Fiancé Rates My Taobao Wedding Dresses | ZULA Tries | EP 45

Fiancé Rates My Taobao Wedding Dresses | ZULA Tries | EP 45

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Everybody, please put your hands together and join me in- welcoming our bride and groom, Justin and Amanda. (Sew singing) I quite afraid... (Sew singing) (Sew singing) Wah you so old ah. (Sew singing) (Sew singing) Hi guys! Hi. How did this video come about, Amanda? Okay, so in October we got engaged, and then I started to look for wedding stuff online. And woah the packages, so expensive if you get from Singapore.

Okay, so for context right, if you get a gown in Singapore, you can either buy it or rent it. And the cost of these gowns- can cost like- one gown maybe about $1000 plus. And usually for weddings, people will have like two gowns, you know to change and minimum- two gowns like... But I would think it's up to you la. So I decided to look for an alternative, which is Taobao. And I've seen a lot of good- reviews on Taobao.

So I bought five gowns from Taobao, and there are different silhouettes- - to a gown okay. - Okay, ya. There are some that is big and poofy, or there are some that is like slim cut. Ya. Just based on this two, which do you think you would like to see me in? I would say slim cut la, but you always say you fat, so you- probably big and poofy lo. That’s true la, he knows me well.

When I order on TaoBao right, and I look at their chart, my chest is size M, my waist is size L, and then my buttock is not even on the chart. Okay, then I ask the seller, ”Hello 要定做吗?” (”Do you do custom mades?”) Then after that, I tell them what is my hip size- which is a 100cm, and they’re like, ‘亲,这个太大了”(”Dear, this is too big.”) So today he's going to judge- all five dresses that I bought from Taobao. Are you ready? I mean ready or not, I think it’s happening anyway la. Ya. So, so it doesn't really matter, I’m here.

So I'm going to wear- one of the dresses- for my ROM tomorrow, probably- it’s just a small occasion la so... Maybe he’ll guess- which one I will choose. Can. Let’s go! Hello.

Hi. Wah... Nice eh. Is it nice? Ya...

Wah... Is it nice? Ya! Damn nice. Wah nice eh! Nice? Nice eh. Actually the details quite nice eh. Actually I’m surprised. Do you want to guess how much this is? This is the expensive one? Are you starting with the most expensive one? Wow, the shoes are also from Taobao right? Ya, so everything is from Taobao.

Even this one? This one I found it in the studio T. I thought the flowers you buy from Taobao also. This one looks expensive... Looks expensive? Ya, I think this is the top end one. The top end price one, the $160, $100 something one.

It’s nice eh. He's correct! Yay... Okay. Okay, so it’s only downhill from here la basically. Maybe... Ya, ya possible, maybe? Ya, ya.

Producer: Is this the kind of dress you expected her to choose? Ya actually. Because I thought she wanted something like slim fit one la- which this is quite slim fit, because she’s actually quite skinny- with all things considered. - And I’m very surprise- - What does that mean? What is with the all things considered! Because she always say she’s fat, but she’s not mah. That is true. - Ya. - Okay.

Then I think the- I’m very surprised that the lace came out so detailed, because I thought- ya, I was surprised la. This dress is actually tailor made- by the... This is the you ask them to tailor for you? Ya, so I had to go through the very painful process- of telling the lady in Mandarin that, you know my... 尺寸 (sizing).

Ya, my waist is how big, like your here to here is how big that kind of thing. Then afterwards, when it came, it was very ugly. The fit was so ugly, it was bulging over here- with excess fabric. And then over here was to big- like...

Like- it was like until here. Ya, so... I mean it’s better if it’s big rather than small la. So I had my aunt altered it for me.

I think the length is just nice for me, because usually I have difficulty... You buy long dress become mini skirt. Ya. Become mini skirt. Ya so I quite like the details. So- I’m surprised how good it turned out actually.

Ya, I quite like the details of like the lace, so the lace dosen’t look too bad. Ya and the material here also quite okay. This is lterally you pay what you- you pay, you get what you pay for leh.

Ya... Okay, okay. Producer: Rate the dress upon 10. After altering I would say it’s like a 9/10 la for me. I’m just going to say 10 la. Because if I say anything less right, I’ll maybe get chopped tomorrow or something, I don’t know.

