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Grow. My cleaning company teaches owners of cleaning companies just like you how to grow your company make, more money and finally, take charge, of your financial future and your life this. Podcast, is about automating. And creating systems that, give you time and money freedom so you can grow like crazy without, losing. Control since. This is totally, free if you're giving tons of value want, to support us and make sure that you get more of the good stuff subscribe. Rate and review to this podcast today now, on to the show. Hey. Cleaning, nation so, excited. To have. A. Topic. That I know is, near and dear to your hearts because I'm. Probably asked about this as much if not more than any other freaking thing in, the world by you guys and that, is system, so we're gonna talk about how to fast, track, your systems. For, success, today. It's. A tough topic because, there's so much, misinformation. And, beliefs and there's, just a lot going on we're gonna do the best we can distill it down and give you the most value we, can in 20 minutes so today fast-track. Your systems for success I've got my tea here I did too much coaching yesterday, I think I shot my voice and I've got a bunch of coaching today so they do my best. To. Protect it so I won't probably be ranting and screaming as much as I usually do but. I'm gonna try and keep the energy high and sorry for the gross sipping, of tea noise alright let's talk about a fast-track your systems for success the problem is we. Want to be free to, work on our business as opposed to in it right we want to be working on projects, that, we can do once and we'll build a business and we don't have to continually do them as opposed to in it where we're constantly cleaning. Or hanging. Or doing payroll or driving you mean that silly stuff that doesn't really pay very well. Systems. Are what we need to. Run, your business, well, you. Build, your business so it's kind of trust tough because it's a chickadee egg situation right like, how. Do I run. My business and create systems right, that's building your business we now have systems to run it right so we kind of start with this whole chicken, in the egg where I'm too busy cleaning and doing this and doing it doing it doing it. Systems. But. The problem is systems, are exactly, what we need especially in, times of upheaval when things are going nuts and as. We're recording this we're kind of in the middle of the kovat I think we're on the downslide. And let, me know in the chat right I got. My own thing let me know in the chat where you feel like we are in a Cove it is it are we still uphill, still getting worse are we the peak where it's the worst of the worst or today April 28th are we kind of on the backside the downside would love to know you guys's feedback let me know so. That said we. Need systems all the time but especially enough, people in the problem of businesses we're always going to be not people right the time I'm recording this the world's and uh people with AK Ovid thing but, even when the world's lining up people every, business I've known has two or three or four or five good, big kind of crisis's, throughout a year and, systems. Are what we need to, really. Overcome that hello Elaine and Daisy and Marxist, love, the positive vibes you promote glad you feeling that all right and it says it's getting better and I was getting track everyone's. Getting sick of things getting closed I am sure, about that part of it alright, so the cost of this is if we don't have systems what, ends up happening I've seen this is a coach over and over and that's why I'm trying to keep you guys and gals from today is you run yourself ragged without. Getting results and you get burned out and eventually you, quit. Jennifer. Says I'm not sure where we are but business for me is back to normal and also a new, at a new clean today that is fantastic Jennifer. I love that attitude that's exactly, right certainly. Want to keep kind of abreast of what's going around the world but I love Jennifer just going I know where my worlds at and not as a matter of fact I'm gonna decide where my wondering my worlds and here's where it's at which is fantastic. Ashley. Says she's loving the daily Facebook lies fantastic. Alright so again the cost of you know how the system you're gonna run yourself ragged you're, gonna get burned out and eventually quick the. Flipside of that is we have so many of our clients, part, of the struggle.

