FEAST TO FAMINE - Iberia in all 3 classes | Business vs Premium vs Economy

FEAST TO FAMINE - Iberia in all 3 classes | Business vs Premium vs Economy

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- Do you want to count us in for that? - We are at Ma-- which must mean that I'm in-- economy. The police are excited about that. - Let's do it. - Let's go. - We are here at , also known as Madrid airport because today we're going to be flying on - [All] Iberia.

- Of course, it's the home of Iberia here. I'm with my buddies, Liam and Ben. Not been with both of them for a while. We've not done a three cabin review for a while. Liam, who you're going to be flying with? - I'm flying in business class today.

- And I am in premium economy. - Oh, which must mean I'm in economy, but that's cool. It's on a big long haul aircraft. I'm really excited. I think we should go check in and check it out. - Let's do it.

- Let's go. - So we're inside the terminal now. I actually forgot how much I love Madrid airport. It's so gorgeous, especially the roof. Look at how cool this is. It's so spacious, light, amazing design. I'm not going to check a bag in, but I do need to get a boarding pass.

I'm just going to go to the machine and see how long the queue is. Look, there's quite a lot of people queuing here. So if you want us to check a bag, it might take quite a long time. I know that Ben has to check a bag, so I think he's going to be in that queue.

Aw, Ben. But yeah, got what I needed, so I'm off. That was very quick No queue at all. - Because of the aircraft change, I lost my good seat, so I'm going to ask whether I can get a window seat, maybe a empty seat next to me to make the flight a bit more comfortable. Yeah, is there any window seats available? That was a bit of an effort to check in. Traveling at the moment, you obviously need test results and health forms, which I had uploaded, but unfortunately their system didn't recognize that. So I had to show them again. I lost

my allocated seat with the aircraft change and the check-in member wasn't able to change the seat. So far, a reasonably stressful start to my flight with Iberia to London, but let's see how we go through security. - Just heading over to the Iberia business class check-in now. And you know, I'm really excited about my flight today. I've never been to a Madrid airport before. I've never

flown with Iberia. And after the last 18 months we've had, it's just great to be back in the airport, traveling again. Perfect. Great, . So there we go. Just checked in my bag. Nice and easy. Had to show them my passenger locator form and my COVID negative test, which is things you have to remember to do when you are traveling internationally now, but that was all very smooth, and I'm now heading through the security gates on my way to the Iberia VIP lounge. - Security was an absolute breeze, even in economy. There wasn't really much of a queue. Very easy, very pleasant people. And so now we're in the main bit of the departure hall.

I've got quite a while now. I'm going to have a little bit of shopping, might get a coffee and just chill out. No lounge for me today. I'll leave that to young Liam. But this is a great airport to spend a bit of time, even as an economy passenger. You know, when you

don't have a lounge, you really have to make your own fun. What's more fun than this? - Madrid terminal four is a huge airport. It's a really nice design. So my flight is leaving from the S gates, which says 22 minutes from security. I'm expecting it's going to

be a while to get there. I had better work out where my gate is. To get to the S gates at Madrid terminal four, you will need to take the shuttle train. Remember it's a one-way system. You can't get back to where you came from. Make sure you picked up everything from security.

- Okay, so it turns out I've gone to the wrong lounge in Madrid airport. - [Woman] It is not here. - [Liam] Oh, not here? - [Woman] No. In the satellite building, sir. - [Liam] Oh, okay. - [Woman] You have another VIP lounge. - Oh, okay. My one is in the terminal that's slightly closer to my gate. I think this is

due to a last minute change because I'm relatively sure originally I was going to be in that lounge, but oh well. So almost we go to find this lounge once and for all. Finally got here, thank god for that. ♪ Do it ♪ After a lot of walking about, I finally found my way to the lounge. I've got settled down. I've been poured the biggest gin and tonic

I've ever had in my life. Yeah, that's pretty strong. I've been really impressed with the lounge over all. It feels really spacious, loads of nice light, bright light coming in, incredible tarmac views in front of me right now. The perfect place to relax before a flight.