The answer is just 10 for everything, then when it looks really bad right, then I can go like minus one or two points. You look beautiful! I feel like it's like my parents getting married like that. Oh my god, suddenly she damn tall. But I love it, I love it. I think it was worth it.

Tada... Oh... Why it looks a bit dirty ah? It looks what! - Cause grey colour, a bit dirty. - Oh... It’s like you compare to the white just now right, this is just like... This man, I come in through the door- he say I look dirty. It’s just the dress, the dress, not you, not you.

Wah, didn’t know you got something like this eh. This is very like, elaborate lo. This is one out of the five options- that is an evening gown. Oh...

Okay, I’m not going say like- I’m not going to act like I know what the hell you’re talking about, but... Wow! Eh this one actually dosen’t look chep at all eh. It looks okay.

I mean it’s not like... It doesn't seem as expensive because there’s not like very small details, like the previous one. It's just more tech thought, but still quite nice. And I think that when if it’s at night right, then got light will catch all this- shimmering things. I think the color don’t suit you as much though. - I think white color- - A bit, - feels better. - a bit dull is it?

Ya. Producer: Actually Amanda, in the picture right, Producer: it dosen’t look as grey as this looks. Ya. I was kind of expecting it to be more like silver, rather than grey, but this is very grey. Ya, this one when I first saw it I was like, “Why does it looks a bit dirty?” Ya looks a bit dull, I would say.

When I chose this dress, I picked it because it had this corset, and I wanted to try something with a corset. It also has some embellishments, and I wanted to try- my luck with embellishment- because to be honest, Taobao is not well known for like- detailed, intricate embellishments on dresses. So I wanted to give it a try. So this dress right, is off the rack. Is I chose like, I think S, M, L, I think I chose a L, ya. Producer: How much do you think this is? I would...

Okay, so I know the range is $60 to $160 something. The amount of detail here actually seems like they put quite a bit of work. I would say like, $70? $70. $70, $75. Okay so this dress is actually $98. Oh...

Producer: Do you think it’s worth it? Uh... Ya, no. My value, in my eyes the value is $70 something only. Ya.

Producer: Amanda do you think it’s worth $98? I think, is not really my style, because- I'm not into like extremely poofy dresses. So... But it was worth a try. I think this is okay.

Ya. I think for the price this one- you can wear to like forest, you sit in the forest you no feeling, you okay. Orh ya...

The other one you sit, your body, your heart will pain. Ya... So you know they go to the forest and take photo that kind ya so... Aiya you one time a bit dirty is like, “It’s okay la.”

Ya. It’s fine. Oh, wow! Damn... That's huge. Wait I need to hold for her...

Wow... Oh my god. Eh... Please, please. Wait, I turn around, I need to turn around. You’re going to fall down.

Why got colour here one? Got stain. Ya. Oh but small stain. Okay, what are your initial- what are your overall thoughts? I think this dres doesn't- really contour to your body well. Feels a bit loose in general. It is very loose.

Okay. - No big movements because it might fall out. - Might drop off? Quality of the details... Other than the fact that some of the stuff is- like dirty ah or got some random stains right, The detail is actually not too bad.

Very European feeling, I think. Okay, so this dress... Wah you look so tired eh. It was tiring to put on. My two wonderful bridesmaids behind the camera, Leah and Sew, they were lacing this corset- for a very long time. This corset right here.

- The cut is really not slimming for you. - Okay, ya. But because this is an off the rack gown, it's quite big. I would say it’s too big. Producer: Okay, so for this dress, did it come in different sizing- when you bought it? Yes.

I think I bought the... Producer: You bought L. Ya, I think I bought too big. I think I might like it more if it were M- because over here right, it makes my waist- - look larger than it actually is. - Ya.

Ya. The mechanics of this dress- is very interesting. You’re going to flip it up? Yes, I am. Oh. So right, there's a lot of layers- and there's a hoop eh.

It’s like wire. So you know those Victorian- era dresses right, this is the hoop. - Ya and... - Does it cut into you or anything?

No, it actually- it actually is quite comfortable. Airy ah. Ya. So it is very airy- and it's very comfortable, but it's just too big for me. Ya. I see...

It really looks expensive though, but the colour a bit cream. It’s cream colour right? Ya. Once again to me is like, everytime I look at dresses, I think white colour is the nicest.