That We have - you are welcome Jennifer part of the struggle we have to work with is. They've. Spent years sometimes, decades. Working. In their business they know how hard it is to clean, and to do the invoicing, to buy supplies and get customers and try and do everything right where you really we've got this hard job that doesn't actually pay all that well as opposed, to a business and we, teach in the systems and processes they need to have the business work for them as opposed to them doing it they. Really have to get over a mental block because there's a sphere of holy, crap if I spent ten years doing all this making five, grand a month how. On God's green earth can I do a tenth of the work and make the same five grand a month they have there's a mental, shift that we've got to get so that that's, one of the things that we got to make sure that we're dealing we put into systems we have to believe and be okay with, elevating. What we do and getting paid even though we don't do it a lot of it's an internal, belief of I don't clean it it's not fair for me to collect money on it we've definitely got to get over that and that can stop us from putting systems into place so, another thing that will kill us is this belief. Of. Quote-unquote. Real things, right equipment cars. Advertising. Office space operations. Managers, this is where I need to invest my time and money right systems is just kind of this. Concept. Right like a car you. Can sit, in and drive and you know that you know it was worth 10 grand when you bought it if you go in Auto Trader today maybe it's worth a grand but you kind of have this concrete. Thing where as a system. Really. Has kind. Of no inherent, value right off the bat the, trick is I've sold a couple. Seven. Figure businesses and. The. Weird thing is it's reversed, when you're selling when buyers come with a lot money, Omar. Says I just said in a proposal. With my eyes closed that's the only way to set I'm Omar god bless you when, we go to sell a business believe, it or not the systems and culture and kind of the soft things that you can't see or really what people buy not but obviously they'll, go okay Auto with you the Blue Book for this car is this much and the you know this building, you own is that much and kind of the assets, go for just, what they're worth you don't get extra money for them the systems and processes that you have that's where we get paid so, it is especially for newer entrepreneurs easy, hey Cecilia good to have your sister easy, for newer entrepreneurs to. Say, you know I'm gonna buy stuff, like I said avert an advertising is great but, you. Know office space operations. Managers, equipment cars and, because, they know that they, can kind of see it but the reality is the real values and the systems in the process and the culture the soft stuff and that's why we get paid so much to create it is because. It's. A lot it's not easier to hire an Operations Manager than is to build a culture of success and have fun and. Commitment. And you. Know being down with the cause so the, reality is if you want to have. A real business that's a lot of value in the mark place to you order you a buyer if you want to sell it you invest in yourself first because you are the asset, of the company good, or bad right if you don't know what you're doing you're confused you're, still the main asset of the company and that's gonna that's get a handicap you, and. People don't get that right like well if I buy a car if I buy this if we don't invest in you first. Nothing. We can buy is gonna be any good I promise you this coaching business I've got now we've got a team all sorts of stuff if you handed this to me I was twenty I would have immediately burned it to the ground not. Out of spike just because my lack. Of ability to just who I was wasn't enough to handle it so we always have to start with the owner always. Invest in that first and again it's tough because when. We're investing ourselves it's books it's courses, that systems it's kind of our own internal, knowledge and it's hard to really see the value I buy a car the for 10 grand I know at least today hopefully it's worth 10 grand I buy a course I read a book and less than a live, event any, sort of things into myself it's like how.

Do You quantify that but the reality is that's where you go first second, is our people right we want to make sure we. Have systems, to constantly, be pouring in to our people one of my favorite quotes is it relates, to that because people always go what if I pay, a bunch of money to educate my people and they leave well, what if you don't pay any money to educate your people in this day right, now that's. That's the expensive one so we're, gonna invest time, and money in ourselves first, our people second and then, systems, and. If you the trick, is with all those things all of those are kind of unseeable, right if I read a book or. Invest, $100,000. On a mastermind, group or anywhere in between you. Look at me before during and after you might not know what difference right off the bat whereas if I buy an office space I can at least point to the office of space to go there that's my space, the. Problem is the high dollar stuff is, the stuff that's scary investing ourselves, in our team and our systems the, low dollar stuff is where we start which is like you. Know office space and toilet, paper