the right back i'm   absolutely fluffering here it's so hot  again you're gonna get two cards okay   now you're gonna get james and you're gonna  get fredericks again all sell at 1.6 k to 1.7 k   depending on how much you want to earn to  what you list them at as you can see 1.6 there   and 1.5 is yeah pretty much on the market  for a couple seconds as you can mass bid this   mass bid anything under 1.3 okay to earn the money  you're gonna be making yourself about 100 to 150  

coins depending on how many you can pick up i  don't want that card there i don't know why i'm   using trying to appear on that let's go for that  one there again you would go across the board and   do exactly the same now obviously that is good and  all but we want some of the higher cards and this   is the trading method that made me so much  money okay now if you go to here you're   gonna pick up two cards bambiska and uh alex  okay and they're selling for about 13 250.   now don't be put off by the price that some of  them are there okay just to bring it down to   perspective they do sell at 13k and they  will instantly sell at 13k uh sorry not   not set up 13k but you know they'll they'll buy  after a while okay but we're gonna go towards the   lazy listers on these ones because this is where  we're gonna make the most amount of profit so here   we go we're gonna knock this over to 10 250 and  i'm going to knock this down to 12 250 and that   will bring up cards like this now again i'm going  to pick those up and i'm going to sell him on   for 13 250. now the coins after that i'm  losing 600 coins to ea tax i'm making 650   coins profit so there you go that's that one there  and you're just gonna sit there and do this method   this method is absolutely insane as you can see  they're popping up every second guys it's pretty   much mostly every search and uh yeah i spent about  400k doing this i made 100k back in about an hour   like i said earlier it is just an insane trading  method if i was going to do a video and sit there   and trade for literally 24 hours this would  be one of the filters that i would be using   purely because it's just that good however you do  have to have a coin balance to start it off guys   and as you can see here we're picking up all these  1250s there's a 12k there 11k there that's brutal   again another 1250. and now if i wanted them to  sell [ __ ] away i could list them up at 13 okay   okay i'm gonna list them at thirteen two  five make myself 500 coins profit on that one   let's go 13 and five on that one and let's go  13-5 on this one and again on this one now i   think i've got some there that i i saved for the  video just to make sure that you guys could see   that they were selling uh let me quickly go and  show you that i'm hoping i didn't delete them   okay no so there you go so they're selling  at 13 250 13 250 135 so you can be a little   bit greedy okay and that one got cheaped on  a bid but i still made money again bambiska   is at 13.25 so as you can see they will sell  but you may have to list a couple of them  

time and time again as you can see here  i do have a few that i'm listing or these   ones okay no everything that i actually have  prior to it is already sold so we're back to   where we are now with these ones okay so we go  back into that trading method and we'll sit there   and do this for a little bit longer and then we'll  get into another one as you can see there 12k   maybe if we knock it down to 12k can i get  a few more can i get a few more i don't know   how much they're popping up at that 1125. that's  nearly two thousand coin profit just there alone   as you can see that they're super super active  uh fill to that one so let's get into another one   which is our last one guys okay and that is gonna  be the portuguese one from this morning as well   okay and it's the man city so where's man city  there it is so gold rare man city and we're going   up at 10k okay so as you can see here we're gonna  pick up this one here now ruben diaz is one of the   main ones you're gonna pick up but there is other  cards that you can also grab at the same time   uh be in hold on let's just clear the the prices  real quick for you uh so you've got ruben diaz   bernardo silva and there is another one where  is he too oh from celio i'm literally right   on him now uh those are the three cards you're  going to be going for again you've got to learn   the price that they're set at which is quite easy  because all you have to do is just search each one   and you will find them so i want to find out what  his absolute cheap price is that i can sell him   for so i can sell him for about ten to five  uh now after ea tax have got to take away 500   okay so we're going to be looking at 9.6 and below  for profit as you can see that is going to make me   100 coins profit that would have made me 600  coins profit so 100 coins profits not too bad   it's not what i want to be hitting really at this  sort of price again let's uh let's take it and see   if we can get another one still let's go like 9.5  so we're making at least a couple hundred coins   as you see this is another okay filter to be doing  and you could be hitting up the mass spinning as   well but i don't think the mass bidding is  going to work as well as the sniping stage   so as you can see there's a 9.4 there 9.5 that's  200 coins profit again let's just i'm gonna be a  

little bit cheeky and go for 10.5 there it's  gonna make me 500 coins profit on that one can we get one more possibly one more it'd be  nice if we can get one more come on ea no okay so   it's gonna be really slow for me so let's get some  of these listed up real quick okay for the sake of   the video and uh yeah let's see how much money we  could make from just these here so with this one   here we know it's 1.5 left back to left wing back  we knows 500 coins so that 150 now make sure you   get the right ones guys don't go listing the right  backs up i didn't get any of those so that's fine   uh we're going to go up to 500 so these are 125  coins profit on each one which is nice and you   can occasionally list one at maybe 550 they  will sell at that as well i'm actually going   to go with a greedy and get 600 for that one as  well um because people will buy them when they're   super super close to finish him so let's go 550  on that one i did get a couple of 400 which oh   we don't want to do that and that one there let's  go 500 on that one so again stadium gray color   now i can't remember quite how much this one was  let's put a bit on there because we know that we   can win it i think this was about 2.4 000 coins  yeah i'm gonna go 2.3 and uh i'm making myself   1100 coins actually a thousand coins after ea  tax now with the arsenal we are going for 750   for the steve uh the stadium theme so again 200  coins profit and the liverpool i believe was 1.4  

or did i get that wrong i think the  arsenal ones were 1.4 and these were 750.   uh no okay so it does look yep 750. i may have  just messed up don't do what i just done guys   because you will lose some profit you won't  lose money but you'll lose profit so 750 uh 750   uh 800 and 800. so pretty much everything that  we've listed up is there as you said we've missed   out on that one i'm gonna leave that one be uh  everything that we did get from the video has gone   up and ready guys so with that hopefully you guys  will hit the target and we will get another video   done guys but uh yeah enjoy this one make the most  of it this will happen all year round you can be   able to use most of these filters and with that  said i'll see you guys in the next video take care tell me

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