But it’s not bad, actually relatively compliment, complimentary to your skin tone also, so it’s okay. There's a lot of lace, and there's quite a bit of pearls- that are actually sewn on. - You know some like cheap... - Beads ah. Ya. So like some cheaper brands right, they will just glue it on.

Oh... Ya. But this is actually all sewn on individually- so I think that's quite nice. Producer: You want to guess how much? Actually for the detail I think- is like maybe the $100 plus range? I will say like- $100, $110? For me, like based on the amount of details, I would say go for that.

That range of price ya. Producer: So the dress is actually $88.51. It’s not too bad actually.

Not too bad... Like if the sizing was correct- I think this would be a very good option- for shoots. Producer: So can you rate the dress upon 10. I think actually, if it fits you better, will be a higher grade, maybe like, eight lo.

I think this one eight la. Probably eight for the dress. Okay, I’ll give it like a seven. Ya.

I would just like to say right, that this dress hor- is the one dress that Justin is actually quite looking forward to- because it looks very Korean. - Oh... - But... Is it the one that you just got today? Ya.

Okay ya, this is the one I’m looking forward to actually, let’s see. Oh my god, no la... No la...

This one you buy what size? L. I think. I think you buy S la next time. Bo (don’t have) next time liao. 这个我不要 (I don’t want this) 我不要买了 (I don’t want to buy this anymore) Oh my god, no la.

Wah, no... This one, wah, no... Ya I was looking forward to this- because I thought the design was quite interesting. Like because got cover the sleeves all this.

Oh my god, legit it looks like- you crash test dummy or something is it. Is like got foam padding one, is like not tight to your skin, is like- got air one, oh my lord. Well, this is just bad la. From the side cam, if I happen to flash a nipple or two, please censor because- it's very big from the side, look at this. Oh my god...

So can put fruits inside leh. I can put two durian inside. I can put two durian inside, oh my gosh. I bought L for this based on the measurements, but it appears that this is more like XXL, because I'm struggling- to keep it on right now. My shoulders is doing all the work. I actually think that the cutting is- not too bad, it’s just really really huge.

The size is totally not for you. Ya. Totally off. The reason why I got this right, is cause- my mum, she likes these kind of like- slightly Korean style.

Cause so like this neckline- is very Korean and the sleeves also, like some Korean wedding gowns, have long sleeves and stuff like that. Unfortunately, I bought like two sizes too big. Ya actually this, was this- I don't know the picture- but was this suppose to be shorter? No. Producer: It’s suppose to be fitted. It’s suppose to be fitted. But is it all the way till the wrist here? But then the cutting is totally off eh if that’s the case.

Ya. Right, because if somebody is like slightly- larger size than you, this thing would be like here. Ya.

Producer: When you bought it, when you look at the measurements, it was the right measurements. Ya. It was the right measurements just that I don’t know why is it so big.

Okay. Ease of putting this one on- is a ten out of ten. Because it’s a zip.

It's not a freaking corset- that you have to lace. Ya... But also because it's a zip, you cannot tighten it.

So- this one would have to go through major altering- if you want to wear this. Ya. Producer: Justin you want to guess how much it is? This one ah. Wait ah, I- I’m trying not to judge by how it look, so I’m trying to judge by the quality- and how it's supposed to look. Imagine someone that could fit into- this wearing this.

Uh... Like just the... $90? Producer: Okay, so the dress is $61.88.

Oh that’s quite... Producer: Which is like the lower scale one. Wah. Eh surprising eh. Okay I mean maybe, at that price, The issue is the sizing they didn’t give a clear one, or it wasn’t clear to you. Ya.

Rating for the dress? Producer: Yes. Uh... Of course like this is like a 1/10. It can barely stay on my body. So I would say that- if it's form fitting, I might give it like a seven.

Ya. I think it's actually not bad. Ya. Just that...

I cannot get past the fact that it looks like this. So it’s a 2/10. I'm sorry. It’s a 2/10 for him. Last dress... Oh.

Eh that’s nice eh. Ya. Wah this is damn nice.

Eh this is damn nice. Eh this is super nice, Amanda Feng. This is damn nice eh.

This dress is one of my top picks, when I bought this. Because I like the off-shoulder. That's why I like the off-shoulder, and then- I like the slit as well, so that it's easier to walk. So I will say that this cutting right, is something that I really like. The fitted cutting, ya.