and stuff like that so there's. A place for that but it's forth so number one is you number twos your people because remember you're your number one people you're of all your employees you have the biggest leverage to move, the, needle of your business your employees are second then, would come systems, and processes, and way, way way down after you've got those things locked then we invest in stuff. Right stuff we lay our hands on so. That's. A big concept we've got a switch until we make that switch you're. Likely gonna struggle it's really hard to build a big business if you don't build a big owner first right the, next piece is and this is something I'm still, working on so I coach, it when I see it and I'm still working on this myself, we've. Got this belief especially when it comes to systems I have everything perfect before I tell my employees before they implement it before executing. That's, not, the case nothing will ever be perfect and guess what you can't get it perfect until you execute, it so we kind of I, use this example, the millionaire mastermind yesterday we're sitting in front I think it was we're sitting in front of a fire saying, give me some heat and then I'll give you wood and that's, not how it works we have to give the wood before, we give the heat so, before, we can have a person, perfect system we have to execute it we have to do it and watch it break and then we can fix it so we're saying I'm gonna sit and think about the perfect system and it's supposed to come to me and, the system's going you have to implement a bad system before you can make a good system so really, really hate Veronica good to see you and, JC says preserving in their new jersey if. You want to hang with a big dog you can't pee like a puppy I had never heard it said that way but that's art in words JC. So. Yeah the big thing is we to. A degree and this is why we, like having systems because we have more freedom to kind of do this I like. The ready fire aim right, at some point we've, got to do something you can't steer a parked car so we don't wait for the system to be perfect, we identify, what's not working in our business which. Has a system, so this other thing people come to me we go I need systems, I always tell them you have, systems you just need better systems right you're like no you don't understand like everything's kafirs no system for anything there, is a system, the system might be to do whatever any, employee thinks he should do with the the spur of the moment that's a system it's a terrible system but it's still a system so, the reality is we. Have to understand, we already have systems in place so, as opposed to trying to go from a terrible system that just kind of happened that you didn't really intentionally, implement to the perfect, system which doesn't exist we need to go to the middle one of here's. My first shot at a system maybe it'll work maybe won't I don't know but I'll for sure get data right and then we can we, can evolve, that system really quickly once it's in place we, can see it working or not working so get off of the it's got to be perfect before and everything's got to be all done and work together pick, a low-hanging.

Fruit Or part in your business that's not working let's, try and fix that execute, and if we make it worse, we have more data that's okay so be be, okay with ready fire aim and even that's why we, love doing the coaching we kind of give you a, infrastructure. Of systems and processes and steps so it's like if you follow these steps they're like bumpers right you might you, might go a little off but then we're gonna in on a bowling. Alley right you. May not get a strike but at least you're not gonna jump the lane right if you start going over here we're gonna bug it back to the middle so that's. A nice reason to kind of have systems without, having to figure it out in a room because that can get expensive and tiresome, the, other thing when it comes to fast tracking your systems for success people go they over. Value so the first thing we do is undervalue system right it's not a car it's not a piece it's not a buffing, equipment. It's not a gross. Of toilet paper so, I get doesn't have any value that's undervalued, couldn't be further from the truth and. The other mistake we make is over valuing systems right if I just had the perfect employee handbook, this, 327. Page document. Of everything, then my whole business would be perfect everything to be great. That's, over valuing, systems right the reality, is, again. First that there's a reason systems or third not that they're not important there it's still pretty important, but they're built behind you and your employees until you have the right employees, the best systems in the world are going to do it ain't got a good so once you've got the right leader you, and, we've got to work on that first and then we've got the right employees, then. Systems, can be a game changer but, without the right leader the right employees people, will just ignore your systems right we even, if you had the perfect book that was like here's exactly what to do, people, aren't gonna look at the book they're not gonna remember the book they're gonna do what they want to do so we always have to get the right people first and that's really core values and culture and we'll talk about that that's really a conversation.