- I've actually had a lovely time in the airport. You know what? It makes a massive difference when you have somewhere nice to chill, lots of space to relax in. And this is just the nicest terminal. - With a premium economy ticket on Iberia, you do not get lounge access unless you have elite status with Iberia or their One World partners like British Airways. Unfortunately, I do not. So I'm going to see what else there is to do in the terminal. - They seem to be boarding the plane from back to front. So I guess I'm just going to

join this queue here. This is the gate and hop on board. - Okay, so I've just gone through the boarding gate. I got there a little later than I would've liked to 'cause they sent me to the wrong gate. There have been a few little hiccups

on my journey today so far, but all in all, it's been a really good experience. Here we are nearly on the plane. - Oh, okay. We're getting a bus. Did not know we were getting a bus. Nothing like boarding

a giant jet from the tarmac. Look at this. I just love this the most. Why am I such a loser? It's the best. - [Liam] There is my seat for the next two hours or so. - Here we are in the seat of the Iberia A330, and on first impressions, it's actually super comfortable. First up, the seat is nice, relatively soft, comfy to sit in. The adjustable headrest moves up and down. It has little wings so you can have a little rest like this. There's a button here to recline the seat. And the recline, wow, is actually pretty decent. And

not only does the back go back, but the bottom slides out too, making this really nice and comfortable for a rest. Imagine I'll have a little nap later. Every seat has a tray table in front of it, which is opened like this. Nice and clean, decent size. You could get a laptop on there. Good for your meals. Good for working. And this extends out in front of you. Leg room is pretty good. Lots of space to move your legs around. I'm not

going to be wanting for space on this flight. - First impressions of the seat are good. Plenty of leg room. Yeah, it's nice and wide and comfy. I think the seat has pretty good recline. Let's try it out. Yeah, that's really

good recline. Hard to get the seat up, it goes down so low. Definitely notice the difference in this seat compared with a normal economy seat 'cause it's much wider and reclines a lot more, and there's even a leg rest that goes up as well, so it's a very comfortable seat so far on what is quite a short flight. - Okay, so I've just got onboard this Iberia A330, and I got settled into my seat. I'm in 6A today. I've got a great window seat. I've got tons of space, as you can see here. The initial impression is that the seat feels really comfy. I've got loads of room to stretch my legs out, if I want to. I have a little light next to me up here. I've got this big

tray table that pulls down from the side like that, which you know, easily big enough to have a meal on, put a laptop on if want to do a bit of work. Fold that up and actually acts as a little divider if I have it up like that as well. It feels like I've got a lot of privacy here, which is really, really nice. The cool thing about the seat is that not

only can it turn into a fully flat bed, you can also customize each sort of section of the seat to make it just how you like it. You can adjust the head rest. You can adjust the bit you're sitting on. I can show you here. We can push the recline back so only my head is reclining. You can also pull these flaps towards you. If you want to have a little nap like that or rest like that, they're actually pretty sturdy and keep your head in place.

For a short flight, honestly, in business class, this is the most comfort you could ask for. - [Nicky] Every seat also has its own IFE screen, which is a decent size and also an input for a USB charger, an AV jack. - Okay, so we don't have an amenity kit on today's short flight, but we do have some Iberia branded headphones. Let's give these a go. Open them up, and let's see how it noise canceling and effective they are. I'm actually really, really impressed with these. They

are noise canceling, and I had volume maybe just above half way, and you couldn't hear any of the normal plane sounds. You couldn't hear the engine. It was totally immersive. A really, really amazing pair of headphones, so well done, Iberia. Top marks for me, yeah. - Well, food and drink on Iberia. What food and drink? I'm still waiting for even to see

some crew, but I'm a little bit hungry. There's nothing to eat. I thought that might be like a menu somewhere. I saw online you could pre-order. Assumed you'd be able to buy some stuff on board, but there's been no more service, and there's no one to be seen really. Literally haven't seen crew for half an hour. Wonder if everyone else is as hungry as me.

- My meal has just arrived. This is a salmon poke bowl, which I pre-ordered online before the flight. Let's see what it tastes like. That's actually really good. The salmon's awesome, considering I'm on a plane, and god knows when it was caught. I thought for 17 euro, it was gonna be a bit of a waste of money, but I actually think now, yeah, it's worth getting some jealous stares from the passengers sitting around me. Nice little

colorful bowl. - Perfect. Cheers. I've now got my meal in front of me, which is some sort of like tomato pasta dish. It looks pretty good. I've got a nice slice of chocolate cake. Looks delicious.

Little side salad here. I've obviously got my gin and tonic as well, which I've made far too strong for myself, but oh well. You don't get to fly business class all the time. This pasta dish is actually really tasty. The tomato sauce is really flavorsome, really creamy. It's quite cheesy as well, but would go together really, really well. And it's the perfect meal for a short flight. About to tuck into this chocolate cake or chocolate cheesecake, and it looks absolutely delicious. I'm hoping it tastes as good as it looks.