But there are two things- that I don't like about this dress. Number one, I am sucking in my stomach as hard as I can, it’s practically an ab workout. And number two, I don't like the ribbon at the back. For this dress, I think the material is really nice. It's not a cheap material.

It's very smooth. Just that you know, it gets creased quite easily. I like the length a lot- because the length is just nice.

I don't have to alter. And for your reference, I'm 1.7m. But my shoes are like quite short la I would say.

It's quite short. Producer: Did you buy this off the rack as well. or did you custom it.

Okay, so this is actually custom made. Ya. So for both dresses that are form fitting, I had them custom made- because I feel that- that kind of silhouette- is a lot more unforgiving. So if you have things that are like out of place, or like you know - the seams are not right, right, it's very very obvious. Ya.

In terms of buying stuff from Taobao right, one of the key things that you must do, is to look at the popularity- and the sales volume of each product. The number one thing- you need to see is the comments. And the comments right, it needs to have pictures- from actual people. So there are a lot of stuff on Taobao, that have a lot of comments right- but suspiciously got no pictures. So those are the kinds that- I would try to avoid. Ya.

Like, for example, for the grey dress that I tried, that one only had one picture actually, and that was a gamble. Ya. It looked quite nice on the girl, but I thought, I would you know, risk it a little bit.

Ya. Wah this is damn nice eh. You start and end with a bang. I like this a lot.

Producer: Is it easy to walk in? It is quite easy to walk in- because of the slit. So I will say that- if you are somebody who- I would say a bit clumsier right, I think you need that slit- because it gives your leg like room to... Freedom.

Ya, to walk around. Ya. Producer: So Justin, you want to guess the price of this one? This one ah.

I'm going off the fact that you're saying- a lot of people buy right, and it’s a dress that a lot of people have. So I think it will be a bit cheaper- than the most expensive one. But I think, I'll go with like $90. Or almost $100 for this one.

Ya. Producer: Okay, so the actual price is $61.52- which is the cheapest dress out of all the dresses that Amanda chose.

Wow. Eh that’s a good, that’s super good value eh. 全是为了你 (This is all for you) What the hell. Producer: Okay so, rating the dress? Producer: How much would you rate the dress? Say yes to the dress.

Producer: Okay Amanda how much would you rate it? I will minus points for this. Because I really don’t like this. - I feel that if I wear this... - Can fix la. This one easy to fix.

Really easy to fix meh. I don't know. Maybe being a bit ignorant here, but I think should be easy to fix? Maybe some people just don't mind it la, but I mind it, I don't really like to look, but I will give this like a 9/10. Ya. Producer: Okay so now that Amanda has tried on all the dresses, maybe Justin you want to rank the dresses from number one to number five.

Okay. I think this one is the- the highest. Then the second one is the first dress she tried. Uh...

The third would be... Actually I’d go for the grey one, the grey one the fitting is a bit better. But the color to me is not very nice. Then I’ll go with the fourth one is the cream one, but the fitting is totally off. Then the last one is the- wah, oh my god, that was absolutely hilarious. The one with the off-shoulder- or the shoulder one.

Wah. That one was not off-shoulder, it barely even- touch my shoulders. That one was absolutely hilarious. Producer: So for your ROM which is tomorrow, which one have you confirmed on? Uh, I don't know... Because I'm insecure- about the back for this one, I would go with the first one.

Okay, as long as you’re happy. It's true though. I would say that overall right, all five dresses have its own merit, even the one that was... Totally off size.

Ya, totally off size. Actually I could see that- that could be very beautiful- on somebody who is of- that size actually. Because the cutting and everything, there is quite a lot of potential still, if you alter it. Ya.

So I think that if you are considering- buying dresses from Taobao, one thing you have to- look at is comments, with pictures, legit pictures- as well as the descriptions- of the comments. If it’s too generic right, it’s likely a bot. Ya. So that is the number one thing- that I look out for. I'm actually overall very happy- with the amount of money I spent versus- the dresses that I got.

Because if you were to ask me- to pick dresses that- I would wear to take photos, or you know for ROM, or like pre-wedding shoot, to be honest, I would- pick like the first three dresses. Even the grey one is not too bad. - Right. - Ya.

I would say that. Eye-opening experience ah. For this price, - this one I’m very surprised. - Thigh-opening experience. But I’m really surprised by this dress actually. Like for the cost and what it came out to be- on you was like, “Wow!” Ya. It looks like a $600 dress on you la.