For A different different, day Tracey says perfection, is a killer of progress, and profit. Yes. Yes a thousand. Times yes I, had a coach I've invested, in my own coaching hundreds of thousands of dollars and, he. Said. Do. You think your perfectionist, I said absolutely he said how does I've been serving you and initially, I thought good, right I always get crapped out on the owner right people come to me to solve it and I. Realized to give you from kind of zero to the the the moderate amount of success I've had it had certainly but to get to the next level of having other people be great and other people solve problems and me be able to be away from the business that wasn't gonna serve me and also absolutely, perfection is absolutely the killer of progress and certainly profit, jay-z, says fail often and progress should not perfection, correct, on all counts I might just let you guys do the coach you guys are absolutely nailing you so. The. Other thing is so we don't want to go to if it's, not something to put value on it's worthless right, wrong and we don't want to be like I just had systems everything we perfect wrong you, first, employees second systems third everything else fourth and. Then also that belief if I just had a binder everything to be great the reality is good systems, are easy to update easy, to access easy to understand, easy to create we, go into this a little deeper in our training but the big thing is just video yourself or your staff training, whatever person for whatever job and, now and upload that into it like we have a membership site for you guys well guess what we have membership sites for our employees right we have a director of operations or enrollment coach we, have videos of exactly how to do that and the videos were when I hired someone and trained them I just videoed myself doing it and I played it for the next guy so easy how what a simple system that is with zero binders, or any of that hard stuff. Here's. Another thing that actually gets people to stumble it breaks my heart because I think people really believe this and they use they use it as an example not to succeed or not as an example not to succeed but an excuse not to succeed and it, really does break my heart which is I don't have the money to, pay for systems, or to pay for someone else or to, follow on someone to get a real coach or a real mentor to how the, money the, sad thing so I'm just gonna figure it out myself right and the sad thing is if you don't have money to pay a mentor to learn from his mistakes or her mistakes you.

Most Certainly don't have money to figure it out on your own right, like that's, like saying I don't have time to do this thing right well if you don't have time to do it right you most certainly don't have time to do it wrong six times before you get it right so. I, would, never ever coach, any of you guys to use lack of resources, as an excuse, to not give the systems and process and investing in yourself that you need especially. Today you. Know it would it be great to have someone like me walk you through absolutely, that's a great thing are, there books out there I've written a book it's 20 bucks on Amazon there's lots of great books out there so the, whole I don't have the money is a cop-out, right and again a book isn't the same as a coach and a mentor they're gonna walk you through but, you can still get a ton so really and again I used to do that before I spent you. Know hundreds, of thousands of dollars on masterminds, I spent thousands, of dollars on books and I read them right so do. Not use the excuse of I, don't have the money to invest to myself well then you really shouldn't be in business right because your, you're it I'm, 46, and this is my fifth. Six seven business but I've been I've had multiple business since I was 20 the. Investment I'm making myself last, right every business other than this one that I've invested in I sold, that to somebody I got paid for it but I'm not getting paid out anymore every investment I've made in my brain I'm still getting paid on so you've, absolutely got to kill forever if you want to be an entrepreneur if you don't work for someone to what you want to if you want to be an entrepreneur cleaning. Company or otherwise you've, got to kill this I don't have money to pay someone else for their systems or shortcuts their experience that guy spent millions of dollars figuring, this crap out I don't have the money to pay them that's the nutballs especially, when books exist for 20 bucks right you, got a reshift, that - I don't have money to figure this out on my own and make millions of dollars and take 20 years to do it so please please please don't use that as an excuse to yourself. But. The last thing we got to get over is. You. Kind of the overvaluing, of systems as well Who I am and what I believe have nothing to do so more just it's businesses, like a recipe someone would just tell me this much flour this, much sugar this many eggs cook, at this temperature right. I'm not, a good cook but if you gave me simple instructions like that I could do it and so could you guys that's, the system business, is a little more complex, than that right so we have to be the right person so again. It's it's this this waiting if we don't want to undervalue systems. We're gonna over value them, and. Again, systems, are dependent, on a good leader to execute, them a good, culture, to. Execute. Them on the right light and and be able to contextualize. When, something goes wrong because things are always changing business right if you're like every, time something new happens all right now what happened write down what you what to do and they don't have a binder of what to do problems, I've been doing this 26 years my binder would still be going every. Day there's a new, circumstance. Would you have four Kovan you. Can't because it never happened before you'd have to have a team of people that believe in same core values and culture, of success then. We could we could implement systems and all that comes from the leader so I wish, I could tell you again this would be better for me hey guy and there's markers out that I tell you this I'd be wary of them just give me a bunch of money and we. Don't have to change you at all if you just give me a bunch of money I'll whisper to you the secrets of how to do business and then you'll be rich if that was the case it would be in a book and everybody rich the reality is we have to change you first right so first and foremost who, you are as the owner has, got to be right and that's gonna flow down if you are the right person you'll attract the right people.