I can confirm that it does indeed taste as good as it looks. It's like a really strong coffee liquor sort of flavor, really creamy, really tasty. The whole meal has been really, really good actually, considering this is only a two-hour flight, it's getting great service, really quick. Everything's tasted great. Cannot complain at all. - Okay, let's talk about everybody's favorite moment of every single video. It's the call bell challenge. This time it's very important because I'm actually starving and I haven't had any food or drink. So without further ado. Start the clock.

- Pressed the call bell. - Hi, do you serve any food? Have got any available to buy? Okay, I need to pre-order. Can I just have some water then? Thank you. Okay, as I sort of suspected, there's nothing going on. There's no food or drinks to be had other than water. That's the only thing. I've asked for some water. We'll see how long that takes to come. I will say though that

the service was very quick. The call bell was answered within, the timer, but that was pretty quick. They have nothing to offer, which is a bit weird. Wasn't prepared for that. Is it my fault? Is it Iberia's fault? I don't know. - Here, could I get a diet coke, please? Thank you. Okay, that was pretty quick. I would think around like maybe 30, 40 seconds. Not the quickest we've ever had, but not bad. Whoops.

- I pressed the call bell and waited for five minutes and nobody came, so I eventually gave up, but I did manage to catch someone's eye and get this cup of water, so yeah. - Thank you so much. This cup of water is about the extent of what you're going to get on here. I wish there was more, I wish there was more fun stuff. I wish there was food 'cause I'm hungry, but this is gonna have to do me. Cheers.

- Nicky, I brought you a gift. I don't want you wasting away back here. - Ben, I was only just saying that I was starving to death. Look at this. Well, here's something to note. If you're flying Iberia in economy on a short haul flight, better bring a friend

with you who's pre-planned and pre-ordered some food cause otherwise, you're going to starve. I've made a terrible mess of this banana. Oh my god, what? Is it fake? Is it a joke? Looks like a joke banana. Let's have a go. It's under-ripe, but when you're hungry, it doesn't matter. Just chocked on it. Somebody else has come to join me on this flight. How does it feel being in coach? - I feel very dirty all of a sudden. No, I'm joking. It feels like a very fresh aircraft all the way through, but it has to be a really nice in business, to be honest. The food was

great. My seat is really comfy. I did give it a test all the way flat. And that was actually really spacious and comfy too. - Question, any pluffy pillows? - No pluffy pillows at all. Can you believe it? And I hadn't said pluffy until you just asked me that question. So there we go. It's still in the video. But no, no pillows, no

amenity kit, no pluffiness whatsoever. - Heard it here first. Pluffy pillows. Business has no pluffy pillows. - How's your flight been so far? - My flight's been pretty good apart from the fact there's been no food service. The

seat's comfy, it reclines nice. Cabin's nice. Can't complain about that really. It's just like I was a bit peckish, and can't buy anything. Just water. - Sad. On that note, I'm going go have another gin and tonic back in business. See ya in a bit. Bye.

- There's nothing more fun than doing a review on a plane. When you're in economy, it gets a little bit boring. There's not much to do, but then you meet some friends and I met Marek and Marek. Where are you from, guys? - Hi, we're from Slovakia. - I'm from Czech Republic. - My Slovakian and Czech friends who watch our videos, came to say hey, which is amazing.

If you ever see us, come and say hello too. So great to meet you guys. - Thanks so much. Bye. - And that concludes the rather strange flight on the Iberia A330 in premium economy from Madrid to London Heathrow. Really excellent seat, really comfortable. The pre-booked meal

that I had was fantastic, but yeah, crew not great. It was okay. I'm not sure I'd choose Ibera again in premium economy in a hurry, but yeah, not too bad. - Now leaving Iberia's A330 in business class. Overall for a two and a half hour flight, I thought that was really, really good. The seat was really comfy. The food was excellent. The service could have been a little bit friendlier. I've definitely had nicer cabin crew in the

past, but overall, for a quick business class haul from Madrid to London, that gets a big thumbs up from me. - We've arrived back at Heathrow terminal five at the C gates. There was a pretty great flight, very comfortable on that big wide-body jet on a short haul flight. But the lack of

food situation was not very good. I wish I would have pre-ordered or at least been warned. Anyway, overall great seat, great product. And that was Iberia on the A330 from Madrid to London, done.

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