Ya. Okay, I already say tomorrow marry you already. Thank you for watching this video, if you liked any of the dresses- you've seen today- or you have any questions- about buying your wedding- dress on Taobao, you can leave it in the comment- section down below. And don't forget to like, share and subscribe. Like, share and subscribe.

Bye... But I tend to step one on the other. OK, see, you can. OK. Yes, sir. Thank you.

You ready? I'm ready. May I know if the couple is ready for our entrance? Yes, they are. OK, everybody, please put your hands together and join me in welcoming our bride and groom. Justin and Amanda heart beats fast.

Carla and Paul says How to be brave. How can I love when I'm afraid to fall by watching you stand alone? Oh, by Adobe suddenly goes away. Somehow when I have got one thing for you. Darling, don't be afraid.

I love you for 1000 years. I love you for a towel. Then more.

Well, come the good and provide you may now keep. No, no, no. OK. No, I thought this that we are cracking like on your shoes. That's all I can say. You never had a guest before my eyes and I was think, I love you. I love you. I love you.

Well, he knew that. Wait, wait, wait. I thought, Oh, no. OK. Uh, actually, yeah, the like the patients actually have pretty well expectations of what I've made up of, certainly not the not the dress.

To me, it's not really that important. I wasn't happy he she thinks she looks pretty. It's like that's why if I want a 2000 dollar dress that is like, then like, you know, like the royal family that came in when I was my. The trail is inclement.

Didn't I mean, I eat lunch for one woman only. OK, yeah, I'll make it to bed. So, yeah, OK. Are often shot. How bulking our toilet bowl is won't help.

Can you imagine a toilet bowl is on top? I think it was a certain electrical appliances that almost everything is on top of all of you, please? Yeah, yeah, I I like a good deal. And also, I want to practice in a horrible winter. Yeah.

And yeah, so he's very good at speaking to sell us in Mandarin for Mandarin about like customization. Yeah, I tried it when I was getting the wedding gowns. I wanted to got my eyes out. Your so difficult like I had to Google Translate.

My is not there. And I was like, Yeah, and I had to keep translating. So it's really not that easy. But I will say is what I try because the price difference? Yeah. So today you will see the different gowns and are just about self-love, and it's cool is worth the price.

Yes. Yeah. I like the guns that look like they show some skin, but actually it's not. You know, I mean that kind and have some embellishments. Yeah, but that kind is very difficult to find nice ones on top of nice to show this in like your collarbone. I can't marry you.

So I like that kind of look. But then I was loving couple. I found it is very difficult to find something that looks nice with that kind of design because it's very intricate.

At least it's very hard to tell for photos. Yeah, it is very. Yeah, it is very intricate and I feel like 90% of those kind of gowns stacked on top of it's probably like they look really cheap.

Yeah, yeah. So that's a nice experience. I like to stay at home and then I just, she said, I just do what I do need to go out to see the press and be like, This is not nice.

I see so much time and energy. OK, so one thing about this dress is that I saw it on an online shop that's based in Singapore. Yeah, so they also buy. So they also bought this dress and sell it to people.

You want to guess how much they sell it for. In my experience, maybe three to four weeks. So they sold it for about $260.

Oh yeah, she this in the playboy reselling something. Yeah, yeah, you know, buy it when you buy new. Yeah, but it's close to the bar. Considering that should be called Serena, that's the huge cost. Yeah, for you. It's quite reasonable. Yeah, yeah.

So, OK, well, that's 200 dollar safe. Yeah. Hundred dollars. I. I feel like it's like my parents getting married. Oh my God. Suddenly she then thought

she was a few you and a lot. I love you. I love you. I need you as well.

Hell, do you want to do that? Is a bit of the video, right? Yeah, yeah. But they know that the more you do yellow. I will also like to discover that was a lot of screaming on site right now. Do you actually see the video? You can see everybody went crazy the moment the door opened and.

Yeah. I don't know why I'm not that excited about the whole team is very excited about our marriage fight. I think I think the thing that I'm not that excited at myself, but if not serious again, maybe I will be like, Oh, I woke you up . So I will. Then I will. Yeah. We'll see you then. Then ask me if I'm alive. Yes, correct. Oh well, I think we can. We can. We can.