The, Right owner the right leader with the right team can absolutely, make the right systems be worth millions of dollars the, wrong leader is always going to attract the wrong team and the wrong leader and the wrong team, those. The systems that might be worth millions of dollars in the right person's hand are virtually, worthless if not completely, worthless in the wrong, persons hands. So the. Good news is once you get this in place once you become the right person it's. Very easy to attract the right people once you attract the right people then, we get you the right systems holy heck it is like pouring fuel on the fire baby it goes and it becomes natural to grow it's just a normal like we always grow 30 50 100 percent a year that's just how this is and you get comfortable spending time on on, your business on the higher level things that really bring values opposed to in it kind. Of cleaning and running and doing it and doing it and doing it, so. If any. Of this is wrong true and you're like holy crap I would like help with this I this is exactly what I need this, is what we do all day every day we'd be honored to be able to help you we, have served we've got to grow my cleaning company reviews calm there's over a hundred stories. Of folks that we vanilla walk through this if you would like us to walk you through it the first step in the process is just. To jump on the phone with one of our coaches there's, nothing, for sale there's, nothing bring your credit card there's they can't even take your money, it's. Really just to find out where you're at where you want to be to help you get clear if that's something you want good growing clean and calm be calm for slash talk I think, the. Lovely Lindsay's here she will chat with you and. Let us help, you get clear but reality guys gals is again. I wish, when, I started in business again, is show you how old I am 25, years ago there was no internet there was no I mean holy crap I had a service master franchise and, I thought their systems, would help me but they just didn't give any. Real. Data on how to grow me as a leader how to grow me as a business person right it's just about here's how to strip a floor and here's how to do a P&L sheet which are all valuable stuff but, didn't really teach man to grow and there, was no internet where I could have found someone that knew how to do this but so I was kind of forced to spend decades and hundreds of thousand dollars figuring it out making stupid mistakes and. I'll. Be honestly a little inside baseball the. Best job in the world is to get to hang out with people like you and help you make smarter, better mistakes that I made and avoid. A lot of the brain damage i went through and it's just so great to see you guys grow faster, and smarter, than. I do so. All that to say you're. Amazing, can't wait to hang out with you growing cleaning company com4 / talk one of our coaches would love to jump on the phone see if we can't help you get some clarity on how to get these systems into, your life and hopefully I will get to talk to you guys soon, Oh eric says getting ready to open in cleaning business first of next year I got.

To Tell you two things one now's. A great time to own a cleaning business holy heck is this kovat thing ends, and everything starts opening back up again but sanitization. Disinfectant stop on every mind holy crap this is the best time to start a business that said Eric if you're getting ready to start a business next, year I wouldn't even think about it till next year right if, and when guys we're gonna do this it's gonna take a ton of time I would be all in focus when you're ready to start start, now but if it's if it's six months from tomorrow I'd start, dealing with six months from tomorrow anyway you, guys are great hope to talk to you all soon go. Put in some systems share in our Facebook group the. The. Wins that you have and we could all come around and support. You and tell you how great you are and we'll get better together guys talk to you soon. Thanks. For tuning into today's show if you're fired up ready to grow you want to see if you have what it takes to work with us and grow my cleaning, company here's, what I want you to do right now go. To grow a cleaning, company calm. For it / talk that's, robaix cleaning, company calm, forward-slash. Talk to book an appointment to speak with me personally, I'm, gonna jump on the phone with you to give you crystal, clear on where you are now where, you want to be and how to get you there don't. Walk around in the dark any longer if, you are serious, about growing your cleaning, company it's, time to finally get the systems, in place that you need to grow we've, helped hundreds of owners of cleaning companies not only grow their business, and their personal, freedom but give back to, their community, as well if, that's what you're looking for head over to grow my cleaning company dot-com. For /, talk and book a time to talk with me personally, I can't wait to, get to know you and, your business.

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