We owe it to all this to be down to the then after she trials. Or, you know, try to go side up on a video, though, where you can make dress you inexpensive. OK? How many think? Yeah, OK, how many? Yeah, sure I can do. I know they are. If you do that and you. So this dress is off there it is.

I chose, I think it was. Yeah. Well, Richard, this is an L I think is an L. Yeah, they're sizing.

Oh, very, very small. I suppose what the caller was, I always said this expertize or this vision in my head where most dresses come out is just white. Yeah, but it's not. It looks like what degree, so I really like it.

But one thing I have to say about this is that it keeps dropping of the materials that you can change how you tell anything to anything. I just got to do a little over here. OK, can we take photos in case I need to sell them? Give you also? OK. OK.

Evening Ghana is like usually brides have to go on. So one is the main goal and on an evening gown? Yeah. I found about halfway through the dinner or whatever they were. Whether you think you guys got the OK to change another color? I'm OK. I would rather spend the money on something. Would be quite nice over here, big for me.

Yeah, so I can't let sleeping with now. Of course, I feel a bit. So this actually is small screens that are inside of the dress actually behind the tool.

But other than that, I would say up close, it doesn't look very nice. It looks like is spot on is there? They saw that guy. Yeah. You go to space. Yeah, I do have a lot of people who look, you know, he's really bad, be it really may be.

I mean, OK, well, in general, you at least can fit like you k 1212. Yeah, you get ten. You get off, to be honest, you can because there's a closet behind you.

And I think it will all be in our pictures because of the long. Yes. It's had to walk it. It's not hard walking because of the WHO. All? Yeah. So you don't step on yourself too much.

I see. And yeah, well, it is quite convenient. Actually, I was.

This is this might be useful for breaks for quite a bit of a belly. Yeah. No. The kind of like the dress that you had anything like that. Yeah, it's very, very tight. But this guy, if you need a bit of a belly and I think this is a good choice, what about yeah? Can I just say that once I came in, he said, it looked like they were cool.

Yeah, yeah. He felt like they were cut off and it will be, yeah, this is a very authentic tablecloth plastic. And then they put Whiteley's, obviously, and I look at it as a hug, familiar. I'm very familiar looking and. And also, Mr. James, I, who is sitting outside.

He said it could have been. So I think these guys have had to clean up. OK. So I think one thing we need to mention about this dress is probably the details because.

I will say that this is probably the most comfortable with life in general is life with custom with you. It's not easy. You don't have to stand up and there's the Hoover.

Yeah, and there's a hope. So I think this is big enough that I can see that. OK, so for this dress did do something different, I think anybody. Yes, I think I got the. Yeah, I think I got to be.

So do you fit better humor like? Yes, I think I might like it more if it will end because over here, right, it makes my it makes me look larger than you, actually. Yeah, yeah. I was like, OK, let me just read you everything OK? Yeah. So yeah. I actually, to be honest, I do that if I thought maybe two to three I smaller could be better.

It could be much nicer. The material of the dress actually not prove it is not ugly. Yeah, yeah. But very clearly, yeah, of course. I know I encasement, right? Yeah. Is this what is this, what do you do? Yeah, it isn't.

You need to iron the poofy dress as you do need iron that much, but this one, you really need iron. OK. I like the trill. Actually, I think it's quite nice. Yeah. When you custom you custom on top of a cut on top. So this dress is whatever I receive on top.

I didn't do any other extra alteration. Yeah. So I would say that the custom alteration for this from top seller is very good. So my question to you now is, do you like this dress? I thought the first dress, but the. All it's tough, and I don't believe it's actually really, but I like the new be should be. Yeah, I think.

OK. And then he also shows off your color the. Oh, but doesn't that also do a lot of that? I think that seems a bit more mature than the first one. Looks a bit more young girls younger. I don't know. Then I'm wearing the younger one tomorrow.

So in terms of buying stuff on top, all right, one of the key things that you must do is to look at the popularity and the sales volume of each product. The number one thing you need to see is the comments and the comments, right? It needs to have pictures from actual people. So there are a lot of stuff on top of it that have a lot of companies, but suspiciously or no pictures. So those are the kind of I would try to avoid. Yeah.

For this one, it had a lot of pictures and some of the pictures are actual wedding pre-wedding shoot pictures from actual brides. So it was, I think it was sort of like a stamp of affirmation. Yeah